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VOL XIV, NO. 50.
Roth Factions Express
Willingness to Meet
On Fair Terms.
gonner Field Situation WiJI
Be Considered After the
Central District.
Takes Iffue With Secretary
Wilson that GO Per Cent
Jump Is Unreasonable.
Wagi- to Ix' I"1'1 Oklnliii vml
miners will
wale of llio
fk-ld which
M l)llMl llMIl i no
ccninil I'tmiiictlilvo
In how ItHnu ni'go
It miui tonight.
Ualcd Im'"'
The Oklahoma (l'i'HKr itiul mill-
III In In tin- lonrcretH-e.
wale for tin- Sooner mUIk
tjvida HI m lifter .tlx'
agrrcnieni Is ronclicil In l In ceii-
. . ....i.i... i, i.i
imi r"ini-'..'
WASHINGTON, Nov. Hi. N'egn
tlaUon of a new wage scale In the
soft coal Industry stood In much the
Mm situation tonight a a when min
ers and operating mi't at Huff ulo In
September tn frame a contract to
replace tllo Washington K'' iiijree
nifnt. This time, however, there no
thrral (if a strike, un.l both sides
wrre ready In resume their confer
ence tomorrow In the hope, if reach
Inn a quirk settlement.
iome,ur thn operator protested
that the' union miners hud failed to
return to work na ordered by Ked
eral Judge Anderson at Indianapolis,
and In thn fare of the withdrawal
of ths strike order by officios of t lie
lnltd Mine Workers of America, It
iu Intimated thitt thin would be
brought up at the Joint conference.
John L. Lewis, acting president
of ths miners' organisation, atlll wan
holding tho mlnnnv' rlemnndt Just,
and took Issue today with the state
ment of Secretary Wilson tmxt n
wag Increase of (0 per cent would
make them a favored clues of work
ed The demands submitted to the op
erators yealerday reaffirmed the
hour day but omitted reference i
to "from hank to bank" laws ler-ls- I
lattd. The miner now are asking
a maximum nf six hours working
.time In the mines The lime required ;
lo iro down Into the mines and re
turn to the aurfiire would add nn
average of about half an hour to the
day, Lewis wild.
There waa no mdlrntlon today that
operators outside the central com-
petltlva fields Intended to accept any
agreement which nilKht be r. ached
In that territory In advance of the
sgreenient Itself.
t Ti4d of Fla-lit llrtwrrn ('n.llnl and
liabnr Half Million ConMinHTfl
Ivlare -Milk r;trlke.
N'KW TtiftK. Nov. m Mnre tban
(00.000 consianera In greater New
Tnrk tomorrow are expected tn K''
n k "milk tr ke." as n demonxtra
' Hop of the ability nf the middle
elasi ennaumer to ort-anlr.e.
No reduction In fries !a extierted
tf rettili from the boycott, which is
lo ha directed by the city pari amei
of the community coumtls of na'b'n
J iefense. I'n'y children under 7
'ears of ase and invalids ura exempt
4 from the "utrlke order." whlc'i
Provides that the boycott shall lat
V-re days a wiek.
"Our main object, of course, to
jOrssnie nie ronmimera and prepare
jbm to take ro lei -Ke a tton tn t r
leet thur own Interests. " dec a e I
s leader of the movement
(.ovirnor Tlilnka Moentrn
Ifcwcrtp l:bftnM-utloii.
UTTI.K IKX-K. Nov. 1. He
' "rir, that the g-overnor'a office
V"1 swwyed by outs.de In-
"enre Id regard to tho death scn
,,"! fsssej upoa 11 neKroes for
ruipati.,n In the recent l'hllllns
iun:r -,rP rebellion. tiuvernor
ruh today decided lo lnie the
rs'lV'". frr"n M v Trotter, a-c-1m.
0 ,h national equal rluhis
.7- "tueatlnir executive Interfer-
v" in ine r-:..M
The governor i
the manner In
-.n comrn
th. I,"1""!" county had handled
J""'"1" nl added that Inas
innl. Vw b"'n on '" ground
ksj l """hies he was sure In
nith I'hil
Sfrr.a , ,n negroes de.
T 0 eltrr,eU,,on Th, BOVM.nnr
ta',. J0""1 r"'w the cas.-, s a
tusti.. r"ur It was his usual
m l ffv' ail death aenten.ea.
n V.k ,
il 0,iK- NV " -Thomao A.
""4. rile', """v."' -N ,rk
trht .f. d l hl n,"" her Lis;
ths it " t,nr" of several
lern ,. conneetfd wl h the
,,t, ,T,,,h,n l"rter of
s t9r rnar.y yeara
"s .k' n.e oeaiin ranej.
H. " cnier
ertltorml writer
m th. H-rald a represen
ixvndon ,n,t .,rn. for .
ri 0ii !r. Hamilton
Tl l..".. ckla . Nut I -Maximum.
Ml iiiiiiiuimn. .I.i; amitli wind, and
A It KANSAS Men.lal partly r'ouily.
rnelrr In norll.s-r.l ...rttun; I UfliUy
V.. ml., fair,
n ha t ruitlr-r : 'I r
I omt j m m nifr
1 ur.!i fir
MitinUy prtlj
n 4Mithat portion.
W KT TKXAM- MuinUr fulr ionic
roller in thr laibsttntlr, Iukdy
fuir "
KANSS fur M.tndA), Turiday ind
inti.ihlj S oil ii t 'la y ; nuKlrraif tritier
at ii rv
The Ihn r
ar, nra
the drrama
j( o d.
1 hp work of the f brara
in f n and
Tlif-rt i lnt w own and rrjojr today.
Not a li'i'h f ln,'ht or a !(! way,
Hut itantU aa proof of tlia faithful fw
darrd ta dream of what uikii might
Ntrr ly maiir ara marvali roiiht :
Ily om- or io ara Ilia drraim firil
( n glil
Thn ttir,,ii, will f.iHnw lha iwy way,
mitrnt to hva Kith tla yntrlay.
And ilia dntamnr, ahaptuc a bat tar
ViiM I,ir the jMri of hi frtlow max.
toil whrn dda ara
Ureal ,
Muat mat I to
a t
Ilf llillt kfr'o
kiand aloha
failura and work and
hit faith, though aa
1 nlil thr linth of hi
Tor th rriiwd muat
itrram in known,
follow tit weli
It ii hard to fhanra and
it'i hard U
hrTfr htkff rhartf, thi opan a
Ari broken thr vauiU of lha f-ftnturlra ;
And '-onqiirred tn apitn of lha man who
For thf that are and lha thingi
Wert ihr- (Irraaia of the few in lha
tin au
lalon of congress loniKht eined as
nrr rrD Till 0 PIDI Ol",r,,J' cloture tula In ef-
Uri rUl lULOn ulrLO t senate tomorrow will take
for JO(.(ioo U lny for Y. W.
ItiilliliiiK rVftlim Tliis Morn
I.imcli With K I wauls Club.
Tulsa, starts today to ralne 1200.-
"00 for her girls and young women,
The call is upo the cltlxenshlp to
finish paying for the new V. W.
1. A. building and provide a fund
for tho expenses of operating the
oho cub for girl, that Tuku has.
During the war and following lha
people of Tulsa were called upon tjp agm tomorrow nd probably
true in various funds for the sol- paased by tomorrow nlghl or Tues-
llers aii,J relief of l.uropi ans r rnm
line to tlino cabs wce made ror
many an, varied urpoaeai and Tulan
ilw'iys responded.
he campaign that opens today ' ,
fnr a lo. (U Institution. The purposes nlrn,
if the V- W. " A. are apparent T,1(, t reservation to fnm up
tally to ihe many who come In con- tomorrow Is designed IP qualify the
.'act with the work of the y. W. ('. ir,aty provisions by which (ierinany
A. It Is the fust time the women renounces In favor of the big five
and glritt have asked for assistance. pow,ra her title to her overseas
In all Tnls.i It Is the only coin- U,,r(.sslons, of which final rtlspo
mnn gathering place for the girls ; KlIlo ja ,n lf ,ade afterward under
and young women who work In h ! (he mandatory svsteni. The resi-rv.i-ni.
my office buildings It provides , , ,PrUres the l ulled .Miatcn de.
hem with a swimming pool, resi j ri,nP(j (Q a.Tept as trustee or in Its
rooms, a meeting place) and a play-j own right any responsibility for auch
house. I teriiiory.
The campaign has the Indorsement yor tna reservation the republican
'if aJI the civic organleatlons and ,Tidnrs declare they are assured of a
c. nominees have volunteered from i majority, but they are not (ii certain
each of the rlvlc clutis to assHt the ;i,ul (he olher and final measure on
women of the city In the canvusi nf committee program. It is a
the city The winkers will s'a-f I . ,,nket r. sei vstlon by which this
ihe . attvass this morning and the llll!i v Wouirt decline to sulmill to
f rst meeting will ne nem no mr-
Klwants club nt noon today a Motet .
Tulsa The Itev Mead- lmtl will ;
.lrll.r the iirtnclp.il ii.ldress at the (
,. i
HiKTonsi-H More Tlmn 10 I'cr t'rnt j
Mni-r I Jia UiielM of Tax Ijiw. I
WASIIl S'l T' v. N"v 11 'hll'l j
libnr In the I'mtrd Kta'es hits de-
ereased itmre than 40 per cent since
he cliKd labor tax provision of the
revenue set vent Int.. effect At r I
!T, lust This a t levied tax of 10 ;
per . ent on the net earnings of plants
emp!cvln: h.ldren '.inter U yen s;
or between It :.nd 16 .'or m re t'.an ,
elrrht hnnrs in 'he pro.luetl.n ' f(
commodities en!, ring Interstate coin- j
Itepi.rts of Mi'ernal bureau airenti
It wis sild today Indl .re -liat the
grea'es decrease has occurred In the j
.o'tcn mill Indun'ry i f the sou'hern ;
states where. I' was sail, more fall
8.", per cf t of the mH's nre no-
eritimrnn a bus.s that exempts tr.etu
from the child lab ir tax.
limy WMil lo ii Home.
PKATTi.K. Wash.. Nov. 1 Act-i
Inr under police permission. 90 Itus. :
alami - et here todav and drafted a
petition to tie I nlted States govern-'
men' risking thai lluss.ana In America ,
(lesl-ous nf returning home he grant-;
ed passports
Starved To Point of Death
Soldier-Deserter Is Found
- N'ortKi'I.K Va. Nov l-1e-vertigaiion
a story told by chil
dren that th v had hear I groans
under a bunitalow buodmg at tie
Hampton I!" ds riava: has- 'o 'a.'
.S( lo-ed Ha-ev J. 11 arley . f 'l iD
rte.phia. a (i.lrc rlasv n.vl fire
mm. ii. win f'.r two months, and
on the verge ( f s arvxt.on
When 'he n.an was d'srge.1 out
and hurried lo a h i'al tie wss
hore'v alive I'l' physicians said
tonight he rr.rh! -ec.ver He
weighed 1 P ut w -.l' h was 10
pounds ofr n.s record "hen he en
listed lust Miv
lUrley. who lui'l served ;n tho .
Ratification of Treaty
Will Come in a
Few Days.
All Hope Cloture Rule
Will Bring Rest j
By Saturday.
After Conference With i
Democrats Hitchcock
Consults President.
' WAKIIINOTON, Nov. I i. A con
ference tiniiorrow between I'rrsMriit
I Wilson and Henalor llllclicoi k, ad-
leader In the senate
; contest over the peiu e tie,it, was
expecled tutiliiht to determine laJKe
ly the fate of the treaty and plana
j for adjournment u the apjcial '
I alon of con! mw
ftcnitor lliufleock will me the
! president lief me the senate recun
jveties lo take up lite f:n.il reserva
I Uona to ihe treaty and expects to
i obtain from htm a fin&l word on the
jforni of reservations h will accept.
I The conference was arranged at
Senator Hitchcock s reiiiest afler
"'ring a number of demuciaiiu lead-
I'efinlto outcome of the treuiy
I controvn y this week either by a
deadlock or reserved ratification -and
adjournment of the special aes-
up ine two regaining- coiuiiiiui-a ien-
rvatlobs anil, after disposal of dut-
ens of Individual reset vatmns. reach
the last stane of ratification reso
lutions. All Want Vatwtloti.
With final action on ths treaty,
ill Inurnment sine die of tne arwnoii
which began May 1, Is ilatined be-
fore the new and long session ne-
!. ; frrXv !
L.,., and avel allowance.
What Ihe hotim will do whllo tne
senate Is In the Inst singe of U'S
The r,nrod bill will be taken
,(). Xol much will he done after
,ht If forced to wall for the sen-
L,,, action on the treaty, house
leaders hope members may leave
under a ' gentleman a recess agree-
,ie league s d"cmnn an r j n i.
f ,,,(,.r., to Involve vtMl natloiml
,.,, a, interests. Home of the
,..j resena ion group do not fa-
mr It. atlil piedtct Its defeat.
Tti!n llnnlwarc Store ltnbhi!.
frei.atalons for a huidiip or a
raid wss probab y 'he motive
thieves who broke Into the lulu
Hardware company late last nigh;
as several boxes nf ammunition had
been broken In'o and scattered over
the floor The bs. k door of the
building was open but a Imikrn win
dow Indicated that the thieves used
the dnir only .1" a means of ex.t.
Five Are Killed When
Cauaht On Trettlc of
Ilartlefiuille Railway
HI Mr and Mrs
lli.rn and (' N
I ikla ,
I leorge
N .v
Va r
M.l'al!e! nf
I'nrworis, Kan
killed tit ivmn
were ins'. in'.'.y
(day ami I'.nbert
Swan-il and his wife proluU!y fa
tally injured when they were run
down on railroad tr's'le near
this city. Ilobert .wa!7-ll. Jr , 12
years old. escaped Injuiy by
Jumping fmm the tre.tie tn the
hditorti nf a dry s'ream 0 feet
army In rYanre. was suff'-rlrig
from shell sho k onJ apprehen
sive of punishment when he ove--htayed
his leave took ref ire, nff;
c'nbx oild under the bm. I r.g A
pile of balf-bnrned rigare-
found near th. place where
had slept, .iff cera at the I
said he protaMv bad teen
piled bv a comrade with food
i ti.f.e and la'er. belr.g unable
t T
craw, rernatned In h.d;r.g w.t;
cut fno I or mi.tee until 'ne r'"'
r..a tl ed In lull rescue lllf l-y W .S
off! la 'v ra.ej a deser'er
tober 21.
As.ailant of Farmer''
Riddled With Kiflc
Trio--Knipo When Members;
of Pursuit Party Open j
Fire vn Another.
UMB breaks, black drops
iHijr Honfire Uuilt in Public;
Park to Cremate Four
Chariud With Crime.
MoHKftl.Y. Mo.. Nov. If. A ne
(.'in, one of (our said In have beaten
i.n.J robbed IMwai.l '1 hnmpion, a
farmer here, rbiirHd.i nislit, wss
lynched here today by a mob of I Oil
masked men. The negro's three
companions, who hud been taken
from the J.i It at M.icun early today
and spirited hern, escaped, but later
It wss reported two hud been cap
tuied find Ine.'ii'i'er.ited at a point
unknown to the mob
heeling against the negroes la vir
tually at snapping point and it was
reported farmers have gone to adja
cent counllea In aearcli of lh recap
tured blinks. I .or o I authorities aald
the negroes admitted they were I
W. W.'s. ljnl night large ntitnbers
of farmers congregated on the
streets here, und fearing mob vio
lence, sheriff owen took the quartet
to Macon county. Hearing of this
the mob motored there and demand
ed that Hherlff Jesse Stamper turn
over the negroes In them. Thn sher
iff pleaded with the men. but ths
Jail keys were taken forcibly from
linn, and the blacks were returned
here JiiKt before daybreak, clnd only
In their night rlnthea.
A large fire had neen built In
public pink, and on seeing this ths
negroes set un howls I Hut could be
heard more than a mils
A rope wns placed over the head
of one and swung over n limb of a
tree The mob pulled and Ihe limb
broke. The negro started running
as he fell I'our gms flashed and
he was killed Instantly.
At Ihe sound of thn shots, ths
other three run.
The negro are alleged to hnra
beaten Thompson Into unconscious
ness nn.j robbed him of 111 on the
outskirts of Moberly.
Arriltrnilmi (Inly Safn anyl Sane
Method (o Handle Ijitmr Ques
tion, Kas Mead of Ilurrau.
"There should be a national board
of arbltrailun between employers
nnd labor," said Dr. Arthur It.
Adams, of the nchool of business, ,
iiKianoma tiniveiaoy, ni ine minuay
forum, y. ,M (' A "It should be
compulsory lo arbitrate all strikes,
and It should be made Illegal fur any
group of woikera to stop production
to further their own ends," he anld
"tif course there is usually two sides
to the question, and that Is why ar
bitration Is the only fair solution.
Hut It must be compulsory and un
der federal authority "
I ir Adams said that It also was
w-rorig for any employer 'o shul
down his factory or stop when the
products were needed, and thai It
should be made a crime for work to
be discontinued for any reason ex
cept mmim .us beyond lili control.
Prices shouM be regulated nnd a
(.roper balance maintained between
wages atid prices nf necesitea line
gre.it difficulty at present, according
o the speaker, is that our currency j
Is Inflated The federal reservu
hoard should grnduallv cut down the ;
amount nf federal ieaerv no'ea. j
"There Is at present more than i
three billion dollirs' of no'e in cir- i
dilation." he sail 'This naturally!
Inflates prl. es arid makes H easier j
tn get cred't fn-neral ex ra airn i.ne I
nf nil dnssea s the result. 'Mils Is
annher tendency to keep prn s i
up "
The so'dal hour full owing the.
forum was In chvge of the Sundiyl
Bih. nl nf Ihe I Irs; ItapUst hureh I
progr am Indu led
radltiRH by
Miss I'earl
Mine Willie
.iln s.Orj by
cf fesbments
M'fS I.Uel.l
Mason n n
M iv Andcts
M "s I. in""
were B' r.ed
I. .-els arid
,ll "o'.i liy
n ml a v
Cue I
I.( IN I e l'. Nov. 1 fi
Seidell's ' it.e. 1 1. e l in
- The college
the "ragr n"
Will .to K
for. the A in
run.svfo.it ' i John -
lean Antl Saloon
b'lgie i-rgan.r' r. I tt week, pirpoa"
to Ihke ,i subscription and p'f
tie expenses ' Mr Johnson for h:
d ' r and n i ".' g
Tl s will to- be d ne as a re-
ci rr pel Se Joe intie he w 'IS no inj Ted
y a s 'lder.t. I.jt to show p acti ,il
vn n.ithv wit!. I Iro. altlmnah he
; h( roUe'hiy denrvel the 'tuvg ng.' '
1 sal. I one nf tl e leaders o' the dem-
ons'ra'ioti aga.i Mr. J 'hns in.
j Ilrlng -ann to Try galn.
NKW Vl:lv. N"v I C Lieuten
ant I: W Mayr ard winner of the re.
. cii' mir." continental air race, an
. rinunce.i 'oday that he exj-e ts to
s art wltiiln the next eight .lavs on
b s at'empt at a one rnp fight from
Irons' to coast He hopes OAwjVnver
I 'iffO miles or he'ter In a aimr hop
I with a remodelled ellavland plane
'larns llsrvev
r l r .se ;
y new
n r :..n 1 4 Couth
I'liono 5 IU AdTt,
Konsion in U. S. W ill
15o Dt'pnrtctl
Herkman, Py Own tlonft'H
nion Is Anarrhist, Says
Atty. Cen. Palmer.
W AMI 1 1 N't ITi i V, Nov I Ii - lleplv
Ing to a senate Inquiry as to wli.il
bad been done toward .lentlng
Kmnia (ioldmiiii nnd A ix in. lei
Hetkn.an, Alt rimy (leiiei.il I'uiner
declared tonight that Ihe woman a
claim to cltisenshlp was "fallacious"
and that lieikmnn by bis own ad
iiiIhkIoii wua an anarchist.
The (lol.tin.di case Is under ' "ti
sileiallnn In Immlgra'luu anllinri
lies at New York and the aliormy
geneiala sta euieilt was tiikcn to
mean that li e government s nn
wniild atl"inp! tn send her buck to
Itussta, wliere she was Imin
i Msciiaslng (tollman's i liilm to
citigi nsblp Ml I'almcr said she wn
24 years old when her falber w..
naturalised and that her age burred
her from Inlnrltlng nutui allai ion
rlghla from him. Tbjjjfact that her
husband got li'S cltlr.. nsblp through
fraud. Mr. I'almer add"d. cam elle I
any claim she might have ca'ahlla 'ed
through that source
The ramlfli ntlona to which lbs
plot nnd plan- of the group of an
.irchiats hede I bv Kiiiwi lioldma i
have extended Were reviewed by lbs
attorney gene ill Declaring lha'
both Matthew Si hml. It and David
('plain, who lire serving prison
terms fur complicity In the destruc
tion of ibe le.s AhgclftH Times tm .11
Itig. were meiubers nf the iloldmnn
clan, lie showed nlso that she a I
vocate.l vloleu e and had lndte.1
riots aa early as 1V3. when she was
H.nteiiced to serve one year on
lllakwei's Mil ml afnir Indictment
on these charges
Mr. I'alnier Included In the late
mnt transcript of the confession
of ('anlgoss, who shot, I'realdunt Me
Klnley, in which he told of th In
fluencs Kninn (loldrnnn'a teachings
had exercise I on h s life.
The connectb n of both Herkman
and Km in A iloldmnn with the bol
shevik inovemrnt also was empha
sUed by Mrt l iiliner The sctlvllba
of the I'nlon of Itiissian Workers
sild to le one of Ibe must dangerous
ot t . nir.i' Inns in Amen a un.1 as.i nat
w ii ch the gnvirnment has dlie' te.l
B vlgoroua campaign, has been trace. I
directly to the i Inl.l man llerkmHil
propaitanda h"lnuarters, he said
si-w 'rk Tliroiur of Irish-1 inert-.
,iiiis Dei'ry AHcmnt nf Naval Ilf.
fhxT to "rroKi t l:iilniul."
NKW Y'HtK. Nuv. 11 -The numn
of Admiral Kims was repeatedly
hissed bv an nverflnvv audience ill
the Islington inra Imus.. b. te tn
nlght at an Irish miss nieeftjg.
called t. prnlent nganuit the "ioi.i
tnry outnersey" nf ihr l-ttig leh gov
ernment In Ireland and agulnai any
"dlvlnlnn r,f Irish s ol m two pans "
Men pn'ndeil In fior.t nf the theater
with placards rcti.l ni: ' kmi a nnd
their ptlnee offn.r nuts i;et our coal
- a w s v with 'belli
Justice Cornelius J. Collins
charge! Admiral Kmis with pi.h'b .1
motives In mention jig lu recent
riiar'izlne articles fri't.'m between
the Irinh snl American sailors dur
ing the war It. pea'e llv refentng
to Sims as "Sn Admiral " be :.
elared "It ;S fl'l'itlli'r evl lef.ee of h"W
far some people will g' III their love
for Ki glarid "
cunoTir.c nc run rnAi I
Vn.WACKI'i: Wis. Nov If, -Ted
' pa e!:.-r 'rains of the i n;- ,-n
Milwaukee .in. I s. Paul rioio.l
rnr.rur g f' ru this il'y 'o Cl..'..i;
('a ill...!. Mull, Mud.p.n aril I..
Lot. Wis, Wt.l be 1IM1 fid", tolliOI-t
nw bec-lUfo- of the Minrlilge (f eiial, !
It wa.-. slili'iilM i"l today The sus-l
I er.flK.fi H 'elnj"lar offi' la's !. I '
pending tie ..lit ,e of iie mine '
and operitlnis (oi reteme a( V inn
li-rlni.rlans Xe-( 'T,ia.
v an if r 1 of li A in. f i' . i V . e I
nrv Mi-di'al nsocistion. wt.idi w.l!
l.ortn u f'Ur d'iv . on . ' n ' lo ., lo-re
tnmorruw' Hr(('i-, t.-fiirn' r .. s
'.llttelinrc-t that preveiri.n nf to V
.holer l tl.e to riiriiite... r ' . t . . I . i -
lu r d an ec r , li ri . . '. n I : ,i ' i . - .
.. the . att ,. I-CK 'J ,-L.I be t , f
the prill'- I'll !!! 'S d S. ISse 1
400 Curlim Airplane
llought Uu Tuha Men
For l ue In Oil Work
WerM'l VVl.l- -flis fV f s I .
I'e.i Hit r
H MIM.Ti. Not. H-I'mir
hnndnl istiiinice.iii elriilafio
)n-t Iwi'ii tm lo Tnlna rle.
(rihtll(srs t. Ilie 4 orris-. .s,rTiK'nv
It heenme known trnlsi Ilie order
wae llio larx-. t -. r f lib .1 bv sn
Indarrr rni(.iny They are to Ih
llssil for tho ril(e. (inrt III Tela-
ml ( iklaJaorna oil fb Ids.
Tuha Federal ReaeriY
Chance Increased Uu
Itetiignalum of (ilann
.Yenl lu 1 tin Vei: l
the i el ; i cnicn I (if Sr.re'.irv of
Tli'asulv I'.tltrl llltvsi In lieroms
I lilted Slates senator from Vir
ginia Will help 'I'll. Ml Clnllices to
ot. lain the federal I es. i v e hruncli
I II II h Is .1 view ol.l.lllling hele Tba
Kutn-iiM ('ty bunk repoit due tins
week Is eX.ei led III stiuw that
Tulnii. msieail of I ikliilinma I'll).
In the logical localloti for 'he
bank. It Is known that Mc'retm v
of the Tieismy Ulaes favored
( klahoiua City mi l was p.. s.bly
Ihe .Inly iiciieuty official who did
Cnnitressmati Unwind who has
been tireless In Ins efforts In
bung the lank 10 TuImi lonlght
believed In. v. victory was siirs
Huth Paris and Iondon
Disposed to Wait
Do Not Want, to Reopen Ne
gotiations! oi QueRtionn Ite
Kanled as Settled.
I'AIIIH. Nw 1 -Tllo KrencH for.
elgn dff co (i nsiders thn reserva
tions to lh (iermnn pear treaty In
Ilie lneli a., - i ti'e ae c na 'Uli'lS
a question In extreme delicacy and
thn office Is not disposed at present
(o make inv official statement on
the sulilcct. Neverl heleaa persona of j
Impoitame In Krench illplomalio
quarters think Urn Krench govern
ment would be disposed to accept
ri -o'i . nt ions by ths Aibeili an sen
ate whli h would not require r ranee
an I nn ,i on a .o reopen qneniloiia al
ready settled by ths plenipoten
tiaries (in the other hand they hold that
any senate amendment comprising
Ihe eassnllul basis of tho Versailles
treaiy lextually ratified by lha al
lies and (ierinany, could not bo foy
orahly accepted by Ihe allies. They
declare thai the Krench policy
agreeing In this with the Hrltlah s'a
n disposition i.i nc.epi the giving lo
the treaiy by America of auch en In
terpretation as Its fijtuie forehxn
policy would entail, but that changaa
win. h would ii'uuiie ihe centum of
International anna different from
those, lo which ths American plelil
jiuierr laru s so'M-ilhed on Juno 21
could not be accepted
liVfuiV. Nov Id - Tlie adoption
by ihe I nlted Htat senate of ths
reservation to article 10 of tho league
na oh.' vein nl IS i i.l- i ...I I .-
sufficient to draw an offlrlal declar
ation Iron, ine Mm sn giivrinmeiit
as tn Its attlti.ile It la pointed out
that the icB"rvntloii has not been
gncd by I'.esident Wilson. MJre
o. er t is mini until the I'nttel
States asks lint llrltaln tn axaent
formally to tin. prop "Si It la linpns
sibl(. to forec.iH what Ureal llrltaln's
I e-po S" W I.I be
1 he p. a il ,ri i f ilieat Hrllaln at the
moment Is In lived to I that tho
rin'y ;s virttiiliy a finished product
atul Ihal sl.e If- all .r-gly Inclined to
siippott the pucl she alredy has
h Kti.'d.
If there has been any ronversv
t.otis between French and lirl'.si
sta'esn en tig-.rdlog the inaUer ll ev
buve l.eeri u'mff'C-Jtl and private, It
IS de Died
(I n I'riscs lleiiil of Morldi. IwjkI
( otiipnu) I 'i.iivli-li-,1 iff I niml.
Iv A ' V M ( I I V Nov M A f ill
rr unlet t Dresldent W Un Hi to Di
i. I . r tiari, tier . pi ' sidt'ii t or tl e
I'birnl'i II v el i ides Ijiii.I ( io.p..ny,
.irer eed .l.inuaiy '.. ll'. tn serve
two je.trs in (lie Jo-M'ent! it y and to
pay a I'l Uu fine , ,l i.l.:e .lohn I'
I'o.bs of the fe.ler.il court
' V "f ttl. Jul', b-ll tl US M-.'cl('i
V. 'lei. , , l.y I f no s M Wilson.
I 'I. 'e l S at.s iliv'll' t a'n.rney from
I " f - I' f.' m l be f'i-l I' to..l
"I'll I'o' ' I k of 'be fi brsl f un'
1st' I'll IHiln ts .MV. ll III) time It.
prison. I' win i v-p'-ii-i'd Af'er his
onvie'lon be .j.peai'.i to 'he I'rii'e.j
''.it'oi i U'II ' i "ill I (if U',e i!(l
wl,,. t si ',sij i-nf , y ?.?f:( reel 'tie
fo, rn ir . '!! '',.. I'..;p'si wife
r.nn'ed from line tn time by the
'ibi.l a i to i r ;'M a' W'ushtfK'nf.
. ,,, tin- .' -.ne w ...Id h ive tirmle
a c I N nn i,cr 2
Dr CI. ambers w.s l.d!'td wl'h
r (,'!.- . ! f i , . of usi'ir
. If I. i 1 H
i -i,e
. ,., r , . i 1 o. , . . ..... i
,i g of I 'i"f I In ev -r g'a !
Work in Ito'.iil An h b'rrss
'.'iv b f.r"lig -it 2 ii'ck.rk
., fn I ".r ri. r at X o'r lo. k.
I' ess I l:vi Arch work
nf" r I rr.er
W. Forrest Dutton. II. V.
M. A. Snvil'.r, Scrrttary.
Soviet Government To
Return AH The Undesirables.
c a v i . n . .
y. r . rv. iTini tcii, --
VU. Sack of the
While Rush Favor Yanks
Police Here Molest
Innocent Men.
NKW T nil K, Nov. 1(1- l.udw g
(' A K Martens, self styled "ani
hasaniliir of the llusslan soviet gov
ernment to the l ulled Hlatsa." haa
offeied to provide transportation
from the Knlted Mlateg lo Jtuasla
for all llusslan clllsena who desll'o
to leave America, or whoss pres
ence In Ihe I'nlled Hlales la unda
slrable to the federal government.
This offer waa mads In a latter writ
ten by Mariana to rlecretry of Mlato
l-anslng and nrnda public haro to
night. In hla letter Martano proteoted
against the "unwarranted and orual
treatment" to which many Ituatlan
rltlsens In tho I'nllod MtatM aro
subjected "liy federal abd alalo of
ficers, aa well aa by mobs acting
without authority." Ha propoaao that
lha soviet government bo permitted
to return clllaena to oovtot Ruaola
and declarea that ho haa received
thousands of applications from ouch
cltixena who aro anxious to return
lo thslr homes. '
Marlena was arrested for eon
tempt Haturday and roleaaed on
1 1. Olio hall, after he had refused to
appear and bring certain document
before ths Dusk leglslallvs commit
tee, investigating radical activities
In New York He based his refusal
on lha ground that all communica
tion passlhg between himself and
hla government wero privileged.
When brought before the commit
tee In th cuatody of deputy aharlff
on Haturday afternoon Marten
nrrmilsed tn appear befor th com
mittee Monday and to bring bio pov-
per with him.
railing attention to pre report
that It I oro nosed to flopon certain
lUiaslana to pari of Ituasla under
oontrol of Ihe enemle Of th oovtox
government. Marten In hi Isltsr
to Secretary l-anslng prolosts that
inch deportation would mean cer
tain death for th parson deported
and would constitute "a flagrant
breach of all principle of Interna
tional law."
"It I quu unnecessary," he says,
"for th government of lh Unliod
Slates in take Ihe trouble of deport
ing cltixena of the llusslan sue la Hat
federal soviet republic. They aro
only ton anxious to leave. I, there
fore, respectfully suggest that tho
I'nlled Slates government could
easily ha relieved of the presence of
unwelcome Russian cltlssna If times
rluaena of Itusala who live are be
coming unbearably Jn th I'nltsd
Htates were permltleil to leave. I de
sire to assure you that the govern
ment I have the honor to represent
la ready and willing to provldo means
of transportation from the United
States to soviet Itusala for vry
Itusslan cltiien In this country who
desitrs to leave or whose presence In
the country Is undesirable to the
governmetn of the I'nlled Htt
"Tha government of the ftuaalan
federal soviet rrpuidlc haa accorded
American cltixena In soviet llussia
civil and constdTttle treatment, even
.ii rnnes where active hostility on
the part of s'l" h An Tirana toward
tne guveihtnent of soviet Itusala has
been proved beyond all doubt." ths
le'ler ( miitlriues. "(inly In some ex
ceptional cases, where offenses of a
particularly grave nature sgaliist the
Itusslan rn'-ernment have been cum-'
milled by Ainernan iltuens. were!
they pronecu'ed by offlcere of the i
In American sold. era taken prison-i
els In the Archangel district, which i
a Invaded bv American troopa'
without ii declaration of war, have,
been treated wllh especial ronslder-1
ii'lcii anil were unconditionally re.
leased n soon ss It was practicable
to send them home. o that there
ten. sins today no Ameitiuu prison-'
ers of war In llus-l i "
i m the (niitrnry, Itusslan rlttxena
In America. Martens savs. hsvo been i
denied the pr'.teetr,n of tie law j
"The lot of thousanda of Itusaliins
In Wis I nl'.'d Slates today," be ex-'
(iln.ris. 'Is esceedlngly unbappy1
tl rough n" faint of 'heir own
Tltni uli dallv a'.u" In tl.e f.r. ss
and the prel'idtc cre.i ed bv a vlru-
t-nl l.tm..(,g'. of If - tsr e pf eeen 'A' lori
tbelr llusui'j .".yerieUil' bss lecorne
a bar to (( tl(.v-ient nnd advance-i
merit. TI.ev have been aires'ed
wit li nut wr It" a til and S'l t'tected to op-
preewove ton iiicnt agilnst which
fhey have btd P (' ad.'I'IS'e prolec. !
V ... ss !Mrei, of a conriiy abuse;
gov erriif re t ia not ree.ign.ed by 'hei
I ni'r I S'a'er '
"W thm 'he last few days " l.e
adds ' (treat rmmhfrn of l.ussli'i
cltixene in New York and etsewhe'e
have been arresti-d arid ta-e auf '
fere-1 i,e mos' hru'a! physical vln.
ienee at tlie bands nf (.'.b.l'- n'fl-'M's
In 'l.e c.'v "f Nn Y'"rit a. one n-.er
1 dltij pr-reon Were rer-enlly arrest
ed arc '.g 'hrrn innr y citlxens of
m vl It issjii, ir at'ho'lgh theee
arre.'s wrs n xd" tn it mariner
wV.ih c:i a-d Ciu'b s i'feM"g aril
p'neoal inpirv o p i . ilt:er.s. and..
altl.nt.gb ,rnpef'y t,elor.glrig tSi tlienl
Was Wafl'ViV d-sfroe in thesei
'a .Is develop.. I thil fesr (.f tbern.
could lie bed f'T '.rtfier nr. estiga-,
tl .n and criminal pr'.e utiot). '
s XL
i vii i nut miviihi
U. S. Consular Arrested
Charged With Conniv
ing With Hand its.
Dozen I'eons On Oath Kuy
They Saw American
Chumminjr With Mex.
Advices Hecelved In Wash
ington Dincredit Report of
Alleged "Deal."
dr Ths Atsselsled Prsas
MKXICO CITY. Nov. H -William
(i. Jenkins, I'nlled Hlate consular
sgent at I'uebla. waa placed under
aireat Haturday and held under our.
velllanrs In hi homo following
charge by official of I'uebla that
Jenkln waa nut abducted by Ksd
erlco Cordova, the Ixindlt leader, but
was In connivance with him, accord
ing to Information reoslvsd hero laat
Th arrsat of Jenkins oam after
II paono had oworn to ste.tsn.ent
before a Judge In I'uebla, declaring
that Jenkins had boon eeen In com
pany wfth Cordova, who accom
plished hi recent abduction from
i'lislila, under no realralnt and In
apparent understanding wllh hla al
leged cap lore.
" i
I Ulvrti t'loan IMII.
Advices received In Washington
from Mexico (Illy November 1 ataledi
Ihal Consular Agent Jenkins had
been cleared of aU eusplclon of ootn
pllrlty in hi kidnaping by Msxlraa
banillta Octobsr 11. Tho Judge In
vestigating tho abduction, the dis
patch addsd, took occaelon lo prats
Jenkln aa a friend of tho Mvalcail
people and a reepected member ot
the community In whkia bo had lived
for a number of yeara
Jenkins waa held for IH0.000 ran
som and tha United Miaiea govern
ment, demanding hi release, snl
what era OaJd to have been tho
Grunge-it not over dlapatched tn
pulo between th two repuklloo.
Jenkln we rwleaaod October 1
after hla personal attorney, flereor
Meairo, had p.ld th ransom to th
bandit lesder.
An official otateroent Isaued In
Vahliiglon on th abduction of
lenkln aald that ho would have to
.vffenl hla own reimbursement of tho
money paid to the JHestlcano who
kidnaped him unleo he could prove
that tho Mexican government wao
negligent In affording him protec
tion. Ill standing aa an official of
th ITnlted "tales government, had
no bearing on the matter. It wag
llnrortcyl (,aUien of . lUdlrwi tn
Wra VlrglriUs In TtIUtii
i Against tiovrnimsrnt'i ArSlon.
I'llAHUFJmyN. W. Va.. Nov. 1 .
Information that radical element In
Tuiksr i" u i y are planning retalia
tion agn.i government agenl, who
today en i r d raid In lh north
ern part i f " e elate,, waa telephoned
tonight io th governor otrnte nere
by Ihe prosecuting attorney of Tuck
er county. The governor waa In
formed that a man meeting of rad.
IcrUa wa being planned for Thomas, i
a mlnli.g town In that county, to
morrow Th governor, II waa un
derstood, had no Information thai
actual violence wa being planned,
but It waa learned that b had In
structed tile authorities if Tucker
county to get Into touch with de
partment of Justice ageni who are
now In the parrtisndle counllea, aug
:ef.t.i.( their attendance at tlie meet
laiiidon Henrn 'Piat lisxnrgcnt Army
Takes I'iMeSSwIon Ttirrei.
IiNHiN. Nov. IU Th enateru
coast of ths H'.acK sea from Yelen
shik In Hoohy bun been eelred by an
li.eurgeiit army of 70,(i(io men oper
ating In the rear of Ihe force of
li.neral Di n. kine. Ihiantl linlsllev k
leader on the southwestern Ituaalan
front, according to a wireless dis
patrh from Moscow. Hovleta have
been formed. Uio dispatch adds
Tin. Insurgent captured Marlopnl,
14 miles sou' beast of Ynkabsrinoalav.
Henliar.sk. 4 miles rotitbwsjl of
Mirl.ipnl .and A lexandrovsk, 10
in i-s ami Mi of Yekalerinoslav. Oeu
( r 1 1 lienekltui l as alluted troops lo
suppreaa the riatng.
(Tih-ngri Judiros Not Ut nnouirj
lllxllligs I nlll Nt-xt Uerk.
HP'Aii'i. Nov M Federal
Judc's I 'iirpeti!. r and Kltxhenry an
no itied in.l'.y ti.a their decisions on
i tie ir, luiic'b n p. dings brought by
. hicagi nnd I'eorlA, Kl.. liquor deej
r tu te, train federal nff .-e-a from
ef.rnr.l'iir 'be pi uvlfrlonn of Ihe war
time rol.lbtli'". law. will not be de
ll v . . e, urn. i some t nie tiexi week.
Thev .aid thev had b-eu unable to
.(.'npie'a their decision and that It
lift ii.t wnu'd t'e hnnded Jwn next
Tuesday or Wednesday.
fli.H W.llTHl
Up buy clean rtin rags hUrtasat
pries, (mid Ss or s-as II Mr. Mclirooaa,
V orld off l'. Itiono glrO. Aii,

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