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Sapulpa Nolo
Explains Porteous' Ideas
of Principles of
Hliicitlnloit Undeveloped I5e-
Iicf "f Scientist on
Fon:on of Na tun;.
Am Mrtilrt'wi by John C. Welch hn.
foro the ISnBllioorw' club Iti tlio oty
(lin liiil riVfclililK ocitulnoil to A mw
turn of Die development of the. furem
(if tmliire, evolved by it Hooli h nun
nf inilvernHy education who died and
.i hurled ut Oil City. I'a , in M
Tls author. Thus II I'oneoiiH, tnn
t'Altml tl) (i t the h.mlt! prlm-lpls or
iitHiiKimoii u .1 in nature
in uU In t inulloiiln1 stationary
tlier u In generally w;oiiU"1 u
science, tint In in a iiHivlnir cthet,
moWim with Knmt elnclty nf which
IIrIU Id it obiiiiiutnrlstiu, III oiipod'
nml pat ii I lei directions.
'The theory uf i movliuf i.tlmr. '
mid .Mr H'oK'h. "row ilnwn to 11"
from llm daily (Week ihlliMiiheii
hut It wiw never developed Into any
thing t hit t hitil recognition In sulonim
hcuiusn iirnhiihly it could not be
given a Hil(h'li'iitly liiniilliln tihnpn.
Din second promts) (if I'lirlooUH l
what ho callu the iinxliuilat Ion or
non-awilmllallnti of thu riovltu uthi'r
with tho pnnileriibhi innttiir with
which It cqmt'H In riiiilurt. This Is
u much initio frrtllii basis for uc
eoiinlliifT fur phcnoiuuii.i thai wluil
In nml liiui been advanced by nrlli
mlov science ut uh It Ih nomotliniw
now ('illicit official science.
Mr. Welch In hhi nddres-i took the
pnaillun Unit thn I'ortimis theory oo
rnplOH iniiuh wlilor gioiiud and ap
plica In forco tn every form. It Ii
so Kivnliitlouiiry Unit tho scientific
mind hesitates to tal(u holil of It ami
Identify Itself with It lor fear thin
It might hit it he disci edited nml
bring Into illirciuta those who hud
shown nil Interest III It.
Tlio Into Ijoril Ititylnhth. one of thu
i nont eminent i'leiitlHln of Inter
lime, (WmhiiihIoh peoplo from suh
lilltllliR speculative milciitltlo thoiiKht
to learned sodoMcs hceniisn such so.
olotles liavu flint to look, after thr.tr
own reputation unit they do not fool
like taking ehimcfH of mlslutie
I'llSVri'.n MA II KM $IH,0(M) HONK
Man Accused of I'mtx'tllnt; I'iiiiiIm
or Oil t.'oniiKiny Held for 'I'rlnl.
Criminal appearance bonds total
ing 118,000 wcro made, by 14. I'VIh
ttl In tho court of Jtistlco II. .1. (Iray
Mnnitay night, thn defendant having
lust week been charged In seven In
formations with tlio oinhnMlcinoiit of
MS, R00 from the Ijimburt-Tnlllviir
Oil & Gnu Co. of which ho who iiea
rolnry and trcimurrr.
l'"nLHtr 1 could not bo found nt IiIh
hoiun IiihI woak, hut lie voluntarily
iippi-iired In court Monday and fur
nltdidl tho miven ImhuIh niuglui; from
JU.OOO to jri.OOO for appeiirulieo at
prellnilnnry trial April 27.
Absonnillii CiiNhler Held.
IIOU8TON, 'IVxiih, April JO
Krank .MoHrldo. who, Inrnl pollco
wiy, In under ludlutiucnt In Now
York fof hnvInK al'Hconitod with
fiindN or thn Katlnnnl Hank of Com
merce, In Now York nearly a year
ii no, wait tiilien Into cutitiidy hero to
day, 1 1 o Hiihl ho had burn In IIoiih
lon nlnco AUKUHt, and, jiollen nay,
1'onfcKned and waived extrailltliili.
Hill Njo'h .Mother Ilend.
MOOHKIIIOAI), Minn, April 10. -Mrn.
KlUa I.orlni; Nye, mother of
"lllll" Nye, tho humorlHt, JiiiIko Onr
rol A. Nye of Moorchrad, and I'riiuli
"M. N)o of Mliinapolljii.foi ini'r con
KrepMiiiin, died hero today a. tam
iiko of 33. "Hill" Nye died 21 yearn
npo. t
Cork Mrlp.i havo bron patented by
a New York woman to be Tautened to
tho headH of beiUlcadH to hold pillow
liaiiiH, ataehed ulth piihIi plin,
your temper
-excessive heat
by buying our
for your kitchen
and Hodge
Clnlmlriff tlmt bei banbiinil m
ii inl her, KlnnulK M. I lodm
file I milt for dlvoicn from Wnde II
l.(e The coupld warn inarrlpd leicn
thu ii three month! nno 1
HA fl't.PA. April 10 - -fliirrlH
Ixipen, hIiii in nlleiied to have pm d
ii :i2-ient money order to a (,'hlnn
mnti Imrn In 'iX'ihitnirn for 1 10 In
ennh, whk dlKinlmcil In Juttlce
dnoiH" II .lennlnRs' court todny
for iHek of evtdenoe
('ImrleH nouRlrm. nexro, w r
reted limt nlfht e!inieil with nt
tdinpted iMrceny of Mi aniomnlitle
lielfiiigln io John MIM, local
diuKKim ImiiKbui gave hlmeelf up
after flieiiik.' from tlm cur when
Men hy IlwIBht illlF Add of the
owner of the cm
Itellef la bnlnw oliht by Mnhel
llneiett, county liuinKne Hent. for
thn ilimlly of faille Curjer nml
MimtHr ("art nr. neufo children
burned t(, deiith yeelenlny nfter
noon ('elite Carter died lele ye
terrtev nfier eevern eufferlnn A
IMt of eutipllrii needed hue been
prepMretl, Mm. Ileeeett mill.
O. V Cofnlt, i fanner HvinR
eeven in I lee et of thle rlly wae
(lapturml hy Hherlff Aimer Hrure
and a force of deputlea late Huri
diiy. plemled Hlitlly to the llllnlt
iniiiiiifiirtiiro of IntoKlcHtlnit Ibiuor
and w.'ih fined lf.no In the Cteek
county court tndnv Mntule Cofelt,
IS-veitr-old diiuirhter, w.m releneed
A t'Oiieln of Cofelt, who n l,e
lleVed to have been lluplle.itcd In
the nalo of the lieveriiue, le k'HI
J. II. Pflvln le held III Hie min
ly Jail hern fnllowln a loinplaint
from a local i:nrKe owner iti.n
I)nVI (!ve a cheek for I'. 17 I'l In
payment for repair nmk on m n
tomohllo nml Hi ut, Ii.ivIh Iiiih no a.
count at the bank mimed on He
Matrhlftn lleonecH were Iiimii d to
tho following todav! (ieoiKe Our
ham, 27, UriimrlRht, to ChrlHtlne
l.loyil, 13, Klefer, (Jrrcll l,ewi"
Niivn, 21, to AllKllNta .Hello Collln--20,
holh of Tillea. I rank I'cu-i.io
10. TiiIh.1, to Matldo I low aid, Il'i I
'riiomaH Hickory A.sUm Court to ('nil- ;
eel Tniiiifrr of liml to ( hlldicii. !
k'ln ( Imrncil With hlcallliK Hnr
lnTi Committed Coder llotnl.
Fullc'r (,'ae to Hcgin in
District Court No. 2
This Morning.
SMmiI Ion of the Jury before 'Allien
C. Doe Fuller, cherfed wltli tlio
murder of Jntne .Morrle In thle city
December 2, 1919, I to be tried n.
day wee completed in dlettlot court
ymHly afternonn.
My agteement, altorney for the
,l,.f,...,in.,. .,.( i)tr -" beuan ih..
election of the Jury eeterilay, al
though 'he caee w not eel down
for trial until today.
Morrle wee ehot to death In the
eluur elnml of the Cllnion hiilldlriH,
Fourth etreet and IIorioii avenue,
preeuinubly hy liller. Tho vlatltn at
the time of the lioolln wee In eon
vereatlnn with .Mra Fuller, who
tended the iixnr land, and from
tatemente made y relative of Ful.
ler nfinr the Hhootlnir, it wn Hull
'Hteil thnl (he aei w.ih eommltteil
onlv after Mra Fuller infused to de
kihI fioiu leielviiiK it'ieniionii from
Mori in
1,'niled DutiKhiere of thn ( onfed
end I'iiM'1 Ii ll.it. Ml 1 (i ille , on
ti.ilio 1 Hi . I.ili ooni . .ne.lai
.i f Ii 1 1 n . m Tli eH no Ii' a'
Hit door iv
Waller Turner, one of three
; ctfroca arreeted on the charxe of
idcallng a eet of liarno, from a barn
at 1201 F.at Kneton avenue, .n po
neeelou of I' M. ','i.itiell. wae hound
Uiyer for trial by illetrlcl court undi r
bout! of $dO0el the conclueioo of bin
lirelimlnary heurlnat jeelerd.iy beforu
I ml lee ,, (Iray. 'acK Dodaoii
and Crnia HodKee, a Ian arrested on
the elinrX". were nciuitted by the
court and the irnw awalnit I hem ill"
mlaed Canliell thilina Hie defendant
entered lna barn on the nlKh' of
April II, and atoln tile hariiv, i.tli r
atlemtplnit to a- ll the property to
.mother peraoti
Federal ( onrl I'ula Slop l Nolca
Whlclfliilcrnipl Court.
Ii rid In i; Ju'lri iiniulkeil with the
nolae of automoblliv more to thu
IlkltiK of Hie idtirt, .Iinlrfe II I.. Wil
liam of Hnlteil Htainn dlaiili l court
Imw In aeaalon III thla Lily, ordered
llnilldcr HVeniiK helween fc-onj ntnl
Third aU"l" to be roped off nil
all dav yesti rda i are wire foiljiddin
mi thia IiIih
On court order five au'o driver
were ar i tcd Monil.iy and bu ii.-ht
-fore die ."ii ', but .ill up cot'.,
aii'l i x i i ,ie ii I in t d lot know t) i'
iln tuo ' of Ii' I 1 i - int. , f r.
i ih tin .sea O'i of 'fur' and all wer.
Il MllO-tCll lli-KiliMltl W 'Clil'l-
ofMliK. Jlowevir Hot to nun'mu
" oik ita the inuit la in i'i'i
thn alreet Oaat of the federal bulld
H'K Hill he toied off .mil kuihIi.I
by olty traffic of f lent . Thla prim
ina baa been followed in ihe tnattit
of cloalnf? the alley e,nt of the ountv
court houae for tnore than one your
tho Judmi finiliiiK Ii I'lipoaifiblo to
hold court ecuelone ln-nuae of thu
nolae mailn by delivery cars In thai
dismiss wn.vi.v i'it()si:ct"i;it)N
.Man Who lmt Money Itifn-il to
I'rcea Cii-a' After S'lcclloii of Jury
On reiineat of the proaeciitinK wl'
neee, the criminal action nRiilnat Mra
Kthel WHboii. eharJteil with rohborv
of O W Hoodwin on December 21.
IIIIH. waa illamlaeed In dlatrlet com l
enletiluy afiei Ihe euloctloti of Hie
Jury wan completed
llooilwio rlalina to have loet J3'J
while at Mra Wllaon'a homo on
I'lrit etreet, hut after the Jury had
been aolocted In Judne Kedmoiid H
Cole'a court yl'sterdiiy, thn county at.
torney, inetead of making hla opon
1 ri (c alntement, told the court that
Ooodwlii did not wleh to further
proeecute the onae.
To help In folding tuiHlneaH lettera
r.tplilly a device reeiiitilliiu an cn
ired eUnet rlni! h.iv licen Invented
A'ldnif the c;i ini'llnl ion of deed 1
to land In eeiilon 17 l'l ii Tneal
coiinly, a ault waa fll-.l in iM'tri'M
ourt yealiTilay hy Thoniui llnioii '
llllaliund of Jillllle lliekoiv ill
ceaaed. iiKalnl .1 ( i inipli.-ll, I
hon Inn lllckorv ami tun olhtr minor i
children of the petitioner, in vhi h I
Hickory elerla in i.h.m one llilul li- ,
tereat In the properly 1
Hickory, a full blood Cr-. k Indian.
claims inn lliliil liiteri.H In he l.nnl.
to -which ho iivn a deed to bin -hilit
ren several yeura hk
Vrh Winning .MiihIcI.iih
Innrth Orniich unit Itulli Cor.ltl !
weio thn wlnnera In the prellnilnnry'
piano cdiitrala held nt the lilnli erliuol
lat week Crouch will repieaciil
tho HChonl at Norman In the alatn
cinilivit and Until Cordell will rop
re.ient thn echool at I'lltnliuri;. Kan. I
III tho trl-nlnto Cnntoat There wei.C
alx cntrhvi In the u out and the ,
JikIkIiic wiin difficult.
ClinrKn linvla Willi Imn'ciiv. '
liiforinntloii rlKiiKlnu V I; I.iMh
with tho larceny of a diamond rins I
valued at J K.n mid a box of tooN
valued ut lft0, the property of H. i
l ritrlmier, 23 I'nat llrady alrret, on
April HI, wiih filed in the court of 1
.IllHtlce II. J (Irav Moudiiv Davla
Ih held In the comity Jul I uwaltliiK
iirralKtimcnt on thn charxc
An Knrtllahinan la thn Inventor of
n holder for drills with which they
can bo ahnrpcucil on wbetaiiinca I
l .nrnrf mi The
-v a a . a- a r a a w . ,1M
n I You Will
"The Store With n
A Eventually
.in sotiiii
Phono o.7t'20
We have joined the Overall Club, so if our clerks
offer to wait on you in overalls please don't be
VSomc of the good things yoi can buy at our store:
Best groceries obtainable.
The best meat we can buy.
"White City Jersey Farm pure Jersey millc.
'Mrs. Lewis' homemade cake.
Guaranteed country eggs.
IJGood country butter.
Homemade cottage cheese.
Carnation Grocery & Market
Inntll norninllird or remol hy
palnlrKs. hloiMllria and proven ue
crKiful nifthuiU.
Dr. Arthur Campbell
Ijr. I'-ar, Nir null Throat
T37 Uaya IlUc 0fe 40
mmm-Tk t you insist. i ' I
Hand Tailored
All Thai Good Custom
Tailoring Should Da
Smart clothes must come from
6mart tailors men of highly de
veloped tajent in tailoring. Gunkcl
Novy tailoring is nil that good
custom tailoring should be. Wc
employ this country's finest tailor
ing talent.
This service is offered you through
the better Merchant Tailors. While
practical custom tailors themselves
they use this service to give you
the benefit of all that is new and
superior in tailoring. Your tailor
will give you Gunkel-Novy service
if you insist.
Go To The Merchant Tailor
Look For
The GunkelNovy Label
Gunkel-Novy Tailor
ries, eat'li .
'J'l-lb. sack
Lard, per lb. . CiOks
liood Irish Potatoes,
peek tbieOO
Full Cream
Cheese, per II).
2 onus tall
leader Milk
Mb. tall Red
Salmon, each . .
Small pnikage
Oats, each .
IG-oz. Snider's
Catsup, each . . .
TOO WrM Turk
Omihc 7S0
Truth nml Klsln
HOI Com llialco
Onivc tl'.'l.t
I'm II) tinavry
o-ace una
III Cu-d .Sei-onil
I'alrilrw and Moulder
(Imiuo S IS
1010 lCul I'lilon
I'liillj Mini, ci
1 1 I I nt Scctuul
(Nauo ITOS
Cash Stores Co.
7 Stores in Tulsa
One in Your Nciylilmr
hood STORE AO. t
Grocery and Market
;. .S'miHrf St.
Ml'. V. It,n It.,! -.! !
Wednesday a n d
Grocery Dept.
Gal. solitl pack Black
berries, no
each .... 3)X.l0
(iallon solid tack
. 83c
Gallon solid pack Apri
cots, Q9
each OOt
Gallon solid pack red
pittetl Cher- (jt ff
Meat Dept.
Picnic Hams, OPC-r
per lb 6JL
Dixie Squares,
per lb
Dry Salt Meat, )A ,
per lb 6J,
Sausage, P
per lb LtJ"U
Link Sausage, OA.,
ner lb
per lb. ...
Fresh Pork .Shoulder,
pound ....
Hams, whole
or half, lb. . .
Hoof Plato
per lb
Corn fed beef Chuck
Steak, 1Q
per Ih IOC
The above prices are
(jowl at all our stores.
Ha lli burton-Abbott Co.
Main and Fifth Sts. Phone 6060
.MciiiImtm of Oon .Shop (Kciuiiro Deal) Association
The Fourth Floor Provides
Many Features for Wednesday
First Today Concludes the Sale of
Silk and French Batiste Undergarments
With Prices Considerably Reduced
A Splendid Collection of
Misses' Taffeta Frocks
Choice of Navy, Brown, Blnck
Special j Oq CA
Today ( y mOXJ
Here are silk dresses that you'll be enthusiastic about ns
soon as you see them, they tire so very smart and at
tractive in their youthful styles for misses and small
They arc partcularly well made of Rood ilk tuffoln. with full
nklrm, hhort hIccvos and HtralKht blnurca Some are, in Vtnn effect.
They aro chown In broken kIzcn und represent nomc of the tnoat
rmmilut Ki.tllnir llneM. tlnn'l tie uitinntr ttin tnrilv hhonners bo
Kinoni? the fltst and KPcurc best ielectlotis of these very fine, vnluea
Biecliilly reduced.
Baby Boys' Wash Suits3.95, 4.95, 5.95
S'ui.ly little miiIh of fine quality chambray BlnRlmm with straluht or hloif-cd trousers.
Illoiisen am of whito repp and Htrlied dimity, the trouseis buttoning on blou!ffi li'lnlnhed
with larKc selected pent I btiltonH. Within the above price ranijc will bo found clover llttlo
middy nulls for little box
Baby Boys' Straw Hats 1.25 to 6.95
The acr.iKc litile boy doean't like to wear a straw hat. Why? Well, It'll probably Just
natural nnd the ay of a boy. We bellevn we've overcome that prejudice with thesa care
fully chosen alrawa In roll and drooplnc brlm, phown In various KrailiH In while, brown, navy
and black. Kond mothera will do well to choose early, f,or tho day they will bo needed la
almoxt at hand.
Ml JiM
Percale Play Apron s
Special 98c
They arc well made title R.irmcnts for play
and M'hool wear, Mime aro trimmed with
ruffles In contraMlng colon, ohown In plnkn
and blues; In plzes fi to 1 1 jcurn, bhown In a
Bond assortment.
Bungalow Aprons
1.75 to 3.50
Made of rood riuallty percnle In light and
dark enlorw, either flcured or plain; open
down the left Hide and trimmed with ruf
flch, piped in contniHtinB colors; rcKUlar and
extra slzca.
Three Groups
Misses' and Juniors'
Gingham Dresses
Time lollccinn" of varlou appeallilK
htleK. nmde of fine quatliy KlnKliams in
plmdH and stripeh. fu'l hliirtn, sli.iiKht
Mouses 1 nll,ar and cuffs in contrasting
linn e of blues. jnnkH and tans.
9.95, 12.50, 14.50
Two Groups
Children's and Juniors'
Gingham Dresses
Here air practical, serviceable Rarmentn
for children- and juniors for play and
school wear, made of Rood quality nf
cliiKh.ini In Hchi and dark colored plaids
and stripes, ihoice of several styles.
3.95 and 5.95
Ttir Abnvr Offering honn nn the Fourth IToor
Choice Silk Specials
Novelty Foulards
Thn 11 the much-demanded foulard--an
ii rm leitaln of he.uy responso by women
General!) ; .10 inches wide C QT
The )ard. upcclal iU.UO
Good, Heavy Moire
Cull l.ndied, heavy prade .Moire silk for
dresses, skirts and coaia. shown in navy,
fiupe and blacks 3ii inches wide, ty OQ
Yard, special JOt7
Crepe de Chine Shirtings
A magnificent array of new sailn stnped
Crepe dc Chines In almost all color schemes,
fur shirts and blouses. 3; to 31 Q "I Q
inches wt.e Special . . 0JL
Fiber and Tub Shirtings
fi iih h Fiber Silks with neat colored
stripes. 31-lnch satin-striped tub silk shirt
tup In many colored patterns.
Yard, special
Srr onii
Pretty Wash Fabrics
Colored Batiste
Shown in pretty new printed floral find
potted designs; desirable material for cool
summer dresses; 30 InchcH wide. Af
The ).ird. priced TlUC
Printed Flaxons
A fine sheer quality in fast colors; a, rellablo
fabric for afternoon dressea; shown In a
good range of floral and plain col- TA,,
ors. 30 inches wide The yard OUC
Printed Voiles
A large collection of new printed Tolle.i,
verv desirable for warm weathor dresses
shown in assortment of color com- r7E?
blnations, 40 in wide The yard... OC
Colored Swiss
A fine, soft finished, solid color, dotted
SwWs, excellent for washable dresses
shown In rose, blue, navy and
Copen; lit In. wide. "The yard..
r . I lea
Don't you want to have long.ptouy
beautiful hiu? You can if you use
Nelson's Hair Dressing
Ndion'i milra tub!xirn, curly
hair olt. glojjy.ndtnyto managt.
lr , . ,c 'P' r ,mvn dand
rult and makes the hair grow.
, A1',50oJ fi "of" in U. S.
kp Nrlion I. U jure to get prnu
in Nclion'i.
NlonMfs. Co., Richmond,V.
1 1
- 1M -
vnun i'nf .'Arnc
I lUII 1 HllllllO (
"Good Work at
Reasonable Prices (.
All Work (iuarantccd
Examination Free
Dr. McCann's Dentists
Phone HI.V2. Open Sundays until 1 p. m. Tulsa, Okla.
212Vi South Main, Over Model Clothiers

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