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Oldest Editor in the State
' Dies at Age of Eighty
Through His Efforts "the
First Press in State Was
, Awk,H.I IVM. Stale Wire.
MlSKOUl'K, r.'. 9!r-Coi. J. S.
ilolden S". Plillonophpr. hlHtor an
"Twrl "' 'I""1 onr'y ,,,U 'I10r,",lnB
!,n hJ h at Kurt dlbson. Oklu.
v-ur nu'iv thnti h iirtnr or a
..niurv -f '"! ""l''on )iih been
lnilflc.i with the affairs of Indian
".(to y -'" riuttrrii Oklahoma, llu
S the orccrviillon uf the hla
5?.eiSS .,ark of Fort Wn (.la
wis v uml r. ' ted a monument upon
?h 'ip"t where WnshliiBton lrvlnB
l.t.hKl In- 't when hn moppcil at
K fort . ln 'tour of tho pruirl."
. I'elonf! II I'ton wns Pilltor. printer
4prTS' nn of the Korl Oilman
vvr Kia, v.h..h ho prduilly boasted
ii printed Upon tho flrt power
i.ro n ti' into Indian territory.
Thci'iil; .cut of his offico wns that
id, bv me old OheroUcodvoeuto
and itiui ti 'f the typo In tho' Chero
M nlphui'et was li his offico.
hn he dird. x
An old me republican who voted
(or A' Talis i Mncoln, he counted
iraonc Ins intlmato friends Ocnerul
lloliert B If and Jcffersoli Davis
mil his iiio.it treasured pofscsslorm
ere leilers these two leaders of
the ConfedeiH y hud written him.
iljntjlit t.oiHrnl Opposes I'iiShiiKi;
of New Army I.iim.
OKLAHOMA CITY, lVb. Si.--Con-dfmnati-n
of tin- Wndiworlh army
reorganization Mil as a measuro cal
cuUtel im nullify inn provisions of
the natlf nal onstltullon ami the
U(c Uwc w is Incorporated In .1 U'l
Utam rent lodiy to Itopresent.ltive
J V McCl.utoc al-ashlnBton '
A I) Citu Charles K, llarret.
The telegram denounced the bill us
an effor' io "betray tho national
feuard Into the hands of the Koneral
itatf," and provide for "compulsory
military training In peace times." It
ilao Insists that tho bill contains
"hooU to catch tho officer class of
the American Icjrlon, colleges, and
uther organizations "
boRus Hlllt lioliu; Clrt'ulatoil.
mrnlng that this city' is being
Hooded by $1 l?ills which havo been
raised to $10. was sounded today
by I). W Hofian, president of tho
clearing house asKoclatlon, after
intra banks and business housos
had reported receiving such bills.
Mr Hocan expressed tho belief thai
an organized gang wai distributing
the "raised currency."
The bills are. worth but W. ho
Ooo Slmwileo Schools.
SHAW.VKK. Feb. 0. 'With 10
Ir cent of the school pupils out of
their nchoolroonm, an order from
City Physician .Scott this afternoon
closed all schools In tho city. Tho
crder Is for a duration of 4S hours,
tul will hold longer If the epidemic
doe not wane, the physician laid.
Superintendent of School If. O.
Taunt is very ill with the Influeriz.i.
Senator lintldsou Vmil, I'nilm
I InliW ni of U'Klnn
lly AMotUte.l Pff Htn, wire.
bill muklnij It K cilmliml offens,. for
ny person to we-ir' an Ariu-icsn
liplon button in Oklahoma without
proper authorization wilt proo.ihly
be presented to the proposed special
Mfslnti of the IcRH.uurc when It Is
convened, thu adjutant peroral' of
fico announced today. It was staled
Senator It. I Dntlilitn M lit 'Plllu.1
had proti ld t" ilraft thn bill and
lather Its paKsage.
nrr teafon for such IrgMntlou. II
wns announced, is thnt It lnu len
fiund by tin- Fnltod Htates district
uttornev'H office that infn have
hffn wearing buttons In Oklahoma
City who have been Unable to get
army illsclmrup buttotis and Ihey
have obtained legion emblems to
serve their purpose.
Irfiiulon Times Dim Imivs roure l're.
ferml tn No Itnllf IcMtloii at All.
T.OVIIflV 11 nil I
ww.i.'w., , VI'. J. A IT MI TII
opinion In Kngland" prefers ratlflea-
iiiiii m wio pence treaty ny tne
Aninrlr,iti atinli ...Ifli 1. 1..
reservations to no ratification at all.
me i,ominn rimes slates )n Its com
ment on the effect of Viscount firey's
letter. Tim Tlmi,u Knll.n.nu tnl-
ilenl AVIIson "on rcflertlop will see
that Viscount Gray's letter shows no
Just cause for complaint." The news'
ii.iinT cunHioers it only natural the
president eihouhUshow displeasure,
but points out the Iirltish ambas
sador did not have nti nnnnrtlinltv n
consult with him. ,
Dix'kcry Iinprcncs.
OAI.I.ATI.V, Mo., I'eb. 0. -The
condition of Alexander M. Dockery,
former governor of Misnurl. wns
reported im "considerably belter"
this morning. IJockcry became 111
with hiccoughs hero Iat Wedttes
day shortly nfter his arrival from
Washington to enter the campaign
In the Third congressional district
0. I. Iliiiiiniiint Attempted to l'l'ixl
Shaw nee Willi llogus CliecKs,
' Hut Cniiglit NnppliiK.
Ily AMoflile-l lrrM Hlile Wire
SWAW.N'Ki:. l-el. 9.- In V. ,1
llenumont, alleged forger, who was
apprehended heio lust night, the po
lice b 'leVo that they have a man
wanted in pinny Oklahoma cities
for fOTnerj'. II is known that he ls
wanted at ItaVmond, Wash., where
he Is alleged to have forged a draft
on the Wlllniia Harbor Ht.it .. bunk
for or $5,3('0. Ieaiimout rnmo to
Hhawnee Hatutday and rogl'ttered at
three holuls lie then went l the
Security tKnte bank and deposlled n
draft on the Wushtugton unl for
IB.S00. With a check book and a
pass book on the local bank, the
man set out to "buy the town," llo
met a real estate agent. and pur
chased one of tile city's choicest
lots'frotn him, giving him a check
for It Several siores were entered
and merchandise purchased.
A lre to a hotel at Oklahoma
City asking that a room there bo
reserved for htm Sunday night was
apprehended nnd the man taken
Into custody. Wires to the bank In
Washington state that ho hsd no
account Jiern anil that he had drawn
soveial such drafts on them.
UoW'itMin N Nut Iteiiilv
'lly AmoeialMl Prm HUt Wire.
OKLAHOMA I'm. Feb fi lol
lowing a conference hern today with
a number of sl ue legislators Hover.
nor Houoi leoii stated he was not ct
ready tn sot u date for tlie special
session. Me said he would confer
with other members of (he leglla
turo before fixing n date.
- - -
lie slioncriil her with gifts ami
luxuries, hut forgot to loin licr. No
wonder something liupis'iicd. See
"SlaM of Trlile" lllalto tomorrow,
wllli lltv ilojee. iit.
Commissioners Ad"Pt Krastlf Mrps
to Check the" I'lu.
Ily AnkkIiIihI 1'rrM Slats Wire.
OKMrWIBK, Feb. 9. -Okmulgee
was placed under tlelit quarantine,
regulations today by tho board of
city commissioners In an effort to
check what Is termed as a wide
spread epidemic of Influenza ' now
gripping the entire city r
At a meeting of tho board of city
commissioners Monday morning, a
resolution was adopted authorizing
ami directing Mayor Orlando Swain,
commissioner of public safety, to ls
suo a proclamation placing n ban on
all public fratherlngs of ID or more
people. and ordering churches,
schools, theaters and pool halls and
other public pl.tces of nsnetublv
cloned Immediately nnd to remain
closed until further notice
Sonntor Curtis Make l'roHsnl Af
feeling- Supply I'tiilcr H Cents,
WAHIIIS'OTON. Teh. 9. ltemov
nl of tariffs on print paper costing
less than S cents a pound was pro
posed (o the senate finance commit
tee today by Senator Curtis, repub
llean. Kansas, who offered an
amendment to the live (arlff bill
Imposing a-duty of 13 per cent on
paper costing morn than 8 rents a
pound. Curtis said this plan would
, bring In new paper supplies frdm
( Action on the amendment was
, deferred until tomorrow when the
r.unliilttce also will consider legls
latum to prohibit exports of print
pap( r
r n- -1
To Innpevt Hlpo tllhts.
II) Annnelileil Pren Htits Wire.
OKUMIOMA CITY, Feb. 9.- -Acting
on Instructions and warnings of
tho government officials at Wash
ing, pree.iuilous against rlpo olive
poisoning in Oklahoma wtc begun
loilo rty the city health department,
C. 11 Cllffind, city chemist, an
notitned City Inspectors have been
Instructed to handle this work, he
! Old I'oople Who An- Feeble, iitul
, lillilren Im are 1'nle mill Weak
! Would be gieallv benefited by thn
'tleneral Strengthening Toiile llf fe t
of (lltOVMS THTKI.I'SH chill
TONIC It purifies and enriches Hie
blood and builds up the whole sys
torn A (ienernl Strengthening Tonic
! for Adults and Children 0i.
' Advt
Stomach - Kidney a-Hoart-Li vet
Keep the vital organs healthy by
rcRularly tubing tho world's stand
yl rctnsdy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
1 I .yi illn l
.lit R. Olnun,
n ioiiu iiiuitn ii
lain lilli In im Irul.
I1CH. ICZIMH. tusr,.
TtltU r film llililni
ftilL Try l Il-ttnt hai
Ill U Mile.
ri) Natlsnil Remedy of Holland foi
CtntulUt and endotned by Quean WIlhaN
mlna. At all druKKlH', ttwaa alias.
I-LmIi for-lb nam CaU Mailal ia avarr baa
aad cpt no Iniltatlaa
Eases Quickly When You
Apply a Little Musterole.
And KlneterntA wnn'l Kttatnr llba
the old-fashioned mustard plaster.
Just spread it on with your fingers.
It penetrates to the sore spot with a
Sectle tingle, loosens the congestion
aw .draws out the soreness and pain.
Musterole is a clean, white oint
rant made with oil of mustard. It
is fine for quick relief from sore
lireit, bronchitis, tonsiiitis, croup, stiff
reck, asthma, neuralgia, headache,
wr.jestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, Iunv
fW pains and aches of the back 01
gtijs, frosted feet, colds on the chest,
hofhinglike Musterole for croupychil
"en. Keep it handy for instant use.
30c and 60c jars; hospital size $2.50,
Afeyou true to yourself. your
luture ami tl0 trust natun,
imposed upon, you by car
lnK Properly for them?
e Katz Optical Co.
10 Wcst Third
The rimblem bf Ku
PtriTptlcnl Service.
Ltiju for It on our
Practically all' our Suits and Overcoats (Fashion v
Park garments among them) that were delayed
ia delivery have now been received and they're
all included in this .
Mark-Down Sale
of. Our Entire Stock of '
ITS and
Every man who buys one of these
suits or ioats at these prices, is getting
a real bargain. And lie wiH realize that
fact even better next winter when suit and
overcoat prices, we regret to say, will -average-considerably
higher than this season.
If we were speculators instead of re
tailers, and hacl plenty of money to
tie up for nine or ten months, we'd like
nothing better than to carry thee suits and
coats over to next fall. They would show
us a handsome profit by that time. y
But we need the money that's tied up in these suits and
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