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VOL. XIV, NO. 200
j Final Edition j
(lovernor Carries Illinois
by Nearly 70 Thous
and Voles;
(ii-iieral Cots Windy City
Women Cast Courtesy Vote
in Primary Contest.
Name Written in on Hal lots
Almost .10,000 Times No
Democratic Contest.
DIM-AGO, Apill 13. Willi
I.I III tun nr .-,l!Mi precincts In tho
lull' ml -liitr. (inwinur Frank O.
I l.nuden lends Ii,v (Itl.'JH:! o(is out
(.(ilCNll I iiiinl Wood, Ills clos.
rt competitor In ,irtcnln's pros
Identlal iirliiiiirj. Senator Illriini
.lohll-oil, mIiom' nil mi' MUM Written
on iiiiiny hnlltils, n-iin riuiiilii
Ihlnl. In 1 ,71111 Cook isiiinty pro
Hurls ho ihiIIimI :l",H(in witr-x.
I'lguios renin 1,311 precincts,
including I.77II III Cook county,
Kim- NimiIcii :MO,3:i:i; Wood I II,.
27 I .
niKWliO, April 13. Gov. F. O.
Lnivdrn carried Ills liomo state to.
il.iv on tho faci or Incomplete uiwf
fl.lal returns In Hie rrpiibllcun pica
ldentlai :rcfcrenco iirlmary. with
MaJ. f If it. Leonard Wood acooml nml
Senator lllriim .lohnson third, his
name bcinB written In by tho voters.
ltctums from -l.'.'Gtf precincts out
nf 5.6ft!) In Illinois gavo I.owden
:n.t.;;3; Wood n,l28 and JohtiHon
3 1 .OSS. These returns weru from
03 counties nut of 102.
(lencrul Wood carried Chicago
and Took county but Oovermir
I.nwden's vote outside Chicago guvo
him it lead which progressed
Only the mimes of Wood and
Louden appeared on the ballot.
Senator .lohiiKon'H strength w.im In
Chicago where imist of his vote ap
peared. There was no routest In the demo
cratic primary, but the names of
more than half u dozen democrats
were written In Ihe ballots In scat
tering returns. Hoover's name ap
pealed on somo republican ballots.
Women east n. cniutesy vote In
in.itiy counties and tn some places
election clerks failed to Kcparute
ai'n and women ballots. The wom
en's vote, however, was ho com
p.untnrly light as not to affect the
"nil and It was divided ,n mueh the
KHine ratio as tho male vote.
Senator Johnson was the only can
didate eAcept I.owden and Wood to
Mmw marked strength, ills piln
ipal ote hi the earlv returns rame
from Chicago, where ho had ir.,llfi.
Ilnover and Harding received scat
tered votes. Democratic returns
ere light, as there were no formal
1 iimlldaies and Included votes for
Wilson, lMwanls, Cos. Hryan, Wul
"u .mil Palmer. Somo Dobs otos
were reporled.
Nearly complete unofficial ro
turns in. Heated the following selee
Imn of district delegates to thu re
publican natloutil convention: For
Louden I!".
No preference, 17.
Ml except one "no preference"
!' R.ites were from tho Chicago
' "i ci essionai district.
In Illinois delegates file their
preference before oloctlon.
TiimulliioiiM Sivncs Mini, Slaii of
Walkout Declared In Prolct
I'm' Political PilMincrx.
IM'UI.IN. April 13.- The general
Mukr declared In Ireland III protest
"ier treatment of political prisoners
a hunger strike In Mountjny
prlKon went Into effect today amid
'iimultuous scenes In tho vicinity of
be prison.
The croud which hail utsrmhled
"utMdf. t10 pilson grew us the day
More ,. ,nt lt enmprlhcil :'0,0nn
persons, among whom threatening
demonstrations oceuired. Three
"inks mid several armored cars, with
lares forcn of liollce and military,
"ere stationed about the Mrucluie.
I" was announced that tho strike,
wlil'h orlgnally-ivus Intended as a
"'ie.Wy celebration, would continue
until the prisnuois were released. All
"bops, public hotp.es and restauralitH
" Dublin are closed and tho hotels'
Mint. No tram cam or traltiH
running, except u few ou tho
reut Northern Ireland railway. Tho
i unrliestown races huvo bean post
poned until tomorrow,
Tho Mrlkn is not In effect In Uel
' and the north of Ireland.
in Dublin and through tho west
'H smith of Ireland, however, bust
In t a slniidHtlll.
Probo Prlco Incro.iM".
"M.AHOMA CITV. April 13
"'vstigaMun of olleged slutrp In
"iCi In prices for food producls
e the acute railroad shipping
'"u.itjoti has dnvrloped is In bo made
' the stale fan- pi Ice cotiiiniHison,
11 . .' .""STi executive secretary
K;id today.
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
WASIIlNflTON. April 11 -former Hn-
Atnr TIlPMllnre lllirlnn ef llhlo w., nmnl. I
imifit ...y to b n eipniljiT uf tho tariff
,1.,VAS,I.,J;"T0N'' A'"" H Murtln J.
'llllim nf M( iip.Hi wan liomlnatpil Io0ir '
by rrralilrnt Wllnon to be mriubcr of
I Hie "hlppliin board.
I roi'MlllA. C, April 1. nemi. i.fi
I ol.jMit.iii by tirombient nluinnl, notably!
tiipiubcra nf lh- American l.fKlnn, Kainoim I
i lii-valrra. prMldent ot tin- Irlnh ropublle.
dbl i).. t tprak at the Unlvtrilty of South
OMAHA. Neb.. 1 April 13. A !,o I
PtfvniH, ballnnn tprt nt Kort OmnliM, I
ntihftutirrd tmlav ihnl ih rrnn r n(...
frMor Jiavld Todd of AmhcrM collrffft to
illfnal Mar from titcvftia bulloon will t
tnUo April 33.
KANHAH CITY. April 13. A petition for
a recelvorlilp for the Orthwrln-Matchotto
company, denier In bonds and atocki, was
filed In the federal court here late today.
Th petition hIiowh th compuny'v llablll
tlen tn be $312,997.97 and tho usaets aa
N'liW YOHK. April 1.1 Allan A. Ilyan,
chairman of the Htutz Motor Car com
pany, rralicned today from the New York
Mock eicliahtto ami at-runed member nf
the board of trotertiurtr of belntf ahort In
Htutz mock. tradliiK In which was ana
lrndd by tho eichango when the price
hltyrnfiketed, .
l.ONUON, April 11. Aclln Ird Mayor
O'Neill of Dublin and HUh Kherlff Mc
Waltrr appealed Ineffectually today to
John W. Uavla. tho American arnbaaaador,
after they hMd failed to peraui.de the
Ainorh sn ronaitl at Dublin to intervene for
the Irlih hutttjer atrlkers.
WAHlMNOT)N. April If. Deportation
nf 3)0 ot the 3 000 persona arrested In
tho radical ml. la made by the depart
ment nf Justice neatnat the communist
and comtnuntat labor part lea eeveral
tnontha afro has been ordered, th- de
partment uf labor announced today.
DAbUS, Texas. April IS -Governor
V 1. Hobby, who nrrUed here today
from WashlnKton, where he appeared ho
fora tho horticultural bard, declared
that he would tall u ppcctal sit1on of
the Texan lepiaUturo about the middle of
May to deal with the pink boll worm alt
uattnn -
AVAItSAW, April IS. A pronounced vic
tory for the Jden over tho bolshevik! on
the southeaatern front was reported by the
general staff today After several days
flirhtlnp a bolahvvtkl division was put to
fllcht and mitre, than a acorn of machine
truna, with much fcooty, were captured by
the Poles.
DllI.INf. April 13. Two of th pris
oners In Mount Joy prison huvc been re
leased because military authorities de
rided not to protferute them, One was a
hunger atrlker. bub It Is offlclully de
clared this wait merely Incidental and
does not affct the orlKlnal attuatlon.
i:r. PA HO, Teias7Aprll 13. The Amer
ican ronnulate, here Uun bfen advised of
tlrlallj, li wan annnunri lute today, that
! rreaitlrnt I RrraiiXft ol Mrsiro hwa received
I teltKrama from the Riuornnrn nf the Mei
) lean etates of TamaiiMpas. Slnaloa, Jullaco
I and (Iimna Junto, Ktu tliiK that they are In
full accord with the central Ruvernment.
rilllllti;, H. D April 13. Tha compile
i official count (J tli" vote cjt In the
general primary Virellon of Houih Dakota,
March 21, aa announced by the aecretary
of state, (,'Iipm tho following f luurf-a for
republican presidential endorsement; Poln-dr-xter,
1.M4, .tohnnon, $,301, louden,
:C.96I . Wood, SI. -'65.
I AMi;itON(ii:N. April 13 Former Km
j prrtm Autrititn Victoria made a trip to
i Doom yesterday and Inspected the new
1 reetdence belntf built for heiself and tho
former kaliter. AlthouKh Auustn Victoria
hfc1 been troubled with a heart aliment
mr mnn iiiidiiif, ii i vmini iht niii-
illtlon is not considered immediately ncrl
oua. - -
ASHINOTON. April 13.- After n run
ferrncn today with Henutor Lodgn of
MaiwurliunettM, tepreantatl e Montlrll of
U' onilnc the reittibllcaii leader In tho
houe, aald be believed ronsreaa would
adjourn June i AM appropriation
me,iuri will be ready for approval by
Ma 15, lie aald. and other Important
pending IrnUlitlnn will tm dlnpoicd of by
June I
IM,AH. Teins. April 13 Threo enm
patiy nfftrlats und two other men asso
ciated with the Idttle Motor Kar com
nan, which vvas placed In recehershlp
lHat Friday, wrre remanded to Jail this
afternoon for preliminary hearing next
Friday on charKca ot ualnr; tho malls to
defraud. v They were unnble to irlve the
126,000 bajl demanded of each.
HIHMINOIIAM. AH., April 13. Master
plumbers uf DtrinlnKham urn required to
furnish chauffeurs to drive- union plumbets
to and from work and tho chauffoitrs
are not permitted tn do any plumblntr
work, according to ftndlnrs of a com
mittee nf allied civic clubs which Inves
tigated the i event demand of the union
men for a wai:o of 1 2 a day.
llOFSTON. Texas. April 13. The flulf
Pipe company announced an advance of
f.Oc fD mastal crude, effective tills morn
ing, carrying th prlco to $3 per barrel,
other companies operating In the ooaatal
fields aio expected to meet thu advance.
Prrmiumi over tho pouted price nf f2 60
buve been paid by many purchasers for
Ncvcral da) a past.
HOT HI'UlNOe5. Ark April 11 Warn
ing the tteleitaleH that unlenH better bu"!
peHN inethodH were uved In spending
money for highway Improvement, that
th Hentlnietit would ewlng In opposition
for hard aurfaced roads, upcakers at the
ti , u..almi ..f Ibn tfnllf.l
HlateM lood (triads aaanclatton. urged
i action tj be taken to touscrvt alt fund
(or thai purpose.
KANHA8 (MTV. April 13. Resignation of
lit. Haywood lUgerman from the presi
dency uf the Oklahoma (lulf railroad
i was aninunced by JudHre Mlllam -. Hook
during the hearing today of the ouster
petition filed by the. Fidelity National
Hank A Trust t'o. agalnat tha recehers,
1 Jlrettors und attorneya for the road. Judge
Hoi.k m. hi the resignation had been hand-
I ed In "some time ago."
' NHW YOHK. April 11 Mors than
, u fclrh. imlay InauKurated li.u Is
osrled t be a grat Influx f Immlgranir
from Ireland. Tho girl. most if whom
'arrived on the steamship Hsttlr, wont to
the h'-mes of friends or relatives here
and Itn Anthony Ornpan of the HoniP
,of Irish Immigrant tllrla S4ld their ar
rival would help ! cliff h tlioj ilnmestlr
scr ant nhort.ign.
! TUlTwEAfhlCR
TIM.H. "I!".. April 11 Minimum, Mi
nilnlinm". :i4 meuh Unl. rlmr.
OKI.AIIOM Wilnfluy pMly elnudy.
Trarinnr In cot nml noulh orU"n, Thiir,.
ilay rlnmlv. roelir In nerthwr.l porllim.
LOUISIANA. WritneUy fair, riPinK
tnni,',tur. TliursiUy I'.rlly rlouJy,
AltKANHAS Weitnwitay fair, warmer;
Thurpiluy partly dnuiH' ii cluuity weather,
wprei" In ' purlleii
:Ar ti:xh vlnrly paitl
cleleU w -rn er Tl iiriiUy c Icurtv
Wl."i 'I I X H ViInty full mild
lrniirrtDre riiiirf Uy fl' rooltr In 'ho
I'm titinPr
KANHAH Vmr WcrtnMilur wrmer In
! riion. Tliuinlay unaetllcd an.l
Kobei'Lson Wants Votci
in August on Now j
Road Proposal.
AMOUNT $75,000,000
.Increased Cost of Labor and
Material Responsible for
Increased Sum.
Meeting of Road Advocates to
Ro Called Soon to Pre
pare Petition.
Plans for tho resubmission ot u
Kl.ite-wldo bond Issue for Kood roadu
are being contemplated by (lovernor
Ilobcrtson,' he unnnunceii today
Duo to the Increused cost of labor
nml materials since tho iiuc.stlon was
submitted to the pooplo before, thu
Kovernor believes that the Issue now
Jihould be for $"."1,000,000
Kathur than put the matter beforo
tho next session of tho legislature
and have discussion of thu project
occupy sovrrul months In debate tho
Rovernor sukkcsIs that thq Issue bo
niado the subject of mi Initiative
J'bins proposed Include tho calllfig
together of u number of Ihu most
prominent road boosters of the state.
Tho governor said ho may nslc such
a gathering to recommend the bond
Isbuo and prepare tho petition. Tho
governor today gave lt ns Ills opinion
that tho Iksuo would now carry with
a largo majority throughout tho
state, IX submitted to u vote nt the
August primary,
Tho governor said his policy was
for tho st.ito to build good roads us
nKaln.it tho county unit plan and that
ho will speak beforo the 1'nlted
States (lood Ito.ids association con
vention at Hot Springs. Ark., thli
week in support of his position. Me
pointed out that counties that voto
bonds for roads turn the money over
to the state tinder Ihe present ar
rangement and tho money In spent
under state supervision and tho
counties ale apparently sotlifloil.
A movement Im under way now In
Oklahoma to get n federal road
fund appropriation to match tha
proposed Htnto Issue of tho amount
ral5cd by tho various rountlcs, tho
governor wild.
It was not Indicated when the
movement for a state-wide ro.id
bond Issife would be made.
Clilcngi .Mnn SiicsyoiIs Dickinson In
Chnrgnof Iteil Ither Ituitnilary
Dispute Numcit hj Court,
WASHINGTON. April 1 .1. Fred
erick A. Delano ot Chicago was ap
pointed today by tho supremo court
us recelNer in the lied Itlver valley
nil land controversy between Okla
homa und Texas.
Jacob M. Dickinson, former secre
tary of war, who first was appointed
receiver, (Inclined to servo becauso
of Ill-health.
The appointment was announced
by Chief Justice White at a hastily
assembled special session of court,
which Is now in recess until Mon
day. Court iitlaches ronld not re
call a previous time when a recess
hud been similarly Interrupted.
Under the court's order Mr. De
lano will tnko aharge ot the con
tested oil lands within 30 dajs lifter
furnishing $100,000 bond and will
operate, oil and mb wells now In ex
istence. He also will be permitted
In open new wells
Proprietor of Wagon Ynrit Kills
Pnlnin (Her IIiisIikvss Deal,
lly Ap.oclated Prrim Htatn Wire.
IlUtlO. Okla.. April 13 A.
Parker was killed hero today fol
lowing an alleged quarrel with Joo
Miner, proprietor of the Hugo wagon
yard, ovur a business transaction,
Parker Is said to have cut Miner
In several places. Minor, who claims
to lm. unarm, ts mild to have
been given a gun by bis son Miner
gtlc himself up to 'he sheriff.
Senator (lore Will Open
II 18 Campaifjn TonifIU
I .Senator Thomns P. (.lore will come
to Tulsa today and at Convention
hall at 8 o'clock tonight will open
his campaign for reelection to tho
senate. Ho will iIIscunh hla rela-
, tlonnhlp politically to Urn govern
ment and thu present administration
land diiflmi the Ikmiuh between htm-
self and the other two candidates
from his standpoint. Senator Ourc
Is u pleasing speaker, and wbcilu r
one ngirrH with hint or not his ad
diess tiirlglit will bo entertaining.
Starting from Tulsa he will make u
seritk of spec lies over the stute un
less duties call him back to Wash-
New Alcohol Found
by Chemists Is Used
to Replace Gasoline
SI" I.OI.IS, April 13. Discov
ery of a new abohol, made fiam
wood and usable as giuln alcohol
and in a mixture for a gasoline
substitute, was described today at
the convention of the American
Chemical society. In session hern.
I'rofoBsor Ralph 11. McKco ot
Columbia unlcisll, New York,
explained the new liquid and ex
pressed tho belief It would reduce
the Rout of operating automobiles.
Thu alcohol, ho explained, Is ob
tallied from tho sugar In waste
fioni the manufacture of pulp,
and, mixed with kcronon und
benzol, tonus a substitutes for gas
oline. Thin mixture, he amplified, doos
not form carbon in the cylinders
and affords moro mileage to n
gallon than gasoline. Professor
.Molvee Hold It hud been usod suc
cessfully In Norway and Sweden
mid that ho believed lt could bo
niunufueturod in this country
cheaper than gasoline.
About In. 000, (100 pound of imlp
waste nei tiimiUto u a day, Pro
fessor Mi lu'ii assorted, and ap
proximately one-fourth of this Is
the suijar from which the alcohol
Is derived Tito alcohol Is almost
Identical u.tb grain alcohol, ho
n. .,... -n..... A
UllStei' Proceedings Are
l.','l,wl A..,:.,L.I rf:.:.,l
riiiiu xigrtiuoii wii,iui
Aiding llowat
Eighty-Nine Reported Idle
Few Men at Work Lead
ers Arc Called in Court.
TOPIIKA, Knn., April HI. Ountor
pioceedlugH nguinst II. Clint Webb,
sheriff of Crnwfonl county, were
filed In tho supreme court tonight
by J. (1. Ilunklti, aailMtant attorney
general of Kansas. Wchh'ii suspen
sion on five (luyn notice, pending
final determination of tho ouster
Milt, also IS'tiskcd. Tho supreme
court will hear arguments on the le.
ipiest for suspension tomorrow morn
ing. .Sheriff Welib Ih charged with
wilful misconduct In office and wll
1 ii I neglect of duty In connection
with tho speech matin by Alexander
llowat, president of Ihe miners'
union, mid other union officials, to a
ciowd before the Crawford county
Jail yesterday.
Tho charge setn forth that llowat
referred toiSjovcrnor Allen as "that
skunk," and made an attack upon
Ihn industrial court law, all In the
ptcsonco of tho nherlff, who "inadn
no attnmpt to stop liny of thoui, hut
approved tho entlro proceeding nnd
wus n party to tho planning thoreuf."
PITTSllt'ltli, Kan., April 13.
Fourteen of 17 officials and mem
bers ot district No, 14, United Mine
Workers, summoned to testify bo
fort, thu KansiiH Industrial relations
cunt I, failed to appear.
Announcement was madn tonight
that bench warrants, for their arrest
would bo Issued tomorrow by DIs
trhl Judge A. .1. Currun, who last
Friday sent Alexander llnwiil, pres
ident of the district union, and ihelr
threo other officials to Jail for con
lonipt of court for refusing to testify
beforo the industrial tribune, Tho
strike of tho district miners ap
proached the 0u per cent Idleness
mark today, the official roport of tho
Coal Operators' association listing
SD mines us Idle, five nhnvuls mid
four deep mines were In oprratlon,
and six shovels with crews operated
In tho atrip mines.
Hull Department of lYileiallun of
Labor Attacks Yard Walkout.
Kiinsus City, April HI lly resolu
tion adopted Into tonight, tho
biennial convention of tho railway
depaitinent of thu American Federa
tion of Ixibor condemned thn "In
surgent" bwitchmun'H strike und
urged all members of Its affiliated
organizations to rcfusu to ill any way
support the walkout. ,
The convention, which represents
700.0(10 members in eight railroad
crafts. al.o Indorsed Piesldent Wil
sons appulhtmcni to the labor
board on behalf of labor and de
clared their belief that tabor could
confidently expect Justice through
the law creating tho hoard ami
safely leave- their grievances to thn
I satisfactory method for financing tho
Eitthl AmeriCdllH DrOWn inoldlciH' relief bill favored by tho
I " , American Legion has been found by
i hxplOHWn (li l(WannlUw ways and means commltteo nt
, , , the house of rcpresentntlvea and tho
HAVANA, April 13. Klght Anier
lean sailors wore drowned In Mniru-
nlllo hnibor today when an rxplo-
Hlon Hit fire to the launch In which
l thev were riding, iceordlng to a
UlCHKuge to the Cut' in war depart
mem from I.b uli n.ini ItoslHo, s'a-
tloned at Munxunlllo. The name nf
the ship to wlm Ii 'ho men belonged ucHtlon or u cush bonus, tho trio
und oilier details ure lucking. gram stated.
Improvement Noted in
West but Spreads in
Other Sections.
Greater New York IStnployea
Refuse Overtures at a
Mass Meeting.
Federal Agents Seize Six
Leaders Charging Interfer
ence With Mails.
NCW YOJtK, Apiil 13. Intercut
In the nation-wide strikes of rebel
lious willkuis, which appealed to be
subsiding west of Chicago whliu
spreading sporadic-ally In the uunl,
(entered tonight In Washington.
While official ontlmutcn ucio lack,
lib', the number of pinions nuule Idle
bj the strike directly and Indirectly,
runs Into hundreds uf thousands.
Ill Ohio, 100,000 poisons were re
porled out of work today, with In
dustilal plants In mauv sections con.
tinning to suspend operations, m tho
'UntrlctM mound Scranton,
Pa., K,,000 mine workois havo been
lUlle threo days.
j Tho main battle ground of the
iKlilke, which centered several d.ijs
I In the middle west, switched today to
wio casi MiriKets ot gteater New
York, whose ranks were augmented
today, tin iiilmuusly rejected nil over,
lures of peace, at a mass meeting In
Jersey Cl'y tonight. Further compll
ciitluun cainu through ii HtiilJ.i of
2,000 I'eniMJivanla ralhoad rthof.
workers In Trenton, N. J nnd in
ports of uniest among other uillroad
nhupmen In the district.
IIoih. foe lliinriltcillcMl.
Kallioad ufflolals here, whllo ad
milling tho gravity of the situation,
exprchfeil hope tomorrow would
show an Impiovemcnt In tltu dc
moralli'ed freight anil passenger
servlco here. They based their op
timism on the, Increasing volume of
offers of volutilccrH to man Ihn
Thus far nttenipls of the strlkeis
to spread the Mtlkcs to tho street
railway Iiiicb havo been unsuccess
ful. The first positive act of federal In
tervention was reported today from
New Orleans, where department nf
Justice agents raided n strikers
meeting and arrested six leaders on
federal warrants charging Ihcrn with
Inlerlerlng with the malls.
There was a growing alarm of
tdinilugc of perishable food and
coal In the east, especially In ami
mound New York, but shipments
continued to arrive, though with In
creasing Irrogulurlt).
At Waxlilnglon.
.Striking employes In tho Polomao
freight yards nnd at the passenger
terminal decided Id return to work
nt midnight leaving their dimuud.s
to the railway labor board for ad
justment Passenger service on tho Plttnhugh
& l.'ik- Kile lallwuy suspended today
by a strike of trainmen, will be re
sumed early lonioirow. Mild it it offi
cial statement given out tonight by
(1. II. Hlnes, vice president of tha
llrotlierhood of Hallway Trainmen.
llctween 7T. and 100 car repairers
on the lllg Four railroad here went
on strike at ColnmbuB, Ohio, tonight
In sympathy with the switchmen.
Irfiynl railroad employes sold this
strike would prevent Inspection of
any cnrn.
Tho Pennsylvania railroad com
pany tonight ngreed to a proposition
nifldn by Ihe bomil of mediation am
arbitration of the stale department
nf labor and Industry to have the
railroads' general munogciH meet
representative, of tho strikers pro
vided they can speak for nil the men
who are not working and that rep
icsentiitlves of the brotherhood
shall also tin permitted to be present
Additional passenger trains wore
cancelled by some railroads today
and freight service wan so badly
crippled only a few cars of food wro
moved Into the city No non-porlsh-utile
freight wan moving
Tho strikers announced confer
ences would be held tomorrow be
tween tho executive committee
chiefs of the railroad brotherhoods,
tho mayor of New York, the Now
York health rommlBsloner and the
mayor of Jeisey City
Haw: Choice of Hoiiiih, Land nr IMu
ration, llarrcld Wires,
lly AP( iil l'rr.i. Hll Wlrr.
hill will lie reported favorably to tho
house vrry soon, according to u tele
gram n reived today by Howard II.
Hopps, commander of tho Oklahoma
t'Hy post of the legion, from Hep
resenlutlvu J. J. Ilarrebl.
i Tho bill provides for thren fornix
of relief, tin soldier to hae his
cholco of a homo loan, vocational oil
Union Chiefs Fail to End
Strike of Yardmen Here
Four Leaders From Muskogee Meet With Mid
land Valley S trikcrs Chairman of Frisco
Engineers to Arrive Here Today Sixty-
l five Mn Stilil Out Situation Unchanged
Kffuils of four union lemUrs from ,
(ho Muskogee liraiiilat let u of the
Midland Valley railroad fiktled last
nlglil to put an end to the strike of
i Ihe 10 arilmeii In Tulsa. J'.luhteen
I of the local men met lust .night In
the Thlnl street yard off Ken at
o'clock. Thn meeting brolr.u up at
about 10-30 o'clock whom Harry
Clark, leader, of tho strlkn r. pre
vailed upon tno men to remain out
despite appeals from thn .Muskogee
delegation to go buck to Lhelr Jobs
ponding a nclthunuiit through the
regular grloanco coiiinillten of the
llrotlierhood of Hallway Trainmen.
A. A. Ilatvey. assistant Hiipurlii
lendenl of the Midland Valley yards
In Tills, was nut at tile 'meeting.
I le has refused to deal with thn
strikers since tho sudden, walkout
late Holiday night. The (Muskogee
delegates Will 11 t with il'e 1"'I
jaidtnen again nt 11 o'clock till"
mottling In u final effort tut end the
strike In Ihe Midland Vaf,l-y yards.
Thn delegates urn F. M. Anderson,
conductor; tleorge Nolsont conduc
tor; II. C. Flitch, Mlilhur.1 Valloy
ehairmati of the or ic. -i;., unu i;.
Mao Alexander, vice ehalriix.in of tho
II. of It. T.
I. eo Uallard, nupcrlntoli(Vnt nt tho
local terminals, attended (ho meet
ing, but left shortly after It opened
when It became apparent that till
iigictneiit was liupinhutilo.
II. F. Cooper, general cUilnnan of
the Urotherhood of Itullviay Hllgl
noers on tho Frisco rallio.nl, will nr.
rive In Tulbii from Kansuii City thin
morning In an effort to prdvntl upon
the. r.'l or mote strikers on that road
to lelurn to work, Frank i'. luw,
terminal superintendent, said lato
last illnbl.
Meantime, thn local situation re
mains practically tho sainr as yrs-
Open Shop Candidate
Beaten in Ot'innlpee
lly Aui'i Intel PrrKa Htaln Will I
OK MCI. (IKK, Okla., Aiptit 13 -Judge
Oilalido Hwulli wiiiil re-elected
mayur of this city today following u
hot fight In which thn open shop
entered the campaign Hwnin was
opposed by Harwood Keiilon, a local
oil man. Tho voto wiim: Hwulli,
1.2X11, Kenton, 1,171. Mayor Swain
leceived tho support of Ulbor, while
open shop ' udherenla supported
Surplus Supplier .Mndo AlalJnh!c by
War Department li Itellevn
Shortage Ciiued by. Strike.
WASHINGTON. April 13. Sur
plus supplies ot froze fi l.euf, canned
i oast beef mid bacon which the war
department has in stnrugii in u Hcoro
of railroad renters wern made avail
able today for ime In riillevlng tiny
serious food shorlugo reuniting from
tho railroad strike, Tho .department
advised state nnd munl(ial authori
ties that thn supplies wuiild be avail
uhlij at the warehouscn on appli
cation. Included in tlm eltloi In which
large supplies nf meats, are stored
aro New York, lluffitlri, Chicago,
Cincinnati, Cleveland, lindlaniipolla,
Atlanta, llnltluiore. Newport News,
N w Orleans, Philadelphia, San An
lonlo, San Francisco, KU I. mils and
"Tito offer of IIki iir depart
ment, the official ajiinouncumcnt
s,iid, "W not restricted to tho com
munities tn which the .supplies ato
Im ated, inn It Is made generally lo
the American publlr. Co minimi Men
adjacent to storage points ure In
vited to take advantage of this
Church .Men Confer on Plan to
I'ltltc Kendall ami l'rosieil
MethiMlNt I'lilterslly in i'ul-Ji.
L'lilou of Kendall col) ego and thej
Methodist university In lie estali-I
Hulled In Oklahoma wCO be coiiiUI-
I rrcd at a conference In. this c'ty to-
morrow of Dr. James. A. Chirke,
i generul secrelary of l.h.i board of
I education of tho Pieshytiii-itin
I church; Dr. Htouowiilll Andoraon,
general secretary of tho board of
education of tliu Method 1st ICplscopal
ehureh, Hiiutli, and lllshap I;. D.
Motion. Iloth Doeturf Clarke- and
Doctor Anderson llvo In Nashville.
Doctor Clarko will pneot the exe
cutive committee of tlm bourd of
trustees of Koiidall vollega at -o'clock
tomorrow aftt rnoon for a
dlscuHkloii of the futunu of, Kendall.
Doctor Clarke Ih the fUthor of Hev
llobert II. Clarke, ikicsIoi' of the
College Hill Community church
Krnurdv Hprrlu" 11.01).
Krl.'l liaiu aliak, luiuilr)' aray ramtlrd
aHpft pntatiiea, unrn frttticra Krren praa,
f. to 9 p v tiprn 9 p. In. to 1 u, ni, fur
tUan'ini; lloud inualc Uriii.ecly tttatauraut.
terday, flow snld. Thern with 21
men working nil night last night and
Ihn same nirnbrr snitched curs nil
day yesterday.
Th. striking b'tlseo wilelirneli
met In C.u' pouter's hall yesterday
afternoon, but efforts of nou-strlk-Ing
union men to address Ihn gather
ing, wern fruitless. No efforts havo
been inadn by thn strikers to ob
tain n settlement, the railroad offi
cials stating emphatically that nonn
of thn strikers hnvn ntlciuptod to
communicate with them.
There nro three crnw.i working
In shlftn on the one Knty switch
engine In Tulsa nnd the regular
erewH urn at work on the Hanta, Fe.
About Kfi men nro out altogether In
tho city.
Although no change was mndu In
the e.nliarito on outgoing freight
oer thn l'-rlsco, a modification la
probable (lining Ihn next two or
three days, (low said. At present,
tho men at work urn able to band In
nil the freight coming In nnd the
switching between local tracks, hut
mi additional burden ot outgoing
cars would handicap tho forCo now
at work, ho added.
All switchmen on tho Hook Island,
Hanta Fn nnd Frisco railroads struck
this afternoon, following a meeting
of the local swltliituen's union. A.
P llolman, president ot thn union,
said the men wero not striking In
sympathy with the general move
ment, but because their wages wera
nut sufficient to meet living coals.
Ml'HKOOHi:, Okla., April 13.
The stilkn of local switchmen c.uno
In mi end today when the 30 men
on the Knty returned to work.
Eight Hundred Soldiers
at Juarez on Way
to Seeeders.
New "Republie" Takes Steps
to Fortify Pass Against
Carranza'a Forces.
KI. PASO, Texas-, April 13. J'.lRht
hundred federal troops arrived at
Juarez, opposite, hero, tonight, on
their way to Honorn, where an Indn
pondont rrpubllu hnn been set up
by (lovernor do la Hunrta and stale
Thn troops, all Infantry, tindor
command of Colonel Cox, It was an
nounced tniilghl, will leave tomor
row at S o'clock over tho Mexico
Northwestern railroad for Casas
(Iruudos, III miles southwest of
here. From C.uas (irundeH they
will march overland lo Sonoru, their
objective being Aguu Prleta, opposlto
nuugius, Arizona.
NOOALKS, Arlr... April 13,- ficn
era I Curb. Plank, first assistant to
Oeneral Calles In command of forces
of the new 'republic of Sonorn," Is
taking steps today to fortify Pul
plto Pass, gateway from Chihuahua
to Sonoru which a few hundred men
inn hold against large army. Son
ora aiithorliKii assert tboy have re
ceived definite assurances from
Chihuahua Hint state military will
tefuso to attack Sonoru.
Itrfliiilig HmpUijo l,ncs ,lfo Ip ,
Auloiilohllo Accident,
Spai Ul ti The Wnrlii
PONCA CITY, Okla., April 13.
Waller McP.irland, ago 21, an em
ploye of the Umpire Itoflulng com-'
pany here, was Instantly killed In
an automobile accident last night
when a car In which ho was riding
Willi seveiul others ran off of a
eulMUt on tho road from Ponca City
to Newklrk, throwing McFarlund
somo distance and striking his head
against a rock. Ho was a former
service man and hi brother, Hoy
McFuiiund, died in the servlco In
11 ofan Will Report
at Legion Meeting
Horace II. Ilagnn, stato com
mander for tho American Legion.
will mako a report on ihe national
l executive committee held In Wash
ington March 22 2 1, tonight at the
regular meeting of tho legion All
1 members nre uiged to be present us
1 tho report Is of interest tn all.
i Prayer Meetlpf Tonight.
Evidence Accumulates
at Washington From
Federal Probe
Wilson Calls Session to
Consider Formulation of
Government Policy.
President Appoints Mem
ber Provided for by
New Rail Measure.
Direct Participation and
Propaganda of I. W.
W.'s Is Uncovered.
WASHINGTON, April 13. Evl-
denco ot tho activity of I. W. W,
toward Incltlpg nnd maintaining thn
unauthorized railway strike continue
to accumulate at tho department of
Juntlco and officials admitted tonight
that they naw signs of an attempt to
expand the rail strike Into one phase
of a world revolution.
Itepnrta from flold agent reri
not an yot comploto enough tn per
mit determination of the govern
mout'n course. Attornoy (lenoral
Palhier rnld no announcement on to
tho governments plans was to tin
expected boforo tomorrow at tho
Assistant Attorney General 0r
van said tho department lian evi
dence of help for the strikers being
sent from Canada, tint did not know
tho extent of this movement. Thn
f. W. W. tip, ho wild, had toeon traced
from Canadian boundary cities to in.
rlous trouble centers hero. Their
principal efforts seemed to bo In
break the ranks ot loyal shop -work
ers, reports said.
Tho question of the flourcn of the
funds with which the strike Is being
carried on hus presented tho most
difficult problem. Thus far agents
huvo succeeded In determining only
that sufficient money Is available to
finance tho movement nnd to con
tlnun tho spread of tho "one big
union" doctrines. It Is believed,
however, somo of this money was
furnished by groups formerly con
nected with llio communist and com.
munl.il labor parties, ilgalnst which
thn government conducted raids lasf
President Wilson today Issued a
call for his cabinet to moot tomor
row. It will bo thn body's first offi
cial session slncn Mr. Wilson's west
ern speaking tour, during which lie
wnH tnkon III, nnd tho strike sltua-
tltiu was understood to navo
prompted tho call. In somn quarters
It wan thought an announcement on
tho government's courso would fol
low tho meeting.
It win announced nt the wnitn
hooso that tho cabinet officers would
iiusembln In ttin president's study in
stead of meeting In tho executive
The president also sent to the sen-
nto today nominations nf the nine
men representing ompioycrs, em
ployes mid tho public, whom ho has
selected to compose thn labor board,
provided under tho transportation
net tn deal with railway labor dis
putes. Those selected i
ltcprcHentlng the public: Rcnrgo
W ilatignr, Washington D,
Henry Hunt, Cincinnati; It. M. Har
ton, Tennessee.
IteprcKouUng railroad corpora
tions; Hofuce llaknr, J. II. Klllott
nnd William U Clark.
Representing employes; Albert
Phillips, A. O. Wharton and Jnmcs
J. Forrester.
Mr. Hunt, one ot the public rep
Try to Hall Sale of
Woodward Parle Tract
Court proceeding!) WUI probably bo
Instituted soon by Miss Helen Wood
ward to prevent thn salo by the tlty
ot soven acres of W'oudward park for
the announced purposo or securing
funds to beautify tho rest of the
Miss Woodward stated yesterday
that she sold the land tn tho (it
specifically for park purposes and
under the contract If usod for other
purposes tho tltln would revert back
to tho original owner.
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Fanner & Duran
1103 Palace llldg. I'tiono 151

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