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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, March 27, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 19

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Man Who Fired Shot That Shocked
the World Tells His Own Story
Diary of Men of I'-Hoat
Which Sunk Lusitania.
Is Now Made Public.
Hardihood f
Nftgot lating
Peril oui Ai lanl Ic Route.
ilntrrnatmntl Npwh Srvun Huff
BBIttilrfj March :t 'By Hprrlal'iet ihcm down with ins own nana,
COUriVf 10 Nw York ' lako a VOlOt
from lh vault- Of th d.to tin of
ficial ltOfy of thn destruction of tha
Laiattanttr wrltttn on that hlatorlo
aftarnoon of May 7, It II. by thai
ii p r m a 11 tubmarlnt commandtf
WhOM hand fJIrOCttd Iho fataful
hot Ik hara glvan to tht world, iti
la a taraOi paailonlaai documant, jt-
tad down In hrirf ttntefMMt within
tht tiny cabin of ttttl tprror of the j
deep, by Captaln-Iiauttnant Bohwla
gar, w ho commandt .1 tht ( larman ,
This art h fiend It dead, but hit
notthumOUt ttory "How 1 hank the
LuHttanla" tKftatl in (hp archivpa of!
ihp Uirman navy. It writtrn over!
hi tlgnaturt and tht vary lack of I
ttntlmant in the tDOOhal narrative
tand In weird contratl to the tnOCk
which 'he linking of tht .-ualtanla. I
with the losa nf l .liir. Ilvoa. Rave to
gohwttgtr, tht log ihowa. had
batn ordtrad to tht Irian tta t har
rati tntpptng off Ulvarpool. n ao
OOUnl if t tin Vatt network f barri-
cadtt aracttd by tht Brltlah navy
aoroat the north ohannal, hp started
to aail alt Iht way around Ireland,
hut his f up! ran ht.rt and he de
. i ded o .) laragt rd hit orders a nd
return to bis base. He bad itarttd
bach to Wllhtlmthavtu when ha
suddenly niei the Lusitania.
The tubmarlnt commander waa
aurprised to sec a rrb nt pasBPHRt-r
liner itaamlni unconcerne.tly r:mt-
ward past tha south ooaal of Ireland
Scjiwieer Jotted down a critiolaftl
In his official diary. Ut thought it
vrat bad managamanl on t he part
of the Ilritisli admiralty to let 1 he
great Ounard liner patt through (
fleorpea channel nit tad of North
Channel ( bttWttn Ireland and Scot
land "It raOialnt inexplicable why the
rualtanla was not aent through
Nor' h ' 'hannpl." wrote HciiwleRer.
in hia log a few hours after the laisi
tanla had btsn sent to the bottom.
Was I'akon by Suiprlso.
SehwiCRer tells of Ms vlKil at the
parlacopa a mighty liner la m-
ntctad in the mirror. It haa four
graal funnels and is evidently one of
the floating palaoat of the Atlantlo.
Tho l'-20 HubtnerRpa and plunges
ahead at hlsh hpeed to intercept the
doomed ahip. The aubmarino rtittt
to taa the grayhound tt taming ahead
at 22 tta milca an hour. There Is
a command A groat "' torpedo is
fired at 700 meters ranpe. It strikes
A Raping bole is torn in the proud
liner on the starboard side ball In d
the brldgS. A terrific explosion fol
low I There Is a aerond pxplosion
and the debris and water spurt aky
ward. The ship bPRins t' heel over.
Thar ia tremendous exoitonient on
board. It appears the officers have
lost their heads. They cannot Ret
the lifeboats launched. Another shot.
KchwioRer ia tempted. Hut adds in
hit 1r: "I couldn't havt fired a
second torpedo info. this throng of
humanity attempting to nave theni
MPlvei. anyway."
The tubmarlnt goat upon its way.
Scb wiPRpr cooly works on his diary
considering the horror of his act as
a part of th day's work. He figures
his marine bearings and notes his
success and makes hia comments.
These arc official facts They are
contained in the official diary which
gOhWttgtr utilized as his formal re
port Of tht voyage to the great staff
of the imperial Gorman navy.
There are 12 pages of typewritten
manoortpt With accompanying maps
nd charts it looks unlmpotlng I
bound In a aimptr wrap pint 01 blut
nianillfi covers Bill It i hlttory I
iiin not at liberty to explain how 1
aaoureil poPHlon of I heso Im port -
ii n t papam from thn navy arontvti
for SI ho urn to on a hio t hf m to ho
photnjf raphad. Hut that 11 compara
tively unimportant.
Sthwifiror'a torwo account. In-
tr ndpi only for offiolal t ypH, oontra
dlott and brands aa falae (iormany'K
lUDMQUOTll an now nrc ru. tit t l.;tt tht
captain whn ank the Utltltanta did
not know ho was f i r i n vr on a pus-
Hfiiprr vaatal. Bui Bcnwlaffar did
not Know until approxlmataly 10
rnlnutos aftrr the torpedo waa fired
that the atrlt ken thlp wu the I.uhI
lania. No atern flair wa flinp und
it waa not until he raw In fold lat-
tart on the nnart bows "Lutttanla"
that ho knew tht Identity of the
Tha favor! to taetica of merchant
ah l pa hunted hy suhmarinen w;u to
Kpood ahead on a vArzhr course The
tttaoltinf Uboal without araltinfl lo
learn the name of lt(i tiiiarrv. would
then net out to K't In front of tha
Vatttl to (fiv a mortal blow.
Thia apparantly tsplalm wny
Bohwltaar did nof heek to identify
the l.uaitania bafort he fired upon
I 'l ton t lie standpoint of net tlinj:
hilled eonjaoturtt and tnaonta prob
ably ftnr of tho moat valuable rela
tions i opt. tined In the lop in 1(h proof
I ial the tacond myttarlout explosion
fiime from within the laiaitanla it
ef Bohwttatr did not at tempt to
dtflna nrtuallv what Ctliaad this, hut
HiiKRcsted, "boiler, coal or powder "
Kire broke out and tho tmokt 0b
U'ASMIN'tiTt'.V. March 7.. Var-
tourad tomawhat iho view of tht
submarine commander.
It la significant to nnto that al
t boujrh the lerrnan emhaaay tt
Waanlnfton bad notified travtltn
not to anil on the IUHitanla, the Ull
was not under IptoUlO orders to link
that ship.
tiernian suhmarinoa were too fow
and precious to the Cermati ad
miralty to detail them to hunting
down and ainklnp a single ves.-cl. j
Aa the log of the t'-jo consists of
taobaloal and nautical terms unit a I
translation into Ainerii-.m naval Ian-'
tuaft would be mottl unlnttlllctnt I
to the avtrafft raadir. i win para
pnraap parts of it txctpl t boat rt
UtiiiK to May ti and 7 r'or thoso
ere the days when the l'-30 sank
Ihruu l4Tft paaoiugei vxa--.se I a, luclud-
(Copyright, IMt, l y hr Inlrnatinnal NWI Hrrvl. Pttllcatlat flghll in t.r. at
llntln fnrvf.l .
A photograph It copy Of the official log of Captain 1,1 u tenant
IchWlagt., OOniinanfltf Of tht OOfllian submarine 1-J0, which sank
the Lttaltanla, is today In potttttlon Of th' International News Service.
This document which gtgClibCfl Ottt of tht most tragic Inctdtntl in
history, shows thai RchWtlgtf was not un.br iptclflt Ordtrt to sink
the I .usitan Ih . He w is on h Is ret urn to his base afttf an ttllgnmtnl
to barratt shipping off Ulrtrpool when the Lualtanta was tnoeunttrtd.
lehWltgtr knew he was sinking a Riant paapangOf lin r. lUit he did
not know it was the Lusilanla until afttf the fatal shot was find
f)nl one torpedo was launch d and gohWlagOf daaorlbod 'bp motions
which artrtaltd bin from shooting aRain into the ttTtlggllng m ir.s of
Hchwlegcr's Official 1"R ranks as one of the most Important papers
in tht history of the World'! gfaattal wir and is lu -e ravaalcd for the
first time.
L b, ,,uwltalllft an(i , np rtdt h
KUPIl lhr woMh of ichwitger lt.s
Tru Inacrtntlon upon tht 111 ti I
PapOT bound VOltliUa QOOtalnlUff
tfchwlrfrcr'o log follOWl!
War iMary.
'If. M T' -ho.it fnr tht timr from I
Minh is, MM, to AUffUlt II, Itll.
'('omnwinaVr, Captain Lirutenanl -chwltft
r "
Btfinntng with 1 ht mart of hit
voyaRp. rli-tatl arp rHa'n.1 trading j
IIP to tho nftt rnouti of th fat;il il iy
Aftor sptftklllg of unnttior tttgaft
ment ami OII fUtllC BhOt with a tor-I
pado. Him riinry nyii
' May 7. 2 p. rn. High! ahnm! ap '
ppara four funnrtn and tWO maata of
a Hteainor wlih a COUfM vrriltal to;
ut (ho itpTP'l from tOUtta -south- 1
wpat rontintf toward Oaflay H en 1 M
Ship Ih RlMt it to ho tat k pa.-!
aflfftf atpami r. 2:0T p. in Bub I
maraad to 11 matara and tfavalad
with high tptad on
OOUftt toward itOAIDOr,
would rluincM OOUrOO I
along thn Irish eoaat
Tim tttatntr turns marl'
hoping tht Mr. Bmlth, who
t tar board Htnry't ohargt u i
t06 p m, tonlani tald ,,(
ard. dlrtctajnf tht nivftaa cluh
baf DOUrat 'oward yueonstown and
made pottlblc an approach for a
shot Itan at high speed gntll 1 1
p. m . in ordOr tO attain a position I
directly ahead. 3:10 p. m. lcan
bow inot from TOO nietera ranRo I
i";" 'toipaib'. throa meters depth
adjustment I cutting Ulglt 90 de- ' 1 ON, Ql . Mar D Ite
grata Batlmatad tpcert 22 seal moval of Mrs Ida Mae lanes to (he
miles. Shot hits starboard sido rufhl northern dial net of UeorRia for Irial
heboid hr td ire An nnnsinillv be.LW
detonation follows with a very atronR
explosion cloud ; hlRh in air over i
first tmokt stack, no the pxtlosionl
Of the torpedo there must hJaVI I), in
a taoond explosion boiler or coal or
powdtr?) The tu ptratructurt over
point struck and the high brldgt WM
rent asundi-r. fire breaks out. and
smoke envelops tha hlRh bridge. The
ih I ( stops i m mad lately and pi irk ly
hattt to ttarboard. at the same ttmt
dlVtng deep at the bow. It hat the
tppaaranct at if it will oaptlat very
soon. Ortat confusion arttlt on the
ship, the boat a are beluR made clear
and part tielnR let down Into th
water. In this they must have lost
their beads, many boat, crowded
full. Wart let down bow first or
stern first Into tha water so they
were Immediately dashed full (tto)
fewer life bo.t ts can bo made clear
on the port side than on tha star
board OWing to the alant of the boat.
The ship blows off. in front appears
the name 'husitanla,' in roI.I letters
The st. neks were pa in ted black ; no
stern flag was raised. She WM run
ninR at a speed of 20 sea miles 3:3.f.
p. m. Aj It peenis the vessel will
KOap afloat only a short time, tub
margt to 14 meters and put to sea.
T OOtttd not have fired a second tor
pedo inio the throne of humanity at
tampUng to save themsetvea. any
way. Itll p. ru. Went tO II meters
and took a look about In Iho dis
tame astern are driftltiR a number
of life boats. Nothing more in lo be
seen of the I,usitania. Tha wreck
must lie:- Old head of Kinsdale
llghthouta in III dagraaa RW. II
sea miles away; at a depth of about
90 meters (37 tta mllos) from
Quttnatown and 51 dagraat 11.11
north and I 31 west. The shorn and
llgllthouat wen- 10 be seen qtlttt dis
tinctly. "May 7 (continued) Itll p. m.
SubmerRr-fl to L'4 meters and trav
eled to sea.. 111 p. in. -Pumped out;
loadtd; trip continued Kound about
are occasionally visible six amoke
stacks from very larRe inbound and
outbound steamers It is remark
able that ttptolally today so much
trarrto anouia no touna noro
I though
on Ult day tie for a two large vessels
were sunk anuth of 8t. QaOtfftM
ohanntl it seems InaxpUoablt
anywiiy. why tht Lu titan It wat not
sent through the North channel The
district smith of Ireland from Kast
net rock to St. Georges channel be
tween Hu and T.O apii miles from the
coast will remain ona of the beat re -giona
for tho com ntrolal war. For
the vessels cannot go past hero at
nicht if thov want to go Into the
I rish sen . A convoy of dest rovers
will hardly take place at sea: there
fore, the eOtintar effect will bt more
pleasant to hoar hero and lifrhtar
than In the vicinity of harbori or
flra ships It la urgently recom
mended however, that boats whb b
ara to opera to hero only with
torpedoes, an many large vcsaols are
traveling here against which a
bronze torpedo would have but little
effort. " It waa nearly two years
after the destruction of the Ldiattanla
thai Krb wir-irer was decorated That)
th. high-, honor within ttw gin
nf t hf (lorinan nnlilnry m.'irtiln was
lirstnwt'il iipnn lilm -thn iliMlRllIn of
In mnritf" tthirh wad pruni.,
pii only fnr pxi raorfliiiury hrH'pry
iin.i liortilKin, h'iwn tin rt-ppult-tl ur
rnslnns. t'iipliiln loiitrnanl Behwlt'
ei-r wag Inst at ".i In 1917 On No
tmlior Ti nf Ihut r-ar. lip put mil
fnr nxt r.iorditiury
In llir U-ll uml
wag navar hagrd of
Fire Fighters Pour
for Their Picture
Paula wara rnada raataroay of a
pHotognkph titkon raoantly at Ilia
CouMrf atnbi ahoartne aliwoai th-
fntlrp f;t' fulhtlnR forrp Of TUlaH
Tin" ploturg Wgg 'x tpfl lung anil
HOUt ii root wide, li Nhowd li"
firottipn, all exofri unit Hquai o-f Btg
and I 5 motor tirr n.ppuriitiipK. Bvail
the pet ooon kept at No. 4 million
was wild to tiuvn liron included in
the picture, hut wa not rtlm ernahle.
In h prim which Chief It. C. Alder
wan exhll'liinn him night.
a Pannaylvanlan i the patentee
of a oomblnad mat imx and milk
bOttla holder, which can he freely
opened for the insertion of their
it, tend, ti content, hut ur locked
agaituit theft wtheii anything ha.
bi i n ilwcii in tnntu
ima'c Miiiii Thai i Vorfc nffiorr
Opcnrd . 1 1 n ii 1 1 1 1 ( Joint nihI i IovmI
.mIk-ix in oiiuiiii HiMlnnti
M-.W .iiliK. .Miir. li .'i.. - M'W !
1 OrM B WO h'tiil Iim.k ni'W 1 1 1 rti
tnnii:ht win n ComtnlMlontr ol Ac-
rermatlon" m thr ((col thai nt !
Lnl Dtatrlol . ' t in m Bmlth hlm-lf
had oprne.l a RamblltiR house known I
ax the it'a- tlnb and hid told his
partner thai ht would "ctoat up
lot of these linker houses
hart and makt thorn come to us."
ThN "information." aooordlng tO
Hlraehfltldj had boon ohtalnod from
Marry A- ColdWattr, Smllh s attagtd
oar t nor In an Invattlgatlon conduct
ert In 11 1 by tht commissioner of
accounts into I he organitaUon and
manatrcmnnt of the fiviiaa dub ami
raaumad today.
hat dtnounctd
"paOk of lies."
was a mam bar
until I'M-., but
(hat while lie was a member II was
strictly n political club. Ht denied
all of O'ddwaters testimony "as ab
aaltltaty false.'
. , . .
m mmm m art
on a charRe ..f nsiriR
f mini the United
States mails with inN nt to di fraud
the pfatmt sistets, who dt.sappearetl
In Texas several years agOi was or
dered by 1'nited states Commlfttont r
Martin here today. Bond WM re
dueed to $3,000 and Mrs. Innea' son,
p, 0, Harbaughi of Portland, Ore.,
stated that he expected t.
atOUrtty Mrs. lnnes was still in Jail
bete tonight.
Wara4 Ms
Rates and Information
1 4 8 par word
Havan tnaartlon
m i iiiaani apa.
lc par word pi
Ml month wltln
pr ttnia.
f..r tta prh
nf all.
12 anna
lay whan mpy raat
- ImrtK
M'nln'iitn amount a-rapted ?hr
Aid, CHAROB tV A N'T AUS ara due
nd payahla tha carna day flr.t lnar
tlon of ad appaara -All nut of-town
ant ad and all wanta.l to rent alt
uationa wanted, waartna apparel and
hourahold (4MaU ad or poaltttaly
cash In advanr
rharfed at tha aarne rata ttlt !
and rollartlnna will la inada at ymr
horna or offlea aa annn nftar f rat In-
art ton aa pnaal bill t hia la an im -
mod at Ion aarvlra and pa y man t a thou Id
hr mada promptly whan hill la pra
aantad Alwavs -k your telrphonn ad
to ha rapaair.) hark to you hy tha
telephone ad taker tn make rura t hat
It turn hean rurrm tly takan Ttie World
arnnt iKKumi ranponatbllity for arrnrs
of any kind occurring tn telephone d
Undar no i Ir.-umatan' an ara wa ra
aponalhla for arrnra In any idvartlM
mant unltra raportad tmniad'niolir
after firnt laaarttoi No rMiwtlot m
at f an ad win ha limit uhIdm atVwl
datro'a valua of ad
Phone f)000
a i. for Wupt Ad l'partmant
I Itl M
.-H. ' -e
t Maftf on
LOST- Hand not
Kinder pleaee
i R'di . f
' LirCO white bull
flif .
! It
aye : reward t ige 41.'.
ht Conolotory aritch charm with I bo
..wrier a name, r,.twnr. h,. annri. i -kin
I honti Ctaolaiory No i loaravid oi tha
lioldo; reward K. B, IhtKi f'O I, Bout
Ii 1 1 M '
Virj toitlo
.lar .4
und whUe
ST - -I Ina red
ope and rhaln
ixark Trull
f, marka I'la
"In if etiat
Ml. Idle
a, It It
l.i iHT
1 Tire
t 17
Iteinrn to
M .
.Mt.SHI.Nit alma Tuesday afternoon Uric
! blue Multeae eal . white hrrut arihwen.
to name " Tommle ' or "KMIIa": reward
for return W .1 .olllnirar. 1 1 1 K Han
i ktll
urvrn krys nn
; .ma I sr. btUl
Mil Oatto lll
rolvo rowara.
MAIN, flva Iniht- loll!
it. on koi niafkail 1 t?
braodat srr',tit flnflor
Ltvlooi Motor i 'o . ro
I'l nKI.V I'KKMON i a
W KIT M At N A T K K N IT V S A . ff 1X 1 1 ' M
an fthr.-ai raotornlty hoopltol for tha otrt
anrl protOOtltl of urfnrtunnla lotag w
man ratrn raa anna hi a j 1 a 1.1 tn a!ip'al ,
If. a 7 W Vain lr M H N BW MAN". Mod.
!- 1 diractnr 107 Coloord Btdf-. "kla
boiaa rity, nkia
,., ,v w,lti, f,,r i,,i 11,1,1,. .i.,,,t.
Writ f'.r I kll Mtri T II l.onit. I'l I
Kn- i in. m
-II llll Mil li i
1 i'an I'l nsisii Bermuda
Htiy tun ami Hill net nut
rainni.bl l'ht,n 'ikak
Wtl ut
My iimr'Tty t I a 1 3 N kiw I i "If
Die innrk.l Hi-olt W Whlielieml
HUN Till: I'li'iU'l TuliAV anil K" to
thartni Th i-'irm Prwiaytvrlaii rhur. h.
Turner Heienth end Il.mton. Iildi. you lirr
the mrirnlnn wraioa Suhlert "Thi- Trt
iitnitml I'hrlet " Aleo the reMn Mr
rnnn HiihjM I. "The 1'rnm. ' Q4 t.. Klin
re .rhn..! Ht 9 !trt a. m galor iin-l In
lermerliate I ' K at If. r "I u'e wati ll
jniir nt, HI the ntlfht eervlre
VAt't'UM I'lianer. f.,r
w..k I'hr.ne i"erlr
by day nr
our botiatai
not lo "run ti
rtaaonablt in
yout 1 -r 1 t, (
in ni.Tk' your old T1KKS av
u ra0gad to aril you a naw
our work thn hHt in Tulsa.
tn Bundtkyi LI to 12 noon.
Oadar Ull
l..,l. r
MT aT'Ji i i f i-oitm
"t Ml
nn n ! 1rtMrfll l.niilnir Bl
A Mr. Poi . .l 11 rr W u Id
d'titNd cXn H" i iisli ' "
rt rtt il tfhi td n.i t"i
o ii. ram- rM. ni.triin batlary i
litlort Cull I rtOH .lnHrnl Call
f-Cll SAI.K
Call Ttln
i limn M
i nt- PnM Mfi
Plata ns
- hi pa
i rin-
OTRNXKI. AI'T'i Sl ltVt' lC
PI II K i ' A It I A HVh.i IAI.tr
AH work Btirifkia 1 day and lllHI
Vl f.-r aal Port "nf t"n trvrlli
rd loariit r' tin . laatt Pta
ii: k aaetad f-ft
a r
I'U latl
II w
PTII HA I I ' . 1 I ..i MP)
KrniKn f'.r nn cars, rflpA.r
yfiiir rmr Autn StiUniri. "I. I'
., I S'
UTI ff, ROAI IH 1 I li i l
mrffiillv l.v ..nr
Irn ud
yd MndUlM
run mm i. l .v. . ,...1.1 riv Mr
rOM sii h liTi M
Kr totA k 1 ' ilIHIB
hnt IrN rii"H i'.rt .I.'-
tT Jl?r.A,5" .
K:i"17A8M"a,lfi i" '"J"
fMlir. w r . ..rrv all rat. Air niIh Nil
Wimniii. wm Tniaa
hiiAltH'l I'll lift h.-w f. 1
A Tt hf r
"tartrr . .rw ly -almrd
F"R IAIJ M' A. lorlar 12 aytindar.
irron ptilttfll tttHtf r in ftOj cm
rrf atidlllan; raaianaMa OtN Oitaa ;.7
or Oaaye ft 34 n Marrln Thnmaw.
lirit'K hi rna"J at aTl ttcallant maKan
Iral cnndUtoa anil MpparHiea iall I0J
t'nlty W i1f . ph nn Qwaya ma1
't di HA UK Pra ill iTj) 1
Inurlaarar rail oMara Si
DCmmTb ToibHlfi i.-rtnd nat; Jim
bun ml thru diyai toad raiaan "an
tnit; iu-kv hto fnr airana aaiUni taa
lii.djrr WiinrdUti-ly, Addti-M I. . uta
nf Wnrla
I" if. , i: " ROAhirTlcRj Brettally m .
'iilia'rd nil imtat with MI'lirlln ion
lid. nir-tad ilraaj all In tood rnmll
lion; Hartford rho K nl rt. rr frotit iti'l
rrar . pit an tad Johnann elvleti lark; iwti
ar Irininr ctfy. will In apt ran hnim I. la
offar Addrra-. y-TI. rara nf World
Hri'Mnliil.K -1111 modal ; Rood eoidt-
linn Phoia Claaae 717
PANDT fua-p
if land car . til
roll MA t.K Chatman
Hral1 W : i"dK
;'.i mndal
tourint at
iMilidltton ,
pumfnitft. f I rat claw
rnachi rit.
rk d-na Went Hhta
i inr
tVt Ktrit at
ponn tPKKDiTKn
I:im fur qatet aali
full at
Third tnday.
MONK i r riltTMMY rnadrtar; a
tilnv r.r,t..r linrviln n t 1f
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Wa Now Offer:
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l Saxon 6, 5-paaaenger
l Btearni Knight,
1017 Chalmers, B-nasgenser
a body for sale, nr will trade
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Geo M, StLotton
Motor Co.
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First and Denver Sta.
I'hono Cedar 110.".
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TORKTOWN, H 1 '. Two well r.irol-hed
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If You Need Glasses
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IDEAL fl.KANKHI and Hat Work, wa
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hill INM KIM. Mil I IM-It
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Indies' tailoring, faruy dnsmaklng
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and lublrr fi.r marrniitil
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Apply by
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art ial
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Ida, Itl W I'ark I'U
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a round w.a I. rail
Mam Hldl
lr..nat,iri 1 1, v inr old
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s for drtlllnt ii
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trill mahoiio I'lKina
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K", for I'U a re I hie pro
fantlve up to date rctiool hai BOO I Ml
Tutoa haiping omiii p.-npia anaovoowird
Waj no let ua help you Talaptiona
lit for an appoint men t Tulaa
Tlo-lne-tr r'ollega
WANTKD Youiik mil uh Plenty of
ttafi and a littlo .upttni in uke aottva
Intoraol in k i pavlai buotnoooi mar Hod
man preferred rhotin I ... I Ihin
mm lint nnly, for a jipnlnt tnanl.
Jt I N T UK AR MT R iTiiTi I ni of f icoa at
oklnli.oiia ritjr, Tulaa, Muakogaa, t hlrk
arha. Ardmoia and Knld
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tail Third.
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drotg Ho
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IM, lapulp
almttae rer
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rk uuh k tl. T i' I'rlnttna A
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dltlona, and o"d ware A.tdraaH, Murray
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town; inliry ' pT and ooffl intarlun.
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orter nt mice
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BornOO, Kurt India Apply wdth POfOI
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hut firnt Uaa man nr d apply Addrem
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worker, tatahlUhed firm, good chaneeR
for ailvom einenl Addraaa, gU lna rrfei
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.'ill family, rutlra rhmi
IK" nf houa
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W ANTMD woman for cooklna ml an
aral tOtaOWOMi; OttO preferred who
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during" eiimrntr. Apply mi N. fheyanao.
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tunlty fir advan'ain-fit. Anplv I" UtM
t'anl mnrti Jfi. filijrrift ltll nbnna
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I'h one
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W'antrrl tn rt
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aarow hoi 4Ki A. rlo World
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aarratarv t-. i-uttv who t ivola ronaldar-
aide Addraaa 447 A Word
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HltliO! oil compiuiy prorerrao. ua0
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UblOOl chalre; ateam tahlaa; iMff0 urn
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monav ;
anv m.inthlv paymenta.
tain t'o . fial I an Taiaa.
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A HN A I Hiuall well (urnlahai
atora for nolo Tall Oimn 47
HI, l Kmyvti; iMi.rtiiaite , i.'.-f... aala
to net you 10 to 20 per rant njt Invaat
milt ( paid, wall aoeurad and njiaymanl
guarantaad; Hterllna Inventmant " n . In
eerporat ad. T-wnar ftlda . Third anp Main.
i ii'. IdtV and markat for al lylnannr;
uii lo date, dally aalrm 111'.. fcindarn
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haa other buoinoaoi thla la a livot nna.
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U i: At T, Nl III1; 600 (irandpa W'JIev i
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Mtnnlav .liinnK at 3Hf Mnat nf abnva
nf abnva pj"
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nil atibja'-t bl
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Niila Writ p. wlra. te anhnna
i : .i Hn.knr, lor: nttttni aiat .
WlrhtU, Kan
LBAIR AND FIXTl ltFS f .r aal in baaa
nn -ni i i i in l oiitxl.lo rnlianra; on
Main Hi . nml t nni nt tha bualtat rnr-
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ilrfa It. ix Hit A. rara WnrlrJ.
i i R t A I ilC t ir"- t . fOOt rlaan atok
ml K'""l I'lratiun; nn north alna; in
I fl.nOO: will mnaidar trada on
prnparty rlmnt Oaai 13419.
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naw ; all
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fall for M H tlrnham.
Will aall my itrniarv V Ht a hargratn:
rroaaj fr.'t from pnatnffh'a, ) lan pool.
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W I I.I, MCI I.I i atnra mntna nultabl fnr
icrrxary anil rtrua at n ran. with Ilvlnl
rniinia abnva; In rant raahlanca dlatrh't
fall J. l.viiiM, pb'.ne naaRa gl4.
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atnra fo
Small wHl f urtilah!
. Inthina
'nil i I4TN
i 1 HAUL;
ha r : ba rbar ahp .
t3. Olti 1 1 100 n-ti
.iKnr Mtanr.; 30 font
n"t 4 ?hft par mint h .
rtataaa 7RI.
K !: hi- NT till i.casi: Kiaht mom
hOltOOJ haarmr-nt an'1 aaraa; lnratal nn
Waal TnUa For Infnrrnatlnn, ak at
Krtai-o Pafa. 11 H. Ronton Bt.
UKOI Kit V Kindld Im at Ion; -h aali
monttly t'.noa: ftvt Hvini toak
el lavolOOl Itiltl llvm you pnaaaaalnn:
tarrrm Oa.nr ftftTT
WANTKD--Vnont man with plantv nf
pap and a llttla rapttal tn taka arlU
tntarrat I n kik id a v line bualn aM : marrlad
mull prafffi-d I'h.na Ohi Zt thla
nmrnlna nnly, for appoint mant.
tino room f-r hix pnoplr; alx blorkt
from Ct r lln ; not moflf-rn; cranky
landlord; aa ptrton tindtr II y'ri
if aft; ptr month; no aut;h
t a orb Itan I rani in oar lawttry . you
mi buy n watob for $1 1 vttk aad
It ih piilil fur Ix fore you know It.
IfoMInn Jtwtlry The (total Tulaa
i atfOtl from ut.
1 n a ay
k for aala at II
t ,i;all atnra.
1 Al l. POK LfAUK
nam prl. a I'h
no t
i-iirnt )' at mn Bar
dar ion.
tiittK in'DKK. .lolni K'i'id buatnow; tho
ba-- oration In Hnulp: will Itvoltt
ttWUl iT.fttt ; Kl k bnui,ht haf or M"
viiiii '.li all "' part, lampia Shoa ttora
tapulp '-k-a m
j.. . XV I' M ' n'lNKS Wa aalT mm
p;..i ..iiiflih raa.H- f.r hualnaaa. .ith
raadv nl'l flnUT, bl iallar. annrtnOUt
Broflta, oa) moithly paymant;
wlra. am "inn Kountain t'o.,
1 1.1.1 ' 1 ,"ii 1 k Inm bit
navlna 1 1 u n a r inpian
nna 'ir
nui in.-.' ""t bOOr barral
, iitfttH; (ha
I fafatt Ht-lliny ni l drink
nn tha markat.
' anarmotu nronto: wa
ftimlfh tham 04MH
Plata, aniall aaah
mant down : halan
1 h.v moBthtV tatl
. liroxnuin rmin
I f.,.,. f(. 1711 l lva
(k Rt pu'laa. TOT Of.
ad InlnlnO
vrai !" wllb "P'lrtO
f,,p two ninra
i aara; hi nn a rental
1 fnr any kind nr
l,inlnaa P- .
Bldt ,
ikh'mton. toitiaa
rmTlr Iran-far and MtjMQ
. IN 1
ru. It., liifl inar on"i" .
tru. k and na Twrd trtj JI
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,-ir,.lilrr gorl
S'nic.r lrf paVmont Call Oaa.o
.1 .. ... 1 i.-iar ... ia.
l.i ti 'ATI
l,v 7U I.
l,.r ar.i-n h''U..
1 . aiaar... Moca wa.
Ka.l Thlr.l HI . If inli-r-
nf llilhrri.1 "I,
..tnl vail ''
3; 11 l'ta..n a"n
t irnih'.l.
(iitntnf ftoa.
kT.H MAI t: H. trie
r. I .! '" . i."-ll
Writ' PH"" J. .
to, caUlaavUMi "W

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