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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 28, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 9

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Si, churches in City Are
Filled for Morning
Sc evict's.
grants (Vied While
At Nijrht PlayluuHes usea
,S. K. O. Sivrns.
InlfU'n that the home dinner wera I
(mire than up to tint uaiml HUilul.it I
) The afternoon v;i ni,ent accoid i
ling to the dealrea u( the Individual
I The had roada nihI r ! 1 weather did'
'not deier the hunter from .rtici
Ipatlng In their annual ThimkHKlv
fiu day hunt mill ifier (ir nut.
! ting partle nultirp. 5Th '(tnnd- I
. ing room only' in.t were diMphived
In all the vu1ov, nd motion pic- ,
turf hniiNci. Kuitatiln entertainment;
i wan provided nt ImMi the Y M '
I A. inl Y W. C. A. (MtliiK lh after- ;
' noon unci cvenlnc.
K. Inlilnilon Nundar. I
The KniKlitK of I'ulumlniK will hoi. I
a Mk Iniiiu'iun prourtin Sunday u
their ni'w home, Hoi .tnjih ! r m-
of f.ll uro to ! mill. if d K
A Hi ttiiilf. ni'iirt knight, will I i in
ih.itKf. uMh id by lloiiti'i II Mil '
mn, ex-irrand knlnht K M On'
liiher. lecturei. ik now nrr iiiulna; fo"
a l! Nq.iklu- proKr.im Af'er the
mi l. ill. n hi. h " in i ill K.)ii in
mill conclude In the afternoon, a
1'anuiiot uill lii .'ivr1 at K JU p. ni.
In Kennedy' t eetau i nut
All TJ!
., id' ! v '
, Ni- i
. fl!V '
,nnl I" ""
.t.M I
MoiiikPul ThiiVH
. .r:i 1 Tlmiik lv
Iti the limtiiry of
... itMIOll o II II I -I
! M ellied II If
. .4 1 bi I caiia
I !n' holiday wm
: i -i
I'm hut to AiMntm iilo (Tub.
At Farmer will aneuk to Um Auto
!rluh at noon today on "The Au'n
niotil I'lub nnn It Work in I i -!
fornix " Innmnrh iih thin or"anla
' Hon tin t'iki n a n i y active part m
! thf ellmlnuilon of auto ihi fm Knd
l the piopnr . punnhnient i f H it"
' thlavo. Nfr Farmer lemarka
iahnuld h of Kie.il lhtert at th
j lline In Tumana
lie Must Have One. !
I John S. Malum1, f.nin am nt. hhnh
dofti l a rol.l is K'H'i' 'H.iii iv
Inir out udlc on ' iTillfl farm-lug.
. i w i In lit"
, .. li.l l HMetul
. rfr.! ft- "f ''"
j inrri-.ifl nr.-ii'M In tho work
L ...t io.if w:i a i.i'i"1
tn,IM,. an I I' '" ....
'.iI.Mil Mime I- - '"- "
., c,f,. Im-' " tliouxan.iM
bttV m ft r t 1 ' 1 ' I
Vtlnf Minim .- Wnln.-inliiy hi-
MrAlKMor lulltor lli-n1.
I! Mpvfi., ih:..i o' ihp
Alcler Ni'tti i 'apital. i.i'ii' Tliank-X
flying with iilaini-K in TuIpu
panel Ifwlpniird.
The I- 11 i in ml nn-
nnunopa the WednoidaK rtani'a fnr
th Im wk rhaimad to Friday on ac
count of previmmlv HiiKaKinir np
reataiirnnt for thin n!rhi. We will b
open I'rlilay ami Kamrlay evening
or ill! week. ilaiH lnR 9 to 12. Hodf
klna orcheaira Advl. ',
,fNotIiing goes with me like a good story"
Chrs. Field
J 1
U around and nee. That
distinctive Chesterfield
flavor, that blend-that-
can't -be-copicd,
makes friends by
the million,
r: i
n i , -w a iuu vui
I X why-
A Word of Appreciation
To Our Friends and Patrons
Inasmuch as it wag impossible for us to greet and personally thank each and every
one of the hundreds of patrons who visited us during our opening days, we feel that
it would not be amiss to use this method to thank them for their kind patronage.
While we expected to serve quite a number, the crowds of satisfied buyers exceed
ed even our fondest hopes and expectations, and while we realize that it was our
system of doing business that brought them in we would like to make our policy
for the future known again. Years of experience in this business has proven be
yond the shadow of a doubt that the cash and carry plan is the only plan that
means absolute fairness to the merchant and purchaser, thereby you are not ex
pected to pay for extra bookkeeping and the natural losses from delinquent ac
counts. Our money is never idle, tied up in slow pay accounts; which enables us to
ever be on the lookout for real buys that will mean money in your pocket when the
goods are turned again to you. A quick turn enables us to operate on a smaller
margin of profit, the advantage of which you can readily see.
Another advantage is that you can see what you are buying. If it doesn't look good
then you don't have to take it. Rest assured though that it will be our greatest am
bition to have on hand always only that class of goods that could be bought "sight
.unseen" and still be satisfactory. ' 0
i 1
And now a word about our stock and personnel The Meat Department will be
under the management of Mr. Z. O. Parnall, an experienced butcher who has that
reputation of always striving to give you just that choice cut you want. We will
feature Mrs. Lewis' cakes; these cakes are baked fresh every morning, so when
we say they are Mrs. Lewis' cakes you will know that they are fresh. We carry
six varices at all times one of them is sure to please you. Among many other
nationally advertised products we will carry, Chase and Sanborn seal brand Cof
fees and Folger's .Golden Gate, and in canned goods the celebrated Richelieu and
Del Monte canned goods and fruits.
Every article you buy from us will carry our money back guarantee that it is just as
represented. In our Fruit and Vegetable Department we expect to have an as
sortment that will comprise everything the market affords and that it will be as
fresh as it is possible to keep it.
ft !
While we realize this is Tulsa's newest grocery, the personnel are men of long
standing in the grocerv business in Tulsa, consequently, we feel free to say that
it is
J Newest fv
A grocery K
"The Place Where You Will Kvcntually Trade"
Carnation Grocery and Market
516 South Main Street. Phone Osage 7420
Stop . l.'hln eoliU. atop Hm offrn
IV. 1. hiMi (nun rio' i.imI tin, mi.
ipitl AalloWll.if It). IMlirtli.'ll inio'oii
nv.Mnoie mlairh ol the lira I and
ri'wfn-a or hf-iol noiM.'H .N. nr1 to
il". oi!ilf. HUH pooTl,,!,. h-uHh
m.illi'ai"! vapor i;-iil lilnssi'llS
TATAUKII lt:IKIY at ih. Im,
I'"' w a n i in i ii .iv.r or atampa)
for Health Ii... k ami fi.e l ioer In k.
In Mlnaner f.i . i"A II A I lalita. 1 ia.
Many i--iit. of a naiit.a iHuf nftar
jrara or wfT.Tir.a n.-i n ri- railed.
Heap and allow uthsia Ihia aOv't
Skin Tortured Babies Sleep
Mothers Rest
After Cuticura
1ni OlnrmMtt Tltie ar tttiir Ff Mtftii l
tx 0ftLktofuriM ! I ftal Mm.
boflonw the Muu Ira
41 411 Ug0.Ht
t9ml iM i mm M.H , d 4 9, t m
wirtMii an. 11 ajr mi n nun to t) r.
llottra I a. m. k) I p. m.
141 1 E..t Third StrMt
Irli'iiluine Oaagn IS71
are made !v our own ariet
formula '1 here are loany mil
Irtio.im, hut none will i-inipiie
with our I'rr fi i t i "i ea in
Made l inly l,y
I aril A l.i lirlnu. l'roM.
till Mil III 1 1 1 1 I l .
Txa.H I.ai!y, In Prvtty Rnd
Fix, Hoard of Cardui, Tried
It, And "Knw Says It
Saved Her Life.
Chilton, Te;ia. -Mra Mury Hf -, 1
of llila lilarr, e'n'na1 "Sonialline ami
I KMa gultn Hi k ami auffereil a :
j quite nwlllla ... At tiniei I hml
Rin h ai'ver' inline In my l a k,
jarroNH toy hlpa ami In my alilea 1
I k.ih in a prrMv lni.1 f , . , waa iu
ri Hilraa I dteailrd for nnht to enme. ,
"TaviiiK loiiril of t'urlul, 1
IhoiiKlit I'd Iry It ... I onminenee.l
lo K't hetler with my flint bottle. I
took nix iolllii of I'urilul. iirnl will'
tell any woman what thla liriluli
Home Trealmenl ran and will do 'f
taken urrorditiK lo dlterlrona. V
not only feel It cured jne hut ., . .
moMl likely Miiyed niy lire. I nm ahle
In do my Hora with eaae and knon
Caidui did U "
t'ardnl haa heen found to rellova
D-any womanly paint and allmi'iila i
and thounamla of women hava writ
ten to tell of Ihr benefit! It llna heen
to them, In rum tif female trouble
and weak in,a
I'urdut Im ptepared fYntn mttd.
lue II' ln.il Iiiki eilienla. w hich act lie
4 Ionic and li I j 1 Inilld up health and
ilrensih In a natural maimer
Tiy I'.irdul. At driiKKliitM - Advt
I'liICK $.).00
' i tent with lila,
cloth Uie'
iua ya aiaifi
Dress Boots Low Priced Now
Leather Will cost more and more while America sup
plies the whole world with shoes. Don't wait, until
prices go higher. Get your dress boots today. Fash
ionably cut, perfectly finished, lastingly made, looking
like thoroughbreds, and low at the price that's what
our Walk-Over evening dress boots are and with a full
range of sizes and widths, we can fit you as you should
be fitted for evening dress.
Dr. Stella Holle, Chiropodist
Kiruvn Yearn' IsxpcrlcmK' ft Ixmienl la Owr Wlora
nioNK em
tr- X
Walk-Over Boot Shop
413 South Main O.age 4520
Hill I II lllllllllllallllllUllllllllH
Fur Caps
Wc have jimt received by
expresa a nhipment ofMen'a
Fur Caps in genuine Alaska
Seal, Hudson Seal, Muakrat,
Nutria, l'ieccd Seal and P.el
ifian Hare pryhably the
handsomest selection ever
brought to this city, Srmnes
like the aliove cut. PricM
$7.50 to $60
and all prices between
10 Diacount During Thi.
Don't Fail to S Them
The Men All Know--
Of the wonderful values we are giving on
Men's Clothing and furnishing goods, dur
ing this sale, for a great many of them have
come in and bought Clothing, Slioes, Hats
and furnishings at prices almost like those in
effect before the war. Now
Wc Want the Ladies
to take advantage of the prices offered and come here to buy
Holiday gifts for your Men friends. You can't possibly go
wrong on a selection from this store for we carry thClMrigs
"He" will like and at a price you won't be able to duplicate
elsewhere. In addition to our stock of Men's Clothing, Over
coats, Hats, Shoes and Shirts, all included in this sale, we offer
the following Gift suggestions
And a host of other useful Gift Articles Come to a Man's
Store to buy gifts for a man, and come now while the sale is
jjoinji on.
No Goods Charged During This Sale
15 Off on
all Men's
Hi-Lo Felt Hats
clothing company-
15 Off on
Suits and

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