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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 23, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 7

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7 i
IS ALKtAUi bti
Ton and Half Months of
This Year Exceed Any .
Year In History.
Review of Records Show Kes-
lienors to llave Hi lad
Over Downtown.
Tu'st '.i establishing IV now rec
ord ,n building permits this y.'ar.
Although there I" nil lMTfiiiU-r
,.,! ,-vir.H Jay of Nun-tuber bc
(,c i In- e.ir clows tle permit. Is
i,i ,i.t' already surpass Uii'
,.,.,.,',,. ,,f itie bl,-gil eor in 'ne
n: l.ii-: ding lii.iiory. that of '117.
I'tru,,:.-. issued by tin- officii of Hi,,
M,.l.ng inspector up t 1 1":
eiu-inu hour t-'.tniid,iy totaled 1",
,,,,,, ,r tin- .vcar, which I 7 .
ihe , i,r tlio total permit i for
,)',,, j.-.u- J. Thomas k.
t.uil.i w c Inspector. in dieted lli.il
ih,. 't.t.il permits for Hi." year would
,M!v cm eel lUI.OOO.UUU,
i .I.--1" y? r '
Til S.U I I'Oke IS"'. 'arH 'OIlllM
mi. made up of moro reside tn es
,n, k lllla IwMucss and Jii
diwri.il s'riieture. Tlio record for
tic, tio'Mli 'la distinctly typical of
the (h in' vear. f tilt- JB3.i'5 In
buililli-K I'"'" ''as authnrl.od
this inonih, $4li.7M) lm bee" f"r
t.l.i i' , i ic 1 1 1 1 1 1 '.' 1 1 of 71 : e, m.
nVmbe ir gauge pcmtts Issued will
almost "iioil Uio number of resl-
drlll't' prnilll.
only Uii" permit wern Issued
titfore the building office uloHt'd
unlay ti""n. Hurry Welsh wis
KUiilt pet mission to build a IJ.6U0
rmii'li-iii lit 1 iU South Trenton.
Paul S'Iiuit, was Issued a permit for
tn lvU"U rt.i'lncB at U'll Ktisl
Kightt i Mill. A garage costing
llvuu :ii also atitlioriJK'd. It will
h cniisruiifl by C K. Ixitts at
1630 Smith Huston.
Tiilwi iiiiln 27 I A ere Just Out
i f Oil limits of Nanus City t"
Unt il lllch I. null) SUkU.
Harry Tl llmrer-f president of the
chamber of cuiiiiiierro and promt'
nrnt oil man of Tula.i. and Wallii'
Hood, Jr. of K.'tnan City, thla week
puri:h:meil tho t. inner A. I). I'otllpw
ham faiin of :7l acres, four mllei
au;) of the city limlia of KanM.ia
.City. ' M"., fir II2&.UUU. The farm
will In' under the active nianaKe
nifiit of Mr. i;,,od, who ih nB.sociiitt-' I
iniiii'anv at tl.e Htockyarda. Toe
with the l:,umt, Cattle Coinmlsmon
puri'lia.-1 it o e repi eHenla an Invest
ment df a little Ic.-s that) f500 an
lleiefor,) cuttle will ,e brffd. 'X-
clunwlv mi the f 11 nil, it betOK the I
rntrntlon of the new ovwicr 10 In
rreat their invi s1 inent to, t .'.Mi.HO'U
The niock ill be m.ijf'iiiii', tl, .
hn- Hereford hi-rdi In the country.
Mr. Itovrts wait this week elei tel a I
memlit r of the board "f dire -torn I
of the American Hereford llreeil-
fr' ;uiii ciatlon.
Mr. Hmtera nt.lted to The World
Saturday n : k .' 1 1 that tn best cattle
from )iU farm at Weautileail, Mo ,
al'init i;o iHii'H north of rtprmjrfleM,
w.ll b" ri'tiiuicl to K.iniitH I'lty bt
en.. i,f i'i. i iir'il !ocitlon ,ih It H
th'ia het f !!! I'O'h for fale a'ut
hoa. lli ha.4 :i Inn evtei.mve cattl"
itit'Tts 1 ti llii!nH mil Seminole
counties, I nt hreeda there vn.v tirade
Oomprrs Again Allcgr-H liijiim-tliin
I'ro.sM'diiip, lolato Tact.
- WAMIIMiTu.W Nov. 2.' In an
dadrese hefore the central tatior
Union. rere tonight. J'resldent Kam
li'l 'tempers of the American Ked
eratton of Labor reltera-ed his
claim that the securing of an In
lusetion irderirir I'nltel Mine
Workers' officials (o cancel the coal
trike order was a direct violation
of a pie li-o given to labor by high
ov rn:'n em officials -at the time of
the pajeiage of (he I.ever food con
trol art. n ,i, Innt inhnr offi
ce's were promised that the act
,,t ,0 applied to workers In
Ui case uf strikes or walko'its.
Tipton Studio
210 Sou 1 h Main
Photographs Tor
se ih. appointment for your
"'ire ,.w
"nr urk the lw (
',,r"-s UHhln Itcset, of All
e 'v ' '" ,h" home and
t-r"'lC,'rl!"'' t:'mi'y groups.
.-1. 1. J h"'n -"'-l hv tjf all
; ;
Magic City's Wealth Recalls
Time When
"WWI, thPso bank il-
pol' iioiind nilirhty Kon,1, don't
tlify?' H.1I1I OinriiH 10. W'Ullaiii
Bon, nnu df TiiHiia pitint'tr tiiti
chantM to Ia'c Clinton, vct prml-di-nt
of th I'nlori N.itlinal luih.
Satiirtlnv moriunif"
"It remind mr," rnntlniii'd Mr.
Wllliajimon, "ot t tit iiioiiiIiik tluit
Sain McHlriK-y cunt" ronnlnif
niTiui the Hlrt'ft to my Blum with
Dm uplfnilbl iiowh that tin- ilo
poiitii of the Flint Nailnnal bank
had ri'Ui'hi'd tbi" 'iinriiious Hum cf
1100, OHO. That wan In IHOO .1
nearly 11 a I ran rttrolli'ct It. Th
iMidlniKH nioi hold nulle a Jolllfl
cfttlnn over the event for It Indl-
OrKUiilMilJiin of Commit irtw ,n
luiuiKt'tl 'I'ulu n,.n I a -)iniiii
.MiIIit In l"rTilili-iiU
John II. Miller wim i'lcrti',1 pretll
dciu of Iho 'I'olMa Ileal latatt' Kx
chaiiKo ut 11 rc-fiit mci'tinx of the
board of directors. mher hfficfm
inf. W. C .Sli-KtT, fltHt ice-pri-HI-(It-nt;
4;. llMiifru, aei'ond vlcn-pnnl-ilcnt;
A- J. Itnibl, secrelary mid
'I'htt encbaiiKe now him enrolled 4 8
active, 15 aimoclati' mid three honor-
' ill y liii'inbei H and Ih pri purlUK
(.ike up Im work In earnest. I'ntll
January 1 the feed for active tiietn
bcrthrp will he I'Ji nn, after that
date Iheytwlll auloiuatically Increaav
to J3I..
1'reHldRiit Miller has nipulnted the
followiiiK coinmlttee.i which were af
firuwd by thn board.
Ai'inai.M'inetit: K. II. Cunningham,
T)imidore Tor, W. A. Iteynoldit.
ArbltratJon: K. M. Hodolf, lmn J.
lu1dHon, C. II. Whlterildti.
l.'iiiertalninen't: o. itunfro, ArUiur
Nnwlln, C'hrla l'earnon.
Indimirlal: W. Sieger. W. A.
Ueyn.ildH. M. J. Uoinlno.
LeKlslatlve: A. J. Kudd, Theodore;
Cax, lun J riavldMon, John II. Mil
ler, I). IV Powern, J. C Iteddln. U.
It.infro. M.; II UuftHfll, W, C. Stt-Ker,
('. II. Tei -wllletfer, J. frank Wulkur,
C. II Whlteaide.
I'ulillcl'v: N. (-,. Ilenthorne, A. J.
JenkiiiH. T A. Trtiajty.
Public lini'niveineiitB: C II. Ter
wlll'tt'T, J. I. yimiDOiiH, J. rran.k
Arttiimtot! Tor.
Itankln: A famoua physician aay
file IcHg people wear tho lonKer they
I'hvle: That probably aceoiintu
for the longevity of cliorua Klrla.
Vouiiks'owii Telepram.
Rank Clerk i Held Up
and Robbed On South .
Side Early Lat Night
Kred V. Mtlner, clerk for the
Kx'haiiKe Truol eo'mpany, w:i
held up and robbed of $12 and a
Kold watch and a Mtlrkpin at H:J0
o'llii 'k l.idt nluht . The holdii'oC
rtirred n Win'. KiKh'h c ieet be
tween tumbler and Cheyenne.
Miner ald that on account of the
-.Jarkiivst lie eouM not Iden' fy the
nun who held him up, but that
juilKhiic from hl.t taik Ic 'It mill
It mil 1 net.-ro. The holdup uwJ a
Effective Tuesday
November 25.
Owing to continued nilvains'S
In the prli-s of sugar, t rvnin
nnd is.rfis', wo ant ctiiiis-llitl
U) i luirgc 10 ts'ius T cup for
sf flT,
Tulsa Restaurants
yUE Nash Perfected
Valve-in-Head Motor
has been pronounced
the most powerful motor
of its size used in pas
senger motor vehicle
construction. This
power and its economy
and quietness make the
Nash Six an unusual
motor car value.
724 South Main
Growth Began
rated that the town w.m getting
to be quite city."
It waa In the year folluuliiK tbl.
accordlnic to Clinton, that Tul-tt
eiperleuced lis first oil boom lir.
Kred H. Clinton and aesoclatea
drilled III an nil well at &111I tect
In tho present townsite of lied
I'ork and thn news lunoKht prns
pectois here In Mich mini!" r
that tiey had to Bleep In th
dei'OUi and Htleeta The hoinn c"l
lapxeil when. It became evident
that I here w:is no way in hh'h
the land could thi n be li a-e I for
drilling purpoitcs. Tint well la eald
to ho Bllll K"od for about two
rfimrts of oil a day.
Negroes Rattle In
Court Over Who In
To Rury Their Dead
AIIi'kIiik the defendant has do
pilved ih" plain: iff .of possesion
of an iindei takiiiK 1 slahiiehnieut
at lit .North liieenw, i,,l avenue,
suit w is filed lii district court -lerd
iv l,y I. ill, i K.iKd.lle UKlilnst
illla 11 Macs Into, rr An order
was madti 111 iliMiiict cmrt lem
poiailly 1 'm;j alini'i: Kairsdale fiotn
laKiiiK a 11 el, n tor the purpose
of d.spoHiielnK thn w ,'ina n 11 n ' il
li " i 1 1 1 ' k' on the pel inaneiil Injunc
tion .November
.Mis lt.iKs,lale, a neurit, rlalma
her father In law, after hln mm
ha.) dc 'i. rte, tier, look charge of
thn busmen ami has utleinpted
to taUe poHMt-hsioti of the piop
erty. .
Tlmxt lianrs-s n Wcoli ami Instrntv
U011 (Tns-t'M Draw liriro owds
to I'opuliir Smtli lUmlilt-r Hull
Much Interest Is being shown In
tho program arranger I jr the TU!s
Iiani Ing studio on Houth lloulder.
Hances aro given Tuesday, Thursday
and Hat unlay iiights each.) week un
der tho dlreo! s ipei vision, of Iu
Kreyer, owner of tin- Htinlpi Mon
liay nlghtji at 7;. Hi o'clock it dfincng
claj-s for beglntors Is cotutiiclnd and
eieiy Tuesday u.ght thn udvanc'd
clss Is given instruction. H. Jt.
ItWrke, well known In dancing cir
cles iti Tulsa, is 'tlio principal In
structor, hn has two assistants.
The Tulstv dancing studio a well
equipped to handle crowds which
attend the dunces, having reception
rooms ror both men and women and
also have well appointed refresh
ment rooms.
It's nrandmother'.s Recipe to
Iring Hack Color and
Lustre to Hair.
- You can turn gray, faded hair
beautifully dtik und lustrous almost
over flight if you'll get a bottle of
" ye' h s Sags and .Sulphur Com
pound'' at any drug store. Millions
of bottles of this old famous Sire
Tea Keclpe, Improved by the addl-
Hon of other Ingredients, nro sold
annually, says a well-known drug
gist here, because It darkens the hair
so naturally and even'y that no one
can tell II has been applied
1 Those who"e hair Is turning gray
or becoming faded have a surpilse
iwallltor them. I aune after one or
'wo applications the giav hair van-
' Ishes and your locks l,"i ome luiurl
antlv dark und beatrlfiil.
This Is the age i f youth. Orav-
'haired, unattractive folks aient
1 wanted around, s,, gel husy with
Wyeth's Sage Hnd Su!piup C,nnioun,1
tonight nnd you'll be delighted with
your dark, handsome hair and your
' ynu'hfnl appearance within a few
davs Advt.
Firm Pttmmnjmr
Tomrinf Car, $14 90
Tma - fmeni'tr
Komtimtmr . . $14 90
osr- Pa sender
:jjorl Mods, $1593
Touring Car, $1640
Four Paasender
Coupe . . . $1350
S ren-Psass4 f
&erfan ..." $2573
Cedar 1270
Attempt to Cash Cheek
for $50 Arouses Sus
picion of Clothier.
That one of Tulsa's most clever
check altls'i has heeii lunded In the
city Jail was the helief t( ihe police
after leceivlns; lufor ma, on cocce' n
li'B J II Shaw, chnrsel wl'h for
Bcry. yesterday afternoon. ''
A pfiispiTous l".K 1 iik man about
!! M'ars old walked Into the I ,
Kunsmnn nmhlnK store, :;s sooth
1 .Main. t nnncs'lnv aftei 110011 and ,
InK that tut Wanted to huv a, one
jrlottihltt asked Kunsmnn to cash 11
I check for .'. 0 . The check was in
fused and die mini milked nut I u-
jtectlve Hurry Sanders of the puilee
force was In tlie stole at the tun.,
and Kunsmnn tinned to him mid
ald "I Uellevn that w is a foicel
check." San, lets f,il,iwe, him ud
111 res' ed the man a block iiwav. lie
was taken to ihe pnllrc niatlon nud
held for lnventlKatl.011
lie nave his n.un as J II Hhnw
aavlnit that he was iloiou some 1 1 1 :"l .
In.' for an ol! compan- at iiK'iinU'ee
and said his home was at Hum", li.t.
Information was Kilned' h police
later that Hhitw had Im.oi vIsitltiK
other stores after hanUlnt; Iiouih and
atteinptlnir to cnth similar cheeks
Amoi.ir his effni ts were found eccr
al cheeks for amount from J.", 1,. u
wrlttnn on (leoiKla luinks and signed
J M Hhnw, who the man e lamed,
was his uncle.
Among them was a per'iial check
for i on the Home Notional hanli
ut Home, (Ja., which had been cashed
at Okmulgee and relume, marked
Money makes money ia u jiroverb that
in old and true.
IlisT opfiortunities often come to folks
who have a little ready cash. lly
Btartint a saviiiKH account with us now
you will soon have sufficient savings
to enable you to take advantage of
some worth while Lariain.
Come in tomorrow- to wait may be
too late.
Third and Boston
Are Momls-m of lint
I t ib-ral lU-ss-rto S)hi-iii
ririrrs Towing Cmt. !. f,.(i, P. 5..n. )ltt,
Wurwmnm Coup., F.OB Factor Wji. Hhf.ll fW -V.r. Tit &mttm
An opportunity f"r thc-ilo "f
to responsible dialer tn Tul
19 Broadway Circle,
Insufficient funds Also two blank
rheclis on the Central National bank
of Tul-a were found III his posses
sion. There were Iwti enact copies
of wlniosl oVery check he posseSst'il.
dated, wrliti'ti nnd s'gncd exaellv
alike. It Is bjliexed tlnt Im wrote
Inn , lux ks on hanks tn lleotgia
lie Is suspected of being 'he loan
who linUKhl an autoniobl-' .1' Mriml.
nkla. and guve a plo'tiy t he, k n
llie Come Natl, ma! hank us patmeiit
several months ng
Manv TuNt b.mi 1 is and buHUicss
men Ulleit. ttie ,,lMee slatloll Vtstel-
da.v (if'i'inooii 10 lit I e .1 looit at
Chicken Slioringn lllnvnrreil
l,uM"V N,,t ;.' r.'testti !'"
l,ei-i, t'li.t'O r III,' l-'': et 'IH'i'l
i),m 1I11"" ' 1 1" oi' '' er i,,oi 01
lie eriJ 11. i Itivn Itiri,. were Jul .e',o
r ! I'm'cil -.! I in,,.irl V ", '"
(..el of fir. T,r't. linl lo-.-miw nf
liorlsgn II I cmooi, II tls U luiy m
. ,,,, to .'.' ton O r
KV.YV YOUR li Y li O.N
Goes GcarTlirough
It is generally known that this car Anr- give
oMe, faithful service at a low cost. The
Dort is everywhere regarded as a car that
Is-iasrsses. those comfort giving, money sav
ing, time conserving quuhtirc that earn the
truest satisfaction.
I "rt M.k-r Carn i" open
- a I rnt'.r . Ad-lf-s
Oklahoma City
A ( M ' A N Y
Tulssa and State Records
Stand Hitfh in Late
Financial Report.
In a iIikcsI ,,f the reports , f the
national P.inl. suhmllied 10 the
comiitroller o- ihu currene' umlei
the call of Septemher It. which
was Issued bv ;'ic iieasti' ,l,ii.,
meiit and leceivrl 1-y lite Tub'a
.if (jEZjfJf These 1
Joe Eagle s Value Demonstration
Sale Continues Few Days
'The man who lias not solcctotl a "Tailored As You Want Them"
Suit or Qvercoat at tho special reduced prices, will regret his
ncfflioncc very much. For the prices are far below those quoted
oh stock garments comparison will prove this fact.
$45.00 Suits and QJA Cf)
Overcoats at $d l;U
$70.00 Suits and eCC ((
Overcoats at 4M1-Uu
Trousers at the following
$9.00, $10.00,
$12.50, $15.00
Values to liO.OO, A very Inrg rwiign of I'ulterns
fur ( InsmliiK.
Empress Grocery and Met
Phone Osage 3650-5747 WE DELIVER
Five Quality Food Frocucts at ( rice This Week Only
Phone Osage 3G50-5747
1 banks Suliu l.. y. Tulsi rec. hw
' pi omiueul meiilloii us "On of Ih''
' 1 1 1 in whh 11 llit" l ank dep" 111
! ci cased over la.ouo.uuo teiwe-n
June ,1H and Sepiemlinr 1"
Chb ago show ed Iho lancet In
1 reuse with l.i.0u0.olMi niail,ed to
Its Cledlt. The llloleA.e In I lU li'lolo 1
'Citv w is IH.nioi tiuo, in I'oit till.
$ 1 0 000,00(1 and In I'.illas :M0iui,
The -leposlts In the mnntrv lot til- e
of 1 ikhihottia Inci ea-e, 1 1 s 0"i., 11a
during the period ll.lt ft'l-e !
eM-ecded by only right "ihe, e'nt'
111 tli., union
! It is shown In the direst tlii-t t' e
i 1 es. -in 1 oa of the tiiiMoo i I 0,11,' s
'have shown a greater KH,th il,
'the I isl Sl veais since Am,-'.
'ISII. ih.in was shown In the eo'in
$G5.00 Suits
Overcoats at
$00.00 Suits
Overcoats at
$H0.00 Suits
Overcoats at
$75.00 Suits
Overcoats at
$85.00 Suits
Overcoats at
1 Horn or K. H. M. No. 2 Sifted Teas,
per can. 20c per dozen (0 Off
cairn i$ULiO
Mil? Horn No. 'I Pitted Chcrrb'S, per can
"i-ippirtcott's 1-oz Applebuttcr, per jar
M; per dozen (JO Of?
jar tVU.LiO
I.ippincott's 1-lb., !l-oz. Applebuttcr, tr
jar :'.0c, per dozen jJ
Snider'ri Tomato Soup, per can, 10c,
L"t Lima lif-ans, 1 Ol
per lb laL
Grocery and
! O precede!- years since tha civil
i war
The totiil depo-'l's of all the na
t',,1: 1 hanks on Hepteinber wera
1 1 i . C s I .mill eon. w hhli w as HJi III"
i rei'" "f J I'dii.oou.oou ovor Juno
al lo Mrs. Wilson.
I h A
'lu, 01
! li e
Kan .Niin '.'J An !
n.i.lt ow Wliiiin lo us
e with the department
IT Itl
' us
fc- an Invistlgatlon of
r iu nitloii against negro
nvp ted at HeteiiH, Ark.,
,11 with ra'lil troubles,
, 1 t, d av ,v M, k Chile
, n I eha.f 'f Die Kansas
t, a ncirro organist"
il n hn Is president.
! , '
' o
' it ,
I ;
I. I.
f .t!
d $49.50
A1"1 $45.00
and $60.00
and $65.00

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