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VOL. XIV, NO. 109.
1(3 PAG ICS.
AWm'(i(yMii; in ii ni
& . hb fr tbsl m i assail h. rm m t i
Witnesses Say Life of U.
S. Citizen Is More In
Fall's Committee Hears Three
Americans in Touch With
Mexican Conditions.
Charge Made That Federal
Soldiers Kill Rooney and
Boles at Tampico.
oiv WTONIO. Texan, Jnn. 14.
Stories ot terrlblo cruelty, unre
dressed murders and devastation of
properties were given tho senate nub
committee Investigating the Mexican
iltuatlon today by men yot In closo
touch with conditions In Mexico, i.
i m,.iia n. cattleman from a bor-
oe'r'tnwn: James J. Britt. a lawyer
from Tampico and George L. Ulaloclt,
once tho head of what was the larrr-
est colony of American larmrrs
M"'C"n' ",,.,;rWhi,r0OPwenrlon?ho
amall Krocery store here, woro tho
Ull,,e..e Tln offcCt Of tllt-lr tCRtl-
mony'was to utrengthen the claims
of nltne8es neara in ttaniiuiiiiuii
iimt iho inaecurltv ot American life
and property In Mexico Is growing
Hritt, who reminded the commit
tee that he Is not employed by nny
oil company, asserted that American
life was "worth moro In the Anronne
than It Is today In the country nbout
Tampico." Ho entered the United
States only two duys afro. Ho Is one
of the men who assisted In caring
for the bodies of P. J. Hooney and
Earl Holes who woro killed In the
oil fields on December 30, Tho three
had dined together on Chrlstmai
Klllcal by 1oos.
Ilrltt appeared confldont that the
men wore killed by Tarrania's t-ol-dleri.
"They wore killed within the
Oarrania lines," ho jald, "and the
bullets we Ionic from their hnrllon
were thoie used by too government
oldlcrs and not by tho bandits.
Moreover, Boles, after he had been
broi'cht to the ground by a bullet
In hit ankle, had been attacked from
behind by a man with n machete.
The blade had been thrust far lntn
his body, turned downwards nnd the
UD UKaln. Thn rnbnls In Hint nart nf
the country do not carry machetes. I rlnei hate been aailgncd to that country. I nblo to secure complete ratification,
Tho soldleri do." 1 ' lie would support a resolution nf
His theory that tho killing was! WASHINGTON", Jin 14 The Pterlln i partial ratification, excluding the
done by soldiers was urther hup- 1 u . , ",on h'"' Ped b, Ihe aenate laat j league of nations covenant and Irav
ported by telling how tfio paymaster! houie Yu'dlcTaVr 'c'omml tn wh'lch iibltl'1 "'B U for ttIoment In the fall elec
?n,v0n?,0,.,h0 011 ""mpanles who iu.m fi? ihT hT."' mea.urrorlnVlVy Senator Hitchcock hiw op-
Iook like IJoonoy did, recolVed per- drawn by Attorney General Pafmer. Mem posei! su.-h ft course Another factor
mlMion about the same time the two""" "Id the bill waa too drutle in eome is tho authorship of Senator rn
nd left to carry a certain amount!0' " protlilont. i derwood of tho pending motion for
of money Into the oil fields. This VR,vf,,Rr,n ... u., upiiointment of a sennte committee
Information -n imn.miti.,i .t, 1 ...J" r.Rc'.seO, Jin 14 Will If. ' n,,iiinHnn.
rarratizlslas. Ilrltr h.lt.;. ,Ka.
killed Itooney and Holes believed
billed Tin , V , ""v'
'hey were killing tho paymaster and
someone else.
He told tho comrnlttnn (ho Amri.
Snifl r.!,aL'!l!uta;k
njd one exception of neglecting that
j? (.su,h a casc-" "o ald. "when
'aire. Wallace wa-i shot. ' I know
IHa.,a.c,.1J.e "'"."ot v drinking man
nn Kt the claim set tip- by the
b.d ,hls ' what had happened. They
inS ?ure.d,th8 "I"0'- ln' h' mouth
tner cuin,lthe dr "llsht BUpport
"Only an American."
lWr rTe t0.U,.e klllln GabrM
rrade C ,hrr "Vfs "ore. was
m-iT7 ,ho witness.
Kalhu was he innulrod Senator
Mynly an A,ncrl(-an," wag the re-
Thfi STlCU'nr
terneia S hi. T""1" ,no mt-
arVanmL1;13 fnt'rn '""mony. His
Moris Ilepubllran rnliT Ivini
dlii,i,lt , VlilUiUm claims
Ileforo Houso Committee.
Oen'ArSJ!.If,'aTO'V' Jftn- Hc-Mnj.
before, hnaLd Wool "PPearud today
cliimt . hou" coimltteo on war
on, ii1"" coIensatIon for per-otherl-i.
cons"-ed buildings and
necuonU,"pended money In con.
, 2 w'h amusement enterprises
rommandej and who Buffered when
Uvorei 7. wero terminated, He
' ome ces!tm0nt l "UCh ,083"
PeJiod 'tf.ea .oro for five-year
foster., a.n',1 a enterprises woro
ctlii.i7.ty. tnn d"P'trtment of ramp
si, 1 11 filrnif. republican, Kan
suthori, iecfetar- ' wr would be
SuVrenori "U1 Clalms al hl"
ri'l 'hvn75V at the "Pltol. Gen
Of ltl.0dv.ia,ld on Kenator Ijdge
eni t uUBee,t"' '" republlcrVn
"eUon 1,llder. and also on Senator
Utter :,rfp.,Jbllcan' Minnesota. Tho
tlmw !ey nad talked ovr o'd
rlg"' William cooper JToctor,
thB Wood Presi.ter.ttai
flrV, .wh0 "companled tho of
Publican, Ohio Sonat0r Jlardlns, to-
Kcl'UTDlV' i? '-"rmony Cifeteru.
Ko".kCSVT'1 " Topular prices.
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
l'AIUtf. Jan 14 -Loon lloitritiois
elected president uf I lie srnatc by that
body on the t htr.l billot today
, PLKASANTV IM.fT. lima. Jn. 14-IUb.!
ten entered Ire Firet Nitlonal bnk here
today and look federal Wind, and mran
estimated at :.o,bi) i
PARIS .Ian. 14.- The treaty of peace 1
villi Hungary will lip delivered to the I
llunearian delegates at tha forelsn offira I
at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
PAIUS. Jan, 13 ( Haa) An Ameri
can warship haa ani-hored off Tola, the
former Austrian natal baic in the Adriatic,
according to idtlres recelsed hue today.
KIKI,. Jan 13 Tho rnltrd filttes army
transport llufort rarrylnr 24u Hasalins
diorted from the Pniicd tflitcs, left Kiel
for n unnamed Itujllsn fort at 7 o'clock
tola morning,
WASIIl.VHTOS.Ta 14. T.iTlnar rott
hate been reduced from 2 to 85 per cent,
according lo a statement from Ihe depart
ment of Justice, boed upon report r
eelted from fair prtfe commissions In all
states. -
WABHI.VT0.V. Jan, 14 Col. Limine
I; ,"'fh nominated today to lie
chief of army engineers, Colonel lleach
succeeds itaj Oen, Wllllsm II nlack. re
tired, He was appointed lo Weil Point
from low In 1878 and reached his ores
ent rank In 1D13.
WAP11IV0TO.V. Jsr714 After workloj;
throughout the session on mlror amend
menu, the icnate failed lo reach a final
tote today on Iho water power develop
ment hill .Senators tald, howeter. Iher
wja etery assurance of palling the tl.l
tomorrow, . ,
KAXHAJ" riTV J.n ti r..... n
Crulchley, collector of ' Internal retenue
here, announced loday that In accordance
1..."." interpretation of the national I
nronimuon act aweet cider and fru It lt Ire.
M -MSlir'rfn-" r'tr""1'-
nitCAOO, Jan 14. Tnfluema caiiod
four dealha in Chb-atro today and 137 new
rnei were reported to the health depart-mer-t.
One hundred new4 cases were report
ed at the flrtat I.kt natal training na
tion, which waa pined under quarantine
jeaterday, brlnflns the tot&l thcro to 300.
At.IHNY. N. Y. Jan. 14. Ileviltitlona
proliallnf the action of the anembly In
urvcndlrt Ha flte aoclalUt rnrmbera and
.' aealnal Ihe renomlnallon ot If. S
Senator Jauiea W. Wadaworth, were adopt
ed at a meeting of Ihe eiecutite commit
tee of i Iho atale learuo for women totera
here today, -
WASIIt.VOTOK, Jan. 14. Cotton con
sumed durinir December, 1019, amonnled
to SH. 585 balat of lint and 25,050 balea
of Untere, tho cenaut burean announced
toJar, The contnmnllon In December 1018
amounted to 472,908 balca of lint and
10.1B5 balea of linlera.
MASON' CITY. Iowa. Jan. 14 Itelween
Je'aVVt 3ih. onl'nJ0 Btoldli"v.L,'i..,Mr !
.'.V ' .di; S":nJi "'.."A .r S.
were eartled which demande that teachera
be clttn an Immediate Inereaie In talirr
There are 700 pupllt In Ihe high ie.hool. nhlp olectlon on the treaty Is pre
" I illcted on various positions taken re-
WARIirjfOTq.V Jin. 14. Germany hn ! cently by Senators Hitchcock and
berun Ihe withdrawal her rnllilary ?orcea Underwood on mtlflcntlon. Al-
irom Dcniciweii.iioinein. ine naie aepare ,
ment wit tdtlaed today The prefecture I
hat been ealabllahed Ihcro and
it la
deratood . teteral eomnanlea of Amerlran I
"V.t V?,1.10?!?? rm.,n..D' A"" renublletn ,
iiii, irn jierr iuip lenat lor n ronauiia
lion with Verada reptibll-ana He wIM iro
In Reno returning lo lia Anftete on Krl
dat. where he will consult with southern
(.aiuornia republirana.
-.V-. N. KT 14.-P,ep.r,.lon.
for the burial of Mra Manr E. Mahnner.
P0, were under war here when a deputy
undertaker llioufht he aaw4he body moto
lie looked train tnj this lima taw the
aced womin lit up ind heard her ik :
"Whtt't eomlnr off irnund here!" The
burial hit been indefinitely postponed.
Mrrcnr.Mi, s. n.. Jn, i4. county
commissioners, findinc this section to
protptroaa that there bad not been a
single dependent at the county poorhoute
for the past alt months, today leased Ihe
farm for craslnj; purposes under an agree
ment that the renter shall care for any de
pendents who may bo tent there.
WASHIN0TON, Jan 1 1 fve retary of
Stale Inslnr loday stated that he wat not
yet ready to make public the note sent to
Japan relallre lo the withdrawal of troops
from Siberia. He stated tha note Is being
recelted In broken form In Japan and he
oeiiri 10 oe certain mat it had been en
tirely recelted In Japan before malinr pub-
tlrely recelte
lie here
Jan. 14. The Illinois search
and leisure net hae put all ownera of
stored liquor In this state "out of luck "
Clubmen and othera who planned to mote
Iheir prttate stocks lo their homes on
federt! permits were ilren a Jolt when
they learned the slate law prohibits trans
porlatln of lliuor in any form on all
public highways.
Ask Another Vote On Ouster
of Socialists in New York
At.riANY. N Y., Jan 14
While the assembly judiciary com
mittee today was setting the stngo
for tho trial next Wednesday of
tho five socialist assemblymen
suspended at the opening of the
legislature. It became known that
another effort to have tha lower
houso rescind Its action und re
seat tho quintet Is planned for
Monday night's session.
After the commute had
adopted rules under which Iho
tr.al will bo held and had re
quested Attorney Genenl Now
ton to conduct its case, Assem
blyman William O. Amos, lopub
llcan of New York, announced he
would introduce prot-iiedlnxs to
havo suspendod members seated.
,A similar motion to reconsider
Introddced last Monday night,
was rejected, 71 to S3.
Thaddeus R, Sweet, speaker of
tho assembly, who launched Iho
ousting movement, tonjght mado
public a letter from Unltod States
Senator Miles I'olndoxter, rcpub
llcan of Washington, approving
the'nctlon of the dssemijy
"It l highly proper for tho
Now Voile n&semly to luuuiro
Commoner Thinks Senate
Will Act; Gives No
Special Reason.
Gives Interview in Chicano on
Way to Washington; Ho
Says Action Demanded.
Democrats Will Decide Be
tween Underwood and
rlllCARO, Jan. 14. William
J. Ilryun, who stopped In ChicaKo
today on his way to WnnhlitRtoii,
proillciccl that tho ncnatn would
ratify the peaco treaty tomorrow.
While Klvlng.iio sppclflc reason
for ixii'ctlng this action, .Mr.
Ilryun tald that tho senuto inuit
bow to the public demand that
there be no moro delay.
"Tho people everywhere want
netlon Instiaid of words," Mr.
llrynn Kuld. He aaln denied there
was, a split botwvun him and
rrcsldcnl Wilson.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. Pilrth
er and more determined efforts to
bring ubout ratification of the
peaco treaty Is expected to follow
tho ROlectlon tomorrow by demo
cratic senators of n lewder to suc
ceed -ho late Senator Martin of
Hcnatorinl conference today wero
devoted exclusively to the leader
ship rare between Senator Hitch
cock of Nebraska, administration
mannger In the treaty contest, and
Senator Underwood tit Alabama,
former democratic leader In the
house. Tho democrats meet In caucus
to-.iorrow before the senate con
venes to make their choice, with an
extremely close contest In prospect.
Managers of the Hitchcock und
ITnrloru-noil rrtintifiians. u.hlln both
,..., ,.ll...ln, ,.t,.t,iri ,,,-m.wl tnnliht
tht" la democratic- membership
wa. very eenly divided and ona
vote migm neciuo mo contest.
Effect nf the democratic. lender-
i, i.nth hnvn nrecil iinresnrvcd
?,. ., , r.rj !
clarcd several dill's ago that. If tin
-" n
SuniinrterH of .senator Hitchcock
urge his eleetlon an nn Indorsement
of liis cx-offlclo minority leadership
during tho Illness and since the
death of Senator Martin. They also
emphasize, that his defeat might be
construed na repudiation of the ad
ministration policy as regards the
in behaJf of Senator Underwood,
it has been denied that his election
would or could bo regarded ns re
pudiation of tho treaty management,
cither of Mr. Hitchcock, or the ad
ministration. Tho Alabama sena
tor's friends have Insisted that the
treaty Is a, temporary Issuo, which
should not be a factor In election
of u permanent leador, and liavo
omphuHlro- that Mr. Hltctnock na
ranking democrat on the foreign re
lations conrfiilttee, would continue,
tu charge ot the treaty nnd also of
all other questions of foreign rela
tions coming before the somite even
should Mr. Underwood bo choson
llcl Condemned,
Tho woman's state, denipcratlc coen
mltteo meeting here today adopted
resolutions In executive Kesslon this
evening condemning 1'nited States
Senator Heed of Missouri for his
opposition to the league of nations.
whether or not thoto presenting
themselves for a seat In tho nt
scmbly are open and uvowed
enemies of the stato and nation,"
the letter said In conclusion
Governor Smith stated today ho
hud not changed thn opinion he
had expressed In New York last
week that tho assembly had acted
unwisely In suspending the flvo
socialists nnd that the ought to
bo reseated at once.
NKW YOHIC, Jan. 14. A spe
clnl committee of the bar usso
elation of New York city, headed
by Charles ICv.ins Hughes, will go
to Albany probably today f glvo
legal support to the flvo socialists
suspended at the opening sMlon
of the oasembly.
This course was determined
upon early today after a long and
stormy session of tho bar asso
ciation at Its annual meeting. The
organization adopted a resolution
of former Justice Hughes con
demning tho action of the assem
bly In suspending tho soclalisu
and pledging them legal uld, Tho
vote WSJ 17 i to 117.
Two Yanks Arc Slain
in Clasli With Train i
of General Semenoff j
l)M)(l, TlnirMlny, .Tati. 1ft. I
Ttio Xiiieilimm tii-ut kllb'il unit
Hint. Miiunilcl In n rln-li mi )
urinnreil liiiln uf (cni-i'iil Si-mi'ii- '
nff, rdiiiiimiiili r-lii.i liU f of llio nil- '
ltllaslllll llflllltva. Ix-twtvil Ulio
Hnlknl iiinl V'rliliiiriiillnk In tin)
IH1II IlK'll (if rnnH.ll,, II)'. j
(Mnllllg to till! tllrlValMllllll'llt llf lilt) I
uiiiiy .'inn ni luiriiin. llio .nicrl
t'liiih i-i-- rrMn-l to limo tup.
I ii ml ilm t rain.
Diuiil-t or ihe hriuli Ih'Iuimmi
Ilm AiihtIiviiis mill tlii- S-inc-noff
forooH Td iinaMillnlili-.
Oilier rlnxluT cr n Mirtril N.
Ittix-ii thn l'i'ili(.SOMil. mill
fM'IIU'lMlf t'H lriMIM.
A Jlotxow tll.-pattii mijm iho
inajorlly of tlio iiwhuUs In iho
Amur rvlon ami uIm tint llurlitiiM
anil tho Klt'uhlcH of tlm 'I'miis.
Italknl ivclim Imto i-iuiii
nmiliixl Ilm uuiKMnrriw of t.ciiiMui
Scini'iioff anil repudiated liU rt'P
rtht'iiUithos. LAW TO PREVENT
I.,,l...,1 r ., , , a
1' ederal Measures Arcl
F'lvnvfifl ! Sntfiin I
...,w. -.....w
Article by Leader of the I.
W. W. Is Presented aa
WASHINGTON, Jnn. 14. Knact
ment of federal legislation to pre
vent lynclilngs nnd race rioting was
urged at the Initial hearing today
of a senate judiciary subcommit
tee conducted under thn resolution
providing for Investigation Into re
cent riots and submission of a re
port to tho senate suggesting means
of preventing recurrence of the tils
orders, Today's setslon was devoted
ontlerly to nucsllou of federal Juris
diction. Senator Curtis, republican of Kan
sas, authur at tha resolution, pre
sented to the subcommittee n copy
of a report of the department of
Justice showing tho activity of rad
ical ngltutorN among the negroes In
various titles where rioting has oc
curred In tho last six joars nnd de
scilblng the manner In which thm
agKaiors have conducted n propa
ganda among negroes for tho pur
pose, of arousing ur:".sl.
Nogroi" Warm-il.
The report outlined un article, by
Frederick A. Illossorn, secretury of
tho I. W. W. local of J'aterson, N.
J., textile workers, designed to
arouse negroes. This artlole, tin, ru
port said, was printed In the office
of tin, nary (Indiana) Tost nt tho
expense of L,lnn A. K Oale of Mex
Ico City, who, l ho report said, was
believed to bo a German uicent
"It cectns to me." said Senator
Curtis, In presenting tho report,
"that thero Is a very strong reason
. . ... .
why the general govonwncnt should
take hold of this question and make
it thorough Investigation of It nnd
into thn activity nf tho radlral ole.
Hlncri Slgiw National Agnx-miml Kf
fectlio Hilling I'edcral Control.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 Director
General Hlnes has signed a national
agreement covering rules nnd work
ing conditions with tho lliothorhood
of Hallway and Stoftmshlp Clerks,
Prelght Hundlers and KxpretU' and
Station Employes.
The agreement. It wan announced
today, In retroactive to January 1
and will eontlnun In foro during tho
period of federal control.
The agreement provides for time
and a half for overtime after eight
hours, applying to all employes e
ootit rertaln workers whoso employ
ment Is light or Intermittent, and
for one day's rnst each week except
where operation of the Individual
railroads would he affected.
Italy Accepts Proposal
(or Flume Settlement
PAIUS. Jan. 1 4. (Hnvas)-Tho
project for an agreement on the
Adriatic question has been accept
ed by Italy. It has also been handed
to tli Jugo-Slavs, who have for
warded tho text h telegraph to
Jioigrado. A reply Is exported by Fri
Practice criticism on yourself.
If man spends his money In doing
pood, the booiI that he does will bring
him more money with which to do
more good.
When your heart and hopes nre
with your hands at your work, then
you are happy and holpful an ex
amplo to all who see you.
You don't have to bo In business
In Tulsa to tiso World Want Ads
Kolks who llvo right near you havo
used them profitably long before
this. A Want Ad Taker will tell you
how to get what you want. Call
Osage C00O
all Issued Following
Meeting Held in New
Proclamation!. Similar in Pur-j
pose Formed in European
Sane Husiness Policy" to He
Worked Out AcucrdinK to
NKW YOH1C. Jan. 14. A rail for
I unit of the tsronteet International con-
fcretieeu of commt-rciiil ami finnii
I el ci I rigurio, over iisni'iiibli'il, In nit
effort to find n remedy for the fl-
naiielal roiiimeri'lnl i-hmm in wnlcli
the world ihm been i.-n by th0 war.
w,ut Issued hei- today, followliur
tn m(.,t f u (.t,.ri of iiallou
ally known financiers
Tho appeal was Issued slmilltn
nroiisly wllli simitar prni'liimiilloiiN
I In (treat Urlt'iln, l-'rnnce, llnlluuil,
Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden ami
' Norway In each cure tin, document
were slimed by business, rinauelal
and political and educational lend
ers 1 1 u 1 1 1 o J r respective countries.
In tho en so of the Kuropenn
countries, tlin nppeal was ndiretmed
to the respective governments. In
tlin United Slnteti tho chamber of
commerce of Die United States was
nskril to arrange the preliminaries
of the conference, while Iho appeal
was addressed Jointly to that body,
the Amerlcun government and the
reparations rommlslHoii In l'arls.
While (lermany nnd Aimtila are
not Included In thn original cull, It
wns announced that the delegates
from these countries would l In
vited to attend tin, conference. To
sum up tho document, nays the of
ficial announcement, "II Is n call to
slandarilH of reason, an appeal to
the reparations commission for the
wise moderation ns the best business
policy for nil concerned ; an nppal
to government to arrest Inflation
anil meet Inevitable burdens by In
creasing their revenue rather than
by Increasing their debts, nn appeal
lo the pooplo tn work and snvo, on
appeal to leaders of commerce nnd
finance tn get together In order lo
study the problems dispassionately,
and take It up as n biiilness propo
sition, relying on Independent no
tion rather than government Inter
vention. (Invernments can bo relied
upon, however, to remove, as rapidly
is possible the obstacles that impede
such a coursf."
Among the prominent American
signatories are: .1. V. Morgan,
Herbert Hoover. Prnnk A. Vnmlerllp,
II. 11 Judsnn, prertdent of the Uni
versity or Chicago: Sauiilcl Ile.t,
Philadelphia: (icorgn M. lteynoldi.
Arthur T. lladley president of Yale
university: AAV. .Mellon. Pittsburgh:
William H. Taft. Henry Suzznllo.
president of thn University of Wash
ington; Daniel Wlllard, Myron T
Herrlrk, Cleveland; Julius H.
Ilarnes, president nf the grain cor
poration; Cleveland Dodge, A. Har
ton Hepburn. Darwin I'. ICIngsley,
.Tames A. Stlllmnn nnd William l'VI
Iowa Morgan all ot Now York.
Not to ltun Unless Thero Is n Do
inunil, .Inllim MarncN SnH.
NI3W YOHIC, Jan. If Herbert
Hoover was declared In an nddtess
hero tonight by Julius H. Harries,
Ills nssoelato and friend, do bo a
"progreislvt, republican," who "will
never allow bis fr end' to make en
effort In lily behalf, unless there
shall come such Indlsput.iMe
dence of such spontaneous and uni
versal popular demand that It will
ovcrwholm his present resolution."
Hefnrrlng to reports that Mr,
Hoover might be a democratic pres
idential candidate, Mr. Ilm 1k, di
rector of the United Htntes wheat
corporation, said "Am a lifelong re
publican, I believe that only one
conceivable development could placn
him on the democratic ticket. In
spite nt ull that has appeared In
press. I believe that would come
about only if overconfldence in their
own political prospein blinds the
republican party to adopt a non
progressive platform and tn nomi
nate .candidates of reaction.
PurtiuiacM All Publishing liilcn'M
of .Iiiiiich (1. Dennett.
NKW YOIlK, Jan. I 1. The New
York Herald will makn the follow
ing announcement tomorrow morn
ing: .
"To tho readers of tho Now Y'trk
"The New York Herald hat
passed Into tho hands of Uiank A.
Munsey. who has purchased all of
the publishing Interests of the Into
James Gordon Ilonnott, consisting
of the New York Herald, the Kvo
nlng Telegram and tho Paris odltlon
of the Now York Herald. Mr. Mun
scy will make known In duo time
his plans for these newspapers.
"HODMAN WAN A M A K 1'! It .
Itnllrle Suffrage.
KAlaKM. Ore. Jnn 14 Hatiflca-
tlon of the national suffrage amend-!
ment In Oregon wns cjtnpk-tcd to
day Oregon Is thn ZilU uato to
ratify the amendment.
House Passes Carter
Hills to Give Indians
Rights of Citizenship
W MIINiTl. ,,n H Ilm
Iiiiiix,, (islii) piisH'il bills Intro,
iliia'anl by Hrpivwiimtlm 4'arHT,
ili-itiiMTNl of tikbilioliui, itiiifrriliig
-ill'inlili iiN,ii nil Indian horn
ultlilii Iho limits of tint t oiled
Ninh-M iiinl piiitlillug for it flonl 1
(llepn-lllnn of Irllml property
ninoiig Inillans niljuilgi',1 tiuiM- I
tent to iiiliiilnl-ler tlii'ir snail', til
It'Mliii'tloiiM on I lit' i1ImihIIIoii nf
llio piopeiiy after apportionment
HOlllll lH, ICIIIIIM'll li tho bill
wlileli In ilfMlgnril In iimIiiio tint
imiioIht of t li 1 In 1 1 ttnnls nf Iho
List of Fifteen Is Given
Daniels for Hearing on
Sims Writes "Controversial
Letter" to Secrotilry on
War Management.
Cabinet Mennier'to lie Given
Opportunity to Tell His
Part in How
WASHINGTON. Jan. H - A list
of Hi ndmlrats hiHiiled by Iteur Ad
miral William Sims wits admitted
to Secretary Daniels toduy by Sen
a tor Hale of Maine, chairmen of thn
seunto uuvul eiih-commltten on In
vestigation of n u v y decornllnn
uwards with tho requint that the
officers ho summoned to upper be
fore tho committee nt lis first meet
ing l'Vldny. Included In the list are
Hear Admiral William S. HiinAon,
retired, former chief of naval opera
tions; Austin M. Knight, retired,
lieful of the special board on naval
awurds; Charles .1. Itadger. re Ired,
general hoard, and Henry T. Mayo,
former commnnder nf the Atlantic
fleet. In addition the committee re
quested tho appearance of Major
(leu. George lliirnel.t, commanding
the marine corps, und of nil bureau
Hups War Conduct.
Admiral Sims who recently wrote
Secretary Daniels criticising the
secretary's action In riiaiiglhg rec
ommondatlnnx fur war honors made
by commanding officer and refus
ing tho distinguished servlco medal
ttwarded him, will bu thn first of the
officers to testify nt l'rlday'a hear
ing. Secretary Daniels unnouniyd
loday that he had received unolhW
lettt'r of n "jilghly controversial"
nature from Admiral Sims The
stiretirv ,ild he bud urn nail Hie
Attempt Will DO .Mado to Itc-Unlln
Nortlicrii ami Soi'lhcrn IlnincJM'S
nf Clninii.
DOUIHVILUO, Kjr,, Jan. H. In a
church edifice controlled by tho
snitin religious organization which
sponsored a breach In the Mnthodlst
Hplscopal church in 1 84(1, thus di
viding the church membership Into
north nnd south factions, a Joint
commission of both churches will
meet hero tomorrow In an endeavor
to re-unlte, tho two wings.
Illshnp W. I-r McDowell, Washing
ton, will head thn delegation from
llio Mothodlst Hplsoopal church
north and lllahnp ICiiwIn Moiisen,
Dallas, Texns, thn southern fintlon.
The meeting will lie closed tn the
public and will last several days.
Shivery Indirectly caused Ihe
breach I Seen use the wife of Illshnp
Andrews, Georgia, owned a negro
slave girl in 1M1, Methodist Kplso
psl congregations in thn north con
tended the bishop should be re
moved. Southern branches of the
church held that he uns appointed
by a church conference for life and
could not be ousted. Two years Idler
the southern congregation "seced
ed" nnd formed the Methodist epis
copal chuiab, south.
New Jury Is Unable
to Arrive al Verdict
I ,OK ANUHI.KB, Jan. I4.The
Jury In tho case ot Harry New,
rhargeil Willi the murder or Kreus.
Drsser, was still tonight deadlocked
with apparently little change of
reaching an agreement, according
to the statement of Foreman 11. G.
KlInKcrmnn Deliberations began
yesterday afternoon fit 4 o'clock with
a rest from 10.46 o'clock last night
to early this morning.
TCWt Otla. Jin. 14. Mulmotn, 41;
minimum. 32 eoulh wlnla; douiiy,
OKLAHOMA: Thursday and rtldly
ptrlly .-loud r to cloudy
"Jar a nil KrMay partly rlonrty to cloudy,
not much ehanpe In lempertlure
AltKVNHAH Thurtilty and f'rlday part
j el. n'ly to loiitty nes'l-ff
TEX A-' Turs.lsy ind Fridiy
paruy cloudy I" cloudy colder In north
weit poriloi Friday
KASrfAB Fair Th-rsdiy probibly he
romlns unsettled Friday, mudtrat Itmper
Borah Quils Probe
If Attorney Hired
for Soviet Hearimj
I.uihtlg O. A. IC. Martens.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 Author
ity grunted the senatu foiclgu rela
tluiis viilicommlllen to employ coun
sel to aid It In investigating Itiisslaii
prop.igandn, developed ntrong dls
uKtimmeut today among committee
memlii'i-H iih to the choice of an at
torney. While Senutor Mosin of
Now Hnmu.thlrc. chairman, and Sen
ator Knox, Pennsylvania, favored thn
ruleciioii of Archibald Stevenson, at
torney for the New Yoik legislature
ciimnilllnu Investigating radical ac
tivity. Senator lloruh nerved notice
thul lit) would quit tho ooiiimltteu If
Htevensnn was cunsen. ncnator
Musi-M said Stevenson was suggested
by Senator Knox, who Iuih known
hlin from boyhood and added that
Stoveiisou would he particularly val
uable, In view of his connection with
Hie Dusk committee of tint Now York
Senator lloruh declared himself
opposed to employment of any coun
sel as there are four lawyers on the
commltlcu und particularly objected
to Stevenson saying 1m "did not want
lo transfer tlu J.uak InvuMtlgatlmi to
tho citato."
Monilny has been set ns the date
for thn hearing of Dudwlg C. A. K.
Mortens. soviet "umhawiador,"
Chairman Moses announced tonight.
Auto Maker Succumbs in
New York From Brief
Attended Show in Gotham
When He Was Stricken;
Rose From Machinist
NHW YOHIC, Jan. 1 1. John
Dodne, of Dotrolt, Mich., automo
bile manufacturer, died hero, tonight
of pneumonia.
Mr. Dodge, with IiIh brother Ho
race, came hsrn tu attend tho auto
mobile ehow. Iloth woro sirtckttn
with InfluenM, which in each case
developed Into pneumonia. Horace
Dodge Is said by his phnlclans to
bu out of danger,
The career of John F. Dodge par
allelled In many ways that of a
majority of Michigan's leading
automoldlo makers. It begun In a
small machine shop; Included many
(druggies ng.ilnst poverty and fail
ure and l' tioso found him one of
the motor kings of the world with a
fortune estimated at upward of .fi0.
000,000 Dodge was bom In Nlles, Mich , 01
years ago. After his public school
education ho served an apprentice
ship tn hln father's machine shop.
In 18h6 ho moved to Detroit to fol
low hlN trade. Ho woh shortly af
terward Joined by Ills brother. Ho
race 13. Dodge and for years the
brothers woiked together as wage
earners. Their first business was in
1901 whon they opened a shop of
their own. employing Vi persorm
They built parts for automobile con
cerns Just starting In buslniws.
In 191" thu brothers announced
their intention of entering tho auto
mobile business on their own ac
count. Thu enterprise was success
ful from tho beginning nnd under
Mm Impetus of iho war it grew until
tri'lav the Dodge interests employ
approximately 18 000 pornons.
h hn bu tge areiy flgmej m the
socltil Uf" of DetroH Hit w.is re
garded as one of tho city's most
I democratic millionaire!, Ho was
survived by his widow, a daughter
and two eons.
Fatalities from Riot in
Front of Reichstag
Is Mounting.
All Gcrmnny Except Few
Provinces Included in
Directs Troops in Capital
District; Sale of "Red"
Papers Is Stopped.
LONDON. Jnn. 1 1, Iteuier's
IWtIIii i-orrcipoiidi'iit under ilnto
of Witlintiibiy ni)h It Is wml-of-filially
niiiioiinecl nnd sivms Id
Ihi finally eMnbllHliitl that 12 ht
sons Mere hllltil noil 10.1 ttoiiiul
ill In Ilm nit Jibing fighting.
PAHIS. Jan 11 fllavasV Thtrtv.
one persons wore killed during tho
riot In front nf On) relchstng build
ing In llerlln yesterday, according to
Uerlln advices reaching hem today.
tn-,l.t t.... ft,,.- .,,....,
throughout Oermnny with the ex
ception of llavarla. Saxony, Wttert-
i-iiiimiik iiiio jtiiiieii, uucuruing iu
llerlln advices.
lllut.lllnl.r. t,nr.A ... tl.Hft
'.n,.... .,,,,1, i.iii iiu nky ijiiiv
(lining the demonstration before tho
trlchstng bulldliiK In llerlln yester
day two policemen woro killed und
,vu nre iiimniiier en otiiers were
wounded. Twenty meinhorN of tho
crowd which attempted to rush Into
thn bundling wore killed und 4u
II t Tha Associated Press.
llllltDIN, Jan. 13 (Hp. m.) -The
government tonight proclaimed mar
tial law In all sections ot Germany
following tho mob demonstration
thla afternoon In which at least 10
persons wero killed and many others
worti wuiiniMd by mnchlno gun fire
from guards In front of thu relchstng
Gusuiv Noske, tho minister of de
fense, hofl been appointed command
er in-chief for tlio grrnlor-llerlln
district and Drandrrlburg province.
Street parnden, meelllngl nnd (lent
(lustrations nf nil kinds have been
Tonight Noske'fl troons nlaced
riflemen with a hnrbed-wlro cordon
throughout tho downtown streets.
rhn roischstug sniiuro wns given a re-
Inrorrnd patrol. The Wllhelmstrasso
was barred tn all trafflo and tho
government building wnn virtually
liiaCcesslbln except to those em
ployed thero.
Tim Uiiler den Linden entrance tn
the hotel Adlon was closed and
darkened. Tho members nf (ho as
sembly were not molested as they
lert tun rnlctistair bu Id ine after ad
journment was taken.
Minister or Defense Noike hnei pro
hibited the sale nf DIo 1'Ylehelt and
lied FIhk throughout the territory
where a ntato of siege has been tro-
Tho retchitng temporarily ad
journed amid great confusion during
inn tiring, president Felirentxicti
was obliged to lenvo tho chair but
wits iinsbln lo control tho situation.
Membors of the varlou; parties en
gaged In violent recriminations, and
mcmbois of the cabinet left tho
chamber. A shnt fired from a point
directly in front of tho lllsmarck
monument entered tho hugo glass
doors lending to the lobby, which
was crowded with agitated donutlre.
Tho bullet passed ti few feet from the
spot whero tho correspondent wns In
conversation with iierr Htresemann,
a national liberal member of the
relchstng. When the troops dis
persed tho crowd ouUldo the build
ling they extended tholr cordon In
thn direction of Unter don Linden,
where throngs filled tho streor. An
officer who chanced along won se
verely beaten by tho crowd. ,
Independent socialist leaders plan
tn continue demonstrations whenever
the Industrial council's bill Is up for
debate and It Is expected the climax
will he reached on Thursday, which
is thu anniversary of thn deaths ot
Dr. Karl Ijlohknecht and Kuta Lux
emburg, radical lenders, whn were
sliilu while botng taken to Moablt
Tho so-railed exploitation law Is
nn outgrowth of resolutions paused
by tho social dernoorats nt numer
nus meetings last September endors
ing n system ot workers and econm
Ic councils as tho first step toward
Recently thn government Intro
duced a bill In the relchstng whl'h
would place wnrkmcno' councils un
der government control nnd tho
preient dcmonitrnttons npparonMy
were a rwult of thin measure.
Hundred (,'hms lleortl lit That Lo
cality Similar in Sklntocik Irifituw.
hundred casts of tho strange dlsoaso
which last week madu Its appear
nnce at Sklatook havo bon reported
In llryan county, according to a, telt
gram recited by tho state health
.lepartment frcm Dr. D. Armstrong,
county health officer, tonight
Tho state health department will
send no men to the county Dr A.
It, Mwls, state health commission,
said Dr. Lewis believe the county
health authorities havo tho disease
unci i- cJifitrot

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