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500 School Children Given
$1,000 for Gardens in 1919
Rotary Club Fathered
Growing of Foodstuff
lii)- Beautiful Campaign Was
" Assisted by Movement
of Organization.
........ .'tzrnHniD. us muii tin n
?thf , i.roaea. result of tho "City
Jlful C ivteat 1 launched for tho,
ii'iry clab und In which n rao.1
ivo Khool children competed for
v ..- .1 .. loin l.'nui mnrp
. '.'"viuWic meeting havo hern hold
iJ Ihlj c.ty hu:i llic b,initiet given
he contoMunM at Hotel iTul-ij by thu
Ulirlan : ml week, when $1,000 In
rrlio mono- v, awarded tho win-
"in' Its work of Interesting the pupil
In the 'City lleautiful" content thu
promoters of the movement havo nc
complHhed one result, which. It uril.
,erl wou.d do wonderw toward
anjwc'rln itu-greatest need of the
country r.very boy and girl who
hti taken part In tho movement has
become a producer.
Incrcamsd production Is tho great
nted that eiery kcen-vlsloned pub
liclat declares necemary to stabilized
national Mfe While they might havo
tilkrd or adopted well meaning res
olutions on the mibject, tho members
of the notary club bellovn they hsw a
better way of holplng tnattem,. and aa
remit of their efforts through the
"City Heautlful" contest they made
rroducrtn nut of a throng of nchool
pupils who w on will tako their placo
u full-fledged citizens.
Krom the first the vegetable gar
fn phase of the contest was placecl
jthe foremost Starting, as It did,
xill the war was on, tho move
turrit an effective aid to tho
food administration Other phases of
the contest not neglected, however,
aj the "City Heautlful" osn.iy con
test, also the flower raising contests.
Interesting nro tho tales that Gar
in Inspector A. K. Wleklzcr told of
the season's work. Moro Interesting,
heweaer, arc tho enthusiastic reports
that tho gardeners thomselven had
to make. All of those who stuck the
contest out to tho end aro glad thoy
did It, Most of them nro already
planning for the 1920 contest. With
listening eyes the boys unrt girls
told how much of tholr froducts they
told for ready cash, or how they
mppl'ed tho tables at homo or fur
r.Uhed the neighbors with fresh, veg
etables. It was great sport; they all
liked It
Not only did the participants like
It, but the Holarlans aio more than
p!eae,j with tho results. Next year
will be Mgiior than ever, they de
clare. With prldo they point to tho
fart that last year saw 1.4 50 en
rolled In the contests, while there
were but 150 entered when tho
moumrnt started In 1910. 1'rlzes
warded by tho club uro threo times
the Amount given In tho first year,
nd In like proportion has thu value
n tne production Increased. I
With the awarding of tho prizes i
jut Wednesday night plans were i
Inaugurated to continue 'tho rtork 1
Efforts will bo made tn enroll a
much larger number of pupils In the
contest and this will necessitate n
large number of prizes. Following
are the prlzo winners In tho 191!)
contest; ' .
jMleh KchoolJoe Koborllng, $25: .
jmon Mott $13; ciaba Hannon,
' Kenneth OberholUer. $7 SO.
rlUwry, 5. Oris Taylor, $&; Huth
notnmWr $2.jo: Dean Itoberts.
5n. .Margaret Myers, $2.50; Joe
"Ithors, $2 so
Heft 10 In City Srliool.
Ja-irlcc Dining, J2s: Charles
Pellbeck, $15. Hlchard I.-inirle.y. $10;
Richard Kibe, $7.50: John Laffoon.
r.i f; ""'o McKee. $7.60; Arthur
"'ch'M' G0, Ous Wise, $7.50; Hor-
7 5i J7-I0: Jnrae3 01b,)
file doi'ar prizes; Mildred Haley,
Order Special Car
Service to Assist
Handling of Grain
All nvallablo box cars suitable
tor tho loading of bulk grain will
by confined t handling (his clnss
of traffic, according to orders tent
out by A S Johnson, nuperluti'iid
ent of the ,l . k A. T. lallroad
agents esterd.a morning
"Ilrriiuse of the inip.irotlvo tic
ceslty to proaldo itriMior moo
meni of bulk grnln." 'he order
mates, "Ipudlng r.nlrond furtini
tho Males of Illinois, itinesota.
.'niitni.,i. Micheg.an. lowi, North
Dakota, .outh uAnl.i, Nelirimkta,
Uklahoma, Colorado. ViconMn,
Kan'os, Arkans.n and Texas havo
boon given Instructions to niae
preteiuico urnl priority In the
furnishing of box o.irs for bulk
grain loading from Fulmiary 1 to
IS inclusive, afto- pi-ovidin,; for
the loading of '"ss than carload
mcrrhandlsc print paper, wood
pulp and sugar. This mrans that
to the i-lem necoiMii-y tj fill r
qulreini'tits, all ivilliolo ho car
eiiulpment sultalilo for use in
handling those coinmodltles will
b eonfined to this class of traffic
Knllro.ult h.'iv.- 'ils.i tipon instruct
od to neur- the full co-operation
of gram dealer" firmers. com
vnercial organization and others
Inturested In order that tilts spo
clal movement may Ik succrsnful."
Ernest Prang Stamm Is
Delighted With Re
ception. COMES ON MARCH 14
A. L. Buriiey Who Killed
Self in K. C. Hotel Has
Property in Tulsa
Abraham Lincoln llurney, who is
reported to have commuted suicldi
in a Kansas City hotel I'Vbru.iry 4,
.h well known In TuLsi an,i has .nude
numerous visits hero from his home
In Ilarrisonvllle. Mo. Ills agent In
Tulsa said yesterday thai ho ownfi
several pieces of vilnabln property
In Tulsa. Tho cause of thu sulcldo
remain a mystery. Mr. llurney had
been proMdent of tho Dank of Ilar
risonvllle for 20 yeur.s, having start
ed in as boo'rtkoepor He was 51
years old end enjoyed a lush reputa
tion In his homo' town ,und every
where else ho went. Upsides his
wife, ICdlth II. llurney. and son Dud
ley, 13, both living nt tho Harrison
viilo home, Mr. llurney Js survived
by W. I,. i. Hurney, nttorney, Ilar
risonvllle; Mrs. D. C. ilnrnutt, liar
lisonvllle. sister; James T, Hurney,
New York city, JiroHjcr; Mrs. Kdlth
H. Hall, I-awrenee. Kansas, sister,
.Mrs. Margaret D. .Iriokson lndianap
cll, sister' Mrs. C. O. Utiffleld, Indo-
ponrtence, sltor. .Mr. llurney was
trusteo of the United I'resbytcrl.tn
church of Harrisor.vllln and was
prominent in bus.ne.'s lifo of tho
city. Tho body wai taken to liar
rlsonvlllo from Kansas City yester
day fo burial In tho family lot.
Wonderful Organ at Newest
Magic City Church Is
Appointment of Krnest I'rang
Ktamm of St. Iiu'ls, whose ie
cital and playing during tno
dedleitory txerelses of tho i irst
Cliristian clinch created so muih
favotabls communt, as peii.ii
nout oigunlHt will give to tho
Disciples of '"hrlsl of this tl'y
in organist as wvll an mi organ
unexcelled In tho southwest .Mr
Stamm' name Is synonyn.tai
throughout the musical world
with organ artistry und succisi
ful composing and the si" .iring
of such a distinguished musPi m
was made posililo by a numbi-r
of men of the chutcli who
igreed to underwrite (he extru
expense entailed.
.Mr. Stamm will asutno
rharge on or before Mjirt.i II
His acceptance of .the. Tulsa ap
pointment ulll mean leslguutrm
from liniiort.ini .oh.Hoii. n St
Lou's, where ho Is at preset! nr.
Sanist of tho Knimiinuel H'i.-. m
tin I church and the U'nal-Kl
temple. He ls nlsw director of
the St. Iiulfi I,iederkraii7. rho
ruM'S. .an orbanliitlon of mlxyd
mnle und female singers. Mr
Htamm expressod himself as mor
than happy to come to Tuts.i. beforo
ins return to St l,iils Wednesday
'l hiill he glad to mikis Tulsa my
home." he said. "Tulsa has given mo
a royal rrci-ptlon and I have al
ready caught the spirit of your won
der city Tho pipo organ of tho First
Chibtlinn church Is tno finesi unon
M'Mch It has everlbeen my privilege
to piay i win ii(4 utile to ttso music
on It that l was unable to uc on any
Instrument In .St liuls lieeauso of
lack of eiiulpment." Mr. Ktnmm's
wifo and child will accompany him
to Tulsa.
Music will bo one of tho great fea
tures of tho work and worship1 of
tho new church. In lino with the
plans of the congregation to present
a progresHlvo exemplification of tho
Oest that there Is tn stored music.
Mr Stamm will direct tho choir and
assemblo the singers. Hesldes tho
chorus choir, there will bo a quar
tet. Meade Dult, pastor of tho
church, Is tho irjssessor of a bass
baritono voice of great power and
richness, and Richard llellbron, the
new educational director. Is a soloist
of more than ordinary ability.
Miss Mario Hardener, who Is a
member of thn Christina church nnd
tho slJter of Claude 2. Hardener of
this city, will pl-ay tiin organ until
the coming of Mr. Stamm, Miss
flardonr recently finished In piano
nt tho Lyceum Arts conservatory of
igo muter Komerino Howard
She alio was u voice nttidcnt
'of Thrlza Mosher t'ariiienter und tho
Pipe organist at otm of tho churches
during her slay In Chicago
The chut ch organ, which ls the
most modern it.drunient of Its kind
and which cost $11,P0i over u year
ngo U composed of an ocho, iwell.
choir, ptidal, und great organs, with
chime ami trumpet effects. Tho ac
tion throughout 'hp manuals, pedals,
couplers and draw stop work, Is elei -trlcat
and cIiiiiikcs can he mado from
olio organ to another with tti great
est east and rapidity I'riictlcally
(Vury plccd of muslo composo 1 can
bo played
A wlrin r.vigj of ixpririlon murk
tho lnstruitt"nt. '.In M'.ilc" an'
delicately balanced as to give much
lltxllililly tj -he in.-', tagi'tlxr w;li
tho greatest nli-niil X iiia' .l(s the
vcdi-ing is i n is , . ip. v n.ni
nn l I'lii .'t i I iiii 'hi i i , : ia ii 'r
kdop.i sa ti ( I. i.i ill i . .
ful. atij sotiori.iM in th ,.iu e de
Man Whom Victim Says
Lifted Pocketbook Is
Caught in Chase.
Mwaplng from his victim by
throwing the elderly man against
the tailing of n Midland Valley
railroad conch at thn local station
vesierday afternoon shortly after 4
"duck, (leorgn llnrtls, clintged
atlth picking tho pouket of A. V.
1 dof.g.M , .Mi: deliver slreot. Mnwko
i" e plm-'d III tho city Jail s fw
uiiootrs liter after a chase In whu-li
iaiMii.i'1 i I, Thompson caught
i 'lie fuL-lilve two blocks from the
Woman's Status in Orient to
Be Told by Y.W.C.A. Worker
Conditions nmong the women audi
girls or the Orient Hill be the nub I
jeet of the nddrens by Mis KuthiTlim j
Wtlliird Dildj executive of the for i
elgn department of the Young Wo
men's Christian association, In the;
V. X gymniisiiim at I o'clock this
ufteriionii, Mrs. Kddy teeeiilly spent
n sear nttidyllig tho situation In
China and Japan, she has also been
In llusshi
III a recent article. "Those Who
IIhhsc the Trail," III the national ns
h K'lntlon monthly, Mrs Dddy wrote,
"China's hope .today lies nl alone In
leagues of country. 1 1 ta I I maieiliil
VMsallh, and mlllloim of people, n.it
In the vision and message of Ihon
samls of Chtlstlan men and tvomrn
i tin left ttif.lr liiitnr.it III nlh.ir lim.la
ene i f the rt.liliery lnonitisoi, In ' , ,rt, n. K,. niesaaMe C II-
toe h 't"'ii it the time of the roll, j M 11Hrt ,, ,.,,, ar( ,,lrfi.
bin fi l ow d Hants Into I'""" Imtly simllnf Until are like sleeping
t t mi tei n pinning mill wmks on i..i.i ..i... .......i r..,..i., -i ir r....i
i iiiii.i nie'Ti, in'i' iiii- in'
f idimt was cultured hl!e attempt
tig 'o r . ipe from a building by way
of a basement window. Tho pocket
In ok containing eight dollars and a
n miliar of piper was nut f oiml
Mrl'i-er In Tulsa on business, was
li iitditi iho tram, he told the count
tv attorney, when be felt someone
n at h l i o Ills right hand pants
puckrt, Tt. ruing, he saw the man
vvliJ afrrwird give bis name as
itarris Iriidiliig agulns! him. Hoi
i zi I Harris liv tile arm. the latier
n ti mptlng n pull awnv from thn
- r.p of the older man. Hitrris finally
ii-eid hniiHolf by violently forcing
lcti-grr ngiliwt the lion hand rail of
the car.
' I'a trlmnri Thompson, seeing the
ir motion ran to Metzger but Har
ris ran east on Third meet. The
i ffiri t t foil iwe l and eapltirod the
il t n .11 'ifur he had gone Into
Id go
Meed Is for Christian women
to those countries and live
Ihe women. "
Mrs. Kddy Is a iihter-ln-biw of
Hhervvood Kddy. who will speak at
the annual state couaentluu of the
Y. M C. As nt tiklahoma City
Kobrimiy H, She Is one of Iho four
speakers of Iho Y. V C A vvho last
fall made a tour of the Culled States
tcpimeiitlng nt th- Viulons field eon
feiencm the dlrferenl phases of as
sociation work planned for rj2.
Posters and handblllH iiiinoiinclug
Mrs llddy'S talk have been distrib
uted through the city and a large
iiiidlenen Is cxpis'tcd this afternoon
Members of thn Hostess club will act
as ushers and young women from
ihe Sunday school chassis) of Mrs. A.
W Until und Mr. Perkins In the Klrst
Prrsbvteilan church as hostesses nt
the social hour which w'lll follow the
Krnest I'rang Malum.
at the
Native hardwood, finished In gray
nn-j highly polished in oil, orms tne .
case of the organ vvhbh Is of i de
sign congruous with the nrchltecinri
of the rhurch All of the Ulterior
key del woodwork Is of solid mil
hogany, .-ml the best ebony ai d
Ivory nro used In tho manual keys.
Iho orgao. Is divided, the plp.'s i.e .g
on oncdi nldo of the choir loft Thu
ornamental display pipes, which con
slst, In most part, of the lover oc
taves of the diapason pipes of the
great organ, are finished in I-'rench
gold hromro with decora-Ions. Trum
pets finished In jfold bronzo ' faco"
the auditorium.
Tho framework of tho organ Is
constructed of hinvy timbers, mor-i
tlced and hound loircthcr with iron
bolts In order to Insure nbsolute
steadiness of foundation and ample
bearing capacity for the various
chests and their complement of
p. pes. There tiro 2,iil speaking
Pipes In all. All wood pipes nro ,
mado of tho best thoroughly mm .
Bont'd while pine und sprtico nnd the i
Inrgo metiil pipes, of thn belt zinc
Th Interior work Is latiblo -o a-ed
with thn beiit ,rade varnish, to pre
vi nt, as fur as possible, the evil ef
fects of atmospheric inolslurn. Van
sage ways amylo as ptisible wcro .
ptovlded In tho consd'nciliiii to ren
der every part of. tho Instrument nc
cesslble for tuning, repairing, nnd
reglnllng. Tho organ was carefully
installed nnd finely ndjusod to give
a mlnltt urn of functliiiiiu noie
Ihe baremeet of the planing mill In I nieetlm.-
eff r 'o cripe arrest Members of the hoard of directors
und tho religious work eommltteo
will meet Mrs Kddy at lumheoii to
tooriow noon At 11 JO o'cloek to-inoii-iiw
ei enlng I Mrs Kddy will be
the guest of honor nt a dlriiiei of
ImisIiipm women liullv idiial tables
will be iKs upled tiy 0 clubs of busi
ness women anil there will also l.n
an "Indeiiendent" tablo for unaffili
ated women
Deep, If not dark, mystery Is kept
li v MIM Veled.i Hoebel and Mm.
.In lues MrCabe. teeroHtlon secretar
ies, eoneei iiItik the stunts and Initio
dis'iuiitliitiri phtiiiiod li the different
clubs "I ulll In tile seetet of tluj
ei.lm s cbiisen by eneh elub. lull I wit
nskrd not to tell," snld Miss lloelml.
'All I run my Is Ibat 'INiIsh h.is tho
lliest gnnip of busltnsri waimen nny
w liere "
The illfferent gioups will gather
rtl the Y W ourly to nssiinin their
diieorntliuis, Mim Hoebel said. 'Thej'
will then march down to Mid around
the gymnasium In groups, finding
their tiiblos by the deeonilloris," Miss
Hoebel said "Hours, yells nnd MUMS
will be given between thu courses,
The iihlo Cltlen and Twin Htnlett
clubs have asked for 1 ft minutes for
their stunt Mm IMdy's speech w 111
follow the dinner and be followed
by the pieseutalloii of a play, 'My
Aunt lYoni California," and lecrci
Hon designed to get everybody nc
illtiilnted with every one else"
Mis A, V. ltntti. Mm. C. C Him-
mons and seven members of the
recreation committee will act ns
sponsors at the different tables. Mrs,
C. II 1'etislermncher and Mrs, l.ulti
V Kerst will be Ihe guests of thn
Cosdcn itrflnery club and Mrs
Heorgo M llnitNom lias hern nskje.l
lo nreildi- at tho tnbln 'or Mlilcn
club meinhers,
The one-iicl fnn-e "Mv Mini lYnm
Plaintiff Wants to Know
Why Defendant Does
Not Obey Court.
Citing the defendan . lo appear
In court I'shrtmry 11, to phow why
they should not bo punished for
contempt, n nrder was mado eya
torday In tho suit of Iho Constant!!!
Ileflnlng eompHiiy against H. It.
Trnvls and the Oklahoma Petroleum
Ha Co.
Constantlii eompuny obtalried a
toiuliorHry inslrnliilng ordei m dis
trict court on Fibrillary 1, prevoMlng
the dnrtindslil fium illnroiiiiecting
Pipes from iheii oil wells in tho
Uurkliuriintl flet I., in Texas carry
ing oil to 1 1 m pipe linn or the plain
tiff company The plaintiff, in tlntr
petition for the order. tainted thn
defendant eompiuir. under ohtrnet,
had agreed tn deliver lo the Cob
Hluntln tnnk lariii at I'evol. n lotnl
of .OOO.iKiii gallons of crude oil,
but Ihey soy the defendants lifter
dellveilug to the plaintiff's plpn lino
less tlinii half this iiinniint, have re
fused to furnish the remainder of
Iho oil. The suit Is brought to com
pel thn Oklahoma company to de
liver Ihe etitlro amount of oil In
the plaintiff.
California." In bo presented by a
group of young oisnloyoil itlrls. slmws
Iho impel lences of il wisitthy nnd eo
centrlo woman lit nclee!'" nun of her
three" nieces lo nbenmpany her to
Kurope. The dialogue Is witty ami
Iho situations comls. Miss Kvn
Horner, head of (he girls' work de
partment of tho y, W-, will direct
thn play
V " " 7.
'C VVI g 1 vnii n
Hicyclc for
down and $2.50 a
week. All standard
Rejuvenate the Office Rejuvenate the Home
An attractive office Ss a fine tonic for any
business. And clean,, convenient, cheery"
stores and factories luive the same stimula
ting effect on sales and production. Aro
your business surroundings working for or
against you?
Look over the walls and ceilings, through
your home. Aro they all in the very best
condition, radiating cheer1, comfort and good
taste? If your rooms are not all they
should be REJUVENATE them with
Beaver Board, the original wall board.
Putting new life into old rooms is Beaver Board's long suit. A few of
these big, sturdy panels of knotless, crackless manufactured lumber; ham
mer, saw, nails, some attractive wood trim and n little good paint are all
you need to restore either business or living quarters to more than origi
nal attracdveness. Ask us for "Now Rooms within Old Walls."
IT-; sA -itAarsst-.wa.'hiif-"
You can't expect Beaver Board
results unlets this trade-maric la
on tbe hack of the board you buy.
We Are Head qu Alters for Genuine Patented
hi mi nr
The great advantage of our Bifocal Glasses is that it is a return to
the eye of youth. They serve every purpose of seeing just as, perfect
for distance as for close vision- You do not have to remove them or
strain the muscles to look up from close work. They aro ground to meet
the NATURAL eye conditions and thoy do meet them because, no
matter what you want to see, whether a 'mile away" or a' "foot near,"
the vision is" just as perfect as the "vision of childhood."
Neither are there any cracks, seams or dividing lines; just a neat,
smooth lense with both near and distant vision. Ground in a solid piece of
The business or professional rman, the person who uses reading glasses a
good deal of the time and is subject to the annoyance of removing, them a thou
sand times a day, will appreciate the convenience and benefit of our Kryptok In
visible Bifocal Glasses.
Do not buy glasses from people who go from house to house or town to town. 'The
"eyes you have" are the "only ones" you "ever will have," so guard them carefully.
Eyeglasses and
Of course, you can still pay $25 and more for a pair of glasses if you want txvbu when we say that
high-grade optical goods have .come down, we mean that we have worked out a plan founded on fair
prices and fair profits that attracts a large volume pf sales. We conduct our busines with low rents
and low overhead cost and as a result we have brought tho price of high-class glasses and spectacles
including our expert examination, to almost one-half the former charges.
$10 Eyeglasses $6.50
At this store you will find everything that is required for home build
ing or repair work. Our stock of builders' hardware is complete in
every detail. Before planning your new home or doing repair work
of any kind, come in and inspect our stock and talk over your plans
with our building experts.
New "ZYLItIM" Firif-crclip Glassen. Very Intent stylo
with spherical lenses, complete your choice, (I pf A
distance or reading tpUatHJ
We Surely Merit a Trial
We hiav told our atory it brlnfly ia poiwilblo, cnnnlatrnt with tha
many fnctn that wn avnntil to drive horn. Thn roue now rcatit
with ou' Surely an array of thounand of atiandarrt optlral prod
ucts merltH your cnnaldrratlon. Ortalrily audi prlcm will ho ap
parent rluht off hand We a.ik for a trial tu convlncti you, and
permanently defcervo your patroniace.
A scientific examination of your eyes, .a pair of spher
ical tclasscs for either reading or distance, in gold-
f tl led frame, complete
Kvrrjr ilrtnll In Uin mimtnictloii of
yuur rLlum-h la run-fully Ntuilleil (anil U
iiutdo iierriiaiicnt tinly uflcr tlm 1 until
flxliaumlro lem. You not only ob
tain ejo comfort and oniiTi'nlcniv, but
real rye lx;m-flt from tlm nuuulard
wlilrh avu luitu Uibllnlacd.
To treat you courteously, to fit your eyes
correctly, to design, make and ndjust Klasact
that will suit your particular needs, and t
vike in much Interest in your welfare ait ii.
your dollars this is our idea of service.
We save $300 each month by having our office upittaira, you nave from $3 io $10 on every pair of glasscn.
Cut Rate Optical Co. "
Wi East Third Street, (Upstairs,) Tulsa, Ofcla.
Exchange Trust Co. Phone Osage 9372
UBSaB.r M m r i I M I M I w WWM
22 W. 2nd. Phone 1311

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