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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, February 27, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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Itikllitia.! V.irrf Morning, IneJJln frjrxUj
rt'OKNF 1 OHTO.V Owtir nI I'olilUli'r
I' O l.AIISO.V HotlnrM Manajaf
OTIS 1.0RTOS .Manaclog Mltor
I A M1TA CnM Mlloful WfHnr
t'nlarnl in Ih.. Tnlaa roatnfflrr aa fcy,n.lO!aai Maltof
UBur.TR nr AtmTntTtK.u or cntctii.ATio
T!i A'lntistM J'f'M l nelnl"lr entitled ,y
fnr ri-e'iMinllnn of t1 newa illar-alrhM irM ll to
It nr fw.! nlhurwll ..tlf,t In Ifalft nanff and !&
pf rinbllihrd htraln
Iir MAlb Iff ADVANUril
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Jmi.ll Prnniwll"
Otm rar Ifl.OO riiff Mentha ..... fl.Tn
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Par Month In Adtanaa
r Yaar. In Ailfri(
I. K K. Hlt. CMrriiUllon Manajar .In antamntr
iw.tr Dial tha imiiiii net paid flrmlatlon nf Tlia Daily
inil Hundar World or th month o( January. IU0, waa
5J.040 Ii lha bfint of my knowlrdga and ball'
(Bljcnr-1) K. K. ttJOTT,
RlrcnUlton Manajar.
tnbnt rlh'd and iorn ba'or roa thla Olh day of
labruary, 10:0.
(SKA I.) (fllirnad) MAIIF.I, KBIM,
Notary I'ublUi.
My nummlaalon aaHrM Ortohar 17, 1021
Dailll Biblical Quotation
I'JIMJAV, rl;illtlTAUV 27, 1020.
I. Ike :iN a f.illicr pltltilli hU chltilroii, no tho
l.nril t'UI"lli tliotn that fnir him; for lui know
Ih our frutiip, ho rnmctnbprtitli that wn nro
ilimt. I'h.i. 10.1; 13, 1 1.
Tim pity nt tho Lord,
T(i thono who fonr liln nainn,
In nilch HM tuniliT part'litr) foul
Ho kimwf) tuir fooblo frnmr.
O l.ortl, ttiou art rmr Knthcr; wn aro tho clay,
aikI lliou our potior, twi'il wo all aro tho work of
thy hum). Ia. 01.8.
tin: t;m.oiti:i max and di:mocil,ov.
Tho TiilMii Htar, a weekly paper publlahod by
wnl Iti tho IntorcHt of colortxl cltUcnn, cnrrlcn In
Km hint wenk's Usuo a iitory of what It chnr
rtrrlicM nH tho rrrcatPBt political jnootliir over
htd In thn colored section of tho city. Tho
event, It nppeo.ni, wn tho nicotine of tho Colored
Democratic, club, before which Mayor Hubbard
and lilH Mwrotary appeared aaklnc tho endorse.
, iiiout, of tho orf?anly.atlon, which wan clven nmld
OlO.lUi.iil rtilliUMlanm.
Tho ovont may or may not bo properly ac
cepted im a part or tho political evolution Koine
on nil over ifm country. Hut It In Intensely In
tereMtlnR to thono who liavo participated In Okla
hoina polltloii from tho becltinlntT. It will iicoin
MtrniiKe, If not lmponnlblo, to Homo to read of a
colored democratic club undor tho patronage of
a eolorcd domocratlo pnpor, dlHpcnHtnn' nlmolu
llon to a democratic administration especially
In Oklahoma,
Hut that npectneto Is neither mora surprising,
nor mnualiiK, than to seo il domocratlo official
who la scvklnK ro-olcctlon, nppcarlnu both by
proxy it ml In person beforo a. black tribunal of
sovereign voters nnd from such authority solicit
ing tho favor of political approval and absolu
tion. Wo say such a spectnclo is strongs Indeed to
thoBo or us who camo through llm Hrst cam
palimn In Uie Imperial commonwealth or Okla
homa, which wore won by a triumphant democ
racy led by etntcsmon who vociferously nnd to
thunderous npplauso enunciated tho doctrine
that that the "nigger ban no rights except to
black my boots," In tho case or tho gontloman
who usplrod to tho Unltod States senate; and
wroto Into their platform tho solemn pledge,
lator redeomed lot It be said In all candor, to
segregate, dlsfrauchlso and Igunro their ex
Hlavos and their descendants.
We appear In this matter not to crltlolso, not
to point a moral, but to marvel. And to applaud
thy cunning of tho colored politician.! who saw
the certainty or not only gnnlng the franchise
and a voice in tho direction of affairs, but moro
than a modicum of subserviency from their
enemy, by tho moru ami easy subterfuge of
changing their party allegiance!
What wo mean to say Is thai wo can follow
the philosophy of tho colorod ntatcsmon, but
find It exceedingly difficult to trnco tho thread
of consistency In tho action or the democratlo
candidate or to account for an Oklahoma
clientele that will condone It
Politics does Indeed mako strange bodfellows.
Hut who, wo nsk In till sincerity, over Imaglnod
the day when representatives of the "white
man's party In Oklahoma" would covertly sock
a common political bed with their colored com
patriots? '
Verily "the world do move." And a rapt
admiration for tho established fact that Okla
homa move with It, wo pnuso to pay a belated
ii Unite to tho growing democracy or both the
democratic party and the Afro-Aniorlcan voter
of Oklahoma! The race war of th Haskell
fin has been happily concluded by an armistice.
Tho World has on sundry occasions urgod the
Hbandnniiieut of nil war boards and organiza
tions Just as fast ns possible. In the universal
need for rigid economy and tho reaccoptanco of
old rules of thrift It has ln3lstcd that plain duty
required tho government to not only point the
way but lead the proceiislou. There were blens.
ings that camo to America aa a result of the
war. Ono of the courses Is tho popular habit of
thinking in terms of millions and billions, and
thu disposition to conduct our dally uru an tho
assumption that the period of Inflation will go
on forevor.
Vet few if any of the governmental war boards
have been abolished. Thla matter Is again called
to otr amentum by a lotter from Helen iJflts
Randolph, who signs herself as rprrlallst in
chargo of news bulletin1! nnd pageantry" of the
United Htates school frnrden nrmy, whlnh Is a
war emergency organization, or branch of tho
bureau of cduc-ntton,
SIlss Klupatrlck Is authority for tho state
ment that this movement nlnnng school chil
dren resulted ri harvesting during HMO food
stuffs valued at $ IS, 000, 000, an antertlon that,
may ho classed as Important If true, but leaves
ono hungry for information ns to how the stntls.
lies wero compiled.
However, one pan noropt the amazing state
ment of Mis Kltr.patrtrk and also approve 111"
Harden movement of the war, without In tho
least weakening tho argument that Jhe time
for federal propaganda along that lino linn
piiHsed. Wo have no means of knowing the ex
pense attached to thn innlnlaliienrn of this bu
reau, Hut It costs something, probably it very
considerable something. The point we nttempt
to make, is that it is one, perhaps the most mod
est one, of a very largo uumMr of government
war movements that should be muled in thn In
terest of nntional eeonlimy; that In thn aggregate
swell to enormous proportions thn budget of ex
penso under which our administrative affairs
now labor.
It Is neither defense or argument to assert that
these organizations nrrompllsh somo good; nor
that thero Is a real demand for them. What
must be kept In mind in Unit thoy are not es
sential, and that tho good they may do Is not
only capable of accomplishment by thn various
states and localities, but that the subject covered,
If It Is to recelvo stain patronage, In a very
peculiar sensn belongs to tho various states nnd
Wn bnllovo that them Is a very genuine and
gcnernl demand, as there Is tho ilimuestlnneil
economic necessity for, a speedy return to a
Blmplo federal system' of administration. This
In tho Interest of economy In tho first Instance;
out of respect for constitutional Intentions In
tho second, And that a congressional commltoo
of survey, for tho purposo of wisely nnd In a
practical manner, abolishing useless bonrds mid
hurenur And commissions from tho federal
structure, would command almost universal ap
provaL Tho war is ended. Then let our return to
peace bo a return to thoso practices nnd modest
customs tbnt made our country worth fighting
for. It cannot bo said It must not bo said
that tho victory won means no moro than a
necessary embrncemont of governmental changes
that will make tho political system obnoxious
nnd Intolerably expensive. If that Is to lie tho
concluilnn. then tho victory was no victory
at all.
Nothing would allay tho political fover of
tho nation ho much ns a determined congres
sional movement to overhaul tho entire federal
systam with a view of establishing nco ngaln
tho trlparlttnlldoa uf tho constitution, nnd that
on ns simple and modest a scalo oh tho unques
tioned necessities of tho nation on one hand tho
undisputed authority or tho federal branch on
tho other, Justlrted,
Aro wo wildly radical or hopelessly reaction
ary In Biiylnir so mueli?
ouit Dirrv TO KintOI'K.
Much continues to ba said on tho subject.
Nobody seems to ngren as to what It Is. What
ever It may be, wo feel Justified In assorting. It
will bo dlstliarged honorably regardless of
whether thero Is a league, or not.
Hut unquestionably wo grow weary with the
disgusting disposition of statesmen over thero to
pose as the wards of America; to continue to
mako demands on tho mere generosity of this
country; and to do so little for themselves,
Wn sen lltlln difference In thn attitude of
Huropn nursing an Imposslblo appetite, nnd tho
attitude of certain union loaders hero In America
who are making ImpoHslblo demands upon tho
government. In botli Instances It is the Atncrt
oan people nnd their interests that aro being
Improperly Importuned. Our government Is not
a thing apart. And remedy for tho grievances of
both claimants Is precisely tho same.
If Kurope would gnlu relief, let her address
herself to her own problems nnd by thrift. In-,
dustry and sncrlflcn solve thorn. If tho union
man, would euro himself of what atls him, let
him go to work and In an Increased earning
power based on Increased production accom
plish the matter.
Once again lot us rolternte, America Is not n
Christmas tree.
There still rages a dispute among thu authori
ties as to wh'othor or not the president can enmn
back. Holy macknrol! What day has elapsed
tiluce the canning of Hob lousing that did not
afford abundant proof "that ho Is back?
It Is stated that the railroad doflclt totals
SG4C, 000,000, but with thn announcement comes
tho nssuranco that It was worth all It cost,-
Opyrirht, 1050. by Kilsr A. (limit.
Clottln' hungry for the trees
An' the whisper-In of tho bees,
tlettlu hungry for tho patter
Of tho rain upon tho pane;
(lettln' hungry for thn birds
An' their glad songs without words,
aetlin hungry for tho blossoms
An' tho hunshlno once uKaln.
Heen shut In all winter long.
An' I'm weary of the song
Of tho north wind an' It's moaiilu',
An' I'm gettln' restlows now; v
An' onco moro I'd llko to see
Hlgns o llfo on every tree.
An' hear the farmer cnllln'
To tho horses at tho plow.
I'll be glad when I can get
Out o' doors onco more, nn' let
Tho breezes o' the spring tlmo
l'lny their giimo o' tug with me;
I'll be glad when I can quit
The old flropluco here, and sit
In the theater of nature.
Where there Is nt much to boo.
I want to get outside,
Kreo from scltlsliinxs nn' pride.
An' watch tho panorama
Of a waking world ntsnln:
I want to loaf an' dream
Hy a certain lltlo stream
An leain from trees an' song birds
How wo oiiiiht to live h men
Oklahoma Outbursts
Another evidence that the president Is not ex
notly at himself Is the nppolntmont of ltnlnhrldgo
Colby In succeed Lansing.
The gin on Hoiith Main says If she Is over h
victim or nn automobile accident that she hopes
It will happen In front of tho ' It.itchelors' Inn.
The city platform adopted hy Tulsa republi
cans reads all right, and Is fine stuff, but tills
colyum can suggest Just one pl.ink which will get
more votes than all thn others combined.
Rector's famous New York cafe has heen
forced to close its doors by hunkrtiptay proceed
Jngs As wo understand It. Rector never did
sell enough food to make tho business profitable.
The Ventriloquist
Another reason why wo shall he glad to sco
thn railroads turned lwck to thn owners is uiai
possibly tho I'rlseo will not ho allowed to block
Main street and throw the street oar scrvlco all
out of keltnr.
Tor tho Hrst tlmo In his career .John Hhnrp
Williams of Mississippi confenses that thero Is
imiin one who knows moro than hn does, He
admits that "the Lord imly knows who the
democrats ought to nominate for president."
Spenklng or tho "dryness" of the situation, It
is understood Hint Muskogeo has discovered that
dandelions ran bo used to advantage, nnd that
she Im Inclined lo let up on thn fight she has been
waging ngahwt this innocent plant which con
ceals a "kick" In Its bloom.
Ono of the most disturbing nttcmpts to obtain
mony under false pretenses Is a medicine com
pany which advertiser an assortment of toilet
articles under tho name of "Soul llses," right
when the doctors, too, nro warning us to spurn
Hern's n iitory sent In yesterday: On n boat
returning fjom Krnnco loaded with soldiers, n
Y. M. C A. secretary, who Was also a p.uwongor,
fell overboard An officer of the ship ran up to
n doughboy who stood by the rail bidding n life
belt ."Why don't you glvo that belt to tho Y.
M. C. A. man?" yelled tho officer, "tilvo It to
him; huh, I'll sell' It to him."
You Are the
THE. World
Wop. Wilson
WORLD'. Famous
Barometer of Public Opinion)
OpiHwcrt .Sex lljRlcno
1-Mllor World: I waul to say that I thoroughly
concur In all of your editorials on tho Marker
lecturo It. tho high school except on ono point,
and that Ih, you say you consider tho Incident
I do not bellevo thl indldent should bo closed
until there Is not only absoiuto and definite
nssuranco that such thlngx will not bo repoated
but until we have some method of supervlilng
the hnlf-bakcd, uplifting nctlvllles of notoriety
seeking, self-nppolntcd guardians of the public
Apparently tho authorities In chargo of the
schools did not realize tho nature of tho lecturo
to 1)0 given, or did not appreciate tho effect It
would have. In elthor case It shows the necessity
for somo kind of a supervisory body with some
amount or common sense, to control tho educa
tional work of the city.
It has always beon heretofore supposed that
thu purpof.o of thn public xchools was to glvo
a sound education, and not to use the pupils as
a laboratory to try out untested theories either
of social uplift, religious propaganda, or tho
effect nt Imparting knowledge upon subjects not
as )et generally recognized ns proper for Imma
ture minds.
As to tho first, If tho school authorities would
conflno their attention to tho work beforo them,
and flpeud their tlmo in doing that work, instead
of spenklng beforo nil kinds, of societies upon
all boi'Ih of questions. It Is posnlhlo that they
would know what la being dono in tho schools
nnd would by reason of their familiarity with
tho work appreclato 'moro fully tho effect upon
tho minds of the children of these extraordinary
lectures which threaten to becomo, without the
knnwle'dgo of tho public, a part or tho school
curriculum. t
As to the second, I have heard that tho high
school gives credit ns for work done In school
for ltlblo study at tho Y. M. C. A. An to tho
last point tho amount of tlmo which can bo
spent In school Is short enough without short
ening It still further by tnklng tho students away
from their stu'dies to listen to tluv itinerant
mountebanks who travel nbout tho country stir
ring up subjects which havo no place in tho
school. i
I would suggest, therefore, that some kind
of n body of parents with a large amount of
common senso bo created and that to this com
mittee should bo submitted tho question of wlint,
It nuy. subjects should bo treated In public loc
turoB, nn'd when, if at all, tho students should
bo given crodlt for work dono In the Y. M. C. A.,
W. C. T V. or other affiliated noddles,
In writing thii letter I do not In any manner
mean to reflect upon tho board or oducatlon, as
I realize that that body has enough work to do
In trying to keep up the physical equipment of
thn schools and provide tho funds und buildings
with which to carry on tho work, without de
voting nny time to the nctual supervision of tho
schools themselves. That supervision, however.
Is absolutely necessary, and tho ovll effects of
tho want of it are now painfully apparent.
Tulsn, Tcb. 35. A Tl'I.SA'I'AHKNT.
Amnion Curiosity
Kdltor World: You are to be highly com
mended on tho stand you havo taken against sex
hygiene being taught In our public high school.
Questions pertaining to cx should bo considered
In tho homo, the mother being the proper In
structor for the daughler. and tho father for
the son. Any attempt by tho board of education
to liitrinluco sex hygiene Into tho high school
curriculum la a brazen encroachment on the
fundamental rights of parent to dlvulgo the
seeretH of sexual life to their children.
Sexology is a delicate subject and always will
bo a dellcittn subject, and should bo d'salt with
iioin nn iiiuivinuai nun not a collective stand
point, ns was done in our high school n few days
ago. This Utter metlfod merely tend, to arouse
Idle curiosity nnd often loads to actual investi
gation. Ono need not bo a professional psychol
ogist to know that curiosity is usually followed
by thn deslro to nscertnln. which, In turn, leads
to actuality. All such curiosity and IM attendant
dangnis are abrogated If tho parents are allowed
at tho proper time, to Impart tho nccewiary sex
Information to their offspring.
It Is therefore to bo hoped that thero will not
tie a recurrence of the despicable Incident that
oecurod nt our high school last week, and thnt
tho pnrents and other progressive citizens of
our maglo city will take the proper tops to eeo
that sex hygiene nnd discussions thereon will
bo henceforth eliminated In our high school and
tho whole matter relegated to a dead and for
gotten pant.
Very truly yours,
Tulsa, l'ob. 25. W. HUIIHRT COURTNKY.
.Mi'Ailoo'M Po-dtlon
Tltoro Is a curious note or aloofness and un
reality In Mr. McAdoo'rt letter declining to havo
his immo usod on nny presidential primary bal
lot. Many states havo passed laws compelling
tho direct choice of delegates to nntlLm.it unrtv
conventions And forcing candidates to submit
their names to tho voters. Hut .Mr. McAdoo
turns away solemnly trout the modern expert
ment of bringing. tho great mystery of the nnmi.
nation or n presidential candidacy down to tho
people, i.viuemiy no minus win mystery or se
lection Id profanod in that manner. New York
1 1
' il
i I 1
C f fe"!IIS2 1 It
( 1 1
' .r -
1 Hh
il tr-
and I
B'Jane MLielps
I'cggy's Departure.
"I flhould like to get another dress
to take liome," l'eggy remarked,
while wo sat talking In her room
after Tom had gouo to bod,
"If you llko -wo can go down to
tho nhop where you bought the
white, one. I'm sure madamo -will
havo somofhlng to suit you," while
I talked I determined to say noth
ing to IIvlou this time.
"I bellevo 1 Hhall, Sue, that is If
tt won't bo too much trouble for
you to go with me. I suppose I
could ask Mrs, Thurston, or I could
Ifo alone."
"No, we'll got up early nnd got
dreHSed beforo breakfast, and Just
as soon ns I attend to tho ordering
wo will go," I hastily replied. It wns
nono of my plan to have Helen take
tier this tlmo
"MImh Halstcad wants to look nt
nn afternoon drem," I said tb
mndnme, who fortunatoly wns able
to seo us at once. "Something
stylish but dark."
"I havo sotnothlng that will Just
suit Miss Halstead."
Khe ushered u Into a fitting
room, and ordered the gown brought
to her. Then turning to mo. chc
"Will thin purchase go on Mrs
Thurston's account?"
"Why, no! Mis Halstcnd will pay
you for it," I said astonished that
madamo should nk such a ques
tion. "Oh you misunderstand!" Madame
returned quickly. "I meant should
Mrs. Thurston got the commission?"
An I'liplonmint DlMiivcry.
"No, no, Indeed!" l'eggy broke
In. "If thero is nny commission,
Mrs. Randall should havo It."
Hern wnn my chance.
"And madamo, I feel that If yoi)
have given anyone a commission
for other purchase Miss Halstead
has mndo, It thould bo transferred
to my account. I broiicht her to
you. she U my guest. Mrs. Thurston
never would havo known nbout the
clothes If wo hadn't asked her to
come with us that day. I, mysoir
proposed coming to you."
"Why didn't you" say ro then?"
"Business Is
The Voting Lady
Across the Wan J
Ileal Progress
Kxcept by those governed by counsels or per
fection, tho railroad bill ns finally agreed upon
In conference will bo accepted ns a measure of
real progress nnd true reconstruction. Tho sub
ject has beon under consideration In both houses
of emigres for many months, and tho delibera
tions of tho conference committee, whoso duty
It has been to reconcile two widely dlffc-Ing
onactmeiitH. have been, laborious and liitelllk-ent
Xmw Yoik WuilO.
Madamo asked bluntly,
buslnes. you know."
"I Intended 1o, but Helen. Jlrs.
Thurston, got abend of mo," I uald i
lamely. I
"You would mako a vary poor I
busmoHS womnn, Mrs. Randall," ulie '
replied with a smile, ye-t I knew she i
meant It,
l'eggy tried on the dress, a dark
blue serge with purple facings, and
bead embroidery. It wns iwrfcct on
her and tho price, $50, no more
than sho wns wlfllng to pay. I -wus
really envious. I hoped some, day
Tom would bo nblo to let mo buy .t
dress without first thinking how
much It was going to cost.
"Isn't thero- something I can
show you now, Mrs. Randall?"
madamo asked pleased at ther quick
sale. "I will give you credit on your
bill ot 10 per rent of the amount
Miss Hnbttoad paid tor her gown.
That is the usual commission."
"No, thank you, not today," I re
plied to her question. "Miss Hal
stead Is leaving for home, nnd we
havo no moro time." Hut even be
foro wo left tho shop I was figur
ing how muoli. I could linve paid on
my bill with tho cornmiss-ion on the
other things l'eggy had bought
whllo with me.
"If T were In your place I should
speak to Helen about tShat commls
slon business, Kho probably thought
you dld't care."
I didn't nay so to Toggy but I In
tended to tell Helen what I thought
of the way sho had uctod.
A IVii-tultoiiH Mivtliis.
I went to the train with l'eggy.
nnd after Mho left I felt tso lonely
that Instead of going homo I went
on down the avenuo for a walk. I
couldn't shop hh I had but lltlf
money In my pockctbook, but that
wouldn't prevent my looking nt
pretty things. Now thn' Tom's sal
ary had been raised I felt I might
soon hnvo things I longed for.
I hnd gono but n little, way down
tho avonue, when I Haw a fiat I ad
mired. I stopped to look nt it, and
wish I could afford it, whw I heard
a voice nay:
"What are you admiring with")
that 'I want It expression on your
"Thnt hat with tho violet nnd
rose trimming. Isn't It a dear?" I
replied ns I .turned and nhook hands
with Carol Ulaekloek.
"It Is very smart; nnd would bo
very becoming to you. Why don't
you go In nnd get it?"
"Oh, I can't I haven't tlmo to
dav." I replied.
, "Come. Httio lady tell tho truth,
you were (iulng to My you couldn't
afford It. If I had my way you'd
havo everything you want. I wish I
could buy It for you."
"Oh.no, I blurted out. moving
quickly awny rrom tho window, my
face flaming.
"It would glvo mo tho greateif
pleasure," he continued, ns ho
walked beside me,
"l'eggy has loft me and I feel for'
lorn," I said changing the subject.
Tomorrow An accepted Invitation.
Bcnnie's Notebook
I got a taro In tho h
.pants yewtidday on ac it 'Cf I r'
Ing sld)wn)H insfed t' i
wen I started to set, or n J, '
of l'uda Slmktnses b ' ,n
I showed It lo ma w j
home, ma Haying, t, ,4
Is Jest one tare attt ,nr "
you, tnko them off w'
Meenlnr tho pan's 1 , 1
a awfill lot of troub
off. Id havo to taki ,
That would be u ttr
ned ma, Meenlng ! hL
sho compromised r
noodle and thred a- i
new Up the taro .
Htandlng there focb
go past inn without r
done she was getHr.
wiln I sd, nro you tb r
III let you know u
sed ma.
AH Tito, ho-w noot. '
It will bo? I sod
9 keep quiet, Bed 11,
kiiim on sewing nttd I
ting tlrct of w.iltl ,1
soon I ned, Is it dono
No, no, 110, for goo
scd ma.
Neerly? T bed
Thats my nfr.ur n t
inn about It one ni"
tho jieedlo in vour
And ulio Lrpp
thinking. O, I bet
MeenlnK stick flier !'
And prltty soon 1 1
Jest to flti.l out, n
than half rinlshed 1
Wlch Jt thm I fc
In my leg like the 0
needlo 1cliig stuck 1n .
ow-tch. hay.
I nlwiOtt keep n y p
nut. If you. nsk mr kr
ngen, If you dont b. .
Wlch I dldent
The Horoscope j
"The ltir Incline, but i'o not rantd"!
iTlday, IVbrtmry 27 11)20.
uncorimn mars ru e 1 iv m
coming to astrology nro ii an 1'
tr rests (mould bo pu.hc' ti. j,
caution. Neptune, and I r ,s R..
in ovil piaco ami n , t .prv.
It l a ilmo when li , - n, ,
will bo. disturbed, while t. n'a.
manifestation of d!?- i w I
delayed until Hie en
of evil reaches lt nn
Thero tire- threaten f
should bo rend tru j
trouble brew.
Uibor continues undi'
of the planets that
hut, owing to liuliier.c
dlentIons and diffcre .
Ion In organizations, prjn
tho permanent settlemi '
cultles Is likely to be w
Tho death of ti won. i k
been a figure 1n h'rkke n 't
Under this way of (he
psychic investigations ti i -unfortunate
und the r 1 1
promising to thoso who 1
. CUltlHlil.
Neptune is an nspeo 1
to befog the mind that k
1 etrate tho mHtvrtes of
I that borders that of bun c
I MclimsncsH.
Storms are foreshai' ,crl n
wrecks at sea Indicated v " c'i
There Is a tdgn read a; er.
lng to trnde with southern ce '
Russia is subject lo p .1 K!.irv 1
fluences making ror bti tt co
Italv remains under lie sivnv '
starw that nro Ill-omened nr 1 'ti
Knueatlonal mutters w 1
rtneclal nttentlon within 'li" -
thore may be some goicr r..r
recognition of progrew.
, Persons whoso birtlnjd'r (('a
hnvo rather a (IhangeHit unJ u
settled year. They nhi ' S
against Intrigue which w 1 bn pro
Children born on this dav wi t
clever and Intelligent b ' for.! "
travel and excitement Tti m r
Jects of Pisces usually ar a.,, .b'.
honost nnd sympathetic
d'HiTUM, 1820, tor Ui M.-Oi PrmfM.1'
a ,e f01U'
; m tvi
I (1 -ft'
I if,. J
, 1 cr
' ' dJff
0 ti I
ft '
t'.l '
is 'If
. to t
ir it
Tho young lady across tho way
say.i shj ;iw In h" uapur that u
young man out west Jumped 1C3 feet
on his skis and sho doesn't Imagine
many young men could Jump that
far even without skis.
"f nnt tho (loverniiicnl "
Ah a matter of fnct the nn-fi.
has seemed to regard hu ci-c'
say nothing of congress ".1 s t c
fluous nppendnge, a uc'-e .yj t
a tradition to bo tolnra'r 1 n irot'
eaten heirloom, tho bass ir ,ni of ti"
band. Iialtlmore Ainertran
Al K Hall lias petitioned th' court
fer a soft drink name "I got up at
0 o'clook this mornlu', dressod, start
ed i fire, got breakfast, an' made a
couplo o" eyebrows an' wuz down
town at work by seven thirty," uald
Ml- Myrt Push, t'day.
Quick, Doci Piilinotor for 3liNlesty.
Thero Is no work for a strong nnd
ablo man to do for or with Woodrow
Wilson. Ho Is sufficient not only
unto himself, but unto nil tho pro
cesses toward his ends, Macon Tele
graph. Hob Didn't i:cn Shut Door,
Another precedent wns broken by
Tensing when he did not nay "Ood
bless you" as ho went out. Indian
apolis Star.
T.lko Hanqilo, It Won't Down.
John Uarloyoorn may bo dead, but if
bo his ghost still walks abroad o'
nljrhtn. Detroit Free I'liaa.
Music Is Essential
Among the Fine Pianos We Sell
The Old Reliable
a a
'Melodious and Responsive"
After 15 Years' Service
Slater, Mo., Oct. 7, 1919
J. W. Jenkins Sons' Music Co., Kansas City, Mo.
Gentlemen: About fifteen years ago we bought from
you a Kurtzmann Piano; it has given good satista. 'ton
all these years, retaining its melodious tone and rrioii
sive action. We are still very much pleased wt'h our
piano. Very, respectfully,
Wo now luuo a flno Mock of Kurtsnuiun Plain I prldht
anil ;nindH for jnir wlcctlon. Call or rlto for nitaloa
-One Price
-No Commissions
-Easy Payments
417 South .Miiln M
OMtgo :t 1 x:t-:t I i
A. T, CRIPK, .MamiRcr
Jja mmmmmmw

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