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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 06, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 5

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MARCH 6, I'.mn.
M i.up Betweefi I lit
y v and srnitn f litis
It Koriewed.
I'edural Enforcement Man
Accustomed to R ;i P i d
Evenl Ii Dated,
feud gtgrte4 year ik" wbui
I'ncle Phil .M"" threw i rock" mi'i
Itriileed 'h hi'.til nt n relative hai
rtnall) reeuHeg i" t hrie of !
latlng thr Mann aei ana oil ipi on
nt thf Mm'I iiihI gmllh famlllea n"W
Mattered over c "Klatioinu, Colorado
ld Arkanmia. 0
Tom lliititmrrt of Ikpulpa, federal
enforcement nffiior. ha Jit rt
,,, , i from ll.iinaniii Hie, are .
irrc area caneo u wuiwea in
, artier, mil nrn ia rnaraeo
wiiti transporting ' eJlf Qj "
rpnew, Smith fri.in town to town
ncludlni Ito.'k)' ford, Colo., Uuroka
Hprtng, Ark . Joplln, Mo, and Tulai
nd PiwhuoJtB, In Oklahoma eon
!i.,r to ihf spirit and provisions
, , Mann Wmt algea ' The
i i , i Btatea commlaaloner found
evidence infflcltnl lo hold Myer foi
Investigation h thr r.tnd Jury,
i in if I'hil Myers, .ik-.i about 50,
. ,i hla .ten nla -vi" Blears .i
romai) woman of (b"1 a aera at
rated .ii Pawhuaha laal January on
romDlalnl trmii Irkanaa charging
iheni with adultery, With them w
Mm Mvare' four daufhtara and
on On balng !nk-:: to Arkanaaa (hi
,,,.1 proceedlnga thare reaultad In
Hmlth husband i,f ihe woman h Ip
(ranted a divorce and custody of rln
children and ' federal ctfarge ol
aim? alavery, ai tii" hearing befn
iha cemtnlaal mar ai H irrlaonville,
relatlvaa from gapulpa, Claremore,
Kur.ka siHiiitii l otnet town on
iiuic. Kiithrrt'! in conciava ettnar
Incases r partiaan. rne pat
hi, I relatlvaa Of the woman in
lie taaa took aldaa with Uncle Phil
,n,1 hlx relatlw'-i liniM up With lh
,. '.-cr., hunliaii'l
a r.'iirka torlpga, according to
Mr Hubbard, 'ho fine of tba rued
rat forth in" flames. Hare -rording
' Hubbard, 'ratn schedules
and the geographical hg-bttatlon or
those conoarned, reunited In the
part) breaking op .vfr. Smith re
ma iirii on the train for Joplln, and
allot hat children escapt the S-yeai
,,:tl 'in ilelra'.ni'il ao online I i tin
term of tho lour: Order, Tba ooj
wanted to if" with in mi ;hiT. while
tba failo" irif Ht.-, ih-n who put ih,'
uo ,,ff "Coma and gal him i don'i
want " said Mr.". Stiiiili ihrougli a
,.ir window, and When Mj' Smith
in r into tho coadti mIi prooaodad
'n whip hint into a fragala, and vtio i
:hr tram pulled out the bo) eras gtlll
with bar, but the battered form of
her huaband was on 'ho platform
Tho Incidents leading to 'his rJi
max alartod out ai R ick) l-'ord
ahere tho famoui cantaJoupea bloom
hioI develop in all tliolr Juicy awect
Ileal Mis Smith tow called to
Kureka sprtnaa on bualitaag Bhe
ami Uncle Phil became corroepond
onta. iind t'noio i'hil aanl lu i'l',"
whioli he ,ion followodi and ttio tab
i-'hildren and her ohlldren tisVeled
iboui from ihoro to N, ,iio. joplln,
Tulan and thenro lo Paarhuake,
horo tho law overtook thenj,
Buildtng a Nation
Intimate Talc of
'v Tom Kiliitiii
n -
Mate ordered - hoolhoua
Island W
in 1 1
ll 111
d. furnlahed nnd burnlanef and
dlM:ie;iia'ia III
CttAPTRR VI .heal medical egperti h Id find
in Hi, so dug or siruKKio for lonfl put (hem lo w,,ik on Ira ma the
latence, of thehlgh eoat of living and I hiallgnani dlaeaar to Ita aource and
iba many othet dteoomforta atten-1 learning the heal meana lo combnt
dant upon dully lifo and with n" " H waa a aplendid example t'f hw
ornmoiitjii offorta, moro or loe- mi- aioiiiy lo aurround hlmaell ai "i
nutely effective, to out down tile coat Hmea with the beal men ru hi
. ro',i ami clothing, etdellghi on taaha Th. led a faci larga
I mini Wood- work m NanflagO, ) reaponathle for oui amlltj i iml d
Hamblen in i-anama canai in a aone nnnot
t,i revel laden and aimos' nninngo
Itable foi a arhite man ,
i I bavin
ilif ii
iV .
is reported bi Joaepb
rV H i, wi.t be of Interaal
Wood, as governor of 'in
foupd t tan r moat and food dealer!
were profiteering, H aenl for th
principal butchef mid aald
How much do sou charge f,n
your meatT"
"Vlnets cenU pound, Nnor!'
waa tiio reply
"Wbal doea II com you ?"
".Moii i i vor dear, yioir aacel
"How much a pound ?" f
"It ooai ua very much, and--
"Ho w much ii pound '
"i-'ifioon oenui, your excellent .
bui w- have iom muoh money during
the war and
"So, haio your ruatomera nhv
meal will be aold al IS cento a pound
ami not iini cenl more!
i a nd mo ii proved
Thla la onl an I loot of iho
.,) In whlili Wood sir, no for hla
i ohalKo" Ha Bdit'dxa ' llildron i,f
Cuba, an Incident which ahowa nio
they love him iiko a brother today
So won ,iei Wood conduct the
affaire of one rity thai iho United
Btatea decided lhal liin ahould
the laak of building Up l!io wholf
,i' t'uba. Ho wael made governor
general of Iha laland, w;ih ordera lo
adntnlater ita affairs in aucb a wi
ihat it could be piaood on tho baap)
of a eelf-aupporing, ielfgovornlng
To the American liberatora ii
looked liko a hundred yoar taak tu
jtako theae benlghtedi dlaeoiiraifedi
I weary of-life i pie and lift them
1 onto a piano Of ClVllatlOn and ordor
with moat ,,r ihi foal ,,f iho world:
Kin n was a tuok ernlnh delighted
, tit, hard-working aoni of tjeonard
Wood, admlnlatrator and organlaef,
Cn id, ni McKlnley gave Wood n
itioo hand iii- mils Inotruvjllona
rwere "Prepare Cuba as rapidly ej
poeeibhj ror the eatabllabmeni of an
Indepondeinl government, republlosn
in form, and a li'ioii aohool syatoin "
w i wen) back to Cuba, finding i w v
rnt thai yeuota rever ntaa oroaan
So w ond tonk charge or itte re
conatructlon of t'uba or rather the
tiist ponatructlun, for under 'h oi,i
onii'tiiii i. itaonir. h i. , ! 'o i,f auvem
ill, mlBlitlN little ii it "ii i ion had I tuiionai
.,.il ,.. ih.. .....f... ,,i Hi nalitni
I . - ,11 . ' , I I'll 1 ,1 I, ,11, 1
lo aenl to v
i o oni ii fen prlt ite n i enn
echooki; within a ahorl time lb
dotted 'he laland
, rouna educatoi eaa aelectoil
' W ,id and PU1 in , 1 1 i ' i' n
I La ayatem on the eyetema of Olio
;ami Maiaanhuaeita, and ehen
completed his taak in three yearn
there wm,, ,MI achoola, h ill
I Mf ioiiiia tint quartet of ihe to il
revenue ol ihi atate had I i it
Into odu atioii, the prlmari requ:a a
In Wood'e opinion, io aelf-govei it
nan, ma Native leachera were need
and Wood anil 1 ,008 ol Hu m -
Bumpier, lo Harvard to atudy A n
Iran mothoiih
'no of Ihe blggeai iiiIuks w i
did for i 'llba was io formul Ite i i 'i
road law and ImlTfl up a fine i
way ayatem foi the laland Then t m
h carried his Idea lhai n nd
highways are eaaentlal lo k I ,,,,
ll.alioli Hi I nlo, I awain lo io.il."
ajri oltnio ihe hackbone o tin nu
tlOn, aa he had in the lert It ll I
around gantlago Th" problem "'
pa Ing for church pi open , appi 1
printed h) ihe Bpanlah waa aettlcd
aattefactori to church atatt and
p,tlaene, by a nommlealon appblniod
lo. Wood Uhu-rch and civil marriage
ailko were rooognlaed Then a rnnall
iriM'O I I'Oi was lii ,1 aid -t
ii baaed nimn t ha of u
d hi
ho world
iho am a ei
el et
m inn
imong tho count
iha win tell la
i . one ' d w I
t Ts, mil roe i
h veterinary irrvlce la the greateat 1 wgri Mat and th white carnatl
oirtll and tho
.f hot.
I that
I, i d
d slur
Worker ,-in
. mo Praia
in i, ii iter
loiill Noil"
i,i nettiah
over 'ho wi,i t,i would in- caalei it ad
cnuntrlea had am-ii a ear vice I in
lend lo aend toplea of the r'rlda)
World lo th,, hoada of Ihe veletlnaty
aervlci afatlona In ICnglami." Mr.
the) in Vttenri onfierniT
Ret .i w Abel of the Fltai Moth
i, iiai Kplacopal nhurrh will attend
Ibe aouthweal Kanaa eonferei t
iho Methndlat Kpnii ipal rhui i h at
I'aul In a o v edneauay, March
in iml' w ii anepard wilt pre
anlo at tii
was ., pal
i null
ron o I MM
iu to Tula
A hi I
U in
hi 'I
cxpreaaed yealt
"Tho W ot Id o
in i he c luntty
tribute io the
Ihi ii cnun I publiahed
yeaterda) morning nf
hir Animal Allios IP
Wni.' given in Ho hlx'i
lav eve.
re it
W Ol Id
loci ire
iln ,!
,,l audi orliii
I i ncal II
I 'a t nos loTl i pj
Memphla, Tern
llior four addi
Tho tu
id. ii afternoon for
where ho la to do
aea In thron daya,
puhlii appeal an o of 'i
Thai -iwaid
i tea wap
nl. i
b) t ho lo, t n i i
,i,i l in a sp i p, i
ii mentioned mj
t aii vatei in. n i
rigilan immlttee i'f ta promlnenl
a.'iii"r boye who have pledged
Ihenteblvea in uaher and a.-o tbal
order la kepi ai all hiah acbool meet
, ina held for "io remainder nf tins
term, wif made ai ihe Hayne ie
tiro tin ios Him acted aa uahera
Ihrlr hiiltonhi'los
-t i h run la, Aon i mi in-d'i
draac llenkor I Inlina fhatgr laniao
w a- "Kilri I hmogh Hi- fforia.
I'., . ollrci ommTaaion ..r l.00
w iii, h io claims i- dtfevhlm for Ihe
,,i. ,,r i pioii i, itiic oil leant In '-a e
county, auit ana filed yeeterday i
diatrioi , onrt tii I' l Hrinegar
ngalnal Ihe Olobe hi com pan)
Hrinegar clalma iho ownera ,'f th"
"II Company llnto.l a loaao ill i iion
1 1 : i iii. ami lhal through ' he i
fotta of th petitionee, iho loaao eai
old rm tho aum of $ I .'ii. ii"1' I por
cenl Of Which I duo MrltuBTxr
i-i. mil racepi innofai
i he
eaaari I" arni,l on tavi- ti.'in
impovoriani.il populal ion
in s.i iii iii K'i Wood worked
tho haais ol food, wink and law
Ho ronaulted Chief Juatice whit
or cna United Mtatea 'ton: is the
boat authority ho could gel in the ,
matter of law Between nem '",-v
Iproparoa lo following along Ih-.i
eatabllahed line bui with mil h at
tentlon tu Improved detail In proce
ilnro It ailll -i .nd- a id govema I
Sattvea were nao.i almoai entln
ly for thia tiniai importam ayatont 1
Val I va Hldnop triPil
i ii i hree ia a iii aylng imlloii
io pan inn
if rm Klnda
Mali In il
V " IS J
a Hill" aP
of in I li la ' oft
native prtaonera arreated hj native
oonatabulara. nii a mixed commie,
aion aoiootod by Wood as overpeera
or ail I riaotiH trera remodeled ami
cleanetl iu and ekv hundred prig
mu re, hold on political preteata,
were given hearing and iheli free,
'.Thla ia iml i dictator'" tho
t'obana began to aay at tiio OBfe ol
an ovouitiK. "Ho Is an admlnlatrator,
a 111 oratoi
lint it wasn't an oasy laak. hy any
meana, to Inatli confidence In 'he
n,w governor nnd in tho Inientlona
nf Ma government in the Cuban
mind, made auapli to ia b) centurion
of repreaalon of iliouajir ami ( h
b tiio Spanish ii I nil
Wood nexl eont aboul letting tin:
people tako a hand ai governing
thotliNi'h i a Ho proparod an election
law. arithln a few months, had bal
lot! printed and dlatrtbuted and
told tho people tu go ahead and ele t
I their own repreaentatlvea,
"Two-tinrds nf mj work if under
W nod milged "Now for tin'
achool ayatem,"
irlaaaoa or
a ( l With
III, 'IP Yow
Ing, M.bo,
la-ioai. (.riiiiiol
KIM" I I in. 1 1 lip I o
spi'i tarlce or j lalcat
spiii'tioai licnaee, inm
I'hllkl, illslalni' id road
W lill,
W all
Participate in the Savings
offered at Vandevers
OUl in Santiago. Ho idoanPd thp ti
.ip again and banlahod tin. diao
Hanoi- Option I? Xdil
in this connection, there hi a aide
I Im li r not known to many pernor
ouuaioNif governmental and aclen
tifio ranks.
It la lo Wood that tho world OWB
di in of gratitude for finding h
m 11 .in i ll.i I ,H rorisi n aoiiliy
La otiiani7.or and admlnlatrator
i load over heeu into
a a
I Jllllipo
yellow rover
Wood found
tho blifnost
II. nana and
il ha
ho on rod
would bo i
in Ilia wi
III' 1 lk till
"Candv That's Different"
514 South Main
air ilw modern fltMm fyr ww
far vision Thy 'iijiM' (he
In IN ni ;ii .ili't dieltMtll ti' la w
tjual i'Uii riii".K, unit in-l t hi int'n-
yen to in noooMlty f poortns ovof
teUM )ia UK ) i'K from OIIC talr
ti oaAotnoi Thty ii not have the
nix rfiyw1lpff komai "r hump ttf old
(Mhlonod vIbbSMoi i""r ihia roMon
thoy naiiotiallv ftOCtptOd an 'lh'
nvlalbto bifooatleV,'
Wo tin not operate a Jawalry ilore or
pawnettop, We ininiiio nothing ion
Rpectaolea and Byeglaaaea
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Ml I aiUi ir Km i Tr"l I.Sfi
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I r d t n r 1 1 m
llllh UgUlg " allt
K afai ill fi I : t
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U i
I a rl II a ! rrrl "Has
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Mm llr In lltihhl
rl of ami.
li.i I
Inn ll Id ,i 'I ii M '
Inn 1 1 u.l Mr iia 1
Inn hnmi 11 hm I i...,
Pol Trol
ii tin iihbih I, Uafef 1 1 1 1
i iri it, Dbbi iiaae unit
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is.i:(7 K.n Fur th- Krra.idni
nf th World Hum
Uimmirh hir tti Hf!oTei
I ttntl Kilwair'l I In nit I ion
in'.ii A'm- b Jin nun Trfilr -Victor
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(nw.,-1 T.v- -.viTh tordtiro it
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mainly Kaf i n Smie-u i
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pri or' H mi. 0
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orld ll W hiie. ith Mm
I I r. g-t Iff.
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Ill PiypjOjl k Mwiioll i old rrfni lt)
II ii at .. .1 n, vanialiing rrm l!o
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OffOtaVJ 89l
LVfll Mulvina ram .100
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Am DtffOtl 1 ROaSltloll fld IMS0J SOr
i'i Marti QifftOO I09M rrram . . .19e
50 I ItfOjOl M ilk WMi r" rig
'' i r . . t . OHminc . ,19
904 I'.HDpf n Nifiii aiul Masai
i rram ,19c
91 no l'nmitiai) Mgatre rram , , m, 99c
vi, 00 Iitf-mii Milkr. r-aro .... 99o
ori Wit. h RaiOj la.lioti ., :ittc
LV0 BoOMll ii'l Alinnml lution ... .190
iacl pownr.nH
,f 1 hi , . . .. ...... , 10
Holooloo 190
I '.r Klnw . . ite
Mrlba MoStTOl 390
Mrlln MMil S9e
.o' pty Dfossi 39c
tOtl Maii . H9c
or PuaiJ Viiu.- , j S9e
.Or I'ompftllll rlll , .19c
iOi .lava Khn . . . r)9c
iOo Qar4oi Frocrosoo lor
"Al ln M 09c
To Mar A9o
91 no Kianr . 190
9 1 oo Mar QmM 890
91 00 M ra f.era v 99o
Uiiorono lion loo fj :- io
i viol -9100. i Oaf "iOtj. Mo; v.v- ito
rolruoji 91 n" Mi too Mr; I lVe
TollOl Woton Une l.iUr. Violl
iriima. rjoloy, Hoooyoootalo
I- net 1 pall , , 79o
a Mu -if it'll ?or 08 SMI afkOSM flflc
i- Polaiollvo haioi-M nte
id.- Paihofl' Tar " iniiii . . . flBc
,0c Conthroi MiamnKi ... .191
'ir papaoetlotM TimiIIi Paula 19o
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Me Honot o Too Ml Pima . .29c
Koll i 01 Toulh PaU , 29c
15 KIom 19o
"'.i W.lham" Tooth PalU .... , . 19c
35d Lroo'i Tooti too
iv, fresh styles, fashioned of good quality percale in
tin pink, lijrht ami dark blue.
ttractively trimmed with
H nmen't
regulai ly
Main I I nor
Linen Hand'
Kemgl Itched.
6 for 91.14
Narrow and wide
Regularly priced
ricKracK Dram,
Ix'UimI models,
al $2.60. Special Saturday
it . .
- 'mhhiI
I liM.r
.rirt Beading Edge In I
al and round thread ;
lariy i"t and 20c yard
in! yard
cambric i ; . i
widths from
IVi to
regularly 2
Special, .'
n induor T ita in all
plain colon -plain
hemstitched ondn ;
ularly 59c
and ri-K'-
,S'j( rial IHc

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