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Thousands of New Buildings
Built Here During Past Year
Homes, Schools and Busi
ness Houses Galore
Went Up.
Residences Ranked First In
Value of Construction
ActiviticH Ik-gun.
ItcnldenrcM, thousands 'if fin",
comfortable (IwiillltiR place, lmvn
been Dm prime result of tho mil
building activities of tltn city durlnK
the yrur Junt uist. Tlio Tulsa Dint
has always lmpresed tint passion
sti-annor ly Its Junto number of tow
rrltii; skyscrapers, has now taken on
n new fume, an a city of beautiful
"It Ii tlm best plnco on earth to
mnko money" Tluil ban always been
tho comment heard of TuIki In ttu
hotel lobbies of tlio entire country
Itnt there arc itreater uttraoUonsi
Hum Ui ok" nf making rnonny, ami
TulxanH have resided that they inunt .
mukn their city recognized us a i;ooi
place In which to llvo and roar u
faintly. i
tinmen, morn and better homes,
have always been tlio urratowl need
of Tulsa, from th days of tlio early
pioneer until thn prrvnt. Thus It
Is that tho year that Ii motrt Import
nut In her civic llfo Id thn year that
does most to answer that need nnd
urltiK to the city tho Kreatrst num
ber of homes.
Nineteen nineteen han been dis
tinctly a homo-building year, lint I
It han not only seen thn construction I
of n ereatrr number or renldcnroH
than ever Imforn In thn hlHtory of
thn city, tt Iibm wltncnieil stimulated
building activity In every linn. In
1310 Tulsa resumed her stride In
clvlo growth, a strldn that inil lionn
but temporarily iitackntieil owlnir to
the ureat struggle Into which Tulsa,
like all America, throw her re
sources. With surprMnK rnplillty Tulsa
rlrhted herself after thn war and
reiwtned her former roirriM). With
In a nhort time It wim predicted thai
1919 woulil be thn Krenteet biHtilltm
year In thn llfn of thn city With a
tola) of $9,473,443 In bulldltiK per
mlts Issued by City llullillnir Inspce
tor Thomnn Olark, thn total hullilliiK
of tho year surpassed by morn than
$1,000,000 tho recnril-breaklni: year
of J 517 trhrr. .-. total cf $8,250,43: In
pepnilti were IhiuiuI. Thin year ew
thn romplnrlon of Just tl.092.9fil
morn buildings within the 1 1 in I let of
the city proper than any previous
A. cnmpnrliion of the pant year'
record with that of 1918 shows
clenrly tho effect of tho world war
on thu growth of the city, llultdlm;
In 1919 surpassed the bulldliiK of
1918 by 14,626,07.1, lllllldlnr; In 7918
totalei'. but 14, 847,270, which, nl
though remarkatiln for n war limn
record, wan $3,ti33,12I less than the
preceding year,
Oreater building mean greater
prosperity for tho city In many ways.
Hvery ntnictiiro crrjited work for a
number of mechanic and tradM
men. I'lituren eciir'd by Chief Clerk
W, A. O'llrlen of hn clly hulldlnR
department, from tho varloim union
labor oricanliatlnnH of the city, nhow
that the following tradeHinen and
laborers wern employed In the year's
construction procrnm! 928 enrpnn.
tern, 484 painters, anr nricK mnnonn,
2S stone miiHous, 180 plasterers, 13'
cement workers, 180 plumbers, 80
lathers, IG tile Hellers, 2G0 cleclrl
clans, 8B sheet metal workers. 2fi
structural Iron workers, HO rnofers,
ItfiO brick laborers, 400 common la
borers, SG lumbermen nud 100 team
Of thu 19, 47.1, 443 In permits Is
sued In 1919, 14.A39.RIS of those
permits were Issued for the con
slruatlon of residences. Many of
them were small duellings sod
vonin were palatini mansions, but
all nf them were homes, InvestlKa
tlon shows that ft surprisingly lurKo
niliubor of tho 10,087 residences
wero occupied by their owners on
completion and that a much smnllor
number of them were built for spec
ulation. (laniRes run a close second on thn
number of residences erected. In
many caes the permit for the erec
lion of a tcnraKn Is Included In thn
residence permit. l''or this reason,
although tbe number of Karaite per
mits Issued Is much smaller than tho
number of reildences, there havo
tieen practically ns many canines
built In Tulwi as there have been
residences. The fi!H private Karaitcn
for which permits were Issued In
1919 were constructed at r. total
cost of 12BG.8H9
Schools took third place In the
year's bulldlm; values. Thero wero
erected 389 biilldliiKk cnatlni; In the
BKKrcRate 1672.800. Most of the
hutldlncs were on thn unit plan.
whlrh makno It possible to follow a
liullilUu: proKram Jut In knnplmr
with tho ocliinl needs of tho school
system. Churches took a propor
tlmmtn Increase In number with tho
school proKram and five permits are
recorded fur cliiiiclicn to cost a total
of 119. tOo.
Heoond In value lo the schools are
thn 27 apartment houses that were
erected durlni! thn year at a total
cost of tr,96,J00. Tulsu llko every
othnr clly, Is becomlni; morn and
inoro Inclined toward the apartment
house Idea "I'eopln do not ml rid be
Inir 'cooped' tip In an apartment
now days when they can i;el nut and
enjoy the open nlr In their motor
inn In the evenlni;." At least that
Is the way lliiltdlnK Inspector Clark
explains It. Most of the npiirtmotilM
constructed this year tiro between
two arid six stories In helirht, con
tiilnltiK modern thieo or four-room
apartmnntH, and nrn of fireproof
Two pulill" bulldlnirs were author
Und dtlllnif the year wil'ied t 137,
380. One was thn 12MJ00 armory
bulldlnR, which wilt overlook (n
tral park on Kast Hlxth street nml
house tho local companies of th
Oklithonia tiallonul kuiu-iI. When
completfid and equipped with tho
ticsesitnry steel lockers anil other
runilshliiKs the slructuro will repm
soiit an expenditure In excess of
!2r.,000. A fire million In West Tuls i
to tost 112,380 Is the structure for
which the other permit was Issued.
AlthoiiKh skyscrapers and clown
town slructures wero Kreatly III Inn
minority them wern 192 permits In
sued durum- tho year for buslnesi
hnllillt.u nml between a few Imp"'
Ihi; structure and u larirn numlier of
smaller ones, two and three-toiy
bulldltiKs the total reached -319.
which was second only to tho
value of thn residences.
Kor repairs and alterations 480
permits wero Issued totaling 1416.
010. To ihn Krund total must bo
added ono burn, sorncthlnB that n
become u rarity In thn lists of Tuls.i
biilldliiK tinrmlts. which was built
at a cost of 12,000, maktnK the en
tire building of thn year 19,473,
4 43.
Derembcr was typlcnl month In
the bulUlnir for 1919. As In the cam
of tho entire year resldencea lead,
61 havliiK been built cosllni! In nil
1201.600 (iHriiKin 1T Uln jnonth
totaled 131,976 for tho r.3 permits Is
sued. Ten buslricsii bulldltiKs are In
thn list and total 1324.250. Kivn
apartments total 1192, f.Oo nnd per
rnltn for repairs and nltoratlnns
i cur), 1 4 4,840. Added to this Is tho
126,000 national iruard armory per
mit, which un lant.,l In tlftmrihip
Tho total for thu month was 1920.
165. A Nnv lli'liltor Men;,
A sou wan born Monday to Mr.
and Mrs. John T. Ulalr at 131 Unst
.Insper street. To his friends Mr.
Hlalr, a member of lllalr llros.,
irultors, said that ho Intended to
make his boy a real estatu dwiler.
A Ni'iy Vmr's I (-- iln tlxn.
Itesolved In siiirl ilm Vn.ir
rlKht. 1'rep.ire for a better poeltlon,
, enroll today at the Tulsa lluslrmss
hiick'. irinne isvj. (irilcn 103-
111 Bast Third HI. AdvL
Hlntres that a Tex.in has Invehted
hanic a door so close to Its frame that
no crack Is left to pinch flowers,
fllrls for pleAiaut work. Call Osueo
658. Advt.
TiiUii I'ollcf! TinVncr $100 Uncii
.Slnlen from llolcl.
John M. Mathews, negro, believed
to bo wanted for a number of
crimes In thin state, wan arrested
In police court yesterday afternoon!
while attendlnt; tho preliminary
hearlnR of his wife, Kara Mathews,
nnrl two othnr neitroes accused of
petit larceny. Mathews' wlfo and
a man named Moso tlutcher, also a
necro, were arrested late Tuesday
nlnht when they reported that ubout,
1100 worth of linen had been stolen
frfi'ii their home on th'vnorth sldo.
Captain Woods of tho police de
partment hnd taken thn linen from
tho house Tuesday afternoon and
returned It to Hotel Tulsa. All nf
thn linen was marked plainly with
the hotel Insignia, pollen nald, and
had been mlsslnir several weeks. A'
trim? of neirro petty thieves Is be
lieved to have done the stealing, hut
whether tho ones under arrest are
thn real culprits, police refused to
Dors) rlcnil "(ilicn tlu Cata"
I'red Wolon, u confcisod dope
adherent, vas iflcn in minutes to
"cross-the brldo" In police court yes
tcrday evenlnir, or submit to u fine
of 1100 nnd costs. No time wax lost
by the ullcKcd "vanrant" In run
ning from tho courtroom to the
nearest outlet from Tulsa. An up
roar of InuRMer followed his hasty
exit, police offliers and prisoners
alike Jolnlnu in tho "happy new
year." whl li runit In tho ears of
Tulsa's recent visitor.
Almost 10O llrifi In Montli.
With an estimated flro Io;s of
about 1200,000 for the month of Do
comber, the Tulsa, flra depnrtmont
waited In vain lost nlfilit for tho
record month of flrrs to reach tho
100 alarm murk. When tho day
shift went off yesterday evenlnir,
closlnR their year's work, thero had
been 97 ularms this month alono,
comparca wun otuy 427 for ths
uincr n muiiins oi wie year Tl,
compicio iiro loss lor tlio year J
tho city hns not yot been rc. urdc
as ino tnsses in mo two larg,! fir,
this month havo not been otf. Lil'
announcou na yeu
Call Os.ieo 6S8, Younc lidi,
wanting clean employment Advt, p
! f The I
I ipj 312 SO. MAIN ST.
Begin Your New Year
By Resolving
We Wish Our Friends a
Happy and
New Year
BUILD- If You arc Renting
IMPAIR- If You Own a Home
MJILI) a GARAGK-H You Have a Car
FIGURR- Your Bills With Us
To titilld mere tlrlta pttrlatlim,
Wlnttr t-rui leflnt Jtnnirjr 3,
1920. for titling or Information
Col. Clyde Terry, Pres.
llox 10, liiirllllKlnn, Kim.
Thcstj tilings will go n long way toward getting
for yon tho Happy and Prosperous New Year
that wo wish you.
302 North Main
Phone Osnge 78
Osage Grocery and
Wishes You '
much success and happiness
for the coming year.
It is with renewed deter
mination that we pledge
ourselves to the utmost in
serving you through our
business to the best of our
Osage Grocery and
107 PAST I llt.Vf ST,
May 1920 Be
Filled With Pleasure
and Success
Order Perfect Cream
A dozen will convince you that
thcrn Is nnthltif nulto fo do
(IcIoub to the appetite.
Don't bo misled by Imitations
none can compare with our
orlKlnal perfect cream dough
nuts cooked In puro Mnzola oil.
Original Doughnut Shop
121 South Uomoii
Today and Friday
for Inventory
Open Saturday, Jan. 3rd
We Wish You Joy and Prosperity
We also take this, opportunity to thank the good
people of Tulsa "for their unstinted patronage
during the past year. The Peoples Exchange
during 1919 experienced the most prosperous
year's business in its history. Without your
splendid co-operation and words of praise it
would have been impossible for us to have suc
cessfully waged our fight against an element
that tried to dictate to us the policy by which
we should run our business.
It is with your continued patronge during the
coming year that we hope to build the Peoples
Exchange to even greater heights than we have
ever dared hope before.
People's Exchange
A Strictly Nonunion luMltulion
111-713 East First Street
Stops Rheumatic
Pains, Lumbago,
Colds and Sore
ness in the Chest
and Back.
Rubbing the affected
parts with Milano gives
instant relief in all
cases. When your back
is sore or you have acute
neuritis, pour a little in
tlio 'palm of your hand
and rub the affected
parts thoroughly. This
soothes, penetrates and
eventually eliminates
the cause.
For Sale at All Druggists
Tie Dawn of a New Year
New Year's Day, the commencement of a New
Today brings with it new opportunities, new
obligations of service. It is a new beginning,
another start. With the passing of the old
year we have thrown off old garments of
broken 3clf-promises, old regrets, old failures
a purging, as it wero, the disposing of a
dead load.
With tho New Year just arrived, let us resolve
that 1920 shall mean more to all of us than '
any previous year. This must mean the great
est good to the greatest number, obtainable
through the concerted effort of every indi
vidual, toward making our Tulsa a bigger, bet
ter place to live in, earnestly and industriously
addressing ourselves to our individual task3
t and the promotion of general prosperity.
We Wish for All
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
During the New Year it shall be our obligation
and our pleasure to improve the workings and
service of this house so that it will measure
up to your expectations, meet the needs of
greater Tulsa and be found worthy of tho
same confidence it has enjoyed in the past.
ftiftj :i a wx tm:m
Fifth and Main St. Phone 6060
Store Will Remain Vloscd AVy Year's Day
jgff & PAPIN I
x Jewders fyk
A . Happy and
Prosperous New Year
to One and All
Is the Wish of
Jewelers M
i. Corner Mam and Fifth Streets
f r )

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