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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 27, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 1

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Ar:r;Af!B fwokn mt paid
I 1 1 1 . 1 1 lulition
VOL XIV, NO. 188
m Promises t Ap-
point Them in River
' .. r ; i 1 .
Uase 11 lopsinio.
Arjrumrnts to End Today in
Jndsonia I'otition for At
tach merit Write.
Apnoiini-rnicnt Made That
Case Is to ('omc Up Soon
nn Ponn(hir- Itself.
ll gas Of the Mines! of Attorney
i, 1 rrecMnfc of Oklahoma
ne. ronton ii"? Iss-t-woen him and
Attorney ilonoral Oureton of Tex
a,., was had today about contsm
elated proceedlnsn trt tits United
Wales supreme court regarding
t.. hnundnry Una and the
J'rrtedleilon nvrr disputed oil pro
duction property n tnnir the Itcd
river. riOVtruor Hoboi-i-son arrived
today fretn iiklahnma and If ex
perted to participate 1n the oon-
n n net tomorrow.
OKLAHOMA (TTY. March ".fi
Joint rSotivera, OTIS to represent
Oklahoma, and the other Texas, to
take rharce of the disputed tract nt
oil land In the Tied river lied, de
velnp lta oil wells and collect It-:
rrvmie until the ownership la de
tfrndnrd finally in the supreme
court of tie fulled Plates,, will be
appointed if Texas claimant, will
come into, court nnd rSQUSSt euch
action, .ludre It. I.. Wllllaina de
clared Uii afternoon lti federal dis
til' t court here during the hearing
of the case of the Judsonla Devel
opment aseoolatlon of Okta&onia
agahtft l-aiii Stia,k. iuid oLliera of
Ibxai attorneys, appearing today
merr' aj fflonda of the court atid
' repreaentaUvea of the defend-
anis, declared Uiey hal no proprle
tary interest In the case and could
not aceeru the Judge'a offer to ap
point receiver.
Oklahoma attorney, imported they
en not certain thei- clients waul i
Mtre to eneh n reoelverahin and
lifn Williams warned them:
fudge! Warning,
"Tou hid better not proceed on
' " " ...it ou have ,:ot the
orld by ti e tail. If one of the pur-
tin at Internet an defendants inter-1
Nats in tiiis e-iit ni appoint toint
-fr,iv,rn, i don't' .vi'e whether the1
unr parnea acre- ,.r not.'
Whin the hearing of nrtriment I
MMlld I and the conclusion Is eX
P'otrd m re.ohed tomorrow ait-
'r' Judge WUliaraa will take
under advleement the quest Inn of
wuinff write of attachment for tx-
defend. intn, ho s-ild The nn
nounreiuct of hla deriHlon. he said,
Ml not he made until after Anr.l I,
when according tq the Texas attor.
"" ih oourt, the federal rov-
mment will f its claim in court
ft to 11U' land on behalf of .tMlf
or the Kiowa fo.nancha unit
' " ' .1: lleth. ,t M fi ck
W M Btatet dlatrlot iit'or,.y her.-,
jain tu knew of no Intention on the
part of the doYomnionl to file lt
claim on the lata mentioned.
Juitce wiiiiama toid tho attorney
'or both si.J, the only iiuestion he
lj Psh pn U tt,,. duration Of I
itPIHIetloii m Ing "if It appears that t
tn lurlidd tlon ou r the tarrl-1
I 'r in question I am poum to iMHiir
1" wri mi.iehtnent. If tho matter
" lft In rinulit I Bl.al I Ifaul them
'ilinii th. t'ren-vth of the order of
mtt rranh a. roumana, if it in
sewn have no jurisdiction mt
3 lr i i inail not Iskuo
t 'tirhment."
the writs
Jut-je Williams
annouticetnent of
to take
ham of contested Intpr-
in t hp river he, followed
'" ""om., s w-. Oregory
r.n. "n requeating delay re
" today from C Nf Curcton.
Z.. "'ley cfj-rr., ,,f .-,.
-"eiiinBion ,,
'inference with At"
rny Oner,,
I'- I V' elinir of (ik
mnnia 1 ni.mh.a ,.t , b. ..,.
Our, ti.. . . - ""I''
k M-ni i uursuay
"1 - is '..
onfis-, ,.,. ), I,, c,
,Prv Until t
j! therefor
neral fVeellng did not
lay and Is sick. We
unnhie to tio anything
i:iie ' ',x"r T" sndefcTssllni
Ttm. i , 1 "-. ''ii ifiiorm io
1 oon a i : o'clock with
"' raogci
""I Tern,.-a-i
int t io me i iWahoma
'u Ila, Iree11ns. I k now
m hv the ' uor'' sppoint
net ae, k , court and I
Kt iS , '" wlutlon Win
Prnnrla,.... .". ' "! h"h
..;-"'. i:ii'ret
i i
th. I,', ., P-"td here and will
in,.. .
SO. Bhjl
I' .ssib al this
baraedute i
h'L' i
I esse Monday and
f i eg u do only
i axres i" if eoui i
'"'line a.a ,r'.'","n" "' Hon until
u r', ' 1 "han o work
H rar!" ' " r nxht of
0 treuh!;V.1 W f'icr.K conflici
"r.':d""e"" ? pon si
th 1Imi . r',,",';"'"n in settling
f -he"1. ," r;ni"n'd a large part
"It i i '"""'"ni today
' U,l-- 0.X riOl U1KLL.
Kidnaped Boy Safe Home;
Officers Chase Abductors
- -
Paul Little, Son of Lexington Capitalist, Returned
t j . DkmamI. ttLA. rn
n 1 nieiiuj w lit 11 1 wo men tin rteia nun Leave
Hotel Leave 1 oor Unlocked and Lad' Tele
phones Sister Weak Emm 88 Hours' Confine
ment Get Description of Kidnapers.
IjKXINOTON k . Marrh II.
With Paul tittle, II jear old ion of
B it. i.ittio, ixitiKton capitalist,
aft nt homo the authorities were
searching for two men ho k Idnaped
i he lad Wednesday afternoon and
held him for ::, boUri in a room
at ti local hotel
The boy wan returned to hU par
rnts early today nfter he h id o ft a
bathroom in which he had been I in
prisoned by hla abductors and noti
fied members of ins family by tele
phone a to hla whereabouts.
Tho youth, after helm; kidnaped,
WSJ taken to the hotel and locked
in the bathroom During hla long
Imprisonment he was given only a
little fruit and a pleoe of ejikc to
at ovary few hunt?, during the nrr-
10a ins. captors ton 01 ise i
thronts afc-allist liw 1 1 r .
him by i
ften was tlieust Into his face by the
two men. Shortly after 7 o'clock
thu. morning the boy's captors left I
the hotel, lenvinir the door of the
t,:iOieiiTii n ,, lr,,L ,.,t al... t...w
lend ihe room osutlouily an, i trio-1
phoned to the Little home llto sis I
teranawsred the telephone ami Paul
acreamed with relief ai h told her,
of bu w hrrrubfMiiH Thfl rather of
tho imy wont Immodlatol) t tho
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
fori lu rricdRea de rs
nri;os mius,
II Jmnii
hkTir.tr 'fepte,) h
a rite ntifj'
propoMi fr ii L4Tuatio!il IrM rtl
prime tiet-fi:iii .,( i',., the to remnlriri
'ivo tiojpin ii"trti.ii ions fkr the freiinnr vl
tr(-i to ferry uut the plin,
AMI- ROVfiKV, Hani IT, J The ilinena
of ttit nraw (M-mian f mpr1'" lie retched
m trt where hrr doetajm QOMldtr it In
dvi,a.ti e lo p n,i,t hrr t't wik Mln- now ii
whfi(wl istNi.it in n lavatM crnur
1M I N NW POCtift Minn, Marrh 2rt I
Five meti ttiie morning bald up inl robbed j
the Minneheht SUU tnk pari of $20,-
000 in Liberty h-on! and ftnij'io in rh
Ami rfvcaprd in in fttttOBIObUt
DtTBUK, Varrh Tliirtr fii promi
nrni mr:n fetai cr. erreeted ledey
Kivn io. known Bea with itt.Mirt. for
meri',a were lrJ!ted "i the point nf Ml
barkatlo! for ih! United glstee lal! ftr.
CltlfAlIO M.rih sr.-B-twrn 1 Snn
MnH t RAA ii . . .ftn wntki r, lii r
n irik. todar, Thelt mplereri nfatad (.inauon. Action or tne eonveniion
tliem a fin a week r.oe ,,v,r t hair iireoTit (nine if:,r a motion to IihIoihc (Ji-n-
aei. ,f 97 to 134 t"'r -"ic 'Hie nealarai Wood without Inatruotlona wuf
alts daieaded Uaif an,i a na.f im ever-1 voted down mo to to. The cue to
thee, Iretruel tor General Wood arae
WASHIKOTON Iteri t -A 'nnt ne I ,,.,., i,nmN
iMinai aveaaaieei pivirr eenfreai pewei n
fe.y tai'" e'i . , , : .1 i"i,l , r,cn w 't.f
every lenrCfS etitjineil or in fB!l!V!f man
nrr ka!Ud," ins laireduce! Ifl tlio arnat
tin. afternoon b Wnnator KelaoB, Npebll
eaa ( lllaaaeeta.
JIBW TORS, Mares S. Te ainteriea
tnut.le murder f lir V. I. rain pa. brook .
lyn phyaiflan. and an unidentified
"patleM." lmso tsiitifi a nra found at
nieid in a lodsieii hnu.a mum. air: baffled
Ihe police loalfali
ATLANTA. tH., Mar,-h IO.-Aneeaaei
meet was mad" totay that Tliomaa K 1
Wat-ori of ThyDiaon. Ila. one Uai! pepttlltt
eaadldete tor the ereaideney, eea d ,eek
the democrats i cm inal ion f r prealdenl la
the Oeorgta prefereatlal primary April 20
KIjMWK)D, Neb.. Marrh 96 W .1
Bryan lo-lay opei.e.l hit Beaipalf! ''"r eia
lion April 10 10 a delegate at .rr l"
tne denne rati" rational ronrantion. wJlh an
addrraa in which he dee'ared ha favored
addition of a prohibition plank by the
dewrata at lb! Kranri.eo.
fM,T I.VKF. fITV. t'tah, Marrh 10.-
Four perier. were kiJ lolay -hen a;
.row .i'l eraaklng down the xeeeta i It
at Ilinzluni 'air here wrecked Ihe h. let "f
Knoa l'arr. killing 1'arr h,, w.f, and two,
aoni I":ner It , llareil 4 1 ne Isillea
ail were recover I
Kl, PAf Tens. March r. Kdwrnrd II
Hardin, an aaerle!! roid-M of t I'aao.
f,, ! dead in U!tll Meri-o T' ir-lay
nuUl.lv mordered accudira t.-i mer
elt o'ticia a Hardin apliarentlv ' killed
bv a blow on the heart bl r,"i'i
: rifled Id, aoeki i, nerdll fermarl)
at Weao, Tela. where In. falhnr
ytlWrOH, Ma Mneh ".' - Ckar
I tVeneh ho wa the e'de.t Vaf Kradni
at Harvard celleye died at hi. home l;
t.., nlakl He m.k irraluAled ailh l
e'.u .,f ol. ni w i ' e'' o d
l . ,.he r.r A n-oa'e ,T ,,'lie- .-,-
iM I, o.lo' shere aniolic lo '
wa. IT,. idem Koirriun (liar. a.
arti jeu
u. c.ioi
MILWAVKBJC, 'i. March ?' lo.eph
Marii" 10 old ear'f tola) taarOorod
bia wife ai d .' mo-.ll.. old katl to el
inr them and then rommitled luicide o
tnrrina on th" III The conditio! o' the
room thiwed thai Mra MaMin had put
a de.l'.'rale .iruirre I" 4e m, ,.,
her baby and ber-'f K0 l 1
tin'i a t haa a. yol bet! Ml "'"l
BMEVA, Mareh il''
the reg!!taef Hseiary '
fleialt. nffered 'h "''
-AdalrOl llerthv
,, .eerel'v tiut of
;.,' . throne to
a the M!r
. I, eei arrasre
former Knpeeor t harle..
an,e that VSytal! II
fe- the return of tl" tla;
with ihe peeMPl ef Iki
aepelaite! areerdleg ( i 1
Prarjin. where lha e. m
,1. i rs monare' y
msiertty nf i be
r formal inn from
, ror llM
STW YOllb Mai ell
. reaeiulien
rgywe re
Ui e,ar' its all
rernnve 1 1... ,u an
nirneel I,' 'i'.," II ,'"
1 t ll 2 I'"'- dl ' 1
d.ihle Int.uee...
,,er fretn rjnv.r- mental rentrni '
n, t , r r.nrnpe
l1... wk-'e hntlK-
h.. he-', f'lrsarrt.l
Ihe pra-atli'r blab!! ae'l
,,'te.unt tgll ISP 1 ''l"lf'.'n
- ' " w -,.-. .e m.
M ll'l t f 11 it i
hotel. The d
broken down
llU father 1 ,1
or of the roan
in j Paul ntahet
nil abduction,
I inscribing
1 he
youth Kjiid he had been lured to
the hotel by one of the kidnapers,
who offered him a dollar to deliver
a box of e.,nd'.
The boy wan told repeatedly bi ihe
men that he would be killed if he
tnade an outery, he Said
Investigation disclosed that 'he
room hai been reserved tn advance
by a man registered an J I' Cox of
Cincinnati He left at 7 'clock and
nothing has bee,, heard of him
The hoy disappeared from lii front
of the Lexington noatofflce Wed nee
dav afternoon win re he had bean
Meen In conversation with a in in.
Playmates aald the little hoy had
told them be wa.M to he riven
t did
i note
lar to deliver a box of caMI
afterward the father received
atatlns that his k.,ii Paul w.,
i,i,i - mmmmm i i,,'.. ......,i ... I
atate positively, bul Intimated thatp0' iprll I
ths amount asked for was $16,009, I petition aake that the com
lie declared he would abide hyi'""1"1"" fJ ll',lu'r!"1 "' I
th- kldnaner'a demand! that ha didi .n" f"r ':1"h '''!h,r. or
care for paying the money and 1
, .
Delegates Instructed
Vote for General at
Chairman .Makes Bitter At
tack Upon Wilsonisra at
( 'otwent inn in Santa Vc.
N'ew Mexn
lnt ructed
a rd Wood
PB, V M, March 20.
o delegate,, to t4ic national
convention tonight wen
for Major General I-nn-for
Ihe presidential nom
Keaotutlon! were adopted com-
menrilnu the renubllean members of I
the United states eenate for the
si did on the ! i e 1 1 ot nations and
dei-!nre the le::rui means, "t'hc de
truotlon of the constitution and of
American ioverrlirnty." They also
,.,in, m ,hal is lermed al-
tempted eurrender of American In
dependence and the eutoatltutlon of
an International eyatem;" urged
i onoiny In the expenditure of puo-
,lc money; lenned the "utter
incompetency of the dt moc ratio
na'lonal ad'iilna tration in , videncd
by extravagance, " and urvsd reduc
tion of taxation
Th" convention indorsed the rSO'
ord! of 1 nlted states Senator A. n
Delaware Dei en Vote;
Outcome In Doubi
in i BR, lie; . Marsh -i DIs
poaal b) the Dataware lexlalaturo sf
the propoat d woman suffrage coti-
Mtutlonal amendment not later than
nexl W. dues, lay. was in primpeet
when both houses adjourned today
until neat Monday Ratification son
tlnued doubtful, rival campf hold
ing iteadfa ly to regpectlve pn di"-
t,eiu nf ra 1 1 flea t Ion lillil defeat
Irish Magistrate Is Latest
Underground Warfare Victim
i.DO, March 26 - Almost
evsr) ds furneVhes S new yteiim for
the "underfffround" warfare in Ire
land. This morning Allan Doll rsel
ih I.'. mixislrie, To er of age, and
m.iti, year, an official of the royal
oonstasulary, was drsMSd by a
gana, some of whom were inusked.
from a crowded train car In Oublin
ai.d shot four linos to death before
the ef-s of the paaaengera. Home of
th, psxsensers ncrg women who
fainted at the siiihl Tho .uusa.--Miia
fled i""l ne nrreetx have been made.
There hsvo been three attacks on
policemen in different pur'H of I"
li ml ihe i.ist three days, two of Ihi
n iiosmen -iinv danasrouoly wound-
e (me of Hunt waa a younrf man
i nt, ng home after enlisting in tin
an InqUSOt at Ounltn today on the
ni, ei own man killed Wednesday
evening revealed that hs was a clerk
ai army neadejuarters Ouhtln nos
.1. ii" wj snasastl '' osorei
icrvict suik,
Application Filed With
( om mission Hearing
Conies April H.
Want Universal Figure f"r
Bach Thousand FmI to
All Concumen in State,
Oil Increase Cited Say Prod
ucl Worth More Than
I'fopio Arc Paying.
Mr Aaaoelated lor state wire
Application for an Immediate in
oreaao in rum rates to industrial ron
rumera of an cities of iklahoma j
aefyed by the Oklahoma Hatural Qnsl
oofripany waa made this afternoon In
a petition filed by the company w ith i
the Mtate oorporalton commission a
Hi the .. A.'ls Mel nt OM
Kn" , " "", ' 2n.2V3., i
!"'"', "r Indu-.r Inl. The pat lion
hImi m.Wi.i tti.it h witl 1 ily h
Nhort i m until ihe oomiNttiy llH
for a fdnvril Innrmn In ntti Jinfi
that h fin I nit of all tli AVldinC4 OH
thlM iipplicaitor rquir a It ng
tlnif anil 'hat poHHibly Rioilthl n ty
I awn bffor. a nillng li Rlftdi ' IhA
Meanwhil' the romiiany IriHisLa
thnt its pas is worth rnorr to ill, run-
umere than they n paying and
for this reason aks that the In
i readied ra' la iniAdo irff-cnvn at
on, a and th tiearlii h'd I la'e.-
in reclttnf it grievances thooont
fwiny slat.s, that oil mis InCTSaSi I tfl
the last few years fron. 411 cents e
barrel to 11.10: thai coal has doubled
in pries, tiut that nun rat -s have re
matned low Bvett nt 10 cents a
I.O'to cubic feel kub would he more
economical fuel than oil or coal, the
company contends,
At presen. a sliding Meal Is In of
feet In the stale whe el.y ciiootntts
Uatog 100.0'j'l r'lblc f"t a month m
i-.s i i v 4n cent! t.ie.omi and fr
the next 400 DD'i I'llOlfl fe d II inl
.Ml above thai costs " ranta n llioU
utid f ul.le fc"
In Its petition the company clairm,
that yylth tli mpply of natural gai
falilnir it is placed in a precarloui
poslilou nnd InalatS thai it eolvency
wdll he seriously en lantrorod iinlesn
the Increase is granted,
An order WS! Isnuod by the cor-
poratlon commlaelnn today Planting
ihe i ii it., una oompany of Vlnltia the
ht to Increase the pine to 4,,
meet I
II thousand rule, fe I for do.
coneuntera with rites of 37
and 'in cents to Induatrlal uaen
ami Baaxbteir Die When
VlfaeTon I pent t ti Htrram
MUIKOOEB, March II. Mrs, j
H. CrawfOrd and a J year old daugh
ter w-re drowned near t lie. Wa-uhilla
cluh today when a WAgOn In Wblcli
the CraerfOrd fann y WSS t iding, up
set in the swift current.
Crawford, his Wife 'heir two aon
and io daughter! wen driving to
the home of a n"ivhtor for a vilt.
They attempted to ford the river, but
rhe waters swollen by ihe recent
raina. were too swift. The wairon
Overturned The mother waa
whirled down the it ream olfltehtngj
her haliy to her breast The others
wain ashore.
TflJtt. nk.'a March ; Mai, mam
70; minimuni. 44: aouth w.nda !le!l
0KLAH0M4 Safirday laerOMllg
alsndlea .-nr.da, rle idj
l'i 1-1 N Beterdei and g,mdv tail
Monday l!eraestaf e.ondme,.
ABICANSAd lalerday fair Hr,da
partly c'o,id
Vfaeouni I f n h tort Iteutenaat
of ireianii, haa written to the widow
if llaaietrate Hell;
"Von- .Mil. mi jini lUetlneitahed I
hue band haa frowned a iu of t)e
'0'is a rtl v a I u.'ihlr verx',ct:. tn I v -
land by hla noble death ii 'iiiuntf1
thi oauBt, of J'. count ri '
i ni-pit. .hn itrJ . ail over Irekuid
offirim; if',(((t. pounde reward and
jrjf inrntTU protection f,,r infnrn-a-
tion, no one han been oonvtcted f"r
mviiv of the aaennotnatlonf mm y t,
wrtltch li tvr oc- urrrl n ,s ilunt In
thi' preoenoe f numeroue wltneeeee
feeling ntlll runu hhci m fork
ovi r the murder of i ,..- i Mn vor
MaoCuftalni Several witneaaee at
th- Inquenl attempted to oonnnctlhn
polloe with tho murtlpr r'i t in
sinn leinera profeee tne billing uhH
m rovenct for thi " 1 j "f ut po
teaman in corb t,,w bourn before
hi- i r mayor mup-lofo-1,
, .-p tt 4T" as 'n re i hfJ "tfc.rjf
liori loi M t ' lo V.l till. -A'Jil.
Ready to Go t l.it
on Borah's Charges
U ood Managers Say
M KM Man h 10 J
vrMtnMi Mormon St fiooild mmI
ptriWI .'ii.Tt-. -iii.iu rti.'iiiiia .
Mill i . ru fun. iu ii in u
,14,1 r fir l .t iii-ra I I HIM rd Woodi
in 11 fitrniiii atjiU-tnpni ImiuoiI in
nltin iro)lylng to ottnettm mndr nn
iksnrnU it In tttr urimto i
dajTi diHitomt Uioj wrrr "pirfKi
l Milling 111 k i tm l on HtWOloff
llnfnh'fl -latt iiMMit
Tlw 1 la,-.- M ."I'ltltinl-iiet-."
ni ni ign tiuit i.tiHtii immIn man
iur.T, hi trying in tfnntlnau
1 in' 1 hfrmf " notion ami mid
tin n- "trylinj i" bHnu linn
ml Wnod'M otiarat'tnr, prrMiitallty
and aoliM wmtnu boffom tin- potK
j in- KtJii.'iii- ut MtBVrntnd thai
'pnrtian Lb In aiuu-k Ut iw. o
arouara i aiaHlmr lotorjr fr
Hmctml Wond In i- Hontli Do
koia prUBeUiniiN
Thu aanortion pnad In tho son
tJ1.1t 1 hi liotiony, bead ol tin
Mnakmn lctrolr inpany, had
nonlrtbttted Ui Ums Wood oamoaUpi
fundi (in vtatemcini aaUl, mi dla
po '.I of b Mr. 'h in n dOlllal
hut io Manataro m h itatonnni
in tin' n-.- Tftn niiMiagfyw. ibn
Mair andod. did not t. iv Mr
otintiy ami until hla name waa
brotaabl up In the enaUj nn one ai
UmI hnaiiquartrm liad heard of
k)Uy !
Two More Officers
He Refused to Get
Ready for War.
PlunlfAtt Says Huns' Sia'-
rior Gunnery Stood Than
on "Their Iliads."
WAS?iiN'r;'i'(v. March II Two
naval Offloeri .(par Ad mi nil C I'
phiTtkitt and ''.ii- K Taui
teatlflod toti. iv beforf th lanatt .'i
vaatleatlni committee thai f'" two
vrafir prior to ill entrance nf t -tTnitwori
Htnton into t in war. Beoretary
Da lii.., - l rati fan I y nfu'"l t" ap
prove " Ifioraaaa In pereoanei and
ih navy department peneratty at
tempted to euppreoi reporti "f a man
aower hortaae Durtna tht war imih
Acdmlral Plunkett ftnd Captain Tane
ilf served with ihi AttantlQ f!"fi
daatroyer force, thi formei a com
Ailrnlntl Plunkett 0l I n '"I li"
"Hren-"i with Beerel iry 1 ,:' nleta on
th pareonnel Queatton for two reari
without makJnf nn Impreealon
.ur,fain TauiiiiiK .ic1 the navy dt
. pertinent ' atutudu rKa i dins per
onnel waa "one "f unpreparedneei
rather than preparedneea1 Thi rec
I ommendatlon of Admiral Dower u
head of Hi' general board f i ; largt
Increaee In enllited stranffth m
iijrtw'i fttiwn CTapialn Taueela Rald
- i '-.'!. oondltlon of
tnp fleet in April, mi". Admiral
Plunketl Hani the hIuiih in oommla
'ton w-ro in an "k'oI eondltlofl
could " apeetadt bul ehortage of
i rn.-n nnd rnnvtnt ohaiiaei In tV'i"
crfw had vfeatly Interfered wiiii
gunnery effictenay and bad proven!
i d aendlng t lea many i. ipd ehloh
hould have boon in full Dommle
Thf United tatei and rif.r Qaf
many would be p-iviri indemnitiei
now if thie oountry bad faced 'i-"
rtiuTtv on i h- h'm in rjii. Admiral
' riu.ikMi declared H added inol
dptitMity th.it th Oerman bl theii
i superior piinnrrv turned ihi Brttiah
"on ir UfH'iH" mi ih' battle -i
( liti s rv Found
Ihnth of (thi; (ilrl
HI BlIHKKVlIJsK, i ihi. Mhk h
Several nrw i-iji-h in connection wtth
the kilhiiK y HhT'lu of 11 var-ohi
rranee South nenr Adanai Ohio,
a rntnlnp Vlllggfl mllOfl wy of
hare were found b) authorltleg hit"
lo'iuv and by nightfall number f
armed poi ei wen scouring ').w
rountry in 00 iffort to Hpr" li nd
two iuipicte,
Liquor Dealer Goe
Fr c Ih spiff h't irffttn
CHJCAOO Moron : jo-cpi
vVetperti former owner of h ialoon
mitt th- firt ti bo triad Chi
for violation of thf Voteteed llciuor
hiw. waa found not guilt bs i urj
in federal Judgi t-artentei rourt
Prohibition nveetlgatori teetlf led hn
old them finnUn eon alning alcohol (
but thf ury aociultted ip' rt
T" n
' l yoil
r Hoi ,m
(sIO i e.
Pin H
Borah Says Financial
Interests at Work in
Both Parties
hi.iliti Senator Aim Attack
,t Them 1 $10 Vt
in Stmtlt Dakota.
President Seeking Third
Term Is Claim; Demo
crats to Uae Funds.
Bill Is Submitted to Cut
Down Expenditure! in
Coming Campaign.
UMftNOTOM. March ; A dl
reel clmipte that big fnm in tul Inter
rats weie tMintr to huy the national
convention! of both the republican
and democraile partbs was made In
ihe sermte today by Senator Borah,
rspublloan of Idaho, In apaet h ad
voentlnir congressional action to rea
ntate the pre cnvenllon exp.-ndl
tun s of c.indhbites for the pr.-al
roneentrat lit! his attack nn the
backers of Major rjenoral Leonard
Wood and oovernoi i iani, Low
den for the lepuhllran nomination.
Senator Borah declared the Wood
manaxera were attemntinx "to ton
tioi th" repniiiican convention by
the use of money while the Uowden
organlaatlon apparently was spend
I ing avan greats r mn to gain sup
port for their candidate. Within 0
days, he predicted, two democratic
aeptrantg whom to- did not name.
would be found spending unite as
run h n enyT"epublloen in the field
TI peei h bfOUffhl on a heated
debate during which Senator Moses,
republican. New Itampehlre, man-
,i f rjenei i Woods Waahlnglon
headejuartem, made a general danlsl
that exceeelve funds had beeh lined
In the v",,, candidacy "t- thsl any
monS) ha been spent "except logltl
matel) nnd necesaarlly."
rtinrgca Tcatlmontala" Bought
Calling on nil candidate to tell
the country voluntarily how much
they were opendlns and where it was
I eomlng from, Benator Borah cited1
; new .pa i t tepollH thill tile OO'l
I promoter! h id pledged a cam patgn
fin, .1 of H.aOO.OOO Ihi' "teOllllolll
ale" endorsing Oeneral Wood were
heiiiit bought In Indiana for II so
aai h and thai every vote fist for
the Wood or Lowden randldaole In
ih- recent South Dakota primaries
repreeented " expenditure of $to.
Much i iltoatlon, said the aenator,
forecaat a "aaturnalla of corruption,"
unless ftnttress acted
if iheae men Who have auppoaod
.that von an pan hare the noinina
Hon are beginning by paying II f"
tin "laitlmonlala1 Senator Borsh
naked "what will they pa) for
Oeneral v i managers stiite
that tin- manasera for flnvarnor
Faowddn at" epandlng more money
'iinn they are Thai is their de
fensc i am inollned i" thmi thai
'hat is true There ai' some evi
dence! of It "Mere is the shiime-
.s . ituatlon Certain i andldateg
are oharsed with hsvlns made en of
moii! expenditures md ihey appsf
entlv have turned themaelves ovsr to
i enteric nf men of vaal wealth and
are permitting those nun to conduct
their campaign To the men in the
ri root ii has f.wr, appearanos "f an
atteriip' to daltheratel) control with
"if theee gentlemen will frankly
w h
ninny i ahmlns
ellltlUI '" accept
ml when Ihey re
nnl) ont infer
and ih i Is thai
rgei t . i
lleon i I andldatsf.
fn thf courai of Dm debet
auagtion of u MnM term foi lreel
deal Wiv-iii woe relied by Sintnr
Aahuret, demoofgl ,,r 4rlioni who
Mfthi ih.it ",r any democrat" wore
efklnn ii ii inl term Ihi neosli
fiii tt hi l'i k now
j-f natOI Hornh
of M and npnoae it
r fi'n tt tint h' had
rvldencr . hi'-li onnvlneed him the
i ident waa 'nine for another
Senator Borah' apeech waa made
in Hiipport of u hitt he Introduced to
limit thf pro-convention expend)
turea of any oandldate to HO.aOO In
aaoh atate to oompei 'fi peraon nr
corporation making i contribution
i.f more than ttfo io glvt tha d
nation publlolt) through Ihe ;itinr
ney general ;""t to requlra each
oand 'i iti make public within If
AWaatlee rr-ipnetrs
hV.r.'i iriif 'to' rli'-iisitin nf ' ' PrepOM
Tnli gll i Ke.'i'iv i afo lu.i'icioii
I U i,. AUfi.
I Lowden Would Join
With All Candidates
in Telling Expenses
i Mil .. Marrh ?l n Off Off
In i"tn m It Ii all mitef rndidnn
fnf Dm- r inMt. 4" r-tt-iti iiltat
nmnlaattna in lahHllttMe to Bas
iiir it it ati or a coiiunUtee B-iolnii-il
In hint, ol all rii-"nl-a
hie rampalgn cxpevtdittt-rra wae
m, id' Mwiictti b) Uoveewof rmni
ii li'Wtlt-n tn ii I h i; ruin Io llir
IftaJm wtiator in ropli to Um hit
ipcm tdtarsm m i in Mtnata Uvday
in i-4.iio i tion wttti ii' OaTpeneca
of in4hhMtial lOjiallrtaUia lir
telcejeara followei
" 'I'll tab ni' m Hindi' hv inn In
Ihe NCttate today, ae MMirnd h
ih. nii-ii I'm-, wiih rfir
rtmr lo tin- eapendltofvw t tin
fnrtouH andlttati - in tin pnti
th nt i.i I o in m u ii io itaO'. no far mm
It appllee to in-. K In no Mil) war-ninfi-il
h ih' facta.
"I will uluillv Join with nil Othf-T
ceMiillilaica for the i-vrpvbtkwn
itomlnatinn for prcnlrtent in nab-
mitUnfl in foniwelfi or to ,k oowii i
inltloe In Im tiiHinti-ii h on, nil
h tM'iMllinrv4 niaitr in thrivtoi
luil,; n. unit all booika rOUOedl nml
oiM iii'r for i ptirvoaa tt th (
ayldral pniwOtitn puhttctt i Min
iM-ndy hM' hU niu Im- 0OM ami
at one "
Sic Bvidenca That W
Hold Tht-m to Hlume 1
for Disturbance.
Reply Promises1 to Uas Beit
t Ifficas tn 1'ir. srvs Pases ;
Trouble Local,
WAMMIMiTftV. Match 20 An
of flelal gumma ry of tho Afssrtoan
note to Chile leifardlnn the recent
antl-Pruaelan disturbaneee In Bollvis
and of the ri ply of 'lie Chilean gov
ernmenl was mail" puhllc tort!y by
the slate ilepai t men i The AfASrlOaS
note, which nekl'd Chile to d" even,
thing In Ha power to avoid the
breaking sul or hoatlllllso on
the west iii as I nf Hon til America,
ei oked mini, adverae comment In
Chilean in IpaPSI 0, Hm Mer'Uilo
I declaring that it gave evidence of
j suspicion that chile had fosteted the
I difference! bstwssn ttuiivia and
' I'eru.
The Amerlran chiimber of com-
mareg at Valparalao !ieo orlUelsed
i 'ho action of the American gOVern
i mi ni and In a inessaKii to Joseph II
Shea, 'he American nntbMSdor, said
ihe note a a puhliahcd In the Chilean
new .papers was 'K'O'Sly erroneous,
uncalled toi and abaolutely contrary
,,, in, rsd principle! of th
The atate department itimmarlxed
the Afnerlnnrt note nnd the Chilean
reply in the foilowlns itstsmsnl
"'in March 17 the American am-
haeaador in Chlla was inetrucied by
ihe department of state to lAforis
ihe Chilean minister for foreign af-
dalll ,l.o I. -on I'm- 1'iiialli for
uici, "ii whit. Woman llwl
i imtutlun t ndag New i.i
I Lai: i:m i'K Mo March
idem Jeokeon ;i negro wm
ha nged In the Butler county jut I
hei ' late today t"r attai rttng Mm
Km ma Mann, a white womani laat
1 1 1 m 1 1 it 1 1 ia ,im .; 'i yaara old himI
wai the fii i n-i H'tn to ho executed
in m leoou rt iinci .ii!':ii pun tab went
woe i iatorod laat J uly
The fhHt time ihe trap waa iprunWi
in rope which had been ueod al a
hanging In ! i"uim eeveral ii tm
UK", broke, Jaofcaon waa iu.rt i
hi 1 1 nni'-l by thf fill and upon fa
ui a.i...u- , , .
n wai i ai ' li id h i' k io i in' Dtat-
form un a m- orni toi thi I hu-t
h- ii kpl in i' in o rf' rn-y wji .nljimt
ed Thirteen mlnutee aftoi thf ti .p
waa gpruns tha aaoond time the
negro wit pronounced dead by ihr
attending nhyaletan
.lum before atarttng to tha leaf
fohi Jaekaon confeoaed thai hfl hud
attacked two white women realdlng
hare, eeveral montha ago k the
timr thf at took a wfM reported all ,,f
forta to find thf aaaailani failed
Jaekaon aleo aald ho aarvad . ' i 1
aentone in th Teiineeaee penltnntt
in ,ii Neeh villa for u almllar of
fenae, Jaekaon had irn known ..
.i him s Johneon hnf, hm ha ii
fornir.i thf flhertff todai that 'ir
latter wga an unu.
Pressure From Labor
Federation Compel
I ft' i"ti Ministrr Is Entrust
rd With I sok of Select
ing Members.
Will Have Strong Voice
With Biuier Out; De
tii. nt. I I.ibernl Laws.
Besieged Fortress Rcsioting
Am. u K:, of Reds; Ruhr
la Quieter.
Hv The A. lMt.it rr.aa
III ',111,1 V Man-li - 4 .H.sfftHr.
ad I iiea to Lbe iauni tanesieee
M is nnnonitncd from -Vmorinan
unit British that llic alii.
tunc dWtlidSd to permit (..-rmiuiy
gMId too nun tr.Hu to the Itnlir
rcfton, unit that If tlMH nn in
sufficient to maintain law noil
Tiler they ,,,11 Is- rcliiforord h
HU.IMIO llrllle.li. I Vouch, noil f- I
Klan gOld iSW,
Ily I lie . . ,' t I're.a
i i in. in. March :. The cabin!
of Premier Bsuer h is rasiensd iter
man Mueller, ihe foreign minuter,
hiut been nutlioriggd hv Pragidssl
l it" 1 1 lo orViniSO 11 now eahlnet
Voei warts gnifotinSSg that In r
fsrent I to the unanimous wish of the
entire gonial democrat party, lierr
Mil, Her haa consented to form a naw
The resignation of the asnsr osttl
net, It la said, WSS due to prnaeure
from Ihe lahor federation which has
i rt extremely dlsssntsntsd wiih th"
government'! attitude since Its re
turn from HlnttKart. It Is Hated
that labor will have a Htrong voice
In the new Mueller cabinet.
Weael, the in sieged flllllggg north
west of the Kuhr coal tiitaln, waa still
hnldlfiK out today ngaltiMl Ihe rerolu
tlonary worklngmen, according to
the rraihslt
The MtUStlon In the nuhr Indua
trial rsgion gradually is clearing, the
newspaper says.
MlNMioN, March ;'(l Mtnllter of
Posts Clesherts has returned to Iter
lln from the Ituhr region lie con
firms report thai lyase is etui horn
Inir OUt, deaplta a bombardment this
morning h thO revolutionary work
men, according to it wh'eleea meaen"
from the Herman capital.
H) Ttie A.t'irtnle.l f're.M
BlrUBRlOH Itrenlsh rruaeU,
March lit! Helglun relnf orecnienl s
arrive,! early tod;,y to guard the
hildKcheud here and more than a
score of guns, which are In a po
sltlon to open fire across (lie Ithlne
If neeesHiiry, are ni present available
Thtiraday nlicht was fulet. only a
few shots Owing fired The pgVOltl
tlonury workmen npparetittv h;c
not moved from the position to
which they were driven yesterday
4f'f. lnn Found (iuUtil
',H,t '"" ''
and Ih (HvVH 10 YcnrH
A f.. Okl . March "! ii W
(Jaaary was found guilty of man
slaughter in the district court here
iodiv and sentenced to 111 yaafg In
the petiltelitlary lie was accused "f
kiiiiiiu white Myden on December
fi, on the streets of Ad.i. I'sa;ir's de
fense was thai he was Ins.ine at the
time of the traircdv N'oii- e of ap
pea! was f'Uen hy ihe convicted
man e attoi neys.
BoWu&M Force Mahr
Heavy (lain In Poland
wahsaw M.rrh ji Rotehovlkl
f.r m Attempting to MnuiHh through
h 'ol nh ilht wnx on tho I'udn
I Ian froni have captured K.rrai ff
ihk'h along iii' Hlutoh rlvOTi but hdtra
! been unanle lo croea t h -,. r ,
lighting In r seeding aver a front
of epproitmatel) fta mltaa and
Htatemenl i --i i i ut polleh haadouar
j ts-rn hrf gai thfl I'nlfK ari Inflict
tne heavy Iohhts upon th hovi-'
i army.
Your Offer
I mint b, what is wanted hy the mher
l man before there can be a deal, and
tha nrlcs lhai "" can afford io tK"
'must be what th" bujer cm afford
io glva
tthenevei your offer coniauta a
marketable article priced right for
Hi quality offered, ion may depend
upon i' tin readers .f The World
i will come to a' ', .on. Tell every
ih,n! abOUl 'he IhlSS '"" want to
hit will Internal the readers
, of our advet ' ''m. "i
Telephone your Want Ad' Th"
World, ri.,, ii- Osags 1000 and aak
i lot want, ad taktr.

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