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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 12, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 1

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Miin'inrrD rMTrDDDICC
PI 1 A UII II T I M M I .l Ull 1 rVl,JLi
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. . nntff n A
VOL. XIV, NO. 45.
both Sides Accept Sec
retary Wilson's In
... n 17 IT'inru in
Miners, .rtiu-i ii
Session, Agree and Later
Cancel Instructions.
u" 1
All Fields Will Be Reprc
sentcd at Meeting Lead
ers Disappointed.
nmu.ixToN', w. v.. ' O-
The I'J o0 striking mhio worki-re
In Iihirlit'No. 17. which Iniluilee;
Itic greater part of Wtwl VlrRinla
nnd a Miiloii of Mietorn Kentucky,
ncrc onli-roul tMW-k to work by C.
I hemic), illsirlot president. In
rlrrain imrl at iHntrlit Ivcml
qyiirtors of the .'nlnil Mine Work,
era here tonight from lnillunuilbt.
VSIIIN'iTiN". Nov. 11. Having
forrrJ Ihe minors to mil off the
rn.il strike, the government Ml "
today 10 help thorn negotiate a nw
tine agreement.
tin the heels, of t he. announcement
t.i rVder.il Judge Anderson at ln
linniolls had approved the order
pmmiilgited hv the Vnl'ed Mine
Workers of America, rescinding the
s'nkr nollee. Secretary Wilson In
v:lil representatives of the in I nan
an.1 operators from aeTitha fields In
vulved In the walkout to meet her
Friday for the purpose, of negotlal
Ir.p u basis uf settlement"
The miners accepted.
Try for Ajrfejemnnc
Mr. Wilson waa unofficially ad
i e.t tonleht that the" operator
k would comply with hl request. Th
aecrffiry wan assured by operators
and mlncrsahat they would en
deavor faithfully to frame a pay
n.i'e that would send the 415.000
strikers back to work willingly end
ai mice.
The secretary of lubor will take
up his work exacly as It.wsa laid
aside two weeks ago, except that no
mriks threat will hang over the con
ference. Instead of there being pres
ent In the conference representatives
of mlnrs and operator only from
the central 'competitive fields, embracing-
(fee state of Indiana, llll
nniji. Ohio and western Pennsyl
vania, the conference will Include
miners from all flelde Involved In
the strike stretching over more
than 10 states Mr. Wilson's lertlon"
In broadening the scope of the wag
neKottatlniMi was a surprise to op
erators, hut the Inrgcr plan of rep
resentation was adopted because of
the de-Ire of men from other fields
' ! have a .voice In the deliberations
The final breaking up of the
mike, wl'h announcement hy the
miners' officials that they would
heed the command of the federal
court brought expressions of sur
prise from Inhor leaders, who frank
ly h,i,l not expected It.
There were no statements from
federation of labor officer beyond
Flill Information Tcman1nr1 on Ab
tluillon In Riwlntlnn Pawed
I nanlmously Hy Uie Nrtislc
V'ASHrNCTON, Nov. II Full In
f'rmation about the abduction of
"'illiam O. Jenklne, American con
'ilr agent at Puebla, Mexico, li
r'-oiiaeted In a reeyilntlon adopted
iiti.mimnusly today by the senate
Wfhout maklnir specific refer
ence to ihe 1 1 60 000 ransom paid for
M" Jenkins' releaee the resolution
'"ts Die state department for all the
rec-s Ineludlnw "the menna em
r.,oved by eald Jenkins to effectuate
his liberation, together wlih the
;"PreB.B,on, It,at nvw h,n m,,,
'he Mexican rovernment ,fnr the
P'irpose of ohtalnlnc Indemnlfica
'l"'i and reparation In trie premutea."
The department also ki aekedj in
re port to the senate what decree
of protection for official repres-nta-tes
other rilien of the
' r:'"l 8'atee m Mexico, the T'nlted
' has dehnanMl oam. W mni.
ercmeni of that republic and whea)
km rTPriniea ft. . i .
. new iTrn in it 17 to
Oiccktna: Show, Idttte f1anc In
Majority of 811 Airalniei Irya.
r"! "Vnt. Obiei ?,. nWMIe e
1. rerherk of in, effirlal county
" mi, make alight ehengee in lha
'"a 'Mil l, aeiihee wt nr dry leate-a
J'trt the f.nal majority in arr mnk
.,, . 'ea tne weta acalnai lie
tirfh;K:tion amendment at mdi'-al-v
, J1" remrni rejKirted by lha
'i-ti';T i th neoetT retersi ae
-- -.,,k. ,B,i nlf , fem app'renl
'' " d a-o'ered Theae may set pe"a
I4 ' crrefi whaa lha loeaJ keerda have
'-''lied their raesrda
't l Imperative that your eor
rtet address be on Ms In Tulsa.
!'h your Ftlue I-odge name
and location.
Masonic Building Assn.
TIT.v, Ok , Nor 11 Wamuiuru,
62, no lunula, M Miulh wind; clear
OKLAHOMA: W eiliite.la ftutrallf
fair, roil mi,, aevare In nnrih sua
NI poMIAiia lemperftlure 14 to 2s hy
Wtdn.iday utieht or Thur.ite mornim.
Thmtiley n'.r;; fair, riu.ilnuea eolit
I.OITSUV : Wclnr.dey increasing
rluijtre,i,. run and i-nhler in no'lli
se.t purtion; Tuur.de. KtufiSlly fair
In nnilliwe.i. jir.il l,j ram in e.l ai d
stiulli nuitioua mlder
AUKWA.f v.dnidy prohalily
ram ini,li onldfr. i-.i.d wae l
Wednemlav nljlit. 1nrprrniure VO lo HO
l'hur,lar riiiiriiM'i: I nuriiUi piol
ably fir, iider tu sol jxirtioii.
KAfr '!. XAS- WeJlieaday iorrest
Inf rloiiiltnei.il, roUler inl,-rnr. rold
save north portion, irmiiri alure 1 to
;'H ,y 'I'ltnraday mori'inj. Ttiurmla)
nartl ft.iiil e r-pt . or. -lo'ial tum
In inltirAftt irlioii, rulilur rati and
soma porliunft.
WKHT TKXAH: WsdTatday rorally
fair, rold wavn. aevere north porllan
Ith ivmpeiaiure la vr Uiar in the
Panhandle. freeriiif aouiii irtlon
Thursday vrnrrally fair, e.ildvr aoutfa
ra.t iicrtUm
k'UN'H.VM Ka'r Wodnednr, roldsi
In eat itortinn. 'rhur.day fair with ru.
Uif uuiprialu's by afieriioun.
I hear nen stumper an' iioip ale
About Ike way lha worl.l la ma.
On minny ila)K th) i,cl) for rain
An' etirn it raian limy want ths
"If a era rsnnln' Uilnfi," they
"Ihere d be murh lea ' grief an
"We'd ki-'P the rlonda e' ear away
An' 1 1 f - wuu.J ba ene round e'
Kir.a ' '
Yet In He hnmea where they eblda
Aa lonli an' maHtari day by day,
The somen follca art sorely tried,
The chi.dren ara sol a'weyt nay;
The xrvuinla are often bleak an' hare;
The roiei ilrA(ltnf by ' fsnre
Don't ecm Ui ihow tlia lender rare
(if notable taleutf sure.
I'a neTar Mnsd a (rru,'ler rt
Whmi dealing! wilh loa fallow man
Were fra from aeror of regret
Or ahaiwd to any faultless plea.
Wlihla hn territor, email
Aa' on tea round he dally makes.
Where h. la lord an boat ef all
1 notice thai aa makaa niielekee.
fte when I bear sneh men eoeiptaln
Akool the way lha Hand Omna
Ordari lbs lumhins an' the ram
Ad' fegultaa eark tree an' tine.
I knod arouad an' try to tea
The bind o' work tbai be kaa dona
An I'm aa gla I ran ba
He dein'i hate the world t run.
(Copyright' Kill, by Kdfar A. Quest.)
Nation Generally Ob
serves Anniversary
of Armistice.
flrat anniversary of the slgnlnir o.f
he armistice and the endln of hos
tilities in the world war was ohl
served generally today throua-hout
the I'nlied Blatee. Onvernora of
nearly a doaen states had proclaimed
the day a legal holiday while msny
raayore throuh procla met lone and,
public etatementa called attention to
the significance of the day.
Washington observed the day wl'h
exercleea centering nbout the plum
ing of two rnemorliil treee In I-a-
fayette e'tuare opposite tne wnne
houee Members of the coblnet and
rjenerels 1'crshlnK ntnl March took
part In Bhe eercmotiue.
N"EW TnrtK. Nov. Il.Orea'
thronire of fcw Yorkers who faced
the foe abroad or served tlwlr. ocean
try at home rerledlcated themeelve
tonight to the Ideals which they
truggled to preserve In the great
conflict. In cl'v-wble cclehratlnna of
ihe flrat annlveraary of the armla-
, ..w
The occasion wnej graced, with
solemnity. '
Perhaps the chief event of the
night wna the dinner of the Ameri
can Flylnr club t rhe Mo-e Com
modore Many of the g'tests had
been aerliil comba'snts overseas and
had flown front Linuley field and
o'her avta'lon cntera Mtr
Muurlce Connolly In an address de
clared never before had such a
tremendous giitherlng of fl)lng
men been brought t ce;ber "
Former Oklahoma Oil
Man Slain Bg Wife
IIAI.I."5 Tna Nor 11 T.Unn W
Towlrs 3'i oari old 'J per in lt:.,ln I e' a
'aval -of and refining cnaipany wet she!
and ki"ed al his krn lo-isy hi his si',
Mm. Margaerlte To s 3 year, o d In,
the eeaniv lail war the wonau wa,
akan for' I lira of in'ir.l'- clia-g-s. the
luhhit '!' IIB elplaeslion :
"Jla said he wei gi. 'g M lae me a is
that IcfnTe y- "l away . inlcnHcdte
kill me I (hot to c-y f,w fi l:f"
Towl raine h-a ll April (rem lik e
bswia Their T ysar o'd o had ha ,ent
10 aa adjomug at-artme il before ihe ihm.i
nr watrh ueigi.Sors d follow. "! a
Oklahoma Can Men
m 1 rr s
1 it rani fa a 11 tunny
On Payment of Tax
WASHINGTON'. Nov. 1 1 fop.
gyesstran Howard todiy conferred
I with Interral revenue pi.itci"
I'Koper and arranged a hearing to
se'tle the g'4" a of cdstnghead gag
' compaelei sh.ch Mr. Howard tod
the collector are paving too much,
taxes be. a. ise of an unfair way of
figuring their incomes here'ot"re.
Mr. Howard poin'el out 10 Roper
I the treasirr ! pertinent has n't
I ronsidefd ru. tracts among the
aese-.j ef the co-npan es and that
I they should 1 figured as such. Ilu
! asked that iikla.'iorna g men be
I pm a h'arutg to proie this ,on
' tentlon
1 Mr ll'ipec was impri-eaed with
j Ihe corgreeamane aigutnent a'lal
agreed to the hearltsv whp h la
i be h-ld in l e'eriie'. Mr. H-ward.
fol:owing the rnnferen-e, sild that
! on a hearing he 'elievel the con
, tenlion uf the Ok'ahoma gas men
Solons Talk 7 Hours
Everything But
Article Ten.
Prospects for Final I)ispo
tion of Treaty This VV
Are Uapiaiy wanyrg.
Shown HtH'csHion from Atti
tude Assumed ill 1916 to
Keep Out of Europe
ne.ice Inutv dnf'ed Inop the dol-
dninia iiK.iin tmlay. the Xnaie talk
ing for seven llouta and aiaum p I In h
1111.' noililng.
T'liilulH i nch wide was hluniThtc the
other fur the delay and hopes of
wimlltiK tip the whole treaty fight
till" week were waning rapidly.
Technically 'ho committee, reser
vation to article lu of Ihe le.igun of
n Hums covenant was before the sen
ate, but t tin debate w.is shout almost
everything else. SlarlitiK with Ihn
Mormon religion, It shlf'ed to the
H points and culminated In a long
-'beech by Senator Heed, democrat of
Mlfsourl, an.-.nl!lng the admlnlatra
tlon'H war policy.
I'ortfl't I'elllllllg ItUHlllCWH.
Tile lioilicilii'e pending buslnoee.
n motifiri hv Senator Walsh, demo
crat of Montana, to amplify the com
mittee reservation, scarcely 'M
mentioned. Although some of the Ir
reconcilable republicans continued
to regard It al a. trick to lond down
the reservation wl'h obnoxious fea
tures, othere of that group wore un
deifood to favor lie adoption, and
the leaders thought the vote would
be very close
Senator Heed read to his demo
cratic colleagues from Ihe democrat
ic campaign textbook of I9H to
support his claim that the party's
fight for re-election wa" bssed upon
a policy of non-interference In
European affairs, which he swi I 1.
now Jims been reversed In replying.
Senator Itoblneon, democrat of Ar
kansas, d-ew Hepitbllenn louder
Lodge Into lha deha'e by quoting
from a senate address made hv Mr
lidge last December declaring It
wis the duty nf this country to help
the new weak nations to pet on their
frsrlgr. Krpllow,
"I thought then" enld the repub
lican leader, "and I etlll think It was
our duly to help establish certain
e'a'es who were to be a barrier
ngslnst ("lermany. and to help those
stu'ee 'o make a start Hut when I
made that e'atement I hnd no Idea
we were to be handed out a docu
ment which would bind ua for all
lime everywhere.
"And. since then, eeveral things
iavo hnpiened We have deprive.
Poland of her seaport at lian.lg. We
have declined to give France the left
hank of the rthlne and for that, rea
son, we have pendlnr a tren'v of al
liance to pro'ect France We have
meddled a! Flume Wi have taken
Thrace from the (Jroeks to whom II
belonged The gov.n-nment that so
manages other people's afalrs. ought
to get out of the business--the
sooner the bet 'or."
Prlnm Arrives In Waahlnron -Cw'ta
t W lilti" Il'itl-o Will Se Prewi-t
dent on Thiinattaj.
W AKTlINnTnM. Noy 11 With a
simplicity In k'eiiing with Idea s of
deniocniev, ntearu, iTince i
Wales, win we. coined to Washington
today and hetmne the rueet of the
na'lon Owl; e I'arlly to the HlMeHS
of president WlUon, which prevent-d
li's perwpnsl pr.r'iripatlon, the re ep
Hon reremonles on the arrival nf
tbo price wfre ery Informal, al
'jeough Vice rresldent Marshall.
..ii,I.bp. , fh fa.t,loet and blffb
officers of lbs army and navy s'ood
In a drlrxllng rain at ihe a'a'lon to
greet the distinguished visitor
The more formal welcome b.u r
ianrf.it miii.ltt i.v Mr Marshall a '-
ilng for Ihe pris'dent. at his ilinn-r
I given In the prince's honor at the
I I erry or ni'iin i"iri-, n
Vie use of lha tmil oarlv during Its
three-day stay in Washington.
Af'er the b'lof gieeiings on h.s
arrival and n ride through wet
,rroe's beh.r.d a cavalry es ort,
I'rtnce Kde iril's time was taken up
with rei eivlng formal calls until he
btok" saay t, pay a t rlef visit t"
the wbre noli"- and make personal
iTi'tuleles e to the health of 'h p'cs
:deM II" w is rece vo l I,) Mrs W I.
sin and M.s Mircaret Wilson hut
mill no' see Mi Wl son un'll Th'irs
.1.1. Tie nrinre then will he Mrs
neUlson s gues' nt tea and wl'l Isit
Mr Wt.son in bis eh k room. ne,r
Admiral !rav'-n, the presl len' e
phvelotan. having arranged for the
all today.
BUVAN Hilt W Ml HllllKKMil M
Thinks WoniaiilHwM Mill l ift M in
Al"ic ice I of Hatlli flclila.
I H'rr rPR'S'if. ' O Ail'iam
l.'-sniegi llr-a' in i' Ari.isn-e da. ad
i da awe tedss nrr-d a fef-rrndum hy
I h f.eep.. ,,r the qietvon ef r. Ill r M
ef af'iit-- 'rofg - an aa-d thai w'-.la
he dt 1 !.! f aim a'! war, are Mil Jin'i'i
ah e. wuh a re'srerdii-n and women sot ag
' the worrasheod of Ihe rileio ri.l I'll Ifia
: i-ifse-d cf its rotinl-y atjnsa iaa lesal
, the ball.aftaldi "
I.caiT in or near Hroker, Ar-ow.
rolnterfen.ee white tody with
lemon rnl i's t e ,d Answers r ato
S.ie." Reeard Kdwrd H pi.
Tuisa. Phone tleage 401. Advu
Weaver Takes Old
Job As Postmaster
at Oklahoma Cilyj
(iKT.AII'iM X IT Y . Nov 1 I
"Accept mv thutiUs I am buck "ti
the Job," Is the nii-sne s. tit b
t'lrtiide Wiavii. .lefe.i'c-1 il-'iii"
cr.iilc nndi'1iii- fir coimir-" '"
rliiv,, replMHK '" the H'lin' "f
the first ii'siA'ant l"'s' nini'i'i ncn
em! at Webiiitt..n Hun I"' "
inn. 1.1 tli h i mii let' ii i sieaisi i t
frotn Inch to
nne n 1 .1 lid nl lie f "I
Hi rcaifctiiti to be
a candidate a is no' I''
ed. I'os'niasier Iletieral ihr o-njr..
M.iid Weaver had beon n,i n
"leave of iihi-eni e
Correct 11110ffi1l.il re'iiins from
2:'.J toil of 15 p-eiltos In Ihe
district gve J W, llaimld. le
publlciin. n plurality of 7 1 i voles
Thousands Forjrct llusinoss
and Join in Douhlu
Although Armistice day In Tulsa
was not observed n a general holi
day with sueponslon of h islnees
activities. It was marked with sev
eral evenis of Interest ilut ruiiiied
the day of one year ago when the
en.lre city look a day off lo itlu
hrate the end of the world war.
Just the same as one year ago the
ontlrs populace was aroused from
slumber at 4 o'clock In the morn
ing hy the blowing of ihe factory
w nasties, ringing of bells and nis
ei arge of fireuritis The nolas asd
it bo u l one hour, although (he blow
ing of the whistles continued at In
tervals until down.
War team workers enjoyed re
minder of the war period when they
gathered at Hotel Tulsa at noon
upon Invitation of the Advertising
club and participated In a meeting
'hat resembled as much as noes. hie
the campaign luncheons of the war.
instead of being a "win the war"
luncheon It wa a regular victory
Have Vaudeville Arts.
Thousands of peopls visited Con
vention hall In the evening and par
tlclpsted In the dance given under
the auapleee ef the Joe Carson post
of the American legion Vaudeville
numbers furnished by the manage
ment of the Maleatle and Orand
theaters enlivened the ocraslon.
Schools were dismissed at noon
This resulted In the crowding of the
theaters and other amusement
The principal celehenf Ion In the
county was siaued ut Sin- Springs
Doclare Iwmanila Are Pnpeitriosilo
and Will Isiwl ti Involution
tliuw trfiviTiinient la ien.
CHK'WOM, Nov 11 Organized
lubor and Its flemsnds for shorter
working hours and higher pay were
represented as unpatriotic, greedy
and un-American. In resolutions
passed at the annual meeting rf-the
National Association of 1 'oninilewloii
ers of Agriculture tonight.
The representatives of the farm
ers of every state warned "that the
radical demenda of labor are lead
ing straight toward a revolution and
to a government not of the people,
but of one rises, many of whom are
nrable to spook our lanruags or un
derstand the spirit of our American
liie'l'iHtone "
O'her resolutions denounced the
profiteer. Indoraedl the farm loan
a-t. deplored strikes and Inokouia
. .l ........ I the formers 'o loin one
! central assoi la'lon for the protec
tion or 1 oeir in' ' 1
iip'lmlsm maikfd an ad 'resa be
fore 'In- r omtole'ilon, r- bv Hecro'ary
"f Agriculture iloiini n
It was announced that a nieettng
would be held In New York In Dec
ember to correlate Into a national
organization offl' tale of the depart
ment of agrh uliutf
The officers r'-'el for l1-J"
were- President, r w. Iavi. aub
I tin. Texss; vice-president. Mils C in
i nun. Boise. Idaho, secretary-treasurer
P Noigool. Malison, Wis
long- I'erlfNl WldM'Ot Mm-I 'ar
Senile Is l.iMsj-teal.
. T'jl.Pr'. iihio. Nov II Toledo
tor,llrh se'tle! d-.en n a e'a'e .f
Wa-fhful f.ng The ouMook la fur
11 !oM- period f f - c.i- e.a dive
Maor i'orti 1 Sci nel.er who lo'ro
din t l is J'l'ie 'lr i rliniti', which
re i:-ed In the ' kldnapi'ig fif n ' '
roil.ng etork in -be ,1'y he,. a con
f,:n r wl'h b iiipe.s 11, en sr. 1 o h
era lo.Jsv hi' fal'el ' s-r:i. 11
solifion 'bi-r il.sn 'Ire 'bo ti.o'.ir
car SJS'OUI ami. J be lli l'f.' . e.
' There have been no overoi-ee bv
he Toledo Italia y aV Light Co . the
inay-r e-vd
p. m.
Cecil l ,eM. He's production
"Male Ht-t ferti.ale" la a'trm-Urg
eui-h enormous n-' I" to the Cu'
ere that 'he ra;ia-::'v of the hiuse
Is tax- I f'T the two r, km per
foritun"". btil :f yiiiail ariange
to con.e at 5 ti p m y.iu will fird
' k I it h o iu,gvr
Mm nt sewrr ii'c
'Candidates for Office
I Can't Hold Positiuu
With Soldiers.
i"Kxi'hisfiji nf Oustt'd ('iin-
,ri'(. "siufciii li -mandril
Indiana Cits 1 Iriidquartcrs
and ClcvJand Convention
Obsrrvr J Armistice Day.
MIN.NKAI'I'I.IH. Minn.. Nov II
The fust lodieirlon of the Aineii
rati ki in tJlay started ptonminie
metil of llalluiltclna by adopting a
resolution filiating the m gaii tui
tion to be f ttiiti political" ami de-
loundliig tl' ilcpoi'iHtliiii "f i "' I''
1. Iietver If MlU.tukeo as "a die
Joviil rhixr
A slum' session organ late to
after 'hc legion had observe I
Armistice May by a parade which
ended wirh presentation of decora
tions lo Siembms of Ihe lMst field
artillery, a regiment corn posed
largely ef Twin CUT men, al the
parade grounds.
fnhor Important decisions reaobed
today Included Ihe selection of In
dianapolis as apnrmsneni national
headquarters of the legion, and
Cleveland as the convention slty
for mo.
Endorsement of universal military
training with a small standing army
and no compulsory military service
In time of peace was voted enthusias
tically tonight by Ilia legion conven
tion. It ws ti'i oniniendsd thsl the
national cltiirVn army be under local
control and administration, subject
to general national regulations.
Can't Hold Office).
Holders of public office or candidate-
are barred from office In the
legion by amendment to the consti
tution, adopted late today, declar
ing thai the legion will take no part
in politics
The resolution reads as follows:
"While requiring that each of
Its members perform his full duty
as a cltlxen, according to his own
eunaclencn aud understanding.
Ihte again shall he absolutely non
polltleal and shall not bs used for
the dissemination of partisan
principles or for the promotion of
the esndlilucy of any person seek
ing public office or preferment;
end no oundldn'e for. or Incum
bent of a salaried elective nubile
office shall hold an office In Ihe
American legion or In any branch
or part thereof "
A minority teport permitting po
litical officers to be offb'S-e of ths
legion was defeated bv an over
whelming viva voce vote, hut the
roll cU on.tl," sdopMon of 'he "nnn.
political" resolution showed a ma
jority of shout ton of the 8t votes
Opisnse llcrger.
The resohi ion nsktnu cancellation
of Horror's r it liriish I o and his de
- . ......
portation, drswn hy Theodore
)toosvelt post. No I of the Ins rlct
of Columbia, was adopted on motion
of the Wisconsin detcra'lon tnd a
similar resolution askini; Invee'lga
tlon of the record of Representative
Volgf of Wisconsin, was ndop'ed
Representative Vo'gt cnaf ' the only
vole In Iterger'e favor when . the
house of representatives voted not
to seat Berger
The resolution reriue-'s congress
"If It finds Representative Volgt to
he dlelovel. lo take e'eps for hie ex
pulsion from the house of repre
sentatives." A message of sympathy with the
hope for bis speedy rocoveiy was
sni tonight by ths American legion
convention to 1'iesldent Wilson.
The comml'iee. on legislation
recommended 'ha' 'he national i-om
p ander app.drii a eon. ml' lee on leg.
'ss'lon to represent the American
j legion In Washington for the furth
erance of the lerl-iatlve program of
! 'he , ttier'cntt legion
It a'so recommended that "the
I b-gl'-n s inleresl in the treatment nf
jd'-uti'td e -ldK-rs and 'he deplorable
Icoeditioia eita'lng In o,mef"lon
wl'h this it utter shsll receive at
cn'ie'i of ihe n-iM.'ttal legislative
j (-'.loirl'tes w.'b a li-w 'o an e-ly
t.e-t.-rir-g of 'he conditions of dls
at, ed li en "
I' A chance nf sentin.i ri' on 'ba
to r is it'll'. "n ,101111 ,.v,1lrl, 'hfs
r,iir,- i-e ,1 s ilie r's,i, ,if Mi,, bon'je
' coil ri 1 ee s dei teion " rr,.tn niend
.id-.ptli-iri of ., -epoliion s'-i'tiig ttiat
I he "menc-m legion wis rot cr
(ganired to seii( psvment for pa'rlol
. tern " A su'.i-omfiilt'f e of he f ill
l.rioiie i-oSTlflll"ee. whtcti !s fiealf-d
I lit former rna'or Kufe T.e., 'n-
!ore1 'h eMtid H lo fi A r.-n-
e.ril'i- h-ioit'i-r of 'h- d'
how.ver -t-r In-'n:, 'cd 'o
, .i .ri e
r;-.... iiege 'ri.ii :.rierst ,1
, Pershing ws'e real to 'he i
e fir
hit J
-of! ve n -
i-oo t.i ''ha rr-'a-i l.:i-te;e I.it-.-I-l.r.
al Jh.it ' ',. s ' h-'iii to e.s H a' be
,S.S , .1 '-.ii-f's-e f.-r rH'i'.'V
ihn' cf ! Ann'' in I. r on
.,sirirl.-t M irlinl ll alsTs'i bit- In
.tail III Itios- n Ian liill.-
u ' ' V v v. . y, I I
' , --a lyi Hf Vi"
ja4 ft 'iff C (1
1 4f '.l ' t 1 al 11
!: tAt . 'I.tm.,i'
)l ifiif n ' rt. a-'.'
e-ef ff" IH'I ''-
! 'D a'e.t
' .1 f.' 'i- "'' al
t" i. r. - 1-1',-e 1 ' A
i" a A 'I-. - v.
., ,..,.;e 'It : i-h
I'hi.tif Mil Advu
Mob Takes I. W. W.
From Jail and Hang
Him Outside City
Governor Direct- Company
to Proceed at Once
to Riot Scene.
Portland Directs Arreit of
RadicaU; Federal AgenU
Are on Job.
niNTHII-IV. Viaali.. Noy, II.
lit.s fuilgbl II " liyrmd that
nil- itiui hHiig. tl hv Itae- mob hero
v.iw Itrltt Minlih. reiTi'lary of Iho
I. U. W. lH-stl '"'"'
ItlllTliAlSH. Ore..
I',, His- hero loiilghl ralibil lii'iiil
onuftrrts of Iho llousrliolil
, ,s', holilM-m ami Sailors' i liib anil
look 0 men tnlo nslil . '
lltas siHHl following n-airt llml
lliow. In Iho i-luh with iiicetlug to
pmliwl aetiiinet ''iarisesi-iilli.il f
the I. XV. W. at Onti-allit. Vah.
Iho men woro uikoii to Urn tail lit'
stailon lor InvceilKiiHon.
nuantlty of radical IIUTnliir
was found In the nlulariHieiia hy Iho
HKATT1.H. Wash., N"v; II.
Aliinii n o'clock the mob surrounding
Ihe Centralis Jail succeeded In gt
t,g one of Ihe I W. W.'s arrested
out nf the Jail and Into an nutomo
blie rueblng hltn away before guards
could prevent. telephone reports
here said. , ,,, . .
At J ,'lu tonight the city1 tights
suddenly wini cut off and a volley
of shots rained down Pitarl street.
It- was during this period that the
prisoner wua taken from Jail and
spirited away.
Aoo.nrdtng lo a report telephoned
to the Asanclated I'rnsa here tonight
from the Centiella Chronicle, th
umb look lb" alleged I. W. W. from
tail escorted him to a point Just out
it.. ,iiw limits snd hanged him
on a bridge on what Is known as
the old Chflians miinsry ro-u.
Ths man's body now heng-lns;
on a rope under the bridge about 10
message said. "Ths I. W. W. the
feet from the wator," th telephone
mob Ivm hed was Ihe one who shot
Dale Hubbard during ttm fight In
the, river bed." .
CHATTI,!1!, Wash., Nor. II Two
d-perlnient of Justice operatives left
Neatttle tonight for Centralla. W ash.,
to inveailgate the activities of the
men under arrest there. In connec
tion Willi today's .hooting This an
nouncement was made bf R. l
Haunders. Cnlied States district at;
torney. ,
"We nre keeping fines track or
all radical activities and publication
In this flisirlct." Mr Saunders de
clsred. "We sre nalchliig every
suspected 'red' In Seattle. Tacoma
and the rest of Ihls district.
Works With Hl-iks.
Mr. Haunders disclosed for ths
first tlms ths recent discovery by
departmsnt of Justice operatives of
an alleged I W W circular in Ts
comn, which was being distributed
secretly among negroes there, lie
aid, with a view id IncHIng race
ha'red and Inducing the blacks to
jolt-the I. W. W Copies of (he cir
cular. Mr Panndets said, had been
forwarded lo the department of jua
tlce at Washington, I).
Companv V of the Third Wash
ington Irtfsntry was ordered to ( en
trails early tonight by governor I-.
K Hart atid waa expee'ed to I"' on
the way wl'hln few hours sfter the
order was received The company
was aaid to be about " f a'rorm
Rrlg Hon. II 1 Moss. Sdj.l'arit
general of the s'ate an I I thc s.-iiil
ing of fur'her troops wr.u'd defend
upon the al"iattnn at c.n'r-ilia aft"
-. i ... i nt I'limniiiv I- 'ird'is for
only one company had l.'-.-n "r"lv''1
he sa d Re.'en''y Oei.er.,1 M-e- said
t,e en'ire a'a'e gin'd c-ml-l be rno
bil'iej In a few to irs if ' ee.led
cen'ralia. a town of ..'" '' "
app'OXlmiltelV loo m. -s 'o l'll "f
bete or the I'acif'c log' " ' ''''
imiti'y eeat of f wis conn'.' Ifadi
isla from the tfi-n'r iar,i.s of
sou' bwes-ern Wtet.l"'oo p.oh.ij'li.
ga'heted at Cer.'rala for '-.ili.s
rslelij-a'lon. I' -s bel.eved t.'-l"
rilKM'.Y. Wash V".' ' 1 '
Pf-rlng the shoo'.' v of '' ""
n, . ,i r. 1 t i' ..f . - il
Cenir'il. , .i " ' "t '' '"
n-ern'.e-s ,-f ! .. t W 'A -i' -in
--In. "-' to '" '' ' "", "'
... .. .. . -,'r i I- 1
II ,-l " ' . i t " ' '
e.ve Ch." - '- ' ' "'''
P", or "c ' '- ''''' r',v' r""r
I.e.-,, I '...-;.. ,"r.g 'tie S'a'
no- m I I cln o.
1 h p..v t-r has '"'''i "e ' Id.
(.,.. fieier,' l. -o hn' t '" n
.,, ., f , , ' i i -I t r " ti 'i rial
...... f . . p, ... i. , .-ri 1 r a , r n.i ti f -if
ill'rwcd ! ticl H of IUsl -III Is
V In .-l.-.l r. u' d In W hue Huns".
S A 'i ' ! ' IT 'N '.111 ! 1 I'ri- -1c,
' ' . li T' I- . - - j ei .i ' I ' I o SI ' if'
' r in Co .r 'i ' I 1 r '
i'l.e ti"
111 - '
u-I.e I f-
I.! s.r , !..- ,i. -
,. ,r r- ' I'H d w. .- "
.-. 1 ie -f s'-loi.'
1 ma, t'ia'd -. i !ee' hi i nit '
. ... . I . W . 1' 'I'. I II e lop T o..r
Af r VI ' I'r tl' s
-reT i- Uiig Tonight.
Casualties of Yanks
Now Total 21)3.081)
Revised List Sliows
W ASH I N'l ! T' ' N', Nov. I I . III Ihn
IP ols . .'I hi- i c ,e l-r l ion I lulu V 1,1
I ho in n i", il of the sinning of
tin- at II. s Ice 'tie lrared of wttr
HI. oi'illi ,-MlsJaMed hv un
n,,,,i,, ...l oot .,r a revised Hat of
Anient ,i i sen, I It I, S. rlloWlllg "
lolol of i'lll I'M
Th,. Hot incl.i.Ies lli?fl killed 111
a.-i'lop tiii-iu-lii'g .1h'.' lost si sum,
din, I ,,f wounds, I I Slift, died of
il'ae.iKo. ;s died of accident
and o'her causes b.'ii. wounded
In action. Slfi.tlH; tiilanlng III
si I Ion, t wo
Governor in Norhtern State
Art" on Failure of the
Coal Men.
iiiuu k IliMf bf II. Nov 11
Oov I.. J Krar.ler early today an
nounced that he had pronuiimeu
martial law In North Hakota ami
(l.. .lata would taka over the
lignite coal mines at open, follow
ing fallura of miners sm operators
to come lo an agree:ent lat nlsht
as reciueeted hy the governor,
r' iMlon wna luken
following word lo the capital lust
night tout me miners wuuiu ismm
,A m.,..L on,ie flnvernnr graxler'N
-a... i,i,, not because th- national
trlka has been officially called off.
(lovarnor Knulsr said tne gtais
would run ths mines and supply the
i- aith enal iintjl the oneratora
and mlnerg were sbls to run them.
Msny PfsmiliM-nt Oklahomans In AU
U ikI MesiOng In Tul-a Tonight by
A. A. Small.
Promlnunt republican party lead
ers of Tulsa and surrounding towns
will he the gnosis of A. A. Small,
r.. I..-. mi,,iiLm fin, lha rentlhllt-an
eenatnrlal nominating, at a banquet
at Hotel Tulsa st t:IO o'clock
Wednesday night given In honor of
J, W. liarreiu, onngrtisnisn-sisui
from th- Plfth Oklahoma eongrss
elonsl district. II. II. Rogers lll
preside as toast inuater.
Mr. Small Is a personal friend of
the successful republican candidate
and during the recent campaign de
livered several speeches In his be
half In ths Fifth district. Krlendi
of Mr. Harrald affirm lhat ths sup
port given him by Ihe Tulsans waa
largely responsible fur his signal
vli lory.
Ths election of Mr. Ilarreld
coagraas from ons of ths strongsst
democratic d 1st r Ida In lha -tale nn
an Issue of straight Americanism
aa opposed lo inlernatlnnullain has
made him a lignre in national pon
tics, his victory being accepted
Washington as a cilterlon of ths
sentiment In opposition to the league
of nations In It- present form that
la fjist developing even a former
democratic strongholds.
The guest list for the function
Include the following well known
II II. Rogers. FJ. W. "Inolslr, F
n. Perry. It. H Campbell. K R.
Kemp, Kngens Ixrtun, Hlrd Mo
Oulre, J R. Ilsdlny, John O. Mitch
ell. It W. Ksllough. P. K Maree,
J. II McRlrner, Alva J. Nllea, Tom
Hartman. J. M. Merry, W. L. Klatler,
f It. MoCullntigh, I W. Krenchot,
Senator N. V. V. Krenchot of N"
Toik. .1 A. e.asey, (Tom Letts,
.lames K Crawford. W. II Albro.
f, C Siebblna. Frank Orer. M C
Hpr.i dling. W. H Cfichrsn. II I'. Con
ner A A liavldsin, John M Oolds
bet tv of Colllnsvlile, llnrai o Speed.
James II It ygs II A Walllngford
of llroken Arrow. Wsl'o Phillips.
C. It. I'otiglus. R M M'Karlln 8. O
Kennedy, I t. ink. II iskell. W. J.
firegg 1 W. c.tltlland, Vern Whlflng
of pitwliuskii. f'hatlis Saiidi'iert of
p-iwr J A M-CuHoin of I'awn-e
tins liri'in. II lonnaril (leorge
Tunis of Clan inore, H'tm'or K. K.
Moo la of ClaretTioie. A. A lietilson
I f I iari lliote .laioi-s M ihotl i f
M..HOI. Moody Ti l-wel! f Miami.
! s K W alilnK. Hurt Chandler, of
lmt.i. fitafit i. tc.r of Af'in,
I I ;, o; l"'C1l HiliUlilis of Nowata. V, '.
Huns of No ill, I. J loS'llllie. M
I (j .-In. vi -lo 1 1 ', I. K Stiort. John
. 1 1 a . I "ii 1 1 c ',-wot s a to'
j I IP i. v C R Rogers. I.. W. Mason,
' ) II M-.t ii ev. I l K' sns. M It
I 1 Ii sli' l '. . II H" lldte.il, I ,-,r
, Kiipi rt ,,f Hmd Miririrs fleorre
' I'm.. I' ..f S'i'i I St ritii'i 11. 1 Motis.-il
i f .-i . l M in i's. II II Min'gim ry
,f I'irl.i-. vl ' ". I!ir.e. Rlue of
I ),.,t lo- I I i.it P loitotin of Col-
',:. - ill.- ll ln.lilid l.a .ll'ry .f f'olllne
'v :,. c ,s; st. i, in o if i ' 1 1 1 1 1 i s , i : I . J
j I , -in. of I ' o 1 ' 1 1 1 -. 1 1 1 e t .hn
tii-t-n of Ci.'lipsvl'le nnd P. M l-lyler
'of Co,!; tis-.-ll'e
New York Life
Farmer tV I hi ran
i.l MS
2li.t Pulaas Itblg Plfulie l."
I. VV. W. in Ccntralin
Fire on Veteran
in Celebration.
Several More Wounded in
Washington Town)
Feeling Runt High.
jail is undFr guard
Eight Radical Are Held;
Shots Come From AH
Directions in RIoL
O TT, MJ V Viih.. Nov.
I)tl- IliititNiril, ono nf Ut UtlriM
of iiMtuv'ri nhiMiilnr rtiiHngf Ui
ArmUlUv (Ur iwirndo. 1li-t lmt(hl
mt II o'cl.M'k of hU woundn.
My The Asaoclate.1 Prtsia
CI'INTRAI.f A, Wash ,' Now. H.a
Three members of ths Amerlcaa
l.egion are timid, two other former
Burden men am In a precarious con
dition, and several others wers
wounded whan person aald to bs
members nf the industrlsl Workers
uf the World Ired on an ArmUtlcs
day parade tiers this afternoon. An
other man, said to have been ons of
fhoae who fired on the marchers, la
believed to havs,, been lynched, but
confirmation was lacking. At least
eight supposed Industrial Workers
nf Ihe World ars la ths local jail,
guarded from a mob by ee-rersi
hundred former comrades tof ths
men shot down today.
Ths dead:
ARTpU'R M'BI-iFTtF-IT. Centralla.
URN CAKAOB AffnA, Centralla.
WAR It EN OniMM Centralla,
The woundsd Includes
Imls Hubbard, Centralla, (dying-).
John Karl Walt, Hhehalla, not
pscted to live.
Rede frrsen Ktrn.
The ehoollng began when ths pa
rads drew abreast of th- Industrial
Workers of Ihe World hall hsrs, ac
cording to witnesses, lha bullets go
IneT over ths heads of ths crowd
watching ths sarads. Onlookara aa
shots cams from evsry dlrsctlon and
lhat snipers In ths upper windows of
the f. W. W. headuusrlers building;
fired Into Ihs Una.
Orlmm, formerly a lieutenant nl
a former football star, was lesdlng
a platoon In th- pared- and fall at
the second burst of firs, mortally
Hfeven attempted to disarm an
alleged I. W. W. and was shot In
ths struggle which ensued. Hubbard
sustained his wound In pur-ulna, a
supposed I. w. W. whq fired a ha
ran from the group of man headed
by Hubbard. It was this man, ac
cording to reports, who waa hanfw4
by a mob tonight.
c.aarr.nd. w In the ranks and
Hi rifle bullet struck him In tha
body. "They got m- this tlms." ha
said as hs doubled up and fall In
th- street. ci
Ths crowd, uniformed and aii-einV
formed, started to ohaaa th red
and Hubbard was shot whll abas
ing one of ths leadera
Ostharlng up persons suspected of
affiliation with th radical order,
soma nf th s-rvle men took th-m
to th- jail, whlla others of th
marohete tors out tha front of tha
hulldln. whera th L W. V7. head
Quarters were locat-d, seised and
burned a quantity of literature and
all th furnltur- and distributed
among themselves and Centralla
cituecs ths artna and ammunition
stored In the headquarter.
Crownl at Jail.
Meanwhile a crowd wa gathering
about Ihs Jail. Former service men,
sums of them armed with th
seized weapons and others armed,
patrolled tha ground near th Jail
lo prevent further violence.
According to ei-sernc men who
said Ihey were present. Hubbard'
party taught th man they sire
chasing, after he had fired at them
.ever si times, on the banks of th
Skookiimrhuch river, a small stream
which runs through the lown. Hub-
i bard and the -inn grappled. they
jsold. snd Hie s ippoaed 1. W. W.
fuel directly in'o Hubbard' body.
Hour,; n Htei !. another of th
crowd chasing' the gunman, klok-d
I the pistol from the I W. W.'g hands.
A tope t'.i n was pin. , d about tha
I man's fu el., thrown over the crosai
arm of a tor, -pfione pole and be w-jg
i h.ile'ed Inio tin, air The polio
' persuaded I tin crowd lo let the msn
dnts n l.if.oe be was dead and ha
I waa taken to Joil
! Pb-eil Vllh Crowd.
T C Honrs, inayor of Csntrall,
'A. '. Hugliee, chief of pnllc hers,
and othir iltlr-ens addressed th
f rfi-ad In front of the Jail tonight.
- nakliiK the ri'tren not to attempt
to iyio b tee pr. sonars.
I ar tonight a meeting to dls
' ,! the siiiia'ton was held nt a lo
t .,1 , ,i. ami soon afterward th
,1'v . el'sitrti- liithti fi.led. In th
dufkiiins otic iriaii aa remuv.I from
Ihe Vlll
The best am liable ais-ount eaJd
he nan a ,.. pin ed in an stltnino-tut.-
wtn'li aas waiting In readme
fat U. !v a. i of or . are filled wl'h
ro-t. -.'id h-itrloj tnt'i a wood near
I f,-rii This .nan. report- -aid
1,'er was handed in briitge. It
I-.-, .-it Iv .n l.-'.evrt tonight that
tb- iim nn id tsden plat e.
it ii.icrs or a ld '.lonsl vIolenTse
h. re vie i irri-i-f la'e to night Mora
i ,r or..- cit ret, ilr -lared: "Thersj
K-i - , i... in f w W s loft in
j, ; i,, i ...til.. n " Dovernor lltrt ha
n-letel out one company of tb
i , .. g-t.ir-l. nuo'lierifig about !
rii. ri, Imr from Tacon.

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