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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 23, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 5

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party Club Began Life With
30Today Has Over
COO Members.
President Lingo Urges All
Club Members to Swell
Rolls to 2,000.
v... .ti-nnir artlvo rfDUb-
i.rm .-Lib. Til va of pilt'llc s.ntl
Lni favcrltiic (lie restoration of lh
,.ul.u-.-.n rarly to powir which
.,vn Kl. H'liiy gaining- In mom-
l" N..v..!i.r. 1I8. until It
.."nt v,Kr Ut'r "'
,ln urn in ihn democratic Fifth
imrit nnnneil the enthuslunu
of lo'.a! rfpiil.ll' " 10 a P'tch nVr
rwirhnl I'ff''
N'owlior u that nlhimlMm mnri
iwvircnt than In ttm Tulsa repub
lican ol'ib ortranliwil on laiit Juns
'i witn thar. 30 msmhara. It lias
now grown in mMnbirahlp until Its
rolls cnns.i n more than 600 men and
womrn of tlm city.
Mih!n tl. iH't month If the pres
nt rti "f Incrfiuio Is maintained
th ni.'iiitxTH'lp wl" vral
thousand, a'vordlng: to tif predic
tions of K. M"". president, and
Wayne I. ! ! k.-y. secretary. F.very
republican In the city will be en
roled i i""n P""'ble. the uffl
rcm kiv, nnd rampalnns for mem
bers will a! I conducted through
out the. r uinty.
Klnani-ially the club is on a firm
Ixms Prominent men of th city
have been sc (reni'rniia In their do
nations t" the orsanlzatlon that n
reuuUr membership fee I aawsH
tli membership at larsje. Donations
received have been larne enough to
ki'pp the nrBanliatlon clear of a'l
indebtedness am' also maJntaJn per
nrnrent nubrooms and he'1qar
ters n the second floor of the lire
Manr InTulrrn Coiurratnlato Hub.
Immediately after It oriranUatlon
tip rluh recnlvcd a letter of con
lt'.C),ilinn nnd Indorsement from
V3', II. Hays, chairman of the re
publican national committee. Its
fllfs cnta:n letters of encourage
ment from such men a Senators
J,cde. Hoot. Horah, and (Jeorge
Ix-kwnod. the National
Republican Weekly.
Iteinn the strongest republican
club In the t.ite the club wns well
represented at the recent conven
Ijun of republican rlulw lielit at
Oklahoma I'ltv under the auspice
of the Ttooneielt oliib there. John
R. Hadley, third vice president i t
the Kl rluh. was electeil president
of the Oklahoma federation of re
publican ii . h firmed at the con
Yentlnn. Whlla under the constitution of
the onranlxatlnn It Is restrained from
taking any part In a contest between
two republican candidates fur an
office. It W phmnlng to make Itself
an Important factor In the outcome
of the coming elections Steps are al
ready being taken that will enable
the c!uh to do effective work In
conjunction with the city, county,
sijte and nation! republican ensii
mltleee In the coming campaigns.
On Nnvemhsr J the club will bold
a money saver
Save five to ten dollars quickly by
4ry cleaning everything In the home
Just as easy as, laundering;. You can
dry clean una, coats, waists, Bilks,
lares, glove, urioes, furs, draperies,
fugs, mens clothes everything that
would b ruined by soap and water.
Pia.e a gallon or more of gnaollne
Insdishpan or wash boiler, then put
' th thlrii; to be cleaned and anh
them witti Pnlvlte aoap. Shortly
'rylhmg comes ITui looking like
Nothing fadeai shrinks or wrinkles
presaing needed Do nok attempt
lT clean without Holvlte soap.
This gaaollne 0ap la the secret of all
fy cleaning.
A packacn of Holvlte soap con
taining directions for home dry
cleaning costs hut a few cents at
T drug, grocery or dopeu-tment
tora Dry cie.n aWay from flame
r eot of doors Adt
Its net regular meeting In the cluh
headquarters. At that time nomina
tions will tie
of officers to be held on tho first
.oioeoay m December.
Hurlng the month of July, 19t.
47,000 long dis'Htico mensagea were
completed over loll lino through
Tulsa. That moans that 94.000 lives
were connected y slender copper
wires, 94. 000 lives sverasmade happy
by mssHnge.i of success; or saddened
by disappointments. Doesn't that
sound romantic, would ynu not like
to hnve a piirt In this business? If
so. see Mini Miller Ins t'ulnmet
Itl'lg.. 8. W. Hell Telephone Co.
New Telephone Directory will go
to prem December 1 f - fr'iibHcrlbers
desiring any chance or corrections
rriAda In directory should call at Con
tract department and nrrange for
aame before the above date Advt-
Kansas City's New
est Fireproof Hotel
Right in the heart of
everything all main
car lines past the door.
200 Rooms 200 Baths
$1.50 and Up
"Mostly $1.50M
Every Room has Outside
Kvery Room has Private
Every Room has circulat
ing Ice Water.
Westjrate Coffee Rhopi
offers wholesome food at
popular prices.
, Ijj popular prices. 1
Q Attbe JnirHon Mali, II
Irtlaware art 9lh Sis.
j Kansas
a MO Com fori
I U..z.T in Bodv
WUimUl andMind
fumb. f a - - n nm rr vrsi
el" That's the thingr that count!
See thia sprightly old gentlemen coming toward you down
street His birth record would show you that he is past
Verity. But judiinii from the easy grace with which he
Hong, his errect carriage, his ruddy complexion, the
kn glance of his eye, his whole appearance the very picture
health, you would say that he Is not a day past fifty. He
r"f in spile of bis three score years and ten.
ore freqoenUy nq sm Um opposite of hi type. Men ararceiy m
""irUes-hacfmrd. bartlesa, weak, nerrooa-tneo who take no interest
SWe. just draKinf oat a waar? aiistenee. all m. tire.1 and worn ntit
i ooi- b ttey M Deyerthelesaw M meo. Thetr vital
rfon the wane? ThejWa lost their -punch" aad "prp. They
H-traeylooklU , . .
iuT 1mxnf V Keepinf your body fit. Keep sttomach. ''V1?'
JWneys and ULVL.rL.Tlik. .n4 -ti.. Hnild ud vour atremini and bealUl.
Ksthit.. r. L"..r.V
au-coapuan usm results omvva
The Great f.eneral Tonic
SvJ.l3VR0- Wn rtm an tmhmm la taeM Wt
-TTTWS (U tor rmmrmrH haw wtlr tt mm
M I, . '" llranfU as4 mmrntr U
a 'hh4 aoreuMr a avtaatfiS m4 U SirMas
An Important Sale of Millinery at Vandevers
Tomorrow A Rood time to
choose Women's Coats.
Choice at 10 Off
At no time this season haw we born
better nblo to demonstrate the widsom
of choosing your co.it here tlum we will
he tomorrow.
For we offer our eomplete stock of
Flush and Wool Co;iLs nt reduced
A 4 great corioction of mnterinls in n di
versity of styles, tailored, st'ini-fornial
ami dress styles. All are the last word
in style. We will also lie aide to show
you, many priees that will give you an
agreeable surprise. Hegular priees from
f 18.50 to 1200.00, nil offered at a uni
form reduction of I0r'o.
(Third Floor)
Exceptionally Good
Hosiery Offerings
(Main Floor)
heaulil ill
designs and
black silk
only; regu
larly WSM.
Infants and Miwtet' Fine Ribbed Hose,
in black nnd white only, oil sires; regu
larly 50c pair. SM cial
Monday, 3 pair for
Women's Lisle Hose, in black nnd white
only full fashioned, reinforced life
nnd toe; regularly 50c wiir. J. AA
Special Monday, 3 pair for. . .J)I.UU
Women's Pare Silk Hose, of most ex
cellent quality, beautifully made nnd
full fashioned, in brown, black and
white only; regularly $3.50. jo QO
Special Monthly, pair JiCi.i70
Women's I.Ule Full Fashioned Hose, in
champagne, fawn. African brown, slate,
pearL grev. navy, black and tf1 AA
white. Priced at Oi.
Misses' Fine Ribbed Hose, in bLitk and
brown; regularly 05c. lQr
Special, pair J7l.
Roys' Heavy Ribbed Hose, in black only.
Regularly 05c. Cflr
Outine Flannels, plain nnd in many at
tractive designs and colors, giod qual
ity. 30 and 27 inches wide
Priced, van!
Derryvalc" Pattern Cloths nnd Nap
kins to Match. "Derryvale" represents
pure Irish linm; 5 beautiful designs to
rjioose from. Cloth 0 0 niches; nap
kins 22 indies square. d Q 7r
Vlil J
Special, a set . .
Monday at 9 a. in. marks the opening of a sale of un
usual importance to those who really appreciate Mil
linery of merit.
This is a season of brilliant Millinery, not so much in
colors although color brilliancy is a conspicuous
note in the styles but brilliant in the diversity, the
c conception, the originality and richness of the modes.
On all sides in the Millinery section are hats which
New York has copied and adopted from Paris im-
portations. Street Hats, Evening Hats I lats large
and small, in brims, curves, corners and soft folds of
seemingly unending variety. All are included in the
sale, in fact, you may choose
Any Hat in the Store
and Pay One-Third
r n i i)
y 3
Pre-Holiday News from the Drug Section
Djer Kiss Toilet Goods Set, comprising
Toilet Wnter, Talcum Powder and
Face Powder. Priced
Djer Kiss Toilet Goods Set, comprising
Face Powder, Rouge, Perfume ami
Talcum Powder. Priced J y J
Djer Kiss Toilet Goods Set containing
large box Face Pqwdcr, Toilet Water
and Perfume. Priced J JQ
Djer Kiss Toilet Goods Set 'containing
Inrw size Face Powder, Rouge, Sachet,
Talcum, Toilet Water, Perfume nnd
Soap. Priced
at ;
i i
Ayers' Princess Chaiynlnif Sets, emn-
, Ioilet VNater,
prising l'aT I'owtier, loiiei water,
Perfume ami I nlcutn
Powder. Priced, per set . . . 1
Flmo Raylo Set, containing Perfume,
Toilet Water and and Face frf Art
Powder. Priced, per set. ... J)U.UU
FJmo Mariro Ret, consisting of Toilet
Water, Face Powder and (1 Of
7'nlcum. IViced, jht set. . . . vO.a-iD
Elmo Murjre Set, comprising Face
Powder, Perfume and Todet AA
Water. Priced, per set.... Oai.UU
"Jerirens" Doris Rose Sets, containing
1'ace Powder, 'Toilet Water, Tulciun
and I'ace Puff. PricrtL r A
per set VJ Ov
"Jergens" Doris Rose Set, comprising
Perfume, Face Powder, Talcum anil
Toilet Water. Priced, A A
per set P J.UU
. Flnncee Toilet Gooda Set, Face Pow
der und Toilet Water. f" A
Priced, per set P).Dl
Fhsncee Toilet Goods Set, containing
Fuce Powder, Talcum and Toilet Wa-
tvr. I 'riced.
per set
Fiancee Toilet Goods Set, beautiful
satin lined container, I'ace Powder,
Sachet, Perfume and Toilet Water.
Priced, -..
jkt set
Harden Frngrance Set, containing F'nce
Powder antl Toilet Water. fA
Prjced, per set PaCi.U
Complete line of nil standard Per
fumes and Toilet Wnters, in individual
containers ami by the ounce. IViccs
$50c to $10.00
Ivory Dressing Table Articles. The
complete Christmas stocks ready for
iaspection nnd selection.
The Opportunities to Save in the White and Wash
Goods Departments Number More Than Two Score
The Following Itcnw
(Main I-
Hotel Towels of good quality, closely -woven,
good size. All white and red
bordered. Priced, tf0 OC
per dozen P.J
Assortment of Double Hurk Towels,
extra heavy quality, fancy red borders,
large sie; regularly 50c. QQ
Special, each OuC
Dresser Scarfs, size 1JU15 inches, pret
tily trimmed with lace; a very attrac
tive value nt the regular price CQ
of 75c. Special, each. . ........
Agency for
Ijj Camille"
for Monday Selling
Embroidered Pillow Cases, scallojwd
nnd hemstitched, made of "Fruit of
the Loom" Muslin, size 15x30 inches.
Regularly .fl.X. Special,
Lingerie Silk, in many colors, both
plain and fancy; all good designs. A
cloth ideally adapted for making pret
ty uiidertliings; .'(0 inches d1 OC
wide. Priced, yard
Fancy Flannelettes, in many new and
attractive designs and colors, plenty of
di signs symbolic of nursery rhymes,
other designs for "grown-ups." OJ
Pri4 d, van! 0 OC
Store Honrs:
8:30 U 6 p.m.
I ntil 9 p. m.
Ira I
Kvcninff and Day Frocks at
a Uniform Reduction
Of 10
We invite you to do n wise thing when
we invite you to participate in the dis
tributing of our collection of day nnd
evening Frocks. This collection com
prising our whole stock of silk nnd wool
dresses nnd evening nnd nfternoon
dresses, nre nil new fall nnd winter
tyles nnd they will unfailingly please
the jpnrticular, for they nre of good
aoolens nnd silks and are very smart
and piquant.
In addition, one would never guess
their prices to be so low us they will be
found to be.
Regular prices rnnge from $18.50 to
f3(K).(M). Choose from the entire stock
at 10'o off.
(Third Floor)
Featuring Fine Foot
Four models
Women's Rrown Kid Walking Boots,
-inch tops, medium sole, long van',
1 14-inch heel; regularly CQ AC
$12.50; all sizes. Special. . . . tP7.1
Womrn'i Rrown Calf Walking; Boots,
a. 1 4 1 ! 1. ......
long vamp, wi It sole, 1 'j-inch heel, new
itock; all sizes; regularly M 1 QC
113.50. Special P UsasJ
Women's Dreiw Roots, patent vonlp
grey or brown kid tos, lace models,
lender covered heels; regu- 4J10 AC
larly $15.00. Spcclnl P1.1J
Women's Rlack Kid IiSce Boots, 9-lnch
ttips, welt soles, solid leather coocav
he Is; all sizes; regularly QC
$10.00. SM'cial, pair PUsi7tJ
Art Needlework Dept.
Stamped Gowns, good quality nainsook
nnd batiste, completely made reaily to
embroider; regularly $2.00 to dl Q
$2.75. Special, each J)1.U
Another Shipment of "Minerva- Yarns,
(iermantown, Knitting Worsted, Silk
Mix, Mohair. Saxotn tie, complete range
of colors.
Classes In knitting and embroidering
between the hours of 'J and 11 a. in.
Sweet (Jras Baskets, complete line, all
siz.es from 0 to 11 inches; flat models;
Priced from -
85c lo $1.75
36 Inch Stamped Centers, beautiful de
signs, reaily to embroider, starnM d on
t.111 ncedlewcavc. Priced from
$1.50 to $2.25
Real Unen Towels, Stamped, Cun-st an-i
Jurge size; attractive designs, suitable
for white and colored embroidery.
Priced from
65c lo $2.95
"wnwTw ba. L tl) ' , a kxOa U-to
" (Mcaan aed ret so aabaUtata.
Its. X. City,
life l
Mat. arf

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