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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 13, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 1

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. vnvfiPAPER FOR
r iviC PRinE, THE HOME
A (iREAlE-K iuwa
XIV, NO. 46.
Miners Unwilling to Go
Back Until More .
A 1
Pay is Assureu.
mr on I I rtirMT
...., Wilann lakes
Steps to Affect Quick
Agrt'cmont Friday.
Less Than 5 Ter Cent Back
' in West Virginia Think
Public Favors Demand.
apparent iinwilllngnen of nil union
cmI 'miner to return to work at
thoold pay scale caused government
offlfitli to put forth every effort
today to tiring about Immediate ne
intlitlons of new wane ugrecnient.
Secretary Wilann, without walt-
ln for formal acceptance of hli
offer 10 mediate inu umrrrnrm, i
ran jmooihlng the way for the Joint
confidence V' miner and operator
h h rilled to meet In Washing
ion Friday " ...
Hnth nlde notified the labor aec-
rtry that they would attend the
conference Spokesmen for the mine
workeri wild that If the mine own
er rime In a spirit of conciliation n
nw agreement could he framed and
ratified by Saturday night. I'nlll p
freemen t I formally accepted,, by
th miner' eale committee, labor
!dri aid. there wa little, hop of
full renumptlon of coal production.
Meanwhile It wa on the nation'
.'MM enl supply that rhat Secre
tary Wilson undertook; today to In
duct qrn If the miner and opera
tori to e th other fellow's aide.
Rtlll Walt for Order.
' Th Indicated' continued uspen
ion of mining activity In union
f di today wa not a surprise to
government official, nor accepted
an actual tet of the attitude of
th mlntr. Complete distribution of
I hi order oancaHlna? the atrlka itilrhl
take sometime, It wa Raid. It wa
felt, however, that a large number
of mn t might remain out until
assured that ome of the demand
agreed upon In connection would be
labor leader, who have franklv
admitted that public sentiment wa
trongly again! the atrlke. took
comfort today from what they de
M'l'lf' a a aeemlng change of
enrJJwent reflected In newspaper
edliailal. Message to labor head
quarter fatrd that the feeling wa
growing that the miners were en
tiled to higher wage. 1
i. Hope for 8iirorwj.
Seoretary Wllaon, while declining
'o.dlicu the outlook .for epeerty
ce In the coal field, wa greatly
ercourarea at ,ne radlne of the
o tide to meet and make a de
tained effort to frame a wago
oh'd.il, satisfactory to miner and
hYt"," l!k' Mr. Wilson wa
MMful of ,,ccew and thla feeling
ajliredhy nm.t .official.
as 'statement Milking Faa-h
Meaawe a Much Wore Thar)
0nunl' MraHUro in Kouate.
WAfnnVGTON, Nov. 12 Em
Ptle disapproval of the Each rail.
"4 reorganisation bill now before
hoi. WM prMUW(, by (he
f,eullv of the IS principal
Jroid mploy' organliatlon to
th.i . ,.,l,ment which declared
ofwk. kmr " ,h" lahor Provlalona
m. ., ." r"nccmed they are
ThZ l0,u bu more ubtle.
'-ZmZ hm": P'ovion. of the
ihT?.'.!iwi worker' official In
f-irJ ,L"":.m ""'d those who
CiM -irh", h V""."1"" hr'n
lafco?" r h " ',lr tov"ahackle
IH fi - . . m-i irui ini tun"
"wn i uf. rttM.u,, -.Teal '.J:''
wu in .
" " "rrirn vnlora - A
y.. : PPolilon developed late
bm fn, h.u rallr0'1 reorganlr..
'UtearTu ! "s 651.000 owed bv
I If Hu ?"V' n'"'""n repub
''.er V,y?? na ""PPorted ny .
"t7 la 7? . ",1'""ltratlon. re-
In fir,.! d,taon being- de-
Xn,nwn?L'h" ?""nft Plan
l"prtJ i. t i',1? .ccm.'," 'on"-ea to
" - t. . 3 155 000 n"
1 rallrnJ!! ,h" ""
Deiuaon JmlnU'ratlon and
"fh nr..1l.,r,,n""1 ubtltte.
"nt neeniJ wo."M 0'rr" th.e
1 """led to II7.0SO.O0O '
... M C. A.
IMl Out 1215 Pure
CkH. , mn throuithout
TT'LffV Oklft. Not 1 2 II ilmum.
3-, minimum. 'X 1 : nortli winds ; rlvftr.
okLUiOMV in i Kridty
fair rimiiK tcmpsralnm
LOT'lMI AN : IbiirnUy n rl li
ft, ir, roidir in toulh (xirtion ; Kridty
fir, warmer in ni IIiwurI Mrttfn.
ARKANSAS: ThuruUr (air, ricing
tnitiptiriiurri in wni portion , Kridtjr
fair warmer
KAST TKXAP: ThnridaT fair, eoMur
in t'xlrema ra.it and etlre m wa
mm, rifting itiniperflLjurti in northwat
fKjfMn Kii'tav fair, w-rmar
WrfT TKXAH?:i i bandar fur,
warmer In north porliou ; Krida fair.
KANSAS Kair Thur.da- nd rri
day; riiluf tentperatnrt
Ift all Ihn world run rwt in (ha afUr-
main if war,
Let kin ti coma tram W In f from thair
thmnea and prinraa bm no nira).
W hat m a Iter, it to m today Uat Um
ara out nf )inl t
The r ai'l aii.ti una ro'dea bliaa to
whih I pminllT ttnt;
Th(i rld it ii't with madnnaa now,
hear th irrumblrra iilh
Hul liiank tha l ord I atill ran gat
wedjii of pumpkin pi I
The murmnrt of mnn'i dtaronUnt art
hfanl throiijthont th land,
Tha itnkfru mob ih factory door ad
toilern idle aland ;
No m mi can what ltn ahead nor
what trie morn "hall bring
Th world ii top" turfy now, bat tlll
1 iidiI and ainK "
For aptte of chain nd andean abork
and anger'a hue and cry
I atill ran ail and oa my fill of foldn
pumpkin pfo.
lt littl men itllt rat and rant and
ravil an tticv will
Iot pnnmmiiita with tongue of gloom
ay a't the worL ii ill,
I'll keen tuy roufagta to tha last ; ba
- hind uiy humble door
I'll great my rhiidran with p kia nd
romp upon the floor.
And I'll f"rtre the itonii ntaida d
l-t th hrirkbau fly
Ajid he nnler.t within ft world that
Her ea m pumpkin pi.
(Copyright, 1'JIU. by Kdgar A. Ouit.)
After Auto Dealer Pays
Much Money to Get Car
Prosecutors Fail. .
Thla I a (ttory of iworlhlcfW bond,
two negroe. three lawyer and the
county attorney's office. It la an ex
planatlon perh.ip of the difficulty
In bringing men charged with crime
to trial. In it will bo found the
reason for the utter dlHguet of llie
cltlcenehlp of Tulsa, the bntaen aban
don of automobile thieve aJid other
crook, and tho eiouae for The little
. i. in. bmtwn HI
panning tne duck.
It the atory atart at the begin-ka
nlng. ,
Several month ago a man naming
himself 1. W. llubo of Augua u.
Kan., came to the KorMter-DavUi
Motor Cur company here and bought
an auto, offering a check for $3,100.
There wan doubt aloul tho check'
valire an, I liner llutilia culled the
rorter-lavl company by phonu,
rei roHi'iitlng himaflf a an official
it the Klrt National bank of Tula
and aald the check wa grnod. Then
he dlappearei1 with the automobile
and about $241 Mi caeh that he had
received from the motor company.
After a v.haae through aeveral
tatea that coet the motor car com
pany much money, llubbs wa ar
reted In HoiiBton. Tetaa. on a charge
of panalng bad cb.ee. He had mar
ried a 15-year-old girl, and a the
mother of tho girl made the rheckn.
good Hubh waa nor billed by the
rand Jury.
John Hurnett. deputy eherlff of
Tulaa county, eent to Houston to re
turn Hubba to Tulaa on the charge
here, the county paying the eipenae
of the trip. Hubbs had given hi
Nrnalor Martin l)l-.
ntAIllAiTTKSVllJ.K. Va. Nov.
12 Henntor Thomas 8. Martin, the
democratic leader In the eenate. died
here tortav after an Illness of ev
eral month. He was 72 year old.
Bears Make Heavy Winnings
in Continued Market Drop
NKW YORK. Nov. 13 t'nder
preasur from the federal res.-rve
board and other powerful flnanclul
Intereat Wall atreet today adopted
more Vigorous measure to put ita
house in order.
Thla was accomplished hv further
severe Impairment of riiote, vl'ie
l turnover of more man .
the vear rerorn anu nn
advance In call loan tn 10 per cent
a rate unparalleled incc tlie
panic of 107-
Altocethcr the seslnn witnesses
the mml sevve purging the "'ock ,
n. . . kn. .inrrl.nrril since Wall ;
street en'ered on it period of post-
wur prosperfy
i .i.. ,.,.r. of ih rffcllne which
i . .i ). turv ourset. eperui.1
tive favorite registered losses of 10 J
to 2i point, their minimum quota
tions being JO to tl poin s ..c.
maximum of the last fortnight.
tieneral motor, which recently
chlefd the duitlnction of selling
a higher prlre than any otlrf-r 'o k
on the I Int. w arain under per
alatent preeaure. dropping MS ,
point to 280. or a lox of 12W
print from 1: high rerord of last
fThe reaction rncompised every
variety of aiork iss ie
' Liquidation m " general nnd ;
constant a to defy analyst From
1! account murh of the ellln was'
Involuntarv and !irge prnpor'lon ;
was traced to out-of-town trader,
who plainly ipreed the.r dia- i
Treaty Friends Decide
to Invoke Cloture
Rule in Senate.
Democrat and Republican
ReservationltU Demand
Limit to Speeches.
Unlet Halt Is Voluntary
Action Will Be Taken;
Reed in Attack.
mary action to choke down debute
I on the peace treaty WM decided on
' by the treaty's friend In the senate
: today, to meet development re
I garded by many eenator aa the be
! ginning of a flllbuater against ratlfl
! cation.
Two petition to Invoke the en
ale's cloture rule, which never here
tofore ha been uued, were pre-
pared for ubmllon tomorrow,
I should It become apparent that di
latory tactlca have been adopted by
tbe group Irreconcilably oppoaed to
Mi treaty. The flret propowut wiui
iinin hv the democrala and wa
circulated by Kenaior 1'nderwood
while the other wa being formu
luted tonight by tho mild reserva
tion group of. republican.
IJinlt Dcbatfi.
l'nder the rule, which could be
made effective beginning Saturday
hy a two-third vote, no eenator
could speak more than on hour In
all until a vote on ratification had
l,rm reached. No D-lfic time could
h set. under the provision, for
auch a vote, but the leader predict
ed that It would force final action,
if reaorted to early next week.
To further haaten the treaty. It
wa tentatively agreed to hold night
elons of tbe senate beginning to
morrow night and continuing until
there ha been a ratification vote.
RmLi Atuuik.
The movement for cloture wa
started after Henator Reed, demo
crat of MtwKiurl, had launched Into
another long ipeech attacmng me
treaty, and Senator IO Kollette of
Wlaconaln arid France of Maryland,
republican, had Indicated they were
ready to continue tne rigni a eoon
the Mlanoilrl eenator concluded
Senator Heed occupied all of today
three-hour aeewton, and intima:eo ai
adjourntnxnt that he would continue
for aeveral hour tomorrow. The
st-nate adjourned ut of respect to
the late Senator Martin of Wlecon
ln. democratic leader, who died
Dr. Oirdova, Pnrmrr IlortdnrBn
Agr-jit at New Orlrana Slain and
Wlfo I WoHiMlcd.
NKW (Htl.KAMa N'v 1! Myw
tery ehrouded tonight tbe murder of
t i t - A CnrAnvm r fimn.r
npul for Monduraa 'here, and the
won ndln of hi wife at a lonely
epot near the city last night The
police are working on two clues,
that of robbory and that of a polit
ical murder
Mr. CordVrva. who had lain
wounded all night in a ditch near
the body of her huxband. waa at
the hospital tonight near death wlih
a bullet wound In her head She told
an Incoherent story of an attack by
men when the automobile In which
she and her husband were rldmg
had stalled
courgement of the market's harp
There waa little calling of loan,
hut only small sum were available
on call at tbe opening rate of 14 per
eent, whle time money wa scarcely
obtainable, eirept for short el ite at
V-i t ' P'r cent.
irrn ii or mmi i.it n
held a re
gular meeting, but In keep- t on I A C. Toan'ev of the Non
the t'ernent issued yes- , ;krtlan learue but It wis tabled
i n if m-1 1 h
lerday. no anion looking to a
further advance of the discount
rate was taken.
Tho street" bulled with rumors
nrt gnesip during the dv of the
nmnlncs' made bv promlneMt
nrar traders There la l!tte doubt
lht tne aggressive incurs nr mai
element added materially to the il-t,fr
We Sell Glass
111 South Itontnn
LPhiladelphian Is Elected
Y irst Comnrander
Over 3 Others
Strong Resolutions Adopted;
Amendment to Constitu
tion Is Asked.
Compensation Ieft to I-aw-maiers;
Centralis Trapedy
Draws Soldiers' Fire.
I'1III,A1)KI.I'11IA. Nov 12
Franklin d'l'llcr, flrt national
commander of the Vinerlii.n le
gion, Im a wool merchant in Inla
cliy. lieti the l ulled Stile en
tered tho war he offcic.l Ills .rv
lce and was comnililiin 'U rip
tain III the uartrrm:tti'-r enrpa.
He wa Henl to lYunc, whiirn he
wgis aiwlKned to oikiiiiIo the aal
vage aysiem. He w n Kin-'M'-sfnty
proniiMed to major mi 1 lieiiicnant
colonel, and wa award I :rie
American dlatlngulslii'd ncrvlcn
medal and the Kretmn legi m of
flrl annual convention of the Amer
ican teuton rami tu a close at ii0
o'clock tonight. It wa decided to
open the 1920 convention at Cleve
land, Ohio, on September 27. The
convention probably will Uhi three
Franklin d'Olier of Philadelphia,
waa tonlKht fleeted first national
commander of the Amerlcun legion.
The vote was: d uller, S6B; Mac
Nlder, 219; Jone. 18; O'Neill, 18.
On motion of Mr MacNider the
elecllon of Mr. d'Olier wn made
unanimous. Reverend Franela A.
Kelly of New York, waa elected na
tional chaplain.
After a lengthy debate the con
vention voted to have emigre con-
elder thn advlHiibllity of approving
further bonuaes for service mm.
li'Oller was the first candidate to
he nominated. He wa named by
Ihn Arkansas delegation. Califor
nia paed It nominating right to
New Vork, and Sluyvenant Fish
placed the name of Hanford Mac
Nider of Maaon City, lowa, before
the convention. Tho Virginia dele
gation nominated Ixslle Jone of
Washington, I). C, and KAitucky
named u U choice Kmmett O'Neill
of IulBvllle. Jack Bulllvan of
Seattle, who wa named by the
North Dakota delegation, withdrew
from the rate, o did Chairman
Henry 1). Umlxley of Httllaa, nomi
nated bv the Texn delegation.
The title of past natkinal com
mander wa conferred upon Mr.
I.lniisley. He had been acting head
of the legion since in -meeting i
St Ixiil last spring.
F,lec:!on of tho . national com
mander followed a turbulent after
noon, when u man of resolution
and report, Including the aoliller
hnnua iHsue. were considered. Th
convention for a time eemed split
on the proposal o Indorse a specific
bonu plan and finally voted to place
the matter In the hand of the na
tion il ennte and house of rcpre
si'Pnteti. .Miny delega.es seemed anx
ious to close the convention after
the election and d'Olier In accept
ing the post of commander, said:
"We i-ame here to work and
n get to work not listen to
speeches "
Representative Royal ". John
son of Aberdeen, S I . who served
In France, supplied the Inspiration
which derided the tinnii Isrnie.
Called to the convention tag late
In the dav he tirired the delegate to
ank congress "to recognize ond re
lieve the financial disadvantage"
Incurred hv person who made ac
riflces to serve their country Former
Senator I.n'her la of Tenneee.
chairman of the tmnu cornnil'iee.
fnrmallv put this rcailutlnn nerore
the convention and it was adopted
by a viva voce vote
Stinrtlv !erre rinai aoiournmein
St the Amerlrnn lesion convention
tonight, f've vice -litrmen were
eieeii',1 Thev ore;
Allen A Tukev. omha; .Times
O'Ttrlen Snn iMego; Jovce ' Lewis
Img Frilrle, Minn'aota; Alden It
Chamber. Wlnthrop. Mis, and
William II F.'lle't, lingerie l ire
A brad varlery ,f siihieets. Iri
r In ling the Centralia tragedv, In
dus rul unree; and the national
Non-Pi rtlaan leaKiie. were touched
upon thin afternoon felegate from
nortbweMt si.iicm drew mi a ren1n-.
lion n.u'tnr the .luilvitles nf l'rea-
hv vo'e of the convention The
riueM wis made hv Jack Sullivan
nf Snittle. cha.rman of the commit
tee I "eclnr.it Ions tdarlng the American
rginn en reenr 1 figtilnn' anti-Amer
, R prnpaKind i nnd activities ere
ndopted a: tne legion convention
this inornlng, Resolution
I n t a f i f r 'iopinn of a fpUr!
rofiPMltit !'n.il nmrnd r?int hrrin
from rli l7.hip th A mrtrrn -hirn
rhlltirrn of ornI nr.A r'r.-
nnf 'irHtlt fr rltirrnnhlp.
I lorn ifi'lifir dportM! Ion of iill"
n'lir-Miri anJ f-nrmy n lnrn'1 1
Hiffrjr fri wsr with lrMv- admlii
nlon nf forrl(mT Authorltntt
Bppoin'TnTit h ron rnmfTitTu
p!pitl hr taihlr-r of rh? lvfnn'B j
tnr:-n nf "inn pr rfit Anrl
rnnlffn" itmonr vmnn of th" war
I rrtn-'l ,r,r ft "'hniMt In Hi
fusriMTn os vor, rt.Kvr.s.
U il lniim l!arvfy nurntry nw
infM'inn U( 8on:h Main ;reL '
I'ijonr SJ44. Adv,
Harreld Is Gaining ,
in Official Returns
From Fifth District
"uniplete official relurns fiom
Cleveland. Mi'i.'lulu, Mi-Murray,
t'aine utul t iklalioina couiitleH out
of seven In the Fifth t klnliuiii.l
cutigr eit.Hlonat dijtiMet ar an
nounced by the state election'
board today, gue ,1 W llnrield.
repiibllian, a majority of i7Ti
vines over Claude Weaver, demo
crat. In Suturduy'M special elec
tion. Today official returns, which
leave about pieclncis to lie uc
l oniiled for. mean an lin rr ihv of
t 3 vuli'K over I lie maorl:y given
in aifflelal returns yesterday from
iTi2 nf the d'jitriet'N '.'ii preclnd
Veslerdiiv'a umiffleiitl letiirn.i
from 2 f 2j irecincia ' Weaver
in H 39 and Harreld II u.'il, u ma
jority of 7 1 II for t be I. it er
Victory of Harreld in the
I'ifth Shows How
People Think.
Jollification over the lnnl vli
lory of Judge J. W. H arret I in the
Fifth district and en I hiiklunt I i i
llmlsm fur the future nf ihe repub
lican party in Oklahoma marked
the "love feast" attended li night
by prominent republican of 'he
state with Coiigreaeniiin-Mec' Har
reld as ilie guest f honor The
compliment tendered the victorious
candidate by A A. Small, candidate
fur the I'nlted State eenite, wa m
reality the liU'lul step In Him or
ganisation nf the ti'e for a 'epub
llcan victory In thn leiuluin In
Judge 1 tu I p h C. Campbell, lonsl
m.'ister. Introduced CongreseLiun
Harreld as "ibe man who liroUe toe
aolld south In okliiluiini '
"Amerlra first" ivu the inotto
carried to victory In i lie I'lfth dis
trict. Mr. Harreld told the iMtlirr
Ing That motto and r.i flu fnoted
stand against the leirue of unions
wis (be chief rausn to iilileh he Mt
trlliuted his vlctyrv.
Running on that pi Cf i'ni, he de
clared thai he won 'lie support of
tho people In th co imry, the busl
ne men and the liljo.-lng men In
the town, the Irish elfrti-t it alio re.
ented the treatment reeolved at th
peace conferenc, 90 per eent of th
olrtter vole, and alo ihe wonitn
of Ihe (Harriet, who tepiembered
another promise of peace once given
the nation. That platform If adopted
by the party all over Ihu grate would
pliire Oklahoma In tho republican
column at the next election, he said.
Interesting sldellghla nn the cam
paign were given) In th addr of
Harry (lllntrap. who wn cloe'y In
touch with Harreld during the fight.
Mr. (lilstmp, a did Judge Harreld,
gave great credit fd th final re
aulte to the untiring anl unselfish
work of Colonel Small In behalf of
the republican of the JH'nct.
Colonel Mill Higgens of Parties
NawKpaprr Publisher Take Action at
Kuwlnn n NrwspHnt Shortage
' I'apcr Susjily I Overdrawn
NKW YOKX. Nor 13 -Matriat in
'''iifii Jn df frtiing and su bier iptioa
rtn limtlAHiM) of thn ui of nf
pi and provitiont in (lrtiinf rrinii'ii
rtb rU. ru bft ailjuitaa woitKJy
or artarlx. wr Aiuonf lb rieuniiuta
datton m di toUv a tiHtrist conven
tion of lh Amrtcain Nwt4ttr V ilnitt
rt uoitlaa, eilo4 to riidf U) nowi
print hortftgfl.
Tbo report of tho rMlQtlont fonmlll,
tdopl M uiiAniRMOaly. follow a :
"TApor Anantil'A'-tnrffrt lia toM na that
I bur la a world wtda abortAff) of pAvr
At tho prrant rAte of riinnmptin ih
fifwtpApra ifg uiinr m"to tah-.- Inn it
bring; produrfd 'I tin uinm An annual
huriAgt on lh prnt bian of Approti
inAiiy foo.OOO totia. ( iur mmmiilrc,
Urrpfor, rfrnmnifn'tk :
' "I ha l I It rffuiaiiona of tha war in
riuitrtrft boftrd for tr rrtnt'rt ation uf powa
prtni b Kir irtly ajriri-d to
"TtiAt piili'iahri fTrywhro ha Orgrd
tn maitTtallv tt)rrAa adriitin and ib
r rip turn rair and at Ihn lart a time limit
h kl of thfir taMf
"Ibat no nfwaiiapcr ni4r into a vrorl
rrtnlrat t. for aUrtiinc at a fited rAi
nt tiia.o raia aniti. labia mootbl or
quar'rrt y
"Thai llip A P A and out ii
atwntard form of AdjUHlablo ronlrarta for
adfi tiaif r
ibat th r'ap'T' rommiilf dia
rourafr (he hirdiri( of (irint t-apfr
I hw th tiii i-aiif-r rommiiifa and
ih !jrij)at r'fintrr.ttlFf of th- A N P K
nrro ihr ffiirlmfiil nf iurh lf(iiliion aa
will j.prmU tha d rloptiint of water
pfw'f ao that etir timber 'anda may ha
ntarlr f'iMy ati'h for tbe ft a nu far t ura
uf woo. pii'p liimher and popef
"We rerortimcnd t'tai th preitJ."it p
pnint a MimmiH m mtn IIiiiioq for tne
purpnae f.f j'Ul 1 fif d if 'rrenre) hetwe-fl
I nbluhra m nn.peit'ivi- let ritnria
"It t ftirih-r ref .minei,d-d that thla
eomm:!-e k - the p'ltil prffrr eiwfi(,i't'ee
nf the A N I' if f irmed to Hi prnb
lem and ji ithmenia , II. ai (! i,'ir
membervhip of he A N V A. roopeirate
Ith t h i rotinni'te tn the end tha it
niav rrttlt in t 'e rrai(eal lifnef'l to a.i
rooxt t'larjr 'en-eri.r-1 "
K M K'.'off -,.-r-(a' of i.tc rirti
print pertiee t urea l told the rfi unii'T
that the rrwi'" 't nr. M tn inrfpM jtf n
'Ibrtion. aa 'h-y were running at I'tO wf
ffiit rapA-;tl)
Scat ale openH this morn
inp; at Quaker Drujr Co.
Two PerformaiHTS
Sat. 15th pun. Kith
Lanainp Issues Another
Statement on Policy
in Mexico.
Diplomatic Steps Ptitl', He
Says, to See That Hijfhtfl
Are Respected.
"Clears Up U. S. Attitude"
Hecause of Reports in
- - Newspaper.
tary lousing, in a lteineiit today
designed "to make clear lb gov
ernment' attitude on the iUi-tlon
of reaponslhllliy of Mexico for tho
safely of American, In that rutin
tiy, declared It waa "the privilege
tu, well a the rlgtkl of ihlh govern
ment hy diplomatic Intervention to
see to It that Justice la accorded It
clllen and their right given prop
el proiecilon "
Mr. Inslng explained that he la
micd hi stalemeiit because ome
newspaper, hi cMnnectton with the
kidnaping of William (I. Jenkln,
A merit an consular agVnt at I'uclila,
has made It appear that he had said
"that American In Mexico had no
greater right to protection than
"1 regret," said Mr. iJinalng 'that
(he coniexl nf my comment waa not
given in full because It would have
shown that I w referring to a
condition in which the Mexican au
thorities had employed every mean
which they possessed or should have
ixissesscd tu protect the live and
properly of aliens In a Mexican com
niunlly If tiie authorities failed to
provide mean of protection or to
ue such mean, the etatement at
tributed to mo would not apply.
"To avoid being mlminrteratood aa
to thl government' Interpretation
of the rule of International law on
the euhject of responsibility on the
nan of Mexloo for the safety of
American In rhat country. 1 make
the following atalement:
"Whll In general there la pre
timed, to be no difference between
Ihe right of alien anyl the light
nf native to he treated fairly end
Jutly under local law and by th
local authnrltleo nevertheless should
the operation of the local law or
act of commlaalon or omlealon by
local authorities reult In Injuajlc
to American nr lack of adequate
protection of their live or property,
It I the privilege a , well aa the
right of this government under In
ternational law by diplomatic Inter,
ventlon to ee to It that Juatlc I
accorded to Ita rltliena nnd thetr
rlght given proper protection.
"The reaon for ml I that when
a condition of political unreat and
lawlessness exist inch aa obtain in
certain part of Mexico, alien be
ing denied proper protection by the
authorities muet rely on their gov
ernment, operating through diplo
matic channel to obtain Jostle and
"Thl la a general utatement and
Ihe haala of the policy followed by
thl government though It ta nce
anrlly lubjecl to modification tn par
ticular caees
"It ahniild be borne In mind, how
ever, that the accepted v4aw and
practice of nation la that a a rule,
I mum be shown that a foreign gov
ernment la responsible for Injustice
dene to alien nr that Ita conatl
'ted authorltlea ere negligent In
protecting their live and property
before liability la Incurred."
TvIIn IVIIhIi llnsly IKwrT of Amirle
Mar II.- Mint to lirelg-n-IWirn
IH KMMI, N. V., Nov it --Ths Am-rl
rtn ,nU r frewlng Impslieel nh fur
ign Miiatnri nd onltts Ih- sililnd
-hsrifr. tt- dour Inst has siwsrt h.u
onrri to Knripv mar l,s thill ll-r'rt
lloov.r d-elarM hero Indsj in sa sddr-ai
t the roiit-iitliin ef Amtrirftm of Pslitb
Ant nrrd-d reforml In tn I nft-tl ete
ho sit-rli-d. would ''bo rsrrl-d O'll lr I
tlio.. wh rsr-nla iiavo rn titi amid
our Instiliittnnfl stid Ihoa- who lit. b
inei in trtilimrnl and M'tril. a part cf
our l'l,' '
"Il la tnrlnrat thai rh Pollah ('Optra
linn of tin- l1nud Miata hava l.n hul
hill inrini-ni-d hr Ih.a f-irma of aiila
thin. ' h 'nntlniird
UiirnlniiT. Onlernl fnr Ohio Yftllrt
mul IntiTlor ot C.ulf Stalm
W A kl'INiililH. Sow I? VcJ wave
vartiina 'are heeti onle-rrd bf tfie
rather h'.rrau for the ith"t a'le , Tun
etaee and the ih(rinr of the iulf ataiea
It will he onnrtid'- fj ro.det Thnrarlay
in (he Ukf rrltnn, Ihe Ohiu val'ejr,
1eruitae ai'l the eat ri f la:e. rrmal't
ilif mn4eraie'r ro'if frtti
TerTierainr-i InmcHl ranie 1'un. 11 to
rirrff hflie the r'unni! ara7
fhrif tiuut the feat intermr ttBa'n of the
rnnrt'rr l.antr, V o rpnrted 20 de
fe, h!uw er tnd fr-Hnf wralher at
terfirded n nnrtt.weil Triat
Thursday nipht
November l.'Uh
All Klks invited, irood
music. Lift" time. De there.
Pershing Advocates
Drastic Law to Rid
Nation of Radicals
W SIHM, T, Vv. I'J.
iciicr.il lYrhlilug tonlfchl Itemed a
KiiiK'incnl In which ho Mild:
"Il Is a serious oiilmgf thnl
eli rans of Mm- world war, parad
ing In iiiiirnrm In it-lcbrallon of
nor national victory, slumlil bo
allot down In isiltt hlixul nn was
dour In Washington icelcrdny.
"Iiii ilriillf ini-aMiiiv cannot
he taken in rbl our ismnirv of the
i'Iiimi of criminal who Inspire or
isiiiimh ui li i-rloKn."
Rhode Island Injunction
Issued On Enforce
ment Measure.
IMIOVIUKNOC, It. I , Nov. 13--Judge
Arthur U Ilrown In the fed
eral district court loday Issued a
temporary Injunction against Har
vey A. linker, l ulled Stales attor
ney, and fleorg K. Mhaunessey, col
lector of Internal revenue, retrain
ing ihem from enforcing Ihe provi
sion of the wartime prohibition
act The Injunction wa Uud upon
the petition of tha Narrangett
llrewlng company.
The iil of 4 per cent beer w
Immediately resumed by I'rovldenc
liquor dealer
The opinion I the first ronetruo
(log of the Volted (prohibition en
forcement) eel handed down hy any
(ourt In the country. While nonr
Innlly It. reetratg Ihe federal offl
i' I ii Is In this 4iirldlclliin from en
forcing title 1 of that act against
the Narrangojisett trew.lng com
pany. It virtually slate the belief
of th court that the entire wartime
prohibition act I unconstitutional
and cannot be enforced
l,OVIHVn.Mi:. Ky., No. II
federal Judge Walter Rvana In open
court declared here today he Is
"firmly of ths opinion" wartime
prohibition Is unconstitutional and
aid h would Issus an Injunction to.
morrow reel raining government In
terference with the ule by the dis
tiller of 1,000.000 gallon of tag
paid whisky
Whether Ihe Injunction would h
temporary or permnrnt, the court
nld, reeled with Attorney General
Palmer, who office wa given un
til tomorrow to advise with tha dis
trict attorney at IOiilvllle.
CHICAGO, Nov, II. Federal
Judge fgrpenter and Kltghenry an
nounced tonight at the conclusion of
argument In the double attack by
Chicago and Peoria lluuor firms on
the wartime prohlbl .hi and en
forcement seta, that they would
tnke the case underadvlsement un
til Saturday
An Injunction Is asked In hoth
districts to restrain federal official
from Interfering with tbe al of
whisky A favorable decision with
out a ty. preventing l nf liquor
until an appeal by the government
could he derided, wouldnisn Imma.
dlate resumption of whisky sale In
both dltrlen
WARI!lN(iTOf. Vo II r.tpoeUI ma
thinmrj for lh nfarfmeril nf wartltaa n4
eonatltatlnal firnhtbltlon will b ! tip
bp tha hnrea af Internal rvenaa Noertnbar
17. andar Uta direct mo nf John f. Kraraar
a Mantrflald, Ohfa. whoaa aaMtlnunaal
a na I tonal nrohlhilion eninmUaWinar waa
anftsnanead ldajf Jatemal Kerr an o a Com
nianWinar Ropar
pMldea snpfrvlalnf atenta In fteh of tha
rtlna dlilrifia Into h(rh iba rointry bat
haei divided and a firohihltton director n
earh atae, Mr K rmtr will haa a raobiJa
fofra wht'i will me ahu tha country as
nar-eaattf fommmanda
f-tate and mnniripal offiefala wilt ba at
peeted to anforre tha prohibition lawa. but
where theT fall to eiareite flue dtllffenra.
fexte-al amenta a t O'fwiait aatd that
ahonlrt loral offir( r fall to iara!a In
break I ti t rip Ihe III.'-If aVe of liqiMtr.
foternmpnl would not lrnrtH-d a"iitt tbem
hul rather let the local tlertorata tab rara
of the ittuatlon
Labor IV ill Nominate
Presidential Ticket
MMfU.O N.. U nat.oml UW
I ir let fnr the t oiulni pret-der tial e'aMinn
al'l he nnminalrd tn TMt arn hy a rnirn
tlon that will iret ornhef 72, John
Kitipa rirh. pran le-.t of hiraro Ked
""a'lon of dahftr apnoiined l-nifht
Te"tT tho'iaaed iliraie rpreaentinK trie
Ntiii f'arlnan learue farmers' orfai nation a.
frngpt MflfMts ami afate td Isrir al UflrOPS
ara eiperiel to a'tsetid he said
rrlmt" l HtMwilfn,
WAfIIIM!T'i. Nov IS A:.erf
Krlvird. I'rlnco ff Vi!f-. ihn r'"'.
of Mir A in erica n pu'lon. f.ittiei lot'
pernonnl umi h w !'h ' (t'tvrnimrnt hy
the pnoplr' toniifM Ht mont
formal rvnt nf M ';t h'-" m r
r''iion I' avdu l". ill ni. mher-i nf
rfifiireh atiil Iheir rirtHl-e-- h. heen
Invitfil tn tnret him Men-her-i of tho
rahlne ni A lh ! ip (Miifl t H mit pa.
niao :P'!mI
Moved to Louisiana
One of our prominent men h is
recently moved tu Shreveporf.
where he h ie niirch.ncd a home.
He was Just finlehlng a ix iutlful
home on South ChM'iini' which
he will sell f.ir b-o,, th in ci t,
This kind nf npior!lin;' v ill'.m t
offer ever) d.iy in Tu'i t all on
.Mr. Mangri at romo fit Mavu
llldg . or .all 1 e lar !? for ap
pointment, f'
Several Cities Join In
Raid to Arreat AH
I. W. W. Members
Another Soldier Shot in
Centralis Hat Short
Time to Live.
Radical Under Arrest Con
fettei to Planning for
Trouble at Parade.
CKNTKAl.lA, h , Nov 12.
Former service men tonight en
tered a pool room here. lined
about 100 patrons against Itie wall
arid searched them. Induatrlil
Workers Of the World card were
found on 1&. They were arreted.
RttATM', Waah., Nov. I a. Tlilr-ly-nlix
allrgiNl Industrial Uorkatw
of live World vrrt taken lato iiue.
ItMly III m polhsn raid here tonight,
making total of AO takmi Into
tiisKNly aim) ikmhi. I'hli'f of lillc
J. F. Warren salil Ut waa rmla.
IH-Ing to learn from lien prtwHirra If
any onlorg dlrJHtlng lht t'rntralla
shooting wtTv sent from tho HraUlle
Iim'hI. ,
By Th Aaseelattd I'raaa
CKNTRAMA. W h . Nov. 1J
Cltloa of western Waahlngton Joined
t entialla today In arresting mem
ber of the Industrlsl Worker of
th World gnd raiding their head
quarters, following the firing on an
armletir day parade here jraatsr
day, Four former Amisflcan ol
dlrs ara dead and a fifth Is report
ed dying aa a result of the shoollng.
rhyalclans said John Karl Watt, one
of the wounded marchers. hd but a
hort time to live, ill family wai
at hi bedslda.
Twsnty-two men snd one womsn
reported to hav radical bellefa.
were plsd III lall her and later
four of the prisoners, including the
woman, were removed to the Lwl
county jail at Chehall by national
guardsmen who patrolled Cenlralla
today. Ttalds were conducted In
fleattle, Taooma and Aberdeen on the
Industrial Workers' headriurtem.
In Hsaltls It men and "tons of
literature." according tn the police,
were taken to police headquarter.
The Taooma no lice arrested 14 al
leged members of th Industrlsl
Workers and selaed a quantity of
radical literature. At Absrdeen large
dtlsntltl of literature and the rec
ords of th Aberdeen local of th
orgsnleatlon wsr taken.
Prosecuting Attorney fterrman
Allen announced that D. Iamb, If
years old, who wag arrested here
an I. W. W confessed to belonging
to th radlcaK organisation. The boy,
Allen declared, said he bad heard
hi father, Jame Lamb, who wal
also- arrested, talking; of a plot to
start trouble here yesterday. The
fnther, according; tn Hr. Allen, con
fessed laat night that radicals had
four former service men marked for
death bee us of their activille In
a fight waged by Centralla rillxens
to rid th otty of th I. W. W.
"Th 1. W. W. unacted tronbl
her yesterday and they were pre
pared for It," Mr. Allen eald. "When
the parade waa almost oyer without
trouble appearing tbey decided to
start It themselves"
Th body of "Brlca" Fmlth. re
ported to hare been kn f. W. W. sec
retary, waa found In th Chehalls
river. The rope by which he was
lynched last night, wa cut earlv to
day and the hodvifell Into the water.
Two undertakers bad refused to
hndle It.
Centra!! waa nulet today and
Judge Denrg Dyanrt said citizen
hsd promised to lot the Isw take
It pnurse.
"Itrlek" Pmlth was reported by
official to hv police record In
Washington. During the war. It wa
aid, Pnil'h caused trouHl In west
ern lumber cmp and a lumber
enmpsnv wrote tu a patriotic organi
zation that Smith w.ia a nirnac and
naked that h be arrested.
Pmlth waa arresied t Cedar Fall
In Julv, II7. when he and other
ai'eged f W. W defied a freight
train crew at a time farmer coni
plained of sabotage being practiced
In the grain field and fruit
Mnvor C. rt Fitzgerald of featt'e
Isle odav leaned a statement warn
ing all rad Ira 'a tn "leave Heattle off
their future Itineraries"
HmtrihlMa were posted hy Centra
lln authorities In a;l par' of the rlty
asking resulen's to report anv
knowledge nf the shooting or of
inr I W W ihey may hnve seen A
drive t.ns been launched to clear
the I W W from Centralla, It wsi
sald nd former eervlce men who
rnme here during the nlghr from
neiRiihir:ng towns, are to he used In
ili work.
o name wis men'l'inei In a ver
dn ; renirtjod bv a coroner' Ju-v
wh i h eirlv toniglit hr'll nn lruest
1,1 r (tie tmdy ,tt 1'ered lie ti:i; of
"llrlek ' Srn I n "We f-i, that de
er ased came to his dei'h by gunshot
wiium's . til bv 'r ni-'iij'inn .--a .r--dl
tiv '..is4.r uris tioW ri,'' :he verd -'t
l-nr a f hour- 'oriiht 'he b'i'ly
liv en the floor nf 'he l-ridrfe un
:r w lilr-ti Me niin is ! rched l:s;
nth' l.i'er It ai ten i veil to th"
iinin Jill II wi" expected tho
roronr- Rim' I Vtni nf it Ic.ll
iiivtim !i o s pr,r Two
l.'T - In " fur Hroken Arrow,
r. In'rr femae w i lt" Imdv Itli
'limn colore 1 eid answers name
S ie l:ward Fa wsril n 'pta,
liiiva. i nooe iige Aavu

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