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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, April 02, 1920, FINAL EDITION, Image 8

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SEE THIRD PARTY war resolution
Politicians Speculate on
Possibilities of Ex
Food Chief.
Republican Force Will Ntvcr
Cotlffnl i ' Hi: Nomina
tion ; Democrat Ided
aw WILLIAM rfltl.tr r vimm
Mmtt i ii "
WAMI! ViTt N April t Iti-put.
'Iran n.Mt- it inn f 1 1 t ti - ( ii mllilfii-y i.f
lfrrl.r! ll.Mir, fnr thft pii-Stllsfll Hit
HMnlflHtl II i' i'hli';iK" ii limn I'
ufh n pIC oh iirm that It MM fn
pfgtflafg I today s-r.uiu1 piiliti-
lM4d(aftrtsrfl UlAl 1 91 2 will bf r
imtrd with ths format food admin
lfttriitr I'IiivIhk Mia r ! "I Thti...i.
llOOssvsH In i mnvnt Inn Th r
puMloon "Old Himrd h i-t tfitphoi
ir Hy Lhftl ItOOVgf n H nm T M
Htfftlnatrd on ony llokH I ho hv
snyiiiipff in do with Th John on
Borah faction of lha pwty t juwt u
violently oppoggd t iii oondido v
booauaa " t htN vtofid on tha loggl in
nf natlom aphflg lha 'nTood crowd
futri v inortvd I half darlalon whan
th nam f iiofivor WEi mention od
in thir prosonoo,
In ahorf tha comblnod oohorta "f
i hs r p ih Ira n p irf y gfJ pri piirlriK
fnr it if''nt upori 1 1 on vi r whlrh
win muKi ih'' nvwtonotK which
Klrurk Colonel ROOROVOII tit ChloOffo
in ill I look Mki ehlld'i ploy Thoi
mn ti in admit tod Hit question
now 1 1 1 Hoovgf motl tin- onstouffhl
Mid wti.it form win )th oo on tor gt
tack mk
Ona if thf nnworn BjtWOfl If by
ftptlttlnif Id pnrly uml hd'Hrir? i
riimn Donvontion Home ropublMMtna
profHN thill II'hiu i in n I mad v a wait'
hr cannot win I ho nomtnotlon and
thai hll real aim Iff a party dtvtflton
with hlmOelf n lrrior Of th1 M0d
ins; fiictlf-n. cnun:lnK upnn tin- I in
oofotln norty to furnlah htm with
miffiri.r.t toti to Win the flection In
ii ihroc oon crod fivtn
Th formation nf g thin! part f
wiiii iionvi i hi Km hood in waiting
jti tta conaldorotlon novo iv boti
ccp i h . i . ii n (i domooroto Booh
parfv. It m Admitted would ho ni the
Ikfondo) t i H" of tht prohoMi
on oo f mam bom nn that dfty owlni
i the Kaatei holidaya Thoj had no
doubt that ii w uld bo adopted, ol
Untouch thO democrat WOffl lining i ;
loMinai it b'lt wore nol etjttavlly con
I fid mi thai th- Ma.awary two hiri
! tn isrry It ovrr praWtdOlltloJ rttd
I I "did tx obtfl inert
I in that MfNBoi lion Mi Cummlnffa
iHnid In ilhJ not think for OOfl ItiO
ii ' nt t rtOl thn ptelcnt won' 'I hIkm
uoh a rooottttlon.' Mi iotd
hottva wiw ottomptlnaj to osorclao
pOWOTI II did not pOOOMM
t tKHfy ha iron a ro I polltlool all
UOt ton Mr. 'iiminifiKi Inda it-d (hit
th i fi.ocr ith I l . pi iii il t'
hive tha ..id of ttii preoldonl In the
DfttlnM cfl rnna t if n
"I hopa Mi'- prooldonl m bo a id
to parlnlpiile m"lv. In tha on
pOlon," to wnd "He ta ImpTOVOd In
lieslth and while hn ntiy not bo
obta to to It a th- jftump ha ''in "Hi
w r It and hfi can Rlwoyi 00 hoord
IkrOtUjh l'o Wrlhiirf"
Han I'noihl. Will, MI
II ajtld h had nnf dto UOflod thin
phooo hitoly with tin prooldont hut
that tin had had a llltlf difficulty
in uncertain I rig th BTOOldont! pOO
lion nn guaottona whloh i doom
oi uolol."
Aakod for tha domoorotlc xtew of
i in- onnooncomoni of htorbort
Hooyor m - oondldato fnr tha repub
iican pi airtdoni mi nomlnotlon, Mr
i lummlngi gold
"Ii 1 1 at wa v h a had t Miik in
nn oaoont ia i d am ot rot attempt to
II bare Ilea a gtondpol porty Bttppooi
wa timk that atondt"
Mr i 'ti in m iiik hi id he a km u rued
the ajuootlon of a mora llborol oon
atructlon '( the Volotaaid prohlbl
Easter Exhibit
of French
Phone Doll
Novelty Lamp Shades
Imported Vase
And Many Others
We also make special
designs to your order.
509 South Boulder
tinn enforcement i wootd M
f nre the a n Krone Imn on vent mn
iind oleo tha f?hlgono oonyentlon."
It. peOkl ar i-
ItepuhlUan Htodonj -aid th morn
i Mportuni wortlma acta and powora
w h I h Would he r penlrd auto
n .if i' a 1 1 v left h podnaja of i he rooo
I U lion lm hided
Wa r i nn" prohibition . Lover fond
ami fuel pontrol lw with prolniorn
affolnoi profiteering; goplonoeja e t .
Keloetleg aeri i-i gutborigotlooj
for lOOng Ol II 'i on 0. 000 to allien.
complete control oef hii Hhippinu"
otlthorlgOtlon for prejildent in iij
armed forces to prt rent inierferent
v nn In terete to or lore inn gom
n i err e , r enirir the ns nf ex pin -
slve, aoihorlsAUon nf a gygtom 01
priority ahlpmontej gutbortgotton t
nn employmonl aery loo m in bor do
MMJimenl oontrol oyer potontg; wr
houetnej oet . a moratorium protect
1 00 ' tvll righU of men while in tin
ggrvleo, end authorfgetkm of on a n
bt w on I m porta m the dlocretloti
of iftej prootdt ni
Ths trodlng with (lie enemy act
Would be conttnttod until Ogpinony
Hi'i-i . t'. prOVtOtOni Of the POOOltl"
tmii 'I tie Mm n'etn v Hhlpldntf irt
tlie l iverrna n BO I g) i n log pfOOl
den i the power to dtetfibote ggoou
tive powora m ho dealrci end the
not gfootlrul tha woi floonce oorpof
at ton and iha eopltol laeuea commit
leg (Nplre sli month sftnr a dot-
t rgtlOn Of peace
Nid 10 WftfcO
ST I.f O IS, pr 1 t T.di-ifr U hern
mployed b the Norfolk a yVeetem
n,lt rood win no k" nut iti gympothy
with i h- e'rlktns; Otorgg, It WOg hii
fiuiin' ed nf the hOOirtOII trtOTg of ihg
trder of rtollrood Taletfrophera horg
today .
ajomed M-reir r state.
A I 'Wt I N Ti k . April 1 I, ,
MmiM of T!ei w i a t-id.jy ,i pp. tinted
aoeretdfjf of atote by tloyernor Hob
by i to ggcceod Oeoroa p 1 1 ai dt
i rogtoned Mima hog iTaan chief lerg
of the deportmenl for two yeefg
e pen He of huth, at the latejit votes
I "li hiHlvely prOVOd
The entry ol Ifoover Into the fight
for the nomlnotlon bog oouood con
ternetlon in the ronko of ropubtl
( ana and deffiOOrOtO alike
The fjomoergta, ii i a tha republic
rant, are fgolni a hpllt at tlfetr COO-
eontlon Twentj ona domw rotlc
aenotore deaerted the admlntatratlon
knd voted for the rgtlftoetlon or the
treoty or VerOglllOg mn a mended hy
the uodaje roeervotlono Bui 31 dem
ncroig remolngd iteodfoet eo todey
ttie nprrire nf n OOnVOntlOn cpltt
gJong the i4nii' llnee win nol down
W'pakni'Ms, Pains ami Olhrr
TroublM Mad Discount ffd
This Arkansas l,aly. She
Took Cftfdul, Pound it
Helpful. Qot Well!
I Ian lihurK. Ark After 001 lOOO
aymptoma had bOOOnte apparent.
'Mre. BOltO Wllkersjnn, nf ROUtg 1.
fills place, Bgyg he 'koI WOTOg and
WOI ne "
'I whkIi'I aide to gtOltd OH my feet
and hud t( nn to hed,' Miie esplolm
The , . . gyow worse, and for
gboul throe woefca nothing aeemed
1 0 do me go) gOOdi 1 grow eo
weak unit ihtmmin and could DOt
sleep. 1 bOgOB tO hOVg P040 In the
lower port of m) body and oil goroaa
my hark. There was a Kreitt deal of
OOrenegg and pain In my left aide
... I Jiiat go Vr tip, for I miffered
ho. i grow dlooouroged and thought
I WM IIOl KoiriK' tn gol welt.
My head not only ached, hut
would feel no light and dlzxy . . .
1 divldnd then I would take Cftf
dul, as I read of how many women
It had benefited, and Home whOOa
case waa like mine When I hegari
COfdUt, ttiHt nfler a few doMes 1 no
ticed a ghnngOi i slept bettor at
ntOht . . . and felt like I . -mild eat
aometliliiK 1 got up and hggglt tO
do ttie work In tlm house ami yard,
and after thren or four bottlei nf
Cbunthil I waa well."
If you gOjffer from dlOOrdOra pecu
liar to women take t'ardul -the
Womon'g Tonic
It Mhould help you, Mko OthOfg,
Adv t..
A woman's foodtO hup.' 1.-. to slny yotmp. She often IMUltl
lo paintfi, paw dan un.i ooaoMttoi iiule her prs. Som woman
pay Urjfo mimls to to-eallad "BUjUty Dootort" la the ivlief that
rnouey will hny youth. ()llurs wear girlilh drimil, llmiUinj; lhiy
can f iol Um world about Lhair ngv. Hut ik hup ia deoairad. The
more you try to nidi wmr uv, Um mota n iiuws.
There b hut one ihui that holds old npi ba. k, ami that is
health. SicknaM and woaknoM briag old oarlt In Ufa Dr
Iiemi'H Favorite Praacrtption is u building-up nadioina tor
women. It mnkes tlein healthy and strong wtii'u they suflrr from
women's troubles. It kfep tiicm looking JOUng hy ktH'pmj; than
well. It Ls a woman's tonic for the frail, the delicate and tboOF
who are nervous, diatjr and who liave backache and dragging dowi
pain-. Some women took it years api and have felt young an
well ever since. Dr. Pierce's Perorita Piaaoription il altogathai
vegetable and without a particle of alcohol, It ia ;ife to Ukr
Try it runr. In tablet or liquid form ut all druggtaU, or send lOr
for trial package of the ublets u. J.'r. Piarca's Invalids' Hotel ii
Buffolo, N. V.
Any Talking Machine
Plays All Records
But THE NKW EDIS )N is the only instrument
that re-creates music exactly as the artist
rentiers it in person.
( Re-creation means making again of the
original not merely a re prod net ion.)
Visit our shop and hear the instrument that
was perfected hy the father ol" the phonograph.
Edison Made It Put Your Faith in Ed ison
10 West Fifth
Osage 595
BBrkraMO"aaraBOJ mfl
We Give You
1 '
Second Floor
A Thrill for Every Woman
A Charming Collection
Of attractive new spring gowns for Easter at
the special low price of
The frocks offered in this special as
sortment were never intended to be
sold at such low prices. There are
many of exclusive design and every
one has that dainty charm which is
so appealing the instant you see it.
l.Mici I'M TI RE II Ms, OI'K
nil I Al l. HATH, TUHBANS,
i i i n - 1 1 1 ii.vr.s, tiia.vs
PAHKNTH. All lit. pofMjlM ,i.ul. I OOBH
Im. ,..it. t, . i.i. - Mtnl.ihl.- (,
Street ami ulLrrntMm
Easter Suits
In a variety ol bewitching stylos
and popular materials
at the
32nd Anniversary Sale of the Union Dept. Store k
Only iwo More Days in Which to Get Dressed Up tor Laster
One lot regular value $82.50,
sale price
Spring Suits
Regular $60 v a 1 u e i, sal
Ladies' Spring CootH
'he latest styles and material!
Choice of 600 Coats
$9.95 and $12.50
Per Dozen pair - - $1.00
Choice 0 1 and $20
lHht year's styles, sale
Men s Hats
Choice of any Derby
Hat in the store. Anni
versary sale price
98 c
1.000 Sample Huts. An
niversary sale price
Men's Shirts
Khaki shirts. Anniver
sary sale price
66 c
Dress Shirts
White and black striped
shirts, collars attached;
sale price
All OOlOia n.l Hitr In the
f! iKWlriK I ii m ii u Khlr
.ran: 8wit irr. R. & M
Bvarbsal "ii tho crown, fa
Mens Suits
Men's Serge Suits, regular
price up to $60. A bargain
thrill at
100 Hart Sehaffner & Marx
Suits, regular values up to
A value thrill at
Irving System Clothes Won
derful values at
$32.50, $39,
$47 and $52
The Tulsa Union Department Store
112-114 South Main Street

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