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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, November 30, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 1

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i in v r M, s
INI 1 HIU r hi I l"s '
price 5
Robrtson Sends Out Re-
quest lor luen to vp
oratc Mines.
Gardner I.urs Call for Kx
prutivrs to tlftthor Today
In Chicago.
Eighteen Hundred Ordered
To Fields to Aid in Start
ing Operations. v
OKLAHOMA fTHf. Nov. 2.
following a meeting of th tata
eeumll nf defense today Gov, J. H.
X Robertson issued a call for rfTlun
tttri to operate coal mines In Qkla
hom. The governor promise pro
urtlon and nxkn for men to tipply
furl, on the basts of not taking aide
In the link. but simply to alleviate
tb situation.
Hornet Farter, president of the
Oklahoma foal Operators' aasnnla
tion, anntiiitH'pd t the meeting of
the nam council of defenae Itiat
Oklahoma coal operator would
Uirow open their mines at once ta
non-union tahor ami would finance
the calling phi nf the Mat guard to
protfet r.'oi-iinlon worker In event
the Hate's request for federal troops
va refused
Carter told Ilia council of defense,
alilrli had met I" further discuss th
foal iltuutiun after yesterday a n
nouitrrment that volunteer Inbnr
ou!4 b called fur to operate Okla
homa mine, that a meeting- of f"ha
full membership of the operator'
aatoclatlon would be hold at McAlos
tar. Oxla., Mondny lo appoint a oom
mittH to co-operate with th alata
In operating the mines. This commit
tee vili be empowered to open offices
tt til state capltol building to op
erate directly with the state council
of defense.
No reply had been received today
kr Gov. J. K A. Hohertaon to his
mema! of last night ask In Secre
tary linker for federal troops to pro
feet Oklahoma, miners desiring to
return to work.
A atate ranvans of all iien avail
able for work In Oklahoma mines
was being conducted today by the de
fault council under orders from
Chalnian J. A. Whltehurst. Trans
portation was promised all vol-
(.ARim ji mi:i ts
JKKFKKHON I'lTY, Mo.. Nov. ?9
Oovarnor I'tuJerlck tlardner lcf
here this ;iftrrnoon for Chicago,
here he has caller) a nieptluu of
the fovernors of 1 11 inula, Ohio, Iowa.
Kaniiaa, iikahoina, TiineK.sie. Kcn-'U'-ky
and Indiana to dlHruis the
coal niiuaiion tomorrow.
Oovernnr (Jardner orlRlnally celled
'he meetint for Ht Imia. fir to
eiorruw nmrn'n; but chanRefl "his
mind an.l (wi,lci to follow hts lorll
natlon of U, miit to hold the miA
l"l In Chli nsn.
Kitiim i in pnrn
troops IN K NSS.
TOrEKA, Kan., Nov. !. Kight
Jn hundred stale and federal troops
been ordered Into the Kanaaa
"l fields In coiinrclton with pro
, poeed plai.s lo ro-oyen the mines
eit week unrtr a atate receivership,
II benme kiinun tonight. Hl hundred
iim' ,r"r" ,,,, reKUlars and
1.200 of t hern Kiianlemen, It was
aid. Coveinnr Allen lata today Is
ied iho nn ewiarj procl.imailon call
'"jr out the nuts troop.
The ff, u,,,,,,,, a o f from Fort
'"'r and aim fr,,, Kort 1eavon
wortn. Hie i ., ,,., l(, arrive In
lt:ihiirr ,.,.r ( ,is coal district,
!' tonit-hr. The einie troops will
"tin enir . nli.K tomorrow.
J'''9 "to'i siimihl lie ralle,,! to the
JJt thai t!. IH i,, no nini a move
ment of aKR . ,ori aiI1t ti,etrik-
"ui'r.-.. liovernor Allen aald In
procljm ,,,, , ,h(, 0ffCr, ani
meni.f ihe r i .rd unrl ou will ran-
yoi.r mm to maintain toward
miners (;,, nr. on ,ir,B pa-fiimn.-.
and forbeamnce.
."" 'n:or 'itinera ehnuldjba made
' t'e, ih,. ,h ,B ,,,, ,,ivoldable
"'on of Hi, ,,, ,t,.h naB takon
rr th. n.in.., fr the purport of
"lU'lr,. rn;, for 11. ,ople."
male .fi,i,: jonight r,
rn,n,,.p.. hff-n vrBiv rem.
th. J,""-' ,,,r Innlng work In
'" Wii'i M. iLl.iv.
The f. ,, ,, roops. It
t, " '""" d. would be used In
L '' t-r ! rty an,) the vo'unteer
HlFn U if n i' :
tT?r ' "r despatch ef the
al I J? ''r" '""'"'I bv Ma lor Oen
rn,,, V,H ,:;, a ronfer.
At V. M. C A Foxnh
j. , t.lnrln
Dre.'. " Turkey and
ih,rLe V,"k Tenderloin or
tZ '. Cranberry
?.r.-,d and Pirttr, Ie-ert
and Toffee.
V-M.CA. Cafeteria
Robertson Appeals
for Men to Procure
Coal for Oklahoma
For ilw hi ilc pnrum of seaniing?
coal for fuol uikI nut for the pair
oo of taking allies lit Urn strike
controversy It ha tsti-n dndoVrsd to
rail for volunteer workmen lo man
llic atrip nils and oilier niiiiea In
tlii Male. It Im Hie ulah of tlt
unthsrslgiicd concurred In by tlm
siaio council of dcfemwi Hint thoso
ahlo-hodlctl nton In the alum who
lire willing to aenlat In M'rallim
thn iiiIimh notify ', (.'. en lilt, who
llIM ben lllfdklllll)'l to iu l 111 tills
rMta-lty, at oiiiv hv hone at .Ma
ple Stmt Hlrtle jiul. by tele
linipli, or othcrwMc, ami all r.
ruiiKeinenta for lraiuiMirtatioii, ll
ris iliiiiH art to ilHee to ko, aixl
other iletAlb) will Inj alvco
It In aiiKKOHtm tiiat kiiuiuIh of 10
or nwire volunteers lie orKnnlMtl In
n locality with it lieutenant Ui Im
rliiM'ii hy the aqiuul In charge and
that they mine aa a body ami re
nin In toKether at the mine:. It la
tlie Intention of Die nndcmtirned to
tllHliihule ho fur a iwwnlhle the
ooal mined 1tY volanteera to the
county f urnlMlilnWv Uir vtorkiuen.
I'tiua If your county furulxhed no
men do not complain If you tcci no
eonl. T he yollliilei TM uill Im- nUI
the rrirnlnr wiile Iiim (tie 1 1 x r
cent liicciwe nffenil by the fisl
rrtil R-oesiiinent. Ilouslnir and f.Mxl
will he provldol In caw uf Inalillly
to oblnla) xanie otherw Ise. full ro.
tecilon will bet aoconlecl -orkmen
and mln owners for llfri and lrrP
crty. lo not aunt from home un
til all arrajurcnienta bavo been
nwido with Mr. NcwIJtt aa afore
auld. Spetdal Inducement are offered
nu-lNl minor and hliwin ahoel
men. It It canceled that accral
liundn-d men will rcort for duty
not later limn Moiuliiy, OeeeiulM'r
Tills Ih a pntrlotlc? undrrlaldiiff.
f il.litlioma ceMa yon in do your
whole duty In Ihla crlnlM. Kentem-l-r
you ""I not KoIiik ua Ntiike
breaker. You arc not rcqulrwl lo
take aides In the eontmvmiy lie-twfs-n
the miners and .operators
but aa liiimanltarlarM and patriot
ic rillen joii an rxiaN-ti-d to a
alat the mate In alleviutinK the) auf
fiTiiiif Iliat lh present nnneeeesuiry
hlrike him rfnMl'Hisl. Now Is the
time to act. We can operate the
niJnra If you will ix'lp.
J. It. A. it(ii.inso..
. tioirmr.
I muMt lietartlly enclore tlm
Treeddent aitate t oiincil of Wens.
Efforts of State Body To
Make N. E. Ass'n
Affiliate Killed.
DeleRates Refuse to Allow j
Atlminist ration President
TX) Use Steam Roller.
Attempt at railroading; and I"
rolling that surpawed Iha political
tactics of a freshman claas election
was the apcctacle a:uged by as'da
gogues of the northeastern Okluho
ma educational aa-iociaUon In a par
liamentary baitlu which marked the
bunneivi ecusiiin at Ilia cinse of th
tenth annual convention yesterday.
- The fight on the floor of the final
session whlih broke the tranquility
of the two-day meeting of more man
l.2uu teacher precipitated by an
attempt to alftliain the district aaao
ciatnui with tli oklaJiuma. state edu
oiilional asnoi taiion recently reor
ganized to lurludo the county unit
plan of affiliation winch 1ms hern a
bone of contention eir mnce the
fliat orKanuation was fornnel
Anoiinr objei-tionable feature) of
the new constitution of the suite or-a-nmzalion
was tile deMiuialon of a
kaiate central meeting pljee for the
iganixatlon to oh perpeiuauy o
oatej at Oklahoma fit) A resolu
tion favorlnu atfiliatiun with Hie
atatn organlr-ailon was finally
adopted hut it tarried, rh It two
reaci vailons.
.Musi Fllnilnate I'ollibs.
An ainejidintnt eliinin ating the
crritial rii c'ltiK 'iilaco was the pro
vision of iho m at resi i v.itioil'. All
uiii: of afflliHtion, e!-ept the "la dis
trict units, are eliminated by ,lhe
iimendiiicnt Rnked for 111 the second
reservation, declare,! -iu-i esaary to'
eliminate control hv county tmita of
state dlctajeori ni l, that the Harriets
be given the nglit of freedom of
apeech tin. freedom of aitmn in be
comlng nieiubeia of the said s'ato as
sociation." Hrturn to the mrinbets of several
hundred doi.ars in fees Nr the state
association which the offiioia of the
dtatrlrt orpaniiatlnn hid levied on
the members without consulting
them was also dennndesl by the res
olution. The fee charge this year
waa t; where us Hie constitution of
the district ussocia ion provides for
, a fee ef 7i cents
' "rlday inrh1 e-iw the first move
In the controversy M'hougli the
.printed program of the comentloH
istated that 'he .if f I llu ton with the
Blare association would be passed on
I at the business s. ssion yesterday, a
resolution of affiliation was pro
(pod at the close of the federal ses-
la:on KrMay niani irni n"im
I At th regular business eeselon
1 Ratnrdsv. the cnnven'lon moved to
rreonslder the i esohitlon. iTeeldentl
lM It Moid ral
and deelare.l the i
: w l.'ii a di :'on w
: . .... .. lu.l
d for the vote
,,'tori beiten. but
, called f..r and
lb, count HHI
i ilOTtSCVD ON FlliC gLgVILM j
Note Believed to Bo Near
Final One la Being
Gulf Official Reported Slain
Unharmed Seek to Iden
tify Victim.
Get New Information on Jen
kins Case Plan Action
on Latest Outrage.
Mexican sltuntlon murked tune to
day, while th," government con
tinued to gather Information on the
Jenkins case and the murder of
William T. Wallace at Tampleo
Wednesday. The IdenUly of the mur
dered man had not been e stabllshe I
The Jenkins caee and the Wallace
murder are being fronted separately.
The Male department already has
directed the American embassy In
Mexico City lo make tniiulrlcs i.f the
t'arraura government and forward
further. Information of the new
phuses of the JenteniM ousc raif-od In
the Mexican not declining to ac
cede lo the ri quest for tho release
of the consular agent.
In the Walla e murder cnee the
government hae alaiut all the in
formation considered necessary and
the Interval is being used In franilllK
the details of a course of action.
f) Nolo llrafU-d.
A note ( tarian.i. hlrli some
officials think will La ahout the
last, was tieliih' drafted III the atate
department to-lay but. so fir a
14011 Id he learned, it had not tieen
euatTeu on inn way io niearcu j
Senators und representatives
gathering fur the reconvening of
congress were showing active Inter
est in the course 01 the situation
and there weie some indications It
might be diaeuaaed lu both cham
beig) Monday.
l.'p until tonight the government
had received no official word or
Indication of an offer of mediation
by Argentine. Hrajr.il and Chile and
eoidn officials thought It doubtful
It would be offered.
If such an offer nam a the opinion
of most officials who considered it
seemed to be lf would be acceptable
only under certain conditions which
they thogght Mnileo would be un
willing to accept.
Issue Is t'loan rut. .
Ilepnrls dlreit from Mexico rily
discrediting yesterdays border ru
mors of n utiiMiiiK with f iuh' ink-
In he afreet, served to aimphfv I
the epilation ;h that they removed ;
one coinpilcalii.g fa tor and h it 'he
issue a clc'in-cul one Intolving only
the ci'iijnuel muriler and molesta
lion of Ainei li u lis.
Then' was 110 outward Indication
of whether IT' s dent Wison would
touch on the subject In his message
to congress next week.
ui.nM t. w amaci:
llOl'SToN. Texas, Nov. 2 Wil
liam T. Wallace., vl'e president of
the South American Oulf company,
a branch of the lluif Itefinlng covi
pany, headquarter III Houston, Is
safe and unhar med, an 01 Hug to
Tampho advices recnlveil Hn'urdav
at executive offices here. He had
previously been reported, slain bj a
lieutenant In ( airatiras uriiiy.
This inesar came aftei members
of the executive offices hair' sent
numbere of mHiages to Tampion
an I other Mexican pnln'a Nalsaca s
headquarters are u New York.
N V. W VollK. Nov i - MM1a1n
Wallace, a vice president of the Gulf
Uefinlnir company, who was '
lleveri to have been murdered In
Tampli'o, Mexb'o, Is safn In tliat city,
a. cording to a mos-aice recelveit by
the company Lite loday Information
is iHckmg as to the Identity of thij
Wallace who was killed by soldiers
TTXfl A, Ok!. Not ?-Viiin. 01;
miofrram 2 nnrffi wtnd; $t
K J 4H'MA hnrtUf fair. irmr; Von
47 proNihlr ntfttlfxl wthr, Ur In
I.Ol IHN,' ffunda fair, rfiinr Umrxr
ttifn In nurthnoil portion; Mondkf
KUKA flrtriftav f(r, rtitnc Imia'r
t :rf MnT'tiT inTfitDf lou4ir rteV
KArr T K X A H Htinrtar fyf r.iir.f
lwprtfei : MonfU Ut crtr, warm
r in pourf n1 rottmn
WrT TKXA iirtJi fir wrmr:
north iorttoft. mIJr la tht Patihanft
Holy Communion at I a. m.
Morning Frayer and Sermon at
11 a. in. '
Kvenlng Prayer and Address at
4 il p ro.
EmmaneVs Throne
in Italy Tottering;
Cousin May Succeed
',Jn u
Id .M i:. Nov. :'! -King Victor
Fmioaniiel io 1 i v (ci . led 10 iiban
ilon nl. pomp w lo ll lie opens parlia
ment on Monday. A ling t" the
M. i , ;i l on i 'e Ho' ! !. ii social
ists pi.vn to I em i in li it'll when the
king entets n of ii'sii-.g as Is
custt,mui If the s lalisis idheie
to their j.iogr.im I -'.iv will mal" Hu
rt. I. ic rem n'x ni'. ii the Units
sprei h w Im- It K I" i c deliver, d and
mil leave ilie hall l"'l"io It 1m fin
ished The socialists who were vn tors
In the recent election nrswhreatenlng
all sorts of things when the king
enters to open paillament toriioi -tow.
The defiant atllliol" of the
party Is so strong that It Is not 1m
protinhln that Kmmanm l , may be
forced to abdicate). I1 1 "aid tha'
If the king abdicates the monarchy
will be continued wi ll "ie Imse of
Aoet.t on the throne The litter Is
a cousin of the kl"g "
AdHiitlcnnd Ht. Mb ha. I hi .Finn Near
Maine of UlerrM Former "Not
Iramaged None Hurt.
NKW Y "It K Nov "ft The at.-atn.
ship Adrls'ie. w h ch eslird l"st Tnes
dsv for ri'e'boiiir and Snuthamp'on
velih a or.: l.e' of disuiiKUfhed l"i
sengers. collided with 1 1 e ;.a tn-lilj.
Ht. Michael olf 'he S'atue or Lib
erty, win's riiov,''.f .t-.vo -he hirl.or
The Ht Michael s 'e- u was hadtv
damaged under -In- ua -r. I.rie at. I
the ship Is b-.-mirm I'll' apparently In
no serious d if ir'-r
The Hrlni.li firirsht steamship K'
M rliH, In C(.'i:.i"ii vvi'h the i .1 rt
allc. clearcl lodiv wi'h a ireneral
cargo for Mace o im I l'i-rnaiobueo
Her dlsphieetnent is il 7M gross tons
The AdrlaMr w.i no' dsiyiged M( -
cording lo Infoi m i tl"ii I Iv-'l lo
nighl lit cu.it l lu a l ull r'e' s
11 wtis e'ated the liner pr .'..il.ly
would reto.i.ii .it at i I" - In 'be bay
until t!:.. fog lIT'cd. t'.et: would pro
reed on her voyage
Mamie low i II To Itissner,
ST I.iiI'IS. Nov Ma id"
Powell, the Moli'ilsl who suffile l n
acuie gusilc a' tack. In the cours.- of
a recital here I h .sin was report
ed vtrtualv "uf of .l.unr-.t tndiy.
Y. M. C. A. i. m.
Ernest J. Wright
Just returned fmrn a pir in
Cier.ho-filavokVi. S'lbl'tt
"The Human Side
of ie-
Czecho -Slovak"
arJHaatW 1 1 w
rs X .
Ojicrators Warned Not to
Break Down Labor
Coal Men Kxprnt. ti See Many
I!uck at Work Under 1 1
Per Cent 1 lUTeiise.
Reports Slimf Prodm timi
Nearintr .r0 Per Cent at
Km! of First, Month.
AMIIMil i i Nov "i Im
opmenlH Ml Ilie KU'V ' t 'I'lo li' - .ft.os
lo insilie ;in nde.u,.le I I. I ii.pt
for the couiillv i. Willie I leninl . the
outcome of a'tciopts of h"(i .' M oj
eratoi-i io Indue. uiiners to r. hiin lo
work for a wage advimr f 14 pel
i e 1 1 1 and nssul .1 oees of fedei.d pro
le, lion. Notlt.-s of this vviiK" ;ol
Vance auKVO'sled bv b'tiileral A luiin
Istlalor ll.11 field were posted al 'lo
ll, lues lin ined nl 1 1 v folloMiniv. Die
TluUiKs.tiv Intt hol.dav ti suoip'loii
"f w'MK It llllMllt ptodlne ie.'
elpe, led lllllll Ite-.vt wfrilv, lit the be
finning of ihe seeoiol ni'in'h id the
s'ril.e whi'h l.i hnn :i',l was 1 Hod
Off Nl'V eUlbel J 1
I'prtatois her.' I'ipeelerl Mo.olav
lo see Hi 1 1 1 V of (be lnlncl-i OHU'e.'l
ly In oiiilvina; distil, is not 111 the
central competitive t.-r rll.u y, bs. k
Standing flint jut rbeir atirooi'ie.-il
intention to sparse neither operalor
nor minors who Int.i f,re, with th'
seetotntloii of produeilori to notiiinl
Fm I X.liiilnis'i utoi 7i.it f ( !ii '11 ml
torney ilsneiiil r.ilm.r swil'.-d de-
I elopllients til the ttwcllIK renters
it whs Indicated no fuithci st. pH bv
liationiil uiCiorlt.'M wire lotitero
plated while 1. 1 -1 I .. .not lo.nl olftelnls
I. on. lied Ihe situation s'l I Isf actoril y .
Frotoel I lllons.
Assurance 'hat the Koiernment
Would riot tolcr.1'1 .'inv iil'enipt to
destroy I'inle unions 01 'lo- priiiilpl.
of volleclivo ha 1 nainlng on ihe pall
of emploving Interests wishing t"
"lake adviinliiK.. of the present situ
ation." was given today li I lo. tor
Garfield before leaving for his home
at Wlllliimslown, Mass., where he
will spend Ih" week-end.
"Ileport bus come to m 1h.1t the
present rinds In the mil IrnTusiiv
will be used to break down the labor
union," lloctor Garfulil said. "1
wish to sy that I am aSdiiuch ip
posrt.k to nn attempt to destr.iy the
principle of coll. 'olive bargaining 11'td
the union of working men an I am
lo tho effort of labor le.ot. t to keep
labor ealisfied by a 'i n ' .1 11 ' boost
Ing of ,. iigaidles- . ( flio pub
lie Intel. st or to the crf.ui of lend
ers In the Industrial world lo I M
profits unduly to Ihe llllt of the
pub 10
"Any attempt to conpli. m,. tbe s
Kuc .it this time by seeking to deslio
the union of III.' mine WOlkelS .0 the
prim 1 oi of 1 oileet.ve I ai g.n mo k will
ho us. ute. I by the pui.li.t and op
posed bv me."
Frodo.'tloii Nisir .'. fcr i nt.
Official statistics showed pi o. loo
tlon lo t.e 11 ppi ointhiiig liO per c. nt
of normal 11 1 th" end of nho fun'
month if Ih" himKc as c.-iupn" I
wlfti 2't per c.-nl during tin- first
wel and 33 p-r .int the ml
Week. The Weekly report of III"
T'nl'ed K'atea geological survey today
aliowedVt 1 per cent of normal was
pin. lined .lining the third week
I lector Garfield also Issued today
a detailed analvs.s of ths figur.a on
which h"' based his l on e ; usl o n for
II j p.-r c ut wHi'i' sdv 111. ... Ks
o. Hilt, ; win "In be .llff.i.d with
Se. 1 et.i ry W'lleou, he railed attention'
to "Hi. fie' I lot ' 'hi. pt 1 III 1 1 I e Hi -
v.. lie. 1 i" of f.u gr. i'er Imp.. 1 lance
than h' f.g jies Millv,ed a'
"The .linci'le .ippiod III u ri I v 111 ir
n j,. 1 cent 11 ditf. rent In kind
,,ii.l . h.ii 1. t, r than that .'ipplKd Iti
art iv inc : .' I f. I !" r n' and hence
:,rn a''. 0 p' to iiernc' 'lie two or 1,1
i 010 1.. o'o 1 s. the es lbs Is Irilpos
Slide ' l.e tor (islfleld satd
A W .1 H'l V II t 1 o t I li I per
tis s,i:e. - ed 1 v .' . . I . '..I V W
ci n'
1 i-.on
tvoilll vlV" fi lot it it.u.'.' lid', .to e
Mloe 1 '. 1 ! of l'i; I p. I tint .is com-
1 iimim ' 1 . ii'. 1 1 . t im!t)
Ortlei-s (.lieu I llmliiittlne I "let-trie
signs ami LlrnlHog liuliislrtes.
ATLANTA. Nov. ! ord.is
e i I tr t rut ' 1 11 u etp'trl.- nm.K .ml do
play a.vpr',r l.rnl'niif Inds-'iies
t e, p-il.-l.' ll.'i-s and plant, en
g.ife.1 In ' m -in is o..." ,, 1 ,.,n- I
1. Ijearsrj. operati'.n . e.-k n-'il"'
Ing the b"urs of ft,,.- m l ot'o e
hml-llngs to Go. -a lctwc.il 1 10
lo 4 p m. nnd theti'e.s. moving pb
t ire shows slid i.li other pub ,c
arnlltp tm'lit plhoeslo ''ie ho irs
ftom I P m to In .In p. in worst an
ciiuno. t t'lniu'il bv ihe rec'on.l to.l
I . nil;', I'-. -e. iffi-'-'.ve I h r a . I gh o ' 1 1. the
I, e t 11 f i-c'o n ,1 ' no. . .l o. .1
Vrksnva Isio-nu.r ;.s eltes x .'gii- .
Hon i.f Inl-i ltd. tit l HI" os
litroi'n e 1 :. ft - V In I" a f f
!..- II r"'f'oo- -eei. : . p I '.. I" 1
Ir.o u'i .1 !..- ' he I I'll', ft"".
he r I t r o .- ..!".' V' 1
wis 10 1;" I 1 "i Gov ' ! . II
ltn.,.r'i : ) ' b t v t"' I r v '
tm ' v 1 ! ' ' " "' t ;
'r ! '. J ..
'-' v . l ' ' .' . "
, 1, .- 1,1 I ' 'p' T - .. '
-'-. '
Kif'tfcn Hundred Yard-!
Mien and Trainmen
Waljxff .l ib.
Kriitlieihotitl Chief Wires That
No I'ltiteitiuii tr Strike
I font 1'its Allowed.
h .SAS 1 I" N Nov 2f I'lf
teen 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 . I ni. In. en and tntiiitiieri
of ihe L.ins.is i lly Tetniimtl amlj
1 . ill no .U enuiiiiK li. 1 city, w.i 00
,tr.he I. it.- to. lav, cii'ly it-ports in-
. 1 u lit ni.li.a'.u li.iv .rows efl
lt,t . 1 woik ,il i ncbl.lt t U IS) lifler-
1 11 mo I niitlit s coming on at
1 hie hour, d.d not gr to Work. Light
roads inn wrr'"'tc.t sit far.
I 'nloii of fh in Ih of I he trainmen
-not the iiiiiloiial csie.i of Ihe 1 all
1. en Is being (liB.us'.o.l nt 1 leveiaiol
had 11. pal t In .1 In- si rl lie.
strike of ir tinmen hern would
.1 sIlO'll.f'llM for
a r
1 oa I
1 p. 1 1 1 of 1 ho s.ii.thtt est
L ull o,i, officials after confi ning
in hunMiK iHy tonight ..lresse, tel
. fci .iiis to governors of Missouri
and K itisis ai.king ihciulo upueal
to the f. I.i,i: gov 'i 11 nieiil 10 sui'pls
II. UI"! to ,10.111.' opflllllon of llltlllS
1. II' ing Ihe sll Ike. "
Al; sw 1 1 1 1 1 n . -11 employe, I hy ihe
Kll.ll I l' Isotll lll'lll. (tie rlllctlgo Ht
Alton, Ho. vAHhai.li. the Missouri 'u
. If I o and (lie .Mtr-souil. h.ll.SlS A
Tetjt. and some of tin- flews of the
fl.tl.-ll I 'e Uete lep.leil oil strike.
''I lie sir ike hh- in.' uullinrlte'd Id
nation, 1. .Hi. I, I 1 of the 1 1 1.1 1 her hood
or It, u I w.i y.'I'i 11 nilneii, .uiorhng In 11
tcl.'gr.tlil l.celvcd froiii W. t Lee,
I, 1I..11 tl jir. Nl.1. ui bv H M 1'i.ihett.
.federal lillitoad I e pi esenl a ' I V e hero
'Ihe M'llke vote WHS taken 1.1SI
itnglir without at'v tleinaiiils having
b.-l ri ple-entfil to the tilUloilds
r vv. nix i,iti
HTItlHF II I I cl,
I'l.rVKl.AMI. Nov II W. O
'lee. ptoe'doni of the Hrotheihood
of Ha.lrond Trainmen, loday wired
va M. foi bid, severnment railroad
r. presen'utlve si Kansas f'lty, tha'
the proposed str ike of iaiiinen there
Is ill'-gril lunl that no protection 01
benefits of tin, brotherhood will be
given lo men engaging In lllegsl
strikes at Kansas t'lty or other
Mr lye fully upheld the warning
leaned to trainmen at Kansas fltv
bv II A farr.dl, general chairman
of lbs tin moon
Thratcrn in Snuthumt
District Denied Coal
FT l.i 'I'M. Nov "!l -Ml theaters
in tho southwestern ipglonal coal
.hi'mi tonlchl w ere, tiotlfied by Ihe
00. 11 eotntiil'lp" that llo mote eonl
would be Mippled to any of tllelll ull
lll the output of coal wits greatlv
jtll'tli. Ill.-l t'ill.dy S'oreif und fltndy
Ins nufaci or ft s also wett In. hided In
the same order. A meeting of the
coinriul'ee will bo field ..ndav a'
whb'h further drastic conservation
measures will be adopted
- - -
Hoi. Hers and High OfflHiils of Moil
run rmy slain l.y aqul I mils os
K 1 n 1 a 1 .1 :s. ah. N"v ;!.- Tw"
hiiitdred n .Idlers and set. nil high of
f.oi.i.s of lb" M -Coin fiilcrnl mini
htv.- I..111 V. I'l. .1 In y ' "' ti 0. Ics
. .i b bi aqiil II dlens at 1 inn vii s.
.. -i'l, i.f T". n Id. oti 1 he V '"l"1 rtv "l
1 1 Hi" eiis'iin 1. older of Honor 1.
,,1-on Mug I" ad b es 11 . el' ed Innluhl
1. y i''.anois .1 In. r. Vo eil. Sll coo
-il .11 N.a ..'. . '- too 1 . 'l I'"' h H'
liMtTII lltl'Molt f I I IT
shot U lii'i.i.ri. d III sunihetisf rkan--its
I 'or I cm si-fond-.
I'l -s i; I'll I I All . N"V 2 A
..I i, 1 1 1 . -o 01 w -l felt 11 Her
,, , 1 , v . I. ol"i 1 and oil.
. t ,'
. ' .. , k II I, MIS If
, i, ,.rt'' I '" "hock I ''
. ,t ee o,, ,,1,'t HO It U'l
Magic ( ''' Latent
Picture MVm "Took"
From an Airplane
... I I-. . e- view of
Iti the off o
'. . I'liivii-i A 1
U s
I ;, , J tn I .ft vv r i n '
I ., , I' ode In tt's 11 s'e
,1. , ,.,.' ft- n. .1 .1 ff-ret:' Ullg'e.
l of .... ; . .it- l il I' l l lines in
it . bus ... s. c.-tt . t are suow n
, f.- ,. - , -i.. ....'.. is ..no at. 'lite -
lire is .t.g s':"lgly With Ml"
' k f 1
TI e ,.1 ' , W I - i l l' by Al n
I . ' i ' I " - M' ' 'I ''
f , ., u, . 1, r 1 1. 1 ny He mad.'
1 ... t ,, .1 ... 1 w .'h v- v 1 .'or
If a tr Lf n". I tne piet'ire
. ., I '.V . " . P
1.1 -Ie do 'I '.': I'l " Ai d b"
..i .1 I.f HI'1! 1 to r lo 1 Is ii.it
to I t .'
I.t .i r k I a n.s Ie several
, . j . - t,f t , .. it p a n I It Is en
rf .1 lleilnro' - slid al bc'V
. : . 1 . . " , ' 1 1 1 1 ' : e . 1 '
- 1 . . , -T "'. ,". T''.- M .
' -.,!... 1' ' t I ! r ! .
1 . v . 1' . .; .' -re II" !' I T 1.
' ' '1 ' 'Id '- fc '
Charge of Corruption
llrought Against Him
H -
) eelerilav
at Gitind
fraud and
Newberrv waa Indicted
by 11 federal grand JuiV
Ituplds "ti chaige of
onri notion arowlli out
of ihe election last tear In whlttn
Newberry deft-Hied llerir Ford, run
ning on the democratic ticket, by "
official majoiit) of 7.67 votes In
01111 of tbe rnos' holly rdliteated lai!.
Hon ever hel l III Michigan.
Score Hurt in Southern
Michigan; Damage
la Heavy.
Traffic Is Tied Up Lohbcb
Are Reported In Northern
Ohio; Moves Northeant.
liliTIUilT, Nov. IH. Five per
sona were killed here and score In
jured In a atorm that swept south
ern Michigan I on Ig hu Tha wind, ao
c nmpMiled by a d(lv!ng ruin, reached
a velocity of Hi) miles an, hour hers,
the w ember bureau reporled. .Street
car service und wire coiiiiuiiulcatlon
w ere demoralized.
I. Itll OF VMM I II.
Nov. 2B --The
southwest today win In the grip of
w inter, snow 01 sleet falling hi ne.il ly
all eiiloiis, railroad truffle being in
teifeied with and telephone and tela
gi.iph litis damaged.
Much colder weather tonight, wflh
ihe co d spell continuing several
.lavs, was forecast.
jitt. aiisti of the ari'lou shurlage nf
fuel, tin. sudden onslaught of win
ter hits forced soiuo towns to make
drastic efforts 'to secure wood or
rout. At Hallna. Kan , arrangements
have been mads 10 art up a sawmill
it which all available wood will be
mwed foi distribution to Iho needy
1 her communities look similar
I I Kill! If INI
Ti I.KI m 1. tihl.i, Nov
idle wind ami "on st.
A l.T
d.n Ing
I'll Ihe Wllld M'l".
was s,
t e.t t tier' 1'UI '
elched 7k 11
ior 1 h w . st. rri
mr i.r"iier'y
11 off'
ll'es S'l
1 1I110 lit.
it J lll.lge
!...tsv or.
l-s' tlU' I
I 1 of
I 'I . leg: spll .
.low II II. a. I
lir."t s tstld '.
i 1 'If V .1 11. I 11 ml
Msssast mi 1 l?L !.-
re' y
a ,
1 pirv had revealed A political acandal
un; .-!. report wIips 'im' 111 many respects h without
(ie ' n Ihe sioini piititloi lr, Amen. '.in annals. They
ti ,,., 1 ,01 I 11 i-ll as ..ii,l it 1 'en led from the most poptl
ilMu., ; t .1 t h I. 'i go '..ii'. wiir-l-. of Iistrolt to the Indian
1 . . v :. bos where abnrlglnee wer
soit MOl-s
I HKolt.ll Mil! I II
,,y 2 The
bwpst At Kan
loped I'".. a
,'. d II"' l"' '-
iri 11111 e
t . V I 1
Friday nlKl '
K 1 eat elor ro a. f
w ild an I t. ntgp'
l.l'li'tn ll'.l I lira
sect ding to leti"
1 (on t-s .1
1 lie 'or nl tl"
re 'on .1 ' .1 "d - , ' -
I ,s I. P
. t"
I : II Ie I
, I i.l'f t'l ..
fie 1 o 1 nti .
.fh A'.otitte
ei the grta'e
Ii.tr:t a'd
'...'Itlc-l of
if. tespet t ve
Ci. in..
.1 ep: a'o
I 1- H't Ht d
I por' .01 of
, Tide I . r.-i
1 t 111. 1 "il m
New York Life
Insurance Co.
I armor iV 1 hi ran
M.I Ms
;o t Palm c Ithli;
Lis, no IM
Fraud Is Charged in
Election in Which
Ford was Beaten
Brother of Senator and
Prominent Officials
Mutt Face Trial.
Federal Grand Jury at
Grand Rapids Submit
Report of Findings.
Declare Affidavit Given by
Newberry Part of Con
cealment Plan.
liltAMi rtal'ltrrt. Mich.. Nv. ;.-
Truman II. Newberry, t nllea, Htatf
senator from Mlcblaan, waa Indicted
by a t'njted Htaies grand Jury loday
for corruption fraud and conspira
cy In connomoii with th election by
which he 'obtained hi Mat In th
senats, defeating Henry Ford, hi
dsinocratlo opponent.
With Newberry HI ether nron
Wul Indicted hy th grand Jury on
tlia same, oharge. Th name of all
but II moat prominent war withheld
from publication by Judge t'larenc
W. Heasions, presiding, until warrants
could be served on them. Among
those named wej- W. A. Hopkins of
Ht. flair, Mich, assistant secretary
of (he Fnlted Htatea sens!; John H.
Newberry, brother of th atnator,
lietrolt, and Paul H. Kln of Detroit.
King was manager of th Newberry
campaign commute.
- Other Namrtd.
Th other named war Allan K.
Tumpleton of firolt, president of
th Newberry campaign oommltt,
Fiedeflt'k BmUh, listroit. manager'
of th Newberry estat Charla A.
Floyd, lietrolt; Mart P. McKe I
trM'; 'Judd Yelland, Kaoaoaba.
Mich.; Milton Oakman, Detroit, for.
merly county olerk of Wayne ooun
ty; Harry O. Turner, Detroit; rrang
McKay of (Irand Haplda; Jame ti.
Hradley, Katnn Haplda. Mich, and
Gladstone tieattl. Fa w paw, Mich.
Judge ReaSlons Indicated th vj
dence before, the grand Jury dis
closed the fraudulent eipendltur of
between l&UOrOVO and II. 000.000 ill
connection with th election.
. Two blanket Indictment were re
turned dealing with the primary and
election campaigns 'of 111 I In which
Henry Ford waa Benator Newberry
chief opponent
The first Indictment charged that
both federal and atat laws war
(violated h,t um far In eii!a of-
legitimate eapense war used In th
campaign. The second Indictment
olted dm affidavits which Penator
Newberry mad while aervlng at th
rirouklyn navy yard In which h
awme no campaign money had been,
spent by Mm or with hi knowledge.
This affidavit, th Indictment
charged, waa a part nf a genaral
conspiracy to aid Ih senator to
obtain office Illegally and to aid him
also In concealing violation of i
tlon statute.
RI Onignt.
There wcrs el munis In the flrat
ridli tmeiit. The first four were de
voted to charges of eiress campalg.i
expenditures. Th fifth alleged con.
splracy to viola' the federal cor
rupt practices act of October, 11.
which penalities payment of money
to vo'rts. Tha sixth count to which
Frank f. Iialley, special assistant to
'he iittornty general, attached es-
11. 1 hv !)'( 1 ii H.gnifl. ance allege.il thru the
li.il':llilllt were used "to illftiiud all th
swept 1 pf-otdr of ii ala'e of Michigan"
GoverrimenT tifflclals asserted th
irs'imonv presented tn the grand
n.'.-.l .1. cording to the behest of tti
N whet) campnlirn organisation.
I' was tl ege I to'ers were bribed.
. Ip. '.oti hour. is corrupted. editors
n l!7.e. and moving pit lure theas
. rs l.ongb. no In 'be endeavor to de-
t- t'if Heniv Fot.l first In the prlmar
,s !' ' i f bo'h psr'lea and later, when ha
,,r. ; had wen the democratic nomination
a, t I'l the r ee 'ion I'hPlf.
I l't.1,1 Mel h. Hi I sett,
hv 1 rifftciit. wets secretive as ti how
" ! i sl'. i-e.l . onsplracv wits uneov-
.tel Ion n general outline of thel"
n ethods w ss ma le svsllsble w
-i-ves ed wfin an atiempt was made
o rej.es t ihe suspected tacth-s of the
lin. psmpnlan, Vnder this plan a
f..rp of Inv 1 stlgttors were sent irtt 1
'1. s'-ne und' r dlree'lon of Karl .1.
Iloutk who .!h Frank ' f'sllev
.nr. I . 1 tioi.'titil ro the a''or':ev a"n
irnl. M-is.t fee'ri' riirrire in 't e. .
in., ft .(.nl ci--. if Te-rs llii'',
b;rl.i e.i.i,: K: tt:'. lib- an.l Frank ,
1 t .-..,, t.. ', .'C'lrlnc In 'Jl.i re--.
i"t ! In s ' ;e "tlrt t onv Icri.tris
I'n 'pv si ifout-k eiroe lo Ml.
in r i.t A g rs' Ha "k reeords were
...rp.-'e ir.d tVe v isi'ors Ilsis cf
-v t. rv. si" n.il'f) tf ne over W'h
p.. tt'. ,.f .' r-'e ns h st irter the In
-.r' t't'e-r t r e .s-t O"' Tbpy V'S
f, I - i o ' " OolltlC'IPS ftlS' Of'
t... ... .etn vague hints of wh'
. , r -,' . from i mv'hl.ntl . oni
li.nt'i ef ,'t ei"'i!" M eh lea o polltlc-
,., nl-i. eto.. .. stitsll returns w-eri
triVUN'Mi C? rr.t TWCF

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