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F 1 N - A L
VOL. XIV. NO. 78.
' " ' " ' ' 1 " 1 - - . I It1
Churches Pledge Su)port
tn Situ re Adequate
Admiral Ihnxori Is
Decorated by Japan
Vapor t'r I hut Procedure
nuly. Declare City
City S nils Out JiO Tons
Fm 1 and Orders Two
More Cars. '
s'-ir,-ii:'-r and lucrc'infd pressure
r,",'i.i,'l:t in 'hinge In the gas sltu-
t . i Thut public sentl
;ti. tlit. ciiv admitilstra-
isn it to take the rnat-
i . 1 1 1 1 !iy beginning lo
lled against the Oklba-
r.l till company today,
sinned yesterday when
ni'ions of ulmost puiy
in- r:tv passed resolution
h" mayor's legal t'cirn m 1 1
lite proposed step.
iui l.ni-M of the I'll in ni it -..I
of Judge M. A. Hreck
vvm r Marshall, city ut-
,i-i... :
iletl ill i's
it lulu I
gil . v.h'
hii'i.n N.r
Rdl llf'tH
ths 0" 1 1 r r
i. hun-fi .ii
tsr II! tali
hi i
!r romp'
lorncy, and I'iinl M'iM, refused to
mii-.p .ii v further statement than
'ttiat 'b" would Inaugurals rmirt
irm io -i i ' i; - acilrist the Oklahoma
Yuan) lias 'in. pan!. It was grtier
.i!!v l.elirv ml hv the ministers of the
ril, 'hat art. mi ' w ould hp the pre
teniai.nn nf .1 petition In court auk
in ilia? .1 ' vi-r hi 11 ppnlnifi1 fur
the 1 ik In h 'in ii N'uturul Cum coin
pan)' Heady l or Kprey Action.
Thai wnx the Interpretation inem-
bou of 1 hi- Tulsa t'tty club made of i
1 (.jipei h on Ihe gas situation de
llrerrd hv i lly Attorney Marshall at
the rerulvtr noonday luncheon of the;
fjul) Saturday Mr. .Marshall tolil
the members that necessary papers!
for the 1 1 km I proceedings contem-1
putnl hy the committee were al-1
rpudy prepared and at that time re- j
piit nn his desk In the municipal .
huiliiing I
After declaring emphatically that!
the nnlv m t!nn which lie personally!
fumed was the petition that a re-1
ffherxhlp hi appointed for the ga
Minil-any. he followed the policy 1
H'li'Plp.l h :hc committee anil re- j
f'lnijjl tn p.iu that that Rim the ac- j
lion dciiir, upon hy the commit- I
lion Today l ikely.
A Mates. 1 nt hy Judge flrecken
rirlgr. y.itiinl.iv In discussing 'he
nifi-npft if the committee at wjilch
ihe ileil-mii hai heen made said
tftst all members of the committee
had risen nf one accord In the mat-
lr Kruiii the two Ktatement Hi
n en.' a1 v l.elleveil that the ac
'lin taken I ' the city today would .
k ,'le (.I it it:in of 11 petition for
I ii .i-v-lnp f.ir the tan company, j
"ini; !n lii" Miiffrrmti caiineil by'
'J lic'k nf fuel the delivery of coal j
I the n.ainr . office u.i continued j
-:-p.:i It had Im'n all week. I
M iii- Hum Ml iiIiih were delivered. I
K I. lliirhlKon. acrrp'
inrt)nr. atid two more,
n K-t aside for delivery
-day. I
1 fm
'Old Market Basket'
Surest Way Hack to
Old Fashioned Prices
Ailiiilral Itciiiun.
Admiral I ! iisiin. I S N. (relired),
weiillnu Ihc ilecuratuui imfi-ried
upon him h thi' .I iji i m Tiiili.insa
d'r In W'ashiUKion 'I'M Is in the firm
photiiKraph lunvn' "w .ullniral In
"clvlea." The iliiinailnn waa con
ferred uioii A liulral KcnMiin hy
Japan fur his w ar iivm I 'ntll hi
recent retirement, hn .niM' of li in iiro,
the Hilmlt.tl w.ih ihiif of naval op-flratlona.
tkr r. !he
!!' h.ivr hi
bi tl... cm
ln to llnl-h Work for riirintmas
llixim Hi piihllian tort C'um
iiiIim IUII.
'" IlillU'linv
'N. Iec. I
w 111 hi'Kin a
-- l on
drlve to
'Hi I'
ll V, n.iUy r. .
If f nri ,
k iMJlli, (,f !.i
ir. linabt .'.
ki I an,)
(!f -n.i
If the
!. 1
'1era hav.
"-ww n:u.-'
1 .
-") iin"n !,,.,,
ir -""nin
"-k ,
ntM 1,.
' "Mi.k affalra iki aa to
lay for a two weeks
The outcome of the
1 the week, however.
'') partita admitted, was
"TidnK on the railroad
i' in treaty maneuvers In
'!l l.i
h,n' ''h: .
-4 je.i
Mrf,. ,
'"i 1.1,.
' 'I;:,'
l"h"ru., .
evr i.' .
al -inrk t'
" h 'I
iinmiim raiTrnad hill Is
hy Saturday, republican
served notice that the
he held In abeyance and
tonltcht had visions
n Washing-ton over
The senate wul resume
1 'he railroad niea-iure
with lilht session
ih hoiie of reachlnc a
'i the week. A a-ote of
1 fne the senate with a
-Hired on the -ntl strike
'e measure.
ri'd'sa leaders hope to
M t.N'ary sugar relief bill,
I 1 taken up by the house
w"'k and the Kdge bill
'ireiitr! financing cor
I he conference report on
"hich the house haa
1 vi-linir In the senate.
icre-ional commlt'ees
week to wind up pend
preiimlnary to the pro-
Gas Overcomes Nine
Persons in Oklahoma
City liaptixt Church
OKLAHOMA t "IT V . Dec- 1 I.
(Jim fmiii'i i'i;iiiiiit from 'he liap
tlHlry In ih" 'I'riully IlipU-it church
hell' Intllxllt t Cll'li'l I'd IITU'iin-
hcIiiuh iiiii" wonicti and children
and very neatly ovcirami' the en
tire ci'titiri'tr itinn. Itev. .1 L. II.
HawkitiH, pastor of Ihe church,
wan partly oven nine and tin il to
he HHMleti'd from Ihe church.
Other- who wen' overcome and
rendered unconiclMUH hhv
Mrs M L llmimond, Minn ,loy
.linker. Ar'liur Tic-. Lii t'rhsM
Ituhy ,1'ic r.akcr. Ailicti Alker.
Mrs I'M n.i Shinn. Ku hard Hodges
and Kdilh llat kln
'hlli their condition for
irtne was serious, doclnrs said they
would all recover
The 1i mil."' lla j.!!-! chtinh. lo
mli'd at Lt.'J W eft Twenty -third
s'reeT. is in the fashionable
dihirict Ah"ii' l'"i peisiiiis were
In al tl-nda lice
Tlrst indication nf Ihc presence
of the fumes came when members
of the ciiiitn k'.iU"!i b' K.in f.illlnir
to the floor by the wholesale, fol
lowed bv a in ir panic aa 'he
crowd rushed for the exits, flee
ing from the unseen terror
Almost the inure ruiinreiriitinn
was numbed and dazed by the
fumes and was almost helpless
Only the fact that the dcinrs were
Open ia believe. I In hue prevented
ttiatiy nf the com:rei:a! 1011 from
memiR death bv asphyxiation or
being crushed In death.
1 II ll 'Al il 1, Pec 14 The sl.lexl
. wsy back to old fashioned price lev-1
Vvni'm'il inn rt Cm i ri ' '" " ',n"!,l'"l' W1H Hi" old fashioned
dxpianaiion oi uompiO; ,MIk,., i,llNKr, anil ,.,', , ,,,.
mise to Be Asked i ,M'M f'"-,';' ,;' "
, , inn' and palatable but 1 heapi 1
t rum Officials.
- K A Clldahy. ires,ent of the
1 uilahy packin,; couii.ui. itixcs ihtit
advne t,i the Inlying public 111 his
llllllllal report to the st k hi'l.lei s of
the 1 1'lH'ern, to bo pri-M-nled tniiiMi
row. liovernmeiit tepotts to reK,,lute
the ciml nf III 1 1 1 f and IIISIM cm nf
the public mi having the best ie
K'lldiesH nf cost are piime lailius
(lehttid pnsetit price levels. Cudaln
Ha? s
lUsriissing lln first he s.ivs "If
we had less arbitrary cniiiol and
Niich hlKh prices of 1 inn nunl 1 1 les as
would have bten the i ase under
normal and uncnntrolleil cninl : I inns.
Italy Votes Against Hoi
shevistie (loVernuieiit
of Russia.
'Tier' Clemenceati
Fractures Rib; Does
Not I )iscontinue Work
Actinp President Iwis Says;
95 Per cent Will Resume
Labor Tonight.
rndustrial Situation Nearer
Normal Than at Any
Time Since Nov. 1.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 14 While
relaxation nf restrictions on the use
of bituminous coal continued today.
Indicating governiricrital belief that
the strike crisis h:ut passed, con
giesMloli.il Investigation began to bear
on the active participation In the
Hettli'tnenl. The appearance last
night nf I'r. Harry A Garfield,
whose resignation as federal fuel ad
mlnlHtrutnr was accepted yesterday
by President Wilson, before the sen
ate subcommittee Investigating the
coal situation was followed today by
Indication that Attorney General
J'almer and' other high officials
would he (ailed on this week to i t
plain why plans of llr. Garfield
were net nslde and a compromise
made with the miners' union on a
basis which the former fuel admin
istrator described as "contrary to
fundamental principles'' of govern
ment." Acting President John I.. Lewis of
the I'nlted Mine Workers of Amer
ica, who Is attending Ihe labor recon
struction conference here, predicted
today that by Monday night 95 per
cent of the miners would be back In
Men Will Return, Sara Irwla.
"Though It ha heen a difficult
task to reach all of the men in the
short time aln the ilerlalon wti
reached." he ald. "It Is certain that
thev will go back."
Restrictions Impoaed on the use
nf fuel during the strike giailually
are being removed, the dlscret lotia ry
authority to rescind such orders
given the regional railroad directors
Thus the working week will open to
morrow wlih a nearer approach to
a normal industrial situation than
any week since the trlke wan made
effective November 1.
KiMi'l Commission.
liicreasei'. nrodiictinn. cnnnicd with
I eliftn c...t lj.i.w..ti...l cm c.t. n m 1,1 1..11
would have followed more s'nelv
and the situaUoti would have
reached a permanent normal IcwM
with less con fusion "
on the subject of extravagance In : I'
bin Inn he adds:
"Thcie has been nn iihumni'il de.
niaiiil this year for articles nf the
highest price and ipialltv. Kerv
body has wanted tin' be-! and bus
seemed to have (be money to pay
for It."
Premier Nitti Predicts lie
sumption of Commercial
Support of Italy Asked by
Nitti in Speech liefore i
Chamber of Deputies. I
tier of ii-Vp
Old Son.
Mrs. Itlnke. Tells Conllic
i i.ik StiH ics, I et Lire
IIS I 'ec 14 I'l eiillir I Irlil-
i ttflc ci i'snii,. he hull 'f h
I ' t ? . . We, lne-,,t, i on bis
I - 1 1 -h snf fel el a flat
ill' Ini l m il h hi:, usual sliuc
h" "I'lkei" did lull permit
ia . i if Ins I ii hi i In bcoiitii c
i u I i a I i 0 d out hts entile
nn w illoilll I 1 1 1 e I lug ll was
ii I. ". ai i al In-iii. in. In.i t hat
- t t-ci ., n.e k ii" w II
i i .1.
I- b
el as Ii
nl o.
. A M il ' I I l . N I.I " ' I b
mil of .lames M IllaUe. p
1,1 son of a w.iiilh' I'luli'le
2 Ml
Thf .Mi- mnnl I r e h s
Ki . I-:.. I ii i I ;i Th" , hamln r of
I'llUes tonight o:e,l iipploval of
e reply to the spci i b flom the
lie after ii ji'i Hug h a vote nf
in ! 4 an a m end men I nffciid
j Movie Producer and
Actors Without Food
! Three Days.
MIAMI, Kla , lec. 14 - 'Pie Miami
Herald at midnight received a wire
less message from Hotel Lucerne,
Nassau, aing Ihe Grey Duck ar
rived In Nuaiu late today, Hecem
The I
vear i
1 I'll ia li. 1 1
! . i. it .i P.'
klilim in .1
ashol c a I
lias been
Mrs Itlak
thus ioi! ma n v
' helot c ami s.i
' II 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 . It W.I
I I. loll! loll
l Mi an. I Mi
' es;i ariged snmi
i a I II eat old
the custody of
"I I.
.' ii. i
i ' I i Al
ll n 'Ic r iiiii
ibe a 'it Inn ii i
in 1 1 Ii i ing i.n
e In f all e-I
ha :il I'l In i
lll'i he
I 'l I'l l
Inn in.
Ml i'l.
'II Ihe In
,11 ' Idetlt
,,f ihe lis
line w a e
puis, i osf
net, i
W lt Ml
I I inn I ,
. hi. m i
jlli'l an
I I e. while the
ci Te I net a I l l'
towai'l Inner
It bail I n
inlcr to ile
it ihc wrath
is fm the lie
t pott
l was slatntilig
Ihe time of the
It the pi ng l .'Ss
ca lining the sea
Hi, iii any pic
the ptnw nf the
e pi
I h
Republican Senators
Held Responsible
For Delay.
; Republican Leader Reit-
erate That President
; U Responsible.
'action is deferred
Factions in Harmony Only
That Matter Will Rest
Until Next Month.
i I 1 'HIS
hi, Ihe mi. lall.-ls pl.ivld.lig f"l Ibe
immediate ri'itignlltnu of the Uussian
soviet gov eminent aml tile lesilllip
!:i'U, nf leliiUonn with llunala.
'iiiiiier Mill summed up Ibe de
bale on the reply In a spuei h of con-
si'leranie letigui He mailed rusf. hei n Miiiillte,
lie rain, 10. iiitipunii 01 a iju en I in n . miiipel .
which was causing naimnal nnu nn Mrs lllakc. who Irldav uik'lit
and In deny Ibe report thai thu gov- crawled In the borne of Ha n la m in
cijimeiit w.ts iilinut to cntii liiiin new I I'm m cntiim ,,n,l 'ol,l of being al '
I n lerini I loiiii I ugi ecnienlM creating j tacked In two neg.oes whn. .if-i'i'
fiesh respunsllillttii s. The premier s ! be.muu hi i . nibbed he, nl n Mm l
n purl that Ihe : hug ami then fh d Willi her child
urge is ilnilgctl with ibe murder nf Hie
Mill- 'hoy She was lelnnve.l f i the
con- home of Mis A G .vL.lcr In entinu,
n I xtraogisl
. I : lake ha
time The Inn ami
laughter bad been III
Iheii lather ami bad
to go nut with then
lefetence waa to
meeting of premiers l.inid I
ami I'li'ini'iu'i'iiii and I'ureign
ister stctiii'iia in ljoiiilun li.i.s
sideti'd a mllilary cnnvetitmn .
Mttl Answers Siikcrs
i Answering diffeicnt speuWers who
I pi csi'ii led mntpins fnr the couvocii
; linn of a cniistltuetit aHwmbly, Hig
Titlieiaue I'll Mill it, Ibe Vessel
iiiiceiied anil the piemier was
I III nw II lls'il ll'st the I ,1 II
Mlvhilng fti'in Ibe tiiiln on bis
lllllviil bfte Imlav, M I leinenceau
(it in ceded Immedlatelv to Ibe mlli
i'Iiv nf wai and sutiiinnned I loctor
'Huffier, wlio attcndetl him last
summer when be whs shot by
Knillc I'otln t had been noled
lln il ihe I'teinlei apparently was
tiffeiiiig i unsbleiiible jialn Hs he
walked to his aiitninnblle from
the kIhIIoii. He was holding his
side then, and also afterward as
be ascended the- steps to Ihe war
I loctor Trnffier said the Injury
W a i lint serines
I de
tier 14, and that all the party on i
hnard nre safe but have been with-
out food for three days. Two nf thej
parly wera swept from the deck but!
nor MIII said.
"Hut we consider Ihe parliament
as a permanent i iinslllueni ussi inbly.
There Is no necessity In convoke one
purposelv The Italian cimslltutlon,
were rewued. The bout ncurly cap- , cianied Manh 4 l4V waa ipilckly
sized In the Northwest channel. Th. ; "md'fle.l by (lie pui llainrtil of May
pilot was Injured and olhera on 19. I . utul later liaa heen changed
l.nnrt iirl tnrfm.lt in take their turn "'""""i") . ' - "' l" "Bln"i
t th wheel while the helplena craft
wallowed In the sea.
rim parliament I sovereign. It la
free id modify hy enactment any
article nf the consiliutlmi. What you
... r iireniM ii I 11 "w wish Is to change Article In
NO NEWS OF AMERICANi;;," ,rMe r V;,:,kr X
Iteally believe Iha! ihe Isst war was
Ideclare.t wlihout Ihe ns.-ent of the
lUncljiian. Held for St (1.000 IUiimiiii ' pafllanienl ? "
todav In tbe.yMlanilc City hospital
(Where abe IK gualded by ll "police,
man. She Is said in be nuffiilng
i ftutn u nervous collapse
limit I nninl Near Pier.
j I'llS hoV'H body was folillil less than
five blocks from the pier In N'entuoi
j where Mis Hlake's handbag was ic
tcoveied M'i'irilav, nod iibnut the
'saine dlslain-e fniio Ihe scene nf Ibi'
aliened K lil it ii 1 1 1 nut
j The ciiuniv pb.vslcian has pio
'liniiiii'i'il death due to ilt'iuning
'..v . .
Milllsh Mrincn
boiiriic I lnri
LOST Kl I lec
of I 'dpi I'eilflc
Villa, llolloveil In la- Held
III MnllllUilns.
i:AGLK PASS, Texas
Definite news from I' 1 1
Dec. 1 I.
I U. Hugo,
Appointment by .President Wilson ! A met nan manager of Ihe. I. M
of a commission lo superce'le the 1 mhies ranch, near Mii'.i'il.. t.'oahuiia
fuel ..administrator ia expected this held by l Yancisco Villa lor 110, UU
waM'k. Iransniii. still was lacking today I n
V he
scale comm(ttee of the oner-
alors of the central competitive field,
I It was learned today, probably w I I
I meet m Cleveland Wednesday to run
i slder their attitude toward the strike
! settlement.
I'Aniiunti Siirri'iiilcrs TnxiW.
I-'H'MK. Dec. 14 - Gahrn !e d'An
nunxio will hand over inmmand of
the clly of I'l u me In regular troojis
under General Caviglia, former min
ister of war.
official reports reaching the border,
hiiw iver. indicated the American I w(lI-
wllh several Mexican hostages was
piobably being held In Kl Pino
riHiiiiitains. about loll miles from
Mu'iuiz. Whe'her federal troops bad
taken up the pursuit of Ihe VilliaUis
roulil not be learned here.
Allbough previous tcpor's said
Villa and several bundled follower
I nl.in leaden. Aree Mi torv is ,,, ; w bo uceu pled Mux.pil. U-.t 'niesday.
Sight ami ...e n, May Out. '-1 t--n uusied frun. .1 1 r I-
., , i day an, had fled In Ihe dliectum or
WASHINGTON. Dec 14 Cnntln- ,,. ,,! r , ,1,,1,t.iia, a. patently
nation of the nation -wide steel work- ,.in.i.i.. ir,.m,,.M,,n in in imi.iv is in
the effect that the rebels did not
leave Mui'iuli until Katurday morn
ing. It was slated they beaded In
tlie direction of Kl I'liui mountains,
leaving word that the money for
Hugo's release was to be left al Pino
Solo situated In the Kl Pino moun
tains. Villa did not molest the poor
classes In Mimiiii.. confining his
I nlled Hates Steel corporation ofUnK t,,r wealthy resMenisatul
huge foreign contracts was one of .n,. principal smns, according In to
the most favoruble auguries of the', lay's advices, lie carried off a latge'
supply nf blanket, hevcral iiutomo
tc.les, horses and wagons, and great
luantllles of fond. It was said
Shortage of food am) ' lo'hlng among
his forces Is believed here to have
been the principal cause, of the raij
on M ir.'iuiz
Al this the socialists sluiuled:
"Ves, against the will of parlia
ment." There was great confusion In the
chamber for a few momenta, afler
whb h premier M"l lesunied Ills ti
'The law granllng full power 10
the cabinet." be went on, "was
passed by the chamber May 22. lflli.
II was C'ut uleiil to a declarat Inn of
I ers strike was voted today by the
j conference here nf the 1!4 presidents
of unions connected with the steel
Industry' It was said there were on
ly two dissenting votes, moat of the
union leaders maitilaining that vic-
itnrv In the rontrnversv was In Might.
Members of the strike committee,
I commenting on the vote, declitred
i thut the rncent ci. nrel It I lint hv l)i
Oputli4 i I Yiiiii Ss lallsts.
The entire socialist group shouted:
"No. no! The cabinet already had
nun limed ii n alliance with Ibe en
tente." The premier begged for Hie sup
pott nf nil pintles to beli Italy out :
of her present difficulties He ex-i
lained she mux import one tint, I nf
the necessities nf life, needing, for
ins:aiice. 4,2. una ihiO uuinialsuf wheal
annually of which 24 0110.(1011 came
from abroad, a quantity equal lo
two thltds of the enure production
of Argentina.
"W Hb regard to our relation with
Itlissia." be said "I am n I am w e
shall- soon resume commercial
latmns with that inuntry. but I am
not rer'ain that they will wmii be d-
n ntageous "
Imiiiisllale l ulling of shipping t on.
IISMOISV Is Holigbl.
I'll It IMT'I A N A Dec 14 Thus far
It tills been IlllpnsMhle to conclude
the negnt la t Inns between the Alllell
can shipping hoard and ihe laiire
NnlWcglall ship ownetN afislng from
the l equlsll Inning hv the shlpptiig
board of Norwegian vessels In
American waiei Tberefnte, the en
called " 'hr Is' la tin gioup" of ship
owners has requested the NofWcgian
legation in Washington to dellvei
note nf protest lo the Anierh'iiii
government, asking for an Immedl
h'e Sctllemclll nf the colli I n Versy .
In Isimloii Mel-
Itcllcn-il li ml.
1 4 - The alt plane
III neat How ell, one
of Ibe lltltbih airmen In the Loinlou
M c 1 1 ii i ii I ii i. flight, was wrecked off
St ( leoi ge s buy, Island of Corfu,
December lo Hud there is no hope
thai cither Unwell or hi mechani
cian escaped, Kcnrdlng to a dispatch
to Lloyds from Coifii The dispatch
a Ids that Ibe log of Ihe alrplntia ha
washed ashore
Captain Howell, flying In a Mar
tlnsvde plane wild a 27fi horse
power molor and accompauled by
lleuiy l''raser, a skiled iiiei'hanlc,
lefi the ll.iunslow flying field In
l-aigland December 4 He arrived at
I'lsa. Ialv. December Ti, and at Tar
aniii I leieinbei H. Nu report since
then had been leeelved from Howell.
Captain Howell was a prominent
Australian ace with a brilliant war
record He in i minted for over 40
German up planes and won several
war distinctions. Ill wife had left
Khglnud in advance for Australia
aboard Ibe steamship Oisova and he
had Imped to overtake her at Naple.
Financial Interests Behind
Compromise, Charges Borah
eventual success of the strike It al
so was asserted that while many steel
plants had resumed" nperat ion. pro
ductlnn had been far below normal,
with the overhead charges of the
company remaining the same as dur
ing norma! production.
Little Girl Saves Pennies
to Give to Christmas Fund
one hundred pennies,
a li'.'le girl nf six years.
one Of tile finest g.f's
tieen made to the Kmpij
fund. Fine, because
the Ideal Chrlslm a
renienibi r w hat an
tune ;t hundred
ess .
'i-t'aii ,
'f nes v
paper shortage will he
tomorrow hv th Hons
"lirol'tee In considering,
Lepres . illative Anthony.;
'' Kansas, to linut the
barer and oilier period- 1
have s."
a child r
come Ju
Fave, by
that was
that has
St,., king
It represented
I'trll. I o ("it
immense fnr-
pentl.es would
i v "tl w hen Vnll w ere
,.iw you w oul
t ni ai. v v olltigs'i
bv day lulie Ku'h
d have
hi unite
r wnuM
Idee de
filed herself the p, ensure 1. 1 epenu
fng her treisur In uil. for the
pleasure or nri'iglltg cue.-r
To ofh
like In
I'll'. I
the r.'
r l l'
rsr f a
inta C
I I'lllh
an I
ue '
Ki-w i 1 A 1 1 ry. Dec
-"ll IT ,
C1...J""" "''!
Vr Itabf's lemih.
'"IS. eoontv
14 A W
coroner, blame
for the death of 'he
hi. K.. i .
n4 n. . " j -i ,ni. noil ..iia.
Th, f. " 1,rr'ra here this morning
t 7 V1' r-'urne,l home Trom work
tt e. ''""' '"'inl the baby dead
- 'oioner vain after an in
of Him who
ot bets
If you i n ti l !
of the poor p
Christmas tier:
like to fee
linht-ee. rh1
ho v s who
the davs
The is
the spirit
life for
ink in'o the homes
vie of the city
ling W'llJidc't Vi'U
bu'girR etorktug.
dreii, and smlllfig
beliel e that
bres'h until It
pirsn's W h i, in i i
bring the s .me i ht
t hose poor f a t ,
plal es as o'l w n c
homes of M
1 like to help
mas Jn Into
i .1 dwelling
,1! fir; I in the
w tr rl w h r'm the
days a feeling of Joy and goo, will
should be univeriatl.
The W orld Is isinfident that the
same beautiful spirit of generosity
that prompted the giving of Itu'h
lilies collection of pennies, will
touch the heattsof the iimspermis
grownups of Tulsa. 1 huiigh the do
i.a:Iotis rei'-ived thus far are less
than 1 4 no. The World believes that
the Kmpty Stocking f ind will be
able tu mure than furnish the 11. -SHU
that the humane off.rer need
:hls year. The good people of Tulsa
can jirevenl the tenra and heart
aches of the children of "the other
half " on Christmas morning on.y
bv coming to the aid of the h i
mane u lety Tuis.i will, but part
of the responsibility Is up to you.
Itemember. 'T am my bro ber
Imply Stmklng Mi ml, I
cnilsT 15;
As prev Inusly rep'irted . . . .133 SO
Mavor C. II Hubbard.. .. :s 01
Hetty linger Z 00
Ok Art Attraction Co.. . .. la no
A. II l-ee i. fll
.1 H Chelton I no
G K lietme't ; tMI
Inch Lice I nu
To l ISl lti MK DCA I II
MKXICi i CITY, Dec. la. - A
pedal commission to inveerigate trie
ts suiroiinding the death of .lames
ailai e. an American employe of an
loll company near Tampp'o at the
j hands of a Mexican soldier, has been
appolnted by president Carranrji.
The appointment follows represeri'a
I Molts made bv rhe Aniericaii govern
i ment .
7bere were no Ifi-ilcii'mn at the
j foreign reia'ions depat 'luijut tonight
ia fo when the answer m'iiiht h" fi-
pecte.i to the la'est ai n i ;c,in nme on
the inw of W ll .let kins "he I til'eil
States coriMi.sr arent at Pueblo,.
liable ll-ornttlTis Herl.
HKVAL. Ks'homa, Dec 14 -Another
conference of repreientanve
of the lialtie elates will be h'Md at
Don:, at before Chrls'maH to discuss
serious questions affecting all the
Haltie governminis whnh have
arisen during the pmee iltscusslons
between K'sthi.i'ia and the liol-hevik
delegation, it was stated today.
Ikeparf incut lleinls to Testify lie fore
Investigating omiiilllcc Ssscre
tnry Wilson iK'iwmniTsl.
A S II I f. Ill . His-. I I
! Powerful flniimlal Inlin'sls iiri
j rmlcav nrliig for Mdflsh Intrn-sts lo
"put wriiss llie (.iriiinii m'ic
Intily through a w-ssti- i"nirom
Iss', rufnator llorali, rs-'Ohlli an of
Idaho, i-bsrgisl In a slatcliu ol Is
sued tonight.
I rglog that longriNw limssilgati'
allcgivl i-ffi'i-t of ,1 P VIoiKun A
Co. ami oilier f limnHnl isami-rns In
bring alsnil the tri al i's rullfli ii
llnn, S'mitor llorali also nsMcrti
that lliiss.- diu resis, through "lln.
est gigantic priHigiiila." 'io-mhm-,
If sisslblc. lo pr vi ol l be
Aiaerlinn m4iic fmin (suisbli-rlng
the tri al r and the league of na
Hoiim In the prcslib iilliil cli'ilbiiis
ni'tt Niivcnilsr
Scheme nf l liiaiii crs
The flliiimlal lii'e'i-sls Senaloi
llnrah further ihajg.-d. are at wmk
inn a scheme whiili h rline.l as
' ' " , having the fnl!ow:r
'Oimiuii-emeni ( ,hr..ugh
la nor oi I icih is . . ,. , I, -, , ..
i...rr.. I " '
111:0 h icas
i the paity
ish. ,1 i ,, ir
ive been in
ii ii 'I out of ihe cam
nil of their prominence
thev will hav e accom
r-nllre purpuse. Men
Washington during the
we.-k wo, king on this plan mid they
feel raiher hopeful of the outlook.
The people of the l ulled State
who wish to retain our political In
dependence and to keep ourselves
free from turmoils and conflict of
the old world should not lose sight
of the fait thut there has alwav
been back of ibis scheme a most
vl' Inns Influence I know that many
iron. I pi up!,. h.,v. sincerely ndvocnt
id It hut there is an influence back
nf it will' I lias been the source of
'he rii"'-' gui.tiitii' pi npaga nda that
this iniititiv has ever known thai Is
acting from different motives"
WASHINGTON, lie,. 14 - Presl
nl W ilson tod, iv intervened In (he
pea, e treaty d I lem ma with all an
imuneeinent lb.it he had "no com.
promise ,,r concession of any kind
In inliid." would make no move In
ward the irony disposition and
would continue to hold the repute.
I lea ii member nf the ermle rJ
Bpnnsihln for result ami comlltloiill
attending the delay.
The president's position, regarded'
as peculiarly significant In view of
the rei ent discussion in the senal
of a compromise, was set forth In
Ihe following statement, Issued to
day from the white house:
"ll waa leu rncil from tin high
es aullMsrltv al IIm ckvuIUc nf
flee Onlay that I lie Iiiim of tins
republican lender of ilu aenale
tluif tlir preslilcnt woubl pres.
ently make sonic move wlilcli will
relieve ihc sliiiailon wlHi regard
In I lie treat v la entirely without
iHimbitloil) hr lm no compro
mise or ciiiiisssslon of any hind
In inliid, Inn Intends, so fur as lie
I isin.sTiiisl. I hat (lie repuhlicaii
Icuilers of IIm senate slinll nm
tlnue to hear ltn nnillvlilml re
sisinslhlllt v for I ho fate of Hie
Iron I v ami t lie prcsx-nt condllloii
of the world Iff I'onseqiience of
thai fair."
4'oerotiilse Not Pmdniled.
The wlilt house itatenienl aispar
ently had no effect In changing the
treaty situation Democrallo ImiI
er, lndorlng the prnablenl'a view,
declared that It did not preclude
senate compromise and that com
promise effort would proceed. He-
publlcan leaders reiterated that Ihe
president was reaponslble for th
present Hiatus and must make the
first move loward a solution. Hen.
alms Imping to kill the treaJy along
expressed satisfaction.
One point only, apparently, all
Ihe senate faction were In har
nionv namely, that decisive action
on tile treaty probably would be de
ferred until next month, gfter th
proposed holiday rei ess of congress.
Henate debate probably centered
abinil the,. .while linusa statement.
Is expected" to he reopened tomor
row with fresh vigor. The demo
cratic compromise' campaign also
Is lo be pressed acisirinng to Ben-
slot Hitchcock of Nebraska, admin
istration der, hill unless miiii un
eiepcited develupment come tbl
week, the leaders believe the finale
can mil be reached until next month.
Senator Hitchcock, commenting
tonight on the white house elate
ment declared that the democrat
would continue, effort for compro
mise on Ihe reservation and that
the aenal and tint the president
muMf-ct first.
Mailer Willi bona to.
"The prisliint eay Ihe whole
matter I in the hands 'of the sen
ate and I agree with him," JMiUh
cock Bald. 'The ptesblent any ha
ha no compromise or concession to
make. That Is for the aenat. We
ar ready to negotiate at any time,
and will continue to seek a compro
mise between the 1nlge reserva
lions and those I offered last No
vember" henator Hitchcock declared that
. the
I heir
'Is of
N V W Y o I ' K ,
taneotislv with the
tlial il par'ment of
w-nuni oe .. -,i,.-., "., ervatloiis
the tihnse Immgratinn committee, t (l ( , r, r . ,
whhh l investigating euridltlons ' w 1 1 -1 1 , - r A met i
Kill Island ltepresetitatlve Isaac ' ,,.,,.,!
Siegi-I or New li'lH, a tneililier or llie
eommlt'ec, dennilllied Secretary of
l,itior W lon and bis department In
an address Inte today. Ile referred
to lb- refusal if ,ecretnry Wilson
to give the commi'fee rhe depart
inint's r'p"r' on 'he ImrnlgraMnn
eervl.e. dc ariiig that "no man I"
too big Iii 'Ills lonniry to withhold
anvihitig friit.i a i onriessp,nal com-
imir'ee" lie a.sse'.-. ie ininmlltee
Is .letennini'l lo f.ml out who is
jiesponsih.e far "the ju cfirnliiiofis
at Kilt- ll.md "
i "The offu la 'a of the department nf
I labor." he de, lan d. ' a'e mnr re
1 spons. hn fnr p- spread of radl, al
Ism than any other net nf men in
: this country "
I'g ol.j.-l ts
til II, e
us me
s s
I. If p
I. p
this wa.
t hrinigb
Ihe lea t
and their con'r-.l '
S' t lpior,s I., v., ep
llie i iitrtj
people w . I : li'-'l li
pass n l-o '. ih 'i . '
I'l mild
' Ifi the la I r n ii
lead - rs ' Men en- I'.i
Hsser' ed . 'the ' I. , I il
up the , on, r -in s'
dea I w I p I, w i M k'-
I ring the fr. ,,' n.'n
the lule cs'a f. 1 I-h log
del, a'e ll"'t piis.'l II
ff t h' i an fori In r
l! It
lull I.
c t m p.
Ul' '!'
w P
i si'
I 'i
t.ll'll-h I b'lilM'
:, ,, e ..f one
Ill s',,'
ke, I
fh. -
W J ' ' i
.1 of
t iimk.i: I
iti i i si
w u. mid it
l It! ss A
; A N :
Ti tsv ni, . rw it
ssrin 'nai .!-
nlil.4HiiM Mimrtar Msl
mi t-UM x-.se. fla
tus. T-.l.i f." tw
KVSSls M'ltntai nut T-'lf 'I
I -T Tes U's..i.f in: T-i-.i.r
Tr-Jir f.if, nnsf
itssif rs.lTif i.mt
... it l. si
;.s' CITY. Dee 4 - Kvi-
deri'C deslur I I lo show 'bat the f.rs'
tirintirtg outfit tse, in ' , ,n ne, 1 on
wl'h 'he Ituestan rev"bitloTi ari l utcii
whnh, la'rr. the firM bn.sheviki
newspaper was published, was pur
chased and sent to Husta by the
Amerhitn Irnlus'rlal Workers of the
i., a.
hand of
fnr-'ine has dealt less
purely cm that Jay of all
V i' s t e , 1 a y
Total. . .
4 ("I
.114 i
WIST TIVVS MsiSo ..,' . ..-st t
.r - 'i i, r--..-. f ..'f '.if
llVVSS I.I VI - '. .Hd prtllil r4 . TSit
( awl rhvr Hi Uarstuirt.
W n
tr la
i h.
'I h.
id w-ll I
in K i nmi s
l' d v l' n VI"
I'l -e.
,i ' ,'"''-1 1 ' v
I -. I'tep, .- h,
'rii'l'l'i-'l a' n-
into the recoid.
read 1,
cnv .
, r
a n noun t
in . i, f
ttll but
1 I w
h" ..p."'
I ,. nsas
'I l - i. r.h'
Tin,1 v :
tn.t lead
8 .
Days 1 left
It w ill Ke a M it ry 'hrist
mas if ' i.n lo;',
Tiiln-ri li"l"-i.'s Seals
l'ir .Mail SuhHcription.t in Oklahoma. Not (Jood After
December 21th
Tulsa Daily World,
Tulsa, ( Ikla. Date
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