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1 3W
jjro Members of Board
TT.vnminnra Ave
TJi.iiinl i r iPfl.
Lcentral Coal & Coke Co.
r Properties Shut Up By
Arkansas Official.
ttTTMJ lUiC'K, Ark., Jan. 1.
nA'rrnor trough's effort to secure
Oocrnor i r"h Thomas 11. Khaw's
'rr,f a of nu.HHe. t.on n mine.
C ''La V, -!,, I tnitnv when
!,rVreCWr8on, .ilsirlc, president
. h l"n 'e.l anno m m". -i
,r"i Out tlio two nilnois' ropro-
C .lira i,n..,l f ratnn ex.
l C0;V ?:rnalo..ai organUor for
I the nine-- .m P
.1 hclrawn.ro. , ",
hive been held at Fort Smith to-
EJiv wnten w.in i" i.-.u ,
rViirees ngilnst St.aw. was not hold.
r Bhow."h contends that he atlll
u stato mlno Inspector dilute he
Irovcrnor's n'tempt to remove him.
. i .1..,. mnr. rntnnH nf
"ft'en rl Coal & Cok Co., at
llar'fu-.l Ark When he was re
tovl nam tatire to the inlnoa Shaw
,u .... .1o-!nrlni lllii mines
I ciciti and the tuiian miners refusud
'O CO to WCfK rtll seven nrnunniin
Kmlnen of tho Central company now
i have bien c'osed by Shaw.
Cunid Falls Down In
.. i n i..
I'oitawaiomic kjoumu
... I.I...T.P Tn n 1 UndnWIlln.
1 t,,io rountv lovers are facing dlro
Lilamuy .mere urn uni
hrrlage licenses in wiu pusses-Jin"
! .... .. ...... flnrlt nnH when IheV
fr iMiieil iomo lovers aro going to
rnatu to wait
i ........l, llrenite.q Wflrfl
I t UUttiifcf., -- -
I ordtrcd printed several months ago,
. .. .u- l.u nnt vnt rpnchnd
the officials. Ten licenses wero is
nurd today and Jf tho present trend
ortlnucs. New Year's woddlngs will
be performed In other counties.
ixTKODL'cr.it is niUiUAsni) .
One Hut Was Villon
Five Years Ago On
Beginning of Year
EpKUl to The World.
OII.TO.V, Jan. 1. With new
tiulldlnes now In progress and the
many itoiuempluted, this city to
day eclobruted Its fifth anni
versary ns ono jjf.tho most pros
peruus towns In the slate.
Klvo years uco on tho first of
January, 1S1C, thcro was but ono
Ilttlo hut on what Is now Ollton'a
townslte. Today It Is a Ilttlo ulty
of closo to 3,000 people and tho
prospuct of many m ire loc itlnR
hcru during Ihe next year. If
thlriKs mutoriaUze uh the Kurfaen
now liullcatoi. Waterworks and
sower extensions uro eontom
plated, bonds wero voted for
water extension Tuesday, whllo
sower bonds will bo voted on early
In tho spring, and with theso
added facilities to the municipal
wnlfaro of tho city nothing can
prerent Ollton from becumli B ono
of tho l.vest and best towns In
tho county.
WllUins ItclcnuM Two Men Who
Jlroucl't Llouor lnu tlio Slate.
ct... fcfiirnv phnrrrpd with ln-
OliUft " y,...
8-cxlUCinff liquor irom iviiuhiu
ni'iiiri TTnifn.i utntpa fnmm iKfllnnf'r.
I It j 1 1 , . 1 .1, ut...vu ... - - .
jesterday and was roieosou on uuhu
of M.000 for action by tho federal
grand Jury. ,
Joe Urwln. also accucea 01 iius
offense, after W. N. Kills, deputy
ffntfci ct.iini nifirahn! ln.arnnd tho
men wero owners of 48 quarts of
wniJKy rnunu on n rratu ikiiii.
made similar bond before the com
missioner Tutsday.
Duial tn Iliild Klcctlon
Pofflil to The World.
' OKLAHOMA ClTi", Jan. 1. Gov
ernor Hoberison yesterday Issued ft
I proclamation calllnn a special elec
tion to bo held at Duval on Jan
uary 31 for the purpose of Klvlm;
tne quaimcd voters or tnat pinco an
I opportunPy to dceldo whether Du-
ival chall beeomo a city nc tne itrst
iciasj. A primary election win ue
lkKl on tlio mine date to cliooso the
Mty' first officers
lllKlivtuy (otnniLslmier Siijh Tlint
l.:t,(iou ainru win no i-iismxi.
Special to The S"orld,
OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 1. i:s-
tlmnted figures of tho receipt of au.
tomobllo license tax fcos for 1913
are flven at i 1,300.000 and tho tolal
numbor of tass Issued a trifle In ex
cess of 1S3.0U0.
Henry Wood, state hlijhway com-inls.-tlimnr.
lias announced that no
applications for llconses will bo re
ceived and no tags issueu ior iviu
pending tho decision of tho state bu-.
prcmo court on tho referendum petl.
Hons lodBed against house bill 009,
the new motor vehicle license tax
law It is expected that this decision
will bo elvon by Uio stato court next
To Curo a Cold I" Ono Dny
(TablotA). It stops the Couch and
llcadachH and works off tho Cold.
V. OltOVirs signature on each
box. 30 c Advt-
Anto Tlilef Got Awny.
SUAWNR13, Jan. 1. A. U. Tier
son, held on a charge of stealing an
automobile made his cscapo from
the Jail when tho Jailer attempted
to lock tho prlsonors In their cella
Ued Cross Hall Blue Is tho finest
product of Its kind In tho world.
Uvcry woman who has used It knows
this isatement to bo true. Advt.
Now Yimr'H WltnT-ol Convlng
Stranger- In Uolcriroira
BpwUl In The World.
UKt.AllO.MA CITY, Jan. 1. Tho
beginning of the new year brings
several chanties in the personnel of
stntehouso employes.
mi 'lie govt mors offico josopu i.
O'Urlon returns to his desk ns sei -vi
my in mo Kuimmir uttor on ab
sence of more than two years. Mr.
U'llrlen, who was tho third secre
tary In tho Williams administration,
succeeds JuiIk 11. It. Christopher
of tho superior court of Okmulgee
lleorgn I Clark . succeeds Hen
Irfifayultc, resigned, as chairman of
thu Hiutii board of pilbllo lit talis.
Mr. Clark was a member of tlio
board at tlm tlmo of Mfayeltes
resignation and II. V. Dlrd of Hun
becomes the third member of tho
Mav I,. Cunningham, stato en
gineer, whose resignation Is effective
today, Is succeeded by I'rof. Unbelt
C. Terrell of tho faculty of tho stave ,
tinllnrxttv. Turrnll was CUIHIllli-Bliin-
er of roads 111 Kontuoky from 1912
to 1916.
Two court reporters' positions aro
open at Ihe siatehuuse Miss ltha
T niiuis. court repoiter for the hlaie
Industrial commission, has resigned
und .Miu C. C. Sliaw, ono of the re
porters for tho stato corporation
commission, will go to a downtown
firm shortly.
Motorists Kill Man
Stringing Wire Near
Jcnks On liixby Road
.wfUl lo The iYurM.
JK.VKH, Jan. 1. A report
reached Jenlis Hint John Wayinlro
of this' placo ran over nnd killed
a member of the crew that It
setting poles nnd Hitlnging wire on
the oleeirlo lino Unit Is running
Into Ulrby. It H ssld that (lie
men bud their tools nnd wire
nlongsido nnd In the road when
Wnymlre drove toward them In a
big ear. The men attompied to
flng the driver, but . the ear
crashed on through the tools ami
wire and one limn tailed to get
out of thn wuy iff the fsst mov
ing nolo and wan fatally Injured.
The man's arms .and legs were
broken and he also suffered Inter
nal Injuries.
I'lto Men Would Contltiitei Hotly to
Dctcnnlnc fimliin for
(Vim lets.
Offer Itcvtnnl lor Kohlicr.
ltewatd of $1,000 It offered for
tho rapture and conviction of the
persons who on December 23 robbed
the Klni.i State bank, Klntn, Okla ,
of 1 10,000 in Liberty bonds No
tice to this effect was received In
tins city yesterday by Hhorlff James
Visit the exhibition of portrait
paintings and drawings of America's
greatest painter of Indians, N. C.
liH.l.NK. ai Tulsa Art Store. D20
South Main. Advt.
nirls know work which U clean
and pleasant. Cali Osago 058. Advt.
A Magazine With
a Message
Tho great phenomena of tho
present day a world upset
Satisfactorily explained.
Olvo a few momenta of your
.tlmo when tho solicitor calls at
your dour to tell you some
thing you want to know.
Local Offico
602 S. Krlsco I'hono 0-331
Flngercllp Kye-
rlaxscs. Very latest
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tnl Icnttcs, comidete .
Sour clioloe, ultuutco
or reiulinc, ta.OO.
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far vision. They enable the wearer
to see near and distant objocta with
equal clearness, and end the lncon
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wl.tuoAa n nlmnirlnrr frfir.t nnn nl.
to another. Th'y do not h:ivs th 1
age-revealing seam or liump or olil
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Invlslblo blfucaU."
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You save $3 to. $10 on every
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Ppwlil lo Tb WotM.
OKI.A.HOMA I'lTY, Jan. 1. Tlio
proposod state pardon and parole
board as advocated by Campbell
ItiiHsell mid representatives of the
Anti-Home Thief associations of
eastern and Western Oklahoma, n
rough draft nf which has been m.ide
ns a lesult of a oonfeienco of the
sorlnMon's deleRftltvi and repie
snntntlves nf the farmers union and
nnd sate gtBlige. Is tn eonnlnt of
the president of rho sttitn board or
ngi Iculturo, eommlssloner of lithiir.
conimlsslntier of ehnrllles and cor
rectloni, mate examiner and Inspec
tor and the chief mine Inspector of
the stale If thn proposed amend
mem wero to be effective at 'Mi
time Him siiKKesled board would be
ecmprlsed nf John A. Wlillelilit it
W. I). Matt'hows, Claude ConnaliV
Prod lVirldnwin and Ud M. llule
Aeeonlliig to .in nnmmiirimrnt
at tho close of tho eonferenco the
nnrk of clrctilaaug netlMons to Inl
tlnte the proposed amendment wilt
lie undertaken as soon im possible
The nuieudtnent w'll provide, kIiouM
It her ilno ettv tvo thai tho leg.s
let arc tit n fu lire urii.on shV pro
Vide for the pci limnelll Olgdtllin
Hun of the board
At Hifi conference at the eapliai
lbeo were present: tra H. Dlbler of
Wittthcrfortt. iepreenllng tho fiirin
crn union: I.. T Mohnlk of HI Itrno.
representing the stale grange, nn I
these representatives of the two
Antl-llorse Thief sssoelatlons; 1. A.
Ktit Coweta: .1 T H.tlrston. ftnlltm
w. C. Ctirtt, lloswell; W. (I. Me
(lechie, Hrnken Allow; K O Dun
bar, IMmlmotil; W II. Wakeman.
KliigflHlior: C C Hawk, Shawnee;
Y II Ihigelow, oltiiri'hn and Camp
Dlft-ker lo I'niflltti Unv.
SIIAWNI'I' Jail I Charles S
Dleiker lawer uliiui iiK is 'hat he
I has li" cni finm the ii oriicv gen
ernl's forn nnd Mi.it he will te
etiir ll' 'iw p tc II e !u . He w..l
be a--lit' in I to 'i "' rni'V M trite
i (h'O le In tin' proft ion
Iteixirt 'I'lmt .Mit)or Archer lilentl.
tlcil I'llwincr Is Denied Ity
l'rlsiiil orfli.'lal.H.
Pr Thn Aiwrlilnl 1'ini.
I.HAVUNWOHTII. Kan.. Jan. 1.
"Dutch" Itnwiiinn, an Inmntn of tho
ntato prison tit UiiiMng, Kan., near
hnre, was not IdiuiUfled by Mayor
A. W. Archer of Commerce Okla ,
at thn limn who, It. Is alleged, killed
Chief of I'lillee Chhrlos Htrleker of
Commerce, October 21. il was nn
mninceil at Hi,, plrsmi lodsy. Mayor
I Archer visited the mate prison early
this week and asked to sen ltowmnn,
I but said llowman was a stranger
, ,
to him, offlemls at the prison said
today Further search Is being mado
for Ihe slayer of Chief Strlckor
Hownian wns serving a term for
second degree burglary In Cherokeo
lonnly when he was paroled In
September, ma. He returned to tho
prison last Monday.
A dispatch from hero yesterday
stated erroneously that Mayor
Archer had Identified llowman ns
the slayer of Chief Slrloker.
lingo Vott-t Until! IsMtin.
Ittrno, Jan. I. -The municipal
election for $ 125.000 lmprovomont
bonds mirrled )iy miijnrlty vote lit
Tnestlay's election. It Is divided art
follows: 176,000 for filtration plant.
(10,000 fur sower, $40,000 for
parks; $R.OOO foi natatorliim anil
$10,000 to buy land for city ceme
tery .
MmT lull niiliMt eiotlti It
Hl'Nt'l Hill, lalll la tit tl.it
irinl tl III H IC7.1MH. lir.
ilin dl"ml tn 75 lint In
t (it tl'l I
Rt, It Citniin, 11) St Mill.
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other harmful substance can be found
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greater healthfulness, will make you
lad you made the change.
KU! Si
cflier&s a Reason
stout .mi :.', wim: n.ooit.
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