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Borah Sends Letters To
Presidential As
Illinois Governor Requested
to Tell What His Atti- .
tudc Will 13e.
. -
Question Will lie ouiuiumcu
to Determine If America
Reverses Position.
WASHINGTON', Jan. 1. Inten
tion of republican senators opposed
in the league of nations to request
... u...i , i. n nmftirlontlnl cnndl-
au ii'iiu-. -
ut. to nlaco themselves on record
.. " i lH..n1.,,,l In tin.
I.Krnr. ni 11 SCIOSCll lUlllKlll ui equ
ator Iiorah, lepubllcan. Idaho, who
mdo public a letter addressed to
Governor Lownen or Illinois, nn
aspirant for the republican nomina
tion. , .
Governor l.owdcn was afiked to
whether ho favored "Any policy
alliance, league or partnership"
"to abandon our traditional foreign
pollcv and enter Into understandings
and 'combinations which would em
broil us In all Kuropean conflicts
fn. turmoils."
"Thoso for whom I speak," Sen
ator Iiorah eald, "have no Intention
of confining these and similar ques
tlns to yourself."
Senator Iiorah charged In his let
ter that powerful Kuropean and
American Interests were co-operating
to draw tho United States Into
Kuropean affairs, through tho
leaeuo of nations If possible, and, If
not, "by secret and tacit agree
ments." Ilcfnro Next President.
Declaring thnt the questions and
policies Involved must como before
the next administration, regardless
of America's entrance In the loaguo,
the Idaho senator said tho personal
views of presidential candidates
should be stated.
"For nearly 150 years," tho sen
ator's letter said, "we have In this
country, regardless of parties, ad
hered to a distinct foreign policy
no entangling alliances qf partner
ships with foreigif powers and no
Interference by foreign powers In
American affairs. If you t-hould be
nominated and elected president,
would you exert your Influence nnd
the influence of your administra
tion to maintain this foreign policy,
or would you consent, In any way,
to Its abandonment or Its substantial
modification? Do you believe. In
other words, that the time has come
when wo should abandon the policy
of no entangling alliances, no part
nerships with Kuropean powers and
enter Into alliance or understandings
with Kuropean powers?
Against Secret Pact.
"I ask these questions because, re
gardless of what may or may not
Ll.)sn lYIeni! (if Kiimli.v II
nikcn in Custody Once More
Itefuses to Answer Questions.
MOUNT CLILMKNS, Mich., Jan. 1.
Floyd Provost, a former closo friend
of J. Sanloy Urown, was again taken
Into cus ody fur examination today
in connection with llrown's death
on December 23.
I'revost refused to answer ques
tions, standing on hla constitutional
rights, as ho had in refusing to tes
tify at tho coroner's inquest early
In tho week.
Neither would ho discuss-tho easo
when confronted by Mrs, Ceclle
a ester, who yesterday told tho at
torneys a story Incriminating. I're
vost and Mrs. Ituth Urown, the
young widow.
Prosecutor Lynn Johnson tonight
declined to say whether ho would
ak a warrant for I'revost. Such
action would be taken, however, he
stated, If habeas corpus proceed
ings woro Instituted.
Iieyond accusing Prevost of com
plicity In the killing of Hrown,
w-nose hullet-rldden body was found
In him UMfnn.iV,ll a ,
... .... wt.iwu.iM uii t uuuuiiy ruuu
near hero, Mrs. Vesler added noth
me today to her version of tno trag
edy So far she Is the only poreon
airec ly charged with Brown's death.
"'uciaia aro quoted ns saying they
oeilevo she is not rmVonslhle. but
nu knowledge that will aid thorn
n clearing up tho mystery.
... Vcaler'8 homing had been
l tor Saturday mrrnlng.
"troit .Man Hcllcvnl to Have) Hecn
Murtleml lleail CrusluU
, DALLAS. Toxn .Tin 1 si.
ffil FriJ8heiI with' a heavy cotton
tt'wra of rwmt.. nu
nn i .v' """urines aro worKing
S?r - e.Jy of "'urder with rob
?. 8.,he mo"vo. Tatlsta, who
la,t .J"ra,n,Ber.'ln ,nls section, was
he rn, " ,a.llV8 11,81 nBht la'e. whan
n'.Kot off a Dallas Inlerurban a
death n ne.ttr 1,10 8Ceno his
(ion fl!:tlvo draft reglstra.
f'1 towxi ot. the body was
"ie means of Identification. .
to?i,.bleLI'i,0,.,m,,'e.tl0,1 clothe. S. E
tor e-. i4 ii.jn, upstslra. Adit
World's News Told
In Condensed Form
For II urried Headers
WAHHINOTO.S'. Jan. 1 --Undersecretary
ot b'mlr Polk said today lio hid no
intention of rituiijr.
WICHITA. Kan . jan 1, Salaries of all
cltj- ernploiea vera railed tuday In amounts
ranjlni; from J in J1J Mntl;.
lillfAUKLVHIA .lan. Il Tlie first
coualsnmcnt ( aO.O'Mi barrel ot whisky
for export hat arrived barf from liula
villo. The train contlttt of 30 cart, carry
iog 3,000 barrcla,
WASHINGTON. Jan 1. PrealJent Wil
son todajr roinnmlrd the four tuontha' Jail
enttnce Impo'ed upon W. II Kberil nf
(Vilurnbun. uhlo, (or a violation ot the
oleomargarine, lawn.
PAN FItANCISCO, CaT. Jan. I. Thlrtr
five peraona irp under arrent iierp today
taken In a campalcn hy this inlerantlonal
rertnue Jpparlment to lirlnj to Jnatiee
bootli-irseri nuploting poiaona In "wbliky"
rainutnrturp .
KOItT WOllTII. Tcxaa, Jan. I. Seventy
I'ort Worth oleelrlciana atruck (hi uiorn
Ins whrn fonlrarlors refjted their demand
for $10 pt-r day waga. They hate been
cettlnir il per day.
LONDON, Jan 1. Sir Oliver Ixidje,
president nf the Bocl"lr for I'rchlral lte
search, will leave for the United i'latci
mkju after hit retirement as pruxipal ot
the University of llirmlncham, v.bich posi
tion lie has held since 1900.
LONDON. Jan. 1. The rapture ot
Tekaterinoslav, on the aouthern Ktmlan
front and Novomil,ovsk. 15 miles rorth
east ot Yekalcrinoslav, Is announced In
a bolahevik official atatemenl issued to
day. .
CHICAGO. Jan. 1. Two deaths resulting
from vwiod alcohol poisoning, suppose II y
llm rejult of New Year's evo celebrations,
were reported to the coroner today. To
djy'a victims here were John Walstnnj,
10 years old, and Joseph l'tnce, a soil CS.
S ED A LI A, Mo., Jan. ). N. II. Klond,
fireman on Miaaouri, Kansas anil Tessa
paasenjer train No. 10, was killed today
when the train ran into a lari-o boulder
which ha,i fallen on the track brlwocn
Hoehepnrt and HitntsdsU Tniclneer Quinn
vas injured and tho engine and three cars
.NEW HAVKN, Conn., Jan. 1. Thirty
five men wero under arreat In Connecticut
today as a result of the Investigation of
federal, state and city officials into the
wave of fatalities and illnria caused by
drinking poUon whisky. The death toll
In the stale was 17.
PHIUDELI'HIA, Jan. 1. .-Shipping st
this port was at a standstill today Fol
lowing a threat to slrike last Friday unless
their employers granted de-nands for more
pay ana shorter hours, aoveral hundred men
rrnployed on harbor and river tugs walked
out this morning.
nUKN'OR AIIIEH, Dec. 31. A fire .10
miles In width in I lie neighborhood of
fan German, a town on the llnet between
ltuenos Aires province and the Pampa ter
ritory, has hten esllngulshed. Sis hundred
acres of wheat wcr destroyed. It Is be
lieved to have been set by sgltatora,
DATTI.K OltKF.K, Mich., Jan. , 1. Sir
Horace Plunkelt. Irish home rule advo
cate, arrived here thia morning to spend
a few days of rest In a local lanltiriurn.
lie wia apparently in good health, fc'ir
Horace will return to New York nevt week
to resume his work In behalf of homo
rule for Ireland.
I.Ot'ISVILLK. Ky Jan. 1. . In a
century development Kenturky oil fields
have resehed a rapacity of 7,500,000 bar
rela. valuej st Jl!0,000,0fi0. marking the
growth to 30.000 wetls alnce oil waa dia
covered In the slate In 1M0, affording to
the annual report of I'rof, Willard 1'.
Jillson, slate geologist.
SALT LAKK CITY. Jan. 1 . IJased on
Information from Chicago, iho United
States dlstrirt attorney has (lied a com
plaint aralnat the People's Hnjar com
pany and officers of the company rharg
lng them w-ith proiiteering. The sugar
company's factory is at Moroni, I'tah. ai.d
its offices at Salt Lake City.
NEW YORK, Jan. 1. The entrance of
the third generation Into tlv interna
tional banking firm o( J. P Morran
Cn. took place yetterdav when Junius
Siencer Morgan, son of J. P. Morgan,
was admitted as a partner In hla (ather'i
concern. The number o( partners in the
Morgan banking (Iran la sow 15.
DETROIT. Mich.. .Ian. 1. Jewelry val
ued at more than $25,000 was stolen from
the borne of Griffith O. Kills in the fash
ionable Indian village section last night, ac
cording to a report to tho police today
The Jewelry atolen during the absence of
tho family at a New Year's watch party
included a necklace valued at $20,000.
OAKLAND. Cal" Jan. 1 A bomb
placed on tho porch o( the Hast Hay Wa
ter enmpmy'a pumping station exploded
Isst night when ft was nicked uu by James
S Hsmilton, an employe of the company.
The station is in an eiduslve residence
district. Hamilton waa badly burned
about the hands, face and eyes. ,
CHATHAM. Mass Jan 1 The stesmer
Wlllpolo rsn her nose Into the ssnd on
the esstern side of Shovefull ahosl off
Monomomy I'olnl early to-taV and wss
held fsst on an ebbing tide The cutter
Acushnet hastened to her assistance The
sea was smooth. The stesmer formerly
waa ,lio Yaphank, a vessel of 3,283 ions
CHICAGO Jan 1. George Hewett.
sought by the police (or Oie murder o( his
wi(e, Anna, last Tuesday, wan found dead
In a room at the '.enoa holel here today,
the (Irst suicide o( the new year to be re
ported to the police A inu'l bottle halt
filled with lysol and Iodine was four. a be
side the body. ,
nOANOKU Va , Jan. 1 Abolition nf
the o((lce of stste commissioner o( prohi
bitlon to nullify the present dry law en
(orcement sypstem in, Virginia will be ad
vncalrd at the session of the leelils'ura
which begins January 14 by E. I' Hnfod
of Lawrenreville. who recently waa elerted
to the bouie o( delegates afler a bitter
campaign, be announced today.
DALLAP. Tesaa, Jan.' I. Mrs. Ida Ott,
nnder Indictment for the murier of her
buaband. Andrew L Ott. on December 23,
waa released vo f.V"00 bail by Judge C A
Ptppen after a habeas corpus bearing in
criminal district ourt here today. Oil,
whose patent live in Jnpiln. Mo . was
shot and kil'ed on a downtown street two
days before Chrlalinas.
INDIANAPOLIS Jan. 1 a. report Is
sued from the headquartera of the s.rneri
can l.egloo here yesterday showed that at
the rlose of the year 1919 a total at f,,60s
charters tr local posts of the organiza
tion had been issued. It was announced
further that there are 310 appln mona
(or chartera In process o( approval, '.n the
past 10 daya charters were issued lor 15
posts In Teias and 10 In Kansss ,
ST. LOUIS. Mo. Jan. 1. Ke. William
V. Knblnaon ot this city has been ap
pointed president of i Louis university,
according tn an announcement msde at the
university today He succeeds the Rev
Ilernard J Ot'lng A chance In presidenta
has bern anticlpateH because of the recent
ruling at Rome that there must be a
change every ali years In the besda St
the various Catholic Institutions.
Army of 85,000 Enumera
tors Ready to Begin
Their Task.
Actual Work to Consume
That Period But Tabula
tions To Be Deferred.
Final Figures Expected To
Show Great Increase
Women as Supervisors.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 An army
ot 80,000 enumerators will begin to
morrow morning tho work of count
ing tho men, womun and children of
tho I'nlted States unit of collecting
certain Information about tho re
sources of tho country.
Tho taking of this census, the
fou ttufii Ui in tho history of tho na
tion, Is expected to require only
about two weeks, hut figures show
ing til" total population probably
will not bo available until tho end
of April.
Workers will sally forth with nn
especially prepared portfolio jtnd a
commission signed by Sam L.
Itogers, chief oP tho bureau. Tlio
count I3 expected to show u popula
tion of from 107,000.000 to 112,
000.000, as compared with 93,000,000
In 1910. The estimated population
on July 1, 1919. wtl 108,871.284.
Cards will bo collected by 372
supervisors and forwarded to head
quarters hero, wheto 4,000 clerks will
bo eugagod In tho tabulation woik.
Totals fur eacli of tho Items on tho
cards will be computed by specially
designed machines. Officials expect
to bo ablo to make a preliminary
estimate of tho population of tho
larger cities by ttie middle of March,
but returns for tho country districts
will not bo completed until later.
Tho census includes tho collection
of data 011 farms, forests nnd oil
production, In addition to the enum
eration of persons. Tho fourteenth
decnnnlal census Is the first to tio
taken during tho whiter months.
While severe weather may be a
handicap In somo sections, tho
change wan mndr in order that the
enumeration might bo completed be
fore the election primaries of the
summer season. For the fir'sfc tlmo
also, women have lnen employed
as supervisors. Maximum pay al
lotted by law Is 4 cents per person,
with a higher rato lor farm hands.
Congress appropriated $22,000,000
for the worKT"
HerrftiloH I'tmilrr Company 1's.tihxt
oil In California None Is Jle
llev.otl Dead Details Lucking
IIHItCrLKS. Oil. Jan. 1 The
black powder mug izine of the Her
cules Powder company here ex
ploded Shortly after 4 p. m. today,
according to a statement from offi
cers of tho company. Tho causci
was not known, they said.
At tho offlco of tho company It
was said no one was at work today
at tho plant except the watchmen.
It Is t'lireo mllei from tho offlco to
tho black powder magazine, and
until officials, who hurried there,
could return, no further details wore
Officials of the company, nfter
Isltlng tho magazine, advanrcd tho
theory that a stray bullet from a
nfl" fired saitlo dlotanco away had
s'ruck tho magazine and exploded
the contents. Ordinarily about half
a dozen men are employed nt the
mngazlnc. Tho officials said the
amount of powder stored In it was
rot lnrge.
River Engineer Shot
At New Orleans Home
Ni:w OKLKANS. Jan. 1. Major
Harold S, Iletrlrk, H. S. A.,
nnd In charge of the I'nltod States
onglneors of the Mississippi river
district from New Orleans to Vloks
burg, Miss , was fhot and dangerous
ly wounded at his homo hero late to
night. Surgeons later said he was dylnr.
Tho bullet penetrated his brain, they
said. Conflicting versions of tho
shooting wero reported to the police,
who say they hi- not sure whether
a strango man or Mrs Hetrlck fired
tho pistol which wounded tho major
In tho head.
Bank Records
Tulsa, Hie financial center of
Oklahoma and tho rlehost city In
the world for her size, outdid hor
self In 1919 and In reality sur
passed evon tho wildest predic
tions of her most enthusiastic
x No hotter barometer can bo had
of any city than the records of
rrer bank clearings and transac
tions. Though In tho past she
has more than won. recognition
In the financial circles of the
country, It rernalnod for 1919 to
establish unprecedented records.
In her bank clearings for tho
i year wca hs To a civc rhe laugh
to all precectimg years ami
showed a s r n intie.tso over
191S if 72 per cn' To a( clear
ings t-Jl ho year woro $017,925,-
Omit Wilson's Name
From South Dakota
Ballot at Primary
I'IKimi:, S. I). Jan. 1 - No ac
ceptance ,f tru- democratic con
vention's In lorseineiit of Wood
row Wlleion to succeed himself as
president had been flluil up to
midnight. Neither hud tlov.
Lynn .1. Frnser of North Dakota
accepted the non -partisan nop
port for the sunie offlro. Tluir
names will not appear on the
March primary b.illot with mr:y
Indorsi nui t, affording to nn
noupremcnt from tho sei-rotary
of state's office, the filing tlmo
limit expiring at midnigh'
A. A. Richards Came Here
After Statehood and
Oil Enriched Him.
During Roosevelt's Time He
Was Special Agent for
the Government.
Special to The World
TAMPA, Kin, Jan. 1. Albert A.
Richards of Washington, I) C , and
u former resident of Tuldu. Okln .
died at a local hospital hero early
today of pneumonia, contniclil on
Christmas day. Jlo was f,5 years
old, and Is survived by his widow,
threo sons, Cluster H. ltlcbatds, of
Tulsa; James T. ltlcliards of Ken
tucky, and Joseph ltlcliards, with
his father at tho tlmo of his de
mise. "Andy" ltlcliards, ns ho was
known to thousands of early day
men In enstorn Oklahoma, and In
southern Kansus, was a native of
Cecil county, Mil. lie Httrmlcd
I.af.ayetto collego In Pennsylvania,
nnd on graduating, went to south
ern Kansus, settling near Oxford, In
Sumner rounty. loiter on entering
politics, he established o republican
paper at 'Wellington, the county
Durlnp; tho Iloosevelt adminis
tration ho wont to Muskogee, en
gaging In the ptacllco of law, nnd
later ncccptlng nppolntment as spe
cial agent of the department of Jut
tlco In tho Investigation of land
claims In the territory.
After statehood he removed to
Tulsa, acquiring land In tlio lllrd
creek area that ho still owns and
which mnde hln wealthy, and In
1PI5 went to tho national capital to
live. With his young son, Joseph,
who had heon attending a military
school In New Jersey, tliev went to
Florida early In December, and he
caught a severe cold on Christmas,
developing Into pneumonia the next
The body will r sent tonight to
Wellington, Kan , for burial.
Date Mi'Henry Alli'trril to limp At
mi'l.ctl IVIfiiil While In-totitsiit-d.
John Sampson, Indian, 2G20 Kast
Fifth street, was cut weveral times at
hlAhome last night by Pave Mcilenry.
also an Indian, witnesses stuted.
Mcilenry Is bolleved to have been
Intoxicated, nnd u trail of blood lead
ing westward toward thu city from
the Sampson homo gave ampin evi
dence that ho was slashed himself.
Tho cnusi) of tho argument which
precoded tho cutting has not been
learned, although the men have
quarreled before, Mrs. Sampson s.ild.
Sampson's condition, It was stated at
the hospital; is not dangorous.
Inventor and Wlfo SiiK-ttnili nt !
Angeles, Cal,, Ilpinc.
IOS ANOKLEH, Jan. 1. The
bodies of Ucorge Sinclair, 61, widely
known Inventor of musical Instru
ments, and Ills wife, Margaret Sin
clair, OS, wero found tn tlio brouk
fnst room of their home hero to
day. Apparently they had died
from Inhaling fumes emitted by a
gas heater In an ndjnining room.
Tlio house was tightly closed and
evry room was filled wlili the
deadly mixture of gas and air.
A quantity of food was found on
tho table and tho police said an
analysis of this would be made to
determine whether poison other
than gas had not been flrt em
ployed by a possible murderer.
! Sinclair came hero about six
'months ago from Hoston.
Prove Tulsa
Center of State
737.67. while thorns of the preced
ing year were Ms9.9S3.tG6.51. ac
cording to statistics announced
yesterday by the local clearing
house association.
Hank transactions for 1919 are
reported at tS. 3 15.703,226 99.
Hank clearings for the month
of December were i 17,760,435.86
which, whon compared with S 31s.
432.920.61, the clenrlngs for De
cember of 1918. sohws an increase-
of 31.1 per Cent.
Clearings for the week ending
December 31 were found to bo
t9.268.2S3 62, which is an in
' crease of 42 3 per cert over the
clearings for the ca-ro week of
1918 recorded as $6 510 410 95
according to M C. Jlurk r-n'stan'
manager of tho clearing houso
Harvard Trounces Oregon
In lntersectional
Touchdown and Goal- Nets
Victory Two Drop Kicks
Are Scored By Losers.
Westerners Stop Victors With
in Inches of Goal Line;
Attack Versatile.
I'ASADKNA, Cal., Jan. 1 -The
east vanquished tho west Jiere loilay
when Harvard defeated the I'nlver
sity of Oregon 7 to In thn annual
lntersuctlonal football game.
Tho versatile attack of tho east
erners, based on smashing straight.
lootn.ili tactics, nut. timnieu wuu
forward passes, tricks and punts,
wn met by stalwart defense from
Oregon. Tho fighting qttulttles of
tho western defenders woro exempli
fied to the Inst minute of play, when
Harvard, separated by inches from
a second touchdoi n, was 'held for
downs. Harvard's points were
scored on h touchdown by Church
and a goal kicked by A. Horween.
Steers, the bright star of the Oregon
team, kicked one goal from tho field
and Matierud, who leplaced him
later In the game, again sent the
ball between the goal po-sts for a
flold goal. All the scrlng was in thn
second period.
Jacobborger, Huntington nnd
Mtinerud rivaled Steers ns slarn of
tho Oregon aggregation. The sup
port given by their teammates was
ot thn best. Steers bucked Iho line
In n. manner that made him the fa
vorite of tho Oregon supporters, and
when he was forced out by n In
Jury nnd M.inerud went In, Iho lat
ter ran like a deer punted In a re
mnrknhlo style, considering Ills small
slzo nnd weight, anil burked tlio line
so strongly that ho burst through
Ilm-ucciis fiinr.
Kor Harvard tho Horweens wero
the particular stars, while Kddle
Casey, their teammate hack of the
line, worked hard nnd successfully
There was no development of tiny
particular siyio ot piay. earn team i
Prisoner Spt-nils New Year's In .full
ItOHiinw Taking IMdcmv In
Iw AngvltN Toduy.
I .oh ANOKLKH, Jan 1. Harry
S. New, Jr., whoso trial for the
murder of Kreda lesser, Is nearlng
Its close, spent tho now year's day
as lie spent Christmas day- In Ills
coll In the county Jail.
So far ns known. New mado no
now year resolutions and there was
not tho semblance of holiday festiv
ity in his cell as there wan last
week when ho was showered with
gifts nnd spent tho dny with his
mother, Mrs LIHIft M. Horgor, aintl
his ulster, Minn ICdiui Clancey.
liotli Mrs. Ileigor and Miss
Clancey called early nnd spent tho
day with New. Ho rmelved a few
cards from friends and ato a homo
cooked meal brought by hla mother.
Ills attorneys would not permit him
to bo seen.
When tho trial Is resumed tomor
row, the alienists who eaamlncd
New for thu defenec, will still bo on
tho stand. As Mich Is asked u hypo
thetical question, several thousand
words long.' their testimony Is ex
ported to drag
It was rumored today that Mrs.
Alice ' Lesser, mother of tho mur
dered girl, will likely attend the trlnl
again before Its close. She exploded
a di'dlro to bo present when Miss
Clancey testified, but her health did
not pet mil. ,
Judge Pollock I-miu'K Injunction
A cu 1 1 if. t Action In To'kn:
TOIiJKA, Kan.. Jan. 1 In the
federal lllstrlet court here today
Judge Itollock granted temporary
restraining order against putting lino
oper.illun prl.'cs fixed on groceries
and meats bv the lo"al fair prico
committer. An Injunction precluding
was Instituted by a committee tcp
lesentlng lot a I grocers, charging
that the federal act under which
the ronitniiti'e acts is unconstitu
tional and confiscatory The prices
wero to tiecfcmc operative tomorrow.
"Thoughts to Think
si bo at"
To Insist that you are always right,
puts upon you the whole burden of
"Thoughts have wings" angels of
light the army of conquest
thoughts rule the world.
"Jloosters" don't go "busted";
boosters aro takers of profits, but
"knockers" Kill iho game
The telephone way is the easv way
call etip telephone number Osage
0000 and glvo your Want Ads to the
nd-Uker of The V.'orM.
Heads Republican Women
A New I'liolo of Mrs.
Mrs. John Oliver South, whose
women s division or the reptilillean national committee makes her nn Im
portnnt political figure, has long been active In atvlo. suffrage and nrohlbt
1 lion m.jvements. Klin succeeds Mi's.
glvo up her woik with the committee
1 ril I f A r rtAKITnAI
i VI If 'AW I I I IVl II
President Approves Ex
tension Of Control
Over Output.
Authority Granted May Not
Be Exercised, Secretary
Tumulty Announces.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 1. Presl
dent Wilson has slgnod thn McNary
bill continuing tlio United States su
gar equalization buard through 1920.
It was announced today at tho white
houso that, Ills signature had been
attached before midnight last night.
Secretary Tumulty In making the
announcement issued this statement:
"Tho president has signed tho su
gar control hill. The bill confers
discretion on lh president in tin'
matter of purchasing sugar from
Cuba. It is doubtful whether It will
be practicable or wise for the presi
dent lo exercise the power conferred
so far as tho purchase and distribu
tion of sugar are poncernnd."
Koine of the Ciili.ui sugar has al
ready been purchased and there Is
no central control over sugar in
Cuba as there was last year and I'
might therefore be Impossible for
the government now to slop In nnd
purchttso the sugar without Increas
ing the in li o to the consumer The
bill, however, continues the licens
ing power also and this power may
be used to assist In controlling the
profiteering among distributors
Much Cuban sugar Is coming In now
and IndluHtloris are that prices have
reached their peak and that there
will be a tendency for prices to fall
In Iho next few weoks.
Itepiihllcnim at Kim Antonio Aro Or
'gaullng to lloost Camlliliicy.
HAN ANTONIO, Texas, Jan. 1
A chapter of the Leonard Wood
league oigatilzod for the purpose of
advocating the nomluntion for the
piesrdtncy by the republican party
of Major Heneral Ioiiurd Wood Is
being formed here. K. P. Lipscomb,
an attorney. Is githerlnj the names
of liolh men and women tidvocutes
tf Unnnral Wood. Officers havo not
yet been elected.
liarnsdell Itrings In
l,20Glbl. Well Near
lieegs, on Kelly Farm
Tl.n tia-nsdeil oil company has
a well showing 1 Son barrels on
I lis No 2 on the Kelly farm lit 7-
! 14 1.' Ir o'h of Iit'i;gs
1'He AM " o I ml (Otnpnnv also
reports , t we" to e Osage
matting as high a'i 1 SOU barrels
Tho location and dopth wero not
I avaiublo lost nlgb.
.lolin Oliver South
recent appointment as chalrmnn of the
Mrdlli McCornilnk, who wus forced to
on account or Illness.
Howard Elliott Says the
Amount Required for
Ituinors Current That Prin
cipal Systems Plan Proud
er Passenger Traffic.
ST. PAI'U Minn, Jan. 1. Threo
billion dollars must be spent by thn
uillroads of the United States
"within the next few years" to pro
vide first nlass passenger and
freight facilities, according to How
ard Hlllutt. president ot the North
ern Puclflc railroad, who came
from New York for conferences
with prominent railroad officials.
"Difficult and serious as Is tho
plight of the railroads and tho own
ers of (20,000,000.000 of railroad
properly, It Is not more serious than
the condition facing tho country,"
Mr. Elliott said today.
"Transportation faculties must be
made uvnllahle, not only for tho
present vnluuV of business, but for
the Increases that a progressive na
tion like tho United States needs
ouch year.
"Slnco the government took con
trol only 100,000 new freight cars
have been bought, so that at the
end of 1919 there probably are not
more than 3,400,000 freight curs In
the country slightly more than In
1915. It Is tint too much to say
that probably (3,000.000,000 should
be spent for cars, euglncu and shop
furilliles by American railroads
within tho next fow years. If tho
countt y's transportation needs are
lo be met "
Mr. Klllott loft for Chicago to
night. He did not iriuke any an
nouncement regarding reports cir
culated In railroad quarters here that
tho leading toads of tho country
wero planning lo inako Important
statements regarding broadened pas
Hongor service when prlvato owner
htp Is restored. There have been
leports that schedules to thn Pa
cific coast via various routes aru to
be shortened, and that truins de
luxo ami extra ram trains will
put In service.
Tt'LS'V Olds., Jan I Maximum, 43;
minimum, 17. nurth winds, c'r.r.
OKLAHOMA. Kri.tay fair, somewhat
srurmrr- talurilav fair.
EAST TKXAS: Friday and Hjturday.
fair eacrnt unsettled in eitrnmo loutb
portion, rlilnt teinperatura in inlbrlor Fri
day and Id east and south portions Patnr
'wKST TKXAS. Friday fair eomawhst
naiuruay lair
KANSAH Gr-nerallr fair Frntav and
I ffaturdai tuii (nn(,ersiir Saturday
i.ot ipiana iridaj fa.r siujhii, s.arm. a,d COu.nty commlwionors ura con
r north portion rontuiurd cool aouta ,.i.,.i ,i, .,..ilir.. ih. ... tt
portion fatnrdar fair, warmrr
' aukankum, Frid.v .rui H.t.rds faip.
slevtiy rliloE teaiptrslura.
Attorney General
Calls Off Chicago
Federal Agents.
Arrtists Made in Raids
Conducted by State's
Attorney's Office.
Hoyne Attacks Cabinet
Member Sharply for Re
fusal to Assist.
CHICAGO, Jan. 1, Itnlds result
ing In tho arrest of 200 or morn L
W W'm fottitt.itnlutM ,i,i.t rill,... ...... I
oa)s wer carried out today under
tho direction of State's Attorney
Mnclay Hoyne. who tonlulit in a
statement uttneked Attorney Oencr-
i I'liuuer tor tne luniire ot tlio
department of Justice agents to co
operate. Agents of tho military In
telligence blanch of tho central de
partment of tho army aided tho
county prosecutor.
Mr. Hoyne said the raids had been
timed for I p, tn. New Year's day.
He said ho had recently gone to
Washington to confer with govern
ment officials. At noon today, after
receipt of u personal letter from At
torney Ooneral Palmer asking him
not to proceed with tho plan, feder
al ilepnrtinent of Justice agents with
drew, Mr. Iloyno said.
"Apparently Attorney General
Palmer or somo of his friends aro
playing petty politics with thn situ
ation anil aro pursuing a pussyfoot
policy," Mr. lloyne's statement lutd.
".expressing my opinion as a citizen
and democrat, I do not bellovo Nero
or any other fiddler can bo elected
president of tho United States."
iti'fiisrfi to Comment.
IMward a. Ilrennan, chief of the
bureau of Investigation of the do
partnicnt of Justice, refused to com
ment on tho nhHoiico of his men In
the raids.
Thn prosecutor nssertad that dally
In Chicago membors of radical or
ganizations nddres.ied meetings urg
ing their hearer to Vawalt the olio
big day" nnd that their purpose was
nothing less than overthrow of tho
government. Mr. iloyno declared
that thn I. V. W., tho communist
party and the communist labor parly
members nnd anarchists nnd syndi
calists were distributing tons of no
dltliiUR lltciature. He said today's
raids woro only the beginning of his
drive which ho declared was Intend
ed to extirpate nil radicals from
Cook county.
ills Investigation, ho said, had dls
closml thnt tho leading agitators In
"this criminal conspiracy" centered
their activities In Chlcngo, No-v
York, Hoston, Cleveland, Detroit and
Boat tie.
Mr. Hoyne declared his mon had
been armed wltli 200 search war
rants and that In addition a num.-
Jier of warrants charging conspiracy
hail licen is'iued hy Judge uugo ram
of tho criminal court. Four men
wero arrested on the latter warrants
today. Among them was Oeorgo
Andreytchlno, nn I, W. W. relcasod
on bond some tlmo ago from Leav.
enworth penitentiary, pending deci
sion of tho appeal of S3 I. W, Vf,
convicted of violation of tho espion
age law.
Anno a'rovarskl, 34 years old, was
tho only woman arrested. She anil
27 men wero taken from I W, W.
headquarters. Jnines Crowley, sec
retary ot tho I. W. 'W., also was ar
rested. Among tho places ralde was thn
llusslan Soviet school. This was de
clared by tho raiders to bo under tho
direction of Ludwlg Martens, llus
slan soviet ambassador to tho
United States, who has headquarters
In New Yorli.
Only one man among those ar
rested woro thn Insignia ot national
servlco In tho world war. Ho wa-i
released when It was learned he had
been found wandering on tho street
and taken Into a meeting place ot
Several mnji alleged by I Ik state's
nttnrney to have been nctlvo among
agitators nt Clary, Ind , In connec
tion with tho stoel strike, were ar
rested. '
A half dozen women wern taken
In later raids tonight Among them
wero Mrs. II. Dubrnw and the
Misses Vera and L. Dubrow. whom
Wichita Pulli Pros.-sntir TclM In.
tendons In Prosecution of AI
legtyl Highwayman.
WICHITA PALLS. Texas, Jan 1.
District Attorney Kleteher jonci an
nounced this morning that the death
penalty would bo sought in 't trial
of Jack Wolford and u.acklo"
ilaitu, alleged highwaymen, ar
rested yesterday following thn at
tempted robbery of a grocery storo
and meat market at Wuggnner City,
tho oil town 14 miles northwest of
this city.
Mors than 30 cases of highway
robbery have been reported In tho
oil regions of this county during tho
past four weens, inn county juu is
fulfil tn fiverflowlnir with nrlsoners
taken Into custody In rcent raids
......, "!"'"'-""
In order to accommojlRte the un-

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