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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, February 27, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 9

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View With Consternation
Possibility of United
States' Withdrawal.
tiay Wilson la Not in Touch
With Changed Opinion on
Adriatic Question.
. teSRue. Albania's frontiers north
I mt were to 'bo thnso Wired by
i lyomlnn conference of Ifl3, but
foliUi wis left for negotiation,
rece wtls to have oertnln territory.
k lines for romn of uliioli were to
. Wt for ncKotlnUon. Tllo olty of
a onu ami such Hinterland strictly
,( -irry to defense 'and economic
eivlopment -wens granted to Italy
rull fioverrlErnty.
Ailrlntlo OmtoM.
Tbfwa provisions were described n
i memorandum na nrfordlnK to
iloly "full satlsf notion of her historic
r i 'tonal aspiration." uniting tho
' i inn nui' n.nd Rlyinjr 3icr "ttbso
! strateRctlo control of the Adrl
i j i ' Tho conferees declared thoy
IaI carried "their coiicwn for Ital
security to tho point nf noutnill
I..' tho IXtliruitlon Islands, and ad
i nt w-ntors from the northern
Sk 'or of Alio Hegui reirlon to
n.rno." Italy, (However, hmlnskod
' rVmtrol. t the diplomatic reln.
i inn tit Zafn, oonnentlon of tho city
' I lufiie to la'j-la. by o. corridor and
vicxllon to Italy of the Island of
ncoata. This plon tho conferees
inrantorlr.rd n "counter to every
onrfdernjjon of KeoKrtiphy, oconom
n and territorial convenience." On
explaining their rensons for arrivlrjf
oi ihe previous dVclshm ithcy le-i-lured
"I'oononilo consideration belnc
I'lunlly excludod Lhero romalna jvotlu
ln; but a dcslno for furthnir territory.
The terrltorlen coveted are ndimltled
y Inhabltvd by the JtiKo-SIavH. They
t tntaln practically no ItaJCan cle
ment." On Unit point Uio memo-i--ndum
Included a communication
'rum rreslflnt Wllon to l'rcmler
Ti tonl, unfter dale of November 11!,
' rti cxpliitnlns Uio American view,
declared "(the broad prlnclplo ro
rains 'that It ia neither Just nor ex
r"4lnt tolanm-x tin the upolls of war
rrltorlcsl Inhabited by an alien raco,
anxious nlnil csipiihle. to malntutn a.
r nrtly a
which Justified tho demand of Italia
The. ne
Wilson cd
rived at
Pnltcrt .4
ot Dccer
havo sets
In substa
atlonnl fctato of Irrldcntlsm
aJoKous In kind to that
for union with tho Italian
ajrreement between Great
Franco and Italy, dated
I I, S.D20, which President
nutrued as having beon nr-
.rithout participation of the
tales, afler tho' agreement
iber 9, wis uunponcd to
led tho question, provided
'Itimo a Frco Stale.
I'lumo 1 as an Independent state.
frco In Itu own diplomacy Susak to
ro to tho Scrb-Croat-Slovcncs state
with ralltroads nnd terminals to ro
to tho IciUBUC Tho Xreo stato of tho
previous tnronnsials was to dlsannear
and tho boundary bulween Italy and
ho Serb-Croat-Slovene states was to
lo redr.-n.vn to provide for tho pre
viously d.IscuRsed corridor. Tho Wll
on lino .In tho -region of Sono?echla
was to b'a redrawn "to proildo for
tho protection of Trlcst." This, tho
acreemon t detlnred, will leavo In
tho Sorb- Crpiit-Sloveno fitato purely
a .liiRO-S'.av district, .ara.was to 1o
in Indop endept stato under tho
leaRUc. Va'ona was to no retalneii
by Italy 'a
date ovo
nnd what
to he r
Inland Rr
lthlv and
t the Kf
MrUed ai
is provided In tho treaty of
nd Italy was to take a man-
Mbanla whoso northern
were to bo readjusted
n southern boundaries were
irranRod to Rlvo Oroeco
odvantaco of Improper Italian ob
jectives, to tlmcrious Injury of the
JuRo-Slav coSlv nnd to tho peril
of tho world peace." Tho fact that
Italy rcjeoted tho proposal of Do
comber 9 and accepted thnt of Jan
uary H, tho president thoiifrht waa
proof that Italy would receive "very
poiltlvp advnntnRes,"
President Wllwon pointed out that
whllo'tho Ilrltlsh and Fnnch rov
crnments in tho oRreenienl of De
cember p, concurrent! th'o view that
a corridor for Klurtie ran "counter
to every consideration of ceiiRni
Ihy, economics nnd territorial con
venience," they agreed' to it by
memorandum of January H, nnd
that whereas Italy's denmnd for tho
annexation of all Istrla had been re.
Jected In tho former oRreement "on
tho solid ground that 'neither strato.
Rlc nor economic considerations
could Justify iich annexation." tho
nRrecment of January 14 provided
for "this unjust and Inexpedient an
nexation of nil iKtrla,"
(Hi Italy' Cunt rot.
. President "Wilson mid that whereas
tho tiRrecmonts of December 0 ex
cluded every formof Italian sover
elRtity over Plume, ho' could not
"avoid tho conclusion" that tho
nRrecment of January 1 4 "opens tho
way for Italian control of Flume's
forelcn affairs." Th president said
ho felt tllo orlRlnal nRrecment rhvo
proper protection to the railway con
necting Flume wltlv tho Interior, but
thnt tho npreement of JaSiuary 14,
established Italy "In dontlnatlnR mil
itary nosltlons close to' tho railroad
'at a number of critical points." Tho
new aRreeinent. his notes paid, "par
titions tho Albanian people amoiiR
three different alien jKiwyrs.it while
inn oriRimii nRreemeni preserved ns
unity "In largo measure."
All theso provisions, said the pres
ident's note, "negotiated without tho
knowledge or npiirov.il of tho
American Rovernmenl. chtinged tho
whole faoo of tho wholo Allrlatlu-tint-tlemcnt,
and, In tho ryes of this gov-
eminent render It unworkable anil
rob It of that meauro of Justice
which Li esiential If thW government
Is to eo-opcrato Irr maintaining Its
That tho Jugo-Blavs mlpht feel 1
forced .to accept It ratlvr than tho
treaty of lyindon, tho president said, 1
would not alter the conviction of this
government "thnt It cannot Rlvo Its
assent to n settlement which both In
ho tormi of Its provisions and In tho
meUiodH of Its endorwMiient consti
tutes a positive denial of tho princi
ples for wWlch America, entered tho
war." '
"Italy's unjust demandu." nald tho i
president's note, "havo been eon-'
'denmed by tho French and Irritlsh
governments In terms no lesj sovcro
'than tho(i employed by tho Ameri
can government .... while thoro l
thus Mtlbstantial agreement ns to the
Injustice nnd Inexpedlenco of" Italy's
clalmH thoro Is a difference of opin
ion ns to how firmly Italy's frlonds
should resist her Importunate de
mands for alien territories to which .
eho can present no valid title."
Tho Amorlcan Rovernment, the 1
president's nntn mid, "feels that It
cannot- sacrifice tho principles for
which It cnterod the war to gratify
tho Improper ambitions of ono of Its
associates, or to purchase a tern-1
porary appearanco of calm In the
Adriatic at the price of a futuru
world conflagration.
"It Is unwilling to rt-cpgnlzc either" I
nn unJuBt settlement based on n
secret treaty, tho terms of which aro
inconsistent, with Uio now world con- j
dltlons, or on unjust settlement ar- .
rived nt by employing that necrot '
treaty as an InHtrument of coercion I
. . . . tho Adriatic Issuo os It now
presents Itself raises tho fundamen-1
tal question ns to whether tho Amor- .
lean government can on any tonus
co-operato ' with Its Kuropean ns-1
slstnnts In tho prent work of main-,
tabling the peaco of ttio world by re-1
moving tho primary causes of war ,
. ... If sulwtantiaf nRrecment on
'what ts Just nnd reawtmblo Is not to
determine International Issues; If tho'
country potBoswinR the most en-1
durance In prcjsdiiR Its demands
rather than tho country armed with
a Just cause Is to gain tho support of
the powers; Jf forcible selauro of
coveted nreas Is to bo permitted and
condoned and Is to receive ultimate
Justification by creating a situation
net upshot of tho agreement was to
give Jugo Slnvla 160,000 nnro .logo
Slavs than tho original proposal Tho
premiers argued that the gu.iran
tees of tho jeagilo of nations were
sufficient to guard against tho an
nexation President W'llMin feared
and his criticism of Italian domina
tion of tho railway they replied to
by holdlbt; It "a commercial and not
a strategic railway," and adtlng that
"under President Wilson's proposals
It Is comimtndcd by Italian Runs."
Dotnlls of the Administration of
Albania, they said, were yet to ho
elaborated and tho feelings "anil
future Interest of tho Albanian peo
ple" were to bo regarded. Tito pro
mlers found "difficulty Itf under
standing tho present attitude, of tho
United States and hoped their ex
planations would lead to a recon
sideration of Precldont Wilson's at
titude. They disclaimed any destro
"to forco a settlement unacceptable
t.) the president of the I'nlted States
nnd added that they would not at
tempt to Insist on its acceptance
until nfter hearing his views." .
In a lengthy argument tho pre
miers drlared "the proposal of De
comber 0 ha? fallen to tho ground
because nobody now wants to set up
tho artificial free state of Flume."
and added that tho I'nlted Sia'.es
having no "represcntallvo nt tho do
s(nce I s plenipotentiaries retilrned
lo America ' Palling liv secure an
ng cod Miticmcnt they had no choice
but to ro.y on tho traty of London,
which, tin premiers said, they never
had concealed from the president
and which they felt bound to apply,
falling to securn another agreement.
unK'M i' were to bo regnrdod n.T a
"scrap of paper."
"Franco aim (Ireat llrltaln. thete
fotf. " Mid their irpiy, "view with
consternation tho threat of tho
I nlttd States to withdraw from tho
eoinliy ef I lie nations because It does
run. opreo with tho proelso terms of
the Adriatic Holtlement "
Kthnologlc reasons, It wnsntgtied,
could not bo tho only ones taken Into
account, ns they nld three million
(Icrmnns had been taken Into
eecho-Hlovnk'..'i and the American
delegation had supported. Including
3. 500, 000 lttlthentans In Poland. The '
reply added the hope that "what
ever the final Mew of the I'nlted
Slnti't ns to tho Adriatic settlement
be they wllk not wreck the
nry "t the last diplomatic p.per In Is -Jiiat as vigorously uppon
muni, .rnii Mm rn.lv 4n ii now on i Jl' r.tiR the Ulmlraii people
.i . . , bcnefi' of -.in
Mill WHy III tuilllic.l. I'l'KHIM I' n.tj-
Jng the president "feels that 111 the
present circumstances he hns no
choice but maintain the position he
hiM taken all nlong." mid relterntes
the principles eniittclnted In Amer
ica's ehtr into the war. llo adds dersinndlng that negotiations were
I '
for ,
go Hlnvia as he w
inlurliiR tho Jugo Slav peinne fm
the benefit of Hal " Agrern en
regulating the Italian northern mm
tier, the lilesldeilt nlglies, nlreul
depart from the treaty of lni.lar ,
tine nnn were mmin wttii ine mi 'I'lint 'a
"In the opinion of the aiuitIimii gov
ernmenl the terms of tho pence net
elements must reintlmin lo bo foriiul
l.lted upon the basis of the principles
for which Amotion entered the war."
Ilv writing Into the treaty of Ver
sailles Article to of the lengiie cov I
count, the president said, his pnsl- ,
I loti was lllmt the powers awmclnted
sgaiiiHi eiermiiny hud "foroieoiio all i
territorial nggresilon hikI nil Inter j
ference with th free political self
determination of the peoples of the
world. " The precident s reply wni ,
that while ttalx bus accinited the
Mibstltilte project for tin
(f Pliinie, itlu- Jugo slavs have not
nreeptcii ii. in nis view, ine noir
liroceedillK on unite u Hew biwls
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t .M (. Villi
tnd Argvroknstron. Tho fo difficult that decision fuvorable
ourts of I.UKsln. Llssa and " ',, ,
were to bo assigned to ."vitoh, ; ... .v. ...v..
the remainder were to go
rb-Oroat-Sloveno stato. All
Islands wero to bo domlll-
id thcrowero to bo special
i to pernllt Italians In
to cjiooso Italian natlonal-
I WiNnn I'rotcstn.
Tresldeiit Allison's nolo of Janu
nry 19, inj protest to theso arrange
menta, a4ked wliether 11 wan "the
intention 'of tho Ilrltlsh and French
Kovernmerjits in tho future to dispose
nf tho varvlous questions pending In
Kuropo anVi to communlcato tho re
sults to tjho government of thn
I'nlted Stales." adding that Clemen
ccau and ll.loyd GeorRe must realize
there wero features in tho proposed
Klutiiq sot'tlement which could not
he accepta ble to this govornmeht.
t.loyd Otaorgo nnd Clemenccau re
plying under dato of January 2S dis
claimed ally intention of maklnir a
ileflnlto scktlemcnt without tho views
of the United States, but had takon
It up at ttie poibt at which It was
left when lUndor Secretary Polk re
turned to Washlncton. Thov renllcd
that they ffoft "practically every Im
portant point of tho Joint momoran
ydum of ryecember 9 remained un
Itouched," (and added that "only two
eatures unde.rgo alterations and
bo'h these nrn in flio ndvantniyn of
Tho lltltiiih and French premiers
a-gued that tho disappearance of tho
trip stato of Flulno would ro-unlto
00 000 Jn go-Slavs Willi their fathor
lanA that the Albanian Hottlamrnt
was such as to afford satisfaction
the necessary requirements to
'l pa'rtlw concerned." They char
acterized it as n fair sottloment of
a difficult and dangorous (iitestlon"
nd "that In the event of Its not
, "flng accepted they will bo drlvon to
J'ipport tho enforcement ot the
treaty of London, which Is satisfac
tory to nobody."
I!o"h premiers disclaimed any in
Jfnt to show tho slightest dlticoilr
JfV to tho united States, or that they
wished "to conceal tholr action in
"y way." as President Wilson was
jt at the conforence, they said, they
jnought tho best plan to proceed
wh the uegotlntloiiR nnd oomniun
j to tho re-sults to tho United States.
I'rejsldont Wilson's reply of Fob
olf 10 Ba,(I he could, not "bellevo
!Tt a tMlutlon containing provisions
Meh already had received tho well
"lerlted rnnilnmnnllnn nf lli a T.V-nnnV,
Hrltlsh Rover'nments (referring
- eii pmpnt or norr.mn,.r in can
nmbltlon is, under tho name of na
tional sentiment to bo rewarded nt
the expense of the munll and weak;
If. In n word, tho old order of things
which brouRht so many evils on the
world Is still to prevail, then the
tlmo Is not yet come when this gov
ernment enn enter n concert of pow
ers tho very exlstenco of which must
depend upon a new spirit and a new
Tho president wound up his note
bv K-ivlmr that If tho' maximum con
cessions mado In tho memorandum
of December 9 could not bo accepted i
"tho pnwldeilt desires to say that
ho must take under serious consld-1
eratlon tho withdrawal of tho treaty .
with Germany and tho nRrecment
between tho United States and
France, (tho Franco-Amorlcan nl-
llance.) whlrh aro now beforo the
senate and permlttlnR the terms of
the Kurope.in settlement to bo In
dependently established nnd en
forced by tho associated ROVern
ments. Mlllornnd. who succeeded Cle.nen-
ceau aa premier of France, nnd
I.loyd GeorRo replied under dato of
February 17. saying, there was "no
foundaUon "for the assumption that
tho new sotflcincnt -Involves "a capi
tulation to tho Italian point of view
ns opposed to the Jugo-Hlavs," They
summed up ifcaldent Wilson's criti
cisms of thn new ngrcemont under
four points. That It coded Italy Um
corridor, that tho corridor with
Flume ns a free city paved tho way
for annexation to Italy, that trio
modification of tho Jugo-Slav Ital
ian frontier was detrimental to Jugo
slavia, and that it provided, for tho
partition of Albania.
The premiers remarked that Presi
dent Wilson had "ignored tho groat
advantago conferred on Jugo-Slavl.i
at tho samo time. ' In tholr rtl.scus
slons they had found, thoy said, that
"nobody desired tho consum.r.a'.lon
of tho frco stato of Flumo," that "the
It. ""mo no regaruou os num..
."''could not agree thnt tho rocm-
-"iium or January H left tin
'"'W'l practically every Important
J?'t as argued by the Prltlsh and
r , 1 Premiers and declared his
I;?1.0" that tho orfglnul proposal
' Ven "profoundly altered to tho
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