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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, January 03, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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Mayor Walton to Ask 10
Municipalities of State
to Help.
Expect to Make Survey of
Supply So As to Advise
a General Committee.
ft,Il to Th World.
action to obtain more Ban on
i'Hrh are usvra v. ...
niinncil hero this afternoon by
HVommlMM headed by Mayor J. C
The mayor's committee, which
has ben considering the local sltua
P" adopted resolutions asking 10
? ihS tarsc cities of Oklahoma
ot too w ' invn.tlcatlon of con-
tn loin .. . . . ...
A f nns. UIB '
frnm ivmii tniira
M meet here In tho near future, No
tin nJU) .
It was Planned to employ a sas
exritrl to mako a thorough survey
of Iho state's gun resources. Ho will
he asked to mako a report to tho
consolidated committee.
Art WaiKer. chairman ot tho
corporation commission, In u
fetter to tho committee, stated that
i hi opinion all available Baa Is
biles t "Bht and supplied to tho
moper points. He said that tho
Oklahoma Natural Qas company
'cannot b. forced to build lines to
new fields.
Pet Dog Causes Aulo
to Overturn; Driver
Killed; Wife Unhurt
1ki3 to The World.
I'ONCA CITY, Jan. 2. Frank
Underside, a tool dresser employed
In tho Mcrvlno fields, was Instant
ly killed n nillo south of I'onca
City when a Pord nutomobllo that
he was driving overturned. His
neck was broken, but hlo wlfo rid
ing with him escaped unlnjurci).
Ho had taken ono hand from tho
steering wheel to prevent a, pot
dog from Jumping from tho car
'when tho wheels struck a rut and
tho car overturned.
Imllnim tyivl City Quid and He
Mrirtlons Aro lU'iiiovcl.
OAKY. lnd.. Jan. 2. Tor the
first tlmo clnco October 6, Gary
was taken from under martial law
Oen. Ioonanl Wood, commanding
tho central department, removed
tho restrictions at tho request, of
Mayor Hodiren. Tho city was placed
under martial law October 6 be
cause, of riots attendliiK tho steel
strike hero. Armed roKUlnrs havo
patrolled tho streotH ever sluco. Tho
troops will soon be withdrawn.
- ii. - nun, i.
Joseph Yates Loses His
Sight Before He,
Woman llwiiimn County Assessor.
Vfdl to The World.
PAWUPSICA, Jan. 2. Osairo
county has a now assessor in Miss
Aydrey Ilrlsro, a former I'onca City
young girl, who graduated from the
high school tlnro In 19H. Hho was
recently appointed by tho county
commissioners to fill out un unex
pired term. 'Sho is said to bn tho
first woman county assessor in Okla-
I homo.
SprcUt to The World.
M'ALKSTKH, Jan. 2. Tills city
today contributed tn tho sorles of
deaths In the United States result
ing from tho uso of wood alcohol,
Joseph Yates dying of poisoning
from tho liquor after first havini;
bean blinded by tho offect of the
drug. His death came following tho
tfxti klnu of an unusually largo
amount of herb medicine which ho
aild was mado supposedly of grain
alcohol, In a statement beforo ho
died, Mr. Ynles said ho hail pur
ehaed tho alcohol ns hail been his
custom fur years for the pnrposo
of making his herb modlclno. He
used It for asthma and blamed his
condition to alleged substitution of
the poisonous drug for tlio non
poisonous kind. Two bottles wern
found In his home, ono partially
empty nnd tho other full. Neither,
It IS said, boro a labol.
Women to Take U. S.
Census; 111 of Fair
Sex Are Appointed
EatcM to Th World.
MMIAWI,'!! Inn n n,ll.
bus In this city, beginning today,
mill uu tini'll uy numril t'liuiru,
13 of them having been selectod
for tho places In preference to tho
men by l A. Htovall of Hugo,
supervisor of tho third district.
Trapp (V)niln to Tiilftu
ffppcUl to The World.
rii'T.Atrrwi a mtv tm f f
13. Trapp, lieutenant governor, left
hero tonight for Tulsa on private
uusincss. no win roiurn on aunuay.
Mr. Henry C. Hallnk's Indian
paintings aro attracting a great doll
of favorable comment. Tliey are lin
ing shown at tho Tulsa Art and Olft
Shop, 020 Mouth Main street. AdvL
Now South Wales U said to con
tain more kinds of flowering plants
than all Kuropo.
While- (living Parly Mrs. Aliiiru
Hurmil by Awimulatril cm,
Opr-cliI to The World. '
I'ONCA, CITY, Jan. 2. Mrs. John
8. Alcorn, wlfo nt one of tho Mnr-
land Oil company vlco-presldents
and daughter of former Senator S.
J. Soldaul, is suffering from burns
as the result of n gas explosion at
her home. While entertaining with
an afternoon party, Mrs. All orn
went to the basement to ascertain
why tho furnuco was .not working
1roporly. When she opened tho
door thoro wns an Immediate ex
plosion of accumulated gas. Instant
ly Hho was thrown across tho room
and badly burned, while tho ras
fumes clnsnd her eyes and almost
strangled her. Her condition Is con
sidered serious.
othilmmn City C.lrl Hot I or.
VII to Th World.
I'ONCA CITY. Jan. 3. Mlsi
'Dorothea Stono of Oklahoma City,
the muslo tearher who has been In
tho I'nnca City hospital slncn hMt
week with nn unknown malady, sup
posed to bo tho "sleeping sickness."
Is Improving gradually, according to
the physicians In charge. Her Ill
ness has now been diagnosed as
acute encepholllls, an affection of
tho brain.
everybody mirth
Coxmopolitan "
Dramatic moments
from , two great
SUDDENLY, round the corner
whirled a shabby old depot hack;
it was plainly empty, but the well
known negro driver seemed to be in a
desperate hurry. He lashed the horses
to a run.
"Wonder who's goin' to miss,h'3 train
to-night," laughed Mr. Ludlum.
But the driver turned in to the Ludlum
curb, threw his weight backward, and
checked the horses 60 sharply that they
slid, and their shoes scratched sparks from
the stone.
The driver stood up in his pulpit and
shouted at the porch.
"Oh, Miz. Ludlum, your boy's
Then he struck out with his whip ; tho
horses plunged, the hack careened round
the next corner and was gone.
Rupert Huffhci in
"The Father of Waters"
Deoembwr CotmopoliUa
THE frightened mare swerved and
reared perilously near the edge of the
road. Choked with rage, I rugged
at the reins, keeping my eyes on Somers.
There seemed no escape, and I couldn't
even curse. I opened my'mouth to shout;
but the sudden rush of blood to my head
caused a warm trickle in the very center
of my forehead.
Somers instantly perceived it. It
seemed to stagger him, for my eyes never
left his face as I struggled with the reins.
His imagination thoroughly tricked him.
Slowly, with an expression of horror, ho
backed away into the darkness, still cover
ing me uncertainly with his revolver but
not daring to fire again. Then to my
ears there came another sound from up
the valley, the ringing of the tonga horn.
William Ashley Anderson in
"The Tryst"
Daeembcr Cosmopolitan
In the same issue
"Fear DEVlts"- new wny
to health succeatf ully applied
by a phytician by Harvey
O'Htesrin. HM 4
"Isthmian Idungs" a hu
moroui account of an expe
dition into Mexico by Rex
Beach. ,
"The Civiuzing of Swift
LIGHTENING" another re
markable animal story by
James Oliver Curwood.
"Exactly Zack" a new
and uproarious 01' Reliable
story by Harris Dickson.
"The Love That Leads to
God" the last poem written
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
"Kindred of the Dust"
Peter B. Kyne's new great
novel about Nan of the saw
dust pile.
America's Greatest Magazine
nI Z L(Ais See E Tulsa News Co.
rVattt I
' it hsw& , IB
rorinor Pintiiuiftter at UmioikiIi and
Statu Itcpri'M'ntMtho In Awl.it
fpetll to The World.
M'AliMHTIiSIt, Jan. 2. Tho new
deputy warden of tho statu peniten
tiary will bo A. It. (l.uriitt of I.enu-
pah, Nowata county, Oklahoma, This
was tho announci'iiieut that ramu
todu" from tho offlco of Kred Hwlt
zer, warden ot the prison, Mr. liar
rett assuming tho ilutlen at tho same
timo nm arrival wns announced.
Mr (Inrrett comes from the post-
offlco nt U'liapah, he going out of a
newspaper to that place. I In was nt
ono tlmo representative of Nuuatu
county In the slate legislature,
lie succeeds lid M. l'ry. who as
stimeil the duties of city mamrgijr
ot tins e.tty on November 3, mm.
t'lilonileil PUtol Kills lUiy,
Spr-cll to Thp WorlJ.
iSUUMAX, Jan. 2 Prank 1.. IIIII
12 years old, was shot and killed at
his homo seven miles north of Nor
man by an "unloaded" pistol. IIIII
and another boy nme playing with
the. gun when It exploded Thi
boy's father had believed tho gun
was empty.
To Ileal A Congli
Tnlio llAYKa' HI.AI.INtl HONKY
SO- - Advt
The Little Foxes
It's the little foxes that
spoil the cranes; so it is with
' health; mend the broken
'. resistance and you have
robustness, neglect and you
have weakness.
n rich tonic-nutrient ef
fectually mends the little
weaknesses nnd sustains
strength by building tip the
resistive powers of the body.
If you would keep
strong use Scott's
Emulsion often.
ficwHA nowtie.llliiiimfirlit N ; t-41b
Will Proponi l.lst of Persons for
CliiiiiilKT of (VimtiH'roo Primary.
Por the iiuiiiiise ot sugcesllng a
list ot persons ellglbln to servo on
tho board of directors of tho cham
ber of comtnorotj from which Hi
nominations will bo made at the
primary election on January Ifi, a
Hpealal committed has been ap
pointed, consisting of Murk 11, Carr,
U ii. Abbott and Prank H. Oraur.
At the regular election to be held
ono week later the eight nomlnenn
receiving tho must voton will bo
named board Members, Tho board
consists of 24 ineinhers. The term I
Ihreo years, elgln new members be
in elected annually.
An Invontor Ins combined n mall
Itox with a receptacle to hold a milk
bottlo socuro against anlnialii or
$1 .95 FOR
Suits and Coats BeloW CoSt
0 0
22bli South Main, Upstairs Over Woohvorth's
JiX llir , , M
The finest overcoats
USUALLY at this time of the year our overcoat stocks aro getting low. But this year, on
account of labor troubles and other delays, many of our finest overcoats have just arrived.
Some of them from Stratford, that great young men's house; others from Hickey-Freeman
and other leading makers. If you w?ed an overcoat come for a look at the fine garments now
here. Jone in town to compare with them in style or quality. u ajj
For young men
THE Stratford overcontu arc a little the Bmart
rst of any designed thin hcihoii for young
fellowH. vTliey're in both singli; and double
breaatera with half belt, no belt or full belt Somn
with big warm storm collars, others with small
dressy collars of self fabrics. See them in tho
window at $45 up.
For other men
m yrEN of quiet tastes will find plenty of con
V! fiervative overcoats
.4. r -ML.
Wis. iftiiii
liere. Yet the word i.hin. ',mM3W 2
s coats. While they're not the least bit extreme in ' ' ' mBSk W.
style yet they're so very skillfully tailored that L&j , v 'Tffjn
HI they're far better looking than any other conserva- ff.y- MHK
I Uve styles you'll see. A y JBB g
M HESTEUFIELDS, town ulsters, storm coats, rJi .jl B
1 motor coats and 'all the other styles that Wm,. w?Wi
p men want for different occasions, Richest K fWj t, . fi
fabrics seen this season at $35 up. '

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