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VOL. XIV, NO. 126.
w.wiilv mm&y III II l
a. Wr r lt-ei
Martens Reveals That
Couriers Come Here
From Russia.
Get Through Barriers of the
European Countries; 3
Have Been Shot.
"Ambassador" Admits Help
of Concern Relied on to
Gain Recognition.
WASHINGTON, Jim. 30. How
the, couriers of soviet IlUHHla carry
ing funds to finance Its propaganda
in America run the gauntlet of death
and Imprisonment In tho surround
ing states of Kuropc, was u story be
gun but alandoned half told today
by Ludwlg C. A. K. MartctiH. soviet
agent In tho United State before tho
senato foreign relations mib-commlt-teo
investigating Russian propagan
da. Martens flatly declined to an
sa er further questions put to him by
tho committee on the subject of the
couriers, and loft It to consider
whether or not hlsplen of "diplo
matic Immunity" from further exam
ination should be allowed, whllo he
went on to recount hLs ponwnnl nc
rJMtlert In endeavoring to get his
government recognized by tho state
department, and In placing provis
ional contracts for $25,000,000 worth
of food, clothing and machinery with
American business houses. This lat
ter effort, ho nald, had resulted In
pticlng two or three letters before
President Wilson urgjng recognition,
though the stato department has ro
inalnrd lirm in if refusal to recog
nize him In any way.
Out of 20 of tho mysterious mes
aengcrs who started during tho last
j ear from Moscow with fundn and
lettere to him. Martens nald, seven
had (rotten through tho barriers of
armies and International frontiers.
Everal had been shot summarily In
Finland "threcv that I know about,"
Martens said ca.iua.lly. Of 10 who
tried to get through Germany, nlno
were caught and Jailed. Tho first
man to roach him hqwqver, curried
J3O.O0O and his credentials as soviet
ambassador to tho t'nlted States. The
couriers carried money In tho fonn
of Finnish marks, or Scandinavian
currency, Martens said, and had
valoua varieties of passports. Here
he began to evade, though Sonator
Moa.es of Now Hampshire, chairman
of tho committee, and Senator llrftn
deseo, Connecticut, who were prod
dins him on with questions na to tho
meeafneer's routes, and methods of
trniel and disguise.
"I declino to answer," lio stated
finally when asked to nnmo one ot
the couriers and repeated his words
quietly when the topic was pushed
further lie, too, had sent couriers,
he admitted, but of their fortunes ho
hud not been advised. Altogether
150,000 had come to him through
the underground routo and also an
Instruction, so he said, not to spend
any money "on politics or tho sup
port of Internal factions or parlies In
the United States."
A list of contracts for goods en
tered Into by Martens wan submitted
tO the Cnmrnlltltrt ivltti Ihn .rhlnnn.
Ajlon that the firms named had agreed
W furnish thegoods only upon con
dition that they were given licenses
jvy the state department to export
lijoe products to soviet Itufwia. The
JATrestenntrait ttwi ..a c- ti rnn
000 worth of printing presses to be
himlehed hy the Lehigh Machine
company of Lehlghton, Pa.
Only 110,000 had been txvl'l on the
contracts, he said, and none of the
Kods had been shipped.
. u depended on the rolatlons
Jn American business concerns to
"Ipyou get recognition?" Chairman
i'OMB asked.
.y'l"' Martens replied, adding that
.... .? w ot wny leters and rcpre
m. J n" rnauo hv Americana
',"!ly ,0 tl,e wvlet government to
ill?,? . 'cial nnd speaking par
.J.ar.ly of "nt lpat tw" which
JiwJ, , ''fM'Ident Wilson from In
lik.i. who- h0 Intimated, would
nltly wcurc a hearing,
i from Ti.i . . . t- ,
0KLAiv,r ... . ,
Utlnt nl "'" yn, Jan. 3U, Atl
bMk "SfT11 Ba-rrt' Is expected
inorBtr,- . '-'"""lorna City in the
thi dulffPJ" a trlP of Inspection to
rlMr territory on the nted
cordl?,a.mlo, adjoining Texas, nc
"cirnd .a i10"""0 from him
torn. ;.toy b A M- Stewart, nt-
rl"r,Ql:Umant of a part of tho tcr
'4 m?,r'r,enco .n h" held totnor-
Harri. sv.ernor .KoberUion. Oeneral
ttilvtr V..st.twnrt. A- v- Marsh, re-
'Ujit .accompanied tho adju
..... Inhn MHntioii nn.rf
lltetYESTKJi' Jan- 30. John A.
Pec-'o, ? a ,,,oneer coal
i.. .,..c.0r and minor of tho McAti.
li.i:'.a- in a local hosnital here
fhSoma & Gulf railroad, nnl
A Crisis in Oklahoma Rep ublicanism
The moHt amazinir thing, tho moat unbelievable thing,
about tho withdrawal of James .!. AlcGraw from the na
tional committeeman race, is the apparent fact that a man
has at last arisen in Oklahoma politics who puts party loy
alty and patriotism above personal lust for office. Mc
Gniw has always ranked high in the appraisement of
friends and acquaintances; but in sacrificing himself in the
interest of that political association for which he entertains
such great affection, he has easily become the most out
standing figure in Oklahoma politics.
This can be said without fear of giving offense to those
who while recognizing the sterling worth of the man, the
neighbor, the husband and father, still felt constrained to
damn him because ho worshipped God in a manner ob
jectionablo, to them; the while ardently advocating the
candidacy of a man who worships no other God than Mam
mon. We say the mode of praise we thus accord Jim
McGraw will excite no vicious opposition from oven these
worthy bigots. For the great "danger" is past; McGraw
calms their fears in these words:
"I shall not hesitate to serve the party and the
cause it stands for in any capacity acceptable to mv
follow republicans and fellow -countrymen. But I
shall not embarrass cither by again preferring a re
quest for honors at their hands. In this spirit lot us
agree what is best to bo done in Oklahoma, and hav
ing agreed, let a united parly set about embracing the
opportunity for party success that undoubtedly pre
sents itself.'"
Bigger than any ono of his detractors; bigger by far
than all of those who fought him on church grounds' put
together, practicing tho truly Christian spirit McGraw took
himself out of the race "without prejudice to any," placed
himself at the disposal of his associates for service in the
ranks, and did not make it a condition of his loyalty that
his party should be anti-anything. Unwilling to involve
his own church? or the church or organization of another;
realizing the miserable unfairness and impossibility of the
whole fight, he sensed that it could only be ended by some
man rising above the plane of mere politics and acting the
man. He did that.
We say again, no man in republican politics in this state
has ever rendered the party such signal service as did Jim
McGraw in his statement of withdrawal. When ho was a
candidate for office he had supporters. Today, standing
behind the bars of political renunciation which he himself
set in place, he has thousands of friends. We ask that
ample note be made of the distinction.
But if McGraw, the victim, found that his duty as a
citizen and republican required him to sacrifice his own
ambition ; that even though he might have continued the
fight and secured his own re-election, these considerations
must be heeded, because he would then be incapable of
healing the wounds of the party, harmonizing the factions
and commanding that co-operation absolutely essential to
party success, what is to be said of those who made ihs
issue and directed tho fight?
That is the question that confronts every loyal repub
lican in Oklahoma this morning. If it is to be met worth
ily, then it must be met in the same splendid spirit exem
plified by McGraw.
The republican party has never been, nor is it now, as a
matter of fact, either a Catholic or an anti-Catholic party.
It is an American party. Wo believe THE American party.
If, the withdrawal of James McGraw was necessary to
prove that it is not in fact a Catholic party, then ftic elimi
nation of Jake Ilamon is necessary to prove that it is not
nn anti-Catholic party. And furthermore, Ilamon's elimi
nation is necessary to prove that it is not a j.arty of boodle
and immorality. It is necessary, too, to that co-operative,
enthusiastic action which "McGraw foresaw could not bo
his in case of success, and equally can never be Hamon's.
That is the situation that stares the republicans of
Oklahoma in the face. No amount of sophistry can altr
it; no argument or evasion change it in the slightest.
The World docs not propose to indulge in personalities
or become a sewer. It does purpose talking for a mome: t
in an understandable tongue.
It may be that Jake Ilamon will he elected as the
supremo representative of Oklahoma republicans in na
tional affairs; that ho will be the major-general of the
party in the state for the next four years. We will go
further and assert that such is bound to be the result
unless the patriotism of the party, the loyalty of the party,
tho DECENCY of the party, the pride of the party, springs
into action and forbids it.
But if Hamon's election should come to pass, let it be
known beforehand that no man or woman who espoused
the cause of James J. McGraw will bear a single ounce of
responsibility for it. They have had their hour in Geth
scmane with personal pride, and they emerged cleansed.
For there they made the sacrifice necessary to prevent such
a thing, if those who know the full portent of it will but do
their duty.
And if Hambn is selected as the party leader; if Ha
monism dops triumph and stamp itself upon the republi
can party of Oklahoma, then farewell, a long farewell to
an opposition party in Oklahoma capable of commanding
respect, confidence or co-operation either at homo or
abroad. '
For there are tens of thousands of men and women in
this stato who do believe in the honor of men and the
virtue of women; who do believe that the reasonable puri
fication of politics is not an iridescent dream; who do be
lieve that the republican party in Oklahoma is under obli
gation to maintain itself in such a way that it will bo
ready to respond to the popular mandate when the people
have at last tired of major-party domination and turn for
relief to the only source from which relief can come under
the form of government we practice. (
And these republicans will neither accept the Ilamon
representation nor follow tho Ilamon leadership.
The question then is this: Shall wo servo republican
ism as taught by Roosevelt and Lincoln; by Wood and
Johnson and Borah and those others too mrmerous to men
tion ; or shall wo follow republicanism astiracticcd by Jako
Hamon? If tho first,, then we can pridefully point to tho
party in Oklahoma and tho nation. If the second, then it
will still be possible to take pride in the national party
only by forgetting the state party. ,
Bipartisan Parley Failure
and Leaders End the
Lodge Rejects Compromise
Proposal by Taft Which
Democrats Champion.
Hitchcock Serves Notice He
Will Move Treaty Be Taken
Up at That Time.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 30. Kfforts
to break tho ponce treaty deadlock
by unofficial bi-partisan, negotiation
ended suddenly In fulluro today and
democratic senatci leaders began
preparations to bring the treaty
hack Into the open sonatu for con
It was over thn long debated
article 10 that tho bi-partisan move
ment ntler bringing republicans and
democrats together on nmny col
lateral Ismies, finally mot dlnistnr.
The end came after Shnator Lodge
of Massachusetts, tho republican
leader, had renewed hit refusal to
compromlso on that artlelo and had
rejected a reservation on tho sub
ject written by former President
Tnft and presented to thn bl-partlsin
conciliation committee by the dem
ocrats. Walking out ot the conference
with tho announcement that further
dollbrratlons there were uselesi. tho
democrats quickly drafted plans to
renow the fight In the open. The
acting party leader, Senator Hitch
cock of Nebraska, announced tnat
tlco would bo given in tho senate
tomorrow of his Intention to move
on Kobruary 10 to tako up tho treaty
for ratification, Opinion was divided
as to v bother such a motion uould
If It does, Senator Hitchcock ex
pects to propose, he eald, that the
senate adopt those reservations on
which tentative agreement hud been
reached In the committee nnd then
fight out differences oer tho oth
ers. A draft of the committee's work
made public by Mr. Hitchcock did
not correspond with ft roviow of Its
accomplishments given out by Sen
ator IXMlge, however, and a bitter
aftermath seemed In storo should
thn democratic plan of opon dlsous
skn bo carried out.
Tentative agreement, Fenatbr
Hitchcock said, had been reached by
the commltteo on tho preamblo and
12 of tho 14 proposed reservations,
tho only subjects remaining at ssuo
t.elng article 10 and tho Monroe doc
trine. Senntor 1idge maintained that
there were Mx In all of tho 14 on
which no agreement, even of a ten
tative n:ituro, had been consum
The move of tho democrats In
championing this reservation camo
ns a Burprlso, the leaders oi) both
sides having Indicated boforohml
convictHtakes"own life
Clyilo Uigow Wus In Solitary when
Ho Hung Rclf 21 Years Old.
M'ALESTISIt, Jan. SO. After
three days In solitary confinement,
Clyde Uigow, known as one of tho
most hardonod of tho convicts nt
the state penitentiary, hung him
self In his cell horn last night.
Ingow wrapped his leather belt
twice around his neck, fastened It
to the bar In tho small opening, for
p. ssoko of food through tho sheet
m 'ul door to his room and
stra igled himself by letting his
web 'it bear down. Tho feet of tho
con o wero found ( touching Uio
Jjig w was serving his fourth
nenal rcrrn. although only 21 yearn
old. Ho was sent horo tho last llmo
from MilsKoguo to servo momns
for grand larceny, and had a year
more to servo. Ho had beii In
carcerated at tho Pauls Valley re
formatory and tho Oranlto stato
farm, and onro beforo at this place.
Ijigow was put in solitary for se
riously Injuring ono of his follow
prisoners by striking him on the
hcuq; with a metal slug.
lU-puhllcjuts Will Not tolect Soo
wir on .Military Committer.
obviate charges that the' houso mili
tary commltteo was p.i-ckod olther
for or against universal military
training, republican ho'-ise. leaders
have virtually agreed not to fill a
vacancy on the comml'-toe, which Is
now framing an arniT ro-organlza-tlon
bill. ,
Tho vacancy was caused by tho
resignation of former 'Kopresonta-
tlvo IvftOuardla, New ,York. ltcpro
Bontatlvo Harrold, republican, Okla
homa, nominated tin successor, de
clined to serve nfterj friction among
republicans had dovflopod to his se
lection because of'nla opposition to
universal training.
Crew of Tank Steamer
Sunk at SeU Picked Up
WILMrNfJTON, Ni C, Jan. 30.
According to a radio Hioiko picked
up here tonight thi crew of the
'nnk steamer Molloro, which rank
at soa Monday, wore rescued by tho
stcainor Hucroua, a r.lster ship, Th
men were picked UP 'his afternoon
after having been ufloiu In small
boatii fyr five day
Governor Will Call
Exira Session Soon
Miami Letter States
PpecUl to Th World.
MIMI, .Intl. 110. Kiithor than
the cjiiitti of vtoiiuin'. suf
frage IonI, ,1, 11. A. Koliertsoii
Mill (Sill II KM'llll M-Kslmi of the
Mato legislature, lie iltvlartsl In u
letter to .Mrs. Ii 12. Shipley,
eliiilrliiali of the Olliittii (iiiint)
DeiniH'iiitle rluli, vJileh sho rv
celt oil today.
He slll not let It Ihi fnlil that
Oklahoma caii.-ecl the defeat of
tin. iiioteiiienl. (iiiNcrnor Itnbi-rt-Mn
took n nip ul Ills Killtlcul
opiMiiieuts In the pirty In Ills let
ter to Mrs. Shipley.
Concerning ('iiniptell KilkscII lio
Mild, "there are many Hitem reii
Mills why Me should not lme a
MhvImI hwIiiii at this lime. On
(ho other hand, there lire hoiiio
good mi.sons why mo should Imto
one. If CiimplK'll ttuticll mid ono
or tun other xtnto officials do mil
gel busy mid help to liiillil up,
miller Hum tear iloun the ilemo.
rnille party, I fed Justified In eon
wiilng tho IfglMntiiro In thn rrj
near future."
Dissatisfaction Shown in
40,000 Letters to the
Gels All Profits, Producers
Declare; ifnablo to Get
Labor Due to City.
WAHHINC1TON. Jan. .10 Indica
tion of a widespread spirit of un
rest and dlKiatlsfactlon among the
farmers of the country bo threaten
ing an llkoly to disturb the existing
economic structure Is considered hy
governmental officials to bo re
vealed in more man .iu.uuo replies
to a rnicMtlonnalro recently sent out
by tiho pimtnfflco department.
Tne replies o tuns rnr illgesTeii
were summarized In a report pro-
pnrnd by Ocorgn I Wood, mipcrln
iendent of the postofflce depart
ments division or rural malls, unu
read to tho senate ptmtofflro com
mission 'todnyhy JamesT. Illnkeslee,
fourth assistant postmaster general
The views of t'ho 40,000 or morn
farmers wore ohlnlned by tho broad
casting of 200.000 copies of n ques
tionnaire mroupnotit mo agricul
tural states asking for suggestions,
whereby thn postofflce department
might aid In cutting down tho cost
of living.
Answers' to the questionnaire ns
Kiimmnrlcd by officials, show the
major complaints or tlia farmers in
numerical order to bu:
Inability in obtain latsir to work
the farms. Mred help and tho farm
ers' children having been lured to
thn city by higher wages and easier
High profits taken by middlemen
New York A"Mmhly Committer) to
I. -...,1..,. it...,.r ris.n.
New .Move Is Ilcguii.
ALBANY, N. Y., Jan. 30. Tho
second week of the trial of tho flvo
suspended socialist amhlymcn
charged with disloyalty ended to
night with counnol for tho assembly
JuiUclary committee rlll nnublo to
stato when they would he ublo to
completo presentation of their case
Tbismorning won consumed with u
general exKmltlon of socialism and
its History slnco 1864, but this aft
ernoon tho prosecution reiul Into the
record volumes of documentary evi
dence bearing on tho nntt-wnr pro
gram of tho nocaallst party and tho
attitude of tho socialist dolegatlon In
mo assembly toward wnr legislation.
Committee counsel nlno went Into
the socialist doctrine that political
action should be backed with Indus
trial action nnn obtained from Al
gernon I-o of Now York, treasurer
or i no socialist stato committee an
admission that under certnln condi
tions socialists (sinsldereil a general
strike a Justifiable pulltlral weapon.
Adjournment was taken until
The Judiciary commltteo today dis
played noticeable efforts to speed up
Tho speeding up prorcsti followed n
report that a fifth effort might be
made In tho lower houso next Mon
day night to ro-snat tho ousted mem
bers and discharge tho Judiciary com
mittee. Tlie report was that Lieu
tenant Colonel Theodoro Hoosevelt
would head tho movement, but the
colonel would neither confirm nor
deny the report.
Meaiiwhlln the stage Is luring set
for n, meeting hero tomorrow ar
ranged hy members of civic, soclnl
and labor organizations at which
protest will be mado against suspen
slon of the Houlalprts. Doleirates be
gan arriving today from tho chief
cities or tne stato.
Petition for Hoover
Is Filcd in Michigan
7VNHINO. Mich , Jan. JO. Pctl
tlr.r.s to pla. ilio namo nf Horhuri
Hoover on the demoevtlc b:i''nt at
tho presidential prefuro'ioi primary
April I, wero riccivsi ny in.. . -ie.
tary of staio th.s morning. The n.iti.
Hons lncked the requlpnl ion slgno
tuiefl, but It was IndlcxM I additional
ignaturoH wovm be prencntod.
Senator Says IJolief Is
Financiers Are Hack
ing Candidacy.
Oklahomiin in Tulsa Is Mum
on Own Candidacy Until
Party Takes Stand.
' Herbert Hoover's cviidld.iey for
tho democratic nomlnalluii for pres
ident Is regarded as a Juko In Wafih-
It.gton and tho east."
So l'nlte.1 st.i;.w Heli.lttT Hubert
Latham Owen, iiinntlunol by his
flit mis ns a in.'rtl.l.Miil il cnmlMolo,
ii-'ilarM while In Ttils-i yesterday
"The impression prevails that
rniiiiioierx, who want America lo
undertake the rehabilitation of Mu
rope, and thus assure the stability
of their loans, arc lucking Hoover,"
ronlliMnsl Senator Owen. "This the
ory Is homo out by the fact that thn
biinm sprnng up simultaneously all
over the tmllnii. Tho Hoover boost
ers appear to have unllmlttsl means,
and this makes Mr. Hoover's state
ment Unit ho knows nothing of what
his friends are doing appear odd.
Perwnnllv believe that tho plan
was coo'icd up with his full known
edge and consent, but 1 inn confident
mat no will not lie nominated.
As to his own probablo selection
ns the democratic standard 'boarcr.
Senator Owen was u ore millions In
his remarks, lie nald that when tho
democrats of Oklahoma huvo spoken
then It would bo seen whether ho
became n ciiudlihito or not,
ProNseil for a word or two on the
povilblllt) of his being endorsed by
th democratic convention to be held
'it Muskogee, Senator Owen said
that he believed his record In tho
senate would bear Uio alos.sit scrut-
Ing, and show Unit of the men who
Imvo been mentioned only two are
from the west W. J. llrynu and
himself and Isith aro considered In
tho progressiva class.
Mr. Owen Is irroud of tho fact that
bo Is for rigid enforcement of the
prohlbltlon-law; equal suffrage, tho
budget system for national govern
ment, anil tho Adoption nf tho league
of nations covenant In the treaty of
peace. In thin rcspeol lie anil Mr.
Hrynn nre almost ngreisl, while Pal
mer, (lerard, MoAdoo and some of
mo otner canuiuaies nro iuK.ov.urni
advocates of prohibition nnd suf
frage. Senator Owsn declared that half
hearted Americans shoul 1 be dropped
reliefHmeasure favored
tpiiblleans Informally Agree? Upon
BO .Millions for Kiirnpo.
WA8HINOTON, Jan. 30. ltepub
llcan members of the house
ways ami means committee In con
ference late today Informally ngroed
to favor legislation authorizing the
treasury to extend additional credits
of JDU.OOO.OOO to certain lluropeau
countries for food relief.
The specific countries lo nencru
hv Ilie fund cerdlts will be decided
upon at a later meeting of tho ma
jority members of tho committee.
Poland, Armenia anil Austria wero
Included in the orlglnnl proposal of
Secretary OIuss slnco supported In a
loiter Infill President 'Wilson for
credits of 1150,000,000 later icduced
to 1120,000,000 by Mr. (ilaMi,
Clcwlanil Men Murdered and
flues to Hlajeni Aro Indlcntisl.
nl.lIl'I'T.lMn nlilo Jon. 30
Halvatoro V. Kusao, a liuffulo de
signer, who with an unldontlfied
companion was murdered horn early
toiiay, apparently was iiiu vkmiiii "
blackhand unemles.
Tim! u-nn liullnritnil tnnllfht Wben
Chief of Detectives Michael ltyan of
iiuriaio, uiiormeu i.iovei.inn iiuum
that a street address found In the
clothing of Hunso led htm to the
home of tho "king of lluffalo black
hundors" and furnished local pollco
with their only clew.
Mfforts to Identify the socond vic
tim or to locate a third man who
was discovered lying wim u.e iwo
bodies, but Inter escaped, fallud to
night. Ilandil With Empty dun
liobn a Pacific Mail Car
OMAHA, Neb., Jnn SO A bandit
armed v. lib an empty automatic gun
robbed the mall ear on Union Pa
cific puongor trnln No. 2 of nil
registered mall this afternoon be
tween here and Fremont,' Neb., 40
miles west. Ono bag containing JS.
000 In wur savings stamps, was
ripped opon, but tho contents nut
TriiSA. OVla., Jan. 80. Mailmnra, eS;
mlMmiim. 30 afAith wlmls; clear,
OKLAHOMA! Katorday ud BunrUy
KANHAH' Kslr BalnrdAy and SundAy;
roiaei in routncAsi oxwar, wsrmer fun
A KK A NBAS Saturday and Rnriday fair
cooler Ii i.orlhesnl norllon
ado nunuay lair
T1IIIH1A.VA Haturriar fair niennt nroh.
aMn rain, la toaUiwott poitlgu, fuiidy
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
VtkMVA .T.n nn 'Ilia ftntiira of
OdfHm ii) "t'VmtiiUn ftirrrft priniitAiitiJ by
I kr.inin prM rmri
WAflitlNdroN Jn HO- l'ralreil VH
wn toJfty uit lo ill a natn ihn nomi
itAitun of franklin W M. I'utfJuvm to be
Ultwiaf ttf th wr flnutj rurjHtraUun.
MONOMUAl. Jftn. 30 -AJmlr! Kol
chih i rfjHrTltM to litfo firAiiml from lb
boUttrvtkl nl lo U in l.i.lihr In Mau
clitirifc, kfoonhnK lo a Toklo (iupatt-li lo
Ilia JapsVuwa iiwatper Miyu Jijl hr,
OTTAWA. Jan. AO Thn domlnlin caM-
not oounrll mM today to (Hikum lh quriv
lion nf niftiarigff whiMi tit it fallru to imw
low level Tlitf Caiiatltan dollar wra4 today
quolfJ at tha rttliUnl of Bfl S3 (pull
in unuii n(ca money.
J)rrrit()IT. Mien- An SO ITnllM
HtatON Mar phut llonry nMiremlt waa author
tifta inn morn (iff to a te mam from wn-
Init-m to furnish frm of rJiarco Lo all
rfputahlft phyildana MfiUkj to La ud In
inn irvaimem oi lniiUMiia raM,
LONDON. .Un. 110 Premier IJ.ir.l
in-irjta la tlioiil u oner ilia minrtt prol
oiitUni thnl ritfitrrnitum nt th "0,U0O,
000 elrtturt of llrot llrlttln t Ukrn on
tlie auemliti if imtlonilltttlon n( Itin
nilnei, it It tuerliMl b tl) Kvpulnc (Jldb
I'AUIS Jn. 80 Tho rblnel t Premlur
Mlllcrnnit wn loti-n tit o( ronlMrnct In
the rlmmbnr ttt iImiiiIIm At a int.lon At
I Jmt by ulrtutllr aU lli mamVrt. The
tuto wai &IU In ftvor of 1 lift iiilnlilrv lo
..i ..I... ... -i. ....... i I
i:'ATON IlOttOP. I. Jai. 30 t'hllllo
DelAttA waa itruwne.1 Anil two ollirr mm
wiin Allclitlr liurnoil wlin a tAhk ot m
linn aImiatiI lb HtAmlAril 1)11 roiniHinir'A
lAinifh l'uiirh rinloilml bpr UiiUr. wrick
ing inn mu Aim (iirowinc wi rrw uiio
nn rimr .
DllMld.N. .Tun. Jin. Whnn tlin new ma
nlrlriAl roonell. rnmponcil mo.tlr of linn
frlnrrA. met for lk f i rat limn today it u
Krenbsl with Ihn irrnMlril entlillilAMrl br
burn rriiwil. as Uio riiiublk4ii Xlau- wai
iiuuiru on ilia r) hail.
nOHTON. .Un. 30 "Mr wlfn I. my
IqVaI wmnkn aiiJ w Art very baipy," iaI!
I.lrul. I,atimiA MorcAii Hamilton, SO-yrAr-
oiu irrAniMHi or inn laio j, rmn'oni Aiur
TAn Anil rrrat rrAnilaon nt AlniAii'liir llj.ni
lllon, hrm tmUy tit a runAwAy mArrltKa
inai nit tiarue.1 tocmiy m t,tw votn. ami
WINDHAM, Malnn jAn. 30. Thn roAlo
mill And scvenl Ailiolnlne bulldlnca ot lha
wnoil ioln i.lnt ot K I. lni Pont iln
Nrmotira I'o, were nViiroyml by flro lait
nltht. whlrli eAuiml An etlmAtol flajnaKt
oi f .uu.uuu, i nn lira wtt ctuirni ny (rind
nr iffiiiunf; wooa powner.
llurrla, preildnnt of llm Klril National htnk
of Nnwinan In NnwniAn, Ot nnar horn.
Ami 1'. p, (founts, rtalilor, am under Arrnat
today following rfUcovnrr of sn Allecml
nhorlato In lha hank's fiuida which thn
lnlc niamlnnra any will probably reach
J5OO.000 -
Ml. PAHO Tniaa. Jan. 30. lllnn.a .,
f'niiAlor Pall At Ida New Hnilro ranch tO'
itay raaind uintponeinniit ot th opnnlnit
nf thn (marines hern today of Ihn Kail
(ulx-ommlttpn Intra tlratlnr tlin Meilcan all.
nation Hrernlary Jarkaon of the commit
Inn announrnd. Hit hearings would atari
PIIOKN1X Arts. Jan. 30. Thn alma anil
objneta of ortanlind 1atr ami of tlin Amor
ran legion arn innniirai, unnnrai I'crahlnr
dnfiared In an addrraa here today, "anl
Hi. in two onttnliationa alioul.l to hand In
hand toward proirreaa and a common tin
dcratandlne undnr the different cla'ases of
Ixjt In America "
WAHHINOTON. Jan. 30. Al thn rnnunal
of thn railroad administration, Acting fcoxv
rciary urowett oi tne war ilnpariinnnt today
algn4 an order oommAndnerine; 130,000
wuia oi sieni Tana ui un auoiinn amims;
rail milla on thn basis oi their productive
capacity. (Vnnpvniation In nw.it cases will
bn drrldnl lain, on ihn btala of actual
coat I'lua A apnclflnd profit, but In a law
caaea rlcn arrcwnnnU whli the producara
already have been reached.
AMI NY. N Y.. Jan. 80.- Iti-ooal of
thn Inderal eroliibitlon at br a fnderal
constitutional conynntlon la nought In a bill
inirnuiirrd in uio icgiaiatnrn lodsy by Aa
annbtyman loula A OultllHnr ol New yrk
city Thn bill propoiet thi Iciialalura pelt
lion congreas to eaii tua IoJr.nl couton
lion for tbla purposn
NRW YOltK. Jan. 30. Clinton T.
Ilrairifri! nrealdnnt of thn itnhliahlnr firm
of Harper k Un, was found anility today
of publishing an obacnhn book and was
Ilnnii 11,000 wllh an allnrnatlia ot apend
Ing thrcn monlha In Jail. The firm abo
was fined tl.000 lloih wnm paid The
nok waa nntitlnd "Madallne. an Auto
biography "
OKI.A1IOVM riTV. Jan. 30. Mra. J. 11.
ltibertaoll. wifn of OoTnrn.ir lUWrtmin
U confined to bar homn with an attack
of pneumonia wblnh reaultn.1 friMH an In
fiurnia aliack the gnTfrnor nald today
(lllii.r alalc offlrcra wsio arn III with thn
llteasn am Lieutenant florernor Traon and
his -nllrn family Frn.1 llrnnls. bank
citnmlaa loner anil Jon ff. MorrU ancrutarv
of alatn
OltWI) HAPIIif). Mich. Jan. 30 The
t'nltod Htatoa illalrlri court ami its atlor
nos lo.tay failed to complain thn Jury
whh-h Is to bnar ihn nrtdencn In tho New
berry elections conaolrAcy trlAt. Two CAaca
of influensa In thn panel dcplctnd the
Icnlalln. Jury and opnralml to Tolong the
questioning of Ulnimrn.
WASrilNOTON. Jan 30 Thn limreinn
court t.Klay ordered re arguments April 13
in Lijni irroiiani irom couri OI Ciaima
derrni't dismissing ciaima for compensation
of attorneys from Oklahoma and other
aiams nnranaa or mnir asaiaiance In cstab
llahlnr In the Choctaw tribunal rlllienshlp'
nf Mtulstliml Chot'taws who bad failed
to to to inauin Territory to participate In
wiir .riuai aiioiiiienia.
mny prompt a World reader to un
swer your ad Blmply beoatitio he
wants to know mora dctallo, Hut If
you tall tho whoui story In your ad,
tho reader who answers will be
ready to nut, Just on soon a-s ho tnlkH
with you.
Toll all 'he details In jour ad
Then the toplles will nut bo from
people who uro lldy curious, but
from pooplo who want to do buid
nena with you, I'hone Onagu 0000
olid ask for Wunt Ad BcpartmcuL
i Republicans in Okla
homa Want New Man
for Committeeman.
Example Set by Incumbent
Praised as Step to In
sure Party Harmony.
McAlcsler Man Says Ha
mon Must Quit; Musko
gee Takes Action.
The District Convention at
Kingfisher Instructs
Delegates for Him.
fly Amoclsled Preas mU Wire.'
At a meeting of Fifth dlirtrlct re
publicans held hero tonlirht, .lohn
Lmbry, former United males dis
trict attorney, was endorsed as u
ejindldnto fur tho republican Na
tional committeeman from Okla
homa, and tho withdrawal of J, J,
Mcdraw from the raco wn np
proved Tiv resolution us a "flacri
flc. for the republican p.irty."
The meeting was njlondod by a
number of prominent republicans
from over the district mill ended In
llie organization of .ui Kmory-for
Committeeman club.
Offlceiis of the e,ub wero elected
as follows: Hev. K, T. Iaiiii o(
oklnJioma City, prwldcnt: Mrs.
Frank Northrtlp, vIcc-presMeut;
Mrs. Homer F.ller nnd W. T. Has
wilt, secretaries.
Jake L. Hamon was Invited In a
resolution hdoptnd to ellmlnnto
himself ns a cm did at o for com
mlttenmnii Talks were made by 13d S.
Vaugh and H. A, Kroegor of OkU
honia City and V. T. Walker nnd
John notable of Outhrln. Tha
meeting was called by lleverond
SpecUl in Thn WorM.
MUfllfOOKK. Okla., Jan, 30.
Ono hundred "loyal republicans" of
Muskogee, omo of lliem friends of
James J. McOraw, who yesterday
withdrew an a candlilato for repub
lican national rommlttcuman, today
signed a resolution condemning
Jako Hamon's candidacy and urging
tho selection of some "good clean
citizen and representative republic
an vtho can bu loyally supported by
tho rank and file,"
Following Is tho resolution:
"Wo, the undersigned, loyal re
publicans of Muskogeo men and
women, with tho nolo Interests of
tho republican pnrty at heart, and
with thn'deslro for purity and har
mony within our ranks, .call upon
all good and truo republicans in
this city, county, congressional
district und stuto to Indorse by
their votes at tho party caucuses
In this district on February 2, the
following sontlnients:
"l'lrst That wo commend and
Indorse tho action of James .1,
McClraw, present national commit
Iceman from Oklahoma, who in
tho Interest of party uijJty, har
inony and success, lias withdrawn
from tho race lo succeed himself
and thereby hold the Interest of
his parly abovo personui ambition
und personal motives.
"Hecond That wo condemn tin
'rula or ruin' policy of any candi
date for position In tho republic
an organization, that wo con
demn thu practice of lavish expen
ditures of money In attempt to de
buuch and seduce voles.
iiiiru--'nMit dolcgatcs elected
at republican precinct caucuses bs
Itmtruete,! m Voto In tho county
conventions for delegates to the
lato ami district conventions
pledge,! to support such candidates
for natlonul committeeman from
Okluhonm who, In tholr Judgment.
Is u good, clean citizen and repro
senlntlvo republican and who
j;ould bo loyally nupporte,! by tho
rank and file of tho party, to tho
etiii that unity, pt-aco and harmony
may prevail in the republican
party In Oklahoma and thnrf suc
cess and victory bo tho reward.
Fourth That all delcgutet be
Instructed to opposo tllo candidacy
of Juke Ilamon for member ot
thn republican national committee
from Oklahoma for tho reason that
we believe his Bisection as na
tional eommilliAeniun would Jeop
nrdlzo ihn party'H chnnco to curry
this stato In tho coming election.
We also commend an(j endorso
to the republican votes of Musi;.)
go county "W. I. Dlggs for chair
man of the county central com
mittee and Hoscoo Catu for
etute commlttecmMi."
M'ALKSTHH, Jan. 30, "We are,
not for Ilamon any morn than w
were for Mcflraw," declarfsl W. V,
Coinly (Jonvcnllon Today.
Depiorrats of Tulsa county will
hold their convention In tho su
perior courtroom at the county
courthouse at 10 o'clock this morn
ing, uccordlng to tho announcement
of, M. It. Glasgow, county chalrmui.

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