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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, December 22, 1919, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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! What Do You Know? Asks WHEAT SHOWING
Dr. Scott of Oklahoma City UP SPLENDIDLY
Mother Comes All tho
4 Way From ' Paris to
Gett Custody of Boy.
Kvcrjmun: Are jrou educated? I'er
fiapa you tblnk you are and aren't.
Jeilmi-a you think you're not and
'. At Hiiy rate, here your chance
t" ace how you "auek up ' with what
muulO. l,o atand.ird solleg grad-
MAY TAKE HIM BACK ''"r.llnt toan Uklhnm p.-u(.
lYlrtl InMU ! ; inr, lir. A. C. fcotl of the iiienMon
urimi intent, or the atule utmcialty.
uMiim ciiucaiion nmy up leated
Only Objection of Father
'tm He Wanted Bon to
Bo American.
to The WerM.
r' mi . - I.' 1
lnidl'cy. Hed Crosa niueo. waa
,..y,n Lack her ear-old m.n In
!,Hrt court here yesterdiiy lifter
.niin "II the .way from l'urla tor-.
I Ft,,. Is from an aristocratic turn-j
llv iit AUKIiala, "" "Pr niv.irit-i
hiutl.tind. ! I l""ll-y, U mlnlim
onerai'T Itere. Htm told the court
,L ,,,y had been clven to her at
I,, ,,u.tre trial, tint that while In
tYnci the father had broiiKhV Mm
, Miami without her rnnnent. The j
fattier told the court he waajll-l
lrE f,.r Mrs Dudley to hacn file
toy provided one dl't nut take hint'
wa in France with lier. ,. , l
5 11,- nnid he had reuaona to be
JfXf. ,io would return to i;url for
' I i .... tnmpii'nn firm und rcHP
. . ... l.n.A 111 U-ntltPlf ll I 111 tO
I j j e i r p'ii . . : - ,
mi American boy with American
The Pudleya were divorced In
-mi ut.nt to France enrlv In I
Hit She returned lo (ieoiKhi with
t,Pr .,.y tonlpht
mil V hu Uulurl ny I .
lie breadth auj culture by lua I.1111II-
..j won me nooatt in win following
hat, which be prepared for the Okla
homa Library coiiunlaaloii.
"V.y toOii education'," .is lioclor
fVoti, ! mcun here what in l(i lit be
nl ni(l 'ajlturr or 'liberal' education.
.Many men whow InH'teala lie In epn
i ml illi cctioiia and whom- rcadiiK
follow lliuae dircctlona are indeed
narrow, hut can hardly be called mi-
ilmaliil or even poorly educated,
i ut it man with a liberal edii'M. 1.111
would naturally be familial' with the
follOlVlllif liTi.it III I I11I1K nf I1I..I 1 nr.
t apeak of the lilule, lunam-u
I 6. In American fiction two or j
more reprniaii e lionke of ll.iw- j
Itbornr, l ooper. Howell, Janus and
IJamea Ijme Allen. 1
It. In Ameiiian poem, h utlir!
familiar know -ledge, of I .onttf ellow , 1
lowell, Hryanl, Uhiltler, I'oe and j
tainter. I
7. In it. Ixi't Hi iK-nim rending. 11 '
reaaonalile kiiowleda-c of X ldo-on, 1
Carlyle, Hurke. Itunkln, M.t'ailey, .
KmerMdii uml h.m.
. A reanonable amount of fcenrr.it
reading In button, hioKiajutiy and
clence. '
t. t'ertiiln wor'd hooka audi h
"I'nn Uiilxnle." ''lion M laern hlen." '
"I'llRrlin'a I'ronreaa," " 1 iilllv era
TruvelB," "Itidiinmin I'ruaoe." "The
Iliad." "The tidywrv," iloelheal
"Kmim" 'The Vicar nf Wakefield,";
"Tom Haer' and other hooka of 1
I do not h
1 ( ike It for K'anti'il.
1. ShakeMiieare at leiifll nnch nut-
ffaiidiiiR plaa iim "llitmlet," "Juiiua
t'aes.ir." "K111K lar.'' "Macbeth"
Mini "The Merchant of Venice."
Ilcpreaeiita'ive poema of Ten
nvnou, llunia. llrow nlnK. Ilyi on
iid.lrti'I'th, Mhelley, Kl-.UM. To lliee
ml;lil be added MiIIoiih "l'liradbe
i In KnKllxh flcllnn at leat two
or three I t preai ntatlve hooka of
ricott, IMckena, Thaikery. (ieoige
Kllot, Steveiiaon and Hardy.
4. In recent KiikIihIi fiction two or
More repreaentallve -books of Hum.
wot thy. Ilennclt, KIplltiK and Ilari .e.
Unfavorable Weather Is
Responsible for root
Spanai 10 The Werlil
K I.A III 1 M A ITV 1 '.'0 Thii
coinllllou of I k lii lli'ln. 1 a 11,11 1
wheat on I lecem In 1 I, . rord iiij t"
the leport Junl Ih'Oieil - I tli I lilted
Ktaten hureaii of cinp er.i i nniiv uimI
the Vale hoard of ufit nil 111 e. n i'H
per 1 rut. The comliiinn 111 I lie na
tlon w irti Mi per rem Thu ancii;''
aown this fall waa I I "On Helen a
ciuiipai rd with KTiiti.tiuu Inn eai.
11 decieann of L'li per cent. The re
'H In the miinoi thia 1. ill .ii
',','1,0(1(1 ts compare, I llh ti 0. t " II, (Kill,
Mark Twain.
sr;i: hiKnk.iit i;diij
Vollna Tilled 'iid Caurx' 1rrU
and JuiIki f Ihc ."mhiu- M-r.
Heei' to T'ie Wurlil
M I .SK't ( I Ki:. Pec. 21 -1'ewev I'
Mllla and Mini M.irjorie II Klack
both of TiiIn.i. wee married bile
late IhhI iiIkIH bj W t! Miller, luo
lice of Hie peace. They routed the
clerk) out "f bed o ohl nil 11 IIcciihc.
Vow liank la linrtcrnl.
V ASINCTI iN. I'.c. ?l Kitty A.
IlllKhf h.1-1 hrcll lippnln'ted post
miiHier at X'tiiHou. tl.irmnti rouri'v,
t'klaliitna A ch.irter u'ln cHtet
diy lKioied lo the l-'lrnt .National
bunk of'llrfniia. (iklahoma. with 11
capital of 12.1. lino ,1. I'. Kurnham
la prcaldent and Walter M. I Ionian
( liable r.
I a decrease of 23 per cent,
j Tint cuildlU'in of ive In ikliihoiu 1
ilecembet' I w.tn K per cent and the
atTeiiae Kiiwit ihlH fn.l h.lMlll 1,1 lew. ui
lominii'id w.tli pilhiO a m.i 1 11k"
The acie.iae how 11 Una fall IP the
INina.leNt Minn- l:ii;f when the fiKiite
u a x J ... 7 7 tin (1 ''he r 1 n t year of 1 Uc
war miiiii'hcI an Increa.ie of 2;'i pi 1
'cetil and Inst )ear. piomptrd bv thn
i poKhlblllly nf llhlllHT e.u of win
and a KU.iranteed pi Ice 1 he whrat
.11 ir.n;o rohe to 14 7 per rent of th.it,
iilinHM 111 the pie war year. The
.ivri.ice adraKe aown during. Die f 1 e J
'vena of the war period .1 . .1 .1 !' . - j
iiinl acrei.. tlml of the fe yeara pre.
1 Unit I .', I I .nun ncrea, roi Die '
r.olc ISii'j- : Ji I K . :.6:'.r. tini) acrei The1
!,nlrBio a'Wll this la only y prr
'cent irlore than that aown tile ear
' linnir.D.iii l preccilitiK the war
j A 1 1 1 1 1 1 t the reaaona for deereaaed
larreii(i'" thla fall are. The IiikIi Hlc,.
of cotton and iilisnce of ttii.iritn
teed wheat mice for lll.'n .rnc
of hoU mi tho early pal t of the i" a
Mini whnh itlwoui aved ploWUg. i'i
lii-H,e soil lilotslllle follow Put Hie
drouth; leaHni; wheat In hIii.iM nod
ahniiiiKfi of thtesheia which iUlaM',1
plowuiK, NhortuKe and hii price ol
larm l.ihir
llwcai.ae unf.iyoi abin weather h is
previ i:r.l III till nod 1 1 P'T I ''d
CIUmIHcII nf Wlirnt IS C o III p .1 1 l II I I
low f.u this msisiiii of the leal, i:
decs mil liecewal-IIV follow lh.ll the
in ii .t . .1 ii iii.ii not hi il me iHiirn be
iiltMtollir Pcfnie hiiilrsl The f-'i
.,'W IIIK cot,. I liniB, opelilllllR III .11
feiem par a nf'the e'.lle. hair nil had
an Influence on it heat o-.i n ihln t
Catll plowliiK likide Rood htnlt. l it"
plowina i ansa, 1 In!,' start. he.iiy
lama lo ilctnlur lolured annul: !
wet weather ieiaidcd iHi" -h. In
pines, sci'ii lied w ta pom 1.1 pie
pared fields left MniMcd ll'n'h
in counties by lleaalan fli: good
s'.ind in ninny loia!lil"s with f.iv
ui.ilile inolHiine mi. I snow rotnllj.ins
I'lail niMiiiiilly "Vrrr.
HKMI I ;i:K. I'eii. ? iikmo!
fee Is to luiiii a coinniiinl'v rhils'
,o, is tree The V t ( '. A and the
chamber of commen e Inn'e J.nur I
In niMhlni; nri iinc'ioenlH for the
Ii ee w hp h w III be placed In coin
ell house aiU.ne The tiee will be
elect rlca iy llnliled mid all of I he
i hll.lren of the city will gather
ah. nit It ( 'h rlst lima eye and slnir
t'hrla'mna ciirola The tree will he
left In the .uiire throughout the
holiday week and will be liable. I
each night. ('
Lrvt Nnv I IrIiI I'lniil.
Spai-n te IM Wuril
WVNuN'A, llec.l The electee
IIrIii and itaiei plant of VSinmn
la lapldly ne itlng i ompleilnn. This
plant la being erected by Mr. Wai
klna of Wynon.i nt (in expense of,
'dice throwers speldy
Sheriff llarr lltula It Neis-nri to
1 Sprint in rupture I rap Memo es
1 I Kt In I t' Miirl.l.
MIAMI, lie'', 20 flier It f .Veil II. I r.
Who once made 100 t aids. In I 1 I 2
Monda flat, is a,it hio I' i fot tin
hlalemetil that due ahn!ets hi i 't
l.iwa colilltl' nle the c Ii i in pin n
e pi ill t r i a of ihe h m Id lb' has Ion
nil aeleial Hnttilal lanU the 'it
few w eeka, hot Ii.ih eiien up In itis
r llesl flow The Mliei iff ciul iHl'll
the "ililp" liontr'N ill tr he t II I
tliem, A fuallade fmni his iiv.'liii
only apceda (In 1 1 1 up
F.xprrl Doll Repairing. Complete line Hair Good.
Studded Comb. IV ns for C'lirintniAg pmcnti.
N. Y. Ihiir Shop and He;iulv Parlor
Human Injurnl M'hlln Klrlinft oil
Yiv 'IYntiHMrtatln; Sued and
Cut Judgment.
Special te Hie World.
WASIIINOTCW, Pen. 20. The mi-
freine rouri in a oensmn oy t niei
Justice lOdwurd A. White haa grant-
il the uppllr.allon ar the Mlaaourl,
Kansas and Texaa railroad, the Atch-
Iwin. Tnpeka Kunaua road ajid the
S'mniial Surety companyafor a writ
of certiorari and w ill Review the eaao
of lliitmali L. Zuber against the three
Mra. Zuber, wife of a br.ikeman.
living at Haltlniore. Md.. wag In
jured In ii wreck at J'urtleMvllle whllo
ridlnit a M. K. T. train on the
.Santa Ke tracka, aim wua riding on
a p.ina and therefore thn compatilea
prc not responsible, the petlllnnera
laitn. Tliey are aaklng thut the ver
dirt of Wie diatrlct court at Hurtles
villi? glilng Mrs. Zuber $3,000 dam
aKfa. which the Oklahoma aupretiis
court upheld, be set anlde.
Itob Iawhiu4ka Ntnrr.
PAWHI'BKA, lee. 21. Itobbers
trnke Into the Martin Mercantile
niahllshment here and atula eloth
ln( and ahuea to the value of 3,000.
Banish them by usInU Dr.
BeU't Fine-Tar-Honey
TTT0U5ANDS recommend it. Dr.
Bell's Pine-Tar-Iloney isn't an
eiperiment, but a cough and cold
remedy that has steadily rrown popu
Ur because, it is quickly effective.
For lingering colds or roughs or fresh
itlarks its balsamic and healing anti
rptica are sure to I beneficial. It
brings speedy relief from phlegm-core,
(estion, inflammation, tickling bron-
chul tubes. Good also for hoarseness.
roughs due to grippe, and kindred ail
ments. Economical a bottle goes a
kgwiy. 30c, 60c $U0.
A Hne Family l.aiatlrs
1 Naiurt't piov1 aaaiitaDt, ttlrs
n bile and irta the bm oa the ion. Unllka
mel. Fo-lH.ai la mild but fmsltlvc hi
"i"- It pronptlr rorreeia runatipaUoo la
f eM. m r all DniflaiMa
Stops Rheumatic
Colds and Sore
ness in the Ches
and Back.
Rulibintjf the affocU'tl
Parts with Milano gives
instant r c 1 i e in all
cases. When your back
is sore or you have acute
neuritia, pour a little in
the palm of your hand
id rub the affected
Part thoroughly. This
soothes, penetrates and
eventually elim in a t es
'he cause.
For Sal at all Druggists
The Christmas gift
that lasts a lifetime
'One of the important things to con
sider when buying a talking-machine is
how long will it last? That is why it
is well to know who makes it and what
assurance you have that it will give you
the service you demand.
From the moment you get a Victrola,
it is not only a delight to you, hut . it
will always continue to afford you the
greatest musical satisfaction
Every part of every Victrola is made
complete in the Victor factories. It is'
the only talking-machine made in its
entirety by one concern, which is re
sponsible for every part. ,
The Victrola is a purchase that will
last a lifetime; a permanent addition to
your home; a source of pleasure not
only on Christmas day, but all through
the years to come.
( i a
f If
Victrola XVH, $JOO
VictrnU W'll, electric, $36
Victrolas $25 to $950
Victor dealers
New Victor Hecorifs Hem
ontratcJ at all dealers on
the lit of each month
Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, N. J.
fkelch-d Ii V Aie,iniler
fn i 'in t in. I it o Mil t 'o
I'opyiialil I'.".'
Give Him a
Leather Coat
yihc coat sU'tciKH. here is of genuine
calf, double breasted, all 'round belt, large
roomy side pockets, slashed breast
pockets, Collar of genuine Canadian
Beaver, full hotly marmot fur lined and
full marmot sleeve linings.
A Gift He Will Remember for
Several Christmases
si.rs :;; tu n;
Other Leather Coats At
$63, $83, $1 15, $135, $175, $200 and $225
Tulsa's Livest Leading Men's Store

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