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VOL. XIV, NO. 125.
xwtiatfrjmA mum j n he Ami
ill ill in ill mimmm&
iTlO Adjutant G G II C r a lj
aim v. uiunt.'
Go to Granciiieiu. j
purpose of Order, Robertson
jsan, I to Make Thorough
(.overnor Snys He Has No In
tention to Mobilize Guard;
Deputies Named.
Br Aiforlatcd rreas b'lste Wire.
L.KI.AIIOMA CITY, Juti. 29. Ad
, "iTt (leitcrnl Charle , 1 Hnrrctt
iu miortfl It. H. Markimm. com
n.anuer of the Second Oklahoma in
un'n loft tonight for Gramme 0
o investiKatc the- boundary dispute
whi It n disturbing claimants of the
o.i producing bed of tho ItoJ river
jotween Oklahoma and Texas.
I bate not sent any troops and I
l no no Intention of doing ho,'' Gov
e'r.nr Koberlaon afild today. I
asked Uencral Itarrott and Colonel
Markham to look tho situation or
m orir that I tnlBht hao reliable
mfuriiiatlon on the matter. I liopo
they may be able while In tho din
t let to brlnfr about a dependable
agreement with tho Texas authori
ng to wait decision by tho Lnitcd
State supremo court."
Authority to commission as many
deputies as mleht be necessary to
preserve order In tho statu nnd en
force tho order of tho Oklahoma
court was given In a tolcKtam today
bv Governor llobertson to Austin
I'erryman, sheriff of Tillman
county. .,
"It Is your duty to protect lives
and properties in your county,' tho
telegram said. "However, I am ex
pecting you to uso dlscrotlon nnd
good Judgment."
The chamber of eomtnerr.o of
1'rederlck sont tbe Kovcrnor today n
copy of resolutions commending his
attitudo in refuslns to call out na
tional guards tordefend tho claims
of Oklahoma citizens on tho Itcd
river border.
X M. Ptewart, attorney for tho
Oklahoma claimants to tho territory,
who has been hero for Bovernl days
urging action In the interest of his
clients, said with reforenco to tho
Frederick resolution;
"They aro It, miles awny from tho
trouble and don't understand how
serloui it Is."
OMahomans still aro holdlnc tho
Burk dlvldo well over which tho
contest is going on now in greatest
Intensity, Stewart said tonight.
In spite of opposition by Toxas
rangers, a telegram reported to hlmj
touay UKianoma went forwanl wun
the erccion of a tank for tho stor
age of oil from tho woll. It Is ostl
mat. (1 the well Is flowltift nt tho rate
of 5 000 barrels a day, all of which
Is running down tho bed of tho river.
Imprei'-cil With Mm .Morgan's Mon
tage, Coinmltteo l'lans Solicita
tion of Money lo Aid rntnec.
Tulsa it going1 to do its sharp in
the rals'n of funds for tho relief of
oe.v.mtut-'rt France as urged by Miss
Anno Morjran, daughter of J. 1.
Morgan during her recent visit in
this cl-y At a dinner at Hotol Tulsa
t 15 o'clock last night by W. B
Ilronn, president of tho Union Na
tional bank nnd chairman of u local
committee to ralso funds for tho
movement, ministers, representatives
M all clvlo clubs, and representa
tives of every bank in the city dL
t"eil pianB for tho sollclUnb' of
contributions hero.
Although they fully realized the
fan that Hio public Ls weary' of
omcs and campaigns, tho Tutsans
n?.a-v'ftnllcd at the banquet last
night had bren so Impressed with tho
message thnt Miss Morgan brought
11 "io rpy ihat they dotormlnod to
f"e all who wished an opportunity
lei e wmt ,hey C0Ul'l for tho res
tin?.. .'f 1,18 w"-r stricken por
tions of Franco.
In XT f0Uf 5oary tho children living
tiA. vwlr znnc8 ,lf tho heroic na
tion haVf. 1-
I oiwiuiy IU IlblCJllI
ii much in "7;
'.1eI. ."..rtuuiia iiiuvvu llio Jlllll
la .,bwa.nkcrs' olvl cluh membnrn
Sm ,a ?!? rto a ln 'heir power
th. .... . r Contributions to
'una will bo taken by n
ev;,?t1 a.'ivp of tho committee In
" """k or tno city.
Jn)fiiJ k.nk is lafooitsnn
clanrt, Connty llnp .sw-Uitlon
r AiLSi 'i,m ,or OonKntis.
n.'lJ K.MAf- Jan. 29. The candi-
o? it,.1 ""her W. Bwank, Judge
cL.?0, Iceland county district
for dcmocratln nomination
ia ??5reM 'or thc Flh district.
rou,nd,?rsod hy the Cleveland
hi I 1 ar I'wnlation nt Its inoct
c here tonight, Tho following
treais: . ,ca! Jhn I.uttrcll.
Jest. t; J D' Holland, vico presl
trVuu.nty JudB0 Oeorgo Allen.
vi ...,!0,1,H,1 of l'njroll.
1,," 'AH), Tt-xas, Jan. 29. .Tames
til V American auporlntondent
fii'ilh ,anta .Mining company a,;
Hs .?"' waH "B"' "P ana rou
lotflri i8 ,'"'" Payroll of several
taeV.il "a" .Saturday last while
ktlk?.1 t0 the mlno from Chi
retHv.vty' according to a report
KtlTd here today.
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
PAflAllKMA. rul Jan Ifl. (luneral
John J. reretuntf via.' the uo of Pasadena
KANSAS CITY, .tan i0 Wholesale and
' 0 to 8 cd La a d.iieri hero this eel.
I,ANS1.NU, Mlrh. Jan. 20 Influents
cim lu Mtaliuran reached 11,010 luU aft
trntn, aocordlna to je.orts lu thi.- stale
Until ot health.
UUPAl'RST. Jan. S.---niinary will be
a monarchy and the new Un villi be
i'ht,Mu immediately after the, national as
.tciibly ssjnveiies, said Premier llua.ar,
aueaatDir ut a wi.u.en's aalLfrlu yesterday.
TOPKKA. Kan. Jan. 29. Sallna waa
In lea ai the place (or lb itale repub
Mcan contention today at a Meeting of
the republican- stale, central oouimltteu.
March 31 u the dale aet.
Kl. PASO, Tessa, Jan. 20 Tore e hun
dred ami five vvol, are turninc out iet
roIiHun tn Mexico at a daily rale of $l,9i!5,
223 larrela according to advices received
here late today by Alberto Haudoval, act
ing' eonaul (eueral for .Mexico,
NEW YORK, Jan, 2. UMlda company,
operating a chain of rostauraula Ihrouffb
out fho roun-try, aet a record for earnings
in the year enable November 30. lull, the
total net profile bclivi 1.MS,005, accord
Ins to lit annual reiort made public, today.
MAX VIIANOISOO. Jan. 20. The army
tranrt Mount Vernon, reported during
the night in a ginking condition, la com
pletely oul of danger and fait aroul cruisera
which left la Antreles for her aid have
turned bark Tlila la the official naval word
here today.
IONDON, Jan 29 An ajretvuent on all
tfee principal point al ianie haa benn
reached by tho Italian, cabinet and thu
Isadora of the itrialnir railway men, ac
cording to a Contra! .Vowa riltpAtch from
Home under yenlerday't date. It It ex
pected that the striken will return to work
HT. I'ALt, Minn . Jan. 20. t-onla W
III1I, chairman of the board of dlrectora of
tho Ureal Northern railroad and eon of
the late Jarani J. 1 1 1 11 announced thla
afternoon that ho will retire from active
management of tho road ahortly after It U
rettoml lo private ownerahlp. Hill ctatod
that IUIph lludd rtould direct tho man
agement. " 1
NKW YORK, Jan 2t. Japan eiportM
moro goods tn the tTnlled States through
the port of New Virrk than any othor coun
try in December, according to figurei made
5ubh- at tho ciiatoma. house today. The
fapaneae busibeaa amounted to $29,362,
(197 The nearet oompelltor waa llngland
with 2G.7r3.34G.
OKLAHOMA OriX Jan. 21. A resolu
tion acc.-ptliitf 4HO acres of land near
Chandler has been paised by th state land
rommjsaloner, It was annoiince-l today. TIis
land v.as used previous to tho war as a
militia rifle range and training camp site
It is lo bo appraised and leased tor an
agricultural purpoie.
TOpr.KA, Kan., Jan. 20. The price of
ergs has dropped 3.&S a esse since Tuet
day. Produce men today are paying $14 50
a cato and predict the price will continue
to drop until the consnmor i able to buy
4 5c eggs again. Retailors today are tell
ing freih egffH as low as 52c a dosen, a
drop nf 20c in a week.
NEW YOrtK, Jan. 20. Tho wldetpread
dlitrlbollon of "kitchen still" with v.hlch
msny New Yorkers are reported to be mak
ing ntoomhme heverasrvi at home has been
traced to hlngbampton, federal prohibition.
agents uociare't Here tonigni. inoy say
tho stills which nro eruedly made of tin
pans, were dellvtred by parcel post.
JAOKSOJTVIM.K, V.n., Jan. 20. The
Florida republican atato central commit
ten In estion at Talatka today endorsed
tho leadership of Senator liodgo In the
treatv fight and nominated Jude John I
Cheney of Orlando for the sonate seat now
held by Senator Duncan U. Fletcher, demo
crat, wbote term expires in Manh. 1821
PrTTHrifBOII. ra.. Jan. 29 - John D
Rockefeller Jr . and tVank Morrison, sec
retary of the American l'ederation of Labor.
were announce! loaar as two ot mo prin
elnal meakera a.t a national 'laymai's
conference to aetembU here Saturday "to
consider the obole task of tho Protestant
chnrehea of North AroericA at bome ami
abroad ' The conference will last tftree
v.lted in the mine of the I'nion Coal Si
maic a.n.na l'a Jan. zj i-anir ore
Coke Co. hero late latt night when tno
fan soddnlr ceaited to operate and ln
Dm m.h for the alrahaft one miner was
bnrt. Anoke. which curled out of the
mlno caused the wMnrrea.l report today
that the working's wero on flr and 10
men bad been trapped.
TOPEKA Kan. Jan. 29 Influenxa con
tinued to anread ranicuy throazhont Kan
rai torlar. rerioria to the state board of
health ahowlng a total of 1,42 1 new cum
riurinr the dav as compared with 778
yettorday Of this number, however, tOO
were reported from Kdrds nountr nd
cover a Jlve-tay penoa jwo oeatu were
report el 1
WAIlliil.it' . .an. in- .aiouiu
emosnro on shlpmenta of paper Into the
United State has been lifted by tho paper
controller at irttawa, it was svaieu tonay
in .tl.nih to the Rtate department rhlo-
ments of paper are being made to the Dulled
Hiatna as rapidly as they esn b roaJod
into cars, it a further stated.
SHI' VOT1K Jan. 29. The American
relief administration today rotLfled the
...i. H.rlmnrt that thouaanda of nack-
ages of food sent by persons In America
.a t-flni. relatives and friends In south
centrsl and eastern Burope have been
rolling In huge pRe In mnilit alneei a.t
summer. Tbero 1a no prospect, it added.
of Ibo gooua rescuing ttieir oostuvauona,
nrcirMOVn lnd.. Jan. 59 Forty per
sons were Injured 10 of them seriously,
when an Ohio electrie Inlemrban, Inbound,
letped the traeVa at a enrre on a hiH at
h. .,tn of tha eltv and tnrne.1 oyer to
day The car. according lo pattengers. was
iravellnr down grade st high rate of
speed when It wss derailed.
I.ATtKPO Texaa, Jan 29 Threatening
anonymons lettera have been re'elred by
District Attorney John A. Vails since he
ittfll recently before the senate snw-
tn..ttf-allnc the Ifevlean eltna-
tion It was learned to-lay. A recent letter
written In Spinlsh threatenel "to gel him"
for his testimony In connexion wHh the
'man or e-an uiero bit ."'...w
waa "paying no attention to the threstt
Wood for President
I favor tho election of lonnrd
A. Wood President of the
United States.
Mail to J. It. Meserve, Presi
dent Tulsa Wood for President.
825 Kennedy Illdg., Tulsa.
Gordon Ilaniby Pays Pen
alty for Crimes at
Sing Sing Prison
Record Extends From Coast
to Coast in Scries of Rob
beries and Slnyings.
Expresses Relief When Final
Efforts Fail: "Go Ahead
Roys," Last Words.
OSSINrXO, Jan. 29. Gordon
Fawcett Hamby. mtirdprer. bank
tohbur nnd train bandit, whoso crime
record rcuched from const to const,
and culminated In tho murder of two
Ilrooklyn bank employers In Ue
,.o.r,i,r, tats rviis electrocuted In
Sing Hl'ng prison tonight.
Hamby maintained to the last the
Inn,. nnnmn.llrf) wlllr.lt inlirkOll lllS
demeanor front the hour of his
arrest in Tncomn, Wash., last juno.
Ho rofuwd tho offices of tho protest
nut and ltnninn Catholic uhaplalns to
accompany hint to the chulr nnd
walked to his death nnnldod and
with a firm step. After hn hnd
seated himself ho turned to Warden
Iawes and asked permission to make
a statemont. in n. clear volco which
betrayed not tho slightest symptom
ot emotion, hp said:
.r ...o.,r in un-ttlint nnvnnn who
had tho misfortune, for It Indeed was
a mistortuno, to corns in irum "i
Jay 11, Allen's trim, had a chanco and
a good chanco. That'H all. Co
ahead, boys."
From tno time oi m inai, nuniuy
had insisted that his right namo was
lay ii. Alien.
if 1. nnn. 1,1,, In.t .i,f. In tho
Jitwiii'y nji.-iiu . . ... ...ofc u. ... ....
death house writing letters In his
coll. rendlnc nowspapors nnd "talk
ing" with tho ou'Ja board. Ho ex
pressed relief when he learned that
.... .U...nlU I.,,,,,. nCC.nt tn nn flm-.
ernor Umlth to glvo him a roprleve
lllkll lilll.TM,
When asked what no wanted for
supper, Hamby ordored lobster
R.il.nl. of which ho nto heartily, lie
inuii nroti'fuvu iu unjuy nwiim ui liio
nlgnrs nnd candy which his com
nnnlnnu In the rleikth house hail fur
nished him. Father William U.
Cashln, tha Itoman Catholic chap-
1 1 .. L.nlC - . . I t I . .,n .1 . .
it.. I., nii-. ii. jiiii. ..oiii t. ..i. ...u vii-
demned man this afternoon, who did
liui Ul bUUliy reiunu riliLUii.l l-uiiui.-
tlon, but requested tho priest nnd
Tin. 1 n . XT 41... ,,,,,,.-
1.;V. 11. V. .Y. 1 v.:.ni,i, .ii,t ,i,,bn.-
nnt chaplain, not to accompany him
I 1.1. ..II. .l.n .l.nl.
Ill inn 111K .1 1IIU U4UVI1.
.(1 , . ...... n I.I.. I.
v nt-n iisKvu uy riiuicr iiuiiiiii ii
he had any message for tho youth
of the country, Hamby said:
"I don't wish to nppoiir In tho
HKlll. ui a miiiuu.-ii. liui yiiu mil leu
them for me never to start doing
1..UHH. j nil h". niuiicu in
rrimu you can lievi-r stup.
Uvo riliH'k AK'tlltloIl Demands New
I.cfc-lhliitlon (lonventlon at
Soattli) CloeK-s.
HIOKANB, Wash.. Jan. 29. Ciov
oniniwit regulation of tho niout
packing Industry wtta Indorsed ln a
resolution pajswd at tho close ttxlay
or uio session or tno American Na
tional uve stock tvnnaiation'H na
tional invention. United Ktafai Sen
ator Jolui 11. Kerulrick was re
olectod preHldent of tho iujoalatlon
and Kl Faso, Texas, was cIiohuii ne
next year's meeting place.
iTompi return of tno nuinais to
prlvato control, sjrith reatoratlon of
tho full powers of tho interstate
commerco cuminlnion, was demand
eil ln aiKnner resolution auopteii.
Uitlvorsal military training for tho
y'outh of tho nation wins advocated.
Tno treaty rcfoiuunn. wnno not
Hpuclfylng nny particular set of res
crvattons. declared thc senato ln Its
ratification should "safeguard Amer
ican interests to tho fullest extent by
all rojolutlonn Ihuy deemed tn'cci
sary to nr-curn thiH rwtwruninco."
'Tho rcservatlonH must bo bo
strong," continued tho resolution,
"as to lenvo no doubt as to any con
stitutional limits."
Fal inc tho possibility of ratitica-
t!on with such safeguards, the rt-fo-
liitionrt declare congrwHS snouui piuw
at once a docLaratlon that the war is
at an end.
Court Martial Conclmletl nml Ver
dict ItiiwlMul Decision Withheld
NKW YOKK. Jan. 29 Tho court
martial of Cnpt. Kaj-I "W. Dewer, for
Rllegod oruoltli to eoldlora of tho
A. K. F. at J) Mam, Franco, which
began at Governors Island oight
weeks ago, onded today Tho offi
cers comprising tho court agTeed on
a vordlct In lens than flvn minuter),
but In accordance) with military rew
ulatlons their decision will not lie
announced until it first has been
forwarded to tho war department In
Fire Loss of $30,000
Result at Okmulgee
OICMUIXfRR, Jan. 29. Fire caus
ing a lass of approximately $30,000
tonight destroyed twolvo automo.
hlitv; and trucks belonging to tho
Klngwood Oil company hero. Tho
flra stnrtod when a Ford truck berk
flrrxl, lirnltlnK gasoline on the floor
of thei company s garage it npreaii
rapidly to tho machine shop, causing
tho explosion of Msveral tanks of oil.
No ono was reported Injured.
Release r.f Captive i
Aviators Is Looked
for in Mexico Today
imoWN'SVIM.M, Texas, Jan.
29 .Several aviators of the eighth
item snuadimi at MeAllen, Texas,
tonight were awaiting permission
from (he Mexican government to
cross tho international boundary
nnd carry oil and gasoline to
I.letlls. H F. Davis and O. 11.
(Irlmm, who made a forced land
ing 30 miles below tho V.-ipaia
county. Texas, border yestonluy.
Major Tot res, ncllng cominander
of .Mexican troops In the Mu
tHtuoras district, telegraphed tho
Mexican war dpxirtmt-ut today
rcoominenillnK such permission be
grnittod. So far as known hero no
reply had beon received early to
night. nrlniivH nnil Davln are still nt
Cltierero, a Mexican village, 140
miles went of Matamorns, accord
ing to latent advices from Fort
It mom mid tho two fliers prob
ably would remain theru until
they aro able to bring out their
machine, the landing or which was
forced by exhntmilnn of the supply
of gasoline after tlm aviators hail
become lost In a fop; yesterday.
They aro not prisoners, eixcopt In
a technical senan, It was snld al
Fort Ilrown, and are being shown
every courtiBy by Mexican of
ficials. "The rescue" Mjuadron planned
lo proceed to Oucrrern Into today,
hut failure of Major Torres to re
eolve a response from Mexico City
to his recommendation delayed tho
program. It was hoped tho flight
might bii made early tomorrow.
Secretary of Treasury
Says Further Loans
Out of Question.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 29. The
United States treasury department.
does look with favor upon certain
featuros of -thu proposed Internation
al conference, recently called by a
coterlo of nationally known finan
ciers and commercial lenders in an
effort to lead the world out of tho
financial and commercial chuos into
which it was drugged by tho war.
Secretary Glass declared tonight
In a letter tn a commlttco of tho
chamber of commerce of tho Unllod
Htntos, which had sought n govern
litetit exprtusslon of tho meeting thai
Biirh a conference would sorvo "to
cause confusion and revive hopes,
doomed to disappointment, of fur
ther government loans."
With a nolo of somo finality. Mr.
tilass fet forth thu governments
policy with rospect to furnishing
crodlts, stating that the treasury.
"Is opposed i to government control
of foreign trade nnd finnneo and
even more oppotiod to prlvato control
it Is convinced that tho crodtm io
qulrod for the economic resloiatlon
must corns through prlvato chan
nels." In this respect this govern
ment fears thu proposed conforoee
would mean many peoples would
assume that tho I nlted States was
about to shoulder moro of their bur
dons, Mr. Glass explained.
"If tho chamber ot commerce of
tho United States (to which were
leit detalle. of tho confnrenco call)
considers It advisable and doslrable
to designate representatives to at
tend an unofficial conference" Mr.
Glass Haiti, "tho treasury depart
ment doos not offer objection, pro
vided tho scope and character and
limitations of such a conference, an
woll aa tho Impossibility of United
States governmental action, are
clearly understood. Hut thero aro
numerous suggestions contained In
tho memorial sent broadcast by thu
leadom, which nro clearly not ap
propriate for consideration, such us
cancellation of some or nny obliga
tions of foreign government held
by tho United States or even tho de
ferring of obligations of foreign gov
ornmonts to liens created lu favor of
loans hereafter mado for reconstruc
tion purposes."
Mijwotiri DenrrMTiillo (Vinimltteo
Culls Convention for Jonllri.
JKFFKItSON 'ITY. Mo.. Jan. 29
Tho 1920 democratic sta.lo i-onvon-
lo it to elect deleg.itos at-large tu the
national convention will be held nt
joniin. mo.. Marcli 21. the mate
central commit a In seoulon here
decided lato today.
It also wtifl ileoldeil that women
would have equal rln'htfl and repre
sentation wllh tho men and that
they would be perm HUM to fio
loot their own delegntrs.
Tho commltteo adopted resolution
Indorvlng Hie ailmlnlst ration of
rresment wiwon, tun league "f na
tlor.H, and Oho mate administration.
ruhiVn Tailor. raiVit jrood eiothrst. R. R.
fornr Bocond and Mio, tiptUiri. Ad ft.
Faith In self and faith In men
gives union of strength for tho do
lug of good.
Tho within nnd not the without,
mind nnd not mon net for you, two
cum Mills,
Troublos look big "a-comlng" nnd
llttlo "a-golng" they aro pawing
Tho ability Ui express by word or
work what the heart thlnkcth Is tho
climax of power
The advertisers tell tho fact In a
true way In World Want Ads, rind
you aro safo when you buy any arti
cle advertised ln Tho World Want
Smithsonian Institute Ex-
port Discounts Mars' !
r.eintffl Similar to Ourselves
Inhabit Venus. Dr. Abbot
Gives as His View.
Temperature Will Not Per
mit Ueintrs Who Can Com
municate Here.
Hy The Assnclate.1 Press.
wlrelcrw mifti.igert ore being recolveit
on tho rcirth from Homo other ptano!.
na HiiRKi'Htnd by AVUIiant Marconi. It
Is not Mars Hemllng the signal.-!, but
most probably Venue. as Dr. C. II.
Abliot, director of the Smithsonian
nstrophysleal oliwrvatory and iietslst-
nnt seerolarj' of tno Hmifiioontan in-
Dnotnr Abbot makes no claim eiint
tho mvnterlnuM wlrclewi signals do
rome from another plnnei but sh
If thev do Mars Is eliminated as a
powlbllity because known conditions
on that planet probably would no!
permit the existence oc any lorm oi
living cre.iturett.
"In Uio first plnco," ony Doctor
Abbot, "on account of tho greater
dlstanco, nearly two nnd n half tliin-s
less radiation from tho sun reaches
Mars ttian reaches tho earth. It Is
probably nearly 100 per cent colder
on tho nverngo there than on the
earth. Knowing what low tempera-tiirr-.s
occur on thin earth In the
oout-xo of the winter sciwiii, It will
readily bo realized What mo degrees
colder would mean. In the neennd
place It Is definitely known by the
InveHllgatlons of Director Campbell
of I.lok Observatory, that thero Is
practically no water vapor In the at
mosphere of Mars, which fact
crOMe viut the possibility of that
planet'H nupportlng nnv vegolntlon
or other form of food for living
"The polar raps which nro seen
on Mars may be either hoar frost
from the minute trace! of water va
por In tfi" Martian itntphoro, or
what let ouito an prorianie, rro7.cn car.
bonle arid gas. The xo-cnlled 'ca
nnier" of Mars aro non-existent except
nti Indefinite markings, according to
nurth telescopic obhervern as Her
nurd, Halo ond others who have ob
t-orved with great telesienpes under
well-nigh perfect conditions. '
"Hut. It is objected, thero may bo
other Htrnnge forms of beings which
need no water or vegetation or heat.
This also Is reduced tn Impossibil
ity by the raet that all living things
aro mndo up largely of different
compounds of carbon. While the
stellar sneotrtim shows that there m
carbon on all heavi-nly bodies, the
ol.omlcal combinations of this ele
ment such ns ore required for llfn
mostly require temperature nbove
freezing to prevent rlgldltv. Ho the
extremely low temperatures on Mars,
probably never higher than roro.
would not allow the carbon com
pounds to exist ln a condition nult
abln for originating life.
"Tho planot Venus, on the other
hand, rftiows every condition neecs
unrv for maintaining life. It Is near
ly tho name nlzo as the earth and Is
even nestror tho min thnn tho earth
Is. This would apparently maku tho
ellmnto cnnmilernbiy inoitor on
Venuet, except for the fact that the
rutiumpuere flurrounuinu veins is
continually cloudy. Thin universal
clnudlntviH by reflecting the radia
tion from the un, would reduce tho
temperature to nbout the eame'i range
oh experienced hero on mi earth.
"This cloudlneM also shows a uf
flelent amount of water vapor to
support vegetation nnd higher forms
of llfo on the planet Venus. As re
imrds Ihe nosnlblllty of receiving
wlrnlfHH messagci from another
planet. Venus nt Its nenreii ap
proach to the oareh Is 25.000.000
miles away, whereas Marn Is at Iemt
2!i0 000. nou.
"From those i-imnldonitions It mny
be concluded that If any planet Is
trying to signal our earth. It is Wnus
and not Mors. It ran bo definitely
proved that Mors Is unsiiltnd for
maintaining any form of life while
In view of the conditions prevtitllnt?
or Venus, there Is every retson to
believe that that planet may lie pop
ulated by beings fairly similar to
lleml of llrcmen Prctllcls Action liv
llallrouil OvincrH Ho nnd li'inip
rs ,tla-k t'limmln.s Dili.
NEW YOIIK. Jan. 29. Charges
that "certain railroads' wcr plan
ning to reduce wages as soon ns the
roads wero returned to private own
ership was mado by Timothy When,
acting president of the Ilrothorhood
of Iocoinoiive Firemen and l.ngl
neers spoaklng at the meeting of
tho National Civic niwoclutlon here
today. Mr. Shea denounced tho
Cummins hill now before Uho senaie
and Jolmvl with Samuel Gompors.
pmiiiient of tho American Federa
tion of lAbor, In an attack on com
pulsory nrbltrutlon. Hoforrlng to tho
Cumlmnvt hill:
"There l no danger of a stride on
American railroads, unlt It is pro
voked hy such legislation as the
Cummins bill or such attitude of the
L'fu-i-rnmMit rh In the conl Hrrlke "
ihe speaker s-Ud In conctti. in
I Mr Gompers, defending organiited
labor fuswrted t'hat the unions had
I done morn to provent striken than
jany other aeoncy.
PROBE OF NAVY Oklahoma Red Cross National Committee
I AVITV nDntTDirn ocl()l Held by Reds , man Quits Race in In
LAaIIY UKUtKtUj Reported to be Safe I terests of Harmony.
Daniels Asked to Give
Data on Preparedness
in 1917.
Admiral Makes Claim That
Our Forces Wero Not
Keady for HeifinniiiK.
WASHINGTON, .Inn. 29. Charges
by Hear Atnlral William S Hints that
tho navy whs not prepared lo enter
II. m .-.. In 11117 nro 1.1 lu. Iril'.tfttl.
gated by the sonata Nilbooiltmitlf ii
nlre.iily entrusted with Inquiry Into
tho navy s conduct of inn war wnien
has been i-rtt l 1..-.1 by the same of
ficer. Aetlni; on written suggestion
from Ailmlnil Sims, Chairman Pago
of the naval committee asked Secre
tary Diiulels today to submit full In
formation as to tho condition of the
now tiiat rirevioini In the entrance
of the United Slates Into tho world
After enferenco with Senator Hale,
chairman of tho subcommittee, Sen
ator Pago wroto Mr Daniels asking
that ho transmit a detailed state
ment showing tho location of Amurl
enn warships two months and one
month prior to tho declaration of
war. and their location upon tno
actual day this country entered tho
war. In addition Senator Pago asked
for the names of the ships ready for
distant scrvlco when war was de
clared and the names of those not
ready and tho reason for their un
prepared ness.
Investigation Into tho naval
awards controversy was to have
booh resumed tomorrow wllh Sec
retary Daniels ti stifling before the
committee, bill owing to the lllnoss
of Senator Troinmeil, dumocrat of
Florida, . Mibcominlltee momber,
thc hearing was postponed until
Tuesday, at which time the secretary
will appear. Tim wider Inuuiry Into
Admiral Sims' charges of unpre
patedness nnd failure to co-operate
fully with the nlllod navies will be
mndo by tho mi mo subcommittee
.Irr-hoy Coventor Says NobniMl.nii
Nooks "Harmony of Death."
JHHSIiV flTV. N. J, Jan. 29.
"William JennlngH llrjiin was ac
cused of wanting to rutabllsli "tho
harmony of death" In tho demn
crHtk' party, in a ettntcmont Ieniod
te night by Governor lid ward I. Ud
wards, In reply to nn attack mado
upon the New Jeroey oxootitlvo hy
Mr. Ilrynn at ilrlslol, W. Viu, last
night. Mr. Ilrynn hud charged Gov
ernor Udwnrda with bolng an ngout
of tho liquor Interests nnd with try
ing to disrupt the deinocrallo party.
Governor Kdwiirds' statement
said: ,
"Tho harmony Mr. Ilrynn wants,
Is the harmony of death. If hn lion
his way tlho demoeratlo convention
at San Francisco will bo the morgue
from which will bo plokrxl tho
corptio to appear at a, November na
tional funeral. What I wish Is to
disturb no harmony but an Intolll
gont grappling with tho rdtuatlon, so
that we shall have clearly defined
the Issue of liberty against ecctur
Ituilsm. I would hooner bo tho angel
Gabriel tn ivitl tho pnrty to life,
than tho undertaker lo prculdo al lta
Altornojs Ksiwi'i to l'rtcnl Opening
.Mntcint'iilH on 1'ilday.
filtAND ItAPIUH, Mich., Jan. 29.
The seoontd Htaga III tho consnlracy
trial of Michigan republican laador.s
who camiuilgiioil succusaiully with
Truman II. Newberry In tho 191S
eeiiatoritul campaign wis In sltrht
when the federal dlstrb'.t court ses.
o'.on iiidixl tixlny. Six perompttiry
vlialliiiiKiw huil been uxnroised and
win f.ic-i Lliut only .ii suoh chaiionge-i
remaliKHl made It ourt-uu that at
lessl two of Hie 12 mon In the Jury
box would hold their seats. Tho ad
vance guard of tho r.oo or moie wlt-
nevuis summoned bv the govern
ment nie In Gran.1 tlnpld" and attor
neys ure preparing opening stati)
menls. Attorneys for both the goV
ernmont and ilefenuss nrwlloie.i that
Fildtiy s.ilon would see the finish
of thu Jury seieonon prncesa
ofriflnM for Oklahoma Cllv lirtincli
of Federal Ito-cito Hunks Appnlulcil.
WASHINGTON. Jan. .9 - An
nouncement was mado today by the
fodurul reserve board of thu appoint
iiKtnt of ill following dlrwoi-ors of
tho Oklahoma branch of the federal
reserve board of Kansas City:
William Men, president of the Se
curity National nank of Oklahoma
Cliy j;, K. Thiirioond of nklahoimi
'"Hy K P. ICnrhart, formuily ns-
ulMlnril envlilbi- nf fhi. l-'Ailer.il lie.
serv bunk of k.imw 'CUv Dorset
corier, prtinoni oi ino Mouno oil
company, and P. C. Dings, president
of tho Guaranty Statu bank nf Ard
more, Cilcht. Mr. K.irhnrt, it was nn-
nonnre.l hlLM ben unriolllled rnrin.
ager of the lmnoh.
InnoTitts Hold Caucus.
Democrats of Tulsa held their
precinct caucuses at 2 o'clock yes
terday afternoon t Hie vnrlous
prctn't voting places of tho city
Delegates wero elected to a'tend the
den wratlo county orventlon whb'h
will be hold here next PaUrJay Jan
uary 31 at tho Convention hull.
W SIIIMITiiN. .I.ui 20 - Ie-
(u for the release of the four
A merit an lied ('itnts workers ie
eeiiil captured by Ihe bnlnhevlks
in Siberia Already bus been for
n.iideil to the lliisnliiii soviet ,'Ul
t tint If Im Phrousrh the t'seeho-Hlo-vk
lied Cross, lieudctuiiriers wus
Inf.ii ined luday by repiwentiitlves
In Vladivostok in a eablegrnm,
which uUmi staled lh.it the prison
ers VMiro not believed to be tn liny
tlntiKer. Naines tvf the Itetl t'rtnwi
men mentioned In the rableirmm
us prlstineid were Dr W II Ford,
of Kingston, (ikls, Dr. J II. Me
dlll of JnniH.1, Dili) lievve of New
Vork, and I'.dwnr.t K. cbnrrtte of
Stockton, t'nl The culde advices
from VbidlvoHlok exilnlui'd tlm I
the expre-Nlon of opiliiilam con
cerning the safety of the lied
Cross personnel was founded on
reports from the newly eoniiuered
parts of Siberia, Indicating that
tho bobihcvlkl wero pursuing n.
liberal policy toward prisoners.
CLAiMsnniAi kt.s
Attempt Made at New
"j-ork Hearing to Show
Party Uses Weapon.
AlillANV. Jan. 29. An nttemnt
to show that nahntuim In munition
factories was a weapon which so
cialists weio virtually InA'ltoil by
their party to employ in Its'program
of "continuous, uotlvo and publlu op
position to tho war," was mado today
by thu prosecution at tlm trial nf the
flvo unseated social 1st assemblymen
charged with disloyalty.
Counsel for the assembly Judiciary
committee conducting the Investiga
tion read Into the report the procLi-
innrion nnu win program ndoptod at
tho ML Isolds convention of tho so
cialist party April 7, 1917. after the
United States entered tho world war.
In which workers wero urged to
oppose the, war "llirour.li demonstra.
lions, mass petllloiiH and nil other
means within their power.
Tho prosecution also rend Into Uio
record denunciation of the war ln
the proclamation mi "ono caused by
tno treachery anil trickery of the
capnaiistio cms.-) through their rep
resentatives lu congress."
Finally ronimllleo counsel brought
oul that the iintl-sabotngo clause ln
tho party's constitution, of which
the prosecution asserted socialists
formerly had "boasted" had been
strlckon out nt tho same conven
Senators Wcloonvo Culling Off of III-
Partisan Oonfcmii-o Out Trenty
Until 'IV Mill y.
WAHI1 'NOTO?. .Tan. n SimH.
atlons btitweeu deinocnitlo niirl re
Ptibllcnn leiulern of tho norwito. who
apparently bavo npproached u doad-
locg on tho peaco tnsity compro.
mini, will not bo reiiumed until to
morrow, tho meeting of Die hl-nar-tlsnn
cotiimllleo sot for ttrday hav
ing bevn iMistponed becausu of thu
nbsotico of Henntor I,..nroot of Wis
consin, one of Ihe republican leaders.
Thoro wero indications that soma
senators on enoh side welcomed the
delay luid thero wero many confer
ences uurrng ino day to perrect
plans for tho cuiuniitleo mooting
whileh may bring a final showdown
on tho aucstiou of contlnuhiB the
Thero was much dlAOiissio-n of
what cotirsu friend-. of the trtvity
should take If the ll-parHstn nego
tl.itloiiM ended vvltliout uri ngrenment.
Senator Illtchcsick of Nebraska, tho
administration lender, 1ms told tho
roHitllcantt that in mucIi an eventu
ality he proposed to move to take up
the treaty In the open senate, but he
wild todtiy ho would not do that until
all hope of coiiipromiso by private
negotiation had illirippcnred.
TITI.HA, OUa. Jan. 29 Maibnura. 117;
minimum V. rorth nitida. dear.
OKLAHOMA, i'rldar and Kalnrday ren
erallv fair
K.U.T TKXAW: Prider and Satunlar
WBST TKX AH' Friday an.1 Batiiniar,
fnir: eeMer In mirtli tMirtlon rritlav
IX)IMHANA Prldar partly nlna.ly. rain
In mlhea4 iMirli'in flaturilnr fair
AftKMfltS i'nilav fair, warmer In eaat
portion , Haiur'iav fair
KiS'tH Pri'lay and tjalurday fair
coMi-r I ri'lav niifht
Have You Been Counted?
Owing to tho crowded living conditions ln this city thousand aro
going to bo missed by the Federal Census takein unless every pa
triotic citizen makes It their business to see that every person
lodging on their premises and every omployo In their placo of busi
ness Is counted. Do not confuse tho Federal Cinsug with dlroctory
and othcir census takers who aro now visiting office buildings. Vou
must be counted at the Placo you reside. Vou men loll your wives
to fjlvn the cnstis enumerator the information asked. Other cltloa
aro doing thslr utmost to have ovnry person counted, lloost Tulaa.
If tho Census taker has not called at your homo or If you bar
any doubt about It fill out '.his coupon and mall It today.
n. iiee auiiiroy,
City Hall.
January 1. 1920. I
nt my knowledge
w here elsi.
wns living at
1 have not
Ktreet Number
Personal Ambitions Sub
merged to Aid General
and Win Elections.
Statement Arrnigns Op
ponent for Injecting
Religious Issues.
Pledge Made That He Will
Continue to Render AU
Possible Services.
Ttumors wero current In Tulsa
last ulght that Jako Hamon
would also wltlidraw from tho
raeo for nntloiuil committeeman
following tho withdrawal an
nounced by j. 3, iloGravy. These
rumors were based on advices
from Oklahoma city that tile
supporters of Mr. llumon wiro
urging him to follow Mr. Mo
draw's examplo and rctlro in tho
Interest of imrty harmony. Local
supporters! of Hnmon wero also
understood to lm Joining in the
Ir Associated Press State, Wlrs.
Declarliiir It his bollof that to oon
llnttn In tho race for national repub
I.5iin commltteemati from Oklahoma
would weaken thu party in tho stato
and endanger tho lnterosU of Gon
erol Wtiod's candldncy lor tlie pros
Idetvtlnl nninlnntton, J. J, MeGraw,
presont incumbent, tn It formal
statement, InsutsJ here toniglit un
nounCM to the republicans of inn
slato that ho hail withdrawn from
thu race.
His withdrawal come on the evo
ot tho Hlsth dlstrlot convention nt
Kingfisher tomorrow, which ho has
conceded will bo controlled bv liL-i
opponent, Jnko It. llumon,
McGnivv In his statement says
that tho Injection of u religious
Ihsuo Into thu cnmimJgn has made it
Impossible for him to continue In tho
Following MoGraw's withdrawal
new nnines wero bolng dlscittaod In
ii'imijiican circie.i as posslblo candi
dal cn for committeeman. Anions
those mentioned nro Alva .T Nllt-s of
Tulsa, Pert Chandler of Vlnibi, Ku-
genn iiwsnn or Nowata, itoracQ aic-
Koovor ot Kind, John Kmory ana w.
H. P Trudgeon of Oklahoma Oily,
and Hoy Johnson of Ardmore.
MiiGrnw's Waicm3t.
McOraw's htatomCrlt. which is od-
dresstnl "To tho llapublicana ot
Oklahoma," follows ln tall:
I am withdrawing from the race
for republican national committee
man from Oklahoma In Juntlco to my
Felf-rttipect and the iKtrt Intorosts of
the party as u whole.
"It would bo lirtelew for me to
deny, or to attempt to conceal, my
own feelings lu maklnir this state
ment. Comparisons ant always adi
eus. Tint a condition has arisen ln
this irontest whom ll Is no longer In
fact a tinwtloii of party merit op
personal worth,
"In Oio flrsit place. I am unwinirrer
to pompeto on a commercial banls
for n party honorl In th second
place, tho religious nuobtloii brut beon
ruin! iuiiI fomented by my opponont
mid his supporters to a jwlnt whero
It overshadows all other issues. My
devotion to tho religious training1
which 1 received at my mother's kneo
will not permit mu to drag the creed
to which she Is a devotey into all tra.
ctttal, unfair and unwarranted con
test, nnd my loyalty ami Intrreot In
the success and welfare of tho re
publican party, both national ana
state, prompts mo to non-cedo that,
carried to a finish, oven It success
ful. It would loavu mo lmpotont to
aJtl In tho direction of party matters
with the support ruul cordiality
which should bo uccorded mo ln that
piMltlon. Tho honor of being national
committeeman under thoso con ill -GtuiM
Is not sufficient to reooncllo me
to make the effort to ocuro It,
"J cannot dismiss ftom my mlnrt
tho firm conviction that I have been
made the victim of a most unfair
tho address below but to the best
been enumerated thoro or any-

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