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avmraoc sworn not paid
Final Edition
i&M JmJ
VOL. XIV. NO. 102
m mm a a Jmf m m mm m .at w a a am aaaaannaaaw& w aa .av .ai
U. s. Takes Hand In Dem
onstration of Irish
at Washington,
arriors In front of
British Embassy Later
Freed; Engage In Fight.
Action Taken as Violation of
statutes Protecting For
eign Representatives.
Vv Trt Anrn4 TrflHI.
federal gOVOrnWIOfll movrd today to
4 put an rnd to the picketing Of th
, HrlMeh rmh.wy. Which VII ro
OOWOd thla morning by vnnrn
Nmpfitlil7f r with thr movomont for
an Irifh repuhlfo.
1'nitod Statog Pis' r!ct Attnrnoy
LdOOkay nifnrniod Matihw O'Brien,
00OA001 fnr thr womrn, that if hi
11a nta poralatod thoy would bp proa
rrutrd under n federal Statute u h rh
RUUMi thO offering Of BJI instill to a
diplomatic reproaontatlvn of a for
eign gnvcrnmrnt or to hi OfftOlal
rooldtnce I felony punlwh.inlo by a
penitentiary sentence.
Rlmulfnuroualy. Mr. T3MfhfT com
municated bi8 deeiatOtt to the Dis
trict of Columbia cnmmtMitonrH.
who Inetruoted tho polloo to arroet
tha wnmrn niter warning them.
Captain Doyle and two policewomen I
were sent 10 the cmhaapy in a patrol
waiton ;md found Mra Mary Walker
of Antorln, f,ong iH.nnd. and If I I
Mollle Carroll of New York city,
carrying hiinnrrn on tho aldewalk.
Wnmrn Krlcfleuvl.
Captain Doyle Informed tha nnn
rr bearer thut unless they left In
1 R mhiytrn th'v would bp arfOOtad
under federal Ktntuteq. but .they re
fmwd to depart. After they had been
Mk'n to poll re headqiiarterM and
held for half an hour. th y were te
aad on orders of Mr. laisky.
Tha district attorney rx plained
subsequent y that the polloo had
aetfd before Mr. O'llricn hid had,
time to notify bin ottOttta of the jjov
ernmenf'a derision.
An hour beforp the police Inter
''nrd Mrs, Hophin Stanton and
Mrs. Hattip IArkin of thin rity at-,
iaeked two plelretH who had pre--eded
Mrn. Walker and Mis Carroll
and were arreated on chftrffM
"disorderly eonduet ' Th'-y were ro-
le, upon dr-oMiiinK a rash forfeit
J Of Z: eaeh.
Mm Walker and MtM Canoll
WjW nO( replared It tin MllbMIr
after the pnlirp took them away and
the leader" of the movement would
not Hy what were their plana for
When thp pieketinir. m hlrh was;
s!n rted Unt rlday. Was rpsumed
th; morning. Mm. Jatnta WaNh of
K York rity, a lender of lh"
Women, Uld it would ho continued
'Indefinitely." Irrespective of any
rtinn by the police. ThU, howpver,
"Ss before the Rovt rnrnent had de
i I4td to proceed under federal ntat
utrt. Tmtn Uaed to Fight
High Cfit of Rent
a Aaarr 'M'xi Prrs ."le Wire
OKLAHOMA cur, April G. j
HjUlly conn ructed tenia to be
MM for homra tn combat the ria
n ronta nri th scarcity of hnuaes
" Oklahoma rjty wa anrtnunoed
eerf today by tent manufacturer
The 'mj. it wm aaid. would he
pit he fl on vacant lots at tho edge
Of the Clt The tenia are patterned
rt- the Krench bewoncal 'and are
flipped with windows, floors and
Ml walla.
W. W.9 Get U Yearn
Minimum Sentence
MOVTKSANO. Wash., Apr.l l.e
ijif eeven men ronueted here March
II of MCOftd deffree m inlt-r fur the
of Warren O, Orimni. Cfl
WW armiatlee day parade victim,
W sentenced to not lens Usan -
)ars nor more than 40 vnm ea h
" the penitentiary hv Judge
John H, Wilaon afier ho had d-n d
mttion for a new :rlal.
! SS III what we rail the In.lei.
35 ,or', vnur advertl,nir This
fir.t W0M ,houd hr ,h ,no
25 "'" ,n vnr d It la fli word
' ' tor by the rearl.r who
"woaa throuah Ui want aa win.
n rr,:o.int .ntereit in mind
tu l.T hi" hu ,h" reader" at'
aUlM, makln him resd your sd
vHl' iOUJ Wan' A,1 " Th
Aa laker.
m n s bur hi
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
For Hurried Readers
M-W OH Ml A HI, April r. Mffln t
tetn ef ftwlv eatdfi. In Orloher, J,
ai.oi nrt ki'tit dun j. Lovy, efeflilaeoi
l Ml IHJHlfH KH IllUn. Il)ll III, M , fl n
ly. ih" t-fnte niiprenie eourl t ilea r nittt r
in refuatiif t.. rit,i Dojdara appeal f..r
ROW t' lOfli !Hy. -!". tn reb l.v I
and lit h'ni whn lit ttfusid ii In. 1.1
Hp hla hnnda.
PROVIpMNOaV, H. I., April I. An un- I
loot rue ted dalantloi le the rapuMloaa
natioimi con veal ion wm eleetei without '
nW'nMtlon tOiUv by tii.' :.nrt lletrttt r j
piitiiicun eoaeentlona ttn orient inn nf ths
pence treaty with "guch renei rathVfl M
win rut If afoguard Amertea1' irai thai
keynote ol ij" platnrni and ef the m-i-
diMnra. fci, -
V AHIHNO'I OX April f, -A hoard ef I
r"f n aVe nf t he I ritrat Ate. cum met in om '
miSBlnn today aMMri1ea the ArlUUMae end
Liu is 1 fm Midland ra II wr) a eniiipenaa I Ion
for ala tti-.ntha m ffdaral rmttrni
Payment win be at tat rate of ,Tlt I
per yixr. The road had aaked for mm
penaiitlon at tnn rate of ,6i0 p-r ear. '
WASH! I NOTQtff April ' A KM 010.
arn MQeiOfl bill ws presented today tn
numhtT 124.427, Ropraeeatatvle Cannon, 1
rrptibtlran of Iltlnnia. atatfd addlnf thai
Una win 22,41 lean Hum (hla i . T h
toi;tl iippropriatlon, howpver. w aa nnly '
1 1 n l n rton i. . i ha it I hit t for I he prarnt
Dneal ear -
IT. Louw April . One nalieeaneji I
was killed and ihre were Injured In a I
irun brittle with a lone bandit who at
ten- pt "d to bold up th paetM'Taylef I
1 1 1 1 pi eewipaiiy nerp thu afternoon The :
bandit waa killed. Tha dead DOl nema n
le Torrent to Helnarlnad
JPHINfiriKM. 111. April I. MomUo '
Tlrd wfth the advanei ahen Ihem by I
lh1 waye rnntrarl ataiid by the leneial
L-nie ootntalttoe of oonl ojeorntori and
mtnore of the hllnmlnoua f ifld at Ni-w I
Voi it March Hi com pa ay nan iti a neat I
ber of down state llllnola ndnen rrfuaod to'
work today.
OUtCAOO, April S The reafgtiatlnn of!
t.-CO rtuiaan firemen, effective Apd
10. nun uth. i ! toniaht. Oooraja v.
llaraan, pn-atdenl if the Firemen a 0000
i lat Ion. said h" would aoOjfer totnnrrow
"with certain .it offteare' in a tinal 1
crfort to adjuat gtftoroaooQ.
KKW TORPL April r.. -Mra. Jennie
Woolwortli. widow of I'rank W. WOOl-I
worth, foutider of the r and 10 vent
aloraw. (a aertfoialy til ut her borne on
Loan; ialead and little hopa i antertalned
for br reoovary. acrurdlna tn afflda i
vita filed In the oipremt rourt here to
-lay by her phyah Ian. Dr. William It
a brisk ie
cittCAfrfA Anrti I feeeh at Dtehla- ,
son, ordvred by the I n It 1 Siatea an i
prnne coUri to leave t'lilraffo to take I
'hiirse aa rooolver, In the (ed Htver oil
territory In Oklahoma liaa deelined on 01
count of (llneai rr Dleauioon is eon I
fined to hit hnine at present
JACKPOff, Mlea.. April r. The rapuo
11. an atata esecutlve roinmlttee roppO
r-ntlna the win: of the party led bv !
J MulvihHI. national eiimmitfei-iiutrt. i
fued mmv .. iim the dnte for the atate run-
vention al Vlchabura. Muivihin aaaerta
that the party au'herlna held recently
whl' h declared In favor of . . i.il Wuol
would not be n anlsed.
WAPHtNOTON apflf I -PMaMeat
wiiaun today daalenafed nharlaa k fioh
dell. Kanaae. rM"i l I n a n. a a ailliulaolliaar
of the federal f.ntn loan board. MttCCOOd
in a Ooorsje w Korrla, bo r urnii t o
boeowia Bovornoc of the cihiadeiphia
federal raoerri bank. Ur l.ohdflt has
been a FAMUnOf vf t fie board a lure it was
treated -
RARRTftBUItOt Ta . April 6 Nomi
nutina petitions Intended to plare the
name o Henry Krtrd of Iietrott. Mieb .
bofnro the votart of fannayivanla aa a
candidate for prt- .. nomination at
the Hay primary wt-ro rejected by the
saorotarr of the eewwtonwaaith today pi
a not t hey did not f ve the name ? any
party and faded to comply with the re
qulrenittita of tin- Pannaylvanla primary
!kw. ' -
WHKKI.IN'I U '.a. April - Three
thovaand eastern Ohio coal niinern eh
went 'in at rlke last .Krlda v, refused to
enter t lie mtnea lud;y In aplte of the ef
forts of union to have the men
eall off t ha walkout The miners ex -pre-aed
dloiatlifat'tIon with the manner
Iti whlrb 'lie 27 per i er.t wage Increase
waa upplled
iPRtfQJrfaLlX HI. April R - When
Oovernor Miwden rg'urn from his Ifloh
lasn siiouklna lOUr he wtll be aslted to
roaololtlon the a"vf "'" af nklshoma for
the return to Ho.-kford of Manuel Hllv. v.
under arreat In Pnrw o. fikla., and wanted
in flo'-kford for Hie alltaTOd atealllif of
an a al omeMle A pp Meat Ion for the
requinti ipp waa Hi ad tn the povernors
OtwU I h Itm kfoid authorities today
VKW VMltK. Ap-il t -The Heverend
John ROO tn htraton. paa'or of t'avalry
!i n pit t chpren waa re.-mited today by
Aaeletant Dial rot K ttomOp Hmlt h aw I he
1 lateat wltneea tn New York e vice war
ir smith raited on th cltraymaa who
voalorday ilellrtred u ermnn In whlrh
lie Q a tOtl Oast "elided palsrea" vlalteil on
a personal itiine- :ion 'our of Broadway
Lfter y"" awnfaronao it waa anneum od
the mm let hud n f read tO a ppar be.
fo-e the regular rrnd Jury.
ATI. A VTA. April 6 Mrs Catherine
Bmdatraat inditted with Winiam it
fjreen formof vle Tirsl1ent of the i'n n
of Polrhum, who recently was ronvleted
.of embeislement. when Informed toniaht
At her fa her 'a horn here that trr
bondoman had wlthdr.wn Ibelr aeeuflt y
and that aha maai go to jail acenrdlng
, to the IM'ilfe ne'ed a toog kttehen
knife neii attempted f ut her throitt
hut wii" provantae from nernilna hereif
She ta to he tried at the August term of
rourt st F.i Irburn
Body of Jeanne
Near Pier in
CHICAdO, April i- -The hndy "f
.'aanne Ann i 1e Kay. 14 yeara aid
' whnee daappaarance from Hull
House Bacamber 10 wa followed
: by a national neari-h. waa found
today In Lake Michigan near the
momulpiil pier.
Mm lieri-udo Howe Button of
ll.lU llouee identified :he hr.dv.
i:rept for a OOSl and hat, wlurn
were mlatlas', the elothiof on ins
h-.dy .wa I he Mm" aa Mian l)e
Kv war,, when ihe ditappua re.l.
1 A ecur on the left temple and
rnallp" maxkj under lh ee
iate.1 in 1 He identification.
Mra. Srltlaa eald "he waa con
vinced the plrl had committed ell-
Administration Retali
ates by Having Chair
man Kicked Out
Allison-Kinney Choice Is
Placed on County
Election Board
Stand For Clean Politics
Becomes Issue Today;
Protest Is Made
rmtMlnu nualiiHi iJm liifcli
lianded RaHhOa f .It--, IliirbrtN
i ha Irniii ii of Hi. Half (("1 1 mi
boRffJi RM a MlcllllMT of (lie I'll i
OOUfJt J rh' t ion taiaril a (deKnini
rna bmii iom niuht ( Uuvafuor
I. )1 A. KoImtihoii hv a uiimlMT
of l In leatliii (li-itwicrala ft
the dtp, who bettcrre in tin lum
om pdrtrinlfrtrriUtrti 1 iIh -i-ii'
oltTotlon lawa
Thr telcfrrntn orOi Rtt49ntfton io
Iho fact (hat RO mini in Tnla
OOUIttl Hlatiflx hlshof I haii Mr.
KofrfX Me Is not only a pfcHMM
iind WIlhRtRllllil nttinoOi hut OM f
our Icuilliia" bRAat47rp mul a lilkh
tOQSd t'hiiHitnii ndfiiiati. n
r-'iimtal. It Is tRtadf mis for flat
saih rtuiMni that lie t oictl u r
RhOVC Klniir, a onhafi4l lsroi
h'Ktcr. for ttitsi-oniliiri In Um n-
ooni nrtRwrj alfioiton.
"We Hiihnilt." sjis thfl trjlRfptWHs
lii t rnor. I hut HMft Is ail or
pRntlftd RttlHipl tO (Irhatich tho
lo-ii lot iMi-k Ihti-. mid liatlni ap
pealed In the county attorney fir
t tdlef u If h ' . i i w 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ) i.' j hi m . I
uithout nsnlis. ur appeal to oil
the ItjUrhnM . 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 , In (ho n.nr.
for Pi'llef. Many of thr slytirrM of
I Ills I i.i e fought i In l .if l lef-tH of
(ti iiioiTio bene from Ihr lirprin
nlna, BoflM of llH-m were tn the
III tie whllr idiunh at Me.Mtrr
uhen the parly h ornanlwd In
IHHJ nod WfJ nppBRl to u to
thr fuii potaor of pour offioi In
orttew i ha i n fuir nlaot Ion iruiy I
hcltl. eti'n If ll is neitNirv to um
Ihr tiiiliior to obtain rMiilt."
Hp cause K. M. Howe ;ih a mem
ber of iho Tulaa uAiunty dtaOtlon
Soard look a firm aland in favor "f
the sirirt enforce mont of the ppj-
w-iiniH if tin Mtiiio election law and
refused to i undone trickery and
chicanery and diMhoneaty in the
hcldlna; of election lie paid the price.
Wit BO lit I hearing ul any kind.
tlOWi Prna yeaterdity removed from
tiie coun'.y eh.rtiOf bt.trd ly the
KLite nleoUon boartl and ilaMOR
Neal, a fanner livlpe; at Klaher ap
pointed In hiM place. The ousted
1 memhvr In one of the Mvo nnntbifa
, of the hoard wh voted to remove
, J. (. BORi) fClRtey aa an Piaotlon
i official in preeinot No. 1 after
I cl.urgta hail lieen made and an ef
; fiduvlt algrned by M. A. Dalley made
' public to show tbat tbd precinr t of
' ficlal had al'owed irregular prao
! ticca during the PRoent primary.
Kenuv(Nl by CaRArf
, Hows held to .that old-fashioned
; rondattieRtaJ of government that
' laws are executed for the purpoa
of bent- enforced and that th(,y ap
1 ply to all persons and p-if ' alike.
! And beoauee he dared Ktand for hli
bonnet conviction the naaa leatlRfi
who now control the deatjnleN of the
democratio , i - y n Tlltu RR4 l-'m
roNTivi isn os PAOal vit.
TfLP kta . April I Mmlmum, Mj
I mlnltnutn. It; north winds, lear.
OKLAHOMA I Tuesday partly rlnndri
WadnaedOl probably fair and i older.
IrOUIRIANAt Tuesday fair, rising temp
I eratnre. WedOtedap partly cloudy. trin
j ar In east pom ion.
AUK AN HA H Tuesday fair ia tefp.
pratvrei Wednesday partly rl judy, older
tn northwest portion
LAST TEXAS Tueedar fait. rMRR
1 lei. literature in east and south portlona;
V eiines da v partly rliundy. (older in noi th
west poitloii.
WMf 'IKXAK; Tue-day fir. cooler sj
the I'arihandle. A'eliieaUy fair, oolder
K AN Al Pa r ll y OlOttdy T u a : a y a nd
Wadnaaday , noldoi Vdneaduy and to weal
, pur nun Teteeiy.
De Kay Found
Lake Michigan
icide So elder,'-,. of vinjeniewia
found on thn body Coronal lloff.
man aald the body had hi , n In the
A.t er it, re. uiontha.
Miss DaJCay w-m ,h Saiisklat
of lolir. Waalay lmKay, wealthy
packer, now .endinK In hwltznr
nd. Hiie waa aent to CblOSga hy
her fati.tr eoon afu-r her Kradua
Hon from a iAin.lon boardlnc
1 hool Hl.e arrived at Hull liotiae
laat December to aaftlat In work
arnnig th" poor under Mian Jane
A'i'.-i dlraatlon
She wan derpnnder.t whire at
Mull Hotiae. Mra Itrittnn nald
"and (.'rimed over the marl, an
her face."
Didn't Like Rowe'l
Actions vSays State
Election Chairman
lprli.1 l Th Wrtfld
MUKOOUK, Okla., April i.
Tin toUon Of K. N. Itowr. Ill ro
rnoviftg oariain alMdoa nffiriniH
(rem rrii i . whtek i a. itart.n .
chalrtMS f the Matt tlMtlon
I ul of OiIh . Ity, illUn'l llkn,
Mlled fur the 1lmnlwl nf Itnw...
n "p.Huif to -i t iiti-ntfiit Iturbro
rittt.lo lltTft tlllH uftrl li.M.ll.
"riior wrri' huiihi rli'illiin of
fif i;.iH ramovtd from otiloa ovnr
there," mild Barbr. "Mid it didn't
Mill ill". 1 Hlmiily imllftrd Olila-
bomi city t forward u commie-
VtOfl to Monro.- Ni-nl, who In to hn
lliiwrfl rtll.ri.KHOI'. Hnvrrill rolll
itall.lH of ltuv, iirtlon in ri iuov-
Ini rtaio Iwtlon offii ihIn from
i Oil ll (' llll.l rriirhrrl in.' I In I III..
It hii.1 cji-l.l''d N(a I Mould n.iiku
ii ui'iicr iiimii anil n.'Voin mor,. ul
tontlon to thf job. i ttppoM tiie
republleani In Tulna ui. mlmnn
tin devil."
"Then yon aee. not a rfpubii-
CHI?" be illlkl'd.
"No, I an, nut," aimw.-M'd Har-
A. rirdlni; to llarbr. Ih.-ri' worn
no hariej tiled Hsalnst ROW and
tin' Into r linn Rcrved w.'ll undrr
thu per diem relmbumement ar
ranffement, iiuit.rn did not nay
from whom tim oemplalnta on
Itnwo'H ui'tlnn riurio. Howe gnnftfl
ul tho SToMUN of tlio Hlate board,
ii. emplained.
AHki-d if ROW'! Mtlon didn't
plenie tbe etnte board, Bnrbre hhi.i
that It didn't plOMM hi. u, and that
ti.r other membori uf tho board
ware not conaultad. a . haumun
ha to,,k the aoUOS, authority for
whh h h" had, he aayn, on hla own
"Rowa'l dlHinlKKal waa duo to
punly pirHonal rfaaona." Ilarbrn
ntai.ij. He aided in with thn re
public ana, In ouHllnic elnctlon of
11' luh, and tlila riled ine."
OKLAHOMA city, April r.
iHHuancp of a coinmlHMon to Mon
ron Ni-.il of TiilWi aa a memben- of
th' Tulna. county lm't Ion hoard
w.ih ilnnc Saturday In atv-ordanro
with Inatrilotloaa rcr,'ir( hy tela,
phone from offiruiK of the oountjf
demaaratle oomtnutee, w t.-. ato
AiiatiT, aaoratary of tin atati' aleo-
tldn board, aald tonlKht.
in answer to repeated reciueata
received today from -iti7.ci.8 of
Tulaaa 'M'-A.iiiof-r dachtrad h' had
parforaMd only the routine iuiy
of hla Office in i vii.i: the rom
' -u and that roinplulnt
ritOttld be made to the democratic
OOmmlttea The atate election
board baa powr to naoie on,y tmu
member of the county bo.irda, ho
wild, ami that member In Tulna
OOUnty. i.eo Cjulnn, Ih uiichai.Ked.
Knoa M Kowe, the deinoeratlc
n.einber of the Tulna eounty board
who preevded NaaJ, waa dlaplaed
autnmatlcally, , Mister aald, hy
the appolntmeni Of NaaJ.
PBdMal Trinl,. Oiinnilnslnn DilWUMl
i invcMiKuie prions Howard
,ipMfc llrHoliitlon.
WASHINOTON, April r,.- -The
federal trade commlaalon w.ia dire,,
ed today by the houae to make im
mndiate Inveai liratlon Into thn caunea
.f c oanl advanoas it. prloai ol karo-
Sana. Kuaoline and fuel oil.
A report not later than June wait
called for under thn reaolution
adopied without a record vote und
which alas aaked that the cummla
nlnn de ermine whether "any com
bination in restraint ol trade exlata
between thone enKaKed In the oil
Itepieaeni.it ive Howard, rtn.noarat
of 1 iklahoma. Ihe only member to:
opaaS saainal the raaolutlon, ci.ar
aotarlsad 11 a "polUloal laflalatloa" I
that would only "harraaa" buHH.nHa.
lt.. k Inland I T-. Jtl.t Train liarkx
Into stri Car.
tiy eaoeeteted it-mj, i.i wr.
OKliAJfOaTA ITV, April t Ten
perMons were Injured here tonight
when a Itnck Uland freight train
hiiked 11. Io a etreet oaf at the
Santa S"a orasslns nn Sourtli mreet.
'll.e atrast car loaded with paaaeu.
itera wax burled from the track and
partly demol'Khed and Iwo freight
cara wen- derailed and wrecked.
Tlie Injured nie A. ii Haxaitt, In
lured lag; It HI. hard). noilO bro
ken leg, A.ola Stewart, negro, in
hired leg, ('. II. liolden motormao,
badly lacerated, KlRIO Kenaler, In
jured in bead, arm and ahoulder,
Hattla Newton, injured leg, Jian
Con lay, injured head: J. R. Mttle, In
jured bead. Miaa DeHHie 'illireath.
broken leg, knee and deeply cut ov r
eye, tealp aroundl with poaaible frac
ture of akuM.
Japanene Vice Connul
Slain by Bohhevitti
an... V j. - Consul IhhldA haa been
killed by tbe poklhartkl ut N'lko
laavski oaatarn Siberia, according to
ruble gdvicaa received by the Sew
World, u Japaneae language newt
paper nere today.
Republican Candidates
Import Experienced
DottrmtMd Thai Blewilon
Crooks Shall Not DeffAt
Peopled Will.
(Mean Ticket Beckeri Aro
Confidtnt New Votfis
Arc for Purity.
"votfrn nhonld not ic led avRiray
by luail m Iti ii 1 e RrfUmaiitl Rfld np
prala f t otti iho RppRfjU inn," I''. R.
fihort. roptlbllORR BRnpRtoTfl rnan
Rnr. na'd laat nltrht "Wo Imva
inada our campaign on clean, fair
tinea, RRd wt do not oapnet le
r, ellnflRg mud et tlila lute
hour V(- baVe put our propoRl
Hon RQUarRly up to thf vnti'in. If
thny Wainl clian city Ruv Oftl i m iR I ,
they will Votd fof lh( FRpubUORR
If thorp in any iloottOR RfOOetRi
neaa duritiK thr elepilOR today, it
mutt be perpetrated cunningly. Tim
n jiuhllcj) n ca tupalKa OOlRffllttaR '
eecur'd the nervlce of private de-
tortlvo from out of tho city who;
will wat' h all pnuroadinRH at the
pollH .ftalotialy, ami report initio-;
illatrly any dlncrepancy in RtRUlodRl
Thraf rtntrctivfa an- to ho plaOOd
at varloiiri ptilnta in tha preclnntn. I
At tlm ir corn ma nd will ho nulonm !
bllra ii rid taxirubK Rrhtdh are to bt
uaod by timm tn Invoat laal mux wi k
An no u n corn on t of t RU procedure
waa tuadd laat nlKbt hy K K. Hlinrl.
niunaker of tho republican .im p.t ; a u
"Wo ore pTolng: to URt ovry avail
able, method to Inanro a Olean elR0
tion," Mr Bborl mild "Women of
tho rity are ro-opcrallnic Willi UR
in our effoeti to prevRRl lootlon
frailda. and tbey will ho nf Invulu-j
nblo aiwlatitm c Tin RRtaoUVRf we'
havo ao uri'd at a heavy rost aro
ai cue l omod to thin a ind nf WOf N
They un active, and urn well VerRRd
in t lie art nf ahadnwtnK and f ol - j
low ing and In appt ehi-tidliiK tbOOO
who aro linnoatly UepeoTeel of '
Women in proclncle I. I ft, 16 and
18 have made arrangement to mlie
voterH to tlm pnl la in t bORt pre - ,
Olaeti A lis' of telephone hurt been
prepared arid women are urged by I
Mra. CThRa, livnuin. in charge jf
Where to Vote
rwsf shaasTSt In loosuon nf roi
l ig nyanlSatS were made hy the
county election board y.-terd..
7he changea were In prei-lncth I :..
17, 111 and Z3. Voier In Ihe prei Incta
affected "hould appiiae themaelv.-h
uf the obnnaai
folia open officialy at '. o'clock
in the morning and 1 l.tW' mi ; k
at night.
The voiinu plnOSS In the different
precincta ari aa follOwl
rraofnol Mo. 1 ill Kaei sirsl
Frecln.t No Convention hall.
BrSdy and Moulder
I're.-inct No :i I'r-niral I'. re Sia
tlon. Wel Second el reel.
Prnolast no. 4 014 high 10-1,0, ,
building, .'oj.ih and lioaton.
PrseUWl No I, liaiugn at Hlxtll
und Main.
rreclin t No n. Tulaa county oo.irt
hoiiHe, SiSMl and Moulder
Praotsol No riymnuth drnji
alore, IH hi Kifih etreei
I'rei Inct No. H. liv.n Nchool. Park
and Maybelle avenuee.
Pre. in. t No Oaagr a' hool. Kaat
Precinct No. 10. North Side li e
atatlou. North Main etreet
Precinct No. It Waahlngton
Bihool, Hock foid and llodge
Precinct No. , Kant side flrn ata
tlon. Third and Madlaon
Precinct No 13 Lincoln achool,
FVfteer.tn and Peoria
Precinct No. II Hora. Mann
chool, Tenth and Moulder.
Precinct No If, Sidera Monument
worka, VH Soul). Main
rratdni No II. Slvarvlaw hchooi
Twelfth and rrleeo
J"rnclnci No. 17 Weat Tulaa I'lrc
atation. Mitchell avenue
Precinct No. II Mouth Side fire
Station. Klghlccnth and Moaton
Precinct No 19 111 ace M K
lohlirch, Tmrd and Trenton
Precinct No :'i 201 Sou n May
belle avenue
Preclnci No 1 Kendall achool.
Kendall addition
Preoiiict No. II, Hubert H lae
achool, Twentieth and Cincinnati
Pnclnct No. 23. Ited VMng hotel,
I tut North ilreenwood
Precinct No. 2C III South Xan-
thuN avenue
Precinct No. II. WIHitier nchool.
I.. win and Archer
Precinct No. 2 Ileal lloua" , Owen
i I'ark.
French Troops Ordered
to Move Into Frankfort
Detachments Already on Way to Take German
City Government Claims Treaty It
Violated Measure la Precautionary Only
Official Note Explains; Say Militarism Is
in Control.
R) I t A letOtJ Pieaa. I
N' K April B Thn WRROII
tfOOpR v 11 1 RROUfl) rTVartRfOfl early
I Iniiiitl inA mninlng Smite iletuch
I inetilH have ahead) nlarled
I I4' t'lie AawtMlatei) Press.
PARIS, April .' The uMlliido Of
abi Kien.h gmcinment In the pren
lonl Herman ertolt Ifl defined and x-
platROd ill a ROU laHUed tniilMht
AHei i r Ii eta tln tliHl tho OTtrfl
roenl baa no hoetlte SrrIrrr lowaid
I iei iiiao , deRlrlRR or Ib'e contrary,
the i ( an n i d I'm ol tmrrna) relatbinn
with that oouRtry and eapreaRlRi
realisation nf thn dlfrlOttM altiiMlloii
Of the llerlin gnveriimenl, the note
dei a l cm the t let loan gn I iiineti I baa
given way tn pfRRRUfe by the toll
llarlet party "not fiMilna tn mrimge
tho imperii I ve Hiul moan RRlerRR
atlp ulattonn of the i eall let 1 1 cut ."
The note rontlnuoa
'"Dm RRRURROe Of facta follow:
"The f irat ro'iueat foi poi inlaaion
for the ontry of eatra tfOODe Into
the lltilir dlatrlet wan made Jtint
after tho inaurgenl rnnverneni l
he mllllnry RUthOI Itil I Mai b ll,
it war renewed from Berlin Maroh
17. in the name nf the legitimate
yovarRmeni by von Hanlel, wiu bRR
remained in Merlin wlih I he RRRRRAti
at leant Implied, of the Itmnigenl
gover uinont.
"All Ir formation from tho Rilled
mlHoiotiH uml aRain. the dav before
oRtei day, from thm iiiKh commia
eioaera ii fobb-na, dooo not ceaae to
Moran DangcrmiHlu
Wounded by Hi-Jaekn;
Police Fail Again
John Moran, we'l known peace ,
olficet, who whh abet three time
by hljuckera while driving In hla
automobile along Teinne drive
Saturday nISht, In a dangernua j
condition at the Okluhonia hoa- I
A report f.om I r. 'red 8 Cln
ton, p. c.l. I". it of the hoHpltal, laat
night waa In the effect I hat Mr.
Mora. .'a condition I" extremely
critical, and Ibui only rugged
phyalcal iUallllPN will pull him
Ho fur an could be learned laat
nujht, StfOrtS to locate the men
who allot Ml Moran have been
111. ill. doued.
Si-(.ti pmrolmnn hihi mtmottttic
Rom VoA i i'"im i,a Oftttgttl i tut
(.'i Otti for ItSecrdon Davy,
la. i -
BR4 K i : A It Ft i iW Aim ;l J.
II. Bin It h frtriH ii, iicaTt o mmhr 'if
(hr- 1ilat pOltOi dWi.rt rm-nl AAd
(iron i In lit PffUUgtiHi wiim A n ftlaxl
, hern tonlsTut fur t-jx'fJiiia hm'I im'k.j
ttrlvliiK. and wiin rlNUMMl on
: ' 1 no boili
Whii flrat onli-rrd in hill dy
OCa "Ifn-f rH thr Tuiati noil 'nn
rifi, IWO ni'irro rnrniuinlniiH la m in I I
Mi' on inn iifj of thai of f lei f a I nil
irhtti out of th'-in IumpM on itit
i i mi I rig ho.-ird nf thr OAF In which
t In- 1 1 io htul hrrit j i v driving
Ihtoi't'h thf atrrrls) Hmll hM tun n
pllffhod Klftl off t h ' if und Hp'd d
n way uiiii" tho offlotta flr4 ii
btH kcvmmI ttnia.
I' wria nnly afti-r h t mtl haa
thaj Miy uito fltiHlly n artaken
h'rTiH 111 rnmn fM ralttWttd on l')0
hnn. ;ifti b h;ol roniffinnUti-d
wiih M.-iwK c h Hubbard and Oblaf
of Hoftaa a i iti om'i long dlwtinaa
I'Ih- Hionaf sVM brauM biffl by J i
n Pri smiy. nayro !. ,iii
Ualan of Tulaa. H ft atoyd and
Kmaal Qaoda. Tubal Avi'rtvi, air
iird bfa ta r' i Bttatharinan MM
Jut) whorlly ;ifti I'fcNHly 0Mn I
, Kmltli(Mnuii waa hooki-d f-u npfioar,
arcs hara tomoiraWi bal baoanai ol
I h font hint t onifiit irw la ? l-t Win
Iday trtf Tulaa offlclala Mcurad tlia
poatponamaol of hia trial until a
latar data,
Walkout In bsttOM PPOMtt Ipatsttt
ommlailow wnni n -w n
PimBURO, Kuvn, April 5.
Alaaandar M Howatt praaidtnl of
DlatHcl So 14, lnltad Mlna Workara
of aananloa, tonight aaid tiut h
(waan 1,100 and z.ooo mlnara of
Craa foi d and Cliafoltoo ountia
MOayO on a ' ' a.a a dlri'ni protuat
ta I W ' "al WiiKii lOnmilKMl'in Hsanl
"Tha oftmo out of thotf own vot1
UOOa) Mr. Ilnwal aald, "und nr
i not nrdrrrd out b) ths union Dffl
1 rlaWt. Then' (a muiih 1m ontflnt
I thOUf bOUf ll"' dlOtrlcl rKurdlng lh
awavfoa and i oonaidof them an out
raa I do not know how long tha
int.-n will hi out. lor thoy havr a ird
lejHlrely an their own mlttntlvo.'
RhOU that OerTRRR mi ltary Intorvon-
Uoii )H un. all,, I fnr bv the oltnal ion,
and It Would hr altenddl With the i
gi avret diinget a from tho MJnt of
iriea of eaourlty both for the popu I
iRdtOn and the mRR In the field
The not then pot riTM out thai if
the tit i ... t n m et mm m baa oarrlRd
out Iho dlaarmametil QjRlldtl of Ihoj
treats then- never would have been
the KRrpR iRRUrraOtlOR nor tbe red
army In the Ituhr dlNtrlrt and ro
mat ka thai at 1 1 I cm 4 ' and it at o I
am h an iniliajn in-abte eafegti.ad
thai Rftlole 1 of the Kruno Anglo
m eric an com on t ion ' aa u
i ii1 1 1 r ft- a a- IhOeM SlRpoRltiong in-
Hilffh lent to MHeaii Iho piotectlon of
Kuropo. It cctioludee:
"The al 'tiat on created by tho
abrupt offenaive (f tho Ueiinaii
tro pa In the Ituhr oldlgea the
Krench ROVRfRRElRRl today Io con
rMRR iii Hilary iiieuuiuroo, the naecu -t
u iR ol whnh ca n nut be de Tei red.
The aolc object Of theae mcaauren la
Wing (JerniahV Io due rRepOOt of iho
tii.it v, and they ore axchialvoly of
i ooerOtVi Mini pret ;i titioii.n y 'hat-
! Rater
Hy Mia Aartrtate, I'raaa
I lUeaRKU M HIF. April 6 The d
; vance of ihe releohewohr in th Ftubr
j legion COR tin U OR ami OberhauReRi
liueiinumr and ltiedenc hold were
ie t'upicii todai Only n few hundred
on m in un lata offorod roaleianoe tn tho
OCtoupallnn t 'ummunli itllnn Willi the
oiiupled luMlla have pRRfl ut tff,
Return Ol Switchmen in
Chicago Is Looked
for Quickly.
Oil K' AO i . A pi II fi. A hraak Hi
tho at rlkf of ai vi i ii i hntiMiind ''In -
gufatant" iwltobnton in Uto Chloao
awli'hlng dlatrlit whh pri'dlf-li'd Io
u Ik hi by A I ". Whl'm-v, IftOO pn-m
'lent of thO Urol hi irhOOd of KallWaiV
Train ntin who ooid thai aavaral
hundriil awlhhtni'ii from immy
potntt in ihi- RH44U wiixi arrlvad to
dwy In taki' l,h- plnrra of atrlki'm
Utd that olhrrH wisuld dtrrlva loinni
"Hwli-hniii ins i o ml try to Chi-
t-ago In aU'h nninhfra IhPl I ha hark-!
bono of the ntrilto w" bo brakan
noon," hs aald "Kvory rarhmd, of
atoob that antnfod mo oTnnw ya rfli
will bo promptly hantllfd hy it rj-Mi-rya
arow of union noTttotitnan and
wo OtpOBI tO hava thr ii 00 ld!o 000
motlvoa going m ihori ofdoy."
Thf rlroiliOI'hood or Railway
TrulnniMi, wllh whh h lh ralnnidH
affrrii-d hv working ihi r.nirnta,
hlia flrrlalfrl Um- Milkr Uli'gitl f Ih 1
PO.apOratlhg with rllra,l nf fp'ora j
in affoyta to bring annul a FnvtMp
Hon Of work.
Offtaaro of Mm OhJoadpo ynrOjoaon'aj
HNMOrl'it Ion who rngln'i i''l I h'
walkout, lalmad MmM ft.ooo onrltoh
tin ii a i mi yardman anploifod on 1 1
r a 1 1 road h wr un Ml ilk r I nduy, liut
railroad offloora ptaood nunibar
on I gg .1 ppniximatrlv lMl and
wbllo odmitUna ihai rrright oorvtoo
waa oprrating ,i ?. , p-r rml haala,
attftbutad ('ii- raoUAUon targt-iy 10
vratrrdav'H Hnowatorrn
Tha atrika of f MWlt'-hmrn on
tin- 1 'hp ago J unrl Inn railroad, whl' Ii i
na r vim tnc mIoi k van la pari I y
dftpplad aotlvitloo ai tho parking 1
bouaaa today and hrew u 000 men j
out of nil ploy rni-nr a king llOUOfl
off Irera aa lt thai r.n.fMiO h( ok yard a '
workfri would he- forced Io ulf
work tomorrow if h at rik eon 1
tinuodt 0
Thr- AinoTlrjiM RaJIWay Kxprraa
rnmpany today laaui d an ciTihargo
en fronjnil hlnmnui At Clavaland
ih nw Tori Cantral and Ktokol
I'laV rd.ll road h OOwtod OOtlOOl of an
'in hn i go oil a I . a hip rn rite wet w a i 1
of Ohio point! 1 hat WOtlld n''
handled al Cmloawe, and tbi Obl-
'ago, Mllwa-ukii ,V Ht aul railroad
innaunaad from Milwaukee an ana
baraa on freight hini-d to or routed
throOfH i 'hlrago.
J ohn flninou. preaMoo)! of thf
ardnifiia union, naid tho atrlkfra
wan- willing lo Ofwitrate dlffoioiiooi
if a eommtttoa of ttbrae won from
h i.illriBid w.ih t oiiiit -d
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmtr & Dunn
un i iac mi sis
30n I'll bur III. Ik I'll"..' I 'I
Californian Leads Gen
eral Wood by Large
Leads Democratic Primary
Battle by Slim Mar
gin Over Edwards
McAdoo and Bryan Top
Him on Basis of Early
Returns in Count
Senator Sweeps City by
Heavy Vote Over Rivals
Returns Slow
III ,'HIUI V, ,Y 1 ! -1 iii-
ft "in fOO poatlnoMj mil or t-4ftl in
tin Ntnto at fO I .iidm . mi f'.o i,,h
i.i AA.nnt.
ErarTRCHTi April 6. With parttaii
raiurnO from mora than half ihr
count leg in thn tai tabulated,
i nlted Hiaiag nanator Rlram Hi
Jo h him n had a 1 1 a I nrd a hlg Inul
over Ma tor tlonrail honnard Wood
Im endofWOmont on thr rrpuhllra n
nominee, in yeaterdaye preeldenUal
preference primary Kigurm ftoriT
H4H preotnrla out or 2,4'Jl In the
Job neon, aa.fiTft; Wood. IH.Mfl.
Herbert llqovar and Govern of
IdWWden of Illlnola. wrr engaged In
11 i lnaa raOO for third phur, with tile
flgut'i'H Hhowlug liowdrn 10,013 und
Hoover 1,771.
A rioeo rari' drvnlnpixl In thr dnu
in rallr roiil"Nl, Urn hi i t I lna n
holding g vrry glim margin nvor
fJovernor MdwurdN of Naw Jrraay.
Tin' flKhrra from 337 firrrlnrU
ahowcd :
Koover l.tlti dwawwd a.i70.
tn the Im-umplrte roiuina ihr
fight fnr third platan on thn damn
OnattO tie Oat wag brlwsen fM in'-t
Pee rott r y ol t no Trottniry MrAioi
and William J Hrynn. MrAdoo had
l,l6 ami Bryan l ralmor whs
lh Ihr rrar with. l.fiZt.
i ii nine preolneta out of xtti
in fi in- 4 Mimt y ( I Ml ml I I gtr
.InhiiP'-ii. 12. ki'SJ; Wood. 2,706; J.ow.
den, 911; I loo vet, I.oiii; forgoing,
ifl iimpeon. ill; Lrwledeatar, lie
Nlnrly-four prradn'ta in 'w.im
POUnty rfav for thn grmocratln ran
d I da tog: Kdwgrdn. 1.676; I loovor,
111 . MoAdon, 77; Palmer. If I ,
Hryun, 67).
rfanimae'"' it y rompioio givn
iir imi.iir.ii i u ood I.4f7l John
hiii, 1. 0X1.; llnorr, 1,1):, J; l.om1n.
Ht ; f'riahliiK, V0, r'nlndogtcr. 15,
Hlmpaon, 1,
I hMnooratla
SOU; Hoovoj ,
l. Adoo, 422; nrvan.
1100; Odwandw, Un.
I'm! in i , ::
Wood Ird In lha oarly rrturnn mi
ni tho Wayne eounty iHotrnio voto
cane In, Tin flrat returua from
vVayne ienl lonnoon ahoad urtd
ruily thin morning flgurea from I '.
out of ;iH proolnrla In thr county
gaVI Johnson l u.uuo , Wood 4. 731.
VlgoroiiN ampaigha mado by mov
oral of the oendtdateg and hotly con
toatod tnunlctpal taauoa In nia-rly all
the largrr Olttaa wrr rountrd upon
hy carnpitlgn mauagnra to hrlng
many voU'ia to thr poll.
Confidence in i h ootaoaiS wai
aprogard hy th htrudquarlrra nf
QWV Krnt.k 0 IjOWdeO, i J Hon
Ki'onard Wood and Mrnalora Vtlram
W . Johnaon, all of whom made ra
tnalva campaign toura fx har ro
pauUoan ramlidatra worr Ornria!
I'rrahlng, Hi riator Mllra Polndrilr
and William i. Hlmfaaon of Orttoli
Mrrhort Hoovor'a nimr Appoarod on
hoi h thr rxpuhlirau and il'-mnrnU !
Atlnrnoy O'noral r m r a hr
only domoorat to rmnpaietn thr nirfn
the at aio, tho oOmra namrd on that
tlokot h trig Whl la m Q, W A don,
William .1 Hryan and tiovnim Kl
ward I. I-Mward of Now Jomoy
ogoiii v lefiiM waa th eoatattol
Tha f'-Ma opnod at 7 m m and
wrm to etaoa In tho rural prtolnoai
at 0 and In the Ofttloa al l m
Gtrmant Lot 'UH Men
in Hal tie at Duiabura
l HKIU.IV Al.rll 11 -The jrove. n
'. ..n r. i force. baVS lw .'no rner killeil
In freah flalitin. In Hie trlaiinle
' formed i(y Dulaburf, Dortmund and
I Baaa a, nooordlng i olflolal inCsnas
Hon alven Hie correei. .indent Hi u.
mornlni Ban.pl In llila triangle
.uiet (raduall) i salni ratio fad tn
I the Hulir dlSirlOl
Japs Take V Ind it ontok
Alter Eight Hours Fight
VI.AI'IVf.MTViK. April I l.,4
' neiie lrca.a to lav MOUpt.d Vla.lfT-
oatok after eiht honrj .f aevere
flulillnic in all parte nf HI. .1 y-
Itli. r Cn-el Itinel.c.l
rxjBUQUB, i "u. Apiii I. Tha
...rhl of b. Mlaalaalprrt Nood will h.
ra.hdsd !' ladnV, it u t.eiteved.
alien ii -'I '""I etaue. H.'.-e fe.l
Jovsf flood It vi. u, expei tada

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