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VOL XIV, NO. 153.
Testimony Expected to
Benin This Morning
at CapitalCity-
Walilrep Appoint."? Investigat
ing Body After House
Passes Itcsolutlon.
Governor's Foe to He First to
Give Testimony; Reiter
ates Assertions.
I), The I MclU'i Press.
OKLAHOMA CITV, Fob. 26. Tea.
tlmony by Campbell lfcussell regard
ing charges published by lilni con
rrrnlnK tho conduct of tliu etuto par
don nml purolo department la ex-jir-ted
to begin tomorrow morning
l.pforn tho houso ot representative's
niesfi."a'ing e'ommitteo appointed
It the speaker of 1ho Iioiiho thli utt-t-noon.
ILi-sell's list of allocutions against
tho department 1m contained In nn
oppn letter to Oklahoma legislators
published this afternoon In a special
fdi'l' n of "Tho Cat," copies of which
v,ere dc'Uered by ItURsell himself to
a 'urge number of house members
before they left tho oipltol. No
formal answer to tho readiest of tho
speaker for sworn charges has been
filed by missell.
Ins'rad of thn affidavits requested,
Iliisse 1 letter Is a stlmfrmry of ma
tpri.il published In hj paper since
Aupus' It concludes with an argu
ment for the creation of a lardon
and p:irolo board. Tho references
I P to a largo number of liberated
convicts, Including Paul lladley,
Caesar Killer. Mcoklo Italstln und
l!lcktn.m Willis.
.Vo Knowledge of lny.
Pais; ell statesthat lie has no nf
fMal!n showing that any convict
ner raid any money to tho,govcr,
ror '
Opening tho letter Is a (.latement
laying "tho fucts herein briefly out
1 lined aro rc-publlshed for your in
formttlon and consideration while
jou aro offlclully In Honslnn, so that
In rase you dccln It wise to use tho
rower In you vested to havo verified
the 'Wngs which are hero slati-d or
to develop any additional facts In
connection thorowlth, you may havo
opportunity to do so."
Itiisaell expresses his willingness
to co operato with an Investigating
Itewlutlnn Adopted.
The resolution directing the' np
rolntment of tho Investigating com
mlttec authorizes It "to employ BUch
assistance as may bo necessary to
edmlnlater oath, compel attendance
nd testimony of witnesses and doc
umentary evidence, to punish for
contempt and to prcwldo genernlly
mder tho rules and law governing"
ij district courts of tho state."
Members of tho commltlco aro
JiPpresentatlves TJdwIn Dabney of
Alius. Paul Ncsbltt of McAleotcr,
Hen V Harrison jt Calvin. J. S.
. Mahon of Miami, U C. Mc.Vabb of
Mllsaw, W. T. Anglln of Holdcn
Mile. In Morris of WoJtorR, Asa E.
Waldcn of Marlotta and A. K. Graver
et Bartlcsvlllo. Thoy wore named by
Speaker Waldrep.
Itustell wan clto dtxj appear at the
hearing by J. C. Fqrd, orgeant-it-rma
of tho house, after tho mcct
InR of ho committee this afternoon.
Paul N'esbltt was elected chairman
f the Investigating comrnlttee, Ati
K. WaJden prcjrfdlng Juflgw and Kd
n Dabney attorney to conduct the
Alihugh tho frittlngs of tho com
wlttee will be closod to tho public,
comple'.o Ktenographlo record will
be kep of all firocoedlngs, It Is said.
nd tho record printed' as a public
document at tho conclusion of tho
nvpflt jratlon. Tho committee will
report Its findings to tho house of
reprp:'fn'atlves Immediately aftor
the invertlcation li finished, 1t Is
''"tj Duroc .Tcrty Sows Ilrliur
SiO.IOft at U10 (Tupltal.
h Arv)rted preu State Wlro.
t tho all-bred sow' boJo hore tmlay.
rii in uuToo bows soia ror
"M1 Kaoh hog lirought 1511.
. l.yio of ChiclcaKha, Miller
Touirrs of the .101 ranch at Ullss.
d I r CVlldwcll of -Hurpey-llle,
re tho heaviest purcJiawr of the
Marlotla Hanker Is T)l.
AriJMOHE, Feb. 26. It, A. Kirk
Mtrlck, 38 years old, president of tlv
J nit Ktato bank at Marietta. Okla,
Wd mis morning of pnetitnonUiM'h-
funitr.ai n.111 v.- ..-,. ...
Jianc'ta under the auspices of tho
KiiiHot i-jtnias lodge
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
si'nciAii ,(si:nts
OS I'alnco Hldg. Vlionc Iftl
Mrs. Barnett Foils Clever
Scheme to Kidnap Husband;
Stops Intruder With a Gun
AfUyl fixa .HUt Wire.
MirHKOCli:i:, bklu., Feb. 28.
A conference was held hero today
between Indian Superintendent
tinhe . F.irker, t'arl J. O llornett.
guardian of Juckson Ilarnott. and
.McCrory ,v .Jwhns. Okmulgee law
yers, when a plan of action was
outlined to annul tho marriage of
Jackson Harnett and take Kte to
save the fortune of tho incompe
tent Indian from the hands of
Mrs. fjuini Irfnvc-lleriiiclt, tlm
woman who kidnaped llarliett and
married him In Coffey Mile It
was s.ild after tho conference that
their plans would not bo modo
public for tho reason that they did
not care to play Into tho hands of
Harnett's wife, who litis employed
lawyers to fight for her alleged
rights. H was not dented, hnw
uvur, that steps would bo taken
lmmediaitely to annul tho mar
l.i gc. v
COFFKYVIfiMJ, ICan., Feb. 2(J.
An attempt to kidnap Jackson
Harnett was frustrated hero lata
this afternoon through tho eiulck
action oil the part ot hi wife, ac
cording to employes at the hotel
whero tho couple aro thing.
They said that whllo Mrs. Har
nett was vising a telephone on an
other floor a largo gray touring
car containing two young men
drove to the curb outside 11 win
dow whero Harnett could he seen
sunning himself, Men In thn car
held up u fish polo and pointing
towards tho river beyond tho city
they attracted tho attention of tho
Iiullan and as hn was about to
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
WASHINGTON, Feb. 2b. 0r W. T.
Hani, Ivtmtr eoYtrner of Arliom, was
nomiiiateit today by I'reildent W'llion lo
le niialiter to Slun,
1'AKfS, Tett. 2fl. Hugh C. Wllap, the
American amliaaiador, protfnU-d tn the
forelco etfkn today Tr'aldcnt Wilson'a
reply lo the latest oste of the allies on the
Adriatic qurillon.
MONVRKAb, Ffb. SO. Mra. M. Orfpnrj
and her four cJiiidren Here burned to
death here earljr today In a (Ire which
detlroycd their home. itr Orerorj- and a
tin-day-:d baby were In bed on the tee.
ond fUwr when ths three other children
accidentally aet lire to the houie.
WASHINGTON KeT. 56. retarj
llaVer today declined to be a candidate
for 'delegate at lame from Ohio to Ihe
democratic national cotnniltteo, "Ai a mem
ber of the national administration I feel
that it l better for me not to participate
iu a state preference primary," Secretary
Itaker laid.
NEW YOItK, .I'eb. 26. Ortanfialon of
Hare's Motors, an operating company U
control jolntlr the Jjocomoblln company
and the Mercer Motors company, makera
of l.-omoblIe, Jlercerand tjlmplex cars,
was announced here today by F.mlen S,
Hare, president of the controlling oorpors
Hon. .
NEW YORK, Feb. 38. Bdward Cham
bers, who haa been ierrinir in Washing
ton i director of dltlslooal trslflc for
the United States railroad administration,
will return to the Atchison, Topeka & Santa
Ke railway company on March 1 as vice
president In charge of traffic, It was an
nounted today.
NEW YORK. Feb 2. The reals-nation
of K V !rse as president of tho Kansas,
L'Uy Southern railway was aeeeplet ana
J A. Kdiwt was elected to succeed him
upon the termination of federal control
at a'mentinic of thn hoard of directors here
today. Mr. Iorse Is president of the Dela
wsvro 1 Hudson Co.
JEKSEV CITV, N. J Fob. 28. Mrs.
Itlehard Doberty, wife of Ju4j Roherty
ot the oourt ot common plriu In Jersey
City, today rare birth to twtna for the
fifth time in their married Ufa of 10
years. The youngsters and the mother are
doing well. The family now Include aix
Sir! a and two boya, two children baring
led. ,
CAKTHAO Mo., Feb. 26. The First
National bank of Ssrcosle, nar here, was
robbed of about I1O.000 earfy today. The
robbers dug their way through the Vail
of the vault and rifled privato deposit
boiea, They apparently were frightened
away before blowing tho safo, leaving
plosives In their hurry.
ST. t.OUIf.'.' Feb. 26 The amendment
to the lver food control act was declared
unconstitutional by United STtatea District
Judge Farla here today when be sustained
a demurrer of the defense and dismissed
thn rase of tho L. Cohen (Iroeer company,
which was charged with making an unjust
profit on sugar.
COUNCIt. nld'FFa Iiwa Feb. 26.
Three men are dead and four are f stall.
wonnded here today as a result of the
holding up of a pool ball late last night.
Of the three handita who entered the hall,
one Js among the dead and two are In
eluded In the list of fatally wounded. Ths
other dead and 'wounded are Auatrians.
WAPHINOTON. Feb 26. 5'enator
Miles Volndeater. republican of Washing
ton, today introduced a lull In the senate
to prevent the sale bv the Unlte.i Mates
of any ship unless with the proviso that
It shall fly the I'nlted Wales flag and In
the event of transfer to foreign registry
shall revert to the United States.
CONCORDIA. Kan . Feb 2. Clsd o"Jy
In a night h!rt, James Flynn. a farmer
near here, fouaht a life and death battle
with three wolves, when the antmala en
deavored to enter his home by a window
After a lfs-mlnute struggle Flynn succeed
d In kllllnr one of the animals and drove
the others away. He suffered several severs
HKRMOS1I.UO Meilc.i, Feb. 26. Her.
man Fielding of.New York city and Ernest
Wfl'.roeyer of Calllmore, both said lo be
former members of the American slacker
colonv at Colonla Morales, have been ar.
reeled charged with Inciting a revolt against
the Carranta government, The authorities
av they were Identified ai memhera of a
Villa band of rattle raiders ana also that
they were ammunition runners for a band
of Ysqul Indians,
WASIITNOTON, Feb,' 36, A wage agree
ment was signed today by Director Illnes
of the railroad admlnlilratlon ami O O
Taylor if the Amerlran Express company
with the express ompkiyes of the ftrother
hood of Railways and Steamship Clerks,
freight handlers, express ann elation em
staves. The agreement affects 70.00(1 es
press emnkiyea and provide for a 26-dsy
montn lime ami e nan lor ovenuoe ana
a aenrorlty rule.
Join thorn ono of tho party rushed
into tho hotel to meet him. Tho
wlfo appeared on tho sceno and,
shoving her liuib.iiid Into hls
room, turned on tho Intruder with
a pistol.
Thli 1 said to bo the third at
tempt to ktiluap'or entice liar'
tiett nwuy from the hotel. Iter at
torneys nro khIiI to havo employed
prlvnto detectives from Kansas
City to guard the couplet.
One of Mrs. Harnett's attorneys
left the city today and It Is said he
has gono to Wichita, Kas., to ap
ply to tho federal court for an In
junction to prevent Coji J. O'Hor
nett of Henrietta, Okla., Harnett's
guardian, eir any government offi
cial from handling any of Har
nett's varltris funds pending tho
decision In tho annulment Tirocenit-
lngs which government attorneys '
noro gavo nouno would Do starleI.
The action Is being held In abey
ance pending the arrival hero of
certified copies of tho fediirai and
ftato'court records from Muskogeo
showing lhirnett adjudged Incom
petent. ' Harold McOugan. one of the at
torneys for Mrs. Harnett, today
predicted extensive 'legal proceed
ings should tho federal autuorltles
Insist on tho anuullment pmce'e-d-Incs.
Ills contention Is that the
Oklahoma federal and stato court
decisions nre not binding on the
MUestlon of Harnett's competency,
but 'that a Kansas Jury must pass
on tho matter before tho marrlago
can be set aside unless Harnett Is
H A A A I I r I 1 1 I fT
ivimin ion UK I
Switch' Engine 'Backs
Into Fast Freight in
Red Fork Yards.
Night Train to Kansas City
Is Detoured via Muskogee
as Kesult.
One man Was painfully hurt when
an oaslhound Frisco fruight. train
was wrecked ono mllo west of Hcd
Fork at 9;aoo'clock last nlchL The
WTck wim caiiscil bv n stvlUih en-
lno backing on tins jnaln lino. The
engine crews of both trains mw Oielr
danger too luta to avort U10 colli-
Mioii, soJumpci to safety.
uno foeomu-es were thrown Into
tho tlllcli, six or seven cars badly
lamageU. ono of which caught fire.
and was extinguished by onglno com-
inny .no. 11, at stnnon ro. I, of tho
lillfa flrn department, which mode
tho six-mlle run to Hed Fork at the
uelie.-rt of tlio I' risen officials who
I'eartd the fire would spread to sev
eral tank cars filled with g-.isoWno.
1 no itxack win bailiv tout uti. re
ports received here said, and It wits
reporte.1 that traffic would not be
;peneil until this morning. The
i-'KlaJioitKi Kansas-City .train due
here nt 10:15 o'clock tiLut nlirht u-ns
Jetouretl via Okmulgeo to MUakogcn,
and U10 Katy-to Vltrtta. A stub tinln
was matin up Jmro to Iriko Tulsa
paspcngcrs to Vlnlta. Tho early
morning train to Oklahoma City
was helel hero und exirected lo get
by ait fl o'clock thta morning,
J'no injurea man. it was ronorteii.
was In a cur of produce which
caught fire. A car of chickens, two
cars of lemon and a car of eggs
were alio damaged. One freight car
was standing on end nter the wreck,
B002E clash averted
Michigan Miners I'rcnareil to Cap
. turet Diilrjiuplo If Hit Tried In
Malio Mipior Arrfnts.
IKON HIVKU, Mich., Feb. 2f It
was loarned today that a party of
100 miners and woodsmcrr gathered
yesterday near Ktambaugh, nearly a
mllo from hero, prepared to capture
tho federal prohibition raiders' train,
had Major Dalrymplo carried out his
threat t" arrest District Attorney
McDonough In the prohibition en
forcement fracas. They said thoy in
tended to take Mcnonough nway
fnom Dalymplo ami leavo tho fed
rral agents stranded In their railroad
OriWrs from Washington directing
Major Dalrymplo to call off his
"armed Invasion' probably averted
what would havo bcon a serious
clniili. as all men were heavily armed,
"Mac," as tho prosecutor Is known
to every rn.tn. woman and child In
tho coupty, may bo numbered amdngj
tha large field of republican candi
dates for the presidency of tho
United States. His admiring friends
hero have already launched thn boom
and declaro ho wilt havo tho solid
support of tho upper peninsula,
Among tho messages received by
McDonough today -nero, many from
prominent men In all parts of tho
country, Including ono from Kdward
flwann, district attorney of Now
York county.
-George F. Cummerford, special
agent. of the department of Justice,
will reach Iron Hlvor tonight to In
vcstlgato tho prohibition disturb
ance. Ier Italsiit Trior,
NIOWAHK, N. .1., Fob. 20.--Tho
Newark Star-Eagle, nn afternoon
dally, announced today It will In
crease Its prico from 1 to 2 ccnta a
copy, beginning March 1
Majority Report Recom
mends State Count on
Foes Force Action; Friends J
of Ratification Doubtful 1
on hmergency.
i -
Congcrss Is Asked to Fix
November 11 as Ameri
canization Day.
Ily Assorlsted Freest Hlato Wire.
Hrfercudtim on tlui (iiiwtlon of rati
fication of tho federal suffrage
amendment to vote of the people on
August 3 Is recommended In tlu
majority report of tho senate com
mittee en constitution and roiistutt
tlonal amendments submitted In the
senate this afternoon. The report Ij
mado by J. T. Mcintosh of Diiraut,
C. W. Hoard of Okemah, H. I,.
Davidson of Tuts.! and Warren K.
Hnydor of Oklahoma City.
A minority report recommending
the pass.-tgo of tho resolution as for-
l warded from tho house of represent
ratlves Is signed by Fred K. Tucker of
Ardmoro, 1-;. I Hill of McAlcslor.
chairman of the committee, und .loo
Shermun of Hborman.
No edato Held.
Thcro was no .deliatu In tho scn
ato on tlio suffrage Kiueatlon this
afternoon. It Is expected that tho
anti-suffrage forces will stage, their
first attack tomorrow nflernoon
when the question of thn adoption of
ono or tho other of tho cominlttco
reports Is brought to n vote.
, Friends of ratification declared
tonight they were assured of at
least '23 'votes, which will insure tho
defeat of tho amendments offered iu
the majority report of tho commit
tee. To pass-tho resolution as passed
In tho house with tho emergency
utilise attached, a two-thirds voto
is 'required, making 30 votes neces
sary. The winning to their cuuro of
enough senators horetoforo classed
as doubtful to glvo the 30 votes Is
the task of tho suffragists tomorrow
If tho measure Is to pass.
An attempt to call up tho house
resolution setting 6 .o'clock Satur
day afternoon as the tlmo for ad
journment of tho semlon for pas
Bago In' tho scnato this afternoon
was defeated after IB minutes of
parliamentary warring. Senator
Thomas proposed Clro consideration
of the resolution eaylng Its passage
would place the senate In control
of the time of closing, whereas If Its
consideration should bo delayed, ad
Journment might bo postponed by,
uciion ot tno nouno to rccoiuaucr
the resolution.
Senator Davidson opposed the
proposal upon tins ground that no
restriction should bo tPlaced upon
tho house In Its Investigation of the
pardon and parole department, and
that If It saw fit lo nrolong the sen
nIqii for tho nako of a more com
plete Investigation It should bo fret
to do so. Tho senate voted finally
to postpone consideration of tho res
olution until this afternoon.
The amendment to tho resolution
offered In tho majority report pro
vides that after tho legislature rati
fies tho fcdoral suffrage amendment
It shall not bo operative or effective
until or unless tho people) of tnn
state shall npprovo tho amendment
a majority of tho votes cast In
tho, August primary election. Tho re
port of ratification by' tho legisla
Victory Out Wets Ciiiim-s lilatlon
aiul McDonough CunCt-t Any
thing Ho May Ask For.
IKON HtVKK, Sllch.. Feb. 2G.
Iron county, bceno of tho bloodless
"rum rebellion" maiked tlmu to
night, content with the victory won
yesterday over tho federal prohibi
tion agents and uwau-s tho assemb
ling tomorrow ot thu wet and dry
"peace confeicnco."
(Juorgo F, Cummorow, chief spe
cial agent ot the department of Jus
tice, bureau of Investigation, and H.
H. Converse, assistant attorney gen
eral of .Michigan, were expected to
urrlvo lato tonight to open the poacu
meet tomorrow,
.Martin 8. McDonough, prosecuting
attorney of Iron county, who yester
day vanquished thu federal und stato
forces under MaJ. A. V. Dulrymple,
prohibition commissioner for thu
central states, announced tonight
that he would ask that tho peace set
tlement bo an open covenant, with
tho public Invited to hoar the ti-stl
tnonv offered.
Mr. McDonough tonight run hoCirCUlfir8 OffcrilW li)
anything hn ubIss of Iron county and wr , , , "
tho upper peninsula. Ho Is tho un
crowned king of this snow-bound
universe and Ms friends are already
considering him as a republican
presidential candidate.
Sailor .lumps to Dentil,
fly Associated Press HUM Wire. ,
Vl.MTA, Fob. 2C- -I'ollco today
were attempting to establish tho
Identity of u young man, recently
discharged from tho United Stntxt
navy, who killed himself by. Jumping
from the third floor of a local hotel
here) last night,
' ii..
Heads Northern Pacific
NIOW YOUIv, Fob, 26. Tho di
rectors of tho Northern I'nclflo Hall
way company today elected Julo M.
Itannaford president of the roud.
Tulsa Is Mad'e Stop on A it
Route Across United States
Si'.W YOltlt, I'oh, 2(1. Hum for tlio ()venllon -of thnv trmiMnn-
tl ml illrlglbl ulr-lilp lines for pii-wiutcr und of wecnil .iiiullort
middle ncsti'i'ii llntvi. were- niinoiiili-il lieiv Unlay b) diaries Oni, lieuil
or Hie (iininiertlal Hlnntrt m mllnilf, vtlilcli N BiipKirtMl b) tlic id
viiir Tire AI Itubltcr t, of M.ihii, Ohio, Mr. Dm ilee-lanil tlia
ho luis miiile iii-iniige'iiirnts with Hi" lioiMljsur iimiaii for tlio m
hlrmtlon of :tn hlw, 10 racli of U. 12 nml ftO-puksongcr iiiixn ll), wlilcll
will be iimhI on the nilddli iseitern Hiiik and f fl shllM Isiivlu a
(nihility of lliltl imsM'iigfi-s, lilt-li villi bo uVd m "' tiuiiwontliH-iitnl
TIm- first routew ivl tnkn In tin- foltowlna eitlot, I in hiiIiI! Iuuihhs
City, llenirr, i'nlsii, Ol.liilioma lilj. I'urt Worth, Niw Oiieans, JiieU
son, Memphis and Spiiimrli'lil, III. The flrxi hinnll ship Mill arrlio licto
tomori-ou inl aflei' Is-lng mlilhlteil at tlio aei onuiitli'iil iMmltlim, It,
ulll In- rioun buck to luin.-d t'lty anil put Into iiiiumh-iliiii.
Wllllo no ilefliillo taillf nitiw liuio Ix-eu flti-d, official of llxi hndl
iii te extliiuitMl that tlio co-l of iKi.ssengcr airship tnncl uoiild not i'
wil R evnts u mile.
Soviet Submits Proposal
to Allies and United
Dispatches Report :i Willinj;
fiess to Meet Obligations;
Present Guarantees.
Ily The Associated l'tess.
WAHHINUTON, Fi-li. 20-In a
cow pooce propoMil lo the iji-eat
potveis, reported In official dls
putxtl today, i-ovlet itiissla pledges
eitablltUunetai of democratic princi
ple's Iu ltussla iimli thu culling of u
cufwtltueut nfchembly.
it promises further to wCthUraw
tho decree of airnullng Itustda's for
eign debt, tetftorlng (iU per conl of
the liability, and aUi to imy arrears
of lute-rest, giving an a gtuirunted
for tho fulfillment of Its obligations
"considerable mining couiceiselons of
plitlnuin and silver to an Anglo-Auit-rlcun
IIimiiiiiiiI Withdrawal.
Ill return und In addition to tho
foimal pence imili-' tho tovii-t gov-eitnne-nt
would require (Heat Hrjtalii
ond othor countrlos to abanilon all
intervention in Ilusslau affairs, 11
also proiKises that tho United Huiiles
ullow u credit to ltussla conditioned
uiioii eonolilorablo conoeailoim In
that country. A duqialch today
from 1undnn quoting a Moscow
indio message s.ild the- eovet gov
ernment had made new peace over
tures to the United S La (., J.tpiui
and Itumaula.
S'o sutili iiroposal had reiioheil tlir,
state duparun.mt and officials wore
unable to say whether tho pcoea
sugestlon contalne'd In tho other
official advices as outlined uliove
Were thono referred to in tho .Moii
cflw radiogram.
offlcJal cumment wets withheld
since no proponil has yen been offl
clully communicated to thn Amort
can government by the soviet au
thorities. Tlic suggestion that tho
I'pllod Htajtefj has been coupled with
Japan and Rumania In a now peace
offtir was received with surprise, It
was ntmimed, however, that til's now
offer was In Uno with tlio consistent
polkiy of the- rovlet govoniniont to
nitlcrnpt nepariuto pegotkiUonH with
thd allied nnd nHsoclatod powers.
United .States Not lloiinil.
Tho supremo council itt !nn1on
mui announced that It wourrt not
negotiate with thu sovlet for tho
preH-nt, at least. This action doejs
hot hlml tho United States, howuvor.
as the Amerlom govcrnmont Is not
represented in tite council.
In thn AhKiiucu of imv official In
formation as to tho nrobable exiurmi
ef tlio United Ntntiw should a peace
offw come officially from tho soviet
governnmnt, It was reeille-d Unit the
American government was tlm flnrt
to proclaim tho lioLshevlkl as Inter
national outlaws. i
In soini' oimitors It wns said that
In view of this It apepared probable"
imt win uniled rilales govei ntnunt
would not exmolder peace proffers
unless itomocrfitlc prlnclides actually
had been applied to the Htnnlaji
Another "Still" U round.
MUHKOC1KH, Fob. 20 - A moon
shlnevstlll, a quantity of runsh nnd
other Ingredients for tlio manufac
ture of corn whisky were seized by
federal officers this afternoon at tho
homo of Mrs. Nettle Kelly, a ncgress.
Three men wore arrested, two being
tno woman s sons. '
1 lends (J.. M. ti. Kt. I.
CIIICAOO, Feb. 26. II. H. ilryam
was elected president of tho Chicago,
.Milwaukee & m. raw railroad to
Help Doctoh Gel
Booze Are a Fake
fpevisl to The World.
.STII.l.WATFIt, Feb. ItrAahn
AV. Jtcece, federal prohibition di
rector for Oklahoma, uniiouncod
today that a cnmp.-iJi;ii would Im
mediately bo started to nook out
and arrest persons who have been
circulating circulars and letters
to phyn'.Clnni and druggists ten
dering pe.ronftI seniesi for n feo
In securing permits to preserlbo
mo of Intoxicating liquors of all
"These (Jrcularn are nil fakes
so far as the stale and fodernl
lawi( aro concerned," sold Mr.
New York Co n v e n t i o n
Goes on Record l(,avor
ing thd Wets.
Delegates Uninstructed Or
dered to Vote as Ono; Hot
Fight Over Selections.
AI.HANY, N. V.. Feb. 26. Now
Veirtc slate dfinneratM. ihrutiib their
delegates iisHeuihliid In iiiiofflclal
com en I Ion here today seleeted the
delegut'es at large and the allet nates
at large In the democratic national
convention at San Francisco, adopted
a party platform, ami, by resolution,
instructed mo iieiegutnm at Man
Frnnclhco to vole as a unit mi all
matters. No presidential preference
was expressed
Tho delegates at large, elected
eifter long hours of conference, are:
(lovertior Alfred !;. Smith add Miss
Elizabeth Murbury ot Now York,
Miss Harriet May Mills of Syracuse
and I.ouls Desbeeker iu Huffalo,
'ilie voto taken yesterday by tho
woman's connnltteiv' of 1.000 in
which Mrs. Mllzalwth V. Colbert of
Albany led ;il! eontetaiils more than
two to one, did not receive weighty
consideration at tho hands of the
slate- tnakcis, lleforo the convention
was convened thcro was a catiouu of
-the women dcligulcs at which thu
women selected an delegates ut largo
and ulterunti'S were chosen,
Want Dry Iti -al.
Tlvro was only ono flurry during
the three hours tho delegates were
In session. That anno when Mayor
Cleorge It, Lunli of Hchenectatly uu-de-avorexl
to HUbstlttllo for a platform
plank calling for repeal of thu fed
eral ceinitltutton amendment, a plunk
recommending an amendment to tno
federal constitution providing that
heienfle-r all federal ami'lidments be
l-ubmlttell to direct voto of the people
io r muncation. Artir cousiiic niolu
oiTitoiy the l.unn iimendmeiit wus
defeated as a substituto for tho re
peal plank, but immediately after
wards on motion of another delegate.
It was addei us a Hiqiaruto plunk..
Tho platform declared tho demo
cratic party of the nation had en
acted moro conntructlv and pro
grcwdve lawn "In half a dozen yi-;irs
than tha republican party In halt a
century," congratulated I'rrjildcnt
Wilson on ills steady recovery of
health, opposed restrictions upon free
speech, and declared in favor of ro-
pealing tho federal prohibition
Tho platform iilao demanded Im-
tneulute iittlflcaitlou of tho peace
treaty "without destructive reserva
tions," commended labor for Its part
in tlm worm conflict, declared fo
adjustment of relations of capital
ami lanor that will end strikes, boy
coMs and lockouts.- demanded con
grcHslonnl action that would reduce
tax burdens, and commended tho ad
ministration of Governor Knilth.
ni:oi:ii;itHiiii' i.s oitii:iti:i.
I'arls and Mount licawint I toad !(hn
Under Control of Court.
PAULS, Texas, Fob.' 20. Tho
I'arls and Mount I'leasant railroad
was placed In recelveishlp today by
Judge II. H. Denton, acting on peti
tion of certain equipment con
tractors, who claimed the road had
defaulted In payment of Interest on
a im-O.OOO bonded Indebtedness duo
In January. It. W Worthum of I'arls
was appointed receiver and took
charge of tho property.
Kansas Profi-fAor Quits.
DAWIHJNCK, Kas.. Feb. 26 Pro,
tensor Krasmus llaworth. hi-ad of tho
j geology department of the Unlver-
mt in ivuiir-in niii..-- iv.i iiiih'i iiui u
today that no, would tender bis res
ilOiatlon lo Chancellor Strong to
morrow. Mesger salarKvJ faaltl to
university profeors Is given aa tho
reason for his resignation. Profes
sor llaworth ' will do commercial
geological work for an oil company,
which, ho sals, will pay two to four
limes what a professor receives.
Four Me-xlcnns Held,
JITAHK,, Mexico, Fob. 20. Four
soldiers of tho Juarez garrison aro
under arrest charged with robbery
and attempted murder In connection
with attack hero on J. M. IJalloy of
Ashovllle, N. C, American Consul
Agulrro announced today. Halley was
robbed of sumo Jowolry and somo
articles of apparel, but escaped the
attack uninjured.
Wsteh "u r window for specials, Baneker,
florist, IS Welt Fuurth street. Advt,
20 I 'AG PIS.
Note Dispatched But Is1
Not Yet Received
in Washington
President Says Original j
Agreement Modified lo
Their Interests.
Last Note to Premiers Is
Made Public and Says
Principle Sacrificed.
Allied Answer Denies Ca
pitulation Is Made in
v. 1 l r-
uaiy s J'av or.
r nvniv i.i. m -ni.- ..,u.i
. , ,-,, i, tuii-ii
supremo council tonight despatched
ii "nr kiiiii iih answer io tno nolo
f I'resldwnl Wilson on tho Adriatic
UCStion ret'elveil vertt.wdnv. 'l-ln- i-,t.
ply was oompted tliirlng today's
mioni or tii counoii.
WAHIIINOTON, lVb, 20. I'rifd
lent Wilson In his reiilv In tlm Itrll-
Ish and I'reneii premiers on tlio Ad
riatic question adheres to hit pre
Vloin dleclNion that unless the terms
of si-tili-mi-iit aro rcturneM lo tho
provisions of the ngnxinent of De
cember 9, "he must tako under serl
oih consideration" tho wHUidrawtil
of the treaty of VorxallUtf und tho
I'Toncli alllaurn fnm tho somite.
The rrniiiuiHn of tho tiremli- was
dlei:itehel from London today, but
nun pot iieeu ri-cetveit tonight In
With the eoopilou of this note,
the exchanges on tho KUbJect. Includ
ing tlio December 3 ngrecm"iit, anel
(he subacqni-nt agresment ivmimuui
caled to .lugo-Hlavla last month by
tho HrltlMh and French proii lrin,
vein made publlo today by Uio stale
The Joint memorandum of in-evom
ixr !, subscribed to by Franco, Orout
iirnain ami mo united mates nml
which It was supposed hero settled
the Adriatic qtntolon, pnivldod In
Kubshineio -Una following;
(,'rt .1(10,0(11) hlavs.
Intrla wnB lo luive front lorn
which, wlsilo "widely ovcrslepiilng1'
the recognlircd ethical lino betwen
Italy and Jugo-Slavl.i. wouUl hnve
River lo Italy muro than 300.000
Hiiro-Slavs and further extended
eastward lo glvo Italy territory In
tho legion of Alhona nlso Including
as against 10,000 Italians was to bo
placed under tho league,
buffer stato between tho Hollar
territory and Istrla and tho Serb
Croat Hlove-ne, containing some 200.-OOfi-Jugo
Hlavs as against, 40,000
Italians was to be ulaced under the
h-itfiio of nations,
Tho so-called Assllng region was
lo ho pi-rmanontly flomlUtarlzod,
ihere was to be a free stato of Fluinn
undor control and fiitnro di'tonnlna-
tion tiy tho lotiguo with full auton
omy for tlio olty of Flume. Tho city
5u-a wan to havo comphitu Miver
elgri'ty under tho louguo nnd com
plete cemlrol of Its own nffalrs, Tho
islands of tho rolago-ii group, Msi-a
and tho rmall Islands west of It,
l.ussln und Utile, wore to pass to Italy
ou itemiutarizeii Ntntuies wllh local
autonomy for the Hlavs In T.biwi.
Italy wus to havo a tnnndulo over the
ireleiiencivit stnte of Albania under
Ui.diTwvrtary Will Itemiiln In Of.
fle- Ho Announo'H,
WAHIIINOTON. I'eb. id. "I ln
tend to stick around and help the
preniuont nil 1 can," said Acting Sec
retary of Hiate Polk today, com
mentlng on reports that he would
resign after Haiuluidge Cohby tnk(
office. "I have no nnnnuncemeht to
make,'' wild Mr. Polk, who oallvd ut
the whit" House to conifer wllh Sec
retary Tumulty. Ho Indicated, how
ever, mat no still uswired to 'euve
official life us soon as ho could do
so with the consent of the president.
Federal Ite-wrio Striiclurn of
Slorli-s Is Now Assured,
KANSAS CITV, Fob. 20. The
KatiHiH i It v federal reservo bank
today reel veil word front the federat
rusi-rvH liiiaru ui usningiou IO pi
eeed w-Ui Its building program,
which include Ihe erection of a Hi
story strucfuro ut an estimated coat
... t i., n r
ill fdvuv,ivu
TULSA. Okie Mailmuui, 47, minimnra,
13; north winds: rlear.
OKI.AIIOMA: Friday and Patardav fair,
rlsinr teniprvatare
I.OIIIHIANA- prldav fair, rlslne tempera,
t'ire In nurtbweat portion: 9ataraar partlv
elondy. rlslnjt temperature,
AltKANHAS: Frldar and Saturday fair,
rislni; lemperslure,
KAST.TKXAH: Friday and Saturdav
partly cloudr except unsettled In estretne
south portion, ruing temperature tndity
and In east snd south nortlou Saturday
WBtT TEXAfJ: Friday lenerally fair.
rlilni teinperaturra. Utlurday jxnerallr
KANSAS' Fair and warmer Friday, Sat
urday Increasing rfoudinni , colder hy nlgbt
la north tKttkii.
Fashion Tailors msk a"or,it clothes, It
r igrner ttecund and Jdsln, upstairs.-
I Advt.
Mandatory Reservation Ls
Approved With Demo
cratic Support.
Now Secretary of Stale Is
Flayed by iMisaourian;
Aslthurst Dcl'etids Him.
Voto on Stumhlinj,' Block
Conies After Disposal of
republican reservation regarding
mundatniic, attached "to tho peace
tie.ity last November over tho rrppo
sitlon eif 3.1 domocralle scnalore, was
readopled liy a voln or hx to in
the senate today, after tho adminis
tration leaders hud withdrawn thou
opposition to It.
it was tno first uinn a qualifica
tion of tho treaty (had been adopted
with tho acquiescence of tho demo
cratic inanngeuvt and tho first time
moro than two-thirds of tho ntlrn
setuitn momhershlp had voted to
gether in approving any reservation.
Tho result win not generally re
garded us JndlcuUiii- a. midden break
In tho senato situation since tha res
ervation was ono to whluh the dem
ocrats had agreed In tlm recent bi
partisan conference to ucccut with
out changu.
Thirty democrats and 3S rorunll
cans wnro recorded In favor of the
reservation after Senator Hitchcock
tho democratic) leader, had declared
on tho floor that the effect would bo
oniy to reoiin a principle already es
tablished under thn treaty llru-lf and
under faderal laws, It provides In
imbalance that no, mandatory could
bo accepted by tho United Mates
without Dim consent of congrew.
lmr Opimwo It.
Tho ifour who vylcd In tho nga
live were Henutors Jones, Now Mex
Ico; Kendrlck, Wyoming: Walsh,
Montana and Williams. Mississippi
all democrats. Kxplalnlpg his vote
Senator Walsh declared he hail not
"His slightest objection o tlho reser
vation excopt that It Is unnoccf
snry." Henator Illlchcook did not
Adoption of (ho reservation como
nfler tho treaty laid before the sen.
nto under a plan to keep It contlnu
ously under consideration until dis
posed of, hud iioi-n subjected to an
other all-day argument Vy Its Ir
reconcilable opponents. Senators
France, republican, Maryland, nnd
Heed, democrat, Missouri, led llv
nssualt, tho latter Injecting a now
element Into tlhei debate by ciitlcls
lug President Wlkion's appointment
yesterday of' Hnlnbrldgo Colby to bo
secretary of stale. Mr. Colby was
defended by Homttor Ashurst, demo
crat, Arizona.
Although tho much debated Ae.
tlclo 10 FescrvnUou preceded that
relntlng tu mandatories In the sen
uto's order of huHtnew-, It wa put
over on motion by Henator Iidge
the republican leader, to Uo corisld
ered after till tho others havo been
votod on. There lire four on the
list and action bus t-cen taken so far
on only two. Tho reservation before
thn senato when It ndjoumed to
night relates to do-rle-sUa questions
nnd it" adoption, wlthodt cihango but
over domocratlo opposition, wns
forecast by tlio dincusslon of It to
CliaturcH AVIllwlrnwn.
Two changes In language were
proposed by Henalot: Iodgtt. hut he
wllhdrow them aflor Henator Hornh
of Idaho, ono of truo republican lr
reconeilahles, had attacked them
nnd Senator Hltohcock and Wnlsh
had denied flatly Mr- Lodge's ex
plan.'Ulari chat thoy wero proposed
by democrats In tho Interest of com
promise during the bipartisan ne
gotiations, Henator Hltohcock then offered
tho democratic substltuto which had
been injected Jn the vwnato In No
vember, hut it was not brought to ft
A now renorvntlnir, providing tha
tho ratification, would not he bind
lug unless tho president formally
transmitted It to tho other powers
within .10 day after tha senate
acted, was presented by Senator
Hrandegeo of Connecticut, a repub
llciin Irn-conollablo, for futuro con
sideration. Senator Hood In his address made
tlio first public reference In the. sen
ate lo the appointment of Bain
brldgo Colby as secretary of state,
"If ho doesn't know anything
more nhout tlio league of nations
covenant now than he did when !'
wns making speocheo In Missouri,"
Ihe senator said, '"no has a long and
painful noiirce of education before
hint In assuming tho duties of Ms of
flee, unlcfM ho can change his opln
Ions an rapidly as ho can change his
"I'd like lo furnish nn antld-'e
cornea whin txporience ! turned to
good (icro'iai. Achievement ilses on
tho ladder "f failures. Opportunity
comf-s t" every door, but never klckn
In the puneta when knocking Wl
men make opportunities bu weak
ones wait for them to turn up
itm-l V,'r',l V.'an A r -'
with a zeit ( nd purpo.; read them
ant' compare one with another, and
ubovu all b .-ure lo a" :v.'-r all thi'
ueeui to stilt you
Teloplin-i yr 'r Wan Ads to Wor.rt.
Plu.ie C.'are SOO" a,
11 II

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