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VOL. XIV, NO. 97.
AV W yy18 f.ia.'jNg (Jbwwz (Mx&py
Supreme Authority Is
Vested In Interstate
House and Senate Conferees
Settle First Question On
Rail Measure.
Intrastate Findings May Be
Annulled if Outside Inter
ests Are Affected.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. . An
asrecaicnt to give thu Interstate
commerce commission supremo au-
tnorry in hauik inuiuini uuvn,
power ti suspend and annul rate
orderp of olalo commissions, was
rr-ched today by the senate and
home conferees considering the
L'ch -Cummins railroad reorganiza
tion bills
The federal commission would be I
authorized to substitute Its findings
and rale orders for those of state i
commissions when the latter Rive
an unfair advantage to or discrimi
nate against Interstate commerce.
The conferees agreement provides
for little change In the existing law
but more definitely establishes the
supremo rate power of the federal
commission and Is designed to re
move doubt raised In several cases
before tho supreme court as to thu
authority of tho commission over
Intrastate rates which conflict with
lntcrsta'o tariffs. Tho power of
mate railway commissions, however,
would not bo encroached upon by
the federal commission In tho mak
ing of Intrastate rates It such do
not prejudice or dlscrljnlna'to against
Interests outside of ttp mate.
Tho conference agreement, Chair
man Cummins announced tonight,
provides for odoptlon of tho senate
bill's provisions.
Tha house plan of authorizing the
federal commbnlnn to suspend state
rates placing' an "unrtuo burden"
upon Interstate commerce, would
It was believed by some of tho con
ferees, have conferred upon the
commission power to supervise all
state rates.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. The gov
ernment deficit from railroad opera
tion In November will bo approxi
mately 161,500,000, a low record for
the year, according to figures made
publlo tonight by tho bureau of
railway economics. Net operating
Income for tho month was estimated
to have fallen below $20,000,000,
which the bureau of economics de
clared the lowest In 30 years when
computed as percentage of Invest
ment. dross revenues for the month
were estimated at close to $ 4 3d. 000,
800. This figure Is only Bllghtly be
low tho high mark of a year ago,
but the heavy expenses, duo In part
to the coal strike which also re
duced the revenues, left little of tho
operating revenues as net.
a ino governments net loss, Die
Jbureau estimated, on the, basis of
Interstate commerce commission
'figures, has reached $543,000,000 In
ine ii months of railroad operation.
The bureau placed the loss for the
11 months of 1919 at more than
December rotums on the rail op
eration was forecast as bringing an
other decline In a statement issued
a few days ago by Director General
lllnes who pointed to the Inevitable
loss in revenue Incident .to the co.al
Although llornh lltrr Not lte
celled I'ltrnmci-s Ilcvcnl .p
proval of Ixidgt: Program
SPIUNC.ni'LD. III.. Jan. 2.
Gov. Krnnk O. Lowilen today had
not received the letter addressed by
Senator Borah of Idaho, requesting
nim to state his position on the
icuKua or nation.- He declined to
comment on the letter or his prob-
amc, reply
It Is expected In political circles
nere that the governor will give as
his reply th statement In the low-
2!!.p,-VP'rm wh,ch wa let In
ft , . h.i.rako"- The Platform states
nattho governor favors the "rati
iicttlon. ot ,h" peace treaty with tho
.riJ'alo.ns "ubslantlally as proposed
ay the foreign relations committee
"nVr From " statements,
lioiernor London's attitude on the
league is one of opposition to the
Pact as tirimi, . -. . i. .
i.aii-u iiy mo ninr'i
? fte ' parls. In lelt'r to
wrlf cvallf1or','a. the governor
THf that hft Ih in v,
Jifil,iS?Uon n' the treaty of peace
Ultedh8,arr;senlHa,ne8"ad0Ptei1 by ,h
delations With Italu
Proposed By Soviets
erl'rf "&?' ?,a.n' z- 5t- Tchitch
has'nr'0l"ncvlkl 'orelK" minister,
of reu?S,0e, ? I'al- a resumption
djid ! J. .n8betwccn that country
"th. HuM,a' Pointing out that
sea .m . nt aP'ure of the lllack
he nia!L by ,he oviri will "J"1"
a Moscow wireless messago received
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
LOUISVIM.B, Ky, Jin. 2 The Unla
'lllp Timet todsy prints a d-nlal (mm
(lo?. Kdwln P llorrew that h it a randb
date for the republican vice- preiideaiiil
MONTCbAlll, N. J., Jan. 2. Klm-r E.
Hillenhouie, aialatant iftrelafj ot the
Klultabln l.if a Aatoranee itxlctjr, died at a
hoipllal today at the reiult ot Infected
teeth. .
OTTAWA. .Ian. 2. Sir Uobert Ilorden,
hat written to John 1). Itneactetler, ei
irrtllnn hit deep apprclllon for Mr
Itockr tellf r' ritt of i&OOnooo to proruole
medical education In Canada,
Nr.W VOItK, Jan. 2. Col. K. It. House
tated today he vaa coln to Teiaa (or a
line riilt to lila old home and among Teiaa
(riendi, He rofuted to dlicutt politic. Ilia
health Ii much Improved.
Dl'in.IN. Jin. 2. Twenty armed and
maiked men with an elaborate iyiin n(
picket held u and robbed the Umerllk
poitottlce ot S10.000 early today, lalj a
dlipatch from that city.
WASHINOTO.V, Jan. 2. Seretery ol
the Nary lMnlel today atalM that ho
would aumbil a full report on the award of
natal mcdala lo fcVnator Vkgr, chairman
of the tc'nate naval attain committee to
morrow. CHIOAfJO, Jan. 2 K, W.'Ilalley. ate 70,
one ot the belt known merabert of the
thkaco board i( trade, died auddenly tliia
Inn.nlr. at 1.1. t lf ...I t
...... u, ituiiiu, no ,jau urrn a mem
ber of the board for 43 yean. llr. Bailey
waa born In Vermont.
t rHII.ADKM'IUA, Jan. 2,-Oeorge M
ttruah, father of Matthew C Bruah, preai
aent of the American International hlilp
hulldinr corporation, died herP today llo
ai 74 yeara old. Mr nr8h was proml.
nent In the derelopmcnt of railroada in
Minnesota, . .
WASHINGTON, Jin, 2. HatahlUhing a
new record, mlnta ol the United States dur
I tit 11)1!) prodjicd 8.18,011.105 colna for
thU and foreign povcrnmonU, Director
Ilaker of the infnta bureau, announced ,to.
day. Th production In 1913 wai 138.
000.000. LONDON. Jan. 2. The bet of Sir Will,
.am Oiler, the noted phyaiclan, who died at
Oxford December 29. wai cremated today.
The urn containing the aabea will be taken
io Oxford and probably forwarded to Can-
aaa, wnero ne waa born, for burial,
TEKINO . Jan, 2. Former Treildenl
Feor Kuo Cfaanr of China died here to
day. In a circular telegram lamed from
hia death bed to warring governor! he
urge,i million of civil atrlfe aud recon
ciliation between the faction of the north
and aonlh.
WILMINGTON. Del.. Jan. 2. One of the
grinding mllia of the Hagley plant of thi
I)u Pont Powdar company blew up thla
morning. Two workmen wer6 killed and one
waa Injured. The building waa offlimiy
ronitnietlon. The plant II on Brandywine
creek three mllet from here.
KANSAS CITY, Jan. 2 The Kantaa
City Weltern railway, the Interurban lee.
trio line which runa between Kanua City
and Leavenworth, Kin., waa ordered told
at public auction by Judge Tollock In the
Unite,! Htatea dlitrlct court In Kama! City,
Kan. today. The tale will take place
February In. j
i'AN FIIANOISCO, Jan 2. Wagee of $10
a dav for Journeymen brleklayera in Han
FranclMo havo been approved by the em
ployer!, according to an announcement by
the brleklayera' union here today. The
agreement wai negotiated by reprerenta
live of the United fltatet department of
PASADENA. Cel.. Jan. 2. Jamei F
Armour, a really dealer, today hnt and
kliled Ida 14-year-old ion. Jame Cochrane
Armour, while the latter lay in bed on a
sleeping porch of the Armour home In one
of the belt reildence sections here, and then
shot himself, according to the police.
NKW OULKAN8. Jan, 2. Delegalea to
the supreme assembly of the fourth degree,
Knights of Columbus, today iliicuneJ plana
for a widespread campaign to promote
Amerleanltatlon, education and patriotism
and to fight bolihevlim. John II- Iteddin
of Denver is preildent ot the assembly.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. ("ccrelarr of
Stale Lanilnr today atated that no definite
alepa have yet been taken for calling the
first meeting of tho league of natlona coun
cil. It Is expected In official clrclea here,
however, that the president will take action
on this matter shortly.
CHICAGO, Jan. 2. Shortly alter two
bandits robbed a Jewelry afore vt 5,000
today their automobile turne, over. A !k.
Herman and a passing motorist started with
them to a hoipllal. On the nay the robbers
shot and probably fatally woundup the po
liceman, threw out the motorist and escaped
with his car. -
CHICAGO. Jan, 2. Charles Bder. 1!
years old, suffering from the effects of
drinking wood alcohol, waa received at the
county hoipllal In a serious condition to
day. Ho told his parents that he drank
10 glasses of alleged whisky in a saloon
near his home jeiterday. Physicians say be
probably will die
KI, TASO, Texas, Jan. 2. Private It. II
Orte of the 19th II. 'S. Infantry, It dead
and Constable Sara Btepp la expected to die
as a result of a pistol fight last night
when Stepp attempted to arrett two sob
dlert. Htepp said the toldlere had been
pointed out to him at participants la
holdup of the night before.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. Aulhnrltatlve
denial of rumors that the Canadian gov
ernment contemplated an embargo on the
export of newa print piper has b-en re
ceived by the buieau commerce. Lanadlan
mills were tald to be running at capacity,
turnlnn out about 2.773 ahort tons dally,
of whlrh 90 per cent is eiported, most of
It to the United Stales.
LONDON. Jan. 2 The advance of the
bolshevik force! In the Donets coal bum !
developing rapidly, according to a soviet
wlrelen dlipatch received here today from
junrtlona between Bakhmut and I.uganik
have bsen occupied and that red lines are
leu thsn 65 miles east of Lugansk
mN'IKl.SON Conn., Jan. 2, The death
of Kniatia l'allldanl. aged 32. biinlsh
Alack hen said lo have been the oldest
hen In the United Plates. Is snnounc.ed by
the owner. James nienrhard of Daybllle
In ber youth Ensatla was J prlie winning
pedigreed beauty. When 5 years old her
black plumage became whllf She mothered
a brood lait spring and laid eggs In the
'''nK.BLIN. Jn. r Immediate demand
for the extradition of 'the ex-kaiser and
other German officiate chargel with
war rulll Ii eipKted as soon as Ihr pear
treaty protocol Is signed st the French
foreign office and the ratifications are ex
changed German financlera today declared
they were much relieved lo learn ihat a
definite time has been set for the signing
of the protocol, but there is groom in rv
eminent circles because the allies refuse
to modify the terms.
Mm.nw it la c I m.fl 11 ai ail inn railway
Tom Ragland of Semi-I
. -
nole County Killed
on Konawa Road.
Note Found on Body Tells
Purpose of Objectors
to Army Draft.
Members of Draft Boards
Get Same Letters at
Scene of Uprising.
KONAWA, Obln., .In". 2. "Vim
lK'lKll to KTt u lot ir flllUUH
Into Oui army to trot kllliil, iitnl
now nro going U get oii," rriul
it note ulilcli wiiei found In tlio
porkot of Tom llnglninrs iimU,
Ki'iiilnolu county war worker,
ulioii Ills lioily vwiM found along
the iimil fourinllfs mmiIIi of lioio
thli morning, llo wiim shot tlimi
times ullli u hliolgim.
John Goodrich and John.Cravon,
both of this city, who were members
of the county council of defense and
draft bfirds during the war, re
ceived similar notes.
No names or Initials were signed
to tho threats, but It Is thought that
some who tried to evade the. draft
and have returned from servico are
resnonsllilo for the killing.
The dead man had been out to In
spect h:s farms south of Konawa
and was returning home, when the
shots were fired from behind, kill
ing him Instantly. The body la sup
posed to have lain where It fell all
Officers hero nro being nlded In
the search for tho slayers by the
sheriffs of Seminole. Pottawatomie,
Hughes and Pontotoc oountles.
Hloodliounds put on the trail this
afternoon fnlled to follow It.
The trouble Is believed lo date back
' 'he "uprising" hero In 1917 when
t.i. draft regulations woro deflod by
a t.jmbsr of objectors, but who wore
later Inducted Into the service. Mem
bers of tho working class union are
Officers snld tonight that arrests
were expected tn bo made shortly
after midnight.
IiKADKll DUItlMs WAlt.
ADA, Okla.. Jan. 2 Tom Hag
land, who was found dead today
neur Konawa, wan a well to do farm
er, n voteran of tho Spanish-American
war and took a leading part In
nil activities during tho recent war.
He and tho other two men threat
ened made strenuous efforts to havo
the various war drives and sugges
tions carried out.
It was this same community
rthlch nrosu in opposition to tho
draft law. Organized bands or armed
men burned railroad bridges, cut
telegraph and telephono lines and
threatened to take charge of tho
government. Tho rebellion wag put
down In a few dnys, but not until
threo mon had been killed and Bov
era! others wounded. Officers be
lieve that this same organization,
usually spoken of as the working
class union, Is still alive and the
members aro responsible for the
death of Ilagland.
Tonight many officers of Seminole
and surrounding counties nro sleep
ing on their guns near the seene
of tho killing to bo ready for any
John Goodrich, a farmer, and
John Cravens, a former county com
missioner, wc.ro the others to receive
Itagland's body was found by
school children this morning on their
way to their school. Twenty-seven
buckshot also entered bis body. Of
ficers think ho was shot from am
SciTetnry to Goicnior-Klect ICd
wards (lorn Oicr Paiiors,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2 Harry
Koey, Bocrctary of Governor-I'lect
Kdwards of New Jersoy, called nt
tho state department today to
examine the papers filed by various
states to show ratification of thu
i prohibition amendment to the fed
leral constitution. While ho made no
(statement before lealng the city, It
'was understood that he told friends
tils Investigation had not revealed
any differences In tho languages of
the ratifications from that of the
(act which would warrant efforts lo
have tho secretary of stato reject
TULfc'A Okla Jan. 2 Maximum, 44)
minimum. 27: northeast winds, clear
OKLAHOMA: Saturday fair, slowly lis
Ing temperature: Pundsy fair
LOUISIANA: fiaturdsy fair, continued
cool: Sunday fair, slightly warmer, -
AKKANPAH: Patutday fair, slightly
warmer, northwest portion; Sunday fair,
slowly rising tempcrsture.
EAST TBXA9: Saturday fair, allghtly
warmer north and west portions: ltundsy
fair, slightly warmer cast and south por
tions. WK.XT TEXAS Saturday fair slightly
warmer north portion Winds, fair, little
change In temperature
KAN'S VP Fair Saturday nd Sunday i
warmer in cut portion Saturday
I.ls; vour property with G' y W
Johnson. He will sell IL Advtt
- -
r f ri i
"es llinuc
With Results for an
ii ill's v ill" :i ii
Little Chiuij;o From Reserva
tions Will He Accepted
Democrats Must Act.
Mild Group to Support Un
derwood Proposal Unless
Progress Hastened.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 2. Kfforta
to break tho treaty deadlock In the
scnato wero renewed today as sen
ators of both parties begun relum
ing from their holiday trips prepar
atory to the ri-cun v i-iiIiik of cougnni
on Monday. Tho only surface de
velopments worn a millibar of con
ferences In which both Senator
I.oilgu of Massachusetts, the repub
lican leader, uhd Senator Hllrhrook
of Nebraska, acllng leader of the
democrats, were prominent figures
though they did not wm nno nnothei ,
All of the conferees dei'llned to (;n
into uct.iiiH, nut tliey gave an Im
liressloii of hopefulness Hint the
day's work had advanced tho situa
tion. Who should mnko the first open
move for a compromise, however,
I continued a warmly debated ipies-
mm, eacn siuo apparently maneuver
ing to force the other side to be
tile flrHt to break from Its former
position. Meantime both sides were
at work on proposals they hoped to
use. once tho wheels of roinpromlsu
formally aro set In motion.
Article ID Crux.
Article 10 continued the crux of
all discussions, neither side having
found much favor for Its round
ubaut proposals on tho subject Nexi
In prominence was tho iUiHtlnu of
voting power' of the leaguii of na
tions, with tho domociatH appar
ently liotermlned to tnukn some
modification In tho reservation
ndopted at the last session by the
republican majority The general
Detroit I)eiiui(TiU to rile) Ills Tamil.
ilacy In Michigan l'nous Noth
ing of It SuM Oimiiioncr.
DKTHOIT, Mich., Jan. 2. 'William
.1. llryan will bo entered In Michi
gan's presidential preference pri
mary as a candidate for endorse
ment lis democratic iHimlm'u. for
president, according lo local frlontis
of tho former v secretary of state.
Petitions In his favor which will ro
riulro only 100 names will lie in cir
culation shortly It was said. The
primaries will be held April 5.
MIAMA. Pin., Jan. 2- "It mult
bo a mistake, for 1 have heard noth
ing of it." William Jennings Hran
said today regarding iho statement
from Detroit that his mime would
be entorcd In tho .Michigan presi
dential preference jirlmaries. Mr.
and Mrs. llryan aro spending the
winter nt their homo hero.
Wood l.itlllg .Mass. an KolilelK tt
Opens Way I'or KaiiHan.
TOPHKA, Kan , Jan. 2 Kansas
frlendi. of Ieonard Wood who have
been boosting him for tho O. O. P.
presidential nomination Krlday
were explaining why tho general
gave his residence lit- Massachusetts
Instead of Kansas. ,
They ay that although Wood Is
an adopted son of Kan:i and pre
ferred to run from this stale, army
regulations making It Impossible for
an officer to change his lesidenco
while In the service forced htm to
give his residence on his uld home,
llourne,- Mass,
Homo political observers see an
attempt to clear tho way for Gover
nor Allen to bo Wood's running
mato In the Wood unounremnnt..
Had Wood given Kansas as his
hurrVn it wodid have '"-en out of thu
question to have tried 'o nomlnu't
a vlco presidential candidate who
nlso was ffnm ' Kansas.
Conner rsleni Agent Alv
rcsttil nt Kansas City.
druggists, Clporgu H. Cooper untl
Wilbur J. Dean, and John II.
Myiuvtt, former fardcral. agent for
Iho enforcment of the Harrison
anti-narcotic act, wero arresied
iere toilay by Internal revenue
agents and brought before a l.'nlted
Slates cominlsDloner, charged with
bribing and attempting to bribe
Frank K. IUggrs, vhlcf of the local
fedora) bureau for tho enforcement
of tho Harrison act. All were re
leased on Jlti.00) bond.
Digges says he was first ap-
proscnei) Movemtier l anil ortereii
several thousand dollars a year to
guarantee Immunity to tho two
dealers, who ho says, ho believe are
at tho head of the distribution of
habit forming drugs In this district.' Through these copunercl.il and bus
lie "took the matier und' r iiltje ' lueH4 Institutions triay transact their
ment" and Informed federal uu t business with tho minimum of cust
thorlties. fall ad tukt-r Osap000.
Hundreds Are Seized
in Raidn Throughout
United States.
800 Sworn Out in New
York Wbcrc Flynn Di
rects Roundup.
Reports Come From Many.
Cities of Steps Taken
to Get All Reds.
. rillt'AGO. .Inn. 'J. ItitiioMH
from ttll rlllin at midnight slunwd
that rnillittW hail In i n arivelt'il as
Nei York HOO. ('Iilt'iigii ir.ii.
diiw-v (It) llo, Ncuiuli 1120. I loll-ill
t illlll, llo. Moid INlt, I'lillil
ili'lililii -!tl, Vioditiu, N. II. I Ml.
Itntralo Mil. Ilntlim Kill, Milium
l.co IIS, Ticlltoii 7.i, Miiiit-liolcr
Ii... .SprlngliHil, Miiih. ... Wor
icstrr. AliihH. 'ill. Mint HI, I'lilerwVl
III. 4'lcicliiiiil it.'i, loui'll till, linn.
i' t'lly Uli. Oiil.l'imil a.l, Itiiltlinoio
11 llim-ililll 21. PltlMiiii'gli 21,
Porlbiufl, Ore. 211, Ixiiilxilllc 211.
llnlol,i 211. Iliw MoIiicm III,
Vou'iig.lotn 111, llililgi'l-oil. ('mill.
I.", St. Paul II. LaiMciHC. .Mass. .
Tolcilii H, Wati'ibnry, Coiti. 7,
llrimr II. St. Imils II. litl St.
Iiuih it, l.os Angeles I. v
CHICAGO. Jan 2 - The federal
department of Justice tonight started
a new cnmpalgn imiilnst radicals. A
government agent appeared at a po
lice station with a list of places
which" he asked tho pollen to raid.
State's Attorney lloymv lust nigni
ariested 200 radicals, asserting fed
eral ngents had failed to old In a
plan to lock tiium up.
Tlie federal agent arrived at the
station soon after U police raid on
an 1. W. W reading room the second
time tin- pollco had visited tho plncn
In 24 hours, In' connection with
State's Attorney Hoyne' assault on
radicalism. Only a few arresU wero
m. uln nt the reading room.
Scores of persons were arrested
tonlgdit. one hundred policemen,
(16 federal agenm and 30 United
States deputy marshals partlcpaled
It) the ratils
The government' activities were
directed against Hpeclflo persons
rather than places Hundreds of
warrants for Individuals had hem
lesued and each bore a number. ThO
ptisoin'is wisii- referred to usually
by number.
William .1). Haywood, former
bend of the Industrial Workers of
the World had not been found up to
10 o clock.
Chief of Pollen Oarrlty today told
Prosecutor lloyne thut the pollco de- i
purtment would ro-oporatc with i
him to tho exte-il of Its ability. i
A special grand Jury to hear 'i'h 1
capes of radicals arrestei yesteriiay
waa ordered to meet Monday. L,css
than a dozen were arraigned In court
on charges of conspiracy to violate
the Illinois criminal law against syn
dlcniisri. Several of tho men wer
held in $10,000 bonds which they
protested was loo high. A prose
cutor suggested that their defense
committee would go to their aid.
"Tho defense committees are ull
In Jail," one defendant unwwered.
NKW YOItK Jan. 2. Somn 800
warrants were Issued for the arrest
ot radicals hern. Tills was said to
be n fifth of tho total for tho rounv
try 'The local inlils were under the
personal supervision of Chief Klynn
of the depnrtmunt of Justice secret
service. Attorney General Palmer,
personally directed the. giont round-.:
up rrotn Washington, which, fedorkl
officials hero slated, had as Its defl-l
nllo aim the ridding of tho United'
States of every alien who has plotted;
against the American government. .
Ileiidiiuarters of communists and
ciuiiiniinlHtic newspapers worn 'raid
ed simultaneously by the federal
agents, who were aided by Iho pollen
and soldiers Chief iflynn announced
Hint valuable documents had boon
obtained. About "S per cent of the
prisoners wire declared to be Rus
sians Tiro radicals were searched
for weapons, but nonn was found.
Tho majority of the reds tiad large
amounts of money on their persons
Klghty jier rent of lhco taken
admitted membership In the Kusnlun
communist party. ,
Among the publication raided
was the Nnvy Mir, the paper on
which Trotzky worked while In New
York olty. Tho publication is recog
nized by communlstH an the official
bolshevik! organ Tho communist
World also was raided.
Ni:WAUK. N J . Jan 2. Federal
agents who were detailed to this
city In the nation-wide roundup of
Thoughts to Think
aro the two great and rapid
mediums of transportation In the
ooinmcrcl.il line, both characterized
by tho lowest cost for tho Urgent
and quickest . --suits
The tetniibonn and V-O.ld Want
Ad medium iransport iho buyer and
the seller to tho seller and the buyer
Murder Mystery Not Solved
IjlllralK'thrfiiril Griffith (iiimt left),
(S, Si
LOUISVILLE. Ky .Inn, 2. Two
of the six members of the coroner's
Jury whloh toduy returned a noli-,
comiultal verdict In the !tnuet Into
the death of I'llxaheth Kord Grif
fith, believed that tho girl com
mitted suicide; two bulleved she was
killed and two were In doubt as to
whether It w n cneo of murder or
stilt'lilii. None of them, however,
thought that Dr ChrUtopher G.
Chicago Qonvict Pays
Death Penalty in View
of Jail.
Despite Opposition of Gover
nor and Women Sheriff
Gives Prisoners "Lesson"
CHICAGO. Jan. 2. itaffacli
Duirn.lo, a convicted murderer, w't
hanged In the Cook county Jail to
day while scores of prisoners looked
on ns involuntary und unwilling
Prison aiithorltles had arranged
Ihat the execution of Diirrazlo would
be witnessed by the Jail prisoners for
the "moral effect" It would have on
their criminal tendencies.' fieputy
Sheriff Harry C. I.aiibenhclmer
planned to have 200 prlsoneis
placed In cells In front of the scaf
fold. "I know 'from experience," he
said, "that any one who wltno's-s
a hanging never will deliberately
kill. It Is the greatest lesson you
can give a criminal."
Chicago club and society women,
headed by Mhs Mary McDowell of
the Chicago university settlement,
raised n storm of protest against
I.auUi.'nhelmer'H unl'U "Iojmoii."
They characterized It os "Immoral,"
"disgraceful," and "wholly unneces
sary." They carried their appeal to Gov
ernor I'runk O. Ixiwrten, who late
last night communicated vilh the
Jail authorities to prevent the pris
oners being forced tn witness the
spectacle The Jail authorities prom
is-i . remove us ma.., im nicn
possible from cells fronting the
When tho trap was sprung short
ly after 8 o'clock thla morning,
however, prisoners were In cells
overlooking the scaffold. Some cells
were crowded with two 'or three
prisoners cuch. Only ono of them
was observed to turn his head awny
us the twp wan sprung. The others
looked on In horrified silence Jail
officials said tho cells held snmu of
i the "hardest guys" In the Jail.
1 There was not a sound from tho
cells filled with prisoners
There was none of tho growling
and the banging of tin pans on steel
burs by tho prisoners, which usually
iircompanles a "hanging party ' 81-
ilence reigned over tho tlcm of cells.
I jmrlno (inrilncr anil Dr. Clirlslophcr
Schott, charged with murdering hi
17-year-old officii assistant, killed
The Jury reported Inability to de
termine who fired the fatal shot.
Kxcept a lotler written to Doctor
Schott by Miss Griffith last May,
when she was a fliitic" of tho phy
sician, apparently little light was
thiown on tho death of tho girl,
It Takes Moonshine
Agents to Round (Jp
Gotham Bootleggers
Ni;V VOItli, j.i n 2 - Kleven
tovrmm ugeuls from the "moon
shine" country of Kchtprky, Ten
nessee ami West Virginia, or
dered from stalking mountain
stills to tho prohibition enforce
ment i-.-iinpalgn In llrooklyn, wont
Into action today by urrestlng two
propriotors, a bartender and a
waiter of one of tho most popu
lar of that borough's cafci.
The southern agents wero
brought hero lo replaco eight In
specting transferred elsewhero
after the discovery that llrooklyn
was the source of much of the
poisoned whisky which spread
death through Connecticut.
Shortly utter noun Wllllum D.
Allen, Jr., chief of revenue men
from tho "monnslilno country"
and one assistant, entered tho
assembly, unified sherry, ob
tained t promptly und paid for 1
In the pri-soncii of two of tho pro
prietors, they snld. Then they
arrested the owners, the bartender
and the waiter who sorved them.
"Iteflir frauds are becoming
common hern, Ii was learned to
day. Without withdrawing the
corks, the liiiuor has been drawn
off through a holo drilled In tho
bottom of tho bottle. Ilefllllng
through the same hole was fol
lowed by selling thu contents un
der the whisky label. Virtually
everything from cold tea to var
nish hns been disposed of In this
manner, tho pollen .iy.
Nation l Inters Nm- Year Willi In
dustrial Pmhli'iiiM IxmrriNl,
W ASHIN'JTON, Jan. 2 The
United Stalls entered the new year
with fewer pending Industrial dis
putes than at any limn In three
yedts, Ilui;ii L Kurwln. director of
conciliation o film department of la-
t.nc if.il,! Inilnv lift,... 1 1-1 11 r r.t-
,.,,, frm 35 induRtrlal centers,
New Hiyhwaler Mark
in Deposits Reached
Ull Hanks on Friday
Hecord breaking has got to bo
it habit In Tulsa.
l'rlday's bunk fftarlngs enmn
within about (30,000 ia-'hlrig the
t3.U0O.O0O mark, totaling JJ.978,-3Cr,.J7-
This is ii"oui J300.0P0
higher than the figures for any
previous d.iv I'or the wirk end
ing on December- 31 tlio biinK
transactions were 7 jl5 534 16,
which is more tti in Jl,. 100. 000
ever tho highest record in the
UU3t i
Coast-to-Coast Drive
Ib Launched Against
Radicals in U. S.
Cnsc Will Be Submitted
to Labor Department
for Quick Action.
Overthrow of Government
Purpose of Hundreds
Caught in Raids.
WASHINGTON, .ran. 2. Tlio
greatest inmniliin of radicals In
the nation's history vin.i tmilticfcil
tonight by tho government nct
Ing through tho department or
Jnstlco iigentH In :i:l cities from
limt In i -OHM,
At midnight rc-mrls Inillcntril
Hint mon) 1 1 1 ii i s I, Mil) members of
tlio tiiiiimiiiilst ami immiinlst
lalMir luirlliK, against tUioiii tlio
mills mow illrii'iril, mch) In ens- .
loily, anil ilepaitnu'iit of jnstlco
officials I'vpii-eni-il tho opinion
hut ilMjilglii moiiIiI wo tMlco that
number behind tho Mir.
Not only mum Din wiimliip iho
largest In tho goirnimeiii'H effort
lo rid Urn country of rmllcalbim,
but lu tho lew of officials It mhh
tlm nlost thoniughly rarrlcil out.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. Launch
Ing u conceded and carefully pre
pared movomont against communist
and communist luhor groups of rad
icals, iigents of tho department of
Justice tonight conducted rulds In 33
cities from coast to coast.
Italds were conducted in ttin fnl.
j lowing titles: New York, Haltlmore.
'union, jiutiaiu, uutcago, uioveland
Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Grand
ltiiplds, Hartford, Indianapolis,
Jacksonville, Kunsaa (Jlty, 103
Angoluii, L6ulflVlllo, Milwaukee,
Newark, Omaha, Philadelphia, Pltti
burgh, I'ortUnil, Me., 1'ortland.
Ore, 1'rovldepco, Han Francisco,
Scranton, flpokane, St. LouU, St.
Paul, BpriiiKfleld, Mass., Syracuse,
Toledo and Trontoti, . '
Tho object of the raids. Assistant
Attorney General Gnrvuii uald, was
to obtain for submission to the de
partment of labor cases for deporta
tion of 'a very largo number of our
most diingoruus anarchist and rad
ical tigltatiiin." Agents of the depart
ment, ho added, went out prepared
to uati-h the radicals with tlio goods
1 CluirgcH Pluccil.
Tho giincral charge of attempting
to overthrow tho government by
forco und violence; was placed
against thu persons arrested during
the raids. Officials declared they be
lieved thut several hundred mombura
of the communists aud communist
labor purtles would bo behind tho
bars before morning.
Officials hero declared tho round'
up was tho most completely planum!
and the machinery was tho best
oiled for this of any raids launched
ugaliiNt the ludicat element In this
country. It wits arranged 10 days
ago that the raid should tako placo
tonight and confidential communi
cations were sent to department of
Justice representatives' und United
States attorneys lu the 33 cities.
Department of Justice agents de
sired most of all to capture Incrim
inating documents, pot so much lit
erature und propaganda as pupem
shonlng dotulls of thu communist
organizations In each city.
It was Indicated that if such evi
dence were obtained deportations
would bo euny. As lu tho cose ot thu
members ot tho Union of Husslan
Workers, several score otwhomweru
aboard the lluford, which sailed
from Now York 10 day ago, mem
bership catds In tho organization
wore regarded by officials as con
stituting thu best documentary nvl
donee on which to bono deportation
All of Kiimn Ktrlc.
Officials 'said the only difference
between the communist and the
communist labor parties was ono of
loadoruhlp. iloth havo been endcav
orlng to establish n soviet form of
government In this muntry sincu
their organization last September,
according to officials.
Documents gathered by federal
agents recently sh-w conclusively It
was Mild, that plans were drawn up
by each of thesi put ties to develop
a score or more of sovlets tt rough
out tlio country. These wen 1") be
merged under 11 soviet cotinul s'mi
lar to that which exists 111 itu.sla,
according to Mr (iaran.
The department alo revealed a
night activities of the two - rganua
Hons among the negrm .1 Officials
4 P. M. Y. M. C. A.
Speaker: Dr. 1'orrst Madox of
Home Msslon Hoard, South
Huptlal church.
Muslo In charge ot Charles O.
Special quartet from Hapt'.-t
Hvangeilcul Team will sing.

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