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F 1 N A L
VOL. XIV, NO. 87
cirn.q Keiuses
Under 1'rescnt 1'Ian
of Award.
Daniels Chooses to Recognize
Active Duty in Preference
to Shore Service.
Admiral Says Officers He Fa
vors "Blue-Penciled ;
Coos to Congress.
WAS'lIINCiTOV, rec. 23 Rumb
'Jr.H of dlsHa'lsfactlon within the
nary at the way fiecretary Iunlels
bu arranged tho awards of dooora
Nona fur w:ar service came to tha
urfare today when It became known
that Admiral -litis, former com
mander of American naval forces In
European waters, had declined to
accept his distinguished Bei-vlce
BirdaJ, while tha reward remain aa
it present.
At the same time, the row Rave In
tlMtiom of nhowlnir up In eongree.
Chairman Tune of tho senate naval
commlui-o asked for a report on tho
Harding of tha decoration unl
Secretary I'anlflls transmitted It to
l.m tonight, Jteprraentatlve I.ufkin,
rrpublican of Miusa:hiiotto, inem
tr of the house naval committee,
annoum-ed that he would tuik tha
home, to call for a similar report.
Slnm CauHrfl How.
Coming as the climax, to publish
H charges that Heerttiiiy Panlols
hid rearranged tho whole llHt of
marls, raising aomo officers to
tiKher distinction than recom
irrnlrd Htid "blue-penciling" others,
p-iii'iAlinn of Admiral hints' acthari
rriatfil a new sensation In the navy
The whole thing hn.i been brought
to a head by the action of Admiral
fcma. who writing an official com
ittumratliui to Secretary Panicle
from Hie naval war college at New
port, It. I., him net out thaUofflrera
for nhotn he recommended the dta
t: ''ilhi d service medal - highest of
a.'! niuiil decorations eiccpt tlio con
fT'uional medcral of hotmr re
f.tid by tho sfcrelftiy's reviMon a
isolation of lesser value, ami that
otr.fr i.fii ors whose dnth'S and scrv-l-tj
Admiral Hlms considered of
I'Mcr value, received, hy the reU
on, tho more valued decoration.
At tho same time, It developed.
Admiral Hlms sent franked copies of
M inter to many naval officers In
WuhuiRtnn. Ills action hec-ame
known first through them, and later
today Mr 1'aniels gave out tho let
tfr, without comment, jarllcr In the
fern-, h, 'never, Mr. I'lmu ls lia.i nn
ni.mccd that ho had prepared 'he
rpcrt asked fur Py .Senator l'a,'c,
t'd torniihl, after traiismiltitii? It to
leiator. made puhllc copnw of It.
Asks for IUlHlon.
Adn.lral .Sims. In his letter, re
f' ed tlie dei orntlon under the con
ditions ami ho asks for nn oppor
tunity to explain the reasons for his
nirlnal recommendations. The ad
r.lral dun not ask that the hltthest
Vd ha taken from any officer
upon whom It has been conferred,
but aniw fur a revlsloniipward of
ma of the fJtier 'flefujra'rSjns.
Sims, lonir known sjfjTTifr stormy
P'U-fl of tavy,"liiiide his scnwi
tlonal "lCJfi'p of t'ood" speech
In Uit (iiiTTliall t limdon, when
h' drw the attention of the foreign
tfrn uf Iterlln, Iondon and Wash
Uon. liiiH figured Ui nsvy sensa
Uons liefore and bos many warm
tppor'ers among the offlcera.
B's rntarv 1 laniels" report to C hair-
Ian I'ate iiutlliies his gencrul policy
"I awariiriK medals and distinctions
naal offln-rs and i-nllsted men.
Indicating that the entire contip
'iy that has now coma to light
"volva around the old navy depart
nt disagreement as to w hich claJ-t
! iervlcn.--shore fir sea - Ls more
kpmant. Secretary I)anlels In his
'Prt atld;
"Tha mlue of the duty on shore
dulv leivgnlred, but In mV
'ncicin It should he of the highest
Pnrtarri-e and responsllullt v In
r lr th.t: this duty should be reoog
r.U.(J by ,,, awaril f tlii. Mill" kind
f; taiU:s :IH i),t given to offi ms
"r..l w;i, great 'responsibility
1 at 'lie Mine time In p-ixiti'TK of
d i-ir..r In the active war zone,
''d this . the stondnrd w htch any
r" psr'i .,:ar ase had to meet f..r
off 1, , - ,,,, i,nr duty t' he
"rde.1 t!: ,ednl."
l-"r.try .;,nlels tnnlglit r'fus.l
" d!v 'hn Sims letter from any
' ).., arltig that the fixe,!
, 1
e .
li.it established would
K"vern his action.
t.e'rT.ns trees Williams X.
' Ch Mnln. Adv-t
"'ciVill hold their annual,
Christmas Eve Ball
this evening, ft: lit
r,ta lil be th- best dance of
u"'J"1n and If you are bn.k-
r,'rt" dar" 444' where they
tli k" nicm tln" '"'r4"
' people attend, you are
eon,. Kxtra music and an
, "1 time la guaranteed.
"ani n ti.j .,
World's XfivH Told
In Condenned Form
Ft Hurried Header
(i-nri will
'J.I Premier l.Un d
Pain, i,.n to i-m
I 'l-m-i,.-f-ii il wae an
. I
- - I
wilh Premier
1 M
MHlr'OI.K Va. H,.,- e." i,t,ndoie'
llf'iry I' lie p.. f s N , s a k i . , J e
UmU.V ry 4n a'lLl'll.t'olf n , u a TUH d.mi,
1" Ki car, m.ffrinl liiil ,1 .hull ,i,l
died wliiie bfi'm tak.n l l,.uL.. llr I
bad bt-eu in (tu, i,av live ri
of ( l.nninn i,
dlew ltl abol
aaleimao. (in a
lay. llx wi,.
. l'f Wbl'e ,ram
,iMr lo.,k... n Mm ii
ltd Im:,,-, ii cr huii.and,
itowM.iWtl aire-, heic lo
I in ill leare old No
rruob v ijuiiii for lirr
I.OVOV, I irr Law officer, of K
rron l,r a ( ,iilt ii , ,:, (r,.
llriiail taw ef(i,Tt onUr with r.-jrj hi
lli f,,rmir (,.rniM rm'.t.ir i , fi'iirlfl
Hut I'onlrrm n tv mt a rr a-a'iot
t)m feimur . e r in ui, ruler and frauif.I an in
UictTnei.l . . . . .
NKW VORK lee -.l - N.irman IUpn.a.
f . II iteii .att'ii nnnihlMr tt I'er.iiiark. ariuril
hrra nn lbs Miauifliu' li,,tti I, 1
day from Cui,riil:aMi Mr 1 1 mco,i, baa rf
lurnrn on a lone of ab.vnrr. (r-.g .,t p
rum i
ft i i il
nti iiuutiatf rv il
la Kai.t . .
IKpiora will net be 'b!il on bl,t
Ik, aid
paowncr luirra j.'iin,- bitmrn S,
and yfuulh Amiwa Chairman Piin.
iKMinrnl today Ibo flrM nf I in- ,.,, ,
' ' VI, if rjnin," will nail from ,i-w V si r a
uritav . - . .
CIIK'tCl) )ei-, V': ll'woi,
i-roen arf
not r,nii-iit wiiii f,.i. ii.k ib.i w -ii,;. .a
prtra o fifth r'Kn il.iwn PJ ,-rul iiilinn
a few (U) R bv a "ilriiii! rampi ici ' ' an.l
arn today nai'.irir hi rili'i.il tlinr .'am
paian of rl,'i:ial ti .itli. r oouim.nlitira in
thrir f tg h t on lbs bub mil of hiuij
WASIIfNfTTON-, !. 31 -.Secretary of
tha TTfamiry !,:, annimn 1 today tbf
una amount nt anti. iiplions
re rtiiiralfa dftlrd lii-i'mbrr IS 1 ft 1
niatnriiiK Jntia ) ' t'cjn, 7?s liii imn
Of tbia auwinnl l-.'i7 4 ',.'. fn 0 ia paid for
In inaiury rertifnaii t of olhor iimn.
KANSAS my lif J1- s they wurf
returnoif from tbf t henl.-r farlv t-1r. K
I.. Day and Karl 0 Mio! a'l.l their wirrl
wers iifl I up by neveii rtil-tiem in frtu.t i
of thf llii-r's b..mf 'l'li. bmdita tKik ,
elotlnng a-id j-'lry il if d at IT, nun ,
frijav tlie two w.nii'rr a ntrinig uj the po j
lice. -
AMKIUINtiK.V. 1'er it Former frown I
Prioca Irfdenrli William i rnintri tfli
Amrmrrrn lo "m,i! Cbrist-naa Ma will
leava hit hniiifi on tha ii'an.t of WieTin-j
gm Cbnirrriil fie InlrreUe.l Dilteb rir
rlei foriaider tlna tUit ovldfiiro of a rer
onriiialron bolwrrn luo formrr Urnnan
emfitror anif bis ori
flllfAfir) I)f" '1 - -Mlia May Tlvrnn,
protly yoiinc tetiorra.bi,r. ai-ridenlal.y '
ahol and kild .lolm S Ki.vt.olds. alHMitmi;'
railfry propi ift.ir. iwo ntii'its aco. a,-.'inl
i'C to a alalfiiienl aiiltxiriifd mb i
lithfd furl today. Nrwtapr rfpfirlfrs 1
fniitiil b'K and fit. younn woinan and twu'
men who aTomban led her after poll, u
earah bad failed. j
I'lin.AnK.Lrifl l, Iier on The 7 '.'
ton raio rarriT Amt'rian press. Hod
is'and's 7f'tb veinoT wlnrh was tiamfd as
a tribute ti tha loyally aril ro operation
of nf w tipaperi tbroiicliont the natiiin d'ir j
top the wit. was lii'in.-hi-d todav M.s;
Klwal.eth i:e of Sew Y.,rK. da U'hler
nf Melville K S'lone. rfeal inanan.-r of i
liio AhS4i..jlotl Pri'tis wax li,t ttiiiiMO-. i
ONItOV Dee 53
a pror'vnation Uidar
measure ir 1 v i t-ar I " in
se f iroyerrmont. Tlie
Kir? iiivirire limieil
a ileilliru t tba new
a lare.r deirre
11 1
ti roe 'a 111 a l ion
terijes lbs roveenrn
lull as a
ae, piyo if r, nreiei; Ust ion lore de.ued b
lbs rati'-,-" It cs. k for tin- determination
A. ill,. ...,.' X.... I.. ttl 1.' u.,,1, l
r-ther f..r tho eommon n-irpo.e of niakii-.c !
Hie itfw pan of p.jve rnmriil a s'o'Jii
Pershing Tells
He Owes A 11
IY I.I lF. Miv, lbs-. 23.
(iciii rnl ri rnlilng miidf (lie fol
low log nddrcru loilay' ot Ills r
isplii'ii: "It was lierc thnt I Iciii-iomI (lie
l.Twuis n atrloilsiii und taKvotpMi
'lotdilt). 'I he j- wcro handcsl down
" 10 nn- in niv joutli by inv faihcr
noil nu miMhcr It was here I lint
I l.-arniil a ihip s. n- of "loly
to my isiiiotry 11ml niv (.xl.
'Tho Ii-smhi f MTvbi" was
taught h.v nv iisn-nls who.'
rM.ioo'h loirmtir linpitw.l it
iisll niCa und iiiiiM'd mc ' t'dlow
tl. piuli of duly. Whatever
lv I inav have rndiT. In i-.il--ralli.il
with or In cojohuukI of
our .voting manhood. I ovvo r.'-i-mlni-iiily
hi nu tnoilicr'i curly
ti n. hliuts Manv of V"" who know
lor ami loved her. Often lire
-.low e.i ii.pcci Into tlx- vnln.. uihI
iiitliH'IKf iin.l !iiipaiilon-lili of
our iiiiiIIhtm.
honor lias i-om'' to (no
greater Iluin I hi '"' ",,,M Vf
iIm.m- vvhoin I b.vc mid 1 lorl-li.
I,, riii'ii. ""h ii""(rlbiilo. I as
sure you I n trcoMin- tnoro
pt-i i loin than I "ire n i pn- "
i,.t mm', mo . i" 1 ,;; "
.lohtl .1 I4, r-.li I g c imp' k !.
t ii "'-" " '" 1 ,v .;'
turkey Irln-r :? ''-'L "
M.eirl t ri. m .'. ' ' ' '', ' '
wi'h n m- 1 ' ' " '' ' ' , 4 ,
: : . -i . 1 i i
I .1 nnu ' " 1
.1 !i : 1 le s.-v.-r .1.
k I n .'' v I"
I 1 ' '-- hi -I
1 .
I .- - .. ' '-
1 1
'...!..,.,..-.! ' '
r.e ui 1
fro.., H . ' " ' ' K
New Vorkjjfe
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
Alia. MS
23 l'aln Hide riiot,.- I SI
Sends Cull for Meeting of
Kansas Executive '
Strike leader Agrees to Co
operate to (let Wen to Go
Hack to Work.
If Ixu-al Suspension of Work
Is Ended Further Court
Action May He Ended.
1 NDf AN A l'i il. IS. Pec. S3. A call
for a meeting of the executive board
of the KaiiKiis district of the lulled
Mine WorketM of America for Fri
day nt which s'eps'To end the strike
of 1,11(10 employes of the Contral
Codl A) Coke Co. will be taken; wan
i-Mied from here thl afternoon by
Alexander Mount, president of the
district, liefore leaving for Ills home
at I'lttsburg, Kan,
lliiw.it was released from jail to
day, where he had been sent fol
lowing a preliminary hearing on
contempt of roiirt charges, by Fed
eral .lodge A. It. Andetson yester
diiv, after he had agreed to use his
Influeni-e to end the Iocs, attrlke. His
call fuy tlie iliHtrlct meeting followed
a telcirram sent to tlte Kansas dis
trict by William Green. Interna
tional to sretary treasurer of the
mine workers, ordering the strikers
to return to work.
Charges of contempt of court
against Howat were part of the gen
eral charges against 84 International
and district officers of the rjilners
In which It was alleged that the of
ficials had violated the Injunction
Issued by Judge Anderson against
furtherance of the strike. Hearing
of the charges against all the of
ficials except Howat have been con
tinued twice, the second time Indefi
nitely, ilowat's alleged action in
keeping a local strike In force In
ItVinsas, however, led to hli arraign
ment In court here yestnrday and
Ins commitment to Jail when ha
f illed to give assurance that tha
K.inias strike would be nailed off.
The Kansas official was brought
Into court again today" and after a
general diHiussion of the situation,
during which Mr. (Ireen agreed to
line his Influence as un International
official In bringing about a settle
ment of the Kansas tleup and Howat
finally agreed to co-operate, the,1af
let- was released from custody.
It was Indicated that with resump
tion of work at the Central Coal aV
c.lie Co.'s oroiiertv a hearinc of the
reeM utr.ilimt IliiWat. aft foe nsft
Monday, would be continued and
I that Howrit's status would be tha
same - us the other officials against
I w hom rti. 11 ires still ai e pending.
Home Folks
to His Mother
1 private car to grasp the outstretched
luiiul of Al Wailicid, aged negro
"ii o timpiuyed 111 Oie J'ersh.ng
! household, who was the first to
i greet him. until ho departed tonight
tin I.iih rin, JNt'b.
! . Three iljifii csne moments marked
the day... line was public, two wete
I pi iv. He. The public one came when
j.o ling on hi half of the people of
! .Missoiii 1, (jov Frederick ;. tiard
111 r presented him with 11 medal us
la token uf the states appreciation
"f Ins effort in winning the war.
Of those in private one took place
when a group of close friends and
fin mot. 'schoolmates presented huat
witli a loving cup.
After the pi esentatlon h id been
rii.i.l. tin. irerierul arose and re-
'ni.i:ue, pi.loiit several liiluutee. Then
I i'ii 1 linking tones be th anked the
'.I'.ni.iH and told tAotri that it would
11 Ways be otic of Ills most l llerisbeil
possession to be passed in time
down to his little son Warren.
A third tense moment c.ime when
Iks -iir,se,l his sympathy to the
I f Cher, nmUicr and sister of a sol
id, i-i kill. I in Fram e siamling In the
I'Piiing room he knew as a boy. the
'.ill man in the trim uniform of a
Keoetal told the aorrowing trio in
eiinp.e w -it'll that his heart went
,111 lo 'hem .
' "And I iuikM add in conclusion."
he ...ltd. "Ihol the sa, r fire of the
bov .toes not 1 v, 1 ed that nf the
n "thi-r 4
lb,, twi apples were presented
.li.ril In Ii A Smith Of Cllllheothe,
1 VI 1. , win, n a Member of the
., ,,. I of examiners 'bat passed upon
his apl-lri .itiott 10 W est I'oint.
i ii.-ial l irs'iing apparently had
f etc- etiong h of the old home
! followed up earlier riploratlons
Ii .-in., 'her tour U'e today iif'er
re'uirie.l from M.e opera ho.le
- tloi' - ' p'C'.ic t.-ieptlon was held
h:s h'lto r.
ri, 1 1 , n I'eixhliiK s efforts tndav
r. , -iiin.iai r w re unusual, sc
rl.tr '" n.eiiil.ets of bis i.artv.
'. i.ir.d 'hi' be h.iT rhrfli'.n
' n.e f In " the rrlfl'W'Wn W I'M bis
whole b. iri . None oT his Apeeehes
irc Ions; the most ex'erded being
In iep ui- lo the ad Ireas of Cov
er Haidrier, who had -clnlmed
hit;, is Mis-n.irls most lllus'rlous
. r ..-n .
M ho. 1Kb 'tie air was rhlllr with
1 -t-irlc orir-'e petme'lng be sir,
I'r-sinrig utood bareheaded
IH tie4"-': ' C'4 I Ibe governor's ad-,!.,-rr:4
Iffiln be seemed overcome
w;h em. 'on and 0 some oin-
it,r v '."i. h. .C'emp'ed to speak.
V co be did s It was Willi visible
Robbtf&Vho Held
Up Cans Bank Get
More Loot at Gore
KAUJHAvV. okla , Hoc. 2.1
Two bandlls. believed to be the
men who la.st ucek ii'lihe,l t tie
Citizens State lank nt liana, held
up and robbed the Kiiriiien Main
bank of Illinois at liole, at
o 1 lock this morning, em -aping
with II. '.Mill In c.ieli, iirri'i illlit tu
Information rein lung here today.
1'cni Tipliona of the men given by
the c.ishlec who was held up .11
he was opening the bank, ui e in
most libiitli-iil to those given bv
the cashier nf the lians bunk, oud
the methods used were the siine.
Tho men walked Into the bank,
forced fhe cashier to ham! over 11 I
rash In the Hifn and 'undo llioir
escape on their louse
liore citizens at once started 111
pursuit, and wore Joined by
Sheriff Faulkner iiml a number of
deputies Iriuii HalllMuw Tlie ban
dits were bended for lllmk li im
mountain, fivo miles northeast.
These bandits. In both of I ho If
cent holdups have been able io
make their es.iipo because id bo
Ing well mounted on horses, while
the pnsseg pursued them with au
tomobiles, which could not go
through rough country.
FOUT SMITH, Ark . !ee -Local
offb-ers nshlsting ok lahoii,.
KUthoillleS in the search for -two
men who held up and robbed the
cashier of the Funnels' Stole bank,
at (loi'o, Okla, today telephoned
bcie tonight stating thai mem
bers of the posse believo they have
the two men cornered jlii a.inve
located in Illm k't;uiii iiioiinlnlns
seven miles northea.st of Salli
TIhhm" for WlHitn t.lrts Arc lrn-
lliloil SUinn New York l-VMUul
ami Help Till miism'Ivcm,
Thousands of uninvited children
for whom no glfla were provided,
crowded their way Inlo the 7 1st
regiment armory tonight ami threw
New York's l.ugcst children's Chrisl
111.1 festival into a riot, i'ur.iig the
height of the uproar, 14.00U young
sters were In a mad scramble for
their share of ths presoni. which
were slacked upon tables for dis
tribution tu 7 , 0 0 needy " kiddles
who had been invited,
Folleo reserVis and the armory de
tail of soldiers were unable to check
the wild onrush. Several women
fainted and scares of children, some
of 1 hem on crutches, were bowled
No semblance of order was ob
tained un'il thousands of the young
sters had been rushed Into the slrcet
where, separated from their chaper
ons and mothers, they tein fully
clamored lo be taken lo their homes,
l-eas than fifl per Cent of them limn
egsd to gel it gift package.
The trouble started when clowns
made their5 appeatance. CJiildr;n
who had benjj. assigned to places
rushed out on the floor In muss for
mation mil crowded about the fun
makers. A few took advantage of
the disorder to help themselves from
the gift tables ami In a niioute 10
rush was on 1
1 II
Hun Down by Tniek.
Joe Iiandley. Hue 40, If). South Itos
tnn, was run dow n by a motor inn l
at First and Ftoston at 5 o'clock yes
terday evening. He am badly
bruised and received a fractured h g
Thought Holdup Was
Friend; Joe lladger
Is Shot and liobbed
.tn Hndger. desk secretary of the
boys' department of the Y M C.
A.. Is In the Physicians and Sue
geons hospital with a bullet wound
In the thigh s the r It of Hie
activities of two youthful "high
Jackers ' last night.
lladger anil a party of young
people from the Y M C A. weie
on ttyelr wiiy to n party nt 1311
K11 Nineteenth eitreet when thev
were accosted about 10 o'clock by
the holdup men when thev weie
not far fiom Ihelr destination
Hadgri- did not obey the command
to "stick ewii up." although the
test of the pal ly burned to "Mil, Ii
for the sky" instead he pushed
one robber n-ide and was shot
through the hip After be had
fallen the holdup men lemoveil
$10 from his poclteta and fled
According to .Iom Smith, who
was one of the party and who also
rooms at the Y M c A doiml
torv. Itadger believed tha' l is as
sailant was rate nf the " V ibuwiil
torv men nnd that was w bv ! lid
lint raise his. hands ns i-r lc-cd C.
II l-'ecs'ermacher. of i-.- en s
Co. gave the police a desenptlon
of IhiS.s'lck up eien who loth ap
pear ed to be Inns
Stior'lv after the holdup was re
ported four vou'bs en'ere.J a t.tx.
cnti dHven bv "It.-d" Wll' at
ond sod It. -won nti.l wen ., Ken
dall addition When thev re e lied
?9'in .in Fas' Tenth 'lie v ) e'l up
the drlwr. b.oirvt blru tt tli bitid
kercblcfs an 1 dtove 11 v In the
Hudson tourii i- nr wlil. h be
longed to lo Horner.
Wanteti T he names
and addresses of aM Mas
ter Masons' w i 1 o s
either visitors or resi
dents. Kindly call M t
Bonif hall, ( imnn-diately.
.hi dire Owen Holds Dis
trict Court Without
Notice Is Filed of t.arrj'mK
Demand to Supreme Court
for n Hearing-
City Insists Immediate Steps
Required ; Corporation
ltody Has Power.
TMsmlhsing the petition or the
plaintiff on motion of the defendant
'ti the argil nent thai the 101 pota
tion commission of the state of Okla
homa has exclusive Jurisdiction over
the actions of u gas cioipanv, when
the allegations agnlnsl such com
pany is either mismanagement or
Insufficient Niiivlce, Judge Owen
Owen in district court yesterday
morning temporarily blocked the ef
forts of tin. city nf Tulsa to obtain
the appointment of a receiver for
the Oklahoma N.itinul ! company.
Immediately following the sus
taining of the -notion lo dismiss the
plaintiff's petition on the grounds
that the court was without Jurisdic
tion 111 this matter, counsel for. the
city gavij notice of appeal from the
decision lo lbs supreme court of the
state This appeal. In raaea wherein
a receivership Is naked, must be pre
senled to the supreme court within
111 dnvs.
Judge Owen, in his opinion Ten
dered on the hearing, said: "The
application far a receivership Is not
based upon any expressed provision
of the statutes under which the
court might appoint a receiver, and
In my Judgment Is not Included In
the blanket ptovislon which pro
vides that receivers may be appoint
ed for the' reason that they have
heretofore been appointed in enulty.
It does not appear that the- applica
tion for receiver Is ancillary to a
proceeding for liny relief. It Is true
that for the purpose of getting Jurla
dicilon I might stretch tho matter
and hold that this suit Is one for the
specific performance of a onnrac.L
Hut this would be to practice a
ftiiud on my own Jurisdiction. The
ultimate end sought Is the Appoint
ment of 11 receiver, as has been
candidly stated, to tide over an
"The petition sets out n dlstresaful
eondilion In Tulsa, one Unit ought to
be remedied, one that may possibly
be remedied, but does not Justify tha
Usui patlon nf Jurisdiction wher none
exists. I think the court was with
out Jurisdiction to appoint a receiver
upon this petition prior to the en
actment of the act of 1913, hut If
the court had Jurisdiction prior to
passage of Ibis act, that act I
Iv strips tho court of JurJsdic- I
, w bo
n and confers Jurisdiction upon I
the corporation commission The)
grant of power to the commission j
is so broad ami so comprehensive 1
that It tuny lie said to ho plenary. It
Is Inconceivable that the legislature 1
C"VriM Kl H.N p., I IK TWO.
IH HUN IS STtl.l, gtlJKT. j
ivmiIIi Itmi.ival nf lb "It of I'casl
s-sllnot Troliblo Oss-orH.
!l'HI.IN, Inc. 2J.r There are sdll
no arrests tor the attempt against
'be life of Vlsrount French. No
demonstration occurred today when
the body "f f-avnge killed In the
attack on the btceroy. left Imblln.
Subscriptions Still Come In
to Insure Happy Christmas
Although the
uota originally
asked has been
sn I. si ribe I, The
s'im kn-g fond i
splendidly over
Woilds empty
1 still open The
en U-i 1 lp'mtis that
1 .ingested our
mail t.ox v
thill tin- g
Held iy showed clearly
.sinus people of Tulsa
were not tbiough, altnougn triey
had already given more then the
goal set 41 tt:" beginning vt the
campaign We rould have closed
the fund Monday with the 1 1.011(1
that Mr Webb, the humane of
f r. told us be loeded. but we
colli h.irdlv hu'e (popped the In-
flowing tide of generosity of the
people of T'll. I j
When we announced yesterday 1
morning that there were a nuin- j
her "f worlhv f,imll.e for whom I
l, thing iiml shoes .oiild he 1
bo'ight wl'h the nvi't subscript Ions, i
the d"ii clous came to f.aw'er ttian I
evel. I i.ilta' lolls re. elved yes'eri'aV
were -le lilg.s' of the i':iiii.j l n s,
and totaled I .' '1 1 Mr. W UJ' h ,
...,lNes ., nuke the best pos- 1
of all till! I setit III, f'l
The W ,.rld w t:l on'ln.ie to '
1 Ive voir d..' a'l..i s I""' 11 a l-.tig
a von vv -h to send 'hem In
I'm !e win nsi' lld to nn ap
peal if 'bis kind w.w.t no wordsaf
,,f api re. ,a' i 'ii An a't.mpt t" ex ,'
p. -s our thinks and the thanks
of the tl iti.ane offirer sioill'l be
f i'ile "or thanks will be M ur
ine. el n 'he '.s r b indiets of ,
poor fa'hee, nnd mo'hers Christ-
n.'s t'l' l'.lir I' Wl'l be expressed
11, ,,e I,. 1 . r i f 1 1 ' v than words
.ou'd do bv The pirl-':rig Hi. if
I I .. 1 . m. Iu ,.f I. .t.i.v , 'i-...lrri :is I
. 1 -. . rowd ,' und the basset of Hn!l'
. .U.r,.: tt onif kind- j
I tie.a I "at' f 1 ' e , ., . ,v I
1 1 tr' " -' II I I e ,o,irs SralS.
I 1 " IV - s I -1 st ( bnst-
General Inquiry Will He
Made Uy'oneivs-"
sioniil Hodies.
Foreign Capitals TidilYf Step
to Deport Soviets; I,)iijsre
Nanios CominittetJ.
WASHINGTON. Mc--i.r I mill 11
lion early next month of a geiieml
congressional iti'iuny Info radical
ucllvlly In the I'luted Mutes was 1111
liounced today by leaders In both the
senale and hjiuati.
Chairman Johnson of Hie bou-c
Immigration coiiiuililce said that his
comliiltlee planned to tiuuime l'
hearing on radicalism soon afier the
holidays at eastern points ami Ihot
meantime try membeis of the com
mittee here would review lhn latgi
mass of sedlllous ilocutiu'tils scl.ed
In recent department of Juslice raids
He ulso suld that there were 111:11,
radicals, anarchists and coiniiiiintsts
In western J.'Hs who would follow
Alexander Iteikmiit, and Kiiimn
liuldmau and HI others from thl
To conduct the Invesilg itlot, nf
the activities of l.udwlg C. A. N
"Martens, "ambassador Jo Hie I'nlM-d
States from soviet Itimsin." and of
Russia ii propaganda In gencrul, 01
dered by the senate Just before th
holiday recess begun, Chairman
I entile nrf the, foreign relations com
mlllee today appointed a sub-coin
mllleo lo lie bended by Hetuitor
Moses, republican of New Hump
shire, and lo lie compoiai of Hcnni
ors Horah, Idaho, and Knox, Penn
sylvania, republicans, and poitierene.
Ohio, atid Hhlelds, "Tennessee, demo
rata. Hearings are tu be started by
ths committee soon after the sen
ate reiisseinbles Jnnutyy fi ,
Officials of foreign governments
have been notified of the union 01
Hi. I'nlled H'ates in deporting. Perk
r., n n,i 1 1 o I if 11111 11 and tiutnv of
their associates, the statu depart
ment today making public a mes
sage gent to ''various foreign capi
tals." While explaining thnt the 11IH
mats destination of the transport
Huford and her cargo of undesir
ables was soviet Itussla, An'hony
Camlnettl. commissioner geneial of
immigration, snld today thai the ex
act landing pluce of the radicals
aboard would be decldsd by condl
lions prevailing when tlie vessel
reached Kurope and nn future or
dera transmitted to the agent or
the immigration service en mute.
TI'I.KA. Okla, Pre ?1 -Vta.im'im. .l .
minimum ffl . ""' winda. elmidy
OKLAHOMA : Weduesda, fair, shiMIr
peril, cloud;,
: Wednesday and
aaimewbat i-oidrr
111 l.ollli I
port ten
A KK A VH V Wediiemlaf
el'rblly r.ilder. in nerlll
s-Ldratav ..art:, rbnld..
partly flondy
rest portion ,
HUT TIA.bl VV eiii.f -da. psrl!)
anmewbal colder in norlh. gorlsiii .
day farilf aionifr ...
WT.ffr TrXVK Wednesday fair, enlder
In nnrib lsirlion: Tburailav lair
K IVHAr neutrally
t lien era: I v fair .'ii.i
a.lav an t
probably Thuraday ;
net mm Ii 1 l.at.xe in :
Aanln we Ibank you
As psvously repot
Hlvrtle I. 'a Utile
Arthur John New lin.
known, ff,. Iti'hiiid
t2 f.0; Agnes licnrm;
lleien Jane .lonte I .
I tl.r.:,4s2
Ctrl'', lo.
11. In
It, .arm in,
in. I.' ".
M.irg net.
I'.velvn. Helen .l'uini. lames
K Jr , and Kathleen Cnwf'.rd.
Mil, Clifford w l.oid. fin,
l.ei. Clinton. 110. Joe K . n g .
II; A. Friend II: Mrs CmiII.ii
Albert, 12: M 1 1 Pt.iU, 1 1 ' "
t'orls Ann Pvnum, ''o. IP i'is
M Thorne, 11: P T Co.
2(in. M V Adn-iis l. Sopi.i.nini
and .lane S'iplis. 1- No .V . " e
II A Friend. l hi' Uh.'.
1 11,11 V. $'.. bug's Mill''1 I4.. II
11 Ho e. I ". . Km plot . s 'f A i 1 ' ' '
an N.i ' ion. 1 1 In' k. 1 11 ' : I '
Fouls lo John V M 01 v I
M il'lred Ha' t-et. f .. I u. y I .1 d,
f, .1 .' l!.t,". " I . . W M Pie r
f.. I'll, e I. P. 11 . ,. 1 t'l W M -.'.
ft" Mr and M ' s r h 1 r ' 1 r .
f, I a e k So. I'll We'l-'.e. .: ' 1 .
. Tiis-4 Pe'ioleilm .'-ih I t
Agents Am.-'., .in N 1 "', 1 1 P- .r
ance 1.1 Paul Co ,1.1 I I I jt 1
f 1 7 7f. -'I
More Shopping
Day Uffore
Christ mas.
out on Tut'i rYul'i-i-
I'.nv hri-trna.'s
Shortage of Paper
S Forces the World
to Curtail Issues
1,1 the s'
hi lage of pi Inl
, for. . .1 t. 1
1, s il ui ng the
-I, to the least
,r p.ig' - 'I hi '
cm 'ailment of
II lid ll'.OA sel V
e.ilisled to be
the pi 1 sent
I to
.11 II
U 111 1.1 1
of IL. 1-
I f 'I. we
!: 11 1 111 1" 1
Hi l.-'ilt Ml 'he
oh : 1 1 .u! . I ' 1 01 11;
I '.i 1 1 oli-, ui e
.1 11 h; i n' din In,;
1,, W 0 1 1,1 has on.' 1.1 1 load of
. i in 'he ai,!s in Kansas CHy,
h H .1 1 ,e I i 11 unlit In n- b es
... and line 11I In f ' ,11 s en
I, It liii)!! 1 to be able lo lo lire
gul if sopjilv Un 111 .'.I i.i t "I after
t:i-i i. tin vein-, bul at a
Illy lin I isi s- it , Ice
Inmnli-H of Insane4- svlu111 nt Mbl
llbloll, t olillis llcul, let I Ills
W hen PullillogH I nu Ii I Irs'.
- MIIil'lFT'oN, Colin, lien. ? 1
Kighl p.iilenls of tho Conneillciit
hospital for th" Insane In this place
11 1 . believed ti have been -bin lied to
death tonight In a fire which 1 1-
pletely destroyed 11111 of the frame
iiulblliigs of tho hospital group, u
mile east uf Ihe tiialu building.
There wetn M patients In the build
Ing iiml nl itil'lnlgbl only ii had
been j 1 1 1 oullted for.
The hulliliiig Ii, which Hi" file oc
curred housed Initiates of Ihe milder
typo of Insane patients. Tliey were
ill men und modeled the bucket In Ig
..ile, In 1 "sou Ing j lot lung mid fiiini
tuie The missing patients are be
lieved tu have been caught when tho
I, ilerlor of the building collapsed.
iiisfrlnn Women Mono Workers nt
M'VI plant in Pueblo Plant Is
Itis'iM tied AHi-r hlrlkn,
Pi'Fltl.O, Colo, I ipc. j: -Police
iimi-t V'-s were called lo uuell a riot
al the Mlnne'iun stee! winks here to
dav when Austrian women pickets
nloned steel workers who had re
turned lo work In defiance of the
union strike order. A dozen arrests
wcru mndc Mayor Mike Htudxln-
kl was knocked to tho ground nnd
IHimm-'Lltiil by tbe'slrikeia and syni
pat hlers.
Tho Mlnneiiun plant was closed
last rleiteoeTer by a national strike
or steel workers The plnnt was
opened l.iMl Monilav with I'irge
nuinbor of uniployeis reporting f"r
Gallatin, Minmurl,
Editor Shot tojfrath
I! M.I. A TIN. .VI.. I'.c '.'.1. ,l
Wis Kobe, s, Jyi editor of the llalhl-l
In I leinoci in, died tonight iis a re- j
i.ii:t or gtin-'iiot woiinus ten iven mis;
afieinio.n a' the bauds of Hugh V.
Tai water Tiii wnii r gave himself I
up, and wan taken to SI Josopli by J
I.l ,
i ff .1 . lin Ii I'lalr. A Hbel suit
ni b' 11 1: tint the paper by Tar-
er Is - inl to have In. n the basis 1
tin- rio'ihlc which culminated In
-1 ing I
'.id.r o tson wis 7(1 years old and
w ri s 1
, a 11. e
of 'tie vileinti editor of
Met M'-so'itl He began his
a per i.-iiVir 4 1 years ago us
of Ihe Po htnoud. Mo , .Vi
lli, also was 111 the news
Iiiiiio'sm In lle'hnnv and I'ti
e to r.,i 1 1 omlng to 1 ;.il la 1 in.
Hclcgntlori ns tdm nt In . Ilnch
In llorlin ftcr (..'ttliig Tcnns.
PAIM.-i. He- I'll The delegation
,li . 1!. ,1 not
.... -i.': th,
!. 1, s i f I
to return I"
go, er nmerit
Hilled reilv
,'e, according
if'b-e this eve
l-.eilm lo
to tin
1. leg
I I to I, f'..
w ui
. K,
-1! s. rlptl
1 World.
' 'kl.i.
. . to I- e ad v i 1, tare of y
, mi'tai ce In ever
I w
N ' Ai f"v
0 ? ..'"., !;iilv .11
f ) l.r'-.. Sun,!a
Ail!. 1
If r 1 1 w.il 111 irk X here
- A I'AI'.V
' I ?v. P i e !'
Spokesman Indicates
Edict of Commission
Will Be Obeyed.
Though Details Differ
Owner' Stand is Gen
erally Adhered To.
Committee Replies to Pal
mer That "Faith Will
Not Be Broken."
TFIillK 1 1 Al TI'. I lub. I'ee. 23.
In 11 stateini'iii Ui hiring H1.1t the
iittltiidii of the oc'il oiiei a tut s of Hi"
ceniral compelli ly(, field has not
been 1 bunged by any person In an
Ihoilly sni'o' Ibey agreed lo a plan
similar to that proposed by Presi
dent Wilson for seining the miners'
wage colli rove rs y , Phil II pelina.
spokesinii 11 for the operators In Ihe
wage negotiations of the post few
months, late today Indicated that the
"porn tuts will nbble by the decisions
of the commission appointed by the
incident to aibllral.il prices and
Mr. Penna staled that the. presi
dents plan for appointment of a
commission dlffeied In soluu detnlls
from the plan agreed upon by the
operalois, nnd expresaed Ihe belief
that the operators should have been
consulted before It was presented to
Din miners. Jin said, however, that
It iigiend in principle with the reso
lution adopted bv ilin opcrutorg.
Mr. Penna s statement follows:
"On November 2J7 the coal opera
lots' committee, coin posed of elglii
lepreseniutlvea of rani, state, In
an eipial number of represent. itlng
ed the following lesoltlon:
" T h.it there be a tribunal created
of equal numbers of Hie minors' rep.
resentiitlves und coil operators, and
an equal number of representat lug
the public, to whom all Ihnau differ
ences shall be refeired, and that we
ugrae to accept the result, lo conatl
(ute a contract effective until March
31, III a.'.'
"Tho operators nil voted "yes;"
all of Din mil, i-rs voted 'no,' and tha
meeting adjourned without date.
In principle this resolution Is
In perfect accord with Ihe preal
dents acllon. II differs, however, In
some, details ubout which we should
have been consulted In advance.
'This attitude of lbs npern'ois
baa not been changed In pnitlciilar
by any person or persons in author-
WAHHINHTON, lien. 23 Itiveatl
gatlon of the COal industry Is
1 "courted" by the operators, It wjs
'asseiteil tonight by Hi" executive
I 1 i.iiiiulitee of Ihe bituminous coal
! ftperiilois. In a aiate'lm nt replying lo
the due la ra 1 1 "ii last night of Attor
i ney lieiieinl Paftner that tho govern,
intent would "not assume Hint the
operiitors will lueak fsitli anil tnti
malliig Hint wa:,s would be found to
keep faith In (be coal strike settle
ment. The executive cnmuilltee's state
ment iiriiiounced Hint 11 genetsi
' meeting of mine owners from all
pari of the 1'njted Htules had been
; aniiniinoeil to consider tho situa
tion uridng from settlement of Ihe
s'rike The place where the meeting
will In held was not announced hut
1 It whs sold It will take p.acc as suutl
I art possible.
Suprt'ii lastaU'il Near Isiwilon'a
I aiiipnlgn Off has, In (lib oar".
1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' A 1 J ' 1 , lice. 2.1 -Mupporteta
of Major (ietieral I-onrird Wood
front central and middle, western
.,.1.., ,...t..i. ...el mill ariutlvfl a
pi 1 slileiit i 1 (aiiipnlgn for the gen
ital III Mlnois Henl'I'l. liters, weie
opened near lh"se of ibocrnor Low -d.-ii
iiriT.ii cnn-nN U
ns In Oklahoma Not flood After Pec. J4th.
itir mr.riev
saving offer below and
d S'Hid.iy World, one year, saves
only, one year. save. $1.05.
only, one car. saves ."5c.
. . P'ate.
- a i -rr - sin aaaa, i iii J mu p i .
f I
nl r
v.. mii.iu llirri.

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