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Jlalllburtonl66oU Uq
Starting Tomorrow
House Dresses Lol No. I
Cormifltw of six dozen limine d re-wen;
Manny .lanes, La Mode and Harmon",
made of plaid, gingham atripon and plain
color. There arc many different styles;
belted models, some, have, collars, cuffs
and tmnhen. Materials of white organdy
and white pique. SIos 1G to M.
Very special, 7,50
House Drosses Lot No. 3
A choice collection of Harmon hoime.
J drosses in sizon IG to 40 made of ging
ham and percale in plaids, stripes and
figures. Models of loose and belted ef
fects. Some are. self trimmed, some have
collars and cuffs in contrasting colors.
Very special, 2.95, 3.95 nnd 4.95
Continuing All
This U'cck
Hon lie Drosses Lol. No. 2
Pretty Harmon and La Mode house
dresncs made of gingham and percale,
shown in various styles. Among them
you will find plaids a;id figures. They
are self trimmed and some have collars
and cuffs of while rep. Mixes IG to '1(5.
Very npccial, 5.95 and 6.95
20 Reduction on House Dresses
All of the bettor drosses in La Mode and
.Sassy Jane arc included in this lot. They
are made of fine French gingham in
plaids and plain colors; pinks, blues,
grays and greens. Trimmings of white
ricrac; some have ruffles and sashes
of white organdy.
Apron Lot No. 1
Three dozen apron mad of
percale, tn plaida and flpure.
Colore are blue, pink, lavender,
black and whlta; loosi billed
models, porno are. piped In con
traetlnc color. Homo have, col
Inrn and cuffn finished with nar
row frills.
Special, 1.G9
Apron Lot No. 2
Two dnren apron consisting of
Juit two models, mail of plnld
percale. In aasnrlcd color of
pink, hlun ind lavender. One
model opens down Wt ld.
plain collar, cuffn Mid bell In
plain colorn. One mode) has
neck and slcevrn finished with
mirrow frill.
-Spccinl, 1.95
Apron Lot No. 3
Three do.cn aprons In several
different mndela made of white
flgurrd permli) nnd slrlpea, alao
plain colors with pokadota, tnina
are slipover modola, others open
down (lie front.
Special, 2.25
Apron Lot No. 1
Tlila lot conalut of plaid per
cale., yilan whlto percale com
blned willi pink and blue, plain
color trimmed In ricrac;
nlao combination of plaids and
plain colors. Colorn nro laven
der, tuna, plnka, and liluo.
Special, 2.G9
fourth floor.
' The New Silks
for Spring IF car
Thla station we are going to oca a. Rood many amart lltUe smocks
worn wlttl laJlored aklrta to form dreiJics, una of. the moat
fascinating material for such a smock or for trimming u town
l,i Kan-Tu-HI and Kumnl Kumu; 10 IncheH wide,
the yard, 8.95
Chiffon Taffeta
We are now Knowing un Im
mense collection of tAffet.au In
hoth plain nnd changeable,
wlilch promise to be one of
llin leading fabrics for early
Hiring wear; .16 Inches wide.
the yard, 3.00 to 4.50
Embroidered Georgette
Wonderful embroldprad effect
In combination with silver for
striking aflnrnoon iinil evening
gowns, Aluo ii beautiful waist
material; -to Inches wide
the yard, 9.95
Brocaded Satin Meteor
A very high grada satin menr
In new exclusive pattern for
evening lrennes. Kxccptlnnal
colorn. allovor florul patterns
In light and black.,
tlte yard, 5.95
Black Satin Charmettse
A beautiful firmly and care
fully woven charmeusc In ex
cellent quality for nulla and
aklrta; 4 Inches wide.
the yard, 7.50
Silk Shirtings
New shipments of desirable idlk shirting (Winding fine crepe d
chine, I -a Jert und Ilodlumn In plain and fancy colored satin
Nlrlpre. Just the material for shirting and women's blouses,
34 Inches wide.
the yard, 3.75
Boennd rio.r.
W ash Goods
HO-Inch I Inn Whllo Skirting tn
pretty patterns. "I fTA
Per jard A.Ul
.TO. Inch Whlln .Mndrn In stripes
anil figure In pretly paitcrnt
H lid t.-oOd nuaflty.
I'er yard
nn-liu'li rHimy Whlto Vollo In
Htrlpes, plalila and 7ft
checka. I'rr jard .. .. I OC
r.fl-lncli iVik'v Whlto Kino ollo
fur walt and drctmeH.
, I'or yard
.Ifl-lnch I'uni'y Whllei Vollo In
Htripi'a, pretty pattorna; f7T
fine quality. Per yar. . i OL
15-Inch Pint Whlln lmKirted
llnllntc, In finest quality. O A A
I'er yard Z.UU
t.'i-lncli 1'lno Wlilln Imtxirlrtl
tlrKHiidlrv., In HtaplcH -J f7JT
nnd checka. l'cr yard - 1 I U
4fl-1iicli I'lno Whlln liiiirtel
Voile. In fine quality
I'er yard
Sect) net Floor.
Fin c
U n derwear
lencj MIL llloonicr,
W omcn'
in fleeh
I and
Women .Irrwy Silk
with Kooryetre irepo
top; In flcah
WonicnV luijMr Silk Vl with
band lop, o rtt?
:t.."i() nnd O. I D
Women's Knit 'Inlillc"! tn en
Vclnpn atyle. with band
top. 1.0(1, I .- anil
AVnincn' liajMT-Maricltll MIL
l.lslp I'nloii Siilw; in bodico find
tailored topi; also ttKht and
lonno knee; fleah nnd Q f(
white. U..1H anil J.UU
I'lrtt noor.
Styles That Instantly
New Spring Suits
Modes that sound a note of unvary
ing lovclineis are the spring suits of
Iricotine, poirct ami serges. Navy
is the predominating shade. Many
aro braid trimmed, others fancy
stitched or touches of embroidery
lo match. Some belted, others t'ip
plo back, also modified Norfolk.
Youthful styles for young women
with conservative modes for the
older women. Sizes M, 10, 18 and
JIG lo .VJ. Very fine silk linings of
pussy willow and pcau do chonuc.
1'riccd at 1
.59.50, 69.50, 7-1.50 to 1-19.50
TnlM rioor.
Styles for Immediate
IF car
New Spring Coats
Many styles in spring coals arc
ready for approval. Sport coat.s of
polo, coals of brushed wool and
velveteen ; also capca with long
stoles of brushed wool. Other wraps
of bolivia in sport styles, with
leather belts and leather trims. All
are beautifully lined, buttons,
fringe and combinations arc used as
Thus who' seek larsnr bIzcb and con.scrvj
live models tui well as those who demand
novel etjeeta will hero find the fulfillment
of their dralren, for variety and HprlnK
time splendor go hnnd In hand,
Trices range
2'1.50, 39.50, 64.50 to 129.50
Third rioor.
The New Dresses of Springtime
Variety and completeness is a feature of this showing of clolh dresses in trico
tinc, poirct and sorgc. Inshion's most authentic styles from foremost designers.
Short and the long tailored sleeves arc both shown; gold and colored embroidery
as well as braid and buttons used effectively in the trims. Some with elon
blouse effect, other with chemise, also basque effect with tier skirt. Sashes of
black moire and two-tone ribbon. Priced at 39.50, 59.50 to 189.50
Third noor.
New Millinery from VogUe
lleaullfiil Hemp ami .Milan lUiuw with the most comforlablo aott errnvns
of fatllo Kilk mid of Hiitln. They aro trimmed In raffia motifs, feathers,
ribbon and tnapht In a Rood lino of colors Including black.
Tho "nirue Sallor"--alivay tl;o best, In. milans, novelty hraldi and
haere. All ah.tdea, aome tailored In anme shade trimming an hat. others
in contniBlljiig shadeM. A moat complete showing.
Third rioor.
Springlike Blouses
The now IiIoUkph are Mirn ii
nl npiical for l.ice trier , :
Venice and lrudl ale i-hown
many blou.srx of all luc n, i
eotnblned with laic. m,. , . ,
long uleoi-PT? arc both eqn itiv .
lar. Matin camisole of imm i
sIiiuIph are fenlurcd in xwi '
the number. Prices range
29.50, 34.50 up to 99.50
Third 1'loor.
Special Sale of
Evening Dresses
I'caullful Ceding dres""1 in
taffetas, satins, georgette n l
eomblneil with lullo I ' i
colors of roao, Jado green,
blue, pink, brown and Jet t
Draped and tunic, sklria. Ai;.
IS ami 1 S. (irouped In th- ,
29.50, 39.50, 59.50
I'ojuth rtoor.
Silk Hose
UmIIcn' ilirc.nl Silk ICmbtoid.
rml IIom-, an Kultc brand,
in black, whlto and
brown. I'er pr
l.-ullrV Thread Silt. I lose, black
flocked with while, whlto
clocked with black.
I'er pair
j ri
I aillcs t)i np-Mllch Hose, thread
silk, gray only.
I'er pair
IjulleV Thread Silk Hose. Kiffel
brand. In black, white, cordovan
and dark brown. Q CA
Ter pair L'.r.O, It.OO nnd. O.DU
rirtt rioor.
Bed Spreads
fine, Satin I'lnlsh Ueilspread.
in largo stso, scaliopecl
cut corncrH
I'lne Colored Spr'nd. roilln
flnlHli, scalloped cut
cornvra .... T ....
I'lno Satin I'lnlslicil Spniiils, In wonderful patterns, largost
aire; MCallopeu cut eornero
Second IToor.
?1 18.50
Wash Goods
.1"-Iiich Slili'tlns .Mndras In pret
ty pattern.!, fast colors. KQ
I'er jard OiV
IlJ-lncli Shlrllug MailniH, In
(pretty pallertiii, fast
colora. I'er yard . .
.TJ-Inch New MndmA in new pat
terns, fast colort-, pretty - i Q
Btylcs. l'cr yard . . . J..X
R I -Inch lleilfern Doom-hire
flolln, In all now patterns.
Kast colnln. ItCW
I'or yard OiC
:m-liieli Otie'n Perenhw, in all
pretty new p.ittoms. l-If
" I'er urd OKJL
:tn-lneh IVrenlc."", In medium
weight; protty patterns, good
quality. OK,.
I'er yard OtIC
ns-lneh I'lne x-phjr (..Ingluuus,
in pretty plaids.
l'cr yard 0j
.".-Inch I'lne Ixirnilne tiing-
hams, In plaids; fam Q"
colors. I'er yard ... . OtjC
Second lloor.
.ATcw Arrivals in
Wash Goods
If you want to get that "delightful spring feeling."
just slrolUJhrough our "wash goods" section. Thcre'i
a spring "urge" and suggestion in every single picrc
of these now fabrics.
Colored Dotted Swiss
Shown in small dols, ftno soft
weuve, wide range of colors;
also, white, grounds wllh col
ored dots; 40 inches wide.
per yard, l.QO-1.25
Fancy Gcorgincs
A silk and colton wash fabric.
A good Imitation of fancy
georgettes; In weaves and pat
tern. Shown In new spring
patterns; very deNlrablo for
blouses und drcsn.es; 3ti Inchon
w ide.
per yard, 1.00 to 1.50
Silk Stripe Voiles
In dainty new prlng flute'
with silk mixed designs .r d
flowered combinations ' X
make uttinnlng new frock i
Incites wide.
per yard, 1.75
Swiss Organdy
Shown in beautiful new '
orliigs. J'Ino transparent m.
lty genuine imported i i
goods 111 I I i 1 il colors and n r
novelty checks ami dm . i
Inclici wide
per yard, 1.50 to 3.00
S ceo ml Floor.
Iltirk TtwT-la, medium aUe,
vhlln borders.
per do., 2.00
Mnnk Tcmrla, with red bordens
good sUe, per doZ f 3 OQ
Ituek Towels, wllh red borders,
large abe, por 3 SQ
Jlnek Tmirls, part Hnen and
hemstitched, heavy quality.
each, 45c
Second rtoer.
Vacuum Gleaner
The K u r e k a baa
many cleaning uses;
special attachment
for upholatcred fur
tilturo, curtains,
mattresses, etc. The
Kurcka was nwurded
(ho Onind I'rlie by a
jury of electrlcal'ex
perln In competition
wllh 18 other lead
ing nvikes of vuen
uim leaners ut til"
ranamu-raelflc Kx
p o a 1 t 1 o 11 ut Sao
lrrunclco. l,p t km
eipUln the necessity
for your owning one.
They ere priced
inu n.01.
Quality Table Linens
7'J-lncli llewt Qiiallly of Mnrn
I'lnlhcl Imponeil T'ahlo ln
mask. n QC
I'er yard &,uO
Napkin tn mateji,
I'er dorcn
ftli!V4-Ifich llluo llonler tin
IKirtiHl laitich Cloths In pretly
patlprns; fast colors. p A A
I'er yard .... . O.UU
Napkins to mntch
l'cr doicn
.1ns-lnci Itril nttil nine Hoc
tier Inipoitisl liiinch Cloths In
pretty palems; encel- rj ff A
lent quality. Yard .01
Napkins to match
I'er doien
70. Inch .Ml Uiicii 'nihle Jta.
miihk, in piotty patterm., good
I'er yurd . .
J.lnili All I, turn 'Cubic Un
mask, In a heavy weight . pretty
I'er yard
".I1...I1 ViiiiLIm. in e p
.r -mm
match. I'er dozen.
Afl-Inc.h l'nltern Cliilha in pretty
IMtloniH. A A
I'er yard . U.UU
NiipkitiM to match A AA
Per doien . i y.UU
70. Inch Pattern Clnlha In large
selection of patterns. In fine
quality ,
quality . . .
7 (HI Ofl-1 nch
quality ...
Pattern Cloths
I'atlorti Chillis
-M-Inch Napkins 10 -j O Pft
match. I'er iloten . JlO.OU
.'K.lncli Mnrn I Inlsheil
Damask, in pretty pat
terns. Per yard
II I-Inch Much I Inlsheil Tallin
liaiiuisU, In good quulit, prrxy
Per ard .
7U-tnch lihien I Inched 'I'll t In
Damnsk, In kimmI qiial
lly. Per yanl . . .
IH.Inch ,1a panes.. I.nncli ( loth
In pretty A AO
patterns iitt'O
(Ut-lncli .lapannsti lainrli Cloth.
In pretty light and dark Q AO
patterns 3.t0
7'.'-lncli .InpancAO hunch Cloths
In pretty A AO
patterns 'Jt.iO
,lnuuiCfo Nupklns tn
7'J-lncli I.lnen rinMicil
Dainnnk In heay
weight. Per yaid
7". Inch 1,1 ncn I'lnNlicI Im
ported Table Oaimisk: eicellenl
quality: prctt) patterns.
Per yard .
VitpMns to match
Per dozen .
Itronii rioor.
sPTAirBinnei' Corsets-
am. Mim
7 ill
f'u&L m.itnrki
. IQ:---V in a lltl
Tho real back lace corsej
for every type of figure,
small, medium and large.
Ilium'!' Corsets are epec
tatty designed for the
short stout and tall stout
tpo. Low and medium
bind, long hip extensions,
heavily boned, have rlnNtlc
section or clastic lacing to
give perfect freedom
when In a sitting po
sition, nonulltuuiow
materials of pink silk
and Kntin broehe; also
I lie morn subatantlal
lis. To be fitted
lllnner by our cor-
Mctlcra means perfect
5.00 to 16.50
lifts rioor.
Pretty Neiv Petticoats
We hnP Jul received a new Mhipment of petticoats In lroy,
sat Ins taffetas and crepe de chines. Colors of navy, brown,
Uupe. green, cupen. hlte, fleah, pink, gi.i Home are all
teraey also Jeii,e with taffeta and i-atln flounree, plain with
hemstitched In 111 s. Itoth Tegular and extra sizes.
Prices 5.95, 6.95 to 19.95
Third rioor.
D ra p e ry D ep a rt m e n t
A little early perhaps hut this store is always early
always first with the new things and the new things in
draperies aro always interesting.
"House cleaning days" will soon be here and with
thorn will come, tho need of new draperies, and they
are here in such profusion that it will be a pleasure to
Scotch Madras 1.50
A beautiful llneof Scotch drapery madras, 3G Inches wide, in 'be
most beautiful mIkhIos of rose, blue, mulberry and brown. 1 IZ(
I'er yard
Curtain Madras 98c
33-Inch curtain mailrn In pret.
ty colora for overdratierlca; re,
blue, brown and green. OQ
Special, per aril iut;
Drapery Sillfs 3.25
A new drapery llk In change
able effeets; beautiful colors. ;i!
IncliCH wide; most any shade to
mateh'tlle scheme. Q OK
Per yard O.iJtJ
Drapery Crash
nfi-liicli natural color drapery
orash; aplendld' for nlceplng
porches or sun 100111, cannot
fold anil will wear plen- Q(?
dldly. I'er yard .. ,.. . OtC
Bordered Voile 75c
The fluent qtialtty Hedford eur
tn 111 voile with oiie-mcli ribbon
border on both wide: 40 Inches
wide; In white or cream.
Per ard
Chair Pads 90c
'Porch chair pads to fit the ave
rage chair. Thoy nro made of
glazed cretonne In stnalJ designs
find Mill, e..!tnn
S'poclal, cath
Panel Nets
They aro made to fit any w indow
and we are allowing many new
di'Hlgna In Ivory a,nd
cci 11. Price 1.00 to . . .
Ready-Mude Curtains 2.98
Kllet lace curtains 3 Ifc yards
long, 'Mi incheu wldo with in'U.1
lace edge on sldo and bottom,
in Ivory or ccrn. CI AO
Per pair . .0
' Couch Covers 3.50
Wldo couch posers three yards
long In tho brown and green
Roman stripe; both sides alike
Mostly dark colors. 1) ffi
I'aPh O.OU
ruth Hoot.
tc At
1 O
Let us show you the IUr
ni.ii 1 11 Wjtrdrobo Trunl.
beforo yutl puiiliu.se. If
oti aro not already f am 1
lar with this famous trunk
)nu wIllMirely Ihinli Ibem
wonderful' wIipii you "f
theiii. Nothing has b "i
inerlooked to rnaUe ll.e
Hnrtniann tho Ideal trunk
and tho prices aro as low
as yon would care l" pa'
All sljlcs nnd nlrs, priced
45.00 to 200.00
Lucius Dept.- rtflh I'loor
All mail ordera filled
promptly and carefully.
Shipping charges pre
paid except on base
ment articles and toilet
American Railway Ex
press money orders may
be purchased at Trans
fer Desk, JIain floor
an added convenience
for patrons.
Fifth and Main Sh.
flume (W60
S.'M to
fi.'UO p. m.
Wc quote no former or
comparaHivo pricfes in
our advertising. Wc let
you be the judge of the
Ncedlowork 0 I a s
daily 9 to 1 1 and
5 Second floor.
stitching expertly d"
Second floor.

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