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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, January 06, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 3

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Cravens Not Arrested As
- Erroneously lie-ported.
Constable Thought Man Ho
Had Wna Party Sought
By the Officers.
'VY-Sotl.lnB now l.a,
AI)A' .Jdhe murder of Tom
At"',vtA Jlr Hon" "a on the night
fUc'.and near 'y"whe urreitl Hun-
,Jn? Jh ooortrlih and Inard
'lxyl Xrgcd lth being lmpl
" ? n ihr killing. Moro arrests
"s!'J in ,fi V lav as one or two
T, To ml sVplclon by tho
SifuVm but the atresia .11,1 not nm
, T, l.yirllted rrf.
,,,,,iv ycstcri ay in t"""'"
fSkflhng of Totii Hagland was an-
f, f irror if a co.i5tal.lo. wdrklng
Frank Calls of Kcml-
r '" county tli" name of Hie man
IrrMtfd estcrday wae ,.lvcii i.v
rravfM. Tho man was J m "o'
rich and the search for Cravens Is
. .11 kmu eontlnuod, according to
UagUnbody was found near
Honawa on January j.'.
Goodrich Is being Held In J.ill nt
Konawa n connection with tho Kill-'
... nl llnclnnd.
ln. Mnll Aci'tlMtl of t IIC
.Murder o'f Commerce Chief
of Police.
lUUTi.K8VILI,E. Jan. G. A. &
Ifoonce, former editor of the Entor.
prise, has established a labor paper
VINITA. Jan. 6. T. II. Hyrd of
this city lias declined the offlco of
fctrmnry of the state Insurance com.
mlsstun at 12,600 a year.
IIIMn, Jun. 6. The council has
cpiitiuftvil with tho T. C. Hughes
hnglnrerliiR company of Tulsa to
construct tho paving work here.
CI.AH12MOHK, Jan. 5. Preixira
Hons nro under way for the stato
Hundny school convention here on
Muruh S3, 4 and 21. Fifteen hun
dred delegates are expected,
Mexicans Buy Wood
Alcohol for Booze:
Sick, Jail, and Fined
World'! Ilurti,
HltU Cpltol nlldltve.
NKWKI11K, Jan. 6. Four Pon
ca City Mexicans, laborers hero
on roiiHtructlon work, have been
fined In tho county court on
charges of transporting and
drltiklniT wood alcohol, wlilch
they used In the manufacture of
u special drink. They claimed
to lutvo bought tho wood alcohol
In Kan-vio City, Mo., and brought
tt to Kay county.
Tho leader of the Mexican gang,
J'ablo Lopez, was fined 100 and
sent to Jiiil for 30 days, white his
first assistant, Delicto Hernandez,
was given a fine of 1&0 Hnd 30
days In the Jail and the other two,
lilz .Martlng-nnrt Marcarlo Voles
in ez, drew fines of 125 each, All
hnd participated n drinking the
concoction they liad made with
tho use of the wood alcohol and
all were very sick for a whllo as
a result All had recovered, how
ever. In time, for trial.
REBOLD ACCEPTS JOB reorganize the first
Okni'ilgeo Man Appointed by At
torney General nn State) 1'alr
lYlco Chief.
V11 to Th World.
OKMCUJIJE, Jan. 5. John II.
Heboid of this city was today ap
pointed fair price commissioner of
Oklahoma by Attorney (liiiot.il A
M. Palmer on recommendation of
tlovcrnor Robertson, and accoited
the apiinlntmcnt.
lie will direct tho iffnrt of tho
government to rt-Juej the high eoBt
ui nving in mm state. .Mr. Heboid
Is a well to do oil operator, lumber
and coal man nnJ newspaper
OKliAIlOM.V CITY. Jan. C John
Heboid of Okmulgee has accepted
the position as fair price, com
missioner for Oklahoma as offered
by Attorney General A. Mitchell
l'almer. according to a telegram
received from Governor Robertson
To Ask War l)cmrtmrut for ltlglil
In Uc n i) OKiuiioma'n Kcgiinciii.
to The World.
llrlg. Hen. Charles K. llarrelt, ad
jutant general of Oklahoma, has
gone Pi Washington to bo absent
about 10 days In conference with
the mllltl.i bureau of tho war de
partment and the Oklahoma con
gressional delegation rel.itlvo to
mnttcrs of great Importance to tho
national guard of Oklahoma.
One of tho first matters to bo
Driven by the heat from a kero
sene lamp, a fan has been Invented
to cool the air In warm weather or
dry egetqhles In nn evaporator.
DOtOHNUTS direct from us.
You will buy no others, once
you kpow tho pleasure of eat
Ing this delicious confection.
Original Doughnut
advocated It the rc)ri,ailz.itloii of nnother n giment of the iiii'lonal
ithe Kirs. (V.'iihwni which was this Bd.rd In tlnn sta'e cmiid noi h. au
slate's national guul unit in ihOjthorlied before .lull 1, (leneral
i.iiroptan war uuicers nnu men . imrreu isncs in ockiii iiic ir
of the old first nrn entluiHlaslic over I orgnilt.Ulon a early in the spring
the proposal to leorganite and re-'as pos-iblo f tho authority Is to be
turn to the stale's scrvleo. Whllo I granteil
When applied to sytcmatlc savings doposltod with tho United Sav
ings and I.o.in Association.
For convenience of defining our plan of raving we. shall term It
Investment Co-opcratlon, and It may bet be brought to mir under
standing by a comparison with other forms of Invcstmenta or sav
Ing.i, which wc will do from day to day.
Money doei not Increasn In valuo or amount If kept In tho pocket,
yet when put to work It may bo likened to n small snow ball at
tho top of a hill - when started rolling down become larger and
larger with Increasing rapidity at each succeeding revolution,
Put part of your Income to work today.
We pay 9?i for your efforts.
Phono Niw HI 1(1 lint l-'ltKir Kennedy llldg. Ill K I'uurlli ht.
Skin troubles need immediate
and proper attention
Den't wlt ilmiMnr. they will rli
appear in time, l'cilujm they will,
hut in the meantime y.marc suffer
in); from the tmrnini; jnd itrliiiiR,
and allowint; your nerves to Ix-minc
badlv effected, when a little Kei
not Ointment would ikmhlleis ic
lieve it all.
l ti... .1.. .1.1.. .r.,.i :. ....... i
i.i..-. iiil .( t( , ii, 'i, in L.ii.nt ,
ly mme litlenul ili'oitler, HeMiKil
Ointment usually clean it away
liecatKe it rtxitsins liaimie-ji. anil
Msithin? antidote! (or such r wh
ilom, it can be uied easily (nr it to
so nearly ficMi-colotcd it dnen not
attract attentiuti. At n!t Jivn'.s,
MUM I Jan. 6. K. It. ltianchard,
K taxlcab driver of Nevada, Mo., is
in )ad here and county officials be
lieie they have tho man who mur
dered Chief of Police William
Strieker of Commerco last fall.
A charge of murder has been filed
scalmt him. ltianchard, who was
nabbed and brought ncroxs tho
Oklahoma line by deputy sheriffs,
has been Identified by a Melrose,
Kan., taxi driver as -tho man ho
drove to Joplln at dayl)ght the
morning after the killing when a
poo was close on his trail. His
name was In a coat he left In a suit
c.ifc on a road 'after he had ,tm
doited a car which he had stolen
at Miami. He will bo given a pro
llmliury on Friday.
IJcutu.iatit.Gnirmor Holds Jlown
Tho l.xccutlio Chair.
CI..T.t l. T- ,'.-11
OKIAHOMA f'lTl' t,.m r. !..
I!nr. I.. IV... I.!. ., '.' . .
jcs'.erday were greeted by Oov. M.
t.. frapp. This is tho twenty-fifth
time In five years that tho lleuten-
((fivprnnr llnr.A.inn
r r 1.1, "
was not uwuiffuu was a
riun ui ma occasion of tho trip.
AftPP CttlMl n rr .. .
' n " ittija III
utjvKrnor icoiior nti win
V II I tttU Ok n mnwi i I
if ration nmi win 1 .t.
- in iiiiriiu hid
- u,viiii.rH m congress will l)
-uests at thu ilinnor
m w
Head or chest
are best treated
"externally" with
uk 00BYCUARD-'-3Of.6Oi'7r2d
Mrs. Stinson Could Hnrdly
across Koom Takes
Orgatone and Soon
, Recovers.
nr.. . .
Mwy r m r u? 0,',11 astonished at
Sm takin r" l.iuH tr" lhc'n '
ihlch i, L, Crsat0,le Treatment
l. "!ln n cnoui!h in o...n
't, Vort v .V ,,u" "-"nion avo-
"In of ' n. ,r0II "uch nwful nt-
' sood part of ,;'. "'? "?.Bpc5
up. i i hJ nl0l,B w,,t" 1
8'ri Tilh th.. 8"fe,rol for throo
hoapDetiiKnltacl'i, and BOt BO
i,"'l I vfoui i 8 ?carcey at all and
h' naar, if.o 'f" ''''tressed
4 m nervous "ruiy kieop
lon atoS? ,h A"1"' recommenda-
hihine It. ami iT " , !
"lUTl ItMltA. '
fi - mi inft mnrti n.. -.-.u
. much a ; "l. ,V" I"
'J? traN,?' '!'t a new sclcn-
by iT;; nu is nold In
irecllnn .;':"' under tho norsanul
. ' ul a snne nl . .
""nwtlve. nih. ""."lono rep
Stow. w?w,rn."?'nu ,"r
Burning the Candle
THERE is a tendency
to grossly overload
high grade trucks. They
have the stamina which
invites it. Ordinary trucks
escape this punishment
because they won't stand
up and perform under it.
In mixed fleets, the hard
est work is assigned to
White Trucks. When
work is heavy and time is
short, they carry the brunt
of overspeed and overload.
While this is a tribute to
White construction, it is
also a menace to the extra
profit an owner may derive
from his truck invest
ment long after it has
been written off the books.
A White Truck is re
markable for the volume
of work that it does, year
after year. Continuous and
dependable performance
is sustained indefinitely if
the truck is not abused.
Records of 100,000,
200,000 and 300,000 miles
are common for White
Trucks, still doing a full
day's work.
It is as shortsighted for
an owner to overdraw
upon a truck's reserve as
it is for a business to
draw upon its capital for
Tulsa, 220 South Frankfort Avenue
The First Buy of the-
Sale exceeded expectations 7 the
values and assortments were a de
light to each of the 75 men who se
lected one of these suit patterns.
Tailored As You
Want Them
Every Suits sold will be made on the
above principle with the same care
ful attention given to every little de
tail that characterizes the garment
bearing a Joe Eagle label.
Regular $85
Not a suit pattern in the lot is worth
less than $85 and extra trousers of
same material can be had if desired.
Cutting Department
Will be crowded to its full capacity
but our first try in 24 hour rule will
be maintained. You are invited to
watch the building of you suit step
by step.
See Our Windows

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