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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 03, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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I w ........ i 1 1 at ir
&K1'0 UUtlllli' w.
president ui
Trails Route.
Nllrthln Co-ntiM to
Compete I or who w
Thia City.
" hi . KivM- iw
held aim nresld-d
1 :.r , . .
1 ' ..in. tirMii1lnt.
ten lam" from UMiet
Inula an
er I'
... .. '.. I tl r
T'J I'm i l to finish laying out
Th J r ..." Sprli.flld. Mo-
T K Ark., to Tute. 'kl.
. u ..irMrtv being esiali
""lm fi,.rlnfild to Hlloan,
SThT, are to cmneilng roulea
,-m"'".u, S.mmkh to Tuln. n
T .i r necrose, Chateau Hint
it" h oTher through Sillna.
tors ,1 Clan more. ykl. A 1:0111.
"; .a appoinlH to view .he
lasDeriive r..t.r next summer, and
Ll-i the ' rmitr-Tlx-ro In a growl
Jit of r.-il.y bet.Mil the two
"tTiT officers eleoted for O.e en-
Tula. 'k! 1TrlIfllt; W, U
JWM.L HUm firings. T'"''"1-Suit-
0. !' MieH. Wlloani SprlnKS.
serra'iary nd the member of the
,,rum.' mmmlltM are. W H,
Johnson. Hnlll1.1er. Mn.: It. R.
Thompn. Kor.-ka Springs. Ark.,
fonne'ly Harrington, S II o a m
luring.. T f. IWNnger IVyor.
(tliln , unit Ji'f Lindsay. C hoteau,
Okla.' The vlMtors wrrn the guests
of th Siloam Spring" Alvertlsing
f!ol at dinner nivt-n In It lan
qut ruoni.
JJ yndir ut SittIi Mlo to (pmt
(,uni rnlnrumlMTnl.
Slate xrprtira (MmmiHMlim Vrr
mlu Only fiirtlon of Tlx-m to tl
mln la FrTfo t.
ltai to Tlx World
trntallva orlrr of corporation rom
inlHHlon relative to retention of io
called "Ilurleaon" raKw mi re
drafted and MjtrcM upon tv ntein
heni of the comrulanlon. Hie ar lon
N held to have ren of lajit Satur
day 111 order. Unit there mlxht l.n no
Interruption In the manner of Ii.aK-
The report charge on all lotra
ntAta buelnraa la auapended. The In
etallallon chaigna alao joen to the
diacard and thnre la a change In the
no-railed "ahort-hau! rate," Involv
ing mehsaiifa that are within the 13
mile mliilniui.i xonr. Thrr are
ralaed to 15 n t h minimum IrmteuJ
of B rpnut a una the rM In ih
Iturlenon raleH.
The rmnmiralon took rog-
niianreof (he fa 't (hat the Sooth
woatern Hell Teh phone pompany haa
Kinnted Inoreaet'H In pay 10 tm-
plo)on amountliiR to a nil in nhicI to he
In efesH of 11 million ilolluru a
Mur. In view of thin fart it u h-
llrvel Junt that the Kovernnienf
riitea, which lnchide liirrtnai'i ap
proximating 41, to 40 per mnl nhou.d
stand until a final (llnpoolt Ion of the
hearing, which ha hern In prngroa
IntiTinlttently heforr tho conimi
Kion elnre Novemher 5.
More than 1.600 formal com
plaints of Inadequate and Inefficient
rvlce were madv to the cummln
Hlon prior to trre heglnnlng of the
Keneral heurlng early 1 .1.-11 month.
The attorney proneriitmg the com
plaints on behalf of tho puhhe. ad
vanced the theory, wal l to have been
upheld by all utility com minelonn,
that the service of a public utility
corporation ran be charged for at
no rate In exceea of what the aervlc.e
Ih worth. He proponed that the gov
ernment rate, which would have au
tomatically been sunpended. etcept
by the order of the oommuwlon, a'
iiiMinht Nofa-mber 30. be allowed
to lapse ai)d thai a i per rent In
crease awaraed i.y me igniminin
prior to governmenl control aisu i
I'ouneel for ths telephone com
pany, during the general heaving,
niude application to the nimtiilwloii
llil lh. Iliirtann ralMM Art Well 1LM
those authorised by the slate com
mlanion, be permute 1 10 eland peni.
Ing a decision of all matter in ci n-
tri.vArau kl Ihn CO n C I II Hi Oil llf the
general hearing The general hear
ing, which Involves rates us wen a.n
adequate service, hsa heen ad
journed until December 17.
Mvny Want t SMieawlupa.
V'l Tbt World
OKLAHOMA CITY. lN-o. 1- S.-v-:
eral applications hat been Md
with Jtrlg. (len. fharlns F. Karrstl.
adihitant general, for the examtiM
tlon to be held I 'ereniber, 15 at the
capltol to qualify II members "f
lh Oklahoma national guard for
entrance In the l ulled Htataa Mili
tary academy. Applicants mum have
had t leant one ejir' service In
the national guard and munt lie be ,
Iween tint agee of IV and eajs .
Itobert A. McHlrney
Funeral Dlrsclor t'hone 4! -ll.
12 South Main.- Adt,
tptrul te Th! world
Tendfra of ni'n reai hlng aa high
II per cent of the enlisted strength
of the units are coming In from a I
utlonal riard organizations of thu
ho have been requested to
olontferfor sefvlce lnthe coalstrlkn
rtrloa. l'eachmenla of men have
ton to MrAlenter and work on thn
prion farm mines was begun Jfs
Itrdar. Brtg. flen. Charles V. Barrett, ad
jutant eneral. raid that It ta th H
taut of the department In seeking
oluntera for service In the strike
region to secure men who can go
lute the work without detriment to
thmelvf or -their families The
fiiiHlanien who will not suffer by
atsanre from position or family will
be permitted to tender his service.
Kit unlets there In a general moblll
U'lnn no others will be called.
The work of securing volunteer
werkera In being prosecuted with
dlipatrh The workers are to be or
flitiiied In tniltr of lp earhT Yes
"rday a notification came from
Harmon county tendering four unl's
ily to travel to the strike lone,
id io Information that two or
foff additional units will b r
trullrt at once
Volunteer workers who come via
'iahoma ni ,- will find it necessary
' remain one night or more In the
rPltal city and provisions arc being
side tn care fur these, men.
I am selling lilgh-olass Tail
ored ('lothcM on term. If
you ran beat my prliir, I
will Vy you for your time)
while) InHrxN'tlng my line.
Open Sundays by Appointment
rix.nr O-H064
New Idea .
Tailoring Co.
Ilonrn 20
llynum Itldg.
Sure Sign of a
well-pleasea appetite
the satisfied look on the
face of-a child eating
' (i
This food of natural
sweetness is highly
nourishing and full of
the strength-giving
qualities of
whole wheat? and
malted barley.
One package serves many meals
MskW r POSTUM COITAL CO. Bmttim Crevk. Mkyam-
I if-
r. Dsrl,
S Slk)M ll.iw tn l .. I. l-n'
mi. n. ',
' 1 h... I. ! ...
'I lrr j w" gelling n
w k... L mm-, unrig mm ing.
w mi " "n-Ii lhal I am
1.!. b"" """derful " Henry
J " Newport N.wa. Vs.
fm . ' "r,,!' in K.briiaa.
T' It V ' ""WW'' wentber,
J w. W "d lch onr hem
i'u"i.'." """ P"" "d wsie re
,... .' " mo-oh If ma don i find
ut ii .... , - . 'V"
oe -.1 "'mi'lj tell n
ii ',nrnml, refunded
e4 w
l;s!. i tt-Uyisg) wwrks
I.T.' . V't ''"g organ.. n, It
. iT " ''' g'en
aaku k. , , lml ro'- Ihs hen'a ' healih,
miUr I end mora aeli?. in any
:4 - . !?'' n maltar how
W t."Ti "earlier yonr money will
ties V r'Iurn m" liel Don in
mr..t or onllry remedy
esiBa ,"'lrT-l! logger Co, IM V
"w . imi snirNi a i nil s
win i 3
l: Mkl(;
"i v .i iiNTi:i:i)
Arthur & McCunc
w Wrwl lint
Christmas gifts for men
IINE shirts are gifts that arc always sure to please a man. If
they come from this store both of you know the quality cannot
be surpassed. Our stock of shirts are now complete with all the
new patterns and fabrics for Christmas pift givers.
MANHATTANS are hcrp in lrfatrr varirty than you'!! ppo anywtVre
else. Every good material from prrrale up to he fineM. of Bilks
irt rid. new pattern and shades. Sizes and sleeve length to fit nny
man. $3 up.
1 RKNCH flannel shirta for office or out door wear. New effects here
at $6.50. Heavy flannel shirts fr hunters, and all out door wear
at $5 up.
w u I - J -- ..1-
H roihers I I
We Snapped Up
Some Wonderful Values in Men's
That are ready for you now
You might not think, from the papers, that
Overcoats were very scarce. Some kinds are
not, but the good ones are. It's the good kind
that we deal in exclusively. r
So if you want u Good Suit or Overcoat,
as most men do, and don't want to pay
all out-doors for it, as most men don't,
this live store is the plage to come.
The Suits and Overcoats we're selling
today were contracted for long before
prices started their latest attempt at a
new altitude record.
So in the midst of the present scarcity and high price, you can be thankfulthat
Curtis Brown has enough Good Suits and Overcoats to supply its old custom
ers and many nevtfones besides?and to do it at prices much lower than any
other storo is asking for equal qualities.
$43, $45, $47 and $50 SUITS and OVERCOATS-
Helted, half-belted or fitted styles all-wool cheviots and all
wool mixed fabrics a wonderful assortment at
$53, $55, $57 and $60 SUITS and OVERCOATS -
Men who1 are particular about 'heir clothes who want style
as well as service -will find this group very attractive at ,
$65, $67, $70 and $73 SUITS and OVERCOATS -
Distinctive stvling, superior all-wool fabrics, collars, lapels,
shoulders, waists, hips, skirts all drawn on expressive curved
Other Garments at $33, $35, $37 $75, $80, $90. ,
Don Sung p
"wtoolc. Trr It -if i. a
Fashion Park
Silk lloie
UsaU ' '" rr you i good profit
' "1 iie 60 wnti,
44(UI lai rr you i good profit
-rSle-eiu Sed Co

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