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A GUEATJSK -luuan.
VOL XIV, NO. 108.
1(5 PAGES.
wmkmmpw lux ,1 i
BMirm'XkrwwL. v m 1' . j a inriini v iviy
Iodce and Hitchcock De
dare They Are Trying
to Agree.
.Representatives o twenty
Million People Call to
Urge Early Action.
No Definite Progress Reported
in Discussion o Main
Stumbling Block,
WASHtNOTON. Jan. IS -Assur-
. . rtflr.t1n t.ml rnlillbllCUn
waters were united In e.ideuvorint.
to end the senate treaty aeuu ,iuj.r.
and to avoid carrying "V"' I
full into tin- ruining political cam- .
sues into i.iv s!..!ilnr I.OllltO
Mten war. s ivc -n b Senator Ii.Ibo
o? ?aw.irnuee!tH nml Hitchcock of
NeuwaU . republlcon ami acting 1
dniocrVlc lea'lwx. rPspfCtWpty. to- j
d ? to .poko.1n.11 of rnlllon.
clalmitif! o represent 20.000.000
fwpli dwirou. of early ratification
'tK ""'Sudcw wire vtallod MP
arately at the capital by moro than
".core of reproHonUtlVta of various
trg.niwilonH lncluillnK aoclotlea
Sorhing fr ratification of the peace
r?ty ll'or unions, church, anil
other rcllfloii noclotlw am "Br;
tural and educational bodies. Tho
calls on the wnato leaders allowed
a meeting to nrso Immcdiato rati -ctlon
of the treaty xvlth rwrvM
ntctssary 10 secureho two-thirds
,0Eenatcr I.odgo told tho delegation
that ho would bo '.'glad" to cunsldor
aay modlflcitlon-of tho treaty recr
atlotis which the democratic minor
ity miKht present and s.lld thero was
being evinced a "general delro lo
dlinono of the treaty promptly so as
to avert Its Injection nto tho elcc
tlons. Itepubllcans and domocrata
In tho aenutf, ho uald, nro attempt
Irg "to reaolt a common ground
dh that end In view.
Calling at tho office of Senator
Hitchcock, tho delegation was told
by the acting democratic leader and
by Senator Smith, democrat of door
gla, of the efforts being mndo on the
democatrlc ldo of tho chamber to
bring .bout prompt ratification. Tho
eptrlt of antagonism which domi
nated tho treaty ilebates at tho lust
nation xit cougrtwn, Senator Hitch
cock said, had given way to a spirit
"of an honorable compromise,
uhlch gave pronpect of ratification
ot the treaty with mme reservations
Itforo the end of January.
Those conferences weru tho trans
cendent development today In tho
treaty situation. Negotiations among
fenatorn were virtually confined to
the main dispute over tho reserva
tion to Artlclo 10 of the league of
nations covenant. No dcnnito pro
roa.was reported.
()ear Sirauw. former secretary of
commerce und labor In the cabinet of
President Rooovolt. nreMded as
chairman of tho conference tnd na
tional nrirant.t'lnns roiirnsuntpd ill-
J eluded tlae American Federation ot
Iibor. the lcaguo to enforce pence,
national advertising clubs of America
farmers alliance. Women'H Chrlstla.
Temperance union, and world peace
foundation. Among tho delegates
we- Herbert Houston of the Na
tional Advertising c 1 u b a. and
Matthew Woll and Krank Morrison
of the Federation rtif Labor.
Both Senator I.odgo and Sonator
Hitchcock in tholr stntomcnts to tho
delegation agreed that concessions
mum be made. In tho controversy.
Senator Lodce uald:
"I think thero Is a very general
Beslro to avoid dolay which would
necessarily ensue from remitting tho
Mention to tho election in November.
I can onlv renoat that thosn who
formulated tho reservations which
.were adopted by a majority of the
fenate will bo very glad Indeed to
consider any mollification proposed
and then decide) what wo can ac
cept and what cunnot bo nccopted
and try and reach a common ground.
Uforts are being made In that di
rection on both sides ot tho chamber
henator Hitchcock said:
"All ro.ili.. the., -,'..iu
Inevitable Thn ,.t,i i... L,,,.a
I 'hat he would accept Intcrprctatlvo
1 '"eriattor.s and nn effort now is
r r -- lu illl UUJUIUIIIl'lll-
-oiucrenrrs urp occurring ovory day
r,i,i nrnocr;"8 nnd conferences of re
1 . .J1 anrt eonferences attended
rrh. r,,ocrats and republicans.
W, ' '' ""'es nro serious not only
roS.ii n,!iny reservations must bo
C i,"1 ni ,,,a"y Indlvldaal opln
!; ?ar,noniied, but becauso tho ob
jccuon must always ho kept In mind
, , framing tho reservations that
Preildenf mCet acceltanco of tl'
en,'th'h.'il,' of flnal S(inat0 Qc,ln
h.n ,hlcaico ,r"il,y January -16,
I aa,.n.aK.ue of lons council
da ' elmlJ a ln 1,arl3' vanished to
dmocrMr(i "V republican and
week .i''Jea,cr- Not l'cfro next
Prtdl'eiipokmen or l,oth parties
Democ,?;. wi" ,n"y ncllon Probable.
.at5fi,aa d'f.reJ they, would bo
lhl month. ratl,lcallon was effected
Umhlofn!i?f0f,at,onB towar1 a,,JU8t-
Horn eaiifferonces ovcf reserva-.
.aid .L'",W 'mpohia today. It
Ped t ,u,me den'ocrats wero dis-
''r w-uV Uhr.mlY wlen a, minority
tnte -J '.5 th nemocrnts today
'her draft 1, k''iQma nnd an
drar,?rNofic;ri?nra.S',mnn8' p. V ' to rcach nn adjustment.
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
WAhtllN'UTOIN. Jan l.i -Appointment i
of new secretary df the trcaMin lo tic
cetil ."ecreiary (Hah in eape. led today .
or tomorrow, It wit announced at Ihc I
WhltA hull ft In..
...,.. , - ,
tiKNKvA Jan la ITntwi.n an nnn ami I
40.000 ot the Herman prisoners in Kranct
will bo repatriated throueh 8wilirland
within tho next fe- weet.a. These prisoners
havo been Interned In southern r'r.iiiceariil
In 11. 0 l.jons district.
WASHINOTO.V. Jan. 13. Itcprosonta
ticea i Ilaltlc atalra am lo meet al llel
SJnfcuirs in tba near future tu dii.usn a
defniielvo alliance against llerniauy, the
ttate department lurried today.
TORT WOllTU. Texas. .I.in. 13 Smith
Itroi.1 (tram elevator burned hero this after
noon with a loss of $176,000. Over SOO.
000 bushels of Rraln were itored In the
bulldlnif but part of It oi tavad,
NBV? YOltK. Jan. 13 The snear short
ace last jear w'as blamed today on the
United titatca sugar equalisation board by
11. V. II L'aineron In his annual report to
tho National Aesoclaton of llrokera In He
fined Bucars. of which lio la prosidenl,
I'.UtlH, Jan. 13 Smyrna was declared
"Inseparable, from the Turklah empire" In
the aullan'a speech from the throne, deliv
ered at tho oponlnz of tho chamber of
deputiea on Monday, according to Conslan
llnople dispatches,
T01.KK.V k,m JlrK ,n,Kdw,ril ..
mono, r.l. assistant general manager of the
$lal:t yr raiir,,ad, died hero this morning
at Ihn Idnl. I.n..t.l 1l 1. 1 .1 K.. Ill
more than it month fuun nervous exhaua
tlan Mr. na.iinnnd haa been with the hSnta
re alnre l.iTS when he Mafic 1 work at a
lay laborer
WAS1IIXI1TO.V .lan 1.1 P...U.ni
Wilion'a rabjnet held a lengthy aeaiton to
day but their waa no Intimation at to
whit Kid traiunlred. "Wo had a loni dla-
luulon." Secretary Lanainj- aald, "bni I
tM icl at liberty to aay what tho auoiect
of our dtaaut'lon was.
PARIS. Jan. 13 Premier riamanreail
and l.lojd Uinree, by forceful argument,
havo induced Premier Niltl of ItaW to an
ient to a comaromlta on Flume, acceptable
w mo .iiiao mart ana are now atuuymg
iue freorapiiicai oounuarioa. 11 was re
portod today.
WASIlf.VOTO.S. .l.m. 13 Aml...ador
Itonlilaa of texlco today refuted to com
ment on n rexirt that ha had been recalled
and .that the Mexican rmbatiy here would
be virtually aboliahol. Ho rent word from
hi atudy that hn would not ace newa
paper men and would not dixuas tho re
ports. ' .
tt'iifinvn-rnv in v
......... . 1 ..j. ..an, .... J.-.UUICI
Itepreientatlva Miller, the new lecrrtarv of
the republican national committee, took
charite of national hcadduartera here today
at tho aamo time Jame P. Keynolda, the
rrtlrliii; recretary. opened national head-
nuartcra lor Governor Coolldzo of Mai-ia
chuartta. 1
WAS SHTOX. Jan. 13. A oortlon of
tho American expedltiounrr forces in Si
beria la to bo withdrawn Immediately, Scc-ri-tarr
llakcr annonnced' today, addlnr that
tho withdrawal Of the entire eipedltion
was under consideration "In connection
with the evaouatldn of tho Otechs."
NEW YOltK. Jan 13. The denarlmont
of jnstica here ha forvar.Ied td Wash
ington the names or so families of radicals
sent to Kills Island for deportations pro
ceedlnga acainst tha family bread winners.
It was said today. Out of 220 homes ot
reds investigated so far. no moro than SO
reported cases wero found. It aas sal.l.
OTTAWA, Jan. 13 Denial of charges
by American publishers that Canadian pub
lishers are consuming an excessive amount
of newa print paper was made today by
John M Imrlc, manager of tho Canadian
Dally Xouspapcr association. Ho said that
United b'tatea publishers apparently mis
understood tho reasons for restriction of
exports. .
I-ONDON. Jan. 13 Viscount Orer
rtrltlsh ambassador to tho United Riates,
who artived here today from Washington
upon leave of absonca, stld he had 'no of
ficial statement id rnako to the public,
but that he was "prepared to return to
America In either an official or private
capacity." Viscount (Iroy landed at
rOXD MX I,AC. Wis., Jan. 13 Judfe
C A Fowler In circuit court today ad
mltft d to ball of $30-000 Dr. Jamus Freud
en bur;, chai;od with the death ot Mrs.
Nellie Dufflea ot MarVesan, Tho conrt re
fused to make any comment on the conten
tion of the state that under tho law the
prisoner could not bo given his freedom
pending his preliminary hearing,
HOUSTON, Teias, Jan. 13. Col. U M
House of New York, a member of tho
AmerlcKn delegation to the peace confer
ence, reiched Houston today. Colonel
House denied that be had come to mingle
In Texas iwlltlcs. lit had nothing to say
rrgardlug congresa and the peace treaty
er newspaper re'ortB of a breach, with
President Wilson, Ho declared ho came
hero merely for o brief rest.
KOItT WORTH, Texaa, Jan. 13 Kllen
Huett, 27 years old Is in tho county jail
here today charged with murdering hor 70
year old husband. Will Huett. who diM
last night from injuries Inflicted early fst
urday with an axe. Tho woman told the
police Saturday, they say. that alio split
open her hushand'a skull while he "slept
because he no longer loved her" Tdat
alio professed not to remember tho deed
or even to known ha wa bar husband.
J'AIMS. Jan. 13. Consideration was
given by tho supreme council this morning
til n plan lor ine appointment oi n rom
inlttce of ambassadora to complete the de
tails for the presentation and signing nf
the Hungarian peoco treaty and to carry
through the nOicr unfinished business nt
me pCflCe -orm-ICHCl no wrii.tiiu. imn
ever, was left to the heads of tho govern -
ments of the principal powers.
U. S. Refuses Hun Indemnity
for Sinkin g Scapa Flow Fleet
WASHINGTON. Jan. 13- Tho
United States government Jias re
'fused to accepi any part of in
demnity to ho paid by Germany
for destruction uf tho German
fleet ln Scapa How, because it ob
jects in principle to ihu settlement
'mndo by tho supremo council. It
was said today ut tho statu depart
ment. Germany, in compensation for
tho destruction of the surrendered
warships, u' requested to deliver to
tho alllss certain inland s'.tameis
und hnrhc facilities such as float,
lug docks nnl tugs, and Hie coun
cil had decided to atiorato 2 pur
cent of this imperial to tho United
Slates. Anibas.-ador AVallaco today
hifornird tho council that If Its de
cision with respect to tho award
was final, tho United States would
- - -
-, 11 - , r . .
Cilll 101 Fll'SC Meeting OL
the League at Paris Is
. ... .
Made Public.
;."Is First Step Towards Ideal
Concert of Nations," tbo
President Saya.
Cablegram Goes to England,
Urazil, France, Rclgiuni,
Italy, Japan, Spain.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. Anient
bly of tho council of the lcaguo of
nations In l'arls next 1'rlduy will
"itmrk Hid bugintilng of u new oui
In lntenuitloii.il co-operation nml
thu flrnl great stop towaid tho Ideal
concert of nations," President Wil
son doclatod In tanning tho cull for
the meeting, as provided by the
treaty of Vots.illlcs. Tho text-of tho
call was made public here tonight. -
"It will bring tho league of na
tions Into being as a living loiee, do
voted Ho tho task 'of assisting tho
poiiploa of all countries 111 their do
slro for pcaco, prosperity and hap
piness," tho cablegram, addrofsud to
(Irout Urllnlii, Krunco, Italy, Japan,
llrazll, lU'lcltiin and Spain, caul.
"Tho president Is convinced that
Its progress will accord with tho
noblo purpose to which It Is dedi
cate!." President Wilson's messago was
transmitted by tho stale depart
ment to United States ombaesios In
Hid countries named for formal pre
sentation to thoso governments. It
was tho same In cacti cane, with tho
uxceptlon of tho address, and the
full text of the call sent to London
"In compllaneo with article G of
tho covenant of tho lcaguo which
went Into effect at tho sumo time as
tho treaty of Versailles or June
1919. of which It Is a part, tho pros
Idcnt of tho United States, acting
mi Imhnir of thoso nations which
havo deposited their Instruments of
rutlflcutloli Ir l'arls as certified in
in a tiroccss verbal drawn up by tho
French government, dated January
10, 1920, has 'tho honor to niiorm
tho government of Great Hritaln
that tho first meeting of tho council
of tlln loairiin of nations will ho hold
111 Paris, at tho ministry of foiolgn
affairs on Friday, January 16, at
10i30 a. in.
"Tho president earnestly ventures
tho hope that tho government of
Great Hritaln will bo In a position
to send n. representative to this
mooting. Ho feels It Is unnecessary
for him to point out tho deep sig
nificance attached to this meeting or
tho Importance Which It must as
sume In tho eyes of the world.
"It will mark tho beginning of n
new era in International co-operation
und the first grent step toward
tho Ideal concort of nations. It will
bring tho league of nations Into be
ing us a living force, devoted to the
task of assisting tho Jiooplos of nil
countries'ln tholr doifiro Mr peace,
prosperity ' and hnpptnebs. Tho
president Is convinced that Its prog,
ress will accord with tho noblo pur
pone to which It is dedicated."
Htigli Titnvnlcr Wiilvcw Preliminary
I'.xnmluatloii nt C.iillalln .V Ap
lilliiitbii Miulo For llond.
GALLATIN, Mo., Jan. 13 Hugh
Tnrwnter. e.itv clurk uf Gallatin, Mo..
who fatally shot Wesley U Kobln
son. editor ot the Gullatin Democrat
time, December 21. waived prelim
inary examination when ho was ar
raigned in tho inagistiaie court to
day. He was returned to Jail nnd no
application for bona was mndn.
The -use probably will lie called at
the February term of tho circuit
court, when it Is believed a enango
cf venue will bo applied for on tho
ground of prejudice against Tar
vtater. OdesHu Is Captured
by Ukranian Forces
CtH i:HAOKN. Jan. 13 Tho
I'kriunlun Insurgents, aided hy G.i
lician Ukrainians, have entered
iidess.i, nccordlng to a dispatch to
, .
1 '"e
1'krilnian tiress bureau irom
i Lemburg.
walvo Hs claim to any part of tho
State departm'ent officials would '
not explain the American H-uvern-merit's
objecting to the settlement,
but it was recalled that from tin
first tho American representatives
at tha poaca conference have fa
vored tlio destruction of tho Ger
man ships on tho ground that
their division among tho other
powers would inaho It necessary
for this country tu prtitc d with a
much larger naval building pro
gram ilmi would othorwlso ho re
guided ns necessary.
Tho L ulled Stales, I' waA said,
had not waived Its claim 'o a per
centage oi the additional tonnugo
lo be delivered by Germany under
tho torns of tho pea.ee treaty.
College Vote Favors
Compromise on Pact
to Bring War to End
XF.W YoUK. Jan 13 KitHf!
cation of the poiu-c treaty by com
promise polled tin- heivleit vote
111 32 colleger- and universities
throughout the cmintty which had
reported complete, return's tonight
in tho lnter-colleglate referendum
voted upon today by tho student
bodies of 400 Institutions of higher
leaining. In the 31! colleges ulilrh
included the great eastern nnlver
Itliw of Harvard, V.ile.'rlnoe
ton. Columbia, Cornell und th-
Pnlverslly of Pennsylvania, a to
tal of 29,910 votes was cnsl. Of
thotic 11,182 were In favor of rati
fication by compromise nnd the
next highest vote cast. 9,002. was
for ratification without reeervn
tlons or amendments.
The students voted on four pro
posals, unreserved ratification,
opposed to ratification In any
form: ratification ullli Ixidgn res
ervations, mill ratification by com
promise. The 32 completed re
turn shoucd 0,603 votus for tho
lAidgn reservations) and 3,lfiSf'asl
against adoption of ilm treaty In
any form. Tho resullw shown In
the total returns r.erelved so far
represent virtually the hiiio di
vision of opinion ns Indicated by
the IndivldiiHl letuins for tho 32
colleges, nil of which are situ (led
In the, east, south or middle xvel.
Hotufns from the w lutein stites
are not expected before tomorrow
when tho total vote for the con l
try will he tuhiiriitoil and tin ic
public by the tutcrculleKlain treaty
referendum onimlttco hen
Soviet Ark Ncarlng Its Di-Mlnatloti
With American AnnrclilM
Bv The Associated Press
IIF.LHlNGFOItH, Jan. 12 The
Hulled States transport lluford, w th
tho party of undeslniblo aliens from
tho I'tiltcd States on Imam is ex
pected to arrive nt Hnngo, on the
southern const tomorrow. From this
point, It Is 12 hours by rail to Terl
Jokl. wliero the pasHengers of tho
"soviet ark" nro expected to ctoss
the lines intn siivlet Itusla.
Tho Finnish government has
mndo It known Hint It readily no
ceded to tho American le'iuest to
BKSist In tho transportation of tho
party across Finland Immigration
officers nnd other offl-lals will con
duct tho tinrty.
Thorn have been no negotiations
hern with the soviet government re
garding the ndmlsslon of the do
ported radicals nnd It Is pointed out
nn Interesting sltiintloti will prob
ably arise If "icy nro refused ad
mittance, which Is considered pos-.
slide us It Is unnwn mat a '''insiu
erable portion of the Opposition of
the bolshovlkl In Hussla Is furnished
by tho anarchistic elortiiont.
. - . .
Polndoxter Wants to Debute Na
tional Issues Willi General.
PIF.ltKF.. S. D.. Jan. 13. A for
mal challenge Issued by United
States Senators: Miles Polndoxter of
Washington to Major Gen. Iconurd
Wood to debate national Issues In
South Dakota was received hero to
day by the secretary of stats.
General Wood received Ihe inn -Jorlty
endorsement for president by
the republican state convention
and accepted. Senator Polndoxter
filed ns an Independent candidate
for republican endorsement at the
March prlmnry. .
Under the lllehards primary law
of South Dakota, a candidate re
ceiving the majority endorsement
much accept a challengo to debate.
If ho falls to accept his name would
not bo placet! on tho primary bal-
Arguments CIimmI nml Turned Oiei'
for Verdict Sooner Than Kxiuvtiil
Li .S ANGKLl.'S. Jan. 13. District
Attorney T. L. Woolwlno closed hU
nrgument In tho trial 'of Harry
Now. ii.lcL'od adnver of Freda I kisser.
shortly lieforo 3 30 o'clock thh aft
nJ.,..nn :.,wl Uiti.nln .riillLfri Cruli
onioon iind Superior Judge Craig
put the case In the hands of the
The rase went to the Jury much
sooner than was oxpeiieu uo'-Hine-
of a sudden change in plans by tri"
defense, eliminating argumont hy
John I Klchnrdson of defense
counsel, and dhoitenlng of the final
argument by Lecompte Davis, lead
ing defense counsel, to 20 minutes.
Tho district attorney chiigid the
defense with trickery 111 thai the
sudden change left him unpiopurej
Cabrera WiiutN Senator to Visit .Meal
;iii Cniiltul for Information.
NHW YOltK. Jan 13 --An Invi
tation to Senator Full of Nmv Mex
ico, chairman of the somite sob-com-mlttee
Investigating the Mexican sit
uation, rrom Luis Cabriiru, minister
of flniineo In President I'arramn's
rubinet, to go to Mexico City apd
"find out what Mexico really Is," Was
mado public here tonight. It is In
the form of a 'iinessago for tho
American people," entrusted to J. .1
MrCtilloiigli, u business man ofrljl
T'.-iun TexiiH.
Benor Cabrera declared "wo arcrl
not against the fullest Investigation
but let It be full and fair Indeed."
.Mix. IIIxoii-DIch.
Mrs A c lllxyn. wife of Dr A. ',
Ilixon. died this morning at 1:15 ut
the Mormngslde hospital. Funeral
uriangemptits win he announced
- - -
A good place to eat Harmory Cafeteria
t'trrlieui r footed food l'-JBU si priees
SJO'A South llalu Lnder Wwiworth'a -
I A''-'
House Adopts Resolution
to Ask Baker for a
Massachusetts Congressman
Hitterly Assails Gen.
March's Record.
"Lounge 'Lizards" Honored,
Accuser Says ; Others De
fend Chief of Staff!
movement for congiesslonnl Inves
tlgutlnn Into nvtnrils of army war
decorations produced a stormy scene
in tho house today, during which a
resolution by Heprosctimtlve, Gal
ilvan, democriit, MaHnichusfltls, .call
ing on Secretary linker for n report
on the imards mis adupled
Tin- fight centered lurgoly about
Mr. tlalllvsn's attack on General
March, chief of staff, and other of
ficers attached were defended by
other inembeis.
Tbn house oiiuht not lo aeiiulesce
111 the attack on General March and
other officers of tho army," declared
llepresentatlve .Monro, demootat or
Vlrginln. eonclnillng tho debnte with
an appeal for rejection of the reso
lution wlilcn, nn n roil can was
adopted, 183 to 123. Most of the
democrats opposed it.
Wants General Probe.
Uepreseiit.Ulve Gallivan urged the
ndoption of his mensiire as the start
of a general vjongresslonnl Investiga
tion into the award o' war hnnsrs.
declaring that proportlotiatoly more
officers In Washington received dls
tlngiilshe,i servlco tnednls than thoso
In tho front linos. The services of
all ''loungo lizards of tho second
nrtny of the Potomac" woro teeng
iiizeil with decorations, Galllv.in
charged, Including former rhlefs of
staff, who. he wild, wero removed
for inefficiency.
General March was referred to by
Gnlllvnii nn "the high priest of prtis
BlanUm," and the "man for whom
no officer ever snenks a word ex
cent contempt." nddlng Hint his c.
tntlon for the distinguished service
medal would have been written only
"under orders" Several other mem
hers lauilivl the chief of s'nff for his
fairness ami efficiency, iiecinring no
was I'titl.lm to any lintiors conferred
on hltn Tliev also licensed Gnlllvnii
of unfairness In attacking of fleet.
who could not reply.
"It is common talk In tho army
said Mr. Gallivan, "that our present
chief of staff and one of Ills iisslst-
nnts, a colonel, whoso duty it was
lo escort anil dine foreign missions
here In Wntdilntrton. havo no stmce
left between their belts and their1
collars to illsnlay the -medals Hint
have been given them ns a result of
this service,
"The distinguished service medal
has been cheapened and certainly
ridiculed by the bold and brazin
manner in which It bus been passed
out to thoso who belong to the
elect,' said Mr. Gallivan. "It has
been used us n inw'ard for friendship
It has been used to placate thosn who
have been removed to mnkoi uiy for
,-nmooiie else.
"As for Franco, wherever the
commander In chief sent a 'commis
sioned messenger liny" on nn errand
tho D. K. M. was euro to bo tho ro
ward. ,
"In Washington we had four dif
ferent chiefs of staff during the war,
and everyone who knows nnythlng
ut all about tho workings of the war
department knows that the nreiie
cessors of the present high priest of
rriissinnrsm, tien. t-eyton (.'. .Marcn.
wero considered iineoiinl to tho task
Through one pietense or another
thoy were removed.
Coiiinienils Wood's Kerln
Tho failure to neiid Mill. Gen
Leonard Wood overseas In noinmnnd
of Hoops wns a "case of interiiiitinn
al notorletj," Mr Gallivan wild, add
Hue that General 'Wood "whs never
icivun an Important active command
durlmr tile win, out in pmtuin
i public opinion, something must be
The bestowal of tho D. H M. on
tlemial Wood, lie contlnueil,
maruiy i pprov VM: ''' ', ','"'"
tary service, I am .old, 1u' Hie rea-
son for sueli be'-.vva! l-.oks like an
ii.ternnriiiiiirt no nt e tile iniiulK i
everyone who liar n knowl
fleticral Wood's ireatment
Cunl. Clark Nichols
Will Address Lc(ion
al Mectiiifj Tonight
,' r -
C'Hpt. Clnrk Nichols of Kufuilla.
member of the stale executive
committee, will be thn principal
speaker nt the incetlng of Joe far
son post, American Legion, In tho
municipal auditorium tonight.
Tom f.eu, post adjutant, will ro
port ult the Washington meeting
of the state commanders with a
rommlttee from congress on legis
lation effecting ox-service moll.
Musical numbers will be furnished
by the Wllinot-Applegatii uurtot.
Plenty of smokes will bo provided.
The progrnm will start promptly
ut 8 o'clock.
Tn,HV OkU Jin. 13 Mailmum, 41,
minimum iouOi wjikIi cloud'
OKLAHOMA WtHluevJay ami Tlniritlar !
J ti rl v i InnHr 1
Wedne day and Thursda parl.y ' oudy
r sST WKST TBXAW Weluesdsy
and 'I'hur ilav ge-era i fair
I KANh'A" l'alr Wednetdsy and Thurs
1 day t niodcrato temperatuts i I
. j
Lirwis Says Men Want
Wage to Raise Living
Will Abide- by the Kindhurs
With One Reservation
on Duration. ,
WASHINGTON. Jan. 13. The
coal strike selllnnveitt commission
was enabled to begin Its actual work
of considering and adjudicating
claims of btti!iiJuo,l miners for ad
vanced wages nnd shoiler working
hours today hy agreement of op
erators lu tjie celitial competitive
field to participate lu the procediiro
and abide by the decision of Ihn
commission. This removed the last
obstacle and the ciimmlmloii Hit
mediately called for John ! Lewis
nrtlinr tircsldeiit. and other lepre
senlatlves of tho nilnn workers to set
forth the cases for tlm men.
Howls nnd his associates reviewed
the full demands us presented be
fore) tho strike last November for A
BO per cent Incieusn ln wages, a .iu
cent tncieasn in wages, u .iu-
working wee ami six other
ulmpiltig1 'n.e'li.S.ir.url
hour work!
not iiltomiii
the mlneis Incioases over their war
time wages to eonyiemate them for
Increased cost of living, 'but to allow
them enough to permanently raise
their standards of living.
The operators' eminent to partici
pate wns given at the opening of thu
session by Hnlph Orews, counsel for
tho central field rommlttve. Ho
mudo the reservation, however, that
the operators could not legally par
ticipate In a coal price fixing agree
ment unless 11 wnJ provided that
such nn agreement would cxplro
with tho Iiver food and fuel con
trol net.
President Hobtnsim of tlio com
mission iiiinouiiced that tha com
mission would sit each day, would
ullow ctoss examination of all per
son., appearing before It nnd would
nccupt arguments or briefs nut only
from tho miners and nperntors, but
also rrom others Interested.
At llln rvlllfllltMlnll lie ItH fnrtfllll
session the commission called In I
Illinois representing coat rieiils out-L-nivo muttor and he considered tho
side pr the central field for Informal ,(uiy-of every assemblyman to ho In
conversation. formod absolutely on every, detail
lhu miners presented a number of that u sqiinrn deal bo given to tho
complaints with reference-to tho Hsuspende.i momhsis. Ho then Intro
per cent Increnso (granted to tho moil duced u lesoluilon that stenographic
on returning (o work. copies of tho evidence bo furnlshod
Kiiiimiih Health Officials Make Little
llcuiluiiv in Controlling .M)N
Icrloiis IjilcHtluul IHwns".
KANSAS P1TV, Jan. 13. Health
officials of those communities of thn
southwiwt where a mysterious Intes
tinal miilmly has caused the lllnrss,
of hunilreils of persons apparently
mtide llttlo headway today In their
effortfl to Identify the ailment At
novel til plneisi, however, physicians
iii t forwanl the term "winter chol
era" as being the 'most cxpresnlvo
and appropriate.
JCansas City, .Mo., Atchison., Knn.,
and Pittsburg, Knn., wero now
places that reported existence of the
disease today. Physicians said a
large number of persons, especially
children, had beim HI here.
At Topeka, Knn., reports lonlght
stated the number of cases Is esti
mated at 1,000 Officials generally
were marveling at tho fact that al
though so many persons had been
made III only four deaths are known
to have ocelli red frojii tho miliary.
All of the finalities were ut SklatooK.
Olda., the little town wliero the flirt-
ease was first notetl.
Kansas ("Itv medical men said to
night the probable cause of the trou-
ic was Impute drliiklni; water or
inllk. The maliiily was described as
contagious like u cold the patients
1..., it, t,..m ,1...-- ....
i . . , Mvnintoin illsn oiumr leav-
Iin Virs after effects Fnllre
faiiillb's have been made 111 bete. It
NV - - --
i Johnson Accepts President's
Nl;W V'lltK. Jan 13 Sena
tor Hiram Johnson of CHlifornla
doclnipil In "an udditMs In lliook
lyn tonight that lie would no opt
the challenge of the president to
tukn ratification of the peace
treaty to the people of the conn
tiy. "I don't care whethor republic
an lenders accept this gunge of
battle or not," he mid "Fur one.
1 nepept tho Issue and, so far us
I can, upon It, I shall no to tho
vt-uplo of the United Slates. A
ubt t which deuls so Intimately
with the treasure and liloud of tho
average American is a subject
upon which he hns the right to
ultimate decision, politicians upon
one hide or the other n.iiy so k
to avoid this Issue, but I say to
jou wiHi s.'i k lemurs, if itio pot.
tirlai a nth sale, n ie vvl'ii
ubs,olitc unanimity ln hiding this
subjt ' an 1 enueatoi tng t. e e
vent i'.s dlscitfHIon. the America i
pcupio llionisclvia wilt wrest it
Dr. Sholt Declares
Refusal lo Indict
Him Is Vindication
InU'liU IL1.K, U . Jan. 13
Dr rhrlsmpher G Hcliott, IUlls
Mils pb xiciuii, wlioin the Jeffer
son i entity grand Juiv today re
fused to Imliei mi iln rharga ot
minder, feels Hint his I ho ry that
KlUalM-ih Gtlffith. bis 'iffici irl,
shot and killed luis f, has been
v Uidliutod.
"Truih will prsvall." ha Is
riuolod ns saying when the, grand
Jury's report was rtad hi 'court.
"I unvn never woirlcd about thn
cum", I nlwnjs thoiigiit every
thing would come out 'ill right."
Doctor Sehott Is 11 yoir-i old
and unmiirrlud. Miss Griffith won
I? and was his offici it'islnlanl
Tliny hnd been uugaged to Im
married. Utter, It was saitvn, thn
eiiKiilieinent was 'iral.nn and Miss
Griffith had engaged herself to
Captain Guurge K. Jirdaii. Dorter
Heholt, It wits brought out,
ndvoeitted a trial marriage, be
tween. Miss Griffith nrnWordan
mi the theory, Hint she would,
within it few months be willing to
return to him and make a good
VT , . . , .,..
New York Assembly Will
Hold tllO Fil'St Public
Hearing, Jan. 20.
Suspended Members Want All
frestiniony Mndo Public
Day to Day.
AIillANV. N. V., Jan. 1J, Tlin
first public-hearing In thn cam ot
the five suspended socialist mem
bers of tho assembly will bo held at
tho capital next Tuesday, January
u. iius uociMoii wan readied ny
tho Judiciary committee, which Is to
not nn mo trial court, at lis organ
ization meeting tins arternoou.
Assemblyman Theodoro Jtoosnvelt,
In Ills' mnldeii speech, declared that
Ihe lissom bly had cinbarkod upon A
all members. It was udoptod.
NKW YOUK. Jan. 13. The five
suspended socialist ussemblyinen
win insist upon un Immediate hear
ing, to be continued from day to day
without Interruption, It was an
nounced today after a conference of
lawyers and leaders of the party with
.noms i li i j 1 1 ii 1 1 , rnier counsel,
Tho socialist party Is determined
In conduct the fight to a finish re
gardless of cost and offort, said n
slateiuint Isauod after tho confer
ence. "It Is tho advice of counsel that
this case Is not otin In which the
action of tho assembly Is final, but
that It Is subjoct to review by tho
uuurti;. Tho party U prepared to
carry tho tiiiestion to tho highest
courts of tho state. If need be, to the
supremo court of the Untied Stales.
"As wo see It tho Issue Involved
affects not 'Only tho socialist party,
as suiih. but also to a very vital ex
tent tha people ns a whole, and dem
ocratic Institutions."
New Sennlor May Oust Dochllng
Vole lu lll(chiiclUiiilcrvtOol
WAHHING'IXiN, Jan. 13 -The
vote of Carter Glaus, who expects to
take his seat as senator from Vir
ginia this week mn deeldo the con
I test for democratic leaner or tno
Sen.He at the parly conrerenco
Thursday Senator I'liderwood of
1 ll.,itii. unl.l I'ifliiv Hiirltiie n e.'ill
inl the white house. Senator Undor-
I wood is being opposed fin Ihe lond-
i-rshlp li
Senator HUclicock of No-
to Vote on Pact
from tho politicians and them
selves deeldo It."
After reiicrutlng his advocacy
of the treaty with reservation!)
Senator Jnhnaaiu' Ibs'uetl a warning
against tho suppression of. free
speech nnd tho right nf assemb
lage. Lvory infringement ot tho
law should bo drastically punish
ed, he said, und no etuleuvor to
overturn tho government by furco
or violence) could ho tolerated,
"but tho difficulty in some quar
ters uppenrs to be a certain
vaiigeness as to what constitutes
law and order."
"Thoru Is real danger," ho as
serted, "that In our lust anger
ugnltist those whu advocate or
Justify i rin es of violence, w may
be led by rertlonary potlti ians
or newspapers, who nro wearing
the livei-J uf patrlr tlsm, or by
our .en I into exra uganro of sur
prcsHlon which will Imperil tho
verj foundat on of 'he republic,
the f jiiiiamentai American prln I
pics or free speech und free as
semblage, i'
Troopa Open Fire as
Crowds Storm Reich
stag Entrance.
Exploitation Bill Opposed
by Workmen Who
Ptirade Over City
London Hear Quiet Re
aumcd After Soldiers
Kill nnd Wound Mnny
IiKHI.lN, .Inn. 13. Ten ilcnil
luiil Ims-ii hrouglit Into tlio umrl
of the iriclislug Imllilliig when
Hid iiatlotml UHcs-mbly adjouniisl
nt n o'clock this ofteniixm. ac
isinllng to nn niitiounccniiiit
iniulu liy PnwhliMit 1'olirenbiuJi.
III.IIUilN, Jan. 1.1. (llnTnn)
'llio isillisi finally rreitoml order
before tlio rclchstng hullillng. Tlio
chamber adjoiirmil until Wislucsv
iliiy. v
I1ASL13, Jan. 13. Many persons
were killed or woundod in iiorlin
todayvwhon the troopa fired upon or
bayoneted demonstrators who trlod
to rusn inn reioiiKing entrances in
protest ncalnst tho exploitation law,
sajrs a dispatch from Horllru
Tho a snatch adds Hint since noon
crowds havo puruded Uie streets of
llwrlln, following nn appeal irom
Din FrelholU the radical socialist
oigati, tor workmen to domonslrutu
in protest against, tno l.iw.
oitm:it is Hr.sToiticii,
IiONDON, Jan. 13. Tho mob
made, a rush against tho troops
guarding the relchstug building ln
llerlln und trlod to disarm them.
Tho troopa fired und soverat por
sons wero killed or woundod. Order
was then restored.
iiiwioNSTnATons mauch
IHHILIN, Jan. 13. Up to 2iJ0
this ufternoou putillo ordor had not
boon restored in connection with tho
demonstrations before, tho rolchstag.
lllg processions passed along tho
Atroots converging Into tho Koenlg-
splatz from nil quartora. Numerous
factories closed,
Tho demonstrators bore flags In
scribed. "Wo domund an unrestrict
ed workers' .councils bill."
Numerous speeches wore delivered
from the steps of the relchstag pro-'
testing ngulnst the bill In Ha pres
ent form. Tho street oar servlco was
kmrtly ausponded, the men being on
The public security polios restrict
ed thniiisulvr-H to guarding; the relch
stug with strong forces.
1U0HLIN, Monday, Jan. 12..
Plundering on a largo sc.ilo oocurrod
today in tho occupied town of
Oberhausen. Men ntonned tlm lown
Hall, Milled arms, Uirow tho
archives Into tho street and stripped
thn chops.
Tins disturbances spread to tho
vlllagos of Marsehoh and Ilruck
bauon, whero the plundorors used
firearms ngalnit tho police. Order
has not yet boon restored,
Oberhausen is n. city of about 100,
Ono at the Junotlon of the Cologne
ilamburg und Wejcl-Hmmcrlch
,lt '7. "'""t'od Just north ot
Mulhelm. liotmnrseboh and llrack
Jiauson are Just east of the Hhlne
In tho aamo region.
AAiPLi: i'Hi:u.vi7noNs.
LONDON, Jan. 13, A dispatch to
nl f'f cha"B .Telegraph from ller
lln dated Monduy says:
"The government is taking; pre
cautions agulnst disorders, Includ
ng Die burrlcadlng of tho front ot
tho 'parliament bhlldlngs.
Tho now railway strikes west
ward nnd tho stuppngo of tclo
Phonlo and tclegraphlo commmuca-
nuii utu causing mucn norvousness."
Prohibitionists to Meet
July 21 al Lincoln, Neb.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 13. The na
tional exocutlvo committso of the
prohibition sirty tonight selected
Lincoln. Neb, and July "l aji the
place and tlmo for the 1320 national
convention of the rarty.
Thoughts to Think
Ixivo lon;rthona life.
Your excuso for your failure will
nov.'r mako it nnythlne but failure.
Uxtuses only woslo time.
Man shows his good behavior and
gelt, his good looks by Bcattoring sun
h no along tho pathway of tlio sor
roiving. Thero aro ihroo Important advan
tages In using. World Want AiUj (1)
Convenience, (2) Low Cost; (3)
tjulck llesults. Tolephono Osage 6000
and usK for a World Wut Ad Taker.

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