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Final Edition
VOL. XIV, NO. 202
Troops Fight Way Into
New State in Initial
Carranza Soldiers Arc Leav
ing Command in Wild Dis
order Reports Say.
Saving of Agricultural and
Mineral Lands Object of
Sonora Forces.
Bj The Aun Uted Press.
AOI I'lUKTV, Sonora, Aim il 15.
Mllltarj fori i h of the "new republic
of Sonnr i, h.ivc rrosaed tho ktale
Jino Pf Sinnloa, captured two towns
And are continuing toward Culluc.iti,
capital of ,tln neighboring state
tb.H taking the aggressive In the
tMe's fight against tho Carranza
government of Mexico.
Kl Kterta. one of the most Import
Mil mining camps of Sinnloa, about
15 miles from tho Sinalou-Sonura
boundary and San Bias, a railroad
Junction point, have fallen to th"
Sonora fnecs, according to official
Information received here. Iteporth
that tlx ither stiles had joint d
forefB with the Sonora movement
tfalnst Capnnza remained uncon.
llrmcl tonight. It was known that
(itfnts and sympathizers with the
ronora movement were active
throughout tho republic accklng aid
Pronrw Dorrllng.
Sonora trflclals declared today
thit CUrranza troops In Slnaloa Iti
'MM numbcts arc Joining the Sonora
forcus.' It albo was reported thiu
the commander and crow of tb"
two Mexican gunboats, (Jucrrero und
Ch!apM, den rted to th Sonora
irovfmrtvt and planed both vessels
t tho disposal of General P. Kline
Call. rnmniandnr-ln-chlef.
litpotts to military head((uartt
here contained Die Information that
rreldcnt Carrnnz.i plans to semi
thousands nf troops again! Sonoi-
In an effort to put down the uprls
lug. Leaders of the movement de
c:red that bv this plan a new tovo
lutlon had been born.
Mnro than .".0n0 troeps nlroad.v
hnve entered slnaloa, it was suid. and
imonj tnese Ir a large command or
f J-ly eq-ilppicl Ynqul Indians who
dre concerted to he unions; the hem
(oldlers In Mexico. Oter troops
)fe be 1 r, tj rushed n the Slnaloa
fo'f .Hid to cuard tno line between
th two Mat i
lonor.i troops are matins along
thjs. border to force the fighting In
fc'lnalo.i in order to have the great
trlcultiirHl, mineral and Industrial
treamrrs In Sonora.
Pour hundred troops nrr- expec.
fd here tonight from t'in.inca i
"nw'riif lb" lefrr.se of Agu.i
I ino dislrl.'t between here
f.rd I'ulr.m through wl.ieh it
n renortrd. CirrHmw Intends "i.l
Int a i urav llt() till dlstrlil. Theie
re than '.no Sonora troops nl-
Jfad' i .M,.netl In th- pass anil rem
i"i emeti. re being sent ncte,
nine IKsert.
Mwur. tie.iiiirirtei nt Hcrmoelllo
Jliniiifi - i today that lieiieral Arnill
fo i. oi . r uho for several veins has
J1'' " .Pi. ind (.f Mexlian fed-Mai
t i' ' " ' state of San Luis I'ot
e'l 'ad irrttrd with tin federal
f'm Tiid dtriircd himself agalnf
' lrni.i xi. aiiiiunc ' nieiit had
PPrn Ki .-1 P.I I,.- K.innr.i offlilnK.
1 1 1- i i,d i 'V r ; i : ti:s
" lie tompelUil to hiirvnil Pub
'leiitloti Due lo Paper Sliorlago
I hleago PaMT SisMinls.
N'-U ui;k, April IS Publish
(i uf s, v. ral periodicals of tiu
"onal ..i-ulatliin hno decided to
Wmbim tw issues In one or to rc
Jj'e thr numbPr of pages In each
"fan" "f paper shortage due lo tho
'i u1' '"'lkr. it was announced to.
"nt M.U1 ,,f tho iPH.itng nli,ga
nr h , )l ixr ,0 jHpp,,,! puhilca
MOn tpmprarlly If condltlonB do not
anprov. ii,, announcetnent wild.
.V!" APr" s-
The Illinois
tho only Herman
" i"ii in iii.fiv ''-
"r.at.1 pubiiemion today hecause of
lr' naner fch. ......... ni..
li.tllll- In I 'tl Imiiffi ullt..
J""" iiopt . i,, 1P nt,,, io obtain suf
iT. m'ttPi.tu lo ronume publlga
"on in tv0 eoks. ,
Tree Tn ',T' Annl 1'' The Detroit
beei- '", announeed today that,
Inf s .ni5 Momly. April 19, lis sell
fani.p c ho Increased to 3
ntS ro, Th0 lirt,st''U price Is 2
lorLAvS"1N'riTrJN. ApHl 15. Th, al
tu. BfMra I" llrocted to Investl.
7. . .. "lanufaetnreeu nt ,u,( ,,ni,r
J'(nL '.w 10 Prosecution for prot
lve s.Uf lhrrr' K Iflunco of ex cs. !
rnoi. ""'It tho provisions of I
ih . ',.llon Ihlroduccd In the house i
thrUtLi rnoon ' Uepicsentalivo i
nrlsl0''"0ll of South Dakota, I
World's News Told
in Condensed Form
for Hurried Readers
M.W YOltK April IT. Milton 11
Mmth war fp-colril prttrMit of the
LouiailUu & Nati lllo ruilru.i'l nt til
rf turn" mtrtlnic hrn ln,&y Henry Wal
ters snn rclectPtl chlrmn I Hit board.
l.ONPO.V. April H. KUlit prrnnni r
kttlc.l In a Mlchftl battln Lntwren Kpan
lih htrlkfr ami troops nt Murra, ait til h
Ctnlrul Nona ttUpatch from .Madrid to
IM PASO. April 16. Mexican tmtnlftra
Unti nuihorltlM In Juarrx am rrdnttnff to
Permit Mnxlcana eicrpt ttinne llvlni; In III
l'aao to Irave Milfn for thft I'tiltrri
Htatpa, accorillnff trt iffl'UI aimouncoinent
I.OM10N, April 15 - The tiienibvm rf
tlio MtnerH Trdcratlen. ty a majority
nf fb.tJS ntca. Imp rifcM"tl to am .t the
irnirrnrncnt $ nffcr. of n 20 per tent In
rraan nti ktom rftrnlnK. The dccUtim of
the men niivLitra thn dutmcr ut a ttikc.
IIKULIN April if. Th VpuslaChfl
Zrltuni: anya th Pnllnh ifyvf rnmnt In
fnrincd tJio Billed duprmo rnuncll that It
Hit end m hhnrtly to ocuupy ("rrman trrrl
tnry'Khotild (tfrinany fall to carry out
Iter rniraKcmtntfl with the Pole.
DL'nM.V, April 15 Thrra peraom ara
rpnrtnl to hnvn been killed and nine i
otliwa wounded In u. hnotlnff affair nt
Mtlluttn Mai lUy, County Clare, thla
mornhic. It h altef;fHl tlin pollco and tha
military were. Involved. TIioba Ktllt were
civilians. 1
KT Hd'lH April 1& Utacuvrry nf
new fuel fluid, rrratrr in licit value than
rtthT i onl or precnt f utd ulla, wm re
l.itnl lirrt today at the closing nPPlon of
thr fon cotton of the American Chemical
noclety The new fuel utilize coal warde
and cheap t.ir. It wan rt alu'd. and
mtktd with n act ret provrnH t-omhlnfi the
heat Inn qualities of roal and nil
NKW YOltlC. April IS. Tho atrlka of
4.009 InnR'ahoremeii aatnnt th United
fruit company, in effrt t from HoMon to
(lalveaton. tian been aetlled and tha men
will return to work tomorrow tnornlntr. It'
wan announced here tndity by J. h Itlley,
preoltlfnt of the New Voik district council j
of International lonsahoromen'a aanocla-
AWIfNOlOK, April IS John lteed,
an American nijtRHrlnn writer, irported
recently to have1 been executed In Klnland,
l alive and well according in an of- I
ficlal report tee!ed at the stale .de i
pitrlment today front tho PlnnUh povcrn
tnrnt. llced In under indictment al cni-
chko rhurKed with conspiracy to advocate
tho overthrow or the government ny
HI. PASO, Texaa, April 16- Mra II. I.
San ford, 25, wife of a hoTRrnhocr of the
rlffhth cavalry. l:. S A . Kort Illlea, was
kidnaped by two Mexican near an i;i
Paao park entrance erderday and taken
to .liiarei, where, according to her atory
told In a nervuua way today, abe wa
mlatreatod ty 1& Mexicans.
NUW VOUK. April M --Coamnlae lonK
ahoreinen who have been on ntrlke at thla
port for five werkn In conjunction with a
ceneral flrlko from ltoaton to (Jalventon, i
vJtcd at a mam meeting here tontKht not
to return t irk until they are granted
the wki'H vt the dr'p eea lonphnremcn
They have demanded an litcreaoe from
i-entx in i-entt tin hour and from 1 1
to il in an hour for oierllme and Hun;
dwa and IiuI11m
SOUTH lift AINTItKII. Maai, April IS.
tleneral Superlntendi nt P. A. Paimenter of
the Slater ami Morrill Hhoe factory here,
wan alio) and Herloualy wounded by five
bandit till afternoon, lllchard Vcrdella,
t-haurfeur and k'uard. wua killed. Tha
bandlta made off with the weekly pay
roll, aald lo total JJC.,000, hpeetlliiK away
In a hlKh powered automobile In tha di
re Hon "f llolbrook.
LINCOLN. Neb.. April 15 Tor 22 lone
ema Mlaa Ji-nnle Kcllern of Kail l ity.
Neb, haa waited for tho day when nh
vaa to becomn the bride nf Lou llowa
of thla lily, but lda Inateitd of htinn a.
happy bride ahc l tho , poaacaaor of a
lump fcom of J2;.0(o-Ji ooo for each year
that ehe waited - tho reauH of a Judgment
awarded her bv a Jury (odcy In a breach
of proti Ice suit Judgment bv the Jury
wan bted on the length of time Jennie
and ( Iiu were betrothed. '
TULSA, 1UI., April li, Maximum. 10; I
minimum, s noutli lnil, ler. 1
iiKLAlltMA KrMy nnd rilurdy prt-1
' ly 1'lntnly, inlld lenilirrnmrp
I.nl'ISMNA rniUy ilourty. Saturday!
'psrily ilii'iil). mll't lempprturc. I
AIIKANSAS t'rlday imflly cloudy to
Icloiidy. howpr In iiorlhft portion, Rut
iuitluy partly cloudy, inlld temperature, i
I LAST Tl'.XAS' 1'rldny c(nmlly fair;
I Su mi dd' partly cloudy, mild temper
lure '
WLKT Tt:XAS- 1'rldny nnd SAturdsy
fMir . inlld It mperature
K.Wtft t'liiudy (ind Komewhat uneel
tied I'tntjy and Saturday. not much
cliauKe in teinpt-raturr.
Tulsa in Overalls Is Ann
of Movement by Oil Folk
With the purpose ct . lilting th
high cost or ilolhinB, - liOO etn
pltixe of Tulsa oil companies ms
ierila signed an agiiemem not to
purchase ,inv clothing other than
that absolutely neceKs.tr and, If
ewPiitlal, to wear a standard unl
form during business hours.
The first step in tho organisation
of nn "overalls and aprons" club,
which it is hoped will he city-wide,
was taken cterday afternoon at
a meeting of ropreontatl es of 10
oil companion. Uecislon as to tho
advisability of uniforms. the
length of time for tho elimination
of expenditure for new clothing,
and the choice of a badge Indicat
ing affiliation with the movement
will be icat-hed at a conference
to winch all interested aro invited
in ihe chamber of commerce at 5
o'clock this afternoon.
Unllstmrnt of tho whole city In
tho movement Is contemplated.
'Ihe Plan will l" submitted to thn
civic clubs and to the chamber of
rummer. and it bus been sug
gested that the new muyor go into
offlco in overalls, as majors (n
hevral ..ther eli.es are doing.
l-in-clloi'"' I" 'be movement
was 100 per cent in practically cv-c,-
'Jrnpans tn uh.ch .1 has so
far hern presented Mrads of.
cumnaiuu, us well aa employes ure
Allies Reach Agreement
on Execution, of
Hun Treaty.
Berlin Government Fortify
ing Against Recurrence of
Attempted Overthrow.
Italy to Submit Proposal to
Supreme Council When It
Meets at San Rctno.
I'AUIS, April li. The allies hav
ICIIIilVU llll IIV-lllll (.UIIkLtiKI'l, .IU
execution of tho treaty of Versailles.
It watt idatod hero today. Hum re
moving ono of the causes of friction
between 1'ianco and Urent llrltaln.
No dulatlg were given out but the
agreement Is understood to bo bnsed
virtually on Intcgrul execution of tho
The meeting of tho supreme Hilled
council at Han Kemo, Ruyn tho Kcho
do l'arls, wilt give particular atten
tion to tho occupation of Frankfort
by French troops.
Italy, the newspaper says, will nub.
mlt to tho council tho compromise
ngrecment It has readied with Jugo
Slavlu by which It hopts to reach a
(ottlement of the Adriatic question,
notification of this agreement will
bu asked, it Is said.
Proposals nmdo by I.uIkI lizaltl,
former Italian premier, by which In.
tcinatlonal exchange rales might bo
Htablllzcd, will also bo brought be
torn the meeting.
Tho Herman government has, de
cided lo place guards around tho
government and other public build
ings nnd has ttcnt for li large tanks
and 20 armored cars becauso of ru
mors of n new attempt to overthrow
tho government for the purpose of
forming an alliance with soviet Hus.
sU to declare war on Franco, accord
ing lo advices from Berlin today.
IIKRU.V. April IE. The govern,
ment has succeeded in placing under
arrest MaJ. flpn. Haron von Uuett
wltr., commander of tho rebel forces
in tho Kapp revolt, the semi-official
Wolff bureau announces. The gen
eral was captured In I'omerutlla,
where he had been reported In hid
ing. In addition Major Illschof of tho
Italllo troops, credited with being a
moving force in the Kapp conspiracy,
was arrested.
Allien PI Up lligliwny Association Se
"leet.s Tula for .Meeting Cyrus
Awry CluiM'ti President.
HOT HPRINOH, Ark., April U..
Tho Albert Plko Highway BHsoola
tlon adjourned this afternoon fol
lowing tho annual election of officers
und naming Tulsa, Okla., as tho
meeting place of tho 1921 reinven
tion. Tho officers for tho ensuing
your are:
President. Cyrus S. Avery of
Tulsa; lco president for Oklahoma,
II. II, Mullen of Ktlllwntcr; vice
president for Arkansas, (icorgo A.
Callahnn of Hot Springs, vice presl
dent for Kansas, IJ. F. Arnold of
Coldwater; vice president for Colo
rado, C. 1-2. Thomas, Colorado
Springs; secretary, li, Hen (luthroy
of Tulsa, treimurcr, J. Al. Herry of
among ire .igiein In heading
the l.st of the Wolverine oil coin
pan), li F Connelly, president,
staled that he would not Inn any
now clothes for one year and that
he would make It two )cnrs if 10
men in his position In the city
would tuke the same stand.
Though tho agreement signed
by thovtnifnrent concerns differed
in form and wording, It was simi
lar In substance A typical head
ing re id "We, the undersigned,
do hereby agree to wear old
clothes or n standard uniform dur
ing business hours, beginning Im
mediately after notification by a
committee. Wo also agreo not to
purohnse nny clothing other than
that absolutely necessary. Our
nlm is to cut the high cost of
clothing. Tlio movement started
In the Texus company on Wednes
day and communicated rapidly to
other companies.
Oil firms repmentod at thn
meeting in tho offices of tho
AVolvcrlno company yesterday aft
ernoon were. Tho Carter, Sinclair,
Texas, Twin Slate. Condon, flypsy,
Oklahoma I'roduclng & Iteftnmg,
Tidal Oil Wolverine Oklahoma
Natural Oas, and Oil Well Supply
(i. W. Ilordrn, assistant purchasing
agent of tho Oklahoma Producing
Head of 'Insurgent '
Rail Union A nested
in Chicago Roundup
loliu tinman.
John Ormiaii, .lucr of the "out
law" yardnun'M nsnoclallon, wan ar
tested in Chic igo along with other
Itadeis of thu 'Insutf'tnt" move
Fain Starts Proceedings
in Red River Case at
State Capital.
Time Fixed for Trial In
junction Asked to Return
Property to Wards.
riy Aoe lated Treaa Stain wire.
in. Tho fight of tho Unltod States
government on behalf of It Indian
wards to gain tltlo fo several tracts
of valuable oil land lti tho bed of
tho lied river was begun today by
John A. Fain, United States assist
ant attorney general, who filed suit
In tho federal district court asking
on iiijiiuiiiiMi agamsi an poisons now (
w.. ...w (iiwi'vi i; Hi inu.uill llieill
from continuing developments and
asking that a recolver bo appointed
lor tho river bod allotments not'
Included in tho receivership already'
provided by the supreme court.
Tho hearing of the application was
set for 10 o'clock on the morning,
nf Maj 10, in tho federal court here
The Judge has not been assigned to I
hour tho caso. It Is expected Judge I
H. Cotteral will not be able to at
tend. I
Tho government Is acting for -IS
of Its Indian wards of tho Kiowa, I
Comanche and Apache tribes, who I
wcro allotted acreage on tho north I
bank of thtf river bed. I
N'lncty-eight defendants wore!
named in the netltlnn. Tlmv inntiwinl
companies and Individuals who are
claiming tho right to develop the
lands claimed by tho government as
belonging to tho Indians. Oovclop
tnent is nearly completed on some
of tho acreage.
Tho petition only asks for a tem
porary Injunction and If it Is granted
a permanent Injunction thnn will bo
asked, uhnh wid gno title, to tho
land to tho Indians. .
niiniiirn nwwn ,,
iMNH rn I-ir X il YPilkS
. v-w. i i w inu
I. II. Anderson, Former .Major of
Wetitlierforil, lo Servo Sculemv
on Conviction of Forger).
CI'STUIt CITV, Okla., April 15.--J.
If. Andorsuu, former mayor of
Wcathorford and enshler of tho de
funct Farmers statn bank of that
city, who lust week was convicted on
a charge of forgery by n Jury In the
district court, has been sentenced to
serve a term of four )cars In the
state penitentiary
A chaige of Issuing fraudulent
cashiers checks was dismissed by the
Plate and a second charge of forgery
was continued for t lie term. An ap
peal from Urn district court to the
state criminal court of appeals has
been taken nnd Anderson Is now nt
liberty under bond.
Anderson while cashier of Die
Weatherford bank Is alleged to have
embezzled funds mounting to
M3.000, a portion of which has been
paid back. Had speculation In nil
projects was assigned ns tho cause
of tint shortage. Tho condition of
Anderson's bank w(is discovered last
summer by slnto Inspectors and his
arrest followed.
Shorthorn Sale and
orse Races Today
A sale cj 30 head of purn breed
shorthorn iilt -will lie condueted
by I I;. Crosble, prominent local
oil man : nd storl-man. a' 1 n'cloca
i this afternoon on his farm two milt s
i nortn of Tnl -a Tib ir will itbo ho
thorso race on tho half miWi private
I track for tho entertainment of those
'attending the Kale,
.Grunau and 21 Aides
Captured in Federal
Conditions Reported Normal
in Chicago Trials of Lead
ers Sot for April 2.
Kansas City Men Told lo Re
turn by Saturday or For
feit Memberships.
t'lllt' April IS Charged
with violating the l-ever food net,
25 leaders In the Insurgent strike of
tnllt nail switchmen were under ar
rc&l In Chicago tonight. In all 31)
I warrants were Ismied. anil railroad
and brotherhood officials declared
that the last bulwark nf the local
strike had been broken by govern
ments agenjs' raids. Two hundred
other warrants would ho issued later,
It ttiiH stated.
Included In tho number arrested
was John (liuuaii, preldeiit of the
Chicago yardmen's association, the
outlaw union Tho men were taken
by fidcil agents at nmetlugs of
strikers, nnd the action was unex
pected by tho men
Tho prlsoncts, who also Included
II. K. Itisidlng, chairman of thn
United Huglnemen'H usMiolatlun. wcrn
released for a hearing April .1 on
$10,000 bond each by Commissioner
iteports from wentern strlkn
centers showed continued Improve,
iiionts In the situation with more
men going back to work. leaders
tleelnted that since the peak of ine
walkout was passed several days ago,
Strike Bulletins
.MIIAVAIWKK. April 15. Tlio
Chicago, .Milwaukee .V SI. Paul mil
mail Mils afternoon Issued mi ulti
matum to I lie switchmen who are
participating In the
"outlaw strike,"
glilug them until Saturday to report
for work in- hae (heir places filled.
AMU'Qt'nitQI'i:. .V M., April 15.
'Ilin majority of tlx- striking suited-
men at Win-low, All., returned to
work today and Hie IIiich of the
Atchison, Tupckii Santa I'o rail
road lo Hip Pacific const again am
open und all- pasMcuger trains iiro
mining, II was iiiiiiouiippiI nt offices
of tlio road today. '
IIOIlOKi:V. ,V. .1., April 15 Two
thousand striking railroad workers
meeting hero today uited not to
form a new organization, hut to
"si Irk liy tin" hrothcrltniMN." It was
niinotincrd by tlio strikers' press
committee tonight. No xnte was
(nken on tlio ipiestlon of returning
In work.
I.OUIK, April 15. Strlklngl
'li In Hip St. lous district Co-
day iiniioiinceil they udiilil submit
(heir grliMimces to the frilernl wage
lilbiiniil ii mlcr the I'seli law.
PIIII.ADIXPIHA, Ph., April 15.
Announcement was made hy the
i-eiinsjiiiiiiii rain ate iimiiiv iiihi
oommlttpn roprceiillng unions'
Hmp ,.,fis In Hip Philadelphia ills
t r it -t hail accepted llm offer of Hip
niniutgeiiieiii to take up grievances
vtltliln Hip Jurisdiction of Hip com -
I iimy mill promNeil to liavp all Hip and the o her imprisoned union lead
men who struck go hark to work at ers m addtess a crowd from the
oiicp. portico of the Jail, had resigned.
Five Frisco Enginemen Join
Switchmen in Yard Walkout
Another angle in the strike sit
uation developed yesterday when
five engineers and thiee firemen
walked out at Hie local Frisco
yards, leaving only about 4ft men
n' work on that road here. Thero
are about 00 Frisco )ardmen on
strike. An effort will be made this
morning to get the enginemen to
icturn to work, it. F. Cooper,
gent nil chrtlrm.iu of the Hrnlher
hood of Unglnflinen, said lain last
i, kht following a meeting In thu
officii of Flunk (low, loi.il super
intendent of the road.
"The walkout of Frlncn engine
men in Tulsa Is tho only rase so
far on tho entire Frisco system
where enginemen have Joined thn
striking yardmen," Coojier wild.
' It is reasonable to suspect that
they will chatigy their mind when
the men now out have a clear
understanding of tho situation.
Tho more otiferviitlve pnglnemen
have reported for duty at all
points and those out here may do
likewise nftet tbry hd.'o thought
tho matter over "
8. ii Munlnve rend foreman of
the Frbteo on tho southwestern dl
v.Hlon, C. V. Coffmurk, muster me
Impeachment of Assistant
Labor Secretary Is Sought
Resolution la Introduced in House Directing
Investigation of Record in Cancellation of I
Deportation Warrants for Al ien Radicals; cr Voicing Sharp Criti
in United Statec P;.m nc Annninin..
WANIIIPCf irn A nt 11 . Action 1
the labor ilepaitiieitt for his attitude
toward the deportation of inillcals
Is tirovlded In a loolutlon Intro
tlnccd In tho houso m lsy by Hiirn-
iii-l.lullvo Hoch of K 1 isiiit, and le
ferred to the rules eomtnltlee for
decision as to whether It should be
made a i.pccial order of liuslut'S- bo
fore the house Fairly action on the
it solution was predicted by loaders.
The flghl on Pml has been smouliler
lit In congress sometia.i Chalriiiati
Jni.iiMin of the Imtulgr itlon com
mlttoe, addressing the house l(ist
Monday, (barged that Post hud
agterd to leJuce the ball of an ill
legetl anarchist, Paul llnseo. from
TI0.000 to 11,001) and had perniittr I
the ttauKfer of the prliiier from
New Oilcans lo New York at gov
eminent expense When convicted
as an nmuchliU at Morg,mto n. W
Va.. Ilosco, ac oidlii.i to .lidinsoti,
stood up In n crowded cotirlroon and
expresed tho hopo that wlun re
leased he would find tha stun- nntj
stripes suppl intel by the n il flag
Air. Johnson declared his om
niltten had found tho benefit of thn
doubt always was given by tho de
partment of labor to the alien, mm
that while members of rongies.i
round difficulty In nhluliiliur cnplf
of official papers, counsel for aliens
got them with case.
Ilepresentatlvo Dnvey, dcmii'iat
of Ohio, josterdny accused Mr Poat
of blocking Attnuipy (Jeiiei.il Pnlmei
In the efforts of the dep.irtnmii. uT
Justice to rid tho country of alien
Crowd of Several Thou
sand Assemble at Gi
rard, Kansas.
.Judge Curran Refuses An
other Hearing Sheriff
Webb Resigns Post.
PriTHIllJIK!, Kan. April IS.- A
crowd of several thousand union
laborers, mostly miners of Crawford
county, today assembled at fllrard nn
n protest lo tho Imprisonment of
Alexander Jlowat, president of the
Kansas Mine Workers union, nnd
I three other union officials who are
in Jul i tor contempt, or court, ror op
position to the Htuln Industrial tela
Hons court.
The unions of Pittsburg went In a
body to Olrard, filling tho outgulng
Interurban throughout tho day. AH
I building trades worn shut down nr.il
too shops of tho Kansas City Houth-1
crrt railway were closed.
Meanwhile. In Pittsburg, District
Judgn A. J. Curran overruled a mo
tion hy Phil II Callery, attorney for
tho miners, for a new trial for tho
four unlpn leadeiH. Notice was
given by Callery that ho would ap
peal to tho supremo court.
Another tlevclopnieiu in tho sllua.
1 lion came tonight with thn an.
noiincement that Sheriff it Clint
i Webb of Crawford county, who last
1 Monthly permitted Preildent llowat
chanic at the Sapulpa roundhouse,
It. IS. (iambic, general foiernan,
and ThomiiH Dwyer, local chair
man at Motion, Mo., ntiontlPd the
meeting last night. A number of
engineers ami firemen also at
tended. All embargoes on foodstuffs
coming to Tulsa or through Tulsa
have bren lifted and other modi
fications of the general ombargo
duo to tho strlko aro being
worked out, tlow waltl yesterday
Organization of an association
of jardmon wan reportud to havo
taken placo tn a cstat. offlco
In West Tulsa yesturavv, but ef-
foit tt (Ind leader,) uf tan move
nit nt w ere fruitless.
Tho sit Iking l'rlseo yardmen
met yesterday afternoon at Car
penters' hnll. where meetings have
been held dully since the strlko
began Another meeting of the
strikers is scheduled to take place
at tho same place this afternoon.
Satua I'V yardmen were at work
as usual yesterday and last night,
nc were the Katy crews, Midland
alley men returned to work
Wednesday evening nnd wcro mill
at work latu lust night.
i,ouis r. post.
Aflor conferences with the re
publican steering committee mem
hers anil otbeis. Mr. 1 loch decided to
let the lesolullon follow (ho tegular
lioue i online and It was Introduced
and referred In tho rules committee.
Home dinibt has been expressed rs
lo whither tho form of tho resolu
tion would permu Its rum" llatn eon
slderattou by tho housri as hu had
planned In nsk
Muskogee Lawyer Suc
ceeds Owen on Su
preme Bench.
New .Justice to Re Elected
New Appointee Is Repub
lican in Politics.
11 AnanrUteil Pre" HUtti Wire.
Ooorgo H. ltnmuey of Muskogee, a
republican, was appointed Justlca
of tho nuptemn court loduy by Gov
ernor Jlobcrtson to succucd Chief
Justlro Thomas II. Owen, who will
retire from thn court May 1. Al
though it was reported several weeks
ago that Itamsey had declared lie
would not uccspl tho appointment ic
It wero offered hint, ho has nuidti no
direct toply ynt to the governor and
It Is nut known whether ho will
Hi add Hon to Itumsey-H fitness as
n lawyer to hold tho position, lloV
ornnr Hoberison said today his mo
tive In selecting Itamsey instead oi
a deiuocial tor tho position was that
ho did not wish to show any partial
lty or mnko any Intorfcionru In tho
democratic primary campaign next
summer, when a successor to Judgo
Owen will ho nomlnnlctl by tho
Hovenlh Judicial district
Tho term of offlco to bo filled by
tho appolnton will extend until next
Jnmiiirv. when tho place will bo
taken hy tho Justice elected lit the
general election in November.
Itamsey Is 17 years old and cimn
to Oklahoma from Tennesson about
the time statehood was granted. Ho
has nractlcnd law at Muskoguo con
tlnually slnco then. Ho never has
held publlo offlco In Oklahoma and
never was u candid. He, friends of Ills
here said tonight.
"Itamsey Is a, good lawyer ami I
am glad the governor appointed
him," chief Justice Owen wild to
night when told of the appointment.
Mr. Itamsey said tonight at his
home In Muskogee that ho will ac
cept thn post.
"I told tho governor I would ac
cept it," Mr. Itamsey stated tonight
"I didn't want It. I don't want It
now, 4i ml will not he a candidate for
tho place In the August primary,'
.Mujor Itogrrri Adilrvnscs ClutmlK-r of
Coniincrcv on 0en Shop,
Tho open shop will be discussed
by a labor expert when Mill. W. C
lingers speaks bofnro tho directors of
tho chamber of commerce nt its reg
ular Friday luncheon. Major Uog.
ers was for six years labor commis
sioner for Now Vork vdato. During
thn war ho nerved with great dis
tinction ns chairman of the war labor
The l'rlnee I'liup
Convention lull tonight, llt-imed !
oa iile l (junker Drug tJtor.-Ailvt.
or Fir8t Min
Senate Gives Annrovnl Aft
Belief In Expressed That
Situation Will Be Im
- proved by Action.
District Attorneys Given
Free Hand in Handling
Walkout Situation.'
bers of I ho rallvvuy labor board,
whoso nominations were confirmed
today by ilio scnato, were called to
night by President Wilson to meet
tomorrow nnd nrgatAjze. Rome of
them tiro already In tho city and
provision hns been nmdo for their
assembly nt headquarters of tho
railway administration.
The president's call won Issued as
soon an word of tho sennlo's tuition
reached him. Administration offi
cials hnvn fott that thn board would
prove nn effective ngeney toward
ending tho "outlaw" strlko of rail
way men.
Tho sonnto apparently shared that
view. While sharp criticism of some
of the nominations Is known to havo
boon expressed again today, final
notion vvnn taken In nn unusually
brlof lime, considering tho Im
portnnro of this now government
agency and of tho Immodlnto task
that faces t.
OpjKisltloti KxprrMni,
Critics nf other nominees dirt not
press their opposition after tho vote
on Jtnlgn Hanger. Htandlng nnd viva
voce voleH wero taken on tho other
nominees, with some opposition In
Hoverat rnseiT.
Further criticism of President
Wilson for his selection was said
again tn have marked tho debate,
both democrats nnd republicans tak
ing part In It. The general basis of
omplnlnts wan the alleged lack of
prominence of nil of tho appointees,
run charge also wns said to havo
hppti matin that all ulna of thn nom
inees were democrnts,' but that wns
challenged from tho democratic lde.
In view of this criticism, hnwover.
republican senators gave nntlco that
In futuro legislation crentlng suoh
boards they would Insist upon it
provision limiting thn number of p.
pnlntmenln to ha made from n, single
Test Theory or mil.
Thn notion of Ihn ficnntn In con
firming thn members of tho labor
inard will permit nn rarly teat of
Ihn theory that tho board's conslrt-
ration of railroad labor's- wage de
mands would ease tho ntrlke situa
tion nnd work generally to allevlnto
unrest In that class of workers.
Attorney (Innornl I'ulmnr said to
day ho believed the chaotic condi
tions created by the wnlkout was
Improving, but ho tleclared that the
department nf Jtisllco was not re-
laxlng Its efforts In any direction,
I'nlted Stales district attorneys In
every strlko area have made local
nrresis of ngltatorn ami strikers, hut
these. It was said, were cases wh'ro
specific law vlolntlons havo oc
curred, Mr, Palmer dorlaretl such
matters wcro not for "headnuarters'
ionsideratton," reiterating that tho
governmont expected tho district at
torneys to net on their own Initiative,
with respect to prosccutnrH of vio
lators of laws.
Weight traffic Into this city, n-ir-
tloularly frnm tho south, was ngnln
threatened with rnmploto stoppage
tonight when employes nt Potonvip
freight yards joined tho strike for
the second time Some workers
wero nut also nt Pecklngtnn yards.
me receiving point tor neign' irom
the north and wet.
Arci York Elevator
Men lo Strike Today
NICW VOUK. April 16 -Seven-leeu
thousand elevator einplnyei
operntlng In nearly al) of the clty'i
largest skyscrapers, slnros and busl
ness houses tonight wero ordered to
go out on strike tomorrow.
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Fanner & Dtirnn
spixiaii A(ii:vrs
J0i Palace llldg. 7hono

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