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rULSA DAILY vvuRLD.li ub&DAi At AY 4, 1920
Bailey's Leader Declares
Voters Intimated
Former Senator to Continue'
His FiRht for fJovernor
Conventions Today.
TMl.kAK, Toxas. Mhjt S -J'hnrRM
of "friiuil ntiit intimidation" tit tint
urrtn' drmoi-irtllu iilitClnnt ronvsn
tlnriK And unnnimrcmrnt thai former
mitetl Htnlea Hmnler Jeaeph W.
Nalley would May In the rncp for
unvrrnor of Texas "to Hi" eml" '""
mnde In n titiitenient here tniUy W
Luther Niekala, CHinpulKii ninnrmer
for Mr Mnlley. !! naaertetl that
onlv tno.oon nf the i.non.noo Texn"
filer expreaeeil triemiielvea nt tl
witv-t nit-tliiRH. uhlrli overwhelm-Inch-
inrtoraetl I'realilenl UImh
ndmlnmtrntlon. Tim fori-rj Iril JV
Mr Ttn Hoy erniKtit m repudiate tn
national nitmlnlatmtlon.
Tim "overwhelmlnc HPpenrnniT
of the convention remilt ere due to
the preelnet unit rule niiil are tint
mtpported hv the "riliitlve popular
xoteii rant In tho convention.' Mr
MikeU ileeMred III hlH statement.
"The npponltlnii eonlrnlled the pnrtv
machinery and It won manipulated
to i nurnx' and mlidcnd the vntcra n
fur ax powlnle," Hie nUitenient con
tinued M. II Wolfe. rhftlrmrtn of the
Texan elate democratic executive
rommlttee, ilerliircil In a ulati'tiieiit
here tndav that '"history repent
Itself" and thi "reacllnnarv politic
Ions hive hcen repudiated." He
made no direct reference to the
Kntemenl from nnllndmlnlslratlnn
hendniinrters In which "frntiit and
Intimidation" In Die precinct meet
lllKs was chnrKrd
Texas democrats will meet In
rnunlv convention In some 230
counties tomorrow to select ilelc
paten to tho stale democratic con
vention to lie held nt Pallas on Mny
!R, with the Indorsement of the na
tional administration assured
through action of preelnrt conven
tions Inst Haturday. N'n additional
precinct returns were tatmlnted dur
ing the dnv
The unofficial returns, with more
thnn 100 preclnctH mlsshiK. rIvc the
rtemocrntlc forces favorahlc In Presi
dent Wilson and his policies 1.210 of
lie 1 400 tntc"n convention voles,
The convention vole for the element
of tho partv headed hv Italley stood
nt 19 tonlRht on the face of Incom
plete and unofficial return.
hundred injured
bruise, whllo tho house In which
they were sleeping was a total
"peart men, women nnd children
wrr' found In every pile of wreck
arc. T n.iw ns many ns 20 dead In
a slncle pile. There was no way to
Identify th fin. The dead were as
sembled nnd laid to one side while
doctors nnd nurses did wlint thev
could to nllevlnto tho differing nf
the Injured to the heat of their abil
ity with tho little equipment at
lilt Town Sunday.
Tho tornado' swept down on tho
Census Fifurcs
UnRs. Mont . 1 ft. 100, Incroane i.nfiS.
or f.O 5 ner i ent.
Aberdeen. Wah., IB, 337. Inerease
I . f. 7 -. or 12 1! per cent.
Wmhlng'on. I'ii 21. ISO, Increase
not, or 1 1. 1 iter cent. I
rrnnkfnrt, Ind , 1 1, HO, Increase
2.9.M. or .14 2 per emit.
l.on Heath. I'al , Increase
.17.714 or 212 2 per rent. I
1'omoim t'al.. ii.hOB im-renst
3.2HH nt 32.3 per cent
Durham. N. (.. 21,715, Increase
3,(78 or 19.1 per cent.
little fnnnlnt; vlllaae, Inctttett in the
northwl corner of ("horokee coun
ty nt 35 Sunday nlRbt. When It
hnd paMed the town aa u heap "f
mint, ami at tenai II portions lay
itf In Ma path. I'eRRs um n town
of approximately 260 pnopl and
wum in loliiinl ivn. Hi" niret
rnllroAd station helriK Vonkors, on
the K O As II road
When the tuin.ido had swept by
all but A ' . . house had bemi lev
elled to the Riounil and the rrlea
and Rionn o a hundred or morn
rent the air 1'ioctlcally cery mm
In 111" little village, hilffereil rtther
death or Injuries. linn man was
able to tRger to Tahlerpiiih, 1H
tnllm distant, nnd tell of the dis
aster The scene spread out by the havoc
of the storm was one of appallliiR
ilnwinliitliin. Wiueks of lioiiKrm,
barns and other IiuIIiIIiirm marked
the HiirroiindlnK country as witness
of the terrible toll of lb" storm,
livery wire leodlnR from the stricken
town was blown down, and It was
hours before the outside world learn
ed of the loss. Then It was that
help was rushed from MnskoRee,
Tnhlc'iuih, Vlnlla. Tulsa and other
Ten stores, 7f residence and
scores of other billldlUKs were swept
One of the freaks of the alortn
was that u small frame shack, un
inhabited, was left standing In the
heart of the cltv, while brick build
lues houslnrt ninny person all
around It were taxed to the Rrniind.
The I'eiiRH schoolhoimc a concrete
bullilliip. was crushed and tho walls
Riouriil to pieces
CIolhliiR wiih found plastered on
the treeM several miles ftnni the
path of the storm by rescuers on
Iho way to the village this morn
InR. A InrRo Riisollne barrel was
found flattened out nnd wrapped
tlRhtly about the trunk of n tree.
nCtrrcil Three Miles.
The storm covered an urea three
miles Ions; nnd one mile wide, ap
parently dropplnn down Just In time
to hit the vlllaRe, and rlslnc soon
after lcavinK It.
Tahlenuah nnd Locust tiiove were
pracllcnlly deserted Hundreds of
residents went to PcRRn to aid In
the rescue work.
Ilellef parties were sent from Tali
lenunh, MuskORee and Locust drove
till mnrnlnK In the MnskoRee
party were 10 nurscH nnd physi
cians most of whom hnd seen serv
ice lit b'rnnce. The call for aid was
received In MnskoRee about K o'clock
this mnrnlnc from the county com
missioners of Cherokee colint)' Of
flcern of the Ited Cross soon had
the enrpn of nurses on their wav
to the scene or the siorin The .M
O. A- O. rnllroad rsu two extra cars
on their evening train to Locust
rlrove to provide iiccommodatlons
for tho Injured Hint were to he
hroiirht to MnskoRee.
Tempornrv hnspltnls were orRnn
Ir.ed nmlil the wreckaRo and scores
of severely Injured were Riven first
Trthleqiinh dnclors were the first
to reach the scene nf the trauedy
Six physician left there Immediate,
ly after the storm was slRhteil last
rilRht from Tahlenuah Liter they
sent calln for more assistance nnd nt
fi o'clock Monday mornlnR 100 auto
molillis with men and women relief
workers were on their way to tnrry
siici or to tho injured.
The only physician In 1'cbrs, Dr. I.
Hill, was killed.
Whole families were' crushed to
dentil when their homos worn lorn
to pieces by Ihi. force of the Rale.
Mno members of the Htevens fam
ily were killed, .even of the l.lltle
flelil family, elRht persona by the
name of I'runk and five members of
the Wllkersop family urn numbered
nmoiiR the dead.
When the rewiiers ai rived In
I'CKKS they found only a heap of
twilled, mud splattered debris. A
heavy nil n and hall accompanied the
siorm and when the workers begun
collectlriR the bodies from the muck
nnd rulibish many were so plastered
with mud that they had to bn washed
off before their Identity could be
'the dead were eolleeted In Shelters
left by the tnriRled walla nnd roofs.
Twenty were piled In ono nook
while searrhlnR parties rariKcd the
Immediate v I I ri It y .
Doctors, nurses and assistant Im
premed Into service havn worked
unceKslriRly slnie early this tnornliiR
narliiK for the wounded. Dr. W. T.
I'lle. who heailed tho MinknRcn
party, was an nrmy doctor durlns tho
war and attention Riven the Injured
was similar to that of wounded men
at ths front None of the Injured
hs remhcl TnhlerU,ih el but n
titimher are on the way. Due to the
rniiKh country nnd poor road It will
likely be Lite 'hlt evenliiR before
thev can be placed In Uih Tnhle
quali hospital
roup person are dead and seven
Injured its a result of a ryrlone win h
swept H'rr,s parts of ttoRCis atldlfsti.rei inserted adverlisemeots in to- '
1 Craltr criuiUles rlunl.iy evening nboulj,
i o', lor k. .
The rtend were reiovered shortly
aftrr mldnlRhl hv n res-ue parly'
which set out from t'helse.i ouii
nfler the a I or n i strui k '
The loiio Blnii'k Just oiltsl'le
Jhelse,t nnd moved northeast, ad
viiliitnK aliout five mli before It
rose. Its path was about H city block
wide and It Is reported that evcr
thloR In Its wny was leveled.
Homo Tliremlkcll nf UatcrliKi Diet
nt Oklahoma ftl).
three hours' work with a iiulmotor
In an effort to tiring back to life
Homer Throadkell, 17 year-old hIRh
school boy w" o was drowned Suri'lny
In northeast lake nr here, the boy
was profloiiiKed dead at t o'clock
till" nio.WHK "t 4h undertnklnB'
The boy who was the son of I,
K. Threadkell of Waterloo. Okl.i
was ntendlng hlRh school here and
had Rone to the lake for n awlm with
companions He Is believed to hnvn
been overcome by cramps Immc
dlatelv after making . die whlih
landed him f lot on the water
New Vork Department More Idvcr
llc to Cut HIrIi Murks
NLW VOHK. May 3 -One nf
Vew York's largest department
(lav's newspapers announcing that
It would attempt to ' break 'he
bnekbone of high prtres" bv offer
log Its 120,000.000 stock at a re
dtirtlon of i per tent The only
good cxi luded will lie about jr(0,.
ono worth of men hnndlse purcliased
under price resit let inn which con
not lie "honorably i hanged." I
This reduction, aald the advertise,
meni, alines froi "u conscientious
sense of duty' caused by govern-
linent reports that priced are Mill
in the upward trend.
Marred from duiinv.
I HI, PA BO, May I --(lenernl Juan
lose nios and Manuel Onmboa.
Ilcxlinn ormy offUurs who lost their'
nmmands when the stnte of Sonorn
M't'ctled from Mexico, have hern tie- ,
riled permlxslnn to enter Juarez
Makes Such
Light,Ta8ty Biscuits
Tucf 1r mntlier call. "BlSCUltS fof
Breakfast!" We're sure there's a
treat that can't be beat in store
(nr nc lirrht. tender biscuits
iJl vo
tvnetti hmivn nnd nil nutted UO
IUUOI1 . w , . . - I
. . J T- .1 !
Uwith goodnessi c or mouier is sure
nf nor hnkinrr nowder Calumet.
11 She never disappoints us because
never disanooint3 her.
It's debendable. Results
always the same the best.
Try it.
Calumet contain only such incro
rlienrs as have been annrovcd offi
cially by the U.S. Food Authorities.
You Save When You Buy It
You Save When You Uie It
Ufrr .... ., Tfilrt
" riAULBY I Wi .1
tin Main uM'ourUi
You'll He Tickled, Sir!
With Our New
Whether from a standpoint of style,
variety, quality or price, these heat-resisting
Hats will surely tickle you.
In addition to the many staple braids,
there are numerous novelty weaves which are
exclusive with this store. There's a style hero
for every type so man alive l--why hesitate
come in and get under one of these cooling
to $17;
A Selling Talk Must
Always Have Good
Ixi.st wvrU it rolored preacher
imIIoiI on uie follt'ltlni; funds (or a
iinliondtv tlniui In l-'lorldn, nnd by
inciiii.i nf it mirror In my offlco
U prnierlv iniRletl I mnv lilm comliic lic-forv lie emv
mo and tiy Ills iipiKMirunco Uiu lilm to i a m.
Ilrllor of eoiiio Kind, and 1 linincillnltdy
elreliNl ni)selr to nlmtcvrr nrcmneiu lio mny Imve.
Hut Ills lone of Miliv, liLt uddrons, s cliolco of
wohIh and the furl tlut tin Monti-d
onlv ono doll.ir for ti crrnt nork niiide me "Uiaw
out" iiilrlb. .Vim llmi IdiicU mini uhm a Kilcfiii.ni
but In' couldn't lno UilUrd nearly ni well If ttio
IllliiK bo vwiM f olltiiK tlldn't liao Btvnt merit txdilnrl
It. Tluit'a iho tvAMin I'm itha). liill.lni: I'lTFOlUI
llKht uilKht Mills, .MAMIA'ITAN MIlltTS
nnd tlie-e Milendld Miuv lutrt (ivimo pdiv as lit
ror) I i '.in ko tlio M'r limit In a eolllni; talk and
know that tho pxHL-i will back mo up.
livery Mis trantx ono of
f.ftrflc handsome cases,
jiitst right for that over
iJit trip and plenty
ci space for a party
p Otcn.
TJicsc cases arc made of
Chwhidc and Patent leather
in cobra grain silk lining
iittcd and unfitted.
from $25 to $100
' Mall Orders Prrpnld
414 So. Main St
JTuLvi Knnxaa City
, I. J. Ittenhach
'i llr&ldcnt Partner.
It jujt as easy to luv oty E1
hir vouMflf at it u to atlmire it I
inothrr piople, YouahouUiue '
NckonsH,iir Dressing
Int hlh tnJ bill drrtt
Ioi,titorr4br pirtlcaUf
roloita) people lorilmott
33 j tin. Altfoo4diai
Horn Id U S. keep Ntl
Bi tut t git gin kins
Slin I.
NeUon Mff . Co.
Richmond. V.
t.qU tlmini, t colorej
lilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHUIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIimiilll Illllllll Illl
mw&y-Jti ?-s.' . -- ,; ' " - --- ,t
Straw Hats
That Fans Fancy
YOU can be pretty sure when a straw hat passes the
critical inspection of the baseball fan that it has the
style and quality you want. Such men arc keenly critical
of their clothes'as well as baseball plays. The fact that
a good many of them have already been here for new
1920 straws is an indication of which way the wind blows.
SOME of the new straws are in the windows today.
There'll be many more of them when Old Man Win
ter leaves this part of the country. But you needn't wait
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NEW Yacht shapes in Sennits, Tuscans, Splits, Swiss
Twists, Yeddos and many others. Soft or stiff
brims, wide or narrow. Soft Milans, Leghorns, Balibun
tals, Splits and Bankoks. Panamas in natural or white
shades. See them today. $5 up.
I I-Ssusijawa
Vya-d a n sley
as Good"
SSPI "OnlyBcstButter
MK last
Strictly Union Ml rift.
"Mother! Put on lots of Veqaco.
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Vegaco is a fine Spread for Bread
You too will like Vegaco for its delicious flavor.
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ta clean, appetizing taste will auickly mke friends with
your palate.
For shortening cooking and baking ase Vegaco.
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enow-white and pure can be colored with the butter-maker's coloring
furnished with every package
You can serve Vefiruco Ireely without thinking about its cost, for
Vegaco is healthful nutritious economical.
Every carton fully guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Churned by
rrrroiui iicbt neisht nit
$'J0 to S"
sn.nn to stj
Si to 518
Sold liy dealers everj-whrrc
Osage 1497
117 East First Street
St. Irfmla, Mo. asNjj

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