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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, February 26, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 10

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art n
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HuildintfH and lOquipment
Now Depend on City,
Speaker Says.
Tulsa HotariaiiH (iivon a Big
Program Willi Kendall
Orchestra and Speakers. . .
The protod TiiIim. MvwlK'h Mid
t ri'liiKtrl.i I Knponillon nmiiny now
bring orttntiuied will provide Tiiln t
wild Hie Rr.'iiirxl exhibition (jroiiiida
In tha Hiilhwfitt, Clarwire II. Ij.hir-'
Urn. rnatinalnK director of the cliom
bur nf commerce, lohl Tulaa It"
tnrtnii Ml UiHlr wrekly luncheon
voatrrilny. Further detalla f the
pnijrrl wir nlvnji by K A. Mill
romli, fnclnrcr , Thx ultp, piimprln
inn n wrtliin of Uiinl ImmMtliilfly ml
jnlnlriK llif city on Dip wnilliMMnl,
turn lifrti iiuri'hiiiNHi iiiiiI ttif. nwMirlnn
(if linllrtliin anil (cpilinni'nt now d
pnndM on Tnlim pedphi. upcordlnir to
both f pcHhcm
fttilnli iiml frti-u 1 1 y of Kctiilftll
ollriiro wrr riifiMiiHl f(ir tlic m
Inr portion nf the proHram. Jliwl
cnl wilorllon wiirc iflxcii by Hip Ken
ilnll orrlirNtiH, Icil by rrnfivMitr
ilolpti Knitn.T. utnt li Mrn II .1
iik:c Ilea (I of tin- i dep i tiiKiil,
liilc lr iilmf I.(i- ii'I'll wh I a
Motirlni m h m II it pr. nt i.f iM-
H k'( Kpll.(
N(W Hotm.v i i. i ( mil ini- mitc
-- Mnftr I'.lcli hIIImxiI lIH'tlnll
V 1 If III SI M finite fnlU III the
- .VV- 1 1 Irriillnrnl cil Mill. l.i
IrrMlmriil nf
yi. ma. niMminii. n;r-
I I II. nr Klhrr llililmt nkln
UlAniNm. I r ) il lO'l-rnl imii
ill tin r IU
II, (Irlnuin, ll:i bniilli Miiln.
at Vandevers
pri ,citi'l I inr mi inlict- liy A li
I II l Ml I'l. M II lit f I. Itll' llh'T
ii'purtnl Unit Tnln.i llntarl.itH vvcic
trcntiMl mi. -I riirillally (lurliiK their
mNII in i hi- (iKInlioina City ltntiiry
1 dull TucmlMy. anil thut tlio Inter
iflinilRO of Vlnllfi Vlililr-'l to Kin fellnw
Mhli IiMwccii the two cltlwn rw well
( H the Iwn ( lull
I Tnlwiim were fiifn'i of honor t
' hilicheon len hj the Uotrtiy club of
i litiil..!.!!. (iitf 'Piifa.liiv iinnn. Ml.
Jliirlincr will. Tim pi enlilent of nix I
ritolnry pnlm of (iklnlioinn who wcrn
iri'pent W(rii ICrrimt Mill or nnnwneit.
Vre Powell of N'owhIu, I.nnlen
I'nllev of OklHhonni I'ltv. AVIIIIlln
Moffoll of MllHkOKe l.ml f'hiirehlll
of Vltill.i iiml (' IT llnrhner of
FEVERISHNESS I'lack-DraiiKht Is lined by n
VirRinia I-ady for Colds,
I'over and Other Trouble
With Fine UemiltH.
Ohllwooil of llrlK plum rerently rIiiI.
il: "I liuvo iifwil Itliiuk-DriiuKht for
rohln oiiil Mtotnarh tronblo nml cer
Wlnly Iiiivp round It very Mll.ifnc
lory. When I would feel Iiml and foVer-
i lull, n lhom:li I wnn Ink IriK n frenh
I'old, I would mnkn u kooiI nip of
I lilnck-Drnilglit tmi niul i would noon
not tun nil rlK'it.
1 rnn rccniniuiiiid It nn a nplendld
luxatlvo nnd Rlmlly do so. Vnu may'
pulillxh tny Htiitmnont."
When yon fool chilly, tired, fnvrr
lull, hrudiichy nnd feur that you aro
taltltiK cold, take, n ko doHn of t ho
old, tollable, liver tneillclna you huvo
heard ihi much about Thedford's
lllack-Driulclil. It In tiindo from
purnly veKnhibln Inurcilluiits, actM In
a gentle, natural way, and by lielplnjj
to tlrlvo out polwinoun wantn matter
from yojir nytitem, It will often, If
taken In time, prevent a chill from
dovnloplni; Into a cold.
ThoiimuicM of pcoptn, during tho
pnHt 70 yearn, havo found Illack
UraiiRht of lieneflt In Btioh canes.
Try It the nxt time, you chill or
jneexo.-' Advt.
'i jla Tim tuii h' on win. h w.i
ilr leil :ii a inndel Itot.ny 1 1 r. m 1 1
t'iK clocil willi tin pri Mentation if
ii cloM.fiK-i em at n Hoy Mi nut ramp
by n group of kcoiiIk Cnr rlilm uml
a Ihenttr trip In the nf ternoin and
n illmii'i dnur.ii nt the I.ih Hueklna
boiel n the ewnlriB ciiuiplfli'd the
entertainment, Ahoul JOt) (iklahoma
City ItulilllnfM find their wlveri were
preaent at the dinner il-uien, Mr
Huehner mid.
" iilwu Itotariiiiia wiio made the trip
Mrfi (lirift,. ti.iii i..m.i t....tl
Claude lloilfth. JeMe' JlrKeever, lrf"i
l!wln, lr (. II. Matiithy. Kred
nimri, . nink luyiini. in , v
lloth. w I' Ht.ilil. Tom lljrm II C
I Indtier. Iliii Wnlilrep. .;d (loth ind
Mr It n lit i i U A liradnhaw f)
, O !(ib-oii. W It Kilmer Olllo Bcllir
nnd Nial K illierluinl were iiccom
pnnled In their wle
i Sits. lloW)er Itlris
l Mm Minnie .M. Ilowyer. wlfo of
ChnrhHi Ilowyer, died at tho'r-l-
dencf, tot North I'rorln, at 6 o'elock
lyeaterilay evening Henldin her Iiiih
I Iwiinl and four children, Mr. llower
la Miii vlvml by hor pnrctilK. Mr. atul
Mm, J, M ICclftuy of TulHa; four
i alaliTK, Mm, Cora l.tjcnn of drove,
1 Okln., Mm. II. K. Kirk of Hklatook.
' Mm Mary Pleldn of Tulifa nnd Mlm
l.lly Kelney of Tulaa. and one hrolli
I er John Kelney, of ihla city. Funeral
' if iiiiiKemriita will he untile Inter
' Local American Legion
1 Men Want Military
Member of Jon Carson pik1 of
the Arnerlcnn legion went on record
hint nlKhl In (.nor of universal mili
tary tralnlnit After a lenifthy , dln-
unjKnloli the pout adopted a reaoiu
tlon pTtpocd by Alva J. Nile do
'clarlnr; that, t was the "'mso of the
' mnelliiK that nomo ayHtem of unl
tverKal tmlnlni; be adopted by tho
nation. '
' Major NHw la a meinber of n na
tional committee which la to report
on .ln rch 8 their reeommenda lonu
on tho- tnfilter of universal mllllnry
ttiilnlnK na a national poll-y. Mr.
NHpfl In dlxcuHsltiK tho rfHjIullin do
clarcd that ho, and ho holli-veti
every momber of lh poxt, hud nli
of llin flghtlnir they wanted, Never
thelctv lie Hald that linvliiif bfcn
called out In Ihreo wnra hn wan
atrontrlv In uuir of the. unlvcrca,
! trnlnltiK i prcparedne meamirc.
1 IJvery war In which tha nation lifif
' engaKed, ho rald found tho country
! hi a mlrora'blo atato of unprepareii-
ncaa. and ho uraoil compulaory mlt'
Jury training, though not acrvlce, na
uio ooiutlon or me prouiem.
Other apeakera who dlacuaaed the
motion declared themaelvea opiiood
to nnvlhlm? that rwoilld lead to mill
tarlm, but were In favor .of S5inc
form of military trahrnj for oti
cnvllUina of certain agin,
The post uanlmoU!) Voted a
resolution cf oonfblfnce In Horace
II. 1 1 win after hn had explained at
length hla rcaaona for oppdalnc the
pnnioAl of Krantlnff tionuaea lo
former nervier men. Olenn Condon
culled for the explanation from the
stalo commander be nua
connilalnts that have been n a dm
the matter Mr Cnnit.-, ,. ,." ..'
tho adoption of tho resol.it (m
tun, lutriicf
Ileaiitlfil llk and gold ti,i,,r, p,
the American legion wna pnn-ntM
to tho po.t by Alvu J, Nil. n m the
mooting. Miaa Muilo Aulch was mad
acting poat niljutant and I' j
llallcy woa cloctcd publicity d.tector'
Ior nutomoblllata an Inventor ha
patented a b(Mt to' bo fna'.entJ
around a punctured Inner tui.e in
Blend of around thu ouUldo of a lire"
Wntch Soctlon Nine. Tu a A-,to.
mobllo Show. March l to 8 Advt
i r iiiiiiniiiiiii i
I 11111 llliiiTiirninii I il-
IB m 1 1
m w9 m i. o. I
AAfeuld you
knowingly drink
Calomel is mer
cury, quicksilver I It
Shocks the liver and
salivates I
'JDodson's Liver Tone" is i
CtjJ harmless vegetable liquid
s pleasant lo take, which acls on
a sluggish liver belter than dan-
gerous calomel, and doesn't make you weak
and sick. Don't lose, a day's work I
Take "Dodson's Liver Tone"
Here' my KUf""terl Ak your ilniRglat for a bottle
of DoiUon'a I.ivcr Tone and take- a npoonful tonight. If
It iloon't start your liver nml straighten you right up
hettrr limn catoinol and without griping or making you
alck, I want you to go back to the itoro anil get your
lt' perfectly harmtraf, ao give It to your children any
time. It can't nallruto, at anything afterwariln,
At The Strand Beginning Sunday
Local ncreon lovora who recall with delight tho nuaplcloua nebut of Dorki
Jloy nml Uouglas Maol.eati iih n lhoin;w 11. Inc. comedy Marring tnani In
tho Mary Huberts Hlnohnrt Htnr. "1 wetlly-thre., uml a Unit llmirn' Leave,"
will bo Klntt to know that these; talented jouiig people ar coining to tho
striind tlioaUir nest Sunday In tlu-lr now photoplay, -Mary, Anklo" ThU
H from Muy Tully'w wull ltnowti bingo play nnd U rich c.iinotly from atart
to rinirtii.
The central fli;urca tiro u young doctor. ),0,,r '"ul H,fBKllnB, who haa beem
nrommeu a lorinne ivumi .","" ...... mo inuny gin
with tho upralncd nnklo who providentially caiue hla way m tho critical
luomtfiit. It la a Paramount .Artcruft picture- Advt. f
WE ARE including in this sale our enormous stock of Ladies' new fashion spring footwear, made by Dorothy
Dodd, J. & K., Red Cross and Selby, manufacturers of the-highest grade footwear in America. The cri
tprions of style, quality and fit. When better footwear is made we will sell it, and for less. Please shop in the
mornings for our enormous evening trade is greater than we can handle.
$10.00 Values I $12.00 Values
Silver ray, beautiful hitrh Louis kid
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soleH. Sale price
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Louis heels, also in kid covered high
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vamps, high French kid covered heels.
Sale price
v $6.85
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ored upporg; full Louis Kid covered
heels. Sale price
Hattleship gray boots in soft kid
leather, flexible welt soles, long reced
ing vamps; military style. Sale prici
' $6.85
.Mahogany colored military boots in
flexible soles, calfskin uppers, per
forated vamps. Sale price
White washable kid military boots
with long receding vamps and flexible
soles. Sale price
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Hrown military boots with perforated
tip vamp; best grade calfskin upper.
Sale price
Patent kid vnmp with black satin top
in a nine-inch lace or button top and a!
high, slender French cov- (I H Qp
ered heel. Sale price P I Ot)
Taupe colored boots with(suede vamps
and satin tops, hand-turn soles;, a new
spring style that comes in tfP7 Off
lace or button. Sale price. . tP OtJ
Taupe kid boots in the new spring
blucher effect, with long receding
vamp, also in button style. Vrj Op
Sale price tj) I Ot)
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heel boots, with flexible Qpf
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inch, tops, covered French heel, plain
or perforated tip. (jrj Qp
Sale price tp I oD
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gray with hand-worked eyelets, satin
covered heels, hand-turn (prr Qpf
soles. Sale price p I tOtJ
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There's an unusual grace and attrac
tiveness about these beautiful suede
boots with satin tops. They have hand
turn soles and high, keen French heels;
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covered heels, hand-worked oylets;
black satin, brown satin, (Tr7 QJT
gray satin, fit P I .OeJ
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Dark bnrwn colonial kid pump with
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vamps. Sale price. DIOD
Black kid' opera pumps in the new
spring modes, sizes from 1 to 9 in
AAAA's to D. QK
Sale price-. ! piOtJ
Patent kid pumps for dance or evening
wear, made for "Gordon" of New York.
That's all the reconjmonda- (IQ Qp'
tion they need. Sale price. . tPtOt)
Baby French heol pumps in patent or
kid leather with hand-turn dQ Qp
soles". Sale price . .' PoOO
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worKeu eyelets, hand-turn soles, in
black suede with patent
vamps. Sale price
Long receding vamp oxfords in soft kid
leather, high Louis covered (t A Qp
heels. Sale price". tPtaOD
Patent leather new spring 1920 oxfords
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hand-turn soles. Sale price tPtaOD
$15 Baby French Heel Pumps
There's nothing quite so satisfactory
as rv low heel pump, and this is decided
ly smart, comfortable and economical;
J)lack patent, kid or satin. (IQ Qp
"Sale price , . . . . tP7Ot)
These Specials On Sale at Our 318 S. Main Store Only
$18.00 Values
$18 One-Eyelet Pumps .
A beautiful new spring number that
combines beauty and comfort. Long
vamps and high French heels; black
kid, satin or patent leather.
' $12.85
$18 Dress Oxfords
With long, slender vamps, soft kid or
patent leather and high, keen heels.
$18 Sport Oxfords
With style, comfort and class the kind
that "bends with your foot." Quality
insures you against tired, aching feet;
brown kid, black kid, white washable
kid and mahogany. N t
$18 Nifty Pumps
The carefu anl beautiful workmanship
of these pumps give you a wonderfully
-well dressed feeling They are so
graceful and smart; black in dull kid,
patent leather, also white kid or gray
' $12.85-
$18 French Heel Oxfords
The season's smartest models, so com
fortable, too. The simplicity of stvlo
and beauty of line that characterizes
the Oxfords shown here. Black kid.
patent or satin, also brown, white or
gray kid.
Our .Mall Order ili'iuri
inont Is tn cluirgo or tyvo
(1llllH'ICIlt MlU'MIIPII. All
orders nivhiil iM'torn 1
p. in., filled tho mi mo ilay;
tluiM" tvivhftt after tlieii
filled lliu next iiiornlnj.'.
iiil v. sitr.iroN, .Mgr.,
Mall Order niul Orthopeillo
to fit yourfeet as we
carry ladies' fooU
wear in sizes from 1
to 9 and AAAA's to
EE in width. Men's
from 5 to V. in
combination, widths
for men and women.
AAA's to EE, also,

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