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A GREAT1SK tul,oa
VOL. XIV, NO. 124.
Advisoo Committee' Is
Appointed to Define
Party Politics.
Advice of Ablest Men From
All Sections and Groups
Is Wanted.
LVew Yorker to Head Com
mittee; John Fields of
Oklahoma on List.
The new ti.c'rhir of the ropub
lica'n r'a"f"r committee named
by Clialrm n Will H. Huys, who
arreeil to s'rvc arc
Vi AtUiu' bi.i'Min' Mslne
i.brrt J trteri.lii Indiana
iuSm HOT"' HI' I VlMiaflraelU.
Jtfe-t I l f T'lHiw
W.lof Atv. IJW" '', ,
naw A'r- II lH " l"l-
r-iMi rif'T' i '""ly .
rotj" iK.-ti'.-N' .Vet
Ms Slur l.""1 H" Ne
tjt.V 1-1." II" liwees. JtlsuitiiwrUs.
Mil If I. Uirt. WIdbIii.
tit I. A limn Icniloans
MIW HtltJ l'h"l Ul. Slmsrh.l.rtU.
Mm Fields. iuii
Cewc Prrtln 'lwk-
CL-Jri F . rin,.si.u
a Jour-hlne I'ati'K- rrmUMi Waihlnfton.
Mt lnteii ' IWtl- Ne VmV.
L Bi 't. laiifrmla.
Itert !l. Rl tiirt Peisnare.
TV. I) Il'cr I 'si
Mrs. ti)m.li R.lll. Illinois
Ttieator. Kae,t, "lork.
tlllw R.t V Vofii
lartrf J. llrii, Atkanun.
nr Jane r.iu .1 Sfhirm.n e k
KltUitl II Tilt innectlrat
ttmu'M J wn larw. Trnniitt,
Funs V VindtTlij), Ne k.
Snittv Untr V WtUntt, Indlact.
VLlIttD turn lttllt Kiul
t.iif tl!!limi. Tpnceiyr.
. II. TCIlun. Ttltl
SAN FUANTISrO. Jan. 28, V111
II Haj, chalrmtip of the rcpublllan
national committee, tonight made
public his appointments to the nd-
Isory committee on policies unil
platform, conMstlnir of 171 mumbors,
19 of whom are women. This com
mltKc Includes 12 members itf Iho
republican mitlJnul conitnlttcc
whoe appointment had been an
nounced previously by Mr. Huyn.
'Tn purpose of thin committee,"
Mr. Hays said, "Is to Invito the ad
tlce and co-operation of tho ablest
men and women from nil groups,
ectlon, Industry, business, profes
Ions and, Interest in tho nation; to
Hlher pertinent facts and data, to
itudy Intensively tho larger prob
!em confrontinir uh, and tp offer
the result of their etfortB as suitRes
tlons to the resolutions commltlne.
'Thfs comnuiteo will lfWlf Do a
working body he added, rand will
wtgrn the line of thought nnd In
vestigation for a Kte.it many others.
Many of tho cummlitco will Rive
their entire tune to tho effort Those
flvlr.B a siis antinl amount of time
lll cons .lute n exe utlvo commlt
lf, of whirh .igden I.. Mills, Jr., of
ew York ni, will bo chulrmun,
nd John Callahan O'LuuRhlln of
WashlnKton, 1) c... secretary. Tho
orianUation for tho committee
cUvlty wi.i be enlarged and addi
tional members designated us tho
Kope of the work broadens."
"Party programs.'" Mr. Hays ;t
wrled, "must always bo subject to
imendment and change by tho ro
'I???1 ble "v,nK thought expressed
ill n ,tlP l'ar,y by men and women
He The republican party's half
cinlury of a hicvement Is the bent
fu.V.antt0 '"" cuuntry of future
u fi Iment. i ,t ,. is only on future
lulflllmem Umi its usefulness will
depend The party must continue to
je the ipstr i. ,ent to nppry to now
ni changi-ig eondltlons tho wis
l"1 of expe ien. e and the efficiency
( honem jia'uus Bervlco. it Is the
pty of rjmre or thoro Is no
Ue for thr .,rij
'"'' d women nllko Is offer
4 the rig, f f pulitlatl elf-determl-Tht'
out of the party mem
"V"ilp Is . 'ay what the nanty's
.irpote hrt h. what lt tmlleles
hall beco.
Tho fundaniunt.illy
Parly i,
"mi within a political
opportunity of tho
express ittielf. It Is
r 'he parly momber
rr O.N P(QB TWO.
tne prohi,-.
"'Clmctit of Mitchln,, (;nrrs nnd
-Tiii(H,trrs i.llC) jf, y.
ur'n.W Y K 25. As a meus-
iri,;.p!.Pta''",n," nsainst riots and
OOO iha,,'" "Jp"' a fOK'ment of 1.
tutil, , r'.s' '"'r" ani1 'ur machine
Nt v " ' ,,c organized by tho
!.Lrk police department, It
ly 4(in e,) ,oda'- Approxlniato
aVon T" "p" gently for
teel h.i a'' 'lnl',' Th,' wl"
th. , when on duty.
UK wl" recruited
ei, m mun who fBht over-
tisenoe nt u... ..
on i-n'tciitH oii!
.ivio.V.V '' Ay Measure.
I the iTON' Jan- 2.--Hecaufo
i "Hhed ... ncuuiurs hiiu
iilj.pr??" nmcndmenls. tho
tt "Jm? .""'erred final adtlon on
ind.?.n'1 navr pa' I'lCfaso hill.
' ITi r." 3.accet'ed today Included
4 n. , "r (,.arr' ot ,lht"I I
'oa.t c"iccr and enlisted men of
ar V.1?'1. W. navy ana an.
'Ollt .v.. V. "uurin oi .xtw
"""Utfon. " ""5 'ninrinl'ely the com-
for an . " ""u 'Planers allowance
w unu navy omcers.
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
(01.1 MM , S ('. Jan IB The 1,1
protubHins; smoking in puu.lc eating placet
senate Ut ,rk v,a killed In the house
today without a diasentlof vote
.-uum ani.iua iMhj try the aula
WASHING TON. ,lti 38.--The Indian
pprwjirltilioii bill, the first of tlrn t.ic an
mini tupply niftsiltpn to bn romplf If.l by
rongreaa. via piucil i..ly by tbc aen
ate. II rarrlei $ia.7 lO.tUT.
HI, PASO, Teiaa, .ln SR. William O
Jenklna, fnltil .Ht,u., conaular atit
at I'uebla, Mulro. will bo a lttiia before
Ibo aenalB tnbcoinmllleo invMllitallnj af.
fain in JImico. aecording to rciiurta pub.
liilied here today.
HT 1.0 1: 1. 1, Jan. 2R. -Seen firemen
were otiram, by amoko at a amah fire
In tlio baaetnent of the Hhodea llurfor.l
lurniture eotniany'a plant hero today. Tu
ero renioTni to th clly hotltal in a
aorioua condition,
IIKKMOfllfX). ilenlro Jan. SH.-lVe,!.
erick WilhMin Hohenjollern. Hie cmii
prince of (lumany. It loon comlnc to .Mo
leo avordliir In a latftnnt made here
today by Hii.lolpil Mlahelmer. a former at
tarho to the llernian legation lu Jletlco
City. .
COI.P.VIIIA. S. C, Jan. 2fl, The Houth
Carolina ttati, l. naln loday relerte.l a ra
lulion to ratlfr the federal auffragc attiend
lnnnt by n tr of So to I The houar of
repreetilallT a few daya as:o rote,! BJ
lu,31 for rejerlion of tho ainendtnont.
WARIIINtlTO.V. Jan ! tllreetnr Gen
eral lllnra today aliened the followlni ron
tracts for riniirnaatin: Minneapolla Si
St. Loula railroad S,B12.00s (lalveatnn,
lloitalon S Ilender.on railroad 137.364;
Hamilton Jlelt Hat.xay company (7,010.
TOUT V.M1TH. "j7n"2 Kmaslilng a
pinto glaaa xindow ot a UwJl Jenelry atore
early thU morning bnrglam aecured over
11.000 in illamomla anil about 1500 in
other arllclci Police iliwnvered the hurg
lary ahortl) after daylight No clue to the
perpefcrntora haa been ecured,
I.ONHON Jan 28 Admiral von lletiler.
the chief officer of the Oennan fleet at
Srapa Kio-, who gate the order for the
acuttllntr of the Herman warahina there laat
June, haa heen act free by the Ilritith au
thoritle The admiral haa returnod to Ger
many. It aa announced today.
I.IN'COI.K N'eh . Jan. SR I)oane colfeie
at Lrele. Neb . and other achoola there
are clnaed and public fathering! prohibit
ed became of an outbreak of aplnal menln
gltia, the atate heilth department reported
today. Fire out of aeven peraona attacked
by the dlaeaie hare died during the paat
IMHA.VAP0I.IH' Jan. 2R 7en. Leon
ard Wood authorised the placing of hit
name on the Indiana primary ballot today
a being a republican candidate for nomi
nation for the presidency. The action lol
lo. the ithdraal of Oor. Jamei V.
(loodrlch of Indiana a a candidate,
WASHINTITO.Y, Jan. 28. Modification
In Immigration reiiulatlona to inaure the
right of arrealed tliena to counael and to
bail were promulgated today by decretory
Wllaon. In a atatemeut In, eaM that under
the new regulatloni Immigration officert
must Inform aliens of their rlgbs.
CbKVKLA.ND, Ohio. Jan. 29. Mayor
Harry J, Davia atmounced today that he
will ho a candidate for the republican
nomination for governor at the coming prl
maries on1, platform tailing for the ellml
nation of ra.llrala and ctdlralinn and
draatle legislation to punlah profiteering
COI.VMniA. U7 Jan 2s. Street
railwar service uaa aiiKDen.lMl hr ,.i.ti,
as a reault of a atnke of emp'oyea of the
Columbia Itailway, Oat fi Klectrlc Co The
company refuted to grant demand of mo
tormen and conductors that a "cloard
shop" tslauto be inserted in the new con
tract CHAMl'.UO.V. III., Jan 2 -At a aale
of blooded Poland China ho:a held jea
terday. 43 hoga brought over f20 ooo Four
jo.inr plga of a litter of tlx Mere sold for
tlO.000 and an offer of SI 0.000 was re
fuaed for the mother Over 3.10 atork
ralaera from all over tho corn belt attend
ed the sale
RICHMOND. Va. Jan. 2fl. Ily a vole
of 7 to f1 the senate committee on elections
today rejected the woman suffrage amend
ment to the federal constitution. The house
adopted veatorday a resolution to refer the
amendment to a vote of the people, but aa
it was not a joint resolution It hat no
binding effect.
, CHICA0O, Jan. 2. After being bound
for eight daya In the Ice floea of Iike
Michigan, the freight steamer Sydney (.
Neff entered the Chicao river this morn
ing and docked with all of her crew aafe
On board alto were the aeven men who
t Uriel across the .ice In the stranded
sleam'r flunday and who had been miss
ing tincc
WASHINGTON, Jan 2H. Manaters of
the prealdetvtisl nomination campaign of
Governor Ixiwden of Illinois do r."' con
template extending their efforts to Matta
rbuaetts ttnleaa Govertwr Coolidge formally
withdrawa. Kepreseutatlve Frank 1, Smith,
m charge of liwden headquartera here,
announced today
, WAfHI.VOTON. Jan 28. Chairman
Townaend of the aenatn Interstate com
merce subcommittee, ontruatee with in.
vesllsatlon of charges of radical activities
by various o-nplojes of the federal trade
oommiaaion. announced today that the sub
committee probably would begin hearings
In Chtcaco February 9
WASHINGTON. Jan 28. A victory tai
of one half of I per cent on all sales to
secure sufficient fundi for ,J100 Lonuaet
to alt diachsrged service men would be
itnoed under .a hi'l Introduced today by
Iteprraenlsttie Molt, republlcsn. New York.
I.eas than a jear would be neceaaary for
such a tax to le!d I.7S0. 000,000.
AUSTIN. Toiaa. Jan 23. The Testa
woman'a primary auftrage act waa upheld
tods) when the supreme court refused to
grsnt a writ of error in the cava of T M
Hamilton vs I.ee Davla McCUnr.an county
lax collector Thla action uDheld the de
claion of the third court of civil appeale
wuicn ure-are.i toe law cnnaiiiuuonai.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2 ---As soon aa
David F llouaton ia confirmed by the aen
ate a secretary of the trraaury hla flrat
atnn will he to summon tosether the of
ficisls in high eieeutlve Kista and five at
turtnres that the otficisl personnel Is to
remain iir-diaturbrd. All of the nreaent aa
slatant secretaries sre expected to continue
in service for some time
JtOKSON. Miss, Jan. 2? The qnea-'
lion of permitting women to rote in prl I
mary elertiona in Miasiatlppl was finally
aettled IikIsv hv the refusal of the lower
houie of the legislature to reconsider the
vvnueworin I'll' ins vose was ,i io 01
Ratification of the federal suffrage amend
ment will be submitted to popular vote
In Ihte general election in November.
NKW VOItK Jan. 11 - Peter n t'lefano. 1
a IP-noklyn hoolbUrk- makei $225 a week
ihinine shoes accor.llnr to his wife, whd
entered suit In tho I rookUn supreme court
today for a separation .She charges cruel
smt Inhuman trestmen and declares that
ber huabsnd refuted to give her 10 cerlt
to go to a movie ne iaion wts re
served on her request for o0 a wee .
I temporary alimony I
BOlll SlUCS AtTl'PP Thill i
. , i. V
Ardmore Man Wins at
Grady Splits Between Rivals
and Uninstructed Delega
tion Is Selected.
District Convention Will Be
HehLThis Week; .McGraw
Gets 7 Delegates.
OKLAHOMA (MTV. Jan. 28 - -.talto
la. Damon nnd J. .). Metlniw
agreed tonight that Unman had
carried! the Sixth comrrosMonal dis
trict as a result of tho republican
county conventions held there yes
terday. Only In (Irady county did
Mctiraw win any delegates at all
nmotiK those mtmeil to tho ntto con
vention, and the delegates there are
divided n to their choice In the
natloua-1 committeeman inco.
Hamuli's headquarters wild ho had
carried tho district by 'JO to 7, while
McOruWs followers said Hnmon had
won by 31 to B. As to tho effect
of the day'H conventions, however,
they were In entire harmony.
Ily AtVKistcl Treat Wate Wire
ClilCMv AHHA, Okln . Jan. 2 --An
uninstructed delegation was selected
to the Sixth district republican con
vention nt Kingfisher next P'riday.
at the Oraily county convention hert
loday. Also and unlnstrtlcled dele
Ration was chosen for tho state con
vention. Tho name of neither J. J.
McOraw nor Jake I,. Ihiinon, "can
didates for republican national com
mitteemen from Oklahoma was men
tioned. Ily Asso-laled l'reas Stale Wire
AXAOAKKO. Okla, Jan. 28. A
delegation Instructed for Jake I..
Hamon for republican national com
inlttecman was selected at tho Caddo
county convention hare today. Hex
(liilbralth, n Hamon supporter, was
elected chairman' of the convention
over W. I.. Lacy, a McOraw sup,
porter, by a voto of 10S to 07.
Ily Aevielstcd I'reas State Wire.
Dl.VCA.V. Okla., Jun. 28. Five
delegates to tho HUtth district re
publican convention at Kingfisher
next p'riday were Instructed today
for Jake I,. Hamon for national com
mitteeman and 10 delogateii to the
state convention were similarly In
structed, at the Ktephens county
convention held here.
Senator New Opens l)elmli tin Hill
for M'p.'iinlc Cabinet I'o-t for
American .Wlatlon,
WASIU.VOTO.V. Jan. 28. An In
dictment of the army air service was
delivered In the senute tod.ij by Sen
ator Now, ropubll.-an, Indiana, In
opening debate on his bill propositi.?
tho creation of a separate depart
ment of aeronautics to combine all
governmental aJr activities. He
thnrced that tho service had been a
failure nnd that the present army
planes were "very nearly obHoleln."
"If wc were to have trouble with
nny foreign irovernme"' Mexico for
example," said Setmtor N'ow. "wo
would not have any fast pursuit
pianiM by which we could go across
the border. We'd have to go to a
foreign government to get planes of
that type."
Calling attention to tho enormous
appropriating made for alrplanew.
Senator King, j democrat. 1'tah said
conditions vero as described by
the Indiana senator "homebody Is
cetiMirablo" ntnl tho war department
"certainly has, been derelict "
Says Muntlell Is Mistaken In ('Indus
on Ccist nf 'lYaltiliir.
WASHlNOT'iN. Jan 2S Chair
man V'a',"w,,r!,, "r ,nl ,",na", tnlll
tary tfotpmittee which ugreed Mon
day to report favorably on a com
pulsory universal military training
plan, declared tonight that Itepre
smtatlvo Mondell of Wyoming, re
publican leader of the housf. was
Ircorrect In his st ilements yester
day that 11,000.000.1100 would be
reoulred to administer the nruny re
organization bill with Us universal
training provisions.
War ilatpart-
i ment estimate, tChalrman Wads-
worth said, showed that the annual
cost would he approximately $400.
000,000 lervt than the figure net by
Hepreentatlve Mondell.
Schnmaeher and Atkinson,
R15 10 Mayo Advt
Wood for President
I favor the election of Ixrinard
A. Wood 1'resldent of the
United States.
Name . . . .
Mall to J II. Meservn Presi
dent Tulsn Wood for President.
825 Kennedy Illdg, Tulaa.
"Crusade Is Planned
Against "Immodest"
wax Model Displays
crusade ag.un.si iiu- display ..f v i
' models i-nllnld re I 1(1.. 1 1 1 1 ! I I '
".' "f ""r" " 1,1 -
Ily ' I" waged In li. rm.it.
iicvoron.i .1 1, ll,iwkiii n.i
lor or the Trllilt) Hap'.lsi ehunli
Who yeiterd.iy -.iiie.d the .u rev . f
Itnv A. Young, ii window rlisp'.i.
artM, on n i hinge of iiid 'c-nt ex
posure of mod. Is. atut.'d i ..I i
Iteier'n.l I'awkl'is declared he
has nt Iimsi n ihousiiti I nsnn-s of
men and winner who have prom
ksct to FU'ipnn hsin lu this i'WIiI.
"Such tl.ei'lays ns wet,, lu ti
dtl.ee when I caused tlte -irreat . f
Anting will corrupt the murals (
boyi and young inon ami women
of the rtt If allowed :o be con
tinued," Hev. HawktiM tttkl.
The minister salu In- watched
women as they pawed Hie window'
where the model was uisplayiil
and that many of them appeared
horrlflol at the nudity tif the flu
urt. The ease against Voting tho
window ilecornlor arrested yester- '
day, whs dlsmsed today at tho
Instance of Keverend Hawkins,
who caused the arrest
House Committee Gives
No Indication When It
Will Decide.
President Directs Glass to
Again Ask for Extension
of Austrian Credits.
Through Secretary Glass, President
Wilson today renewed the appeal to
congress to grant creiKls of $150.
000.000 for Poland, Austria and Ar
menia to alleviate cond.tlons wblrh
threaten "moral ani material
chaos" In those countries.
Seeretnry OllihS presented the
prislilent's letter lo the houso ways
und means commuter without com
ment nnd tho committee deferred
consideration of It until tomorrow
when It will have a further confor
nco with treasury officials regarding
the loans and tho financial situa
tion generally. Thero was no Indica
tion When tho committee would act
finally on the requent of Mr. (ll.lss
that the credits be niithorlzod.
The president's letter follows:
"With considerable regret I have
noticed from the pros thnt congress
is delnylng tho granting of authority
for the extension of prompt nnd gen
erous relief to the stricken portion
of Kurope, tho uigency and impor
tance of which, especially In reiect
to Poland, Austria and Armenia,
you havo fully explained to the w.iy
nnd means committee. It Is unthink
able to me that we should withhold
from those people who aro In such
mental and physical distress the as
sistance which can be rendered bj
making available on credit n small
proportion of our exportable sur
plus of food which would alleviate
the situation. While I am sure thnt
you must havo explained fully to
tho ways and means committee the
appalling situation In those pans of
Kurope whero. men, women and
children are now dying of starvation
nnd the urgent necessity fdr prompt
assistance, I beg of jou thut you
mnko another appeal to congrnss. I
am informed that through tho pub
lished reports of hearings bofore the
ways and means committer), tho
congress has now been furnished
with incontrovertible facts shcTMng
the necessity for Immedlnto affirma
tive action. This prosperous repub
lic ought not to bear any part of the
responsibility for the moral and ma
terial chaos that must result frmn
an unwillingness on our part to old
those less fortunate than ourselves
We cannot, merely to husband a
small proportion of our surplus per
mit the happenings of this great
Tvvrlvi Men to I.Mi'ii to Tcfttliii'iny
nt Trial of I. W. W.'h for (Vn.
trnlln Tragedy.
MoNTKHANO, Wash., Jan 28 -
A woman was selected as a tempo
rary Juror late today In the ttlal of
11 alleged members of the I. W W
charged with murder In conne. tldn
with the centralla shootings iiiinls
tlco day.
The woman, Mrs. Kmlly C Paul
son of Aberdeen, Wash., was ac
cepted after the challengo of" the
defenso wus denied ,uhe Is the onlv
woman so far who has shown a
disposition to servo on the jury, at
torneys said.
A "Jury" composed of 12 mem
bers of the American legion will
listen to tho testimony to be ..ffere.l
at the trial, It became known ,Miy
The "Jury" will have no official
court standing, hut will render Its
"verdict" to tho American legion
posts throughout the country.
Decision to send the men t" 'rial
was reached by hading members of
the legion today when It became
known that labor organisations In
Seattle had decided to send a "J ry'
to hear the testimony and render a
"verdict" (o labor organisations.
Plan Miner llulldlng.
gents of the Oklahoma school of
mine to be established at Miami will
meet wuh a roprc-r nia'ive of tye
state board of affairs and an ' hi
tect a' Mian M ml u on i.ilt of iho
state, super. tuenilen' of edu- Vion to
dls-us plans for a bnildi' - f -r Mir
school to be erected tin eun mor
Forced to Make Landing,
Across Line, They
Are Held.
Reports Say Prisoners Will
, He Given Freedom This
Hunt Made Throughout Day
in Rough Country; Word
Is Received.
M'Al.I.KN, Tevas. Jan 2S - The
two lieutenants. K. V Davis and C
K. (Irlnust from this aero station,
who were teporled lost near Zapata
Texus. were forced to make a land
ing In Mexico, 30 mill's south of .a
p.ita and are being held tonight by
Mexicans, though promise has been
made them that thev will be re-b-aeed
in the miirnlng. A message
from them was received here to
night which stated that they ex
peeled to gain their freedom nt the
tutu, stated. .
The two lleuletiants became con
fused In the fog and followed the
Solado river from '.hp run Into Mex
ico Instead of proceeding on up the
I tin Orande. there nlso being com
pass trouble. Thirty miles up the
Solado river, the plane was forced
to iniike a landing and there the
Mexlcnns took tho two American
aviators primmer.
The country Is wild ntnl rugged
and the nnlv means of reaching the
section quickly Is by plane All day
long aviators from the eighth aero
squadron here have been combing
the country on both spUei of the Itlo
Orande nnd far Into the Interior
without gaining sight of the two
lost men' and tonight's message wos
the first word received. Tile men
are believed to be In the vicinity of
Herrera, a little ruining town and
the message was tecelved from
Ouerrern, a Mnall railroad town
near the horde-.
IWtOWNKVIM.K, Texas, Jan 28.
A message from military aulhorl
lles here lo tho commander of the
post at Nogules, Ariz., was delivered
today In eight hours nnd .10 min
utes by airplanes, flying In relay,
according lo announcement nt I-'ort
Itrown The mcHsugo was hnnded
4:25 o'clock this morning nnd was
to I.leut. Vincent J. Mnlloy here at
delivered lo tho Nogales command
er at 12 r.r, p. in. It was said. It was
transferred to fresh machines nt Iji
redo. Kflgle Pas. Mnrfa, Sanderson.
Kl Paso and Douglas
Another nlrpjlane. which was
handed a duplicate of the message.
Is reported to have landed In the
vicinity of Jipata, Texas. Seartm
Is being made for Hie "mlmlm; ma
chine which was piloted by I.leut.
K V. Davis. with I.leut. C. V.
Grimes as observer
Tiolh planes left Port Itrown In
darkness, flying the first hour and
a half by compose
Itnplil ProgrcHs Is .Made In New
Kerry Hearing nt (.'ninil Itnplil
OltATD IIAPIDH, Mich.. Jan. 28.
Hnpld progress was made today In
the process of selecting ri Jury to
hear the evidence for and against
Senator Truman II. Newberry and
123 co-defendants charged with
conspiracy to vlplate' federal statutes
In connection with th 1918 sena
torlal campaign In loss than five
hours court lime eight prospective
Inters had been questioned and
passed for cause and two others had
been excused by the court. Per
emptory challenges will not be ex-
fVrclKCil until 12 men have hen
passed but it was predicted tonight
that this slage might he reached to
TtM.PV. Okla. Jan J Mailmum. 47,
minimum Vi north winds, clear
OKLAHOMA Thuredsy and Friday generally-
fair: somewhat warmer
LOCUM AX A: Thursday fair rtrenl
nloudy in southeast portion; Friday fair,
ThurBds) and Fridav fair
HUT TrX,H- Thuraday ami Friday
fair warmer
Governor to Name Deputies
to Enforce Court Oil Order
fly Asso.iate.l Press Rltte Wire
OKLAHOMA CITY Jan. 28 -Governor
Itobertnon s'ated tr.dav
that as many men n are neees
twry In carrying out Win court or
der In the lied river oil land con
troversy with Texas claimant
will be given special commis
sion. "Thee deputies will bo
authorized to carry out the orders
of the Tillman county dltrlct
court." the governor sld.
A. M. Klewnrl. for A. P. MarBh,
receiver of tho Ilurk Divide oil
projmrtle. announced after an in
terview he arid Marem had with
the governor that he would ask
for the deputlzfitlon of 200 men.
This property, lying five miles
sou'h of Gr.mtlflold ukla Is held
undi r a receivership by direction
r 'he di-'rin court of T.i.man
county The trjc consis's of 180
n ret Krrcniij a 000 bari-e i
we wis brought in on Hie tract
Sewiri 'oil 'he goverrur ha
57 Texia rang'rs aro -now or) ihu
One Gallon Kitchen
Selling for $( ICach
Seized in New York
SKN sillK .Inn 1 U"'
' one gallon kitchen still - Ho
i.ewe-t antl prnhl III. n ..I. hi,
'nine to make Its appi-ai.in.
S'ew York, ii.'rni ding to .1 .1 'i 1
l.n pliiillli.tillll enforcement ol'i
i el He declared tonlvthi lli.t .
niaiiufucturer w ho has l . i I '
Hflcd. curried on n thrlMiiK i i i
titsss In the sale of the devl. ..' t"
apiece. In laid, through" 11 ""
city todav many of the nun a me
stills were nied This w.is the
first Intlmiitlim the uveiitn hot "
the plan to Install whlskv iji.im ig
nppamlus in hiniina on u w id.
The "kitchen slill" Is a Lug
tin pan, similar lo llioee iiie.1 in
tiwluur.inls for baking rl.e and
bread pudding, lie said A high
bulging cover of tin has been
nullified over it, and a rubber
tube to tils from the large p. in In
side or this Is a small tin "worm'
the sle of a pencil Prom ilm
small pan also runs n rubber
"Give il a inah that will pro
dure vviiMti' " temarked all agent,
"and the tin pun will do Its part"
Former Fighters .Should
i Have bigger Tart in
Pershing's Visit.
Only War Veterans to Form
Parade With General
Through City.
It was a "hot" meeting that the
American l.eglon held last night. Al
though the humidity of the atmos
phere was tint particularly notice
able, tho exchange of vocables that
resulted during the dlsiusslon of
General Pershing's enierlalnment
was one of the "waimext" ever wlt-nes-eU
In the hlatory of Joe Cansiti
Glenn Condon, who has Just re
turned from a bustiiew trip In Texas,
was the man who "look tlio lid off"
at the meeting. In It speech thnt
was ns-elved with wild enthusiasm
Mr. Condon reglsterol a most om
phutto lirolcst .it Ilm manner in
which tho reception of General Per
shing Is being planned. .
"I'nlecH II Im Ooricrul Pershing's
own desire that It lie otherwise I de
maml that tho American l.eglon.
compwd of the men who set veil
under him overseas and on this side
during the war be given, file leading
lirt In the program for his enler
tnlmuoiai, rather than representative
of some state lu which he may have
been boriii or whero ho punched
rattle, or fought Indians." he de
lu Port Worth Dtllns. Houston
London Is Alarmed
at Continued Drop
in Exchange Rates
N'lIW VOItK, .Ian 28 -Hates or
exi'Jiango on I,ii,1oii ami all the
principal l;urope(n centers cou
tlnuod to dwindle to new low rec
ords today through nhcer weight
of offiirlngw from domr,tlc and for
"ign Himrt'rM Today's decline
cxtondod to tho ( irlon 1, tho ralu
moving against Jajsan for tho
fine time lu morn than a year.
Tin re was little trading lu chinoso
bills because of the Inability of
dealers to m-curo definite tuola
lluns. Adviei-i from I bunion Indlmloi! a
feeling akin to constorniitlou hud
Liken pottxiMslon of thu llrltlsh
capital, which for gem rations
dominated the world's exchange
Today's low rate of J3 15 on de
man, I Inibyof the pound sterling
marked it decline of ft con'Jt trotii
yesterdav'ti tempi low and Im
plies a discount of sllghilv morn
than 28 per cent. I'ritieh and
Uelglan francs, alao lire, all nor
mally quoted at f, 18 1-S to the
dollar, fell to levels running from
60 to 70 per cent unJer normal,
Gorman marks re from 1 00
nuts to 1 27, an .ilinos Infinitesi
mal recovery, hiiw.-v t in vo-w of
their normal "i ' war value of
23 8 i i ni
property and that white ihelr at
titude bus been roioilliitory. he
eald they have declared thev will
not permit any of ibis oil to be
sent Into Oklahoma.
Mayor Fred Vernor of Grtind
flehl nnd Dr W A l'uqua Joined
In a moage to the governor In
which they said that "blood would
flow like water unleen troops arc
sent. Dcputlin are at tho break
ing point "
"I shall not call any troops,"
the governor said. 'A llie federal
government has taken a hand In
thl It 1 tho government' busl-ne-
to employ military forces if
any aro nereiry. I believe the
question will he nettled poaco-
I uhly "
1 Stewart today wired to Freder
ick for tho tininei of 200 men
whom he will ask he governor to
give special ruli.r. 3t h ' ar
In keeping tho pcaio a ing the
lied river ami carrjlnc out order
I of the court.
(! titer al Wood cc('i)tn
Poiiulcxli r Cluillriifc
t.t'tietiil l.i'onnril Wii'sl.
CHICAGO. Jan. '.'8 General
Uionard Wood tonight accepted the
challenge of Senator Miles Polndex
ter of Washington to meet him lu de
bute In lierie, H. I)., March 20.
Major General liinurd Wood Is
reported lo be more than satisfied
Willi the progress of his campaign
for the G .1 P prenldenllal nomlti.i
Mou, nnd Ills latest photo shows lllni
smiling e has ntriuted to his side
strong elements of support In all
M'i Hons of ih. country
Ittijs .Miijor Portion of Stock III I'or
t li mt Oil Cotiipany In Ileal at
Oklahoma (Ml).
OKLAHOMA (MTV, Jail. 28.
The Magnolia Petroleum rumpiny
acquired today a controlling Interest
lu the p'ortuna Oil company of
Oklahoma City, officers of the com
pany iiunouuced tonight. Although
no statement was mucin ns to the
price paid for tho slock, negotiations
luivo been In progress recently, by
oil operators hcte for tho purchase
of the Porliinu company's holdings
at between $7,000,000 and $8,000,-
After tho sale loday the old di
rectors of the Portion company re
signed nnd sveru replaced by M, f.
Mclaughlin, II. II. Illakeuey, W. I..
Holmes, 1,, C. Hawkins and I.oiils
Campbell, Offlcets elected lire, M.
J. McLaughlin, president, LI. II,
Illnkeney, vice president; W. I..
Holmes, secretary and treasurer. T.
T. Taylor, former secretary, will
continue as assistant treasurer and
will havo charge of the offlres hero.
Tho rorluna company was or
gunlr.cd In Decemlier, l!13, by the
lale A P Crockett and tilhers. In
addition to It extensive holdings lu
Oklahoma, the company controls the
Pugh lease, a truct of l,17fi acre
In the new Hull llaynti field.
Clergymen, Including lllshops. Sign
Protest Against l)eHirtatloii.
NKW YOltK, Jan. 28,-!,lvo Kpln
copal bishop and one Methodist
bishop and 10 other clergymen of
various denomination havo signed
a prptcHt against the deportation nf
alien without trial, "repressive"
legislation before congress, the su
penslou of New York's socialist as
semblymen and "similar evidences of
an excited mood." Ill drnllng with
radicals In America, It was unnouc
od tolght, Tho clergyniHti mot here
recently under the auspices of the
fedenil council of churches of Christ
In America.
The hl hop were Charles II. Hrent,
western New Votk. Chaimcey II
Hrewsler, Connecticut, llenjiimln
llrewster. Maine, William liurenca,
Mssnachusetts: Kthelhert Talbot,
llothlc hem. Pa ; I'nincl J. McCon
lioll, Denver.
Gas Hearing (io-M's
Hearing of the Oklahoma Natural
Ga cnmp.iri)' prole! against the
rebate on gas rates in Oklahoma
City In November and December, re
colitis ordered bv the state cor
poration commlssloii, closed till
afternoon Announcement nf Hint
commission' final decision la re
gard to the rebate will not bo made
for several days, commissioners said.
Have You Been Counted?
Owing to the crowded living condition In this city thousand are
going to be missed by the Fedenil Census takers unlet ever pa
trlollc citizen make It their buslniss to e0 thii' , very pi rson
lodging on their premises and every employe in theli pl,n e of bus
news I counted Do nut confuse tho Fedeiai Census with tne 'try
and other cpnsus lakers who arn now visiting offh n hull.lin.Ti You
mtisl be counted ut the place vnu iisld" You n.en tell you wivci
to give the census enumerator the Information asked, other iiUet
urn doing their utmost to have evers pernop counted, limist Tulsa
If the Census laker ha not called nt your home or if you havo
any doubt about It fill out this coupon and mall It today.
13. Ilco (Jutlirey,
City Hall
January 1, 1020 I waa living at tho address below hut to tho best
of mv knowledge I have not been enumerated thoro or any
where else ,
Namo . .
Street Number . .
Little Hope Held Out
for Ending Deadlock
on Treaty Today.
Bipurliimn Lenders Will
Try Again But Final
Break Is Expected.
Influences at Work in Both
Parties to Keep It
Out of Campaign.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 28. -Pre
ponderance of senate opinion on tho
eve or another ami perhaps final
lilparilwin conference of republi
can and democratic leaders, wnn
that a deadlock had been reached
mnlclng an ngreement very unlikely
on compromise penco treaty reser
vations. Iteeervntlons to article 10 nnd for
preservation of the Monroe doctrine
prcjmlM-d tn be tho center of vari
ation neiween tun leader nr the two
faction at tomurrow' mooting and
It appeared that should a break
come It would result from Inability
to agree on tbesn two point. Hhotlld
.he bipartisan conferences, which
have been In progress for morn than
two weeks, bo nbamloned. Influences
nt work In both political parties, It
was asserteit touny in sonto quarters,
undoubtedly would hnve a strong ef
fect ultimately In tho direction of a
compromise which would keep tho
treaty out or tne political campaign.
Article 10 and tho Monroe doc
trine. It became known today, were
llin only subject on which tentative
ngreement b.is not been reached by
the bipartisan committee Much of
Iho language of the republican res
ervations adopted last session ha
been agreed to by tho democrats. It
was revealed, whllo many change
hud been rewritten entirely.
Change Approved.
Among tho change approved by
the committee were the following.
Modification of tho preamble so
that lntead of requiring Hpeolflo
affirmative acceptances of tho res
ervation by threo or four of Ihei
groat power, uch acceptance would
bo taken for granted unless objec
tions wem mitdo before deposition
of tho ratification by tho United
Qualification of the reservation on
voting strength In the league o
that the United Utntea wnn 1,1 nnt :
bound, except in oasiw whero It pre
viously had glvon It assent, by de
clslon In which nny member had
morn tnan one vote, in tho rcnubll-
enn reservation thl exception waa
Changi! of the withdrawal rcer
vatlon to inako It .provide that no
tice of withdrawal from membership
In tho lengllo "shall bn irlven hv a
Joint resolution" of congress Instead
or "may bo given by a concurrent
A Joint resolution require tho
Klgnaturo of tho president whllo a
concurrent resolution ordinarily
dots not.
Deletion of direct referenco to
Japan or China by namo In tho
Shantung reservation o the United
Htule Himply would withhold assent
to tho Shantung articles and reserve
liberty of action In any dispute) aris
ing under them,
.S'etil Oongroevt' Approval,
Complelo redrafting of two of the
reservation no they would requlro
that no representative to tho leasuo
be appointed without congressional
Toll for I jiM 'J I Hours In Chicago I
AiiiioiiiicimI Ciimv I Vvver
CHICAGO, Jan 28 -Influenza
caused S7 deaths In Chicago In tho
last 21 hours and pneumonia death
numbered 77, tho health department
announced tonight. New cases of In
fluenza numbered 1,(72 and pneii
lunula case 400.
"Tho number of Influenza case
Is gradually lessoning," Deputy
Health Commissioner Koehler said
tonight. "The crnt of tho death
rsle ha been pawed."
I tilted Htatos District Attorney
Clvne nnnouncel tonight that an
effort would be made tomorrow to
have hundreds of cuses of liquor
seined In recent raid distribute 1 to
the hospitals for uso in fighting tho

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