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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, April 11, 1920, Final Edition, SECTION-C, Image 34

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STATE TO ASSIST Big Tube Plant With New Addition and Office Building
N. Y. Authorities Will
Show Children How to
Avoid Accidents.
. 1
Films Explaining Caroloss-
ni3 Aro Usutl in Giant
Safety First CumpnlKii.
. .-.impalm rieitiffnod lo rei-h thn
mroltvt penViitrlnii well im the
rcoliiomi ifrlvnr li.m ton IniuiKiirnted
by New York mt miltiorllJi'n In mi
dffort to redueii Hih loll of killed
unit Injur") In mitotnobltn nerblenH
Am i uncelnl nil! In the careful driver
tho campaign wilt liu centered ninoOH
itchool chlldron.
Tho Inllliil effort In the efimpulmi
wnH mmlo recently nt a 'Vufcty flriil
rnllv" of D.riOO Now York Olty choo
chllilrcn, held nt the fniiltol theater,
Jlrnatlway'o now liirgeBt-in-lho-world
movie, limine.
Frnnol M. Hiiro, tho nerrotnry of
itntn of Now York, find other tnnn
prominent In rlvlo life, illneuwwil hp
rldent nvoMnnrn, thdr inrimrkii hup
jilenienllnc tlio iIiowIok ( n
perlnlly prepared fllin, "Cnreltiim
Till picture, drnmn, which detn
nnstriUm in n. thrilling mnnnur many
of tho olementnry principle of uocl
dent (xvoldnnon, virh donated to tho
cnmpalKii ty M. H. l'lruntono, tho
Akron tlrn mntiiifiicltircr. in miili
Imr 11 two Inrgo riutnmobllon woro
wreckod heforo tho ctimern.
ThlH plctlirn 1h to ho Hhown In
Tulna winn. Thn dntn of ltd hIhiw
Intr nnd the allow1 houno In which It
will tin exhibited will ho umioiiuced
In The World,
It -wilt tie dlfplayed throiiith the rf
fortu of thn f'hnrhH l.uklim Auto
Company, dlHtrlbutorn of llrnsiouo
Kirnw lVnncrx XitntU l'lininril In
Or) lug N(Nl of l-nboier
'ill Kosimui.
TOTBICA. 3fnin, lAprll 10
uliortnco of fi,000 farm lfiborc.ni In n
IMMUUtJ"' 11TT 11 1
1 liri mm inn ii, imiii 1 r - -
The. ff.t . j,-..ini' H i ph ii'Triphi
Hkntili of ine lit Tiii.ia r i' to- v if
tho I' H fiiinpi 1 ,. 11 Inn. r Till. !
rumpHiiy, im i ijiilliiK In th" lu'i M
plan prvlil"' r..i a HO find ...Ml
lion to l)n pri'Kclil piuii wild li Win
romplalnil Hnveml muntliH 11 no. Tho
two-ntory office hullitliiR under ron
hi riK-i Inn nmr tho factory nlw In
nIiowii In the photograph.
Willi thn addition to thn plant
completed nnd all department! In
opiiratloti under tho Htiporvlnloii of
A. J. l'unnlnKton, Kmiorn.1 factory
mirupir. the intnpnnv will ultnln n
li; ixiij im . 1 r 1 1 . iir.jihi' tuiii of 4.11 IH'
piiii'iiui' pro if inner tuhn mid I.odu
ritHini'N TIiih (.tpuiiiy will he Kreiit
l Im n-1 hi il whi'ii olhi'r propomid
hrnmli 1111IU In viirloun eertlonfi of
the rnunlry liuKin niiiriufnctiirliiK the
It Ih the ronofliiHUn of opinion of
nil aiitoiiiolille and ruldier limu who
have lliHpeelod the plant on tho Hand
HprlUKN line that no factory In tlu
country Is inoie uiodurn. Tho rne
uhunlual depurtmeritn nrn niulpped
prohlnm Kanwm farmern nrn fucltu;
with tho opetiliiR of xprliiK work, ne
rordltu; to ntn t Imti-n ro;nplld Uy thu
iitatt. dcpiirtineiit of Inhor.
'"Ilin men (ire nttraotHd to rltlen
ly thn li Ik M H iifji H tiidni; paid nil
rlaanwi of lalioreiM," In tho verdlut of
thik ilop'-rtmi'iit In iirooiinllnK for
wlmt I Mild to ho an unprecedented
uliortiiKo of farm workurn, Farm
er nrn wild tn Im hullilliiR tnnnnt
liouaed on their farmn In thn effort
to attract married enuploN In tho
country. Krm handn nrn offered
C0 to JT u month, hoard nnd IoiIk
Iiik with tiumnrmiH other ooncowdons
"thrown In," It wnn wild.
(tiKid .rn for KlddlrH Who Am
l oud of do Cri-iiiii.
rot of llvtni; han hcon dealt an
other Mow.
A Clilraito manufacturer who nup
plhiH Ico ereum coihm Iihh iinnounrod
11 redurtlon In prlrex for Ihu rum
InK Hummer tlint will enuhlo denl
er lo aliHorti thn war tax and Mt 111
fit thn coiiiiH at tho old price of r
cents, or duo Inoert morn leu cruiim
If thn fi rent prlco In rctnlncd,
Co nun thul Hold Innt year nt J7.60
tn !) por 1,000 will wholesale thin
neuaon at ii to JO.
1 1 )ul It red linifl AnlinaH Coninmiid
Kcoird I'rltMTi.
CIIIC'ACIO, April 10 Thn hlRhent
prlriK ever paid for draft homes
lioiiKlit in the open market at Chl-
CltlCAOO, April 10 Tho IiIbIi caco have Jut lieen recorded, nc-
iibbwwiii tmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Hi He Points
W1M1 the latest tpe iji.i.hlnir,
Utilized to riiaiiiif,ic'turi tliet and
iiltii -t and the dent llchtlmt faeilitlen
10 enhalico tho effiin-iu y of lh" eln
ployen. (
"During my experlenco of SB yearn
ti ton rurider liiiHlneiM. 1 have nut
Keen a plant no modern In all Uh
faturen." nld Mr. 1'i'iinlliKtoii yp
teidny. "We are makliiK every ef
fort to Install our maohluery to pre
pare for thn openlnK nt an early
dull). The wile of all the tulicw wo
can manufacture I1114 deou uiwured
cording to Wayne DliiHiuore, neure
lary of the Morse .nn(Klii!lnn of
America. Mr, DlnHinoro wilil thn
putchiiNo uhh made hy 11 eoncern
from Fort Fnlrflelil, Me. wlileli pur-
liimed a cormlKument of hnroeM for
Hhlpmeut to the potato fletda of
Maine. The (ielertlon were deep
hoilled, powerfully built draftern. nv
eraKlnit more than 1,800 poiiiid.H enrh
In weight and conllng moro than
$150 i-ach f. o. li. .'hli-ngo. Upo pair
sold for coiiHldernlily more than
M.OOO. tlond JiiilRea nonxlder thin to
ho thn dent 'carload of draft liorwen
nver dought on tho Chicago mnrkel".
Tho rise In prions for good draft
homos and muleH In nplto of thn ex
iKtciico of mom than 21,000,000
hornoa and almoMt S, 000, 000 mulmi on
farmn, Mr. Dlnnmoro nnld. Indicated
huw agricultural and trannportatlon
needH are growing.
f"i' ini.i 1 1 1 ,r. I d ) of neiv or
id 1 1 an In ir.'t rii 1,1 d wi ri from
nil uvei' 'h" mm 'r
Mi I'r iintiigtoi. h nrtnlll. s ia ton
nectiiiti with ruldu r 1 n 'I uxt r.is in the
United HUti'H have altrilt'led ul'le
attention. The fautnrlea of the I.er
Tiro & Ituhlier Cn. In l'onn) H aula
and the Hruimwlck-Halke company
In Md'hlgati were liullt under hU
NUpervlMloll. lie llllll hllH llll'll
Identified with Johimou A.- .lohimon
and tho llarritt .Manufacturing company.
Chli-ngo'M NotnrlmiH 'IViugli IUck
S I'lnucrs mill Clilldifii.
CIMCAtlo, API il 10 - h'MTT
How," a Mark of Haloou luiek of ttie
utocl.yardn, ome notorlom Mirn.igh
oilt tlio country, Im dlnappcared,
and In lt nlac" reign .hlldiah . ligh
ter and tlio went of flower. Thn
ramnhacklo dulldlngB have been torn
down and on their alien are 11 gar
den playground and two buildings
lined iih 11 nurnery for the children of
mothatn umployed In the stockyards.
ItnrlM'd Wire Imcntor Dies.
HAYWAIlt). Cal.. April 10 John
Calvin Merrill, SI, credited with the
Invention of barbed wlro when ho
viih fnrmlng pear Dubinuo iowii, a
yearn ago. died hero recently
llcllcr II aw Your Name on the Wailing
Lint Than lie Satisfied With an 00
M- Inferior Car." Wfi')
Federal Motor Co. '
Literally speaking, the PAIGE is undoubt
edly "the most beautiful car in America."
But beauty of design is but a secondary
reason for the great popularity of the PAIGE
in Tulsa. For the PAIGE has made good
with every owner in Tulsa, first of all as a
car of efficiency, power, economy and comfort.
The Sedan Model Six "55"
Svicn-l'.ufv-'iiger (tmw-rtlhlo Tjpo
TlK'Si 'h pn fi r ibc lu.ur.. nnd pr i Hon of
il rlOMil oar In tho Htiuiuy winter nioiiths, do
not Mitcrlflrt) the n.vhlllriUlng out-of-duois
freedom of tho open cur In summer.
Uniform Tires Mean
Long Distance Millers
Die tires that are
Geared-to- the-Road
have uniform mileage because
the Miller Tires are built
by men who arc trained to
a championship standard.
See the benefit of this perfection in
structure buy a AH Her at
has become the real trade name for the
PAIGE cars in Tulsa, for well indeed have
these cars withstood every exacting test of
Oklahoma roads, sands, winds and rains.
The famous PAIGE motor, the luxurious
appointments, the serviceability, economy
of upkeep, and comfort derived from a
PAIGE is only found in cars that cost 100
more than the PAIGE.
Arrange for a Demonstration
The Essex Model Six "55"
Soien.l'nHMMiger Touting Tjkj
A !cen-p.ihseiiKf r cur that pIviH real comfort
i alt tll oicupanlH The seats are wider,
lb ep. r and thu kor; Its b.ti.kn arc lughor. softer
than any car of eimul capacity In its field.
1001 South Main Street
gg The Larclimont Model
HH rciur.rawnKcr Sport TjP
H In rower, speed and flexibility, nothing
H moro could bo desired.
Phones Osage 35703571 g
40 East 2nd Si.
Osiinc 5062

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