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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 21, 1919, FINAL EDITION, SECTION A, Image 1

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III n I I if 111 III III
-VOL XIV, NO. 84
fiktv inn iMin
IN Til Kb K HFi Tlovt
. "V
Senate Approves Cum
niins Measure by Vote
of 46 to .30.
Anti-Slrike Clauses Withstand
All Assaults; Reject Plan
to Ketain Control.
House Differs Widely on the
Labor Sections; Wilson's
Position Unstated.
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Reader
WAHHINC Iliv, .,r ,t i. ,),.. sk. h
Wil.me waa a, am tH.'iMr .,:! I tola)
f prfaujoiir, Uilmr, to ho .-..liii.liol't'r of
Hi curteiiry, Tho renominatlm, sia made
eeiiatnre attained Ut ini'.-l .enaia in. pa
requiring Lrw anion with rait) new eee
l'eo ?n, Circuit
Ha Imley re
rhi:h; i-aiitnlj
etaln nr- iteniiaiy
i return
WASIHN'IT.oM, Dec. 20, The
Cumniitis Mil passed by tho sin-
air iwhy provides for the ri't
o( thf i .i : l ri:nln to private
di;p nil in- last iiny of tlm month
in hin '!' blip- im approved. Tim
bill tii.i i-. -i airikc.s and lockout of
railroad u.uhorM unlawful nd hi
up a wine tribunal whuaa decia
leru ali.i I b'J binding. " '
Thf lull provide for compulaory
Mn"'i!n!aiiori of the railroad Into
0 nr J'. eisiem under a federal
b'mril of transportation.
The CMiiiiy Im divided Into
i avven rate making district t)y the
bill with the provision th.it Ilia
nvon Im no li district ahall yield
a roltirti of 6 per tent ou the
va'iie if all railroad.
The transportation board him
puniT !n administer and to make
n jlitinii.' and to represent the
p;bS In disputes.
W.?!!IHT')N, l)er. 20. Tlie
Cummin 1)11 paving tho way for
return of the rillroA.lH lo private
operation passed this senate late to
day rj a i"ie of 46 to" SO. ending
ft prnliinio"! discussion of the meiia
lire and making the holiday re'-ess
of .org r "is pns.-ublo. It went through
without change n the anti e'rike
and oilier important provisions
aruund which thu aeiuita measure
u drawn, and wna tent to ronfer
enre f ir adjust mi nt during the ra
re with the Kbc-Ii hill, passed by
the houae November 17. I'l n ; I enact
ment of tlie pormenent railroad re
wranliAtion lratalatlon la hoped for
by IfaJeni early next month.
Tlia iiMltn.it dlnponltlon of the
railroad problem, however, still It In
ionht in Mie senate and houee biltf
1.1 b in ronferenoe nnd roncr-n
In tn'" on January 1 tin' dale
pruMmiv at rresident Wilson
1"r rwurn of the lines to their
o no. s. Si) further word reirardioK
ItUpri't'iit Intention reached con
r'i bi-foro. adjournment over the
l'n!im vetoed by the president. (
'he pendina; leirlxlatlon. arrord'.ni?
lo plain of roiKT-eaislonal leaders.
i"'- riM'KD on p.m;e two
i.irrr.K uock Ark
'uilra J M .lai-kaon at
fined new trial, to t:
nacroaa who ir. In tli
hare awaiting alnrtri'ution for tunftiTa al
m'mmi Hi hava Itruo (wiiniinltiii il'mr. tlie
riKent 1'l.yilpa oounir neb-ro r.anrrt'iiiuii
WACTUNliTfiV ' liar ;i O.-a ,u-lrd
luVy roi.irrritinlf ii to'lav r"-i..j I t rnl
it'ai Tiri.nia i.aily worth U.re
"iialun Martin ,ra,'ijii.. I., r. h .i-h-vl
tlioin a ( v. rxiun l ii la;r i,( a i.ar
fmaa lu 'hia home atale of Ixium.aiia.
rt, pa"i
Taiat. pri".
I Say They Have Never
Agreed to Wilson's
Coal Proposal.
Henry M. Robinson of Cali
fornia, Represents Public;
Action Wanted.
i m
-nv'iir- or r r in Ihn 4
cui in tl'tlit of fonr ni-n,
nuita tvi in run ferin-(i 4f mi itiry. gv
rnmni trM orl offt.-im Uv It h.h
this diitn.'t ha ti4ini. t'n cliii'f
ifnueKlIni; p.nai Ur v. fTom M,.4UK
0 P an o !
If Naccnwuiiri' A A m i n iaf ml r r u
-.v. IkJH lUIMUIIkjVi (af kJ
OKIAHOMV PITY (Ik'a. lie' 50--Variiai
law. aliKh mi in iikla
n.iina enal irllnir -g rnnritia Jtiri- n tlia ianl
1 of tho ti'rii.t am m,. mi ana
Iiai.ilo.l tonitflit. it atiMiiin.-i-.l at n...
Koheriaon't offi-a lo.Ui
Daniels Ask Action
to Com fie I Mexicans
to Free III ue jackets
VASii''ii, tcu. :o
Serretiiry I u ri i In today wio'e .s'oc
iit.tiy linnmir union thai ihn
Htalo di'p.i i l iiieiit "laho uppropii-
ato artion to aeeniu tho relearo
or permit traul of Ilia two A rl
can bliiejunketa wlm Iiiivh lnei)
In UI In JhII at Mitulun, Mcxiiio,
elio n their ai reMl thi l e Novarmlier
1 J for Hill-lied pai Urlpution In ii
hll l ot flKht.
A report from the, commander
of tin Hrotit patrol boat I'lirnliio
loo to win -Ii the two men rj
a'l.n hod, ul-u wu IruoniMllte.l to
M'-l.-Iiilv l.iiialhK rIiowIiii; thai
I h i mi ii had l i iii In Id nearly .tlx
week wiitiont trial, enduring
llal ilnlilp-i InrlililillK llmuf I trli'llt
fond, ili-Aiiitii ellm ta of tlioir i-oiii-iiiiind"r
aid Hie Aiiiern'iiii ion
rui to perWliado ilie .Meilrun au
tlioiltlea to !tii-a.io them.
Authority Over Prices .to
ar nor
WASH I Mill IN. IH'C. 2U. ('oliu'l-
Ident iohikIh wi ll l'rusident V il-suu
uppollillililil of Ihn colllllH.lhlnii ol
tlireo to t ar ry out tile Kovri nmeiit m
plan lor M'tlli'im nt of tho Mift coal
WA'-'lirMIT'iV nr.- ?nT'io ratiot al ' lh" t,x,ll"iv" loinnil-lio of
rtpital'i a -toal iimlni,,,, n 'delenini.ej ""' 1 'dl um . nou.s I'oal (iporaiom ua
hT a pollrn eenatia j.i.i r.niiiii i,, aa 4 eociation waned II lemo i a 'e nun I
4'.'K an inrr of i o nun n,,- mi; ii,', i fun ly denying Uiat llio operator
li.rreaaoraii.nl , t). inf ua ..' ir wi.rk I had airr I lo or l,....n
a-rrat aa frirrally waalaulied 111 rKard to tht) el llcniflil.
'1 he operator' denial wan aimed
r-ftvft 'nt i, ,.ni.nii.iii in i iu..i vciiu,...'u
r to the I'orn in lMMoliei s -.lleni y
Y l'.oliliiMon, ranadena. (,'al , n pre
itnilriK tlm public, John 1'. Whwe,
era wa. nv aa
Nr'.W YORK. Hor jn --Hmell
' l in n" un nr Hip roan finni : .- ,
l A - J ilCII
... .u.o.ij.k "" ' W"H V iiiik ii, "i -
ennlinif u infurroaluiii rr. fiti. I It . re fn.-n
the tri'aanry rlrparlniont loila Tho roa.l '
rnard aa r.tifiril that a ri il :r. !. r of iiav
tag e at.il fia.ili .o U.ata w.i-i .1 l.n ti moil i
hot Ui it fur tl i. r irtwi.o an.l l-ialrn.' ;
tioni aura rnr.ivr I Ui enh.t II o ria-rs I
aary peraonnel u ierato tlm rraft. I
ri preM'imnK' th
brand' I'l'uln of
Nhi'IiMni; tlie
oMiaiori na we!
"aurei-d to and
mlnerit. and Hpiii-
I 'i.iiih Ivanla, i op-'PraiorH--tliat
a a minors had
adopted" til gov.
WAsnivrrros. re. 20 nr. Kr.,.-i, x
rer.-iini ijetohilailolpbia win i-ai-t hia
wooi'y In Hip ahito hnuao to.lar
fartlmt tl.o pr.aidi-'il an nui.-ti imr.rom-it
that rWeefU'r l.e .1' ".me lo 'oahinr-Uin
oi.le whrn il m ronveaaeiiL Hrar Admiral
Oiayaln aanl Unlay
A.f!rV(lTH llo' 2D Tiio aonal-
toilav aniiroaod iho ronfrri-n.-e ropoit o'
the Hwoot hit fiiT'a.nK r r:.!.- oanr
anr allowai i-oa o' on ili.aMrJ m I In-
war from f)0 to f0 imnihiv.
sr.vr rnnK. n-. 2-1 a ii.)i. at..;
Ir. In lorhrnqiia iho mator:.l., o of Hill
l'arlia,-oo.trn la'"lit n.'r irri.,1 hrro Ui ,
day hrn two rojnor rotrrod with fi-v..l j
I ii'i-in i, in-iannri-inen a, rat
rlfor pior while two ryiTtiianlom, mai-rluntf
nto the Datmaitor'a off.eo .o:.! '. ion
The Qtiarli-k tln-n earanoil In an aitnmo
RKRI.TK. Too I Too natUnol o...m.
h'w tlaT ratified Ike protozoal airne-l at
1 eraallloa In Hptomhor by Haroo Kuri
iii lraner bi-k ennu'a artirio Kl nf
tho firrtran eniotitnlion Tl.l. a-tir:o pro
voted fr A.trlan rrf 0t.nlilu.n in lh.
(lorn. an par, .a:hi". to
il nini-l, I jiroponal. It w aa met im
lui iliali lv by a a .itTtiont from At
torney lleiiiial ralnnr deelnrliiR It
j Would be "an tiniuiiiiK repudiation
of tli'alr own t.i'ementr'. If the. op.
;eia'on filled to accept tho etlle-
j merit plan."
j Commission Kltovvn.
lJiirln the war ail tlireo ap
pointee were promnunt 'in war
I work for the envoi timeiit, Mr. Itnb
Iiisoii Willi l he MhippniK board and
.Ml W hite oiid .Mr. I i aie a ad
I visum lo 1 u el Administrator tJar
i f.eld.
rryail.leiit Wilson, In an hlcnlliyil
letter to the three member, aald
that if a readjumment of coal price
should bo found ueceeaiyy, ho would
tranaler to lh commission, sub
ject lo It unanimoiia anion, the
powers heretotir vetel in th fuel
administrator fop that purpoma,
I "No ae'tiemrril ran bo had In till
'matter.' Iho pri-Hident letter aanl
ial.er nv.ewiiiK Iho coal atnke Nil -
Kobinson Brothers Were
(Joinp; Down at Park
Johnson Pill Approvf 1 by
House; Provisions Arc
Foreign Cornnii'iee to Inves
ti'K'att; Activitieu of Rus
sians iii America.
Serreey SirroundH .Move
ment of Ship to Take An
archists to Russia.
Make Thai Dream Come True
FT I.OII3 tiP ?(l
tioi, of allrriwf nrnfito..
will l.o bra. 111 linrno't.a'o'v,
i"tri-t Atli.rto.r U 't-r
nnnn-od ti"la Mr H,.i., ot
had rrirta ton. her to ln
eeeratora and rrp-lora d.iri
rri. hrolifa
i' r. nl 'ii-ra
rinio.l k,iatoi
lie. af
aara lo
w It.at a. mi-
tho inn ora
air Ik o rharc I J a ton hir.rr than
rraiimom prire ailcwetl by the fuel
leiiafih, "permanent and
IN lielief.ln. US Ulfoi'tltiK
minefX the coal nperatora
iiei.il public, unions tlie
fin. lint: tf Ibis body are compie
hiiibHo In their character and em
brace, and Ruatil at every point Ihe
publie Intonsl. To ibis end. I deeni
inoiini; in
ai I h r the
or the a
RRniinu DCMnucc cuauu
m'ivvui 1 1 L.111 u I mil i
Arkan-iis Mint lneNstir Will !ni
eat illnli I'piMiMSl ton I Action
I.ITTI.i: It'.H'K. Ark., I ice .'') '
ft'lM'o irolen!i of the xei'iitte
fon.rni'iie if Ihe rule federation of!
later fii'.inmr I'.roufTh VO'hiy re- J
ir-'I "'lonias H. rIhaw'"of k'ort '
Hni'li as s'ate mine Inspector and .
anpoin'ol Alliert, W. Tomlin of
Otooiik.,,,,1 to ti, position. Mr. fhaw I
te'iMiat-i that h will contest the '
rtinn in tho i-nnrts Khnw removal j
l" r !' ! s b iter he wrot the fjnv
arer .1 : k- tile r-oitl airike. that the j
""'''ra an. firiiified In atrlklnK and 1
ho " ill do not lilitir to aid In'
r- " i-k cm: at At kunsats
.-pi"- itniR tin' mlio W illi i
TrtltOVTrt. Pro
r-iatlr.utt, i a o l.r.i
hrifa r oar no'l i. o
'h t lllt.rf r..ii-o:
.ilh.itlir. r-oro t-nlar
- Troo
II :nl n;
rod an.t
i" ('to-'
r. j...rn
nyRI.IV To' yo vfv'-M ir.-'rrr"
v r r..nn. ..r n I r-i' .'.- ef 'iat .-at '
oil at lo-la'a nioolim of l! i.ati. - al aa I
ar hr thai a r"-ai r-a-t of ttio ?n o n i
ooo rnarka in ro'-l ratal e to tho a ' i '
nr.nVr the forma of tho ooa-'e irratr had
a'rotrlo (.pen iloMtorrd T!o a-Mol (So on
tonte theHiT area trwiral'a bonrrl lo anpj.'yi
Unoany with raw iratoriala and f"oJlu'fa. j
FT IOCI.O Too 10 fieaa of a trnr.l !
raid to ha.o oa'ainad Jowolrr al"0 all
4.'5r..in waa ro-,rto.d to Oo noir o. tar
hv Klwar.l ,f 1' o a Vw Vn'i j.-oo .f1
aaloan an T o i.-i-Ii waa o." .-rr.-d Tip
lOTil-rr 'ft f'O'S Wl'h'l I i '. lr4. lo t I
Iou.a. Mr le t ie 1
it important thai your
iiehouM be reuch' d by
.t'.'.lon. '
, The prrKlden' MtU thai on
time 'if the jie.iinlm"iits be
oil; an e.iily rn.-eiH.i; of the ci
"h II to II r In t.-l. ,1'k'liit:, "
1 " i n -i ; ii v out pi i i s for
, " ork."
i -f or I'-ie.b'nt W:!sn!i'B b-Vi-r to
f mi ni hoi h of ihe coal rommisalon
I cuNTiNi kii os PAiir. sKvrs.
w ould
it, mis
Ml ihr
i ut
Thin Ice Rroke Under Weight
of Skaters Yesterday
k'rank, II, B4id William, (,, aona of
Mr. and Mrs. 1 1. Ii. Robinson, of
HH Sodlh I-on i hi aw iiue ii;, a
narrow cheapo from dj owning at
noon yeslerd ty wlulu nKating on
oodward park lake.
Tlie Ice was very thin In Iho ren
ter, and bafurn the brother vktiew
of their danger. It bud broken and
I hey -were e'l UKhi' In Ihn waier
Tho li t lo, boy ha I 4nr unde.r once
when liurund-" M Kenzie, another
sk.iler re-eiied him. Thu Mi kenxie
boy leaped Into h water, and after
laklm; lolly Itobinaon ashore be
returned and helped Iranrt Kobln
son out. He wiih aiinoat exhitUMted
in reai'iilny ihe older boy.
Yoiiiik Mihenajfc la a aiudent at
the Uncnln school.
U ASHI.Mi ION, he Jo I ho
lllillllliiaMull l-ollimi! ! e M lull plotld
in lor Iho depot i.it , oi of all -nii rl-i;
.1 1 1 nun ci i j an.ii ' iiiiiie mi hi. a
l.olis Was panied lo..i l the Ji-oise
The voio was uii.imii.oii.-.
1 n ve.ti Deal ion b the In
latlutin coliiliillli Into Ho
of I flu jo an iropaKaiiil.ii
lountiy wua ordend ;.i (,
tho aemite whb: liadopted
Uon by Henalor Ii-iiiui.
can, Iowa, providing for ru
Jn urKlna; pansuRe of the bill Hep
resentativa Johnnon, r. publican,
M .ir.fi I ilk i on , chullln.iii of tlm house
linm.rti uliori cointnll ue, ilailaied
that all f i l I k i " t is colniiiii lo the
I'lilted Klatea "In the Inline tnu'
coins only on probation. " Jim matti-
liient tmllcuii-,1 thai later an effoil
Would hn made to oi-h I'Ki-iiailou
for tlm probationnty nti of for
eigner. "The oltlens of the I'nlted Hialea
are ihriniKh wiih beintf lold by alien
revoluiloiiiatM. commiuilslM and au-
ULtIut' S, n ho are w II bin ' imr bw
Jileiwi by rotittcay, and by our fiac.
' depress
Is llrlihul Time on llltrlit to Mohlle
Jlnt Officials Io Not I 'car .Morn
Hum .Minor Mlvhaps.
nolhtT IniTi-nse nf 25 4"nta Per
lliirnl Adds H..'i.Ooo a Pay
on Stair's Iti'tPriii,.,
Hi t ra
Bon ui;
Chjirsi',! Wlib S,lllnir Mortirajrtsl
Auto It.K.kisl on ln-ml:aibin.
Tl. a.i- 1
"' I A
I. ,., ,h
N'-il and
- be want!
d in St
i; of a ir.ort.iited auto- i
' ii pprehended he' e lat
I 'eii..'i ive Krneal Hood", i
"o nriniripa! jail awi.t i
- 1 1 of .-'i 1 .on is pro.' e
; :-eh:ied a I'hrvrob oft
tn v rinli.k' l-'J'J cash I
' Hid nh'alnmaT the other
'"'i an lines'iuen: o.tn !
", ' tt V. o woro 1-o'h ex-i
: -.-ao.1 drove to Tulsa1
i -rested when t.-ylr.p
"!ielr ear at (Vie local
.''"Hi-y, the pnlri nty
w tii!v; riv
nor 'e t e' Oi.'
eha-ro. TO-.ntlr f-e-i
r.-ird a '
t'a.ninir An '
o'flrrt ravo 1
aicem,! ltl-J nnfao
V A'MNfiT'lV
r-arl W ' "i
waa aprM)i"td
lurn a.-'-' - r
Swr't-v f. .1 r . '
M.m- l o-1
. I. o'r I "-I ' -
'i-.'itna! ro'-c-rd :r
' o ra 1 . ' t
!. . ri
I '
S! tl O OTI
' t I
i l
a t'""'
'n I Iti
open .tit"
prb " f:
, o
ft.' I
f ?
t li-tr-
po' ? Porrrpf Hot
r flrhVri-on K r ifl'ti
- aa,-.i f, r !t r
t.nl 're-n ...--a r
r r " ..'n T on ' a I ion
i i p- I, y i'iiri! iy.
f tb.. i .a- -t show Ir;
I l.i the lh sir l ( i!l K
' i. is .1 , it in ru 1 1 a 1 1 a i eo of 1. - con-a
river tlie rj 'ii. : 1 1 io n November 20.
which nt that t;nie was hiich figure
f- r . r-o'e f-o:n this dls'tio' Thla
I .hi, i
r on o f xr
1 ' .
1 I
T-'rtl -
' ;
II.' t-
ir.. 1-, 1
' ritai.v
!.!! 'ho
I V ('Oil
. h.
if iii err it from K "
. I.-1 S la'h I'na n;i
k S.tt'trilav o (rbl b
' c;,: .a.. J. 4ini:!i.
P ' "ace ,im Adtt
ion Ave. M. E.
Church South
' 'Mh and Rotnn
r. C mie hnd See l'a
" ! f 4 ,,, . C.,: I
i ? ip' m-i nd. i- .
! - iti . subject. ' fhr.st
' ' roat A r.mv oi a., ry '
in , tlie J'iaret. an-
1 h.Tus w ill render a
n'a'a entitled.
'-'I lv
.! ,
rot a r to
t'.i- I tM
V H 'I
i 1 :.
,:k- a
i. i i 1
A n
f T II'
' ' I 1
Mo '1
t'll It.' I"l
. T'l'l. f"
i.' I C.l f
i1.ill r I'd . tt.. ii of crude
i no i " in.ateia fc:..-
: ' .0. : as., tho dally
m! j.-nlueers an nddl
i. i i! i v .. u the a1i aVioe
I r V i. 1 1 -i In all the
I ..... h mi e ... . f
no : 1 1 -i f ai tors orlrif -an
ia i "i prb-e of cade
M l . iiiin.-r' folds
Id it's and this p-1. e
n it, (f ar s sl-iea,
I , - t !a . . )i;i' fillOU
a ' i 1 ii' a l-arroi at
!: rf . e The u1'1n
r. ' 1 r iil,ai 'W,, 1 ' !.
-i ena1. h it the
e .r.'iiy n a
MollIU:, Ala. lvc. JO The
natal lraifr.'A I iaiitli- seaplane, NV-4,
which left (ialvi stoii at If US a. nt.
today on a propone.) noil-mop fllirtfl
to Molaile, was mpoiinu tomifht and
naval uuihorlnea ti pol led no word
from the b.p had been rerelved
since 1 J. JS a in whin a wiiolen
inesRat;.. from tb. piano, maun)? i
wai due in Mobile late today and
'h.iiii-.o iioiii.li. hi I been expe
I i' -to i d in the filnh., was . .-nod
-i' 'lie Ni-tv i.iraTio, iiio.r n ,i mn
'I'' ci-i-i' aiJi-l" for ai.ie,--,.,i,o
an.l w.nd iiif.it minion but no men
ilon was Ida to of the pl ine ..,ai
'ion The N' ' I is In command of
Lieut Com Albert r Jtead, who
was In .'Ssirato durliin ilis liana At
Utiitln f,lgh'. to l-lymou'Ji, llncmnd
Naval offlclai here am oonfldent
nothing more aerinu lhan minor
nirachanbal trouble had cuusi-d an
interruption of thn fliKtit.
' apiain W. (I. Iioyer, naval re
cruiting officer fur this district, no
tified Ihe navy dep.ir'menl offl
'hi! l That the C J was overdue
Ihe plan., '.i.i. atpe ted Ikio wi'nin
loir loons a".-r I! .o.'l i.ilvi-ti.tl
ai.. I woe. i j' ,,, r.ot a!'ieB. eil by
in n af i no ui ef foi is to ieu.li tt by
w it oil s w ei o In k un.
.Mi" In a I Is in Mold! tn meet
her h i.-band riho slid toiilatbt b
was mt anxious over his safety a
'he IV -4 frequently hnd beeni de
layed (- wea'her" condition puch
is jirevalled today
now to run our noScitnuciii
t'latod Mr. Johnson ' ! i eo
in ihe I nlleii h'talea Is inns, pot
their; free speech I our". Hot their;
aio) 'hey haul limn, luni .it fir as
we ran b-l them no toward ruinm:
our limil pluclou rich a They
have baton Km Ms in our house They
have misbehaved most woefully
They ara welcome no Inniter 0nd
they muit go. Am thoae who. como
from foreign hore In the future
muxt coma only on probation."
Kxplalning the hill. Mr 'Johnson
aid Hint It erihiraes 'he di pm i.iiion
(.laiiees to Include iilieno uho print,
circulate, ed it, art Inplay or uiairibnto
annri'blMi" propiitfaiiil t us pnbllca
'Ioiin pr 'ho.-,, who fiii.ini-inilv aid
filSTISI r.tl HV I'AlIK I K.ll I'
' X
SAIL r V?p
,'"iuui'hi'J TrrR''' y
tapap- St taV'f tf ' -w
. . . . '
rOU WAS (JM'K a child. You form the high rnsolte that within
V .i.-- ... ... i
I pit limn n. louiiiri ui laitiiri ui
WAS (JM'K a child. You
no a mother or father -in
lleftrlng on Appolnlrncul of (.rata
(Vtmpuny Itassdver ( Vtiilliiitol
Ut iMssuiiH-r '22.
l-os ixi) l lci-:
(l'i: M .V
I Tom H to II IIi-IikI, This Morn In
l-utrons May Mall l'n 1-na.l.
l-iil the hi i -i.-nllii-daTInn rf Oie
p'i. Tn!' -i pa'l-its II, e pur-e p"l
I'leiitti ain.iiiHa a! 'bo lo! post
if: I e will be open .--unday rritTidiiK
frotn I to i e.o k
It. ' Mr1 lu.e, aj-s.e'ant ao.perln
tevdent cf n ail" e a'e I H ifndiiy
:l at un n.ar.y po-a''t.i haie been un-
I'oh; poui irn
e 1 1. t it J o It a
il of lh- Io in ii k
y IK 'lie H J ;": f ,
of II reei ller .,r the I l. ,. Ir i,,i
ural i iiio ' "in .n in i". w urn..
lu din'int w!,u 1 1 it. ii d.tj miiiiiiiik
by Judge Owll li.l'li wb'li III
learned that tbrmirh ion." tnliuii
der alaiiillng. rimti- i-l (or the ; t y of
Tula, tho plaliillff, and the .. ti-nd-ant,
the taae nliould go over. until
The aclloi), bronrbt by the illy
ask Ihe coflrt to appoint a hi eiifr
for the piirpi.ro of rna mi.: ' n 1a ihe f
fair of tlm oofiipanv n:i I obi.unlrn
for Tulait a proji. r ouppli nf i it irn'
rn for lliilii'-'l'' and m l n ' i l 1 1 ''.,n
siiiuplion 'Iho 1,04111,1; :n u;il h the
it.-ia . o ? n 1 a 1 1 v v. 1 . r - j , 11 - -I ' ' h .. a
ia im- win a-i' I, .1 i' - ' " i I 11
he lipp illlted u 1 . ., r ,,-: 1..1 '1 , -. ' fo'
Traturdiy more.ra-
IVMfAI.I. I.M.ION Mil Will It
1'ormiT Comftiaiidi-r
lory ( Im-J ii for
Itolx it Tl lit,
fi.rnn r ciiito ."'I' '
,t 1 ' 1 .!' y , 11 1 1 1 : 'i
u r er of t m , 1
f , 1 ' in no 1 -x" 1 ' . '
T nhs:! o n 1 i 1 ;,i
lios'ori, who m 1 1
ten Ion in . T . , r , - - 1 i 1 1 .
. r e I 1 o rr 1 -
I It Id rtll-I-t-IIIoii
t - . i'"
! hi .
pent inn-tit If nut In fail I'er-
lotps vour lines were cast In plrstaant
. In lis I'l-rloipH iih it ihlld you never
knew Ihe haunting iliend that your
Christmas dieitiim in.idit linl come
t r ii ; or a parent. It Is possible, that
you are a : runner tn the aoul-an-fulh
that only he nr aha ran know
who hag watched Christmas ninrnl ig
break in barrenness, knowing that
rbiliihood fallh In pTood old Nt.
Mi k I In bo sorely tried; that little,
lips will 'inner In an agony of dl
appoint ineiit as lh empty etti' kingR
Hie pinllv re'iioved from, he wsU.
bullied In lh" teal of uncontrolled
rnef X
fdit ei'i-n so, you can vel the
pniluM 'of tlm picture the artiHl has
1101 before us thla morning. How
many of 11s would permit that hoy tn
awaken 10 the knowledge that hi
drorim was not, could not, b" true?
Not one of us I'or such a lllll bit
In required to run he It rumi true.
; S't I' N nd an nbgirnct raoa. The
1 I Ii 'ui". I' 11 tree ropic.cii!a type
'lint 'he lii. kboiiliilM about yoU In
l ie i'ii numbers iharj you. lu Iho
I'.in'iil i.r -.on! hoir'ie, can know
- We do in.' and w u cannot know why
a u-t 1.0. 1 perrmU' mine to suffer
i In i-l niiri .iinl woo tt-hhe eo innnv
otbirM tune a surplus f,ir beyond
their in-cds. And yet we have fallh'
Hut e do know, every on of ua,
how to ti.ui b in mrilnMprlng of hap-plm-fs
In aui'h live, how lo bring
tlm Kith! ft Joy to ,l I eye, a mlln
of binipiiii as In pirn lied lips, and Die
iIiit- of ihe e'ornal moriilng lo fn-ia
Hi.it bine never known H before
And It rii.'N rati little' a ,
I e 1 "ii an 1 I, here and nuw,
Immigrant Train Collides
With rrc-inht at
. Onaw ,i, .M;iiii
fm-iii the high rnsolte that within
our ability lo do to, we ahall nniku
every dream Ilk this eume true
Christina morning. That w ahall
send HI. Nick fating foitli arrVe
Ihe lioueoiopa on the nva coiomemo
MT!ve of Hia blrlh, lo fill eiery
stocking lliut I dependent on our
Chllatmaa generosity. The Kuieiy
Kiocklng Fund I gathered. In Hia
name and'for uch cauo. f'mn
ye and becom partlclpanl In the
oh, hoy! bny! Your dream ahall
eome true:
"l'ois much aa y do It unto one
of flies Utile ones, ye do It nrreh me "
As pletlously lepoire.l I I . I II U H 4
Hilver l-liimo l.odgs No HI, KlURlHs
I of I 'y hliia l-'f., I'ylhlan Klnler Hljver
llrfidge No II, 110, lien Hur 'I'einole
No. 131. In aniailc I irdor of Knights
'f Klioraojaon :,f), , .', lpjo, $J,
'iene Duff. Jr $J, Mr. John Hilt
Ii. K, A. (Julse , Amellii llatchrtt
II. J. I. Klvkln J, A II. Thomas
II, J. W. Heed 3, John lUllnger
;i, Arthur ltuiabrger iVklra V
i I.', John M'irrleiin. ir 1.'. William'
I' lsby 1 1, (; A lliadley :,. l.n,
plotoH of Kennedy Itestaurant .'.
.1 T (Hal. Mom i Tills i tl, KfM Clal
born Jl, Mis l irni-y Mc.i Mip
Me'Bler II. M-s. J. J lleHlnii.e II.1
M.nii't M Ciimmliigs l. M' l l."
Waller i1. Mrs .1 J fvj . I I t, iy i
W, liunlap r. . I'urdy Motor Cor-
poiitiloii r,, J A Wolfe f'l, A
I rt.nd 2, II. H l.ytle S, It J.
Carlisle. Illxhy I, Kntployea flulf
ripe Hiatlon, Cleveland a'reet f 4 .
Mn lllrk $, itusaell Hninff.-r II.
loif'lng Clnh 111), ItiniJi l'.-iiecc
Itiiliin 1 1. Mnlvln I'.nhin II, l-onurd
Turner f L, cbsrlol'e T'lMo-r tl.
Jlooper Mm -,r) pound
fe Total l,J.;i HI
of iof.
Milio ami miss
in Ni-v ofj, I nun
.' I W'l'i.;. 1 1' i- :'i
I '"ik , ill la'uiit eei r ' a i y
' : i -ei ul Tii-i .-i
J 1 1 t - M fin l-er a '
' . ec I ' I'.ll to t 'I .. II er I II ' I
. a i f i t i e t r r ii I hot .
r ' u I r i iii e i o the
lie ! k 1,
ttt ptate.
:l s and Henry
f t ! e , o, or i at f)
l.al - .ti e
I. r.iih-
Underwood Asks For a
Commission to Aree
on Compromihe.
Mild Rrirrvationists to
Vote Against It; I'uvor
Underwood Offer.
Foreign Committee Ap
prove. Proposal to
Keep All Benefit!.
Quick Conclusion by Senate
It Looked for in January
From New Slept.
WAHIIINOTOV. Dee. il). - - The
peace treaty controversy wit re
viled In Ii full vigor loday, Just
before the aeniiie recessed for Christ-
Two new move fur (he formal
sliibllMhment of peace, one by rati-
fliAiloii of the treaty and Ihe nlliiw
without, were the agem le which re
opened lh fight, NulHier proposal
got aiivwhctu, but It generally was
conceded that tht day's work would
help bring annate opinion lo a focu
early In Jiuiutty,
The guggi'sllon which ciiueod Ihe
greslest stir cume lale Ip Iho day
from Heniilor I ndei wood, democrat,
Alabama Ho proposed appoln-.
ment of a commlHre of ID to work
out a i-oniproiiilsi- ratification of Hot
I run I y lie asked for Immediate ac
tl.ui, but Kenittor I.o'Iko of Mnsss
chiietl, ( h republican lelor.
forced the resolution over until after
the holiday.
Henalor I'lulerwood a!i that If rio
reaoluibui if ratification with or
wltliout tesi-rv nl Ion relating to tlia
lepgii of iiatlons iinild be pusaed by
the seriate, he would vote to ratify
the tregly, buitlug Ihe league cove
nsnl nut for nccrpti lire or rejen
lion later by Iho Atiioiloan people.
( onsnllN Is adora
Immediate couslderitllon nf Ida
1 'nderwood roaolullon wn blocked
by Henator leudgo, who as Id ha
could .no' give Ilia enrient lo uch
a stop ufTil he had ooiiulted Willi
o' her retniblb-an senalor.
The oihrr move came) from J'hll
aroler Knox, eonainr from rennpvl-
vaiilii. i nd it former repuniieiin see.
relnrv if state He obtained ap
proval M'iiim Iho foreign relation!
coinmllVi of a ii-soluison to repeal
the dpi Ini n Ion of war and to de
mand "f liermany, on pain of an
economic boycott, all the material
belief)! pioihled by the unratified
treaty The mill reervtlon group
of republicans promptly served no
tice they would not support such a
measure and democrat predicted It
never would be adopted
Continue I 'bins.
I'rlv.ttely, the mill group x
p'l HSed ruin b d!o.itlefli"l in with
the il ii drvelopmeiitM and nnido
pl ins 'o yo nhi id iletet rnli ed! i
wyh ibeir e'fort. f.-r ii bl p.ir'isa'i
:i 1' i ... 1 1 eo on ii " rv itli.no Th'-v
I lo ! he, i pa r l y 'i-adei a
! I i- h' Ii ' x I e 0' -I i ' on a 'el I II -ihul
I hey bad -n .f.
I a-i!.jioi t I lie I'lotel w ood
If Hot a'nr l.odKe bad iio:
a via on it
r I iid-riiood.
u!..l 1,1- I-l f.i
a i - .In (.1 .. in lot
I ' a iimjihi t i bad I
pi .,'.-,..
.It' I 1 . 1 T
.11. .lied
piped t
pi '.(.OS i
bio. ki-d
h s ri -'
T - W i I 'I
C.r ."in
. i'ii-
In prr
-t p.
In. i- i; t
''.Mn '
Il 'i I Th ,(
t t 'l ' ll
if. MN1
t-'T .b
mi: i: tiii: it
.l I'l'
I 1 1 I IT
!er. I I
.. -Hi
nt b: unn
.a rta.ee in th
i-l'- ri:.1
st. ,1 a- A
! l en e a
f . ows c
I -t - i' on
prl' e -f
s a
I '
e a-
h i-rel
. pi-
i yen
!' i rn
he !!, i'.
T'i. Misl't
'.') ?!nr:I!r
0 mre J : he
1 r l ie a:
ie to re.i-
d i v s 1 .''
e pop'offl.
lis S it., I .
l.e lit ah
' r. aes a,
- i.t and r
at. day i n
i the w .
'..., o'
e off.f I
y w.l
tl to I
:il pi
Mole U '
tie pur
tidow th
' h o cr owdo.
:.h b'-i.--. t- i
a i"W et'
i 1 1 1 iai.fi
tl, a:
r .ma '
f-.r a
s made
dep. ti t
l!olilil of ( ash and at'-lt.
K I. IMiberl. I l l :-i, .), i 'iriein '
It'l, reported ''I T o one that he
Isl l.eori ro'd'-l if lv ii. - i-.'i and
a l'.;. w i'i vi - ir' - I riirJ.t on
-.'-:! A .'- .-il' a: i-- -'o pact of
'! .-' t I ' ' .: -I .'i.par y
mil. -"K
ot l,
fuel -j .. -
mar I .
a ,f"0 i
I o -1 a f
y i r ' '
1. 1
! Ja.
More Shopping
Days I'cforc
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Who th'i'jl 1 hii" a V M C A
ri-en.i.'oraiup f .r ' hr s'maa
o ir
.... P,
TAr.-i s oc t ni:i;st"
Not K . b it-- e b'iT 'he h'rh
" - ..f g '
f r-v 9 f ' ' e rt ; 'y.
- r
C M ;i:i:..'I
,'.,.' , , , t a 1
' . i i V A.I'
("MI!IST.MAS ni l nt rnrpMN
J'"r Mai; K ib-. 1 1 '.. r i i, i:. -or. t :..t ' ; -o I Af'-r I"1 21th.
'I M- i I ... ly W oi lil.
T'I I , ' I V II I l.i t e
I w I-. tin t-l- i..'i.,. nf y n. ini-rn s.i-, ing offer below ard
I r-.-i r' ii " ' o "'.i'i i
?0 '''. iJaily and .i.i.d.ty W'.rld, cine year, a;te
T I . i i .
T 11". I'.n'y V. iu!i! nnlv, f,ri" -ar, -avi ?.'...
I S'i! d.iy ! !'! .!:! . . (,!- '. c tr. v. i-s. .", "c.
A I In -a
If r new a ! rr ar k X hi
l the
id -o
I b.
())'-n Totiay
ami Km t ire's
"f f J
Farmer & Duran
M.I M -XAl.t
Is la. a- III e I ln.oe .',
' - n i i
-id '
'n: u.:..ii '
)jur tar
tur. r
1i." rP"i'W
t 1
" ' ' ' i ' ) . -i' I I.- t..
. a.- ; ,
1 u ik" H'T.1rii,'!i. i.'h t' 'jtk
rr of crif of ih'-tv buy.
Christmas S' a!s.
at n.arh:
'i- 1 1 :. a c i i t v '. i j ii trt' r. x it
'If. s I' ,'e I io. ' ).-.-. , 1. ., , ,i, T'j.sal

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