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"vy"J 'It'
VOL. XIV, NO. 123.
m .M f C jii. .JVniirT- at. 1 T. MM
Oklahoma Congressman
Not to Accept Military
Writes Thnt He poes Not Dts
sire to Be Center of Fight
on Army IMiu.. f
House Leader Mondcll At
tacks Senate Measure for
Compulsory Training.
WASHtNCTON. .Iitn. 27. Vnr
une fceVween republican loaders ot
the senile an.t house on Pnnclnipnt
of universal military training leKli
fitloS oda rump out into tin- open.
1 now'y following Incorpon.t on
wllVrday of A universal training
. .. . ..nni. .nlllrnrv com-
X wl h seven ot.t of nine rc
' fcr,, vahitpln tl.r t.fflrm,. t vo.
ieprwen ativn Moniloll of om-
d7cred In an nridrees today th.it
leaders of Ihc party rcsponsl . r- for
ratisurailoii of up1i lPBUIntlon
would bo r,i Into political oblivion.
The government. !tcpr.son:iiUvi
Mandril told tbe Iioiikp. would be
rompclled to npontl 1. 000.000.00ft
,r.o to raiw the nmncy y, n io"i
Mue to put hp uiIlvor.al tralnlriK
plan Into operation Senator N adi
worth of Now York, chairman of
the military oommlllpp. yesterday
ejtlmated that, adoption of four
rronllih' 'rainlnK for all youl is be
liteen the nets of 18 and 21. In
clunlve. would enable ouch a reduc
tion In the recular army establish
ment as to rut the present nnnunl
exp'ndi'ure of $1,100,000,000 ( np
proxlntate'y i 500.000,000.
rtwreentatlve Mondell estimated
hat SO.000 additional offlccrH would
ho reeded to malntuln thoin. Cloth
ing and equipment for each youth
would further Increaso the cost, he
The universal training contro
vert al.10 w.i brotiKht to tho Hiir
face today by declination of Jtepre
ntathe Uarre'.d. ropubllonn, Okla
homa, eleefed recently on a plat
form opposing; Ihe prlncltile. to ac
cept appointment, to the house mil
itary comml'tee. He.lectlon of liar
reld to succeed rtoprrientallve Ia
(luirdla of Sew York, had bronchi
obJecUon.3 from house republicans
ravorinc universal training, and iti"
Oiilaliomn repreentatlvo In hl let
ter of rtslcnatlon to Itentibllean
Ieader Mondell said he "did not
deelre. to be the center of n contro
verjy" There was no Intimation as
0 planj for fllllnr; the committee
vacancy, the appointee to which
ill exerefee he cnntrnlllnir vnte In
he romnil tee ot universil trnlnlnrc
lona 1'nrni INlltor SiitveciU Hous
ton, Who Ik ;icn Trriionry
l'ot ljine i:xK--tcil to Quit,
WASHINGTON, .Inn. 27. Two
more changes In President Wilson's
cabinet were made today nnd a
third la expected In tho near future.
David Franklin Houston of St.
ui Mo who has been secretary
of agriculture since the beclnnlrif;
the Wilson administration, was
riven the treaury portfolio nnd Kd
ln U Meredith of Des Moines,
Iowa, ns named to succeed him as
head of Ihi department of iisjIchI
ture. Ihe third cabinet chnnre expected
oon Is the appointment of n neere
' t Interior lo succeed Kranklln
lane, nvho desires to reltirn to
private life Mr Hane's miccCHor
m not yet hecn selected nd offi
cii" cenerallv would rior''iia!uiril 4
sums aa In whom it would bo.
in chooinc Mr. Meredith to"'Btic
t.7. j '1- """"ton, Iho presldont se
eded a Practical farmer rut well as
"uslneui man. Mr. Meredllh Is edi
tor or Sttceessful riienilne nnd be
'r' 'itahlMUne.thnt paper was
wtl!her of tho I'nnners' Tribune.
V! "President of the Astoolated
Advertlilnc Clubi of the World, n
"J" of ,nR Chlcano federal ro
Bre bank- nn.i .1.-
e... ...... ' " "in. ... mo
d.r,.1 '"" "dvlsers of the treasury
"Wtment appointed In 1317.
in a atafement today tt Mlnml,
Mr, Mereolth said ono of his
tie tlura' 'iPpartment would bo
cr;.. out ""'"P I'lMthort of cottlne
JM to market "wlthou too much
Ve.-i1',0,lon" o I" expected In
"Wn within n day or two.
reed vtlm,R Mr Houston will sue
seat 1... 'la,"' wnn wl t"14" hi"
feed . 1,0 'Pinle to fill tho tinex
tln cf vrm nf U ,,,t0 Senator Mnr-
rets. "v "'' ilI""r pervint: ns sec-
than e . ,ho tr(',"'ry for lltle more
?U '-car
Wood for President
I Uxf ,he Action of lyonard
""idence . ,
tnrJ V;, i'wprve. Prpsl
nt Tulaa Wood for President.
Kennedy lide., Tulsa.
World's Mews Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
HT .tOVKPIt lln Jan "7 fit. Iin I
masavu men firm up ine aiecnanire mate
bank here ihli afternoon and col away
WASHINGTON. Jin. 27 There will be
no trad between the I lilted Slil.i and
wtitl Hunts lor trio present, II was in
nounrcd l iho tlato department today.
IIERNK, Swilirrlarid. Jan. 5,7. -A llel
Krade dispatch saya thai the Jugoslav itv
ertitnent has decided to 'ceii Ihe allied
ultimatiini with regard U settlement of Ilia
Adriatic controversy.
IMPIIXIfVVIl v. in n? it. . ..
of 1 .to :tu the house nf representatives
oi me v irgmia legislature today iwgm
mcnunu siioiniasion OI me woman a tut
frage amendment to a re fereuduin,
IIKXO. Nrv , Jan 27 Governor llnyle
Issued a rail at imn today for a special
session of lU? lrKilor to consider ratifi
cation of the federal suffrage amendment
'I he legislature li to convene for one day,
Irbruary 7
I'MKVENNK, Wyn. .Ian. S7 -The estra
session of the W)omlii( legislature today
completed ratification of the woman' suf
frage amendment lo the federal ronstttu
Hon when Iho bouie patted ihe nil 41
to p.
ltONDON', Jan 57. Oeorge Nlcoll
Harriet, inlnliler wlthoufporlfolio, has re'
aigned from the raldnel. The significance
of hit renijrrntk.il Ilea In the fact that It
la the final withdrawal of labor from the
coalition government.
VA"lllX(iTOX .Ian. 57 Dr. Hugh S.
Cuulmlngt of Hampton, Va was nomi
naled surgeon general of the public health
a-riire today by Preildrnt Wilson. He u
ceeda J)r. Ituprrt Blue, whose term ex
pired on January 15
LONDON', Jan 27 Tleporta that mar
tlal' law la to lie declared throughout Ire
land leeaue of Hie growing frequency of
rlathea between the Minn Kelner and 'the
British soldiers and police ' were denied
by government officials today.
IMIiltf. Jan 27 Albert Thomaa, Vrench
lalior leader was tinanlmoiistr elected dl
rerlor general of the International labor
organiration M lo lay's , essoin of the gov
ernment 1kI.t He was tiominalel at the
labor conference at Washington In Norom
ber. ,
I'lTrs'llL-RUK l'a. Jan. 27 lleports
that Theda Mara, the movie arlress. had
been secretly married to Th.mia. UotlMn.
iotnr promoter and theatrical mnnager
here recently, were denied todar at the
Ilodkin home. Vrienda of ITndHn had eir
rulalel story that the marriage took place
la-t Frldav
NKW VORK. Jan 27 Mai. Heard
Lloyd Oeorge. son nf the Ilrltislt premier.
arrUrd here today on the steamer Maure
tenia from Southampton and Cherbourg.
The major, who was accompanied by bis
wife, laid ho was on a "businesa trip"
to America
NKW VOItrT. Jan. 27. The navaj board
of Inquiry which has been Investigating
charges that ftcrsona in Iho naval service
used vicious practices Irr- attempting to run
clown Immorality here adjourned Us ses
sion today until nest Monday,
NKW YOISK. Jan, 27 A film of Ice
covered the citv todar. demoralising traffic
orv all electric lines and causing tens of
thousands to be late for work. Railway of
ficials said it was the worst ftlorm of the
kind since 1002, Scores of peop'e were
injured by falls on slippery sluewalka.
NKW VORK. .Ian 27 More than J1.1.
000,000 was expended by tho American
Red Cross in r'iberia alone before the down
fall of the Kolehak government, it was an
nounced here today br the central commit
tee for Russian, relief which Is co-operat
Ing with the Red Cross.
PARU Jan. 27. -Tho Oerman govern
ment baa sent a note to Paris trying ones
more. to induce the allies to renounce cseru
Hon of article 228 of tho pejre treaty
dealing, with the surrender of pefsons ac
cused nf arts in violation of Ihe lawa and
customs of war.
PKKIVO. Jan 27 -Advices from Harhm
state th.xl tlie revoSilionary forces at
NIJhle-lTdlr.sk. ,ir,(l miles northwest of
Irkutsk, have been defeated by Hlberian
troops and the soviet government has been
driven our of the town -The revolutionists
wcro chief v local mutineers.
MA I.WvV, Mrt. .Ian. 37 Kirn MIvM
In f.3T hfen fftiHrvl by hlowir (OvUy
ilid damac -"stlmnlrd at jt75.O0O to Hi
Lvvl Mrrranlil fompny btr Company
nfficlnli anrtrl hurffian hVw two rfi
In tlm siorft thorttv hffor th 'irn
UHimI., It hd not btn aicrrUlnH what
the Imrclsrii obtained.
nM-AS, Tpx. .Ian. C7 J. II Wllwin
rfptitfr-I lo hf on lh nenlthict fit!
7int of Trxflf. dlrtl at hit home In a
Ut-cal liotfl today Ha was Aft ytara old nnd
a pionerr raltlrman of thli atttr, wai
IdiMil.fifd with hinl.0. lurnhfr Inters ! and
many builnf ronrern throughout Tfxai
and wa well krwn In a&tcrn flnnrclal
IlorSTON'. Tiai, Jan. if -Th
Uraroi river ta out of iti banki at .Sandy
Point, where the convict ramp U lorated
Afordlnp U the tuperintf ndf nt of the
conict farm, firmer In, that' territory
orn lMn? rompftlle 1 to iwtm thlr caftSV
out of river iioltoma and many arret that
had born broVrn for planting: thli print;
are aeveri.1 feet under water.
NKW YORK, Jan. 27 The United
Vlates f-teel corporation Tit Its quarterly
meeting here today declared regular divi
dends of 1 t I per cent on common and
I 3-4 per cent on preferred Mock, t'hlofly
as a result of the steel strike, total earn
ings for jhe flnsV, quarter of lot!) fell to
!!". "01 .102, a decrease of com
pared with the previous quarter.
PHICAOO Jen 27- -The freight stesm
er Sydney O Neff which disappeared last
night after being icebound In hake Mlehi
gan for five days, waa located late today
about eight miles rorlh.of Kvanston Di
ret communication wltn he vessel had
rot been established hut no apprehension
was felt for the yfely of Ihe crew.
VLADIVOSTOK. Jan 27. American
army authorities believe it will be Marrh
IS before the last American soldiers and
lied Cross workers are out of .Siberia Or
dera have been sent that all American
womol be hurried out of trans-Balkalla
which in the path of the advancing bol
shevik army thai baa moved steadily east
ward a'ong the trani-Ribrrlan railroad and
now seems to be'nraring Irkutsk ,
i rHLKM. Ore.. Jan 27 Oregon begs
leave to Join with Maine and other dry
slate, in a request to the departmant of
Justice lo permit these statesoU) Join with
Ihe United States government In lis de
fense of the orohlblllon amendment to the
federal constitution. Ths was the subject
of a teflgram. forwarded today br Oov,
ernor Olcott of Oregon to Governor MI11L
ken of Maine,
DETROIT, Mich.. Jan. 57. Investiga
tion waa bslnr made by the police today
Into the death of Mrs. Maud Scot! Rich
ards, whose body lylnc across a bed was
foind in her room at a downtown hotel
this morning According to phyeirlans, Ihe
-n had bfen dead for three daya. The
di 'rdered condition of the room led the
police to believe irs, mcnerne waa mur-
I Fashion Tailors make good clolbei. 8. K.
corner Sooud uul Mala, ujillsln, i.l.l.
Bi-Partisans, With Little
Hope, Decide to Meet
Republican Refute Demo
cratic Claim That Agree
ment Made and Blocked.
Would Hake Adherence to
Article 10 Dependent on
U, S. Approval.
WARHI.NT.TON, Jan. 27 --Pence
treaty compromise neuotlation,
hoverlnn on the verito of dissolution
wcro irlrrn today a Tlew 4S-hour
leatic on life. Hut thero wnM noth
Ipr In tho development Which
ch.viRed the perxlmlstlc View of lb"
pnirvp leailem as to tho final out
ccmeX Tlie 'demofrnlH. replying to tho
republican rofun.il to comproiulne
on article 10 and the Monroe doe
trine, chnrseil at a stormy session
of tho bl-partlH.tn compromise con
ference, thnt republican leadem had
Ktiddenly chanRed front after moit
of tho conferees had consented to
an article 10 compromise In defi
nite form. To this the republicans
opposed a cnteftorlcal denial, declnr
Ini; no onu nt all had ar;reed to the
propoced conipromtae draft
Jlrel A mil n TltiirMila).
x After two hours' of wrnmrllmc.
durlnir which tho democmtHl threat
ened to transfer the whole subject
to the open senate, the conference
apreeij to meet acnlti Thursday in
nnother effort to brim; the neKOtl-.i-tlons
to a successful conclusion. A
few eenatnrs profesied to hcc some
rays of hope In th- situation hut to
moct of the leaders the outlook
nppeared far from promising
Numerous private conferences on
both hIiIch followed, with the leaders
feellnp out sentiment carefully n
they nppronched tho final hIiow
down -that may come at Thursday's)
meetltiK In snmo quarter It was
believed tlint In tho Interval Presi
dent Wilson would tnke a hand to
stiffen the resistance of the. demo
crats, but white houso official were
ullent nnd Senator Hllchcock of Ne
braska, the actlmr democratic leader
of. the nenalc, declared ho w.im pro
ceedlntf without knowledge, of the
pfeeddenrx. views on the Hpeclflc
conipromlw reMervatlons dlhcuwd
In the conference.
Durlnir tho ilny a ple.i for Imme
diate; ratification, either with or
without reservations wan presented
to SenntotH WVidsworlh anil Caldvr.
of New York, by n ilelepatlon from
New York city, bended by AVIHIani
I'hu'rch Osborne, mid representing
the I.eaKUe to Knforeo Peace, tho
l.easun of Nations' uHsoclatlon, the
New York Federation of churches,
farm organizations, the state chum
tier of commerce of New York,, and
Dnuirhtors of the American Itevolu-
tlon. Hpokesinon for the delegation
expressed the tiellef that the time
was rlpo for compromlslni; differ
ences over the treaty.
Tho whole treaty neBotlntlonn, It
nns said by i-enato leaders, hung on
itrtlcln 10 and the Monroe doctrine,
tentntlvo ugreement having been
reachejj on nil other points.
No Or.o Hound Ity Action.
fa'omo of tho republican reserva
tions, It was declared had been ac
cepted without chnngo by the demo
crats, while numerous chntiKes of
wording had been uiirrle In others
and two of thoni had boon rowrlt
ten entirely. It was emphasized,
however, that tho copfprees on both
sides were acting only In an etdvlsory
way and that their decisions bound
no one.
Differences over tho Monroo doc
trine n-servntlon nlsn wero said to
bo of minor inn'inltudn compared to
the big stumbllilif blocks' preontcd
by tho obligation of. nrllcln 10 to
help preserve thrf teirltor'al In
tegrity and political Independence of
otner memiiors or tno leuguo or tin
Hons. The republicans Inidst that no
such obligation should be tumumcd;
tho 'democrats nro standing out for
an ibllgatJon conditional on tho
action of congress In ench specific
After today'") meeting. Senator
Hitchcock inado public Ills reply, to
tho republican ultimatum of yes
terdny, refusing to compromise on
artlclo 10 or the Monroe uortrlno.
The reply declared tho majority of
tho conference previously nnil n
eented to a compromise iirnft of n
reservation under which the United
State would decline to ns'iimo any
obligation "to employ Its military or
naval forces or tno economic boy
cott,' under nrtlclo 10, unltns con-
Kress acted.
Under tho republican reservation
tho United States simply would "as
sume no obligations'' In regard to
other countries without conijrea
slniia! action,
Acrco lo Try Again.
It wah after this reply had been
submitted tlhat Senator Hitchcock
gavo notice that If the nosrotlatlons
TUf.BA, Ok!., Jan, 27. Mailmum, 47;
minimum, ?R!' north winds: eloudy,
OKLAHOMA : Wednesday and Thurs
day partly cloudy to cloudy.
LOUISIANA: Wednesday partly cJoudy
to dandy, colder at night In north portion.
Thursday partly cloudy .
ARKANSAS) Wednesday elondy colderi
Tb'iTsdsy psrtly elondy
KAfT Tl'XAH' Wednesday cloudy cold,
er In the Interior Thoriday partly cloudy
VVKST TKXAS.' Wednesday and Thurs.
da- veneraUr fair
I KANSAS. Fair Wednesday and Thuri
due. til A iltlui Uuuieratui.
World-Wide Survey
Is Started by Bryan
to Aid Dry Campaign
WAH 1 1 1 NO TON Jan 37 II
1 i.l in .InnnitiK's Hrviii' has Uihiiku
rnted a world-wide Hiirey for the
(dry" forces, it devi lnpi il Indus
and hart Mucceefull etills'ed the
mni'lilnery if the state d-pnri
inent In a concerted drle to hikks
facts .and figured of ciindlllnns in
wet' countries. prepanitir to
planned rampalKtis to ninko the
wholo world nrkt.
Tho full strergth of the gov
ernment's dlplotnntlo forces have
beet plneed at Mr. I!rynn'n 'din
poei.il to prosecute the esnvsew
which will not bo complete for
many months.
High pb-nlpntentlHt-leH and con
sul general havohcen 4tistrticied
to make studies of prohibition
and temperance condltlonti along
many lines. Theee report, are lo
he iie.si'inblecl and forwarded to
Wnwhlngton wlh all potMlltlii ex
pedition. Already diplomats ore begin -nlng
to make Ihelr returnx under
the "dry" survey. Tim earliest
reivorts have come from South
American capitals These are
lengthy and elaborate review-it of
"wet" conditions In some of tho
gay capitals to tflic iiouth.
"Mr Itryan, In conference wl'h
the lending "dry-' leaders here at
a recent Jollification over the no
tional amendment becoming of
fectlve. Initiated plans to ihrw
the bulk of the "dry" campaign
fund Into South merlcn and to
follow this by a spirited drive In
other parts jif tine world
Reservations Made in
Taking Oath, Coun
sels Try to Prove.
AI.I1ANY. N. Y, .tun. 27. Tactics
adopted today by the prosecution at
the trial of tho five suspended social
ist assemblymen charged with ills-
loyalty 'served to substantiate the
report that counsel for tho nssomb
ly judiciary committee will Beelt to
prove the soclallats unfit to Horvn
because they took their oaths of of
flee with "mental reservations."
Without comment nnd simply by
Introduction of evidence In logical
seouenco John II, Stnnohflold. com
miltee counsel, placed Into tho rec
ord tho following:
That rilthough the flvo nssemhly
men by n clause In their party con
stitution faced expulsion If they
voted appropriations for military or
naval purposes', they nevertheless
had sworn to uphold the constitution
of this state, which places upon the
legislature the duty of prnv'dlUK
funds or maintenance of militia.
Promt Manifesto.
The foregoing evidence was Hnnd
wlched between reading of n radi
cal document, which asserted that
( 'socialists seek to enter Into the
government lo be near the doors of
Ihe chambers wherq dictatorship
sits nnd to hinder the dictatorial
work In any way possible," and the
nliinlfcKto adopted by the socialists
i their national convention In Chi
cago last year which was termed by
the prosecution a pledge of hupport
to Ienlne and Trotzky to aid In or
ganization of a third Internationale
Committee counsel, which charged
that American socialists were agents
of "an Invisible einplro ' projecting
Itself ns a revolutionary force Into
other countries," then Introduced
speeches tnnde nt a celebration In
New York on tho second anniversary
of the Itusslan revolution and a let
ter purporting to bo written by the
socjiitlst organization In tlm ICIchth
assembly district In Now York,
pledging support to I,. C. A. K. Mar
tens, yclf-Btytcd Itusslan soviet am
bassador to the t'nlted States', nnd
approving establishment In Amer
ica of the fcovlet form of govern
ment This district Is represented
by Assemblyman Louis Waldlmnn, a
defendant, one of whose speeches In
defsnse of soviet Hussla nlso was
Trains Carrying Jurors fo Newlierry
(.'nM Are Held I'h Sluirp 'lilt
l'Vatm-ifi t)oiilns nf Trial.
OltAND ItAPlDS. Mich , Jan 27
Whether Truman II. Newberry.
I'nltcd Htntos senator, and his 123
co-defendants are to face the first
prospective Jurors In their trial on
charges nf election fraud and con
splracy, depended tonight upon the
ability of railroad men to free snow
bound trains between hero and the
Straits of Mackinaw. Only an ap
proximate sturt was mud in the
trial today, the enforced almoner) of
six defendants and 26 talesmen halt
ing proceedings after the way had
been cleared for questioning selected
men ns to their fltnens to Judge the
Inndconeo or guilt of the Michlttan
republican leaders.
A motion by tho defense challeng
ing tho nrray of tho Jury panel, was
entered and denied, the process
bringing a sharp spat between Judne
Clarenco W. Sessions nnd Martin W
Littleton of Nuw York, ono of the
senior counsel for tho defonse. Tho
court mid tho language of the) chal
lenco was untruthful and ndded:
"Documents filed with this court
must be truthful,"
"My Integrity Is Juit ns precious
as tho court's." said Mr Littleton
and ho promised tho Judgo "a gen
cral battle" on tho point
Senator Newberry fos.il a chair In
tho rear of the room
l'uyer MeiUnt Tonlsbt,
Business Session Will He
Held ;'i I ondon on
Wbmnry 10.
Inluiniititiml Tribunal Givoti
Iinpt'ttirt by AniL'i'ica at
Hairuo and I'rizjj CourlH.
Most Kmincnt in All Coun
tries to Servo: Klihu Knot
Is Amcriwin Muniboi'.
Hv The laeoelalcd Press,
WA81 1 INdTON, .Ian. 27. The
aecond mi-elltig of tho council of the
lSKe of tuitions, which In toallty
will bo the first actual business
meeting, will "lie held In lindotl
pi'dhalily l'-oiirunry m, necorii.ng i
advices received ff ro today. At this
meeting Ihe louucll plans to enter
upon consideration of one of tlm
most Important subjects with which
it has been charged under the trejtt
of pence, namely, tho constitution of
the permanent order of Inter national
Justice, The first meetliiK of the
eounoil held In Paris January Hi.
confined llelf to mutters of oripin
Izatlon necessary to meet contingen
oe that had arisen under tho
treaty, such us the appointment or
iho Sanr valley boundary commis
sion, which had to lie named ul hln
15 days after the ratification of Iho
'I'll Slart (oiitt.
It Is leat nod that the Inumhlng nf
the permaneiil court of In o iiatbiutu
Jiislh'e has been decided upon after
Kent hesitation, because this was ono
of the features of the pence pro
gram In which tho United Stales hud
taken tho gieatost Interest, In fact
huWtiK oilgluatcd thu project as one
of tlie best means of preventing
wars by resort lo Judicial processes.
It was to hove been considered nt
the first meeting of the council, but
was postponed in order to utf.inl op
txutunitv for the American senate
to act upon tho peace treaty end for
this nation to be In position to par
tlctpntn In the orgunlrntlon ot the
court. Tho I'nltcd States, It Was
pointed out In the council's meetltlit,
had given this plan of settlement of
International dlsnutes Its orixlliul Im
petus nt the first and recond of Tho
Hague cotifeienccs and also the Lon
don prize court conference.
The ciniif'll. It is now learned, has
finally decided to go ahead with tho
plans already made by tlio tcciu
uirlat of the leaguo for luunchlng
tho court. Those plans. It Is known,
contemplate tin organizing cummlt
teo of seven or eight of tho most
eminent Jurists In tho world to am
plify Ihe wholo atructttro of tho
coin I.
Hoot ItcprocnlH V. S,
Klihu Itoot, former secretary of
state ofiio t'nlted States, Is known
to have been selected as tho Ameri
can member of the commission.
Mr. Itoot liar, been recognized In
Kuropo as In the very forefront of
American International Jurists His
Instructions to tho American dele
gates to tho second Hague cotifer
enco In 1907 are accepted as a land
mark in the hlslury of tho subject.
All the plans laid principal stress
upon the method of the appointment
of Judges, which proved lo bo the
ruck on which Tho Hague oonrer
ences broke. "Hie smnll nations Btnnd
united for tho principle ot the
equality of states and consequently
of the- equal voting power of slates
In the Folcollou of Judges. The big
powers, however, have refused to en
trust their Interests to a court
whoro thov are nut assured rironor-
tlonutss representation. All tho plans
ai pieseni sumnitteii nvoiq mis HIT
i' i v M Ingenuous variation of the
panel system, assuring, first, the
choice of tho world's most famous
International Jurists, rtgardless of
nationality; second, the proaencc of
not over one or at least two mem
bers of the sumo nation on tho
roster; third, tho disqualification of
any Judge in any cites ln which
his own nation Is Involved, und
fourth, tho right ot chnllengo by nny
nation Involved of a certain number
of tho Judges elected for u particu
lar case, with their consequent re-
placement by lot from oth,er Judges
on i ne p'lrevi.
Mm ,i Hack In Work Tent ('use
of Industrial Law Is Phiiineil.
PITTSmniO, Kan., Jan. 27. -The
strike hero of about 4.'.u cool mlneis,
called supposedly In protest against
the Industrial court law pussed lust
weok by tho legislature, came to un
end today und mid-afternoon found
virtually all of tho men back til
l-iitu today Attorney (ienerul
Itlchnrd J. Hopkins, who c-ime to
Plttshunr lowiscerlalii whether the
new law haiibeen violated through
tho strike, returned to Topeka after
announcing that questioning of wit
iiomsi had fulled to dlsnloso that the
men had struck through consplraoy.
Prior to his doparturn Mr. Hop
kins conforred with Alexander M.
Hownt, president of tho Kiwn
miners, and I'nti li. uai cry. their
counsel. Ho outlined a course by
which legal proceeding could bo
tiled to test tho law and suggested
that the union bring uctlon In thu
staio supremo court
Mr Hopkins' ro ummondatlons, It
was ntated, wcro taken under con
tildcrutlou by tho union officials.
South Carol hyi Congress
man Assails Him in
the House.
Tolls Statunu-nt Made by Ad
miral While on Insppclioii
Tour of Korcoa.
WANIIINOTON. .I.in. 27 Hear
Admiral Situs, a leading figure In
the naval decorations controversy
nnd In the pending senate Investiga
tion of tho navy's conduct of the war.
was vigorously atl.lcked today In the
houso by llepresenlatlvo llyrnpri,
democrat. South Carolina
Declaring that if the admiral wits
admonished by a high naval official
not lo let the llrltlsh "pull the wool"
over his eyes as he testified recently
before tho senate nnvnl decorations
committee, ho violated n confidence
In making tho Instructions public.
ItepresentiHlve Hymns said ho do
served "lltn condemnation nf every
American and a dishonorable dli
chiirgn from tho navy."
Characlorlzluir Admiral Sims as a
"hyphenated politician," Mr llyrnes
charged that when serving as com
mnnder of Ihe American naval forces
In Huriiprnii wnleis diitlng 1 1 in war
ho had "libeled Iho army and
deprecated Ihe work of the navy"
and had urged that the United Stales
leave the control ot tlm sens lo Ureal
"While In Paris on October 30,
HUH." sit Id Mr. Ilyrnes, "Admiral
Sims told ltepresontallvcs tllass of
Virginia, Wlinley of Sotilli Carolina
and tnv self Unit the armlstlco asked
for by the enemy would have to be
grunted because of the failure ot
Pershing (o break through the Her
man ranks, duo to tho disastrous
breakdown In transportation behind
the American lines. Wo visited tho
headquarters of the service: of supply
nnd found that only a few days pre
vious Pershing had written tho sorv
icn ot supply congratulating them
upon ihelr wonderful work In sup
plying the forces In tho field. Ills
statiimcnt was fulstt. and for his In
excusable slander ho should bo litudo
to answer lo tho American douxh
boy." "Ho not only libeled tho army, but
ho deprecated Ihe work of Iho navy,"
continued I lyrticK. whli read a copy
of the London Times quoting a
speech nf Admiral Sims, giving credit
to tho lirlllsii for transporting and
convoying twice an many American
troops and merchant ships to Hurope
during the war us did tho American
navy, and declaring that only .1 per
rent ot the nntl-njihmarlne craft In
rurnpcun waters was American.
"This' speech," ltepresentnllve
Ityrnes continued, "was false from
beginning lo end. Sims was so busy
fighting the viir over tho dining
tamo ot ijOfiqon inui lie inn not
know how many vessels ho had un
der his command.
"His Btutomwut that wchnd trans
ported only one-third ot our troops
was false.
"Ills statement that wo had traps
ed but one-half our troops was equal
ly false.
"Ills statement that wo escorted
only one-third of tho merchant ves
sels that ciiino hero us false,"
S.I mtflr Onrn Sci-s No Other Solu
tion Potslbleit Tills 'limn Hihm
Not 1'uvor I'rvseiil Draft.
oi.'l ATimiA re- i,,,, n
Hetsitor Owen In u statement here
to-lay unlit (hat the ile.wllock In the
lenato over tho ratlf Joalloii of the
.-.... i i. .,.,.. ..r ..ii.Mu
IH.-tltj,' II I'iH) till', W I,'. ,,
was the remit of falso pride on the
pun hi pari) leaiii'in alio iiiui. iiir
..oteull,... r... rw.ttr i.nlv lu uolv',.,1 liv
,1,,. .'..If. ,,C tlie tioonln Itn Hilil
t uo n-it say hull i uiii hi mvor 'i
the ' ly as li now niutvns, mil i
voted Urr It Imther than Mc It do-
I lu iiA.llnn ,,f vollnic fur
one of tv evil r.vther than Intro-
'iiiciiig a mini which mmni m- wurm-
!.,... nlil A ortiil,, iltiirron nf
ill v,,,,,.. '
slublioriuwsi has been t'ikon by the
leaders of both sides and I see at
present no solution outer limn me
bringing of pressure lo bear by the
HarriH DaiircrottKlii
ill From Influenza
Japies A. Harris of Wagoner, form
er republican national committee
rnnn, Is dangerously 111 with Influ
enza at IiIh home, n telephone moss
ngo announced tonight. Hurrls has
l...... Ill Mt.,,.,. Mio eoriventlon tit llO-
I.i, ri i.-ist week. It was feared, tho
message said, that pneumonia mlKht
If ho quickly udvertlses his loss In
the classified oil columnn of Tho
World. That's because, tho finder
reads the "Lost and Found" nds,
When you vvrlto a "lost" ad, re
member 'lint thorn aro many differ
ent kinds ot watches and plus, purses
und dot;. What Is It that makes
tho ono that you'vo lost different
from all tho othcri' Phono Una go
C000 und xuk (or Want Ad Dept.
Robcrtam to Accept
fly Associated I'ini Mtale Wire.
OKLAHOMA CITV. .lull. 27. -flovernoi
Itohortsou will wait for
su expression of opinion by Iho
geuersl democratic state conven
tion February 6 before calling n
special seweilon of the IcKltthiturn,
he suM today, after the state con
vention of democratic women here
had paased a resolution tequest
lug such a seosion for the purpose
of voting on ratification of thn
federal sutfiiigft atiiendmetit.
"In refusing to call an extra
sewlon In Ihe past, I have aoled
vvllh regard for nil Ihe laxuiers
of Ihe slate, even If H dtil dls
pleiise a group that made the re
quest," Oovrrnnr lloberlsoti Hald.
"The expense of session would
be enormous."
"I hope the nailing of an' extra
session will be made nn Ismto In
tile selection of delegates In the
slnte democratic convention 1n
the county conventions which
meet thlx week," the governor
said "I want to find nflt the
people's will. The matter cer
tainly will bn brought ilp at Mus
kogee and by Ihe expression of
opinion there will hnvo great
weight Willi me In deciding
whether or not to call for the
Cannot Continue in Of
fice as Ambassador
Under Carranza."
WASHINGTON, .lan. 27. Henry
P. l-'lelcher has resigned as United
Slates ambassador to Mexico In tako
effect In tho course of tho next fow
Thoso who know tho reason for
Mr. Fletcher's decision say Hint ho
was convinced that n continuation
of Iho efforts ho hud made during
thn tour years In which ho has held
this Important post to bring tho
Cnrranza goverhment Into accord
with the United HUttes" government
on Ihe many Irritating Issues which
hnvo arisen, Involving tho protection
or American lives and property
rights, would bo futile. He term
inates IS years of service In tho dip
lomatlo service branch of thn gov
ernment wllh great regret ami fells
coital;, he can no longer bo helpful
In culllvntlnu proper relations with
Mexico us long ns President Oar
ran 7.a remains In control there. The
ambassador's activity In tho pro.
seirtatlou of tho American demands.
hnvo made It cvrtulu t)mt ho c.ouhl
not rettiiu lo his post with benoflt
lo cither government.
Mr Fletcher's resignation was hot
hnsHly determined upon nnd In fact
last summer ho sought to terminate
his relations with tho ritato depart,
men, hut owing In lie snto of public
business and hf Illness ot snmri of
thn higher officials ot tho depart,
merit im was Induced to remain In
Washington to net as adviser to the
secretnry In matters rotntlnf: not
only to Mexico, but to nil Laln
Amerlca, for which work ho was po.
cullarly fitted by reason of his long
oxperletico In that part of tho world.
lloninn mill MWJnuv Iliviilqnnrlcrs
Doth Kay I'liey Win In Cnucimm
II) Associated Press Hlats Wire,
In Ihe absence of official figures
from pleclnct caucuses hold In tho
Sixth dlHtrlct yesterday, bolh J. J,
McOraw of Poucii City and Jako U
Il.imon of A rd more, contending can
didates for republican national com.
mlttAcmcn from Oklahoma, tonight
wero claiming victory.
At Iho McOraw headquarters It
was asserted the Ponca City man
bad carried tho district, whllo the
Hamou campaign inanaKorN wcro
claiming every county In thu district
with the possible exception of (Irady,
Dry Amendment Is Upheld.
SAN KHANCISCft, Jan. 27 A'all
forolri wine Interests Into today lost
the flint sklrmlwh In their lerr.il fllrlit
awilnst iho 18th oonsiltutlnnnl
amendment when Jtuten Frunk II
liudkln of the t'lilloil Stales, district
court denied a petition for a writ of
milieus, corpus lu the case of J. .1.
Dlkion. u truck driver. nrr,i!,.,l
wlrlle trnnsjtortlng liquor hero nftor
.iu.nuory it,.
Have You Been Counted?
Owing to thn crowded living conditions In this city thousands are
going lo bo mlBHCd by the Federal Census takers unless every pa
triotic citizen makes It their business to seu thnt every pirsoi
lodging on Ihelr premises and every employe In tholr place of bus.
ne Is counted. Do not conftuo the Federal Census with directory
nnd other census Inkers who nre now visiting offlco buildings, You
must be counted at tho place you reside. Yoq, men tell your wives
to glvo tho census enumerator the Information asked. Other clflos
aro doing tholr utmost to havo every pcrnou. counted. Iloust Tulsa.
If the Census taker 'has not called at your home or It you have
any doubt about ft fill out Uils coupon and mall It today.
K. lice Gitlhrey, V '
City Hall. '
January 1. l'J2o, i was llvlg nt thn nddreas below but to tho best
of my knowledge 1 have not boen enumerated there or any
where else,
Namo , , ....
Street Number
Democratic Conven
tion Asks Governor
for Extra Session.
Presidcntinl Candidacy Is
Pledged Hcnrty Support
Throufjhout State.
Mrs. McDougall Elected;
Plans Made for Active
Campaign This Year.
Oppose Any Candidate
Who l Not in Favor
of Its Adoption.
ft Associated I'reJs Stale Wire,
Ite solutions .unanimously passed by
thn first democratic women's stnto
convention which closed hero today,
rnlled upon Onvernor llohortson to
convene thn legislature In special
ossloA to act upon tho woman suf-
frngo amendment. A copy of tho
resolution was ordered sent to tho
The resolution also Indorsed Sen
ator Owen ns candidate for presi
dential nomination, approved Iho
league or nn lions and opposed 'uny
candidate who oppose tho league,
anil Indorse!! the Wilson and Robert
son administrations.
Decision lo have women precinct
cnminllteeiinm appointed In each
precinct In thn state, itcllvo partici
pation in iho county conventions
called to eloct delegates to theslnto
convention nnd a now understand
ing of political duties nro regarded
as the blKAut.'ompllhmvnls ot tho
No Separate Organization,
Hen I-afayottc, chairman of tho
stain democratic roiunilttce, advised
tho convention (hero would bo no
separate orsinnlzutlon of tho women
ot the democratic party In this stnti-,
but that they should tako their place
In tho party beside the men,
(lovernor ltoberfson. who navo
tho address of welcome to the 1,000
delegates present, said tho conven
tion was nn epoch In tho history
of thn stale.
Senator Owen, who addressed thn
convention, caused a flurry when he
usked thai nil women who hail re
publican husbands lo hnid up their
liands and nearly 7f hands went up.
Mrs. George ass of Chicago,
chairman of tho women's national
democratic bureau, In nddrestlng tho
delegates, said that whllo tho demo
crntn desired tho asslstanco of tho
womon, It was In a spirit of equality.
"Tho republicans, howover." sho
said, "want the women an advlsenv
thoy desire to havo them as aux
iliaries to their own organization,
but that Is nil they want,"
Mrs. .McDougall Chairman.
Tho cnnvontlon was organlzod by
tho election of thn following offi
cer! Mrs. D. A. McDougall of Sa
pulpn, chairman:, Annlo Wudo"
O'NbIII, Orndy county, first vlco
chairman; Mrs, It, L, Flto, Chero
kee county, second vlco chnlrmnn,
Miss Aloyslus I.nreh-MHIor, Shaw
nee. third vlco chairman; Mrs, John
O, Mllcholl, Oklahoma county, soc
rotary; Mrs. Frnd Luft, Oa field
county, assistant secretary; Mrs, W.
II. Hawks, Oklahoma City, reading
secretary; Mrs. It. J. Hay, t'ornanchn
county, Borgount-nt-arms; Mrs. J W.
(iambs, Heaver county, assistant
MTgcant-at-nrms. and Mrs, li, C.
Nush, I'UHhnifitnlia county, second
assistant sorBeant-tit-itrms,
Wood to Enter Primaru
Contest in Pennsylvania
NUW tonic, Jan. 27--MaJor Ocn
ernl IHinnrd Wihm will enter Ihe
fight for delegates In all oongreas
lonal district) In Pennsylvania, ac.
cording to nn announcement mado
hero tonight by Ileprcsc ntativo Nor
man .1 Cloulil. eastern manager for
the Wood campnlen comml'tee. Pri
mary election will l o h"ld May 18.

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