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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 15, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 11

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( tOCI
1 hampionship
Thlfl Week.
Fifftttinc Irishmen.
and Briton, on Wednes
.lay's Tar.!.
Boxing This Week
Hlr-hle mioktll v
. jmhoi i" Hi" i i
'h I'harlry WVinc.l v.
V ndrraon,
, r nils, a. .s,-.
Harm l ra
I,,,,, N M.sham. !0
mdon. . .
i, n .1.. tinny
i awti
i f.ii rule.
I,l'lU.V. .0
March I. Mlkl O'Dowd
tufle Itainrr, in roun. In. Bl
i, it 1 1 UK it Walker
PatroakMr. io round
I'nrHn.l. Ore.
March I" Knrw-koin Brown vi
Trd JamlaoR, io roanoa, i K. n-
nt-I'M Wl
M.tr.-h I - lOUflJ Hi nn I
Jlmmi DuttTi ! round, ut
vannah, oa.
Marrh 1" ,rl Mrlnnn m
lark Karrjr, in round, at Can
Uarcri IT"-Johnny Dundna va.
johnny Mrnflninon, io round! Rl
March IT Frd rjiiton v.
r. ,rti-y Mddfn, roundi, al
March i Johnny woy . Kid
Rhrrman, l( round. ' Tacoma,
M..rrh If 'nf' alOOOWRn V.
Jnhnnv Srhlll. 10 rOUUd, Ht HI.
Jaoanh. Mo.
March is Johnny Kllhn
.lohfiny Murray. H round,
Patiraon. W. J.
i . i :i l : l (-(i.vniAN'i:
iiii PI vi tout in whi.'h irorld'i
or national championahlpa are al
, . ..ii thiM week m RBhadUl. It
ron . ti to he n itiratlg mil for
ihe followin of hlngi . i
Mike " I "'W.I. ml.ldlcweljtht; JMh
iirin.'n, weltirwiUfht, tiii Johnnj
Kltbane, fnatherweluht. are the three
.."en ut their OJtVlalolll who are
iked Pot feature RttrRCHOB i ti the
United Btatea, while Teri Uwki win
battle Johnny lUif-ham for the wel
lerweip;ht title in RnRhUtd and
,lnhnn' rnulon will fielit Charlea 1 '
.inus for the hlahe1 honor In th
bantam We lhl division in France.
I 'f the three world'H ChjUnpiOni
linssihly O'Dowd l meetlii ihe n.uM
formldlbll foe In a 10-round contest
in St, PUI Ht. PRtHCR'R day. a da
ilnn hf.xlni; a 1 w m h haw flourished in
ihti country, a.ikh Rittnar 1 not io
will known In the wct. hut in the
..it.' ill im middleweight DM been
UK.kinK rpld tilrtdeo townrd the lop
l the division and hie l.a. kerK freely
prldlol that he will eventually the
u' . to t.n the eroivn from the hrn.l
If th- Plfhttnfl mlek from Minn
aol i if Io' does not neeomplteh the
Ceil in this engagement, whl.-h iM no'
at hk.ly only through a lin ki
i. i . m hr win thlft Rt)doclalon
affair ..nil iriiowd ih RboUl "nich
a any middleweiKht wr have had
lines the day" of ihure great war
rior' Billy Tapke and' BtanllJ
It Ih poattibll for o Onwd to finish
hi- foe. Katner never hae been put
to the tent again! a ehainplon In
bodta with leoond -ratin he Rppr
to h;,e pit n nhle to M.nd punish
mrni lie in f.ilrli lllVir fellow
fnr Ho po mils and hal a punt h. I'm
when pitted agmiiNi sueh a man l
0 Doid who hl heat, n llonry
f!reh. Mike QUbboni a. l.t ail Hi'' m
i or Ihi l,t ntlrtdlewelgh's "f ihe
preetit time he will find that lie will
hue to ihOW II lot of . itM to
e.nh,r the utiirni, O'Oowd li a
ruihing, ilaihlng fighter with a
knockout wallop.
1 1... i Hi t-.nriv HaJc,
Jack Brltton it not taking on anv
il ing vers tough In .lark Harry of
I'lttshurgb, whom he meetH in a 10
round oontm at t'anlon Wednenday
n:clr BlvirRl bovs were mnlehed
Brltlon for ih in date and enrh
one ;ihke for a poetponenieni for
Ofni re i -on or other. Then Barry
win given the plaee al'. hough he
''mii.ii he ixpictid to extend the
Wlltirwilchl oliamnton. who hp
pean i0 improve with age The
'lever, rrafiy Hriton will ltP
'hrough ihe ten rounds in lila eame
"0 Kyle, baffling the pppotiiion al
every turn and will he returned vic
tor on nnlmn unlesK Harry ehown
mere than he has shown in prvi
'"il engacenient'
There y nothing certain nl.out
Kllhaai'l flBhi with .lohnnv Mnr
w U Putoraon rSidy night Thiy
rive hern matched ihree tinier, and
itch iim nnmeihtnir happened to
eiukf ii pojttpenomonl at the elev
ntli ho.ir if ihav fight, it l like
V that Kilbane will flnmh In front
fit nti ,!oe of rha eight aaaaloni
I not eenoui.lv conildered
1 I title contender. KUbn'l
"" - -i-e in .i,-ii had .-ondltl'.n th r
" ... BOl try to a.ore knkOUt,
"""" lllh hern n ffoort lei, .i It.tlf
'.'.-lu.v anout
ek Britten, art
Ion and Johnny
" atho nolda
mticq Mtwttn
ilttrwtltht fham
Itanhin. of K.nv.
th tltlt tn ihei1
f "Untrv.
T i m, rifBii Pvn m i a-i..
s.,. ' '" 'tnpo'l Hasham fur a
, '"" h"rf- figuring he
I sill -J'";w 10 n, ''Ke manv other
hsr. ? n huv come
In. I . 1 1 "u'nr l"l' If IIII ''I m
'"I Live lUrtlld out in he I
re. , ,, "r"nrt-raters For thir.
, h '', 1 ,n''!" haj been match.' 1
le.de.5 '.w:" r"r -I round- In
..'"' " "u-hi. This will be
vv If hi , . IV. ! " '''nsllshman
h . ' r hold bis own
e ' ' io.iMi considered
toe fr. 1 .
' V. 1- Ni l, ,,,
In on.. . m." . .
ik-ht i. ... ' "" u'SI wener-
iftir L? VId. He has fought
"er ih, . and lam sum-
"ork.d ou'T'", 'hstnnlon finally
Ji- .L annox-o tio
fhACS thin Ihrv have r met.
, i ifSWII went in Kng-
i itehlf" ',v"-"1 buttles. He
',. ..;,,. Hth Basharn lo give
hi li rH 'hMei to nrove lhat
"'r- Ii s ",,"l0"hiP e.iliber
' vP'rier,
levei. thoroliahlv
hai k,.
' tin ,.. .,-" ' .7."" "
aenerai. with
ni w .i.i. ;"rr. neanam
'dU RdVerUggd, but bc-
Exhibition diwua
HALMS Var.-li 14 -Pllttt'iirih
(NlUSSlll) . T II '
lls'laa fTSIII lllgBSl 6 II
Rlttetlll Wa'.sar. tlsralior, 11.1 Ctlrll
l.n Mbit Fiyll a'"! ires'ilnir Vur-ral
I OKI' v ..II 111 I . , .
''i'llnirh 1 .r-,n. ,r ifi.
MaraS I,
loft Wirt! I fa. a taarsrl
I.a'lrr"- I'm '. t . ar'-.," I
r . r il 1 Iv.si. Koltr.tiik fi.t
U.k . ,
(tRW oltt.l'. V Vr r, I I
latitisfl fABMrtesai) . 12 11 1
tlV OrVin fSiattiirsi in S
nittsrlM - rta'.ilis. raltaii I ala asi
Ksaiaiahei TtNRBai Wallsf la, '
' l' frlari; Dswli
'l.rr si-Risus iri Mire 1 .
Rntnn Aiscr..'i.na 1?
Idltfl Raifk . Vnitharn , 7 in j
BftllttlM RsiSaH, ton.-. I'M Wi.r.
TuiHil Knc'sns li-aa Knlht isd V..'
'.na ANnr.i J
Mr. h H
PlilraM v a' "i li
r.nn frarlflf'l . . 7 15
.Uin1r Turner t.rt n i.. Ki
Bill ball, M"'f nt Hill W M.ikn
VV IRTrtNtrl MnPfh II -
Vr- VnrV Rational! .7 I s
SS otnnln rTetla I j
ni.o'Uf wm rr.-ifL Wlntari im
MeTart Rtnttti yinear Rtrl III ll
M,r . 1 til
liaiine h tkR re.eiyed ueb rerogel
llOfl in Kngland do not mean !(
: h, li a traat wei i r. Beokitl atao
wan heralded in BnTtnd Rl a -.vi!-(I.
i bUl turned out to he u loke
The l'o round ho i between John'
nv fo.i Ion. former bantamweight
I rhamni.in of the world and '"1
i l.efloiix hanmioii on' Kianre orlg
ill. I.IIV ICnitOVIVU .ariv in me n.u.iu.
wi'l take ola.'e Tueoday night In
rrria unlaaa iher.- Is a.nother elev
enth hour poMponeimrnt. Cottlon
w:.:. delayed fi .lava in reaching
;l'ranee an, I rhUI WH unable to go
IthrouRh with the oontest on the
origin! dtn. He cabled to ihia
country last week that the boul had
I bean poitponid lo March ti and
jpoxl'lvely Will he held at 'hat time.
There iw conaldefabti lntrl in
'this rn .'eh in America It will
llho wi.e'h. r or not a f haniinoii
oul of the ring for some time, can
Iconic buck. Th.' chano are that
he aannoi unlaai iedoux is not as
j g'.nd a fighter as Ina backers be
I lieve. Coulon loet the title a long
tune ago and was OU1 of the gattie
'for unite ii, time. Then he became
ja boxing Instructor in the armv and
after leaving 'he fervice announced
I that he waa fit to fight again This
I announcement came wlien it waa
pparenl ilia! .'onion s finances w'cre
very low an. I tie nreiie.i oin. 'inner
hipienklh 'he hank roll Aineri
can pr.itnotf rs would m" give film
.1, u .. nf.n,- r.-nn. Pin. . ...1.
and he lumped at it S 'J
Mltehell t Jackaori
LadOUR is reputed 10 be a real '
champion haniainwelglii. lie atill
be brniiglit to this Muntry lo fight i
f'eter Hcrmin should he decisively
defeat t'oulon. Hut unlesa he fin
ishes OOUlon he will not he h ilraw
Ing card here RgRlnel the champion
or men near his et.iee.
Hlnlilc Mitchell Ix'Ut with Willie
Jackson in Milwaukee Monday night
ahonld he a thriller. Mitchell
eentiy hai pollened off
Rhppard, champion lightwe.glu
RlUtland and Lew Bdwarda cham
pion of Australia. If he beat-.
Jackson he will he light in line for
a match w-uli laonaid because he
will have disponed of ahoijt the he'
t.i be found, with the exception of
the champion and lew Vandter "f
KreH T'"ti It on will return to the
liemped circle j-tt. Patrick's day to
furht ttartle Madden erlx seaslons In
Philadelphia ICadden is lonch
heavyweight, "t Fulton, with ins
cleverness nnd experience, should
he nhir to defeit hlni Madden Is
credited with o4afaing a punch.
hotveveri attd most anything can
happen in a heavyweight scrap.
Should Pulton fall to beat Madden
by a wide margin it will he n lerkttt
Mtbick for the Minnesota Dhtstirer,
toe McOOWan, llarrv Prewer a
!'ghlweght eerapper. will he given
n chance to show his wares r'nd.v
night in St Joseph when he meets
Johnny BertiTf a veteran lighi
weight from fbleagn in ,i round
lwuhtMkii onld tiwDfft Prranni
j'l.mi of HntUripaJ OoTrnmrnfi
iMWMi ska. ukia, March 14. -
With th ho,n- of hrttor nifpl -iriff
Ihr tliMiiRmlri of a illy of 20.0Oi
trpuhifion. a QlOVtmtnl for n nrvv
City tihrloT hn.H br n ttMTttd In
PtfWhiialka wWoh would wlmo( oom
pleltly rluingf tht prfjitni form of
I nir tht- pnpAeNfd plan thr lo'
tiOn of fivo rom in h.twlonprt mouIiI h"
prottdtd for, nn1 frftni enrb wtrd
ii nd nnt -t lartri, who won hi ttl t
th rity at nnf dollar a yar.
Theiii ?fni.:iilH.-itinrf WOUtd liav
aidvT'oT-v oDntro f tiir city Mid
WOUld hi1 pmpowrrrd to hir a hui
.irsn manairfr Thr rltv rlork and
Iho DOllCt an t flrt dtpartmtntt
would ho indor ih -uporviHlon of I
ihi commiavtonere. tho offtcra d'l
city attorney, liolice jurhre and (itv
clerk In rem un elOCtlV.
Ths present cilv eltltrter, the pen
non aver designed to govern
a village such as PWbjUka W'as
nut a few yean ago.
Official Notice i i otn tnl ted Rtaie
Moi Vet Roontved by Beitium
ANTWKi.iv March 14. Twtn-ty-
four natlont already ho offlolalty
accepted Belgium! invitation tt Par
llclpate in ttv Olmplad and 'ho Bel
rian oontm ii tor charged with 'ho
pre part Uont la Roint ahrad ft iht
fact of all obttaotet, dettrmtntd to
havo ovi'iythinir in readiOttt In Au
nHi. Offtetal notioe of participation ny
tht I nltod S'aK v h.i not h-on re-
rolvod, lii t i h rsprv'rtl hoop
Call All Odd f( lion s
and Rebekaha to Urn
All members of the i n 0. V kltd
Rbkaha me r squealed to met at
1, ti. ... r, hail. IS H Raol paoond
street, al 1:10 o'clock today, for ,n''
purpose f attondlng the funeral f
W. T. Kellv al the Tlgerl Mernoni.t
church Inl.ii.icnt will he in K'act
Hill cemetery.
Pioneer Tulsa Store
Keeper Xcar Death
J Al Hall. IIII Admiral, planet '
clib-.en of Tulaa, I so seriousl
thai nine i'..(.i '.- . Btertained fi I -
rocoverv. He owned one of the firal
stores opened tn tills cilv and ha i
been Identified with Ihe history
TuL-a since It was a amall villus.
Spring Training Starti
for Loral Tosatra
Thli Afternoon
iv vattsttard of th Tula Wt .;r; ,,, Bid. Ill
rrti league h.isel s 1 1 rluh In t.t Start I Are Politer IIS Mr John Vergnc
training h.Te tiiu afwrtwn ami Sylllt Itopover, III; iiui'a.. Ill
tomorrow pi.ci;. ..iiy m
quad f.f no M,rn win ho hat.
Out' Irl.lnr Wllllnitii fr I ho PI 11
arilval. the new gardener . oinniK
In last night Irorn F'Ono Cui. Wil
liams i also a pin her and to lilght
t touted as a capable hurlcr and hard
lefir ' hitter lie la listed as an SUtfllldef
ml I with the oilers
In addition to Will. .n. and Har
ney Cleveland, Joe Mortla, wataon.
and Jimmy Burke, who have I. ecu
wintering here, about II men arc
expected today and lonlghi Beveral
will tu t i. port io Boaa Abbotl until
tomori ow
The tmys here tod may gel .oil
on the lot for a brief eaerrlae Moat
of the time will he put in in dlatrtb
utirig unlforma, and In the players
gemng 'ed with the town
and each other.
i .imivi H" IH.'M PAOB OBI
Darner .le.inred he could ldntlf)
ii 1 1 In ihe crowd
Ii aas reported laJU nighl by ihe
DOlloe that two of Ihe cow.l llnd
been captured and Idcntitie.l and
thai 'be investigation ol ihe Rffs p
wonid probablj hiinj more raaulis
Merle Drowns hods was . hipped
last nigh' to Brie, 1'n. ali. ie his
home is Me was II yrold apd had
been in Tnisa ilncs laal Octobei lie
wa. a machinist ami wae employed
al the Auto j linder works. :107
I West Third He Hied will rolller
Ft. d itruwn, Mi North Denver,
I During Hie war he serve, l Is month
on Ih" front m Prance, mid in the
tiino of lit- death he was wearing
his army overcoat,
: I 'artier la 'JJ years of age and live-,
at It North Wb. .ling willi hla
brother-ln law, J. w Bcharer, Me is
mployed a' the T ''.! ArmRiure
nrk'., :i 1 I KBSl I ' in th
i have had my lasaon.'' hs SRid
last night, "and i s neyer again for
The two girl.-- in ihe ease sre be
ing held pending the lnvtltfRUon,
ami at the polios station gave their
names as Margaret Deen and Madge
Watson. They deity any kntowledga
of how 'he f ik lit ..line ahout "r who
killed Hi own
'V It
ht.f lirtd. whioh rendered mi Mam-
i indsrt d a;
When II r. ooko rrotrhrt homo
that FYld.iy nii"ht ho Wria callod on
tht p'hi)!!' by anothrr iriil. who twid
sho WM a flitnd f .Ma inn' and who
dtckirtd ''--'it M.tii.;1 btd taken 'r-
bollc tcld, and left a ROtt for him
at a downtown dru slum,
The no!', whith It ml f c. plana
lory, follows
"Mr. Cook';
"I am afraid to dm. hill X want
10. I am tirtd "f luinc thf lift '
ha vf- hrrn ltvlni?, and can' t oe
any wav to do hot tor 1 had tut
a fwtin f in torment dta.4 art
altvo. I tau t iand It I' Il hems
ftrctd on nto. havo trlr.l to tvt
a rhrlH.feiMi life. Iut fallod. Now I
am ihrnujrh for uoort It would bt
hot tor for me to ho flr.i r! than tO
livo ihr Itfo thai I am llvimr Tioro.
I hfi mothtr: add rem In tho
drawer cn'sn tomtone will find
11. i want . oi io pmv tor me. i
know i' won't do rinv pood, but
Mr. Cookt. y o ii N on w i d i'i want
in do w ha t w a rirht or I would
havt nevtr oiino to you wit my
troiibloi. I rould hnvo hvod a
betttr iifo if i 'had have had a
chance. I auttt i am dotna1 wrona
in tl lipir you , hut I told on If
anytjilni tvtr happtntd i would
lot ou know, l am f"nmv to turn
myttlf owr to you now Io whal
rviT you w an t tt 'lo with mt.'
U"Ki'ti ihr krirl lallod til.i n Kifur-
dty tht told tt'o Cooktt thai Mum
Wt I ktl" wat a' ill a li o ,i nrl thai alio
ht d i,f,rTtod to he allowed io tat
thrm Tho ml.-tron of tht houwo,
howvyar. rofuKd. and in fear of tho
oman. thf unknown .'' would not
I dltClote hor namo or tho aitdreat of
tht p'ai'
Bunday tiisrht ihr pir; rnlhd ;uriin
and in a choltini voice deciartd thai
hor friond h.i( mod.
At flrtX i hr police dlc-rrmluod thr
ontiro hior atid Ptfuttd to tako It
wirrtnulv. aoi ordliiir to Jtoverond
I'noko who p!;ncd :ha noli atid tho
tar 'a hoforo ("h-ii; I'harloi, Alton Sr
uriav ttsM nlwfttti howovrr. whtf
tho now of lior doath oatnr fron
t d hor eourcet t ho y concodt d it
probabllit aluioutffh tho wti.i their
invintiintonM had ttt yet 'I lison.'ri
nothinp. Wit death haa rro been
reported to tho roronor tir any un
dtrtaktng firm, it WM found luat
f.,,,,1 i
.crnmvenl ' li l rgod b
at Mind. iv t.utlM-iitig.
SuptK.itqr of tin- ; i Hopfclrtl
miyoralty oampalgR held a maaa
nc-etinp at Hie hajr'o Hchr,ol audi
torium yesterday afternoon.
ttpeechOg were mini - by K. F. Hhori,
republloan oandldaie fnr mayor, and
O . Slelner. rOptfWIORR candidate
for commlgsloner riumbCT one ft,.; .
er spenksrs w.tc- .' F Hopkins.
t Rudd, i ' w Dalay i ii ail
more ainid 0 Ft en fro, domiicratta
candidal e Juddfi I M. .. alao
Ahout 500 attended the UMMng.
Tan aocOjiag, hiaitag. eatratiag
segjkrt laka as) al la l,f 0( pa, I
.'U f h mo, a ' -, .a .,a. u
uidl -jt kdatlf Ut ' Hirf .ti
Bgsl Ot HH teOttla.ldrtiaTfr It In
mi a
The Turf
i mi km iVMlay,
I.. four furtiRgs Vt
first t
met. IPt; KrOWII Hill I 10. MOIIRBI I
iio. i Mmtii no, OH Doctor, 1 1 ft
Tlrtl 110; Mr Mortimer. II. M.i
oltlni i iiiTiii.-r, iii, aiMii . im
...,.i i ,, iii fu riant Vtla
ilaffn. i M Mil, III urn.. H
l... ...... iw.ii ,. Iklj v. .
.I i 1 r i .if. .1 i.i' i . lie -aw cirri
Verde i :u Rubhadar llfi gpaady
I '..ot I I II i .. ier,, 1 i;o. I hai til I MR
li:.. KtUM, III
i I'll d Mi' e In. .iiid one half far
!n-i!g l-'..i'h"l Id! Maiden Voter.
m:'. i Am Fin.!, io:. Teacher iet.
In. Hi.ldlcdee 107 litiioiu, 07;
I Henecl, i"7, Princes Uott. Il
Pre lotil I',. I. Ill Thunder Bifd
io;. Vim, 112. Rlehnrd v i u.
I i k-imktli an ii.1 "i Murpk) . 1 1 .'
I Rnrtoc Csruso, u?. Barley Waiere.
i 102. Hattli Mountain, It:, Frsni.
r , 1 1 .
I'ou'Ui ran one mile- The li
ite. lit Ta. b . Dr. '.inn I'ei .liiee
d. Dure) la ill Triumphaat, mi
Duke of Lain ac'ci HI; Dial Ci
roll, lit Iwiniwin IIS; T.W Th"
Mark, III
fifth mee. five and one half fur
In. go Hon bong 'it! Ilnhhy At
Ian, I OS ; Ticklish, 112. Tncoia. 11 ;
Arnold. 1:I.
S.xlh race, mile and ihree-aix
taenths. Bookery, to". Mane Rap
poi i in. Bhamrock Oman, ititi.
Mayor ijalvtn 10ti, .ireen Mint. lOH.
KsppaJAaoiiMMtk III. ml Bhal Hill,
107. Brynllmah IATi ii He., lit;
BlUI Thlalle. 1 10
I'onderosfl. Ill;
levi Ii: l.llle
tec, 107. Water
llamrtaon. no
lisdv Ward. I to
Ha laei 1IJ; In
' oi tags III, Ar
Proof, I 1 T. . Hen
rievenlh roe, mile
tecnih Til For Til
nit "MP l
101 M'FPi
Kruter, ioi; Pollu,
10. ThkMJe lire.'..
Klngllng ii. ins.
Vowi II. Ill Hrow
10..; ltd S'uil.
I Oft; lloml. I Oft
I ii umpv. J I
l'tnrllr, 1 J 1 :
PruMti ill Ntt'iiu. 112; Oor
MMIi 114. indolw", lit; Indi.in
I'hnni. nr., CnimptWsli It5; Mwb,
101 : ontn , 10
f.ti hrr rlwir: trrk hrnvy.
l.a.lv slor Hrfles liencni- in Her
PlfM gniusi Rngtish Lltjttoe
I'm ffiC,
IjONDON, Mnrth 14 Ameri'Mii
educational mat-hod thai helped to
make the United statei "dry war
pralaed yesterday bv Voounteea
Nancy Astor. M I'. who is waging 11
sturdy temperance fight in Qreal
"In America the works of tm
peran.:.1 woe started r.o years agv
she said, "liiildren were taught ihe
evil effe. I." of al -ohol. ItrMlsh 'hll
lren have not ha. I that advantage.
Inn they mull be warned. It is a
gin of the future generation
hal is II lo he I i..k. the BRBMg or
the brwra?
The drink coiil' Ol of lb gov -
smmeni must go rurmer man ins
mere regulation of hours of sale It
Should form the foundation of fu
ture prohibition.
"When I WRI e.inipaignlng for
election to the hour" of .oniinort at
Plymouth, Rl! mv advisers said: iki
not mention the liuiior question.
The brewers will knife you . 1 told
ihein i certainly would dlgouaa 'he
liquor queetton and I did: In my
peach, in fact at a unlunlm din
ner, when Ihe men held glasses of
llquoi aofl, I told them If I had mv
wav ah the hiwvze In Ihe United
kingdom would be at the boiinm of
ih- sou.
The brewern and the distiller
will huve Just as niucjh power us we
lei t bem huve."
That the American born via-
coull'cs. ha Ihe cour.gs of her c ii
vlrllons has lean shown i'V her at -lacks
upon Ihe liquor Interests elm I
; be took her seat in commons
Although i militant in pontics,
Vu, .unite, s. Astor Is the last per
son on. would pi. k out of a group of
women for the hold progressive she
is She hag the figure of a girl, al
though ahl la the mother of !n chil
dren. Changes Mind About
Duinp, Hut Changes
Too l-atc to Save
DENVrTR, March It -.'hrls
tun Sirens aged BD decided he
wnt.'ed to die and felled In a
IpaotaOttiaf attempt to blow him
self to atoms with rivnnrnlte
Then be derided lis wanted I
live, hut the poisoning from the
dynamite had permeated his gyp
leln and he died.
S'rene u former prospector and
miner had had oonriderahie ex
prinfll with high ennloiives
Deal deni over ill health, the
old man secured a gtick of dvna
mlt. IMucipg It In his mouth, ha
attached a fu and calmly
touched match to the laper us
he sat back In un eaev chulr
When '"he sputierlnr fuse had
burned '.n vritlun a frsiilon of an
Inch of the can the old tniier lm
pulslyeh straightened up and
clenching hit leeih, egtingulahed
"he ).lii7.lng fuse thus preventing
the eti.brf.icn
When Slrena a'., found bl
nc, ghl, or, suchilv burned RROUl
tlir face and line from the fuse
he decided that "life sweet
after all and I guess I d ra'her
w itch for a ihipmani of
Mallow Milk Chocolate.
by i, i rp la 1 1 e ft
Tuesday betweer
Ivl NUM. I
jo Kaal S
to Tulsa
1 1 land I p n
Dili i. CO,
is on, I SI.
Vote for
I Hit
I rca surer
Board "f Kducation
Itororx-ratio, I'rlmart
Krt' t'.s and Cramer t A t
rivf Soon Hoxinjk!
ttill KrHinur nnd ,!, k Krrr
!iiiltll'W'ltfhlt Who mi" lifrr Mod
tin n mil i tit ih" nuiiM m eni ir. tn
rouii to Ttitiwi if ofrtini 1 1- wItm
ItiThi'd v. i t,i h ilir t i
AthltttC rliit h'tin n wirf n.ihl
u fi I'lu !(' i eh 1 1 Hn urdfty nlvhi
whllr Urrvi B- ttlnprttrh Mftld Mm I
hi 1'n Oakland m i . .. k jftvtif
tin f 1 1 rn t ti Kphumt ik dur '
tiitUr hrrr 'PiiixtHN .fi i noun And
Knvm Tw Mi i nljlit of MTwIiim
linKti'K in mi mni' I DIM r ! IOH n t r r- H
H' rriis mrltN nnd flhOUld I ti r r (o Nf
m p i oondttlor t . . iii wind 'm
thill i .iiilln. lit 1 1
km siviifc win 1 1 k ; flgart hn
Ult fi i nirtdui Tht TlllM btUltnini
h.in bntn gfotiii u i lttly, mMI " "
tht dttlri r ih- prontottrt la mni h
him Wllri .i lHia bo) If H K'M"I
inrth'h in hr niiulo S(a k will h
fivtn th- huv I v kndut
spi k mttit Ifmnlilt KnlMi vt,
""ran bMUMIIi t BlfffhttTl Wt'ilnrn
il.iv niKht 'Phi uili provtitt ttm
I tail ti tin Tuttt ntwtboy, n m.i
it i 1m Ih .i louiih u tnl ' livti lo
io he In Savotiv OrMnlRlng troops.
N'oske has alwsvs been a fishier,
and there g reason to ReliSVI thill
he will not accept ,hc prant sltu.i
lion without dr.isth- action in eppo
slton to It That N'oske PISS troops
till loyal lo him is Indicated by the
fa'i lhat tbe have repulsed an at
la. k against them In their b.uriil'ks
at (''rank foil RpoHg have been
lecelved frnn. thai clly of nuno rnUI
cnsualiies in the fighting hut whetb
er this was between troops and
mlllUa, or heiween Iroopi and work
men Is ROl definli.iv known
A semlofrifiii I statement Issued to
ri. .y save that the entente OO men ll
don ut tleiiui has "agreed" 1.. ih
new government.
in an gttamjii by workeri t. in
radl ihe ha. ra. ks ut Frankfoi i one
man was killed and four mH were
badly wounded
laiiRulnarv encounters bIWJI
workman and troops have goourrad
In Frankfort
A getieral stnke has been called
for Mnndnv al HreslaU MMgdehurg,
Nuremhurg and Friinkforl
Batvaria, V'urttember and sax
ony have refused to ,,ck iiowte.lge the
new Berlin government. The troops
of I'.., .iiii and mil. ni'ietg have
declared Ihc.r allgiana 1 their re.
specllve govei-nmenls.
According to private reports Kon
slantln Fehreiil if b p resident of th"
national aaaeinHv, has arrived In
SMI',,.,- and has eied i, milting
of Hie national Rgeembty lliere fur
rcoclanmllon liihllslicil
The following proclamation of the
St. ton government la pubslghml to
day In the DrtJRtngr Anz. Iger of
i rresdin .
"riecuri-en.es lu.ve tak.-n place In
Herlir, which arc of the g',.vl
mnao t., the Qerman oommon
' vvealih and Us corn in i Ion Mad re-
Iaeilonurv Insurgents tlave SOOUplSd
the goycrnment huilrllugs and pie
BUmad, In a proclamation to declare
.Ihe national assembly and Hie Prus
sian Rggamhly dlaaoived rhi meni
hera of th.. conatllutlonal govra
merit have left llcrlln
'SJermaTiv Is ihrea'ered wlh ' I v II
war, and is.mp'ete ruin. In ibis h'.iir
we call upon the entire population
to protect the democratic, oon-uliu.
le u.. i ..mi lawful sovemmon I
"Tlie attempi to Institute i mil
i iri di.iatorslup In I'e.im muet I.,
prevented by all avtulable mesne
it is gap! that ih rs actio nar Is
mid cour will speedily oofiapac In
tei'lin and eisewliare tfhe govern
mml hind In hand wtflf th lllnral
onst llui lona I pnrttea will see thai
all further ne-eseaiy mrastires iri
rmi Arc ilvlw d
The imperial bureau of oltiieni'
nil.. r. Is has Issued a proclamation
calling on all members of the guard
to "arm then. selves to maintain
and order so as lo prevent
Drug Stock ii nd
I ixlures
For Sale Al
J.1 y IttM aptfa tpn III no o a
ar di sr a llr ' i"r Il a 41 tt la nee
- 1 mnht Mil IMMI PIATaViV my
rotni'i'if to k ot drugi tad drug atef 1
I t'r alatai ap ' Itta ii w
lura au" v tan ial hag at var
' ', ti' M ' nil-1 a'ol afiaolal
III (!"". ajn '! ml fiftefM fll
had oi nttattaj batullfal 24 (wti
Oryi liqu d (eatitlB th 01 Oh
!ahoma Ttii Tit: ilm aurT lnt irt-A
va'tiaH at thatl 14 nro
Th it an Rf,Mrria. or ii-irl n
for on who ar' aa"t 'MifR I'o 1
fia Ii' h t ad w. i - " drnj
trlatl aao f 1 1 1 11 rah 1.4 a grttll ad
vand In nrir llaoa t li utri
rVrUftil tl wO'll'l nit '" mt mors
lo lepllattl thi no k and f 1' IH
Will Mil H1 i'a1a ' eH or
farrr prnprft ; Pftfef 'o M all m
m .01. at) will aaii ittak nd fi
taVM Pra'y tf RO ' f 09 Of,
Ari fVOW ota vf' thing Wttl b d a
po i of hv 4prtl let
Ur i mrm nr omn 'Pfr4T!
Host on W i I son
209 Weil Main Streel
Oklahoma City
mi t ion i i ii id 1 1
mint Kt ootirtv
fhiititi Hntkt foffntf ntlnltttr of
ftnti 1 1 in itnxon) t 1 in nii
i ii it to i" m fiii n iy in c frith t .to.pRi
Ihrrt Mrmbtft of ihr pld Bovtrn
'it i' t in- In I 'rrKiIrn lindtl the pro
i ?rt Inn ! Htntfwl Mtoktr't irnop
'h.iMi'i iioi k inn iniUu rtcttvtd
'In To pir.n htWWpptntl 'i n IpOll
ifttla unil hilffl p tWiln'f1 Iht K"v
irniwfftt'i pnllf) n' rtHtmttd ihti
ifet fnvtfnmtiil loytll) umi!,i fuiftu
Ih. ptBCt tmiiv .1 fit i n fulfill
ninnl a 1 1 1 it i-f meontlltd with irr
n Rfl hftnni and ihr ountr"i W0O
i . iiii. f'if nrr. and MMtd
Tht Rnvwrnmtnl in not pmcIIoii
w 1 1 tnkrt it- ffein.l on dtmot
i " v W i hAVt rtJWtd Ihr blttON.
hitt mil ltd f c Mi si ti t of
hon of
1 1 niiti
nnd Wr wt.l minimi urn h'
I Ml th Itl it of ,,r . r
lnUI w ill pro ri-.t unit i hi- i nori htn
ill hi rlf..l
It In rtfOttf d 'I .1 the dtHttd
rprtin fovtrnmtni i tlvini mi
imh. ,f tymiHith) from th othti
I Herman IHiv " M" rptoswll,.;
jibe stiarrteet diaapproal of th.- p
hen,,! neve. .1 ..f in, Herman sw
i.io,.,- in o eel a red in have stated
'in,., th.it miiisi.v f win
Inert the old realms
Ml p
rhanrellor Kapp issu.-,i a pro.
iii",i' i . ' n lodiki promising lo or.ir
leriloni fcr I tohata as apon
i. nulel kt res "i.d, n, add nj hill
Idrneltc . oicrg. nev decrees would bs
Sawed only t., an extent recjlllaaUl tor
the mnlntenance of order ami tin
prole. Hon of the economic ik. of
i o- , "iinlr) iiB.ilnst ii-nrloue ex
ploii .Hon and 01 . option
The sovoi mm i" m, ihe pro. la
iiiatioii. will rtroleel the vital s-. v
lees and Ihe Worker, but will I run.
tut1) suppress am rgalstsnce Mice
'ion will he In hi within ihe nRI no
. .. nc.nl btrlke rhre iti ma
In hla appeal r.'.- a general rii-tkr
Huatttvi Itatiei chanoilloi in the
' 0I I . n btnel , -a v s :
"This is Ihe anil waaPOR at thf
disposal of Ihe workers for IwiRtiltg
the Re. k ..f Ihe tieiv gov. nun. nl "
i I. MM Iv MSI It
Is IWo.i
ttncrongin, March il tuth
gOVOI lilnell' offl. els s.i v I hev
see convinced former i;inper.,r
VV.IIIsnt ..f Hermany is no) Involved
in Hi untei icolutlon will, Ii has
I swept ths K'berl government out of
"al. II is l.emg liepl over
I Mm ii is dealarad
Hi,., v .-ra h. re luwert. however. I
yhel fount rfohniollgn has been
unu. u.illv nervous dining His last
j few days, and hal shewn great im
t pull, n. c at various time,- While
linage, i i i iiis wood sawing. II Is
' ...l II" has pren seen lo slop an. I
inn lo andl Ho and give oiher Vi
llon, n of nervous Irnslon
i in Tues, lav II,,. former empe.or
completed the sawing of i.is iU
t en thousandth ire., and there vv..s
quill i oi labraiJon of the evint,
members .f the household and looaj
i , 1 1 1 , i r 1 1 ,,f Amei fingen being
pre-enl The fo.ni.i empress has
been in pom- health recently and ha
kept to he, apartment closely
now rtm ooai.itiom
HOt I RMMIflN l'
trONDOrf, March II vviielesa
dispatch from Rjerlln .iye:
"The new niru In nawer ,i.-t
deolari thai they do not Intan i to
rcatnr the monarchy Th, y sre
prepurrd under c, rtuln c, .millions,
I io form a eoalltlon government in
winch ihe maiorlti soelatlats would
t ; m vi i
Northwest Louisiana and East Texas
Largest known semi-proven structure on the Sabine
Uplift. No portion of the Sabine Uplift has
been more thoroughly examined by
geologists, or more generally
Seven uhm we Hi with total production of 109,600.000 uiti' feet, initial test. Five
of thete are producing from the 2,000-foot stratum, and two from the 1,000-foot
'I hror oil welll havp been piimipfl for t h last three years from the 2, 4 Ml-loot santl.
i.nif Production company ia arranging t pump iu Trouper No. 2 from the 2,450.
fool land, which ettlmated at a BO-barrel well or better.
Texai Company haa a producing well on ltd Waterman Lumbar company tract, with
initial production of i'i barrela a day, from the Bloaaom aahB al 1,000 feet. There
fore, there are areadj four proxi-n producing itrata in thi.-t field, and it is confi
rj.ently believed thai the chalk rock at l,:ioo feet and the Trinity sand at -1,0(10 feat
w il ai.so prove productive of both oil and gaa in larifp quantities.
The 'iulf Production company has elosptl lease with Werner Sawmill eompanv for
10,400 ai res in Panola county, Texas, and Caddc pariah. Louisiana, whi.'h contract
provided for to wells, or one wall for each l,000acra trai t. The first location has
been made in the Samuel fierce survey. In addition. Ihe company has juM nutdt
two additional locations in the Bethany district. The Texas Company is now drill
ing four wells in this district.
Backing; up the theories of the geologists that this dir.trict will be the next great oil
field of America. Fourteen oil companies are putting on a drilling campaign here,
costing $750,000.
We are the laryjest independent owners of acreage in the Bethany district,
VC have 8,000 at res chei kerboartled throughout the Bethany district at from
$12. r.o to S0 an acre. For the benefit of business men with idle capital to inve t,
vi' have subdivided ,-ome of our larger tracts into 20 and 40-acre tract.-;
Southern Oil Fields Corporation, Inc.
Brokers in Oil Leases, Royalties, Production
L. B. WEBSTER. Jr., President-General Manager.
5L1 Market Street Shrcvcport, La.
t" include I, but the) msn-i .n Rp
pointing sti pRriksin Rprta as
chiefs of cet 1. 1 in minlstrbs hoping
thercb) to Improve gnjdfltii., ami
ecoiioml 'millions
III k. I the govamnvnl ..(face
iterdai wm . went on as uiuat
ami trUSInesn In the city was not In
lerrupied The nw gov nmiRi
warned the ioclllst that slroni
i.asnres a .ti i.i t.e taken u lhay In
i, i t, re.i v 1 1 1 1 vital Industrie
n ii itated ot. behalf of the gov -.-it
iiiiiii thai the government 'N
aware Htal .. inrvc pari of the w.-rk
ro. -ti will opn.'se i but that th.'rn is
no inletitl n. I I RUDarSSI tile lv.uk
ere or rob the m m their aoejulmd
rights m the same tune Hie gov
ernnicnl will 'ike Strong kVOttgR It
th. worsinen "emp, lo use force
l, on. m n lie. I ll.ili.l. .1 ivi r
A dispatch o the Uinhanga Tele
graph I'fitniu.ii from II .mbnrg. "fil
ed Rtufd: ii'. ii li rprtd
front Mel tbtt Hi" naval com-
t, en .ier there h is handed oval Ih
tjeri isn I " . t
ml .-ii our.'
o the new iiernn
The mllli.a
in barrMitt
wr ii "
ni Fi inkf." t
where Mofbl
l Inn v.
n troops
i tin I .reset I Pee the Haalrtr
I legator..' Treat iiieiii itr...iL.bi
Into ii il. '
"I am one of the proud! wom
en in For' Worih today and I htal
wan' to tell the people II is all I"
agues of whsi ibis Orgatem Treat
menl lias done for mv huslmn.l. '
said Mis F. la.llB of 110 9 Foe
i.r It reel, Fort W ..rrti Texas a few
diivs ago
"He had anff. rsd so much nurlng
the paat two year she continued,
with itomach iroubii ami nervous
line III- uppeilte left him entire
I. and what he .11.1 eat would lusi
stay in tils StomaCh and iniiWe gas
and misery for him Ills nerves
went all to plecse anal he gol eo
weak and inn down thai he (rot
verv Utile IRMB at night He ItHl
w.illh' slid felt despondent and
d'lvvn heaiied ail Ihe lllue
He tried un, number of different
medicines Bill evcrvthitifc! failed It.
RtO bun uiilll he hegan un I 'ran
tone Treatment, He i.sgHn picking
up right off wlien he h.gan Inking
Orgatom and his desp indent feel
lues soon dlsappcnied lie has
su. h a t.lg at.petlle now that he fan
hsrillv .i enoiiab io eai and his
flleeellon Is fine He has g..ln
levt ral pounds In wclshi and
weighs more v.w than he bus til
v.ais ami says he never fell heller
In his life He sleeps good every
iilglll and goes to work feeling
l.rigln and cheerful all the time 1
am Mftalnl) grateful for the happl
n.'ss iirgatons hrts brnugrtn lo mv
home i.v restoring mv huaband'i
heallti I h.gtcat.v believe It will
help anyone. "
OrgltOni Is nil a so called patent
or secret remedy, hill a new scten
tlfie trentment nbsolulelv free from
alcohol in gni form find is sold In
Tula by Ray it Oalmaa'a Hexaii
Sloie cxiiiisivelv. linder the per
suiiiil djrecllon of u apeelnl Hrga
tope i eprescnts III e niher iiarnta
lire Ihe Itemiit more nam inisn.
the n,il cross Drug Utor, ikiunl
gee, and the Wood ilwens Drug
Rlore, Hapulpa A.lvl,
- i v i .. . -I 1 1 al s . -. I '. . i, l p.. '
The .Voske for. ss tie, an d Ihi i
would r'hi.lii raithfiil to l.h.-t
Wrlker are demonstrating la the
sue ts of Frankfort
N.sordlng to the Mini eonespen
.1. ni thsr also h i., be n onslder.
ablr fighting between adherents of
Ihe "id and ROW rcsnniea al Imisj i-
dni tf
In smiihern Hermany the gnvei".
mrnts nre reported to br com bin . :i.;
I , ,.pp. . .. 1 1i" revnliitlon.
is or. iing in a Central s.-ws db
tSlch from llcrlln da'.ml t-n turds
ii;iit the foreign office off Ids 11
ee I work, being unwilling 10
n-rve the new government. Tl
new regime lr..ied A proclamAH'".
RnnoUnoifM that nhe first d,y had
passed without srteus Imudent and
in, bloodshed, and deeliilng hat n"t
even a shut h.ul been fired.
S Whenever I.'
I you feel a cold V
coming on lv
I nn't you u o t to luiva Inng.gloMy
beautiful In i You can it you una
Nclton'a Hair Drcatutg
N'bon'a tnalcaa ituWxrn, curly
hair ott, gloiay and ay to manaf:.
It hn for ih tt tip, fimnvti dand
ruff and makea the hair grow-
All sotxl tirug atorM m U. S,
fpNrlMin'a. Bt aura to gt ganu
ina Nelftuii's.
Nataon Mtg. Co., Rtchtntmd, m.
Ctrl') H yAaHBM fdHr
uiniiii"! . wftlijr iw

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