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' 1
(rutin The int. u it n-t fur Ai.r"
3 llcfor JlUlav )1, Jen.
Mayor Bone Sets May
to Start Drive on
High Clothing.
rrll to The World.
HAI'UM'A. Okln.. April 16
Mayor J. Wmlc Hono announced Into
toriity Hint May 3 has liocn set for
tho iK'KlniiliiK of nn orirnnlzod ilrivo
iipaliist tho IiIkIi coat of clothinK. All
clllions of Supillpa havo been naked
to Join nn "Overall club," tho men
In tho proposed orKnlz;itlon agree
ing to wear only old clothing or
overall for fit least one year, or mii
til the present prices of olothlntr uro
lowered. Women will uear aprons
fix days each week and u penalty
will bo attached to each member of
tho proposed club who buyn clothing
co.llng inoro than a certain amount
per garment, tho amount to bo
fixed later.
Those liuvlne ngreed to tho prin
cipals of the organization no far arc:
J. H N. Cobb, munuglng Uln-vtor of
the chamber of commerce and chair.
, man of the local fair price eommlt
9l''!! 1-ouln V. Davison, manager of
Jji" tht Sapulpa Keflnlng company, cm
J ployinr moro than 400 men; I'M
Colllrw (Jlawi company, employing
Q. about 250 peoplo; Mabel ll.iraett,
H Viiimnnn ncent In Creek r.ountv:
Vanro Likely, county commissioner;
A. O. Kankln and W. K Mcliuen,
prominent real estato dealers.
Charles I lnrrl, negro, of Hrlstow
wus granted a duoiee. from IHbel
JIarrli before .Midge I.ucieli It.
Wright here today. Dcnertlon war
given oh the cau-e.
Lieut. C.nv. lid Tr.ipp vlnlted Hn
pitlpa tod.jy on prlvr.le IhihIiiom ami
will probably remain over until to
morrow afternoon, ho said.
County Commissioner Vaneo I.Ike
ly returned today from Hot Spring..
Ark., Vih"re he has bnn attending
the Albert I'lke Highway convention,
the National (tood lloads convention
anil the Itankbt-ad Highway conven
tion. Kxtcnslvc plan for good loads
work were announced at the con
vention, l.lkely Willi.
Claiming det-ertlon by her husbanrt,
Charlea William, n pwlllun for ill
voice w.is filed In the Crenk county
district court today by Jutni ll
llams. 1-Jlght slot machlnen were ad"d to
Die list of confiscated gambling de
vices by Contnbln On I'lltz ear?y
today. Cleaning up of nil gamblers
Is now under way, 1MIU said
Mat Knnls lias been cle led mem
tier of the bn.trd of dire oih of the
Sapulpa Notes
Specials Saturday
I'ork IlppN Chocolate.
Superior Tea Room
flprclnl to Tro WorM.
KAPUU'A, April In, -H.1 Duckert
find O.iln Kay. firemen, worn pain
fully injured In a flrn which broke
out in tho Baldwin t Htegail grocery
early this morning, lloth of tho flr
inen walked into a, opening in tho
floor of the building caURed by tho
burning of raftera underneath the
Mructuro shortly lieforo daylight.
About Jlf.O domago was dono to tho
Horn, firemen est I muted. Piickei
Suffered a wrenched back and Hay
waa badly bruise. 1 on ono kneo when
the accident occured.
Soda fountain drink were In
creased fiom 6 to 11 ccnta In local
rtore today, "Long cokea," are
now 17 cents.
Deputies Kr.mtf llazelv.-ood, U. O.
Xlorenco und Jack Kllngerman ar
retted eight negioe. In tho Tlinnlc
rooming hoiifo, a notoJ negro gam
bling house lato last night About
tlTi waq ron'ls a'" I from a gimbli'K
I-iM L'Ut St., N'r-nr l,cvvls
Ceraniumn, FernH and I toil -dlng
plants. I'orch hanging
Tclephono .1 .15 IletvvT-on 12
nml I, or nftrr CI p. in.
can be had In two styles. The
dust mop Is chemically trea'ed
and absorbs dust without scat
tering It The polish mop li
treuted with Wizard l'ollsh It
cleans and polishes the floor at
tho Mine time. Wizard Mops nre
tho convenient triangle shape
which gives Hum access to
every nook and corner. Tb.ey
have the adjustable elbow han
dle for easo In use Wizard Mops
uro priced from $1.00 to $l'.W).
Corner 5th and Main
Pathe Records for May
HHAit tiii:m! Tiinvim m:v axi xirrv
So. SS.TiJ (Trurtirrd) Me 10 Price Mr.
In C-L'-ILA (Hrlln) limy Murray. 1rmr
Hilly Jonrp, Tenor
1 II fire Vou
Oh! How 1 UiuKh When I Think How I Cried About Vou
No. S530.1 (Truckman) Mir in Price HVr.
rnu'rr A Million Milrs Prom Nowhrrr
When Tho llarveit Moon In Shining
Tenor Duel,
8am Ash Tenor
Lewis .lames Si Charles Hart
fin. 2J393 (Trudirr) Mrp 10 I'ricr Mr.
In Shidowland (.Stanley tiros.) Jtoyal Wnlklkl llawatlan Orchejlra
Jtines (Sulllvan-Handman) llnyal Walkikl Hawaiian Orch'-atra
No. S'iSIO (Trntlrn.) Mir 10 frier Mt.
I.lttlf Olrls, floodbyr, from "Arplo HIOHnoma" (Jacobl) One, Step
Jacobs' tiant o nrehentrs.
Wht A Dsy That'll He (Kelber) Medley I'oi Trot. Intro: "Vou Tannin Make
Vour Hhlmmy Shako On Tea"
No. 2SJ0D (Turmoil) Slle I(V Prli r HSr,
Who Wants A Itaby ( Vcllen-Olman) Medley I'o Trot, Intro: "I'm Waiting
I'or Ships That Never Coma In" lluily Wledoeft's Callfornlani
niuea My Naughty Hweetle Olves to Mr (McCarrnn Mnriran) Medley I'm
Trot, Intro! "You Didn't Want Mo When You Had Me'
Rudy Wiedoefto Callfornlanj
Exclusive Pathe Shop
CI'.DAIl l.-,ti:t
I u.olnt" b n'i, .ihhiii i.itti'ii to rcpHcc
T. A Wilson who has sol I his liu
Incss and will lenvo Sapuliia for the
Hummer. Tho tissociutioii now ha
lit) members, W. K. Caulrell. hve
rttary, nnnounced today.
About fill Ttia i-oiiplri na well as
a large number of Sipulimii attend
ed Hie Hhrlnrr dance at Hotel ht.
James loitt night. The Akd.ir band
of Tulsa furnished tho music,
Sapulpa bank clearings' today
were $1 It 262. Si comparrit with n
total of $K,4,913.2J on Krldiiy of the
piev'lous week.
Mrs M II Anderson damaged the
f i out wheels and fendert. of her Mils
mobile l.ite eterdH.v by driving over
a curbing and Into a telephone pole
In order to avoid. a collision ultli a.
tar driven by Jack Itlce.
Typewriter ribbons can bo made
In t P'lnutr by a new machine that
pi-.c vvlnle ribbon s ink through
roller-! niiloniiitknl!) Inked f-( in a
i - rvr ir
Oklahoma City Man Sontcuciil for
An-iiiiII on (irnmldaiigliter.
Ily Ansoelated Pre State Wire
DK1.AIIK.MA 11T. April IS. -1.
I). Dooley was sentenced to 1 1 f
Imprisonment In the Mule peniten
tiary by Judge IMward 1 Oldfleld
today for nlleged criminal assault
upon the pet son of his 12-year-old
stepdaughter, Hehecca Thompson.
Dooley was found guilty by a
Jury In district court Tuesday, and
his sentence left to Judge Oldfield
Assistant County Attorney Carglll
asked fur the death penalty In the
trial, In till Is believed to be Urn
flist ease on record in Oklahoma
whote a life sentence has been given.
iMoley Is 4 0 )earn of age.
Commission Heaclie No Conclusion
on l'niMisa fur Itlg Hotel,
definite resu't vvas obtained by
Short, scraggly hair plus
Herbicide equals lustrous,
beautiful hair. There is no surer
way to add to ones personal charm and
attractiveness than by good care of the hair.
A mass of bright, snappy, luxuriant hair is tho
reward to those who regularly" and intelligently use
J(eu)bros ICerpicide
J Hcrpiddc keeps tho scalp clean and free from dandruff;
stimulates the hair roots and thus promotes a condition favor
able to hair growth. You will bo surprised and delighted after
you have used Hcrpicidc h few duys.
The dainty exquisite odor of Ncivbro's llcrpicidc is appeal
ing to every refined instinct.
We also recommend Utrpkide Soap. It isa very effective and pleas
ing shampoo. If Htrpi'cide Soap cannot bo purchased from your Dealer,
ua nis name and Twenty Five- Cents for n cake.
Sal ft Au
Send 15 cenUi In atampR or coin try tor Application at
of th Ilalr" Address: Tho llcrpicido Co. Ih
iiuuutai jjcu, iwtroit, u. B. A.
NOV It. (ilJl'.VIAN, hl'lXIAIi A(.I..NT
the Uttttr
Bather Shopt.
Keep Cool Don't Get Excited!
You ran Mill buy high-grade shoes that sell In ilownstlri htorm
for $12.ru tn $l.'i for lt than $10 here mid no war tux. Ytm
might lu Intentol In knowing how wo am hle to do this.
In tho first plwv;, our npMtnJrH loentlon rjurlrn Trry rrasonahlp
rent. Wo Iiavc; ru penslTo store flxtiimt nor hlgh-prlrrd
window dlsptajH to nuilntaln. Ilon't tone sight of the fuel that
tin: -iistoincr must lay for tlirs,) Uilngn In tlm lime run.
W only a-k that jon Invc-tigate. liny low Mioch now, a our
Iii-icc urn still the Mime.
Ladies' Low Shoes
Pumps and Oxfords
You will find
many values
among these
worth $8 and .$9.
Your Choice
Soft Vici Kid Oxfords, low
heel, brown or black.
Russia Calf Low Heel Ox
fords with guaranteed Nco
lin soles, black or tan.
Ladies' Vici Kid Oxfords,
military heels.
Ladies' Vici Kid Oxfords or
Pumps with full dress Louis
Men's Shoes and Oxfords
Sample sizes of Men's High
Grade Oxfords, 6'2, 7, 7J2,
gunmctals, vici kid, and a
few tans.
Men's All Solid Dress Shoe,
English, blucher or button
Men's Extra Quality Work
Shoes. Soft leather, on Mun
son last.
Values among
these that you
will hardly be
lieve possible,
Now Your Choice
'Dress Shoes
Solid leather dress shoes for boys in dark tan,
Brown or black, low, Louis or military heels.
English last, only $4.45
Same for young men, only $4.85
Dark tan or black English shoes for girls. . .$4.45
For misses $4.85
Where High Prices Are Forgotten and the Word
Profiteer Is NEVER USED
roMi; vv-
Keronil Iloor
Tnlo Stnlr.H or Klrrotor
Jake Hiimon, millionaire nil niiin und
politician, In a conference Thtirndny
afternoon with Art Walker, chair
man of the stale corporation com
mld.ilnn, regnrdlng tho plan pro
posed for tho erection of a 1.000
rooin, S2.KOo.POO H-Mory hotel In
connection with a railroad "latum.
Walker told Itnninn lh.it the
Krlsro rallrnad'K petition to erect it
Ktallon had not been ret down for
Inuring an yet The commlmlon, h?
idaten, wan vvnltlng on Mayor Wal
ton nnd (he city planning committee.
Following Ills conferenro with
Walker, llamon made no statement.
IVlitli ViitiU nt IjhMoii,
I.VWTON, Olda , April 16. -Con-strnrtlon
of new "Krlsco" y.irds here
Including roiindhonten and addition
al truckage, linn been authorized by
tho general munngement of the rond,
It was learned lod.iy upon tho visit
to 1-uwton. of J, H. Llston, division
llio springs of n ne baby car
riage can be iidjimted to any ten
sion desired.
si .n:wi:fi WA'K'ii I'oit sio?
Mao it.tys:
I'eoplo that have, bought Jewelry
at auction sales nrn now the
beat friends I have, Hquuro deal
to nil,
M'MIN.V .(I'AVI'.lillY CO.
VJtn I'jisi Tlilnl Street
Two Door. 1 (ft Tf 'n'S'-" t
Street J g )
Beginning Today A Great
Stock Clearance
of Spring Dresses, Coats,
Blouses and Millinery
A sale with a reason! Filled to overflowing arc our racks and shelves with stellar merchandise,
and we must move them to make room. If radical reductions and thrift hints will prove the in
centive, then women will crowd the Advance Shop early today. There is a saving opportunity in
every department. By all means shop early.
EXTRA! Special Lot of Dresses
Try as you might, here is an extra special that cannot be excelled. Think of it!
Dresses that usually sell for up to $35 are on sale at $15. Beautiful taffetas are
included, while other appealing fabrics and trimmings are shown. We cannot
fully describe this most extraordinary offering. Just about 200 Dresses in the
lot. All sizes, all styles. Shop early. SPECIAL TODAY.
Regular $45 and $50 Dresses Regular $50 and $55 Dresses
Taffetas, rage Georgettes, happy com
binations all crisp all new. These
dresses on sale today arc the greatest
value ever offered. Dresses that cannot
be duplicated elsowhcre for $45 and $50
are offered Tulsa women today at
A special purchase of new dresses that
retail all over the country at $50 and $55
are placed on sale today at a most sen
sational price. Dresses that have just
been unpacked and denote the wonder
ful newness of latter day designing. Taf
fetas, Georgettes, Satins, Combinations,
and other handsome materials.
A Really Sensational Sale of
New Spring Coats
A surprise in Sport Coats. Natty materials and tailored rtK M
effects. Chic and clever. Speoial today I I II I
Value, to $25 f A.UU
Spring Coats that are a value at the regular price of $35 stt fmm Mrt
offered today at very special I J J
Values to $35 tt
One collection of Spring Coats assembled from our tu A fmy mmi
higher priced models, with values up to $45, are on I
sale at (Tt J
Values to $45
A Blouse Sale
Extraordinary of All Spring Hats
Fine Lingerie Blouses,
worth to $4.00, special
day $2,95
Wonderful Cotton
Blouses in chic models,
$5 values,
special . . ,
Tho very finest Cotton
Blouses, in all styles, val
ues to
$6.50 . . .
Genuine Georgette Crepe
Blouses in all effects,
value to (34 QfT
$7.50; special J5TttJ
A handsome collection of
Silk Blouses, values to
$10, are on Jn QjT
sale, special . P I JtJ
The very finest Geor
gette and other Silk
Blouses, beaded and em
broidered effects, $16.50
It $10.00
A Final Clearance
A sharp reduction on a collection of very fine Hats,,
many wonderfully trimmed with flowers CC AA
and metals; worth up to $8.50; special. . tjJt'-Vvf
Hats of every style and description; many are tho
very newest creations and enhanced by the wonder
ful decorative features. Worth up to (P'7 Q
$12.50; special P I DO
Our extra special for today: An assortment of the
very finest Hats shown for the Easter Parade. The
highest quality materials and trimmings.
Values to $17.50; special r
419 A IIU

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