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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, February 20, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 9

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WkM rMjri -Fmim V-fa
I 1 M " ' " , r
Walter Baker of Hickory,
in Jail Charged With
Assault With Gun.
Wife Is in Local Hospital
WiOi Bullet Wound in
Left Shoulder.
s ,itf r-u from a liullct wound In
h'f ., ' tioutdor. the rowiilL of pro
m,k mis firing of h rovotver by licr
h iMi AWtltifwIny "iKlit ut tliolr
, n, , , Hickory mint, Mm. Plos.
, tnk ' wnn brought to 111" Mnrn
h'i'i'ltnl veMnrday. whom n
tiairm i't win tnkr-n liy A. K Mont
.,Vm W K I,Un' '"''
'.o,M'v iitnrnryn. Wiiltnr ltnkr, Uf
hllhi. I win uroused of flrliiK llif
nil. h flruok thr womnii. In held
m thr I 'Jiily Jail awalllnp iirrrtlRti
,Pt i.ffoi. .tustico 8. C Mnxcy on
ti i'a nc of iBuH with h iliuilly
"''' fokor toM thr coiinly officer
hat s' h ''I filififflrd with lior lnw
tjrd 1 a" in hour before the shoot--I
H.-iVtr Icavlnp hlo honif, ro
.,".,.1 r i short while, ami. becoin
i'j citrnstil went Into the yard and
ir1 Tinker Into the air and at
,rr i,o -r Onn liullet went through
, n' ho room occupied liv
V, , - r ,md Htruek her In the left
iiuir rfiietrntlni? her left lunfr.
yl: . i kIhioUmc of the woman
i. min 'he nature of nn arcldent, the
pnw. onoit i baed upon n Ktnte
'iule holding a per!on renponrtlble.
for iV roLKoquences of hU rvctH,
vhnlier 'ueh consequent e were or
rerc foifecn.
Ilrld fur Dry !" Violation.
Ou Williams and Henry .Mr
$uaM arrested nt llnrtlcivllle
hinted with pomesslon of Intpxl
cuilnit liquor, waived preliminary
h(rlns yeKtcrday before, C. U
Tincev I'nltcd States commlnsloner.
Both defendanta wero committed to
Mil under bonds of $600 for action
liy ihn feder.il grand Jury.
fiimt MihtaUo in Inmclnr. Von Can
Work llelter and I'nMrr on tho
.start ntlon l'lan. I jit What
Yon IjIWpi Hut I'ollow
With Stunrfd IIja
H ''n Tablet.
McnMl work ues up energy fast.
And energy comeu from food. To
mt li.ilo or nothing In order to do
it.jm xurk Is a fallacy tliut lm cr'c
iIm! an army of dyspeptics. A bet-
Ur pKn Ik to eat tho regular por
tions or loon Kucn oa miuto up mo
KVtrago meal and follow each meal
n'lh Stwirt's DyHpepsia Tablets.
You will then net a double, benoflt
fnerfry from food and uoclabli.ty
ulth niralM, for as a rulo the llirMi
kr, or Ihoso who skip meals, set
intu t bad lublt, a r.it, or hormlt
Ikf Dela ion. Do i v: oc afrild -t
k.kiii. icur sto'iMh herburn,
Un't frelbijr or ccated tonguo after
mull, atuart's Dyspepsia Tablets
irouM tho utomach to socroto tho
Juices necessary to rolleve these
troubles that so frequently dlxtrcru
the mental worker. They contain
btrmless lngrcdtcntR which act with
n alkaline effect, so you may cat
the rich things of the banquet or
the savory tuiusago for breakfast
lth utmost freedom.
Get a 60-cent box of Stuart's Dys
pepsia Tablets at ally drur alore,
fat freely rf what yo i like and you
!1 u moro and be.:c- work than
m a skimpy diet. Try this plan.
Tni tunlrl
Keith istackliuux
Daniel &
fr im Tornnln. Aunmohll. riur.
lUrv Acrt.ti-nl unit Itfjltli. put
nuij. rompniMtlon, riilelltx and
rurelf rjonriM.
r t,aP om .j 1)1,1,,
I in
AJ1 Shoes for Men and Boys
Especiallv Priced Friday and Saturday at
The New Spring Styles
Of a Highly Original Character
Street or Traveling Wear
An Initial Presentation of Individualized
New Creations
Interpreting the "chic" nml ntilhcntlo new toguo In NHmc
sultM for I In; illNcrliulnatlng woinuii Iki IiisNIh iiiniii dig
nified rlewntiiv and iirlglnalll, CiMuimw, nxiroixcr Hint
will iipKNil particularly lo Uiom: iUViHloiiic-tl lo Ni)lng
mlrnuKnnt prices. Trlcollnrx. t'olrrl lll., clc, luiml
wimcly hralilcd pud ctnhnddcii'tl or clcgiiiillv plain, nhlla
miiiic hate the pn'tly ripple urni, uhi liollcil iiioiIcIh.
Special for Friday and Saturday
South .Main Street, TuNi HctMcen I'ltX
.Early Spring
In Ladies' Footwear.
Now Ready for Inspection
Full Louis covered and leather
heels; also military Oxfords in
all leathers. Snappy new styles, long slender vamps.
Come and select a pair Friday or Saturday.
nml Sc'iiml Siicels
$10.00 Values
Silver gray, beautiful hijjh
Louis kit! covered heel boots,
with hand-turn Holes. Sale
Bark Cordo brown boots with
leather Louis heels, also in kid
covered high French liccls.
Sale price
yhite washable kid boots with
fonp vamps, high French kid
covered heels. Sale price
Dark brown kid boots with
lighter colorud uppers; full
Louis kid covered heels. Sale
Ilattleship t;niy boots in soft,
kid leather, flexible welt soles,
lonfr receding- vamps; military
style, bale price
Mahogany colored military
boots in flexible sokvi, calfskin
uppers, perforated vamps. Sale
White washable kid military
boots with lonjr receding vamps
and flexible soles. Sale price
Drown military boots with per
forated tip vamp; best grade
calfskin uppers. Sale price
Watch for
of our New
Home at
412 S. Main
Friday and Saturday
Shop in the Morning and Avoid
the Afternoon Crowds
$12.00 Values
Patent kid vamp with black
satin top in a nine-inch lace or
button top ami a hip; 1, slender
French covered &T1 Off
heel. Sale, price . . tp I CD
Taupe colored hoots with Miotic
vamps and satin lops, hand
turn soles; a new spring style
that comes in lace or button.
Sale tfrr or
price t Ot)
Taupe kid boots in the new
spring blucher effect, with long
receding vamp, also, in button
style. Sale
Hlack putt kid, high French
kid covered heel boots, with
flexible wcjt soles. tfry Q(f
Si'lc price tj) Ot)
Field mouse gray kid boots
with nine-inch" tops, covered
French heel, plain or perfor
ated tip. Sale (Trr or
price J) I .Ot)
Satin boots in black, dark
brown or gray with hand
worked eyelets", satin covered
heels, hand-turn (Jrj Off
soles. Sale price . . P I OtJ
$15 Suede Boots
There's an unusual grace and
attractiveness about t li e s e
beautiful suede boots with
satin tops. They have hand
turn soleH and v high, keen
French heels; tabasco brown,
gray, field mouse, 0n or
taupe. Priced . . . . J I OO
$15 Satin Boots
With beautiful vamps and high
French covered heels, hand
worked eyelets; black satin,
brown satin, gray (Ufj or
satin at j) I oO
Out of Town Customers
Our Mail Order department is in charge uf live com
petent salesmen. All orders received befurc 1 p. in
filled the same day; thos received after then filled
the next morning.
Dr. V. SlielUm, Mgr. Mail Order and Orthopedic Dcpl.
$15.00 Values
Dark brown colonial kid pump
with turn soles and healthful
long vamps. dQ or
Sale price J)i.0J
Black kid opera pumps in the
new spring modes, sizeB from
1 to !) in AAAA's dfV Or
to D. Sale price ..)U,uD
Patent kid pumps for dance or
evening wear, made for "Gor
don" of New York. That's all
the recommendation 1 Q QFC
jl hey need. Sale pricetP.Ot)
Ilaby French heel pumps in
patent or kit! leather with hand
Heautiful, new spring oxfords,
silk worked 'eyelets, hand turn
soles in Mack suede with pal-
Long receding vamp Oxfords
in soft kitl leather, high Louis
covered heels. jQ QT
Sale price tf).UJ
Patent leather new spring
11)20 Oxfords in leather Louis
heels with hand turn soles.
$15 Bnliyi French llccl Pumps
There's nothing quite so satis
factory as a low heel pump,
and this is decidedly smart,
comforlablw and economical;
brack patent,-kid 0Q Off
or satin. Sale price i)JQO
V m
$18.00 Values
$18 Onc-Eyclct Pumps
A beautiful now spring num
ber that tombincs beauty and
comfort. Long vamps ami high
French heels; black kid, satin
or patent leather.
$18 Dress Oxfords
With long, slender vamps, soft
kid or patent leather and high,
keen heels.
$12.85" "
$18 Sport Oxfords
With style, comfort and class
the kind that "bends with your
foot." Quality insures you
agirtnst tired, aching feet;
brown kid, black kid, white
washable kid and mahogany.
$18 Nifty Pumps
The careful itnd beautiful
workmanship of these pumps
give you a wonderfully well
dressed feeling They are so
graceful and smart; black in
dull kid, patent leather, also
white kid or gray satin,
$18 French Heel Oxfords
The season's smartest models,
so comfortable, loo. The sim
plicity of style and beauty of
line that characterizes the Ox
fords shown here. Mack kid,
patent or satin, also brown,
white or gray kid.
(l 1 1 ci tQ n rpp
o iimtr frvt, an lev
curru I.udkn' fnutwcuv in
nisvH from I to ,'( and
AAAA'h to UK in width.
Men's from 5 to IX in
AAA'h to Eli, also eonibi
nation widths for men and

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