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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 14, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 7

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Report of (3ensus Expect
ed to Show State Has
More Population.
pr 1" Million New Faces
Anticipated by the Enum
erators This Year.
lV...br.,BCt lr'a'y 1'K 'nam h
na that to keep from increasing Mir
nurobsr of repraeaotatlvea. the num
ber of paopla represented l.y each
congreaaman ahould be Increuaed m
tU. thn each congrcsnlonal dm
trlct will average about i!4i.Kl In
d of J11.4il) a at prraent. Cuing
rxumaieu population of Okla
homa oa a bum, it will h keen that
dure K. llurlon. uhlo. hold thai the
larger that honae thr greater tliu up.
Iiortunlly for machine domination.
He pieriita(lve Nelaon, Wlaconaln. I
anrl other mrmheia of th home, a- I
"tied with an ulr of elm-out: that!
they would like to ere Ihe house re-!
du.-ed to 2fifi ur 3 ill) member., a in 1
ilia "good old ,1,1 when there fin
more chance for Individual eervlro '
lauo win g-ive tnn Poonnr alalo ! and action n cotnmltteea anil miMI"
two naw congressmen , ijuohi loim '
Ten Would .,e Srm. ' ,'' l"k" C"' 'f " s-ntea tlint
ITndar thla arrangement Indiana I ,a'ht niemhers. It would he
Mlaourl and Iowa would lose two ,n,.' n'-"ry to hrrp congressional
trlcu each; ami Illinois Kentucky tr,r'" near the present elite. Tin
Maine, Maryland. NVIvrnnka Vr- Involve an addition of
mont and Vltglnlu one each ' member for ntalc. or a giand
on tna other hand, If fongrrs de. "'"V r '' ' ,r 1,1 Population In tt'6.-
Helglum with h i iu lAtinii of
U!S,TM, hax oni l' ii I'm ntutlve fni
each 40.UMO people or lkii
Kiance liHii a population e.timndd
HI S 611 i.2v1 and cver r, V.i.'.U pet
aofli. a rr ri'prii,nti'd In t hi- chamber
of depot lea. whose on mheiahlp i
Hark In I 79U ihi I tilted Sta!i-a bed
one repreeentuihe for every 87 nils
or a total of loti rnngio-suicn. Tl
growth ha. been !,! IIM, In. I
since then iih ri fuitli in ;ir :uin
pllatlun hUM :
cldiTa thai the present ratio
l ti-n
H11.2H4, lis rhUmalail. On xui-li
repreaentation and populallon ahould '"'r'' "lr ' that would
;ou. mpii iiKiHhoina. throiinh 'In
inrreaHi-d poiiulaiion will
rW hii.fUia Hurn.
fall flu 'l;'if
iul( of Uir ll Increase In the pop
ulation of Oklahoma, which will bo
ihown in tli l!0 rnaua, that alale
may rut" ;l" lm'r"a of four rnn-
in ii n ronarrnaloiiHl ilala-
Jilon "i It may Ifaln only two. H
ii di'if"l on how conitrraa lvaaj
l...., I... i..lu O.. r.t'
lh prul',cni oi iiui"a ""i fcimii
w(rfa9f, population reprHfiild.
At pi ohi'ii I -ii' Ii atuta la allowed
Mi cnn;n-',nian for aoh tl 1,430
noBu;il"" 'hl' b'tfitTJ nverait
,U of ih" d mrlrta alnee tha U10
rnui "n thi" baiila them are 4.15
rnngrrnoion. of whlrh eight ar
.from Okliihoina.
But now iii" rrnaua mm come
lorc "' "ilniaia that tha oountry
nerd a irowth of aomc-
ihlnf o '! II VoOO.000 ppraona nine
ihi Taxt ri nxua and Oklahoma, thay
Milnial' ,,,IH lln lncreano of popu
'jllon for Ih aaine pfrlod of about
401 MT
If cnnKi'" ahould ilarlda that the
omrrHloiiu diatrlria.
Kvpry riiM-rnnliil Nlnrp i;n linr!i
Hmn a growth ha bei-n a i-uua of
worry to mcmlicn of congrrw and
vy tlmp. with tho i.int-le axrppilon
of 1140. th-y have elocicd to In--rtna
thn alia of ili limine. Tluii
yi-ar the Hennln piinphod tlu lii
nown from i'4 io 2HS. Kfforia h.ivi1: on-Kon. 1
been made In the m-nat at other ! Carolina !:
uuiea t.i lonow thla pre lent, hut
(hey have never Hurr-eiMed. M;utM
that were about to liihe riprewenta -tlun
ihrough ahlftlnga of population
and r-hanKtii In alio of riiairlrit h,iv
nave hii inrri-UHi-
A la )i itii, 2; rkana.i.x. (uVfor
nhi, 4: Colorado, I, Cuinei-ll.-ut, I:
I'lorlda. 1. lieoraM. 1. lillnoiH, 3.
Irulluliu, I, KaueiH I ; Imiin.kiiu. I,
Maryland. I; .tuinai huntlin, Z,
Michigan, MinueMoln, I. .MihhU
slppl, 'i. New Jr-rm-jr. J, New Moniro,
I; New ) i k . 1: North Carollnii. 1.
I riimi
II ,0
I flMl ,
U'll .
IMil .
) e.'i
in:" .
I jw
nf a-r
. I ll
'" n
-. T
.1 I
.1 .m
.-'.in t-l
It -juii
IS "!
: iiii4 i ,
vi I i . ; ii
ii i i :i i
; i
Ml i v.
Hll n
7 i .
IM -In
;'H i io
North 1',-tkol.i. I; Ohio, 3: Oklahoma.
Cork hearing oiikx live Io he ISO
yi-UTN Old.
IVnnKVh .una , ti; Houih
South Imkota, I; Teii-r-aa.
4. VliKlnla, I;
H; Wi-hI Virginia, I. and
IH-Nm e, 1 ;
Wlacon-avn 1
Hnliinel.fi tl.YIHIO rarlv,
II la t-elliii.-iti'd Ui.ll II rout
the i
oihitiv anil auurfwarully fought rur- k-ni et nnienl almul llb.'olO a year to
'lallmenl. i 'un a rongi i-f.imiin. ll n Mt.nrv la
When tha apportionment hill wbh 17. Sou. and tlm lent Ik fur a xk.re
u p, following ihn 1 9 TO reiiaua. prom-J tary. eti-nouraiiher, gtallonerr. flunk
laent men nt both ends of the i-apl-! lug privilege, printing and what not
tal fought the proponed Im-reiine A t Ihln i.iie the rt r new rongi esMio-n
from Sl io 4SJ (ralg.;.! to 433 hv ! would 'hi IHTS.niiu a Vear.
the addition of repreeenlatlveH later!
from Arlaonu and New Mexlroi.i
Senator Ellhu Moot, New York, con-i
tended that the larger a deliberai!
body, "the more acute la thai run- j
tinned airuggle which N going on I
In every popular government, and In!
every branch of every reprenentatlve
ayatem between efflripnt'y and null
vldual liberty." Kx-Henntor n-.eo
l-.en iihould the bona of ripie
Nentatlvie Jump to full It would i-.tri-tinue
to rank aa one of the amallt
aliullur hodlea In proportloti to pop
ulation, of the world powri'a.
The H lit ish hoijNe of I'liinwiiiii ban
a total "I TOO of whhh about M la
Raid In be voting atrength. Thin la
one for e.l-h li.'i.Olli of population,
I n 1 1 v estimated at 4 5 . Ti 1 ti , 2 1. '.I .
Ti-hi yearn' varied eH'ileiuT
anlfa manugt-r, nnlifuiiiin. ndver
llnlng ami riot-tiHto tork New
ork and r stern , s. Stan
dard nil rM'iiriHn. Jitat re
Ii'IimiI from ftveraima M'rtli-O.
Kiii-llent orirnolK-r null rxrtu-tli-
nloiig linen of IllOlh'l ll M ien
tlfli imiiuigi-iiiini. Hi Unite rit'
nrd of real iu hli'iemeiit.
Ate R-i, unlM-rill v iwliu atlon.
hIiikIi'. go anwhi'r-. Will inn
aliler n-iiwinuhli- riiliii-tlon In In-loim-
If future la hIuihii.
r.on- S.
For the Up-to-Date Housewife
An electrical gift is olwayf fin appreciated ffift by the pro
gressive housewife. Tis a sift must pructical and useful.
At this Shop we have on display the fniest selection of
hlectncal dills sueli us
you want to please moth
er, wife, sister or sweet
heartgifts that will not
tuilv please them, hut
wili add to their comfort
at well.
A Hot Plate
A Very Useful Gift
A ift that will be prized
rery highly by thr Rirl away
at grhool or the girl who works
and must prepare her own
breakfast a it eel hot plate, 8
inches, round style, rests on
three ebony legs: will fry eggs,
baron, roast or broil: in a few
minutes; current consumption
i cents an hour. Complete with
cord and attacluuoiit
Give Her a Hoover
With a Hoover Certlfleata h
may coma to this shop and pick
out Tha Hoover Vacuum Cleaner
he niu.v desire: a remarkable gift
for mother or wlf. I'rlftd
$5500 to S65.00
An Eloctrirgl Gift will last
for years a constant re
minder of your thoughtful
ness and a delight to the
Vlait our store tomorrow
and pirk out the gift you
knew will phrase her most.
Other Gift
Sowing Maehlne Motors
$17. ill
Portable I-ampx . IO in $7r
Kleitrlo !l-atei. l( lo X
Heating I'.kIm . 10 to
Curling Ironn $.V7."i to en.Ml
Washing Murhlnex, . Sli.Vnu
An Electric Iron
Will Please
We are show ing u must com
plete line of Klectrir Irons, in
cluding Universal Hot Point,
Raauty and Weatera Klertric;
in tourist sue to three pounds
and the standard weight of sis
pounds; finished in nickel
with rbony handles, complete
with cord and attachments. A
most handy household neces
sity, costing very little to oper
ate. Priced
$6.00 T0 $9.50
Christmas Tree
LikIh th" ttee elei-trhally, lining
auav with all danger of fire,
xhown with red white, blur mid
gleeii llghIM
Iii laghl
Sewing Machines
The Gift Supreme
A moaf wonderful labor iav
er. Makea sewing a pleaaure
for wlfa or molhwr Inatead of
a bnro. Wa huva Jmt lecelvad
a number of beautiful mi
chlnea. "Wisteria finished In
old Ivory; ahown in three dif
ferent models.
No. 1 Vibrating Maih.nr, at
No. 2 Hotary Itohln, at I.VVnn.
No. 4 Two-Spool Jtactilne. ut
lt ua Mend on of these ma
chines to your home for trial.
A Gift Ideal
A tiioM comprehensive display of
many stlrs. Handsome pot lerco
lalors, equipped with a fuse to in
sure safety.
Also urn lle and loving cup
styles having three feet, ebony han
'dlev fiiiKhed in liiglily polished
nickel or chased silvrri to tl-cup
I'O! I'ei. nla'nie, 112 00 In SJ.VOO
I'l'n nt l.mliiK Cup eUle I 7 Ml to S.l.'i
i'l-ri-nlatnr ."et, fiHOO in $$0 00.
, . - I
v : '
... -
: rtZ2 :
r s . a j '
,.. .a v
-. -
i; V ! it
,; : 'I !' M!
i ,1 H i' l1
': :. h ;i i"
Christmas Is a Home Day
What home do you want to make
happier by your gift?
HltE custom of 'giving furniture nt Cluint-
man in becoming more popular every
In many homeu the family pottln thr Ch)ltma
money to purchanr a nubntantial (lift that will make
the home more attrnctire and give lantiny pleaaure
to every member of 'the family.
Now for inntance
A Handnome Suite of IHning Room Furniture
And we have them here ut almost any price you
care to pay from $400.00 to $1,800.00. Walnut and'
Mahogany, in Chippendale, Tyirned Sheraton and
Queen Anne styles.
Or PerhapH Several Smaller Plecen
A l-'ioor Lamp for I he living room a
Library Table for Ihn t.lhrarr-n liaVen
porl Tahl for the Living Koom a nulla of
Hieakfiiel II 1 1 1 mi l'urnltiiie, N'hviiJo Hum
for lln- lien or Living Koom
( tilar ( 'Ileal
lll-k I Art 1 1 J"
Tallin l-ani
hinoUIng Kt'la
Tea Carls
Writing lek
liiaik IOihIs
flirt Cngea
Ilook i luirm
ClialM lAiiuigefl
Hay Meda
eillk ( oniforta
I rriiorlra
( arMt Nweepera
' Wool nlankrla
RosserCasebeer forulw i
21 East Fourth St. Osage 606-Cedar 306 South Main
Hamilton Beach Vibrator
A most useful gift for every household
for treating rlevtrirally various diseases
Thi Vihralnr i eillli niied with OnC-
sixteenth horse-power moior, com
plete with til attachments for fan.
Uair, scalp, spine, eic. i nrra
$18.50 to S25.00
American Beautp Grills
A Most Desirable Gift
--A complete meal nia lie prepared
on one of these handy little gpiili
unres. Made of nickel plated steel,
equipped with fring pun. roasting
pan and broiler; runt and plug, 3-
heat low. me liiim high. Price
lightness and rvireness in
Chest Calls for Ilejry's
Iion'i f.iol with nl.iw ai tn.g llnl
mei.tn ,n. tli iilmi'i i i hot water
hottliH and Ibv fili-. when Ut-gya
Mi,e:iirlt,e the firn' and bent lm
pi ul .tneiii nil Hrti nilm.i M old faah
H'lieiJ Mut.tfd I'l. iter, will e'lhdue
'he liifia'riiiation and put i rlrh'
over night.
It s hot at if? in io-kv'h Muh'ar
'tie --that's whv It the apredieat
kilier of pain in :l,e w-urid
Mill i' cannot hlln'.r - you mn l
) de,i-nd ort that but It will
'pin uji the trrn atnl erd the tills
'i v. iti d' -iMe iin k litiie.
He ile r'nl honeat remedy for all
in hen and Min for eniigektiiin and
Ifif'iirnMiaMun, for eetlinga and
Lae It the rult, Jtt m i a-iapiirt
thai !nf!uenr.a la at'a' kii g ymi and
leniemlier to apply It promptly If
'"J want lo inmiurr f te throat,
tonailltls, '-roup, c ighi. 'i'jert" or
liruni bl'ia in juat a few oura
Always In the ellow box -ne-.er
old In turn, and nionev I. hi a if not
. advettive 1 lie aure Its Mag) 'a
M iRiarlne
H. ('. Well A O).. Iltov. . r.
For Christmas
Genuine U.S. Army Blankets
New Khuki . . wuiil lilanltet.-t. liHyHH,
w eixlit 1 1 !hs..
each . . . -
New gray wool lilunketf. (IHxXH,
weight " lh.-.
for .
New gray wool blankets, 69x88,
w eight J I lis.
for .
For bovs and I'.ov Scouts, genuine annv
.'.:":'": $4.50
315 East Third Street, Tulsa, Okla.
Phone Cedar 569

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