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Committee Plans Program
for Summer Outing at
Parthenia Park.
r.AMP mnnp popiii ar
Week-End Trips to Summer
Kcsort of Y. W. C. A. to
End May 30.
further nlnns for the hlih school
girls' conference for Oklahoma nnd
northern Texas, to bo lisltl at the
Y W. C. A. camp at I'drthenlu park
.)unr R-lfc, will !( made at i Joint
conference of the recreation commit
tee, of which Mtm C C. fimmons Im
chairman, the girls' work commit
tee, of which Mm. C. K. Htrouvellc
Im chairman, nnil the enmp grounds
committee, of which Mm Dan .1.
Davtssnn Is chatrmah. mi 2 o'clock
th:d afternoon lit the association
The iiuota of delesntn fioin the
TulMi high school Y. V. C. A. to the
I conference will he 20, the largest
number permitted from any student
nfiorlatlon These delegates will be
rebr.ted by the high school and will
retri-clti at th tamp during the en
tire conference Other high ipehool
girls may turn attend ilay procrams
and events .it the enmp, leturnlng
to TuIm in the evening. The enmp
programs will bo ready for publica
tion shortly.
The appointment- of Miss Anna
Kennedy us euip manager for the
summer was unnounccd yesterday
by Miss lidna I'yle, general i-eeri-tury.
Mi's Kennedy, who in h sls
ter of Mi. (J. K. Bennet of this
clly, will direct nil buying for the
camp and the general household
care. A man and wife will bo em
ployed to .cook.
nooklets giving the summer
cchedule for tho camp will ho ready
this week. MlsH Voledu lleohel. rec
reation secretary, who 1i.-ih charge
of all camp recreation activities, bald
cMerrtny. The booklets will dc
scribo the kind of clothing and
equipment most suitable for trips to
I the camp and will give the charges,
eek-end trips to the camp are
be'IbmliiB more and moro popular
n spring advances Into raimmer.
The party of 43 which week-ended
at the camp Saturday and Sunday,
May 5 and D, consisted of young
women of the Gypsy OH company,
gr.ide school teachers and a croup
uf nunger emploved Girl Olrl
reerves of Osage and Cella Clinton
nib'inis will go to the camp Friday
a'trrnoon. May II, and xrnng
women of the Oklahoma Producing
and ltrflnina company "III upend
s.Hurd.ij evening and Sunday ut the
c nop The 60 members of th
Halllluir ton-Abbot club have voted
j to make their next semi-monthly
meetliiij a picnic on the camp
fiiounds They will charter a special
i car and leave for the camp as quick
I ly as possible after 6:30 o'clock
Turniny evttiiiiK. .May is.
(iroiips inn arraiiKe for week-end
trips to Friendship Lodge until May
SO, The lodge will bo occupied in
clusively by conferenco delegates
lroni J it m S to IS.
tirade school girls will have right
of way at the camp from June IS
to July U. After the middle of July
the camp will be turned over to
itusiness women for periods of one
week, two wceki or week-ends. Miss
Iloebel requested yesterday that
business women and Klrls of Tulsa
icglstcr as far ahead as possible for
trips to the camp, as a number of
requests for use of the camp have
men ncrni-ii from nearby cities nnd
the association wished to care for
local croups first.
('. V. Daley Wants 'lmnijr--Mny
AImi I'rolilhit Tii.vl Cnln on Third
Instead of the standard warning
automohlltsts of safety zones and
no parking privileges being placed
lb the streets vtliete they constitute
a constant menace to cars they will
soon be suspended by Iron pipe Im
bedded in the concrete nutter if the
suggestion Riven the city commls-
-ion Tuesday morning by Inspector
L . Daley arc earned out.
The Inspector also advised the
commission of his purpose to re
move tno taxicnlis rrom Third sirect
across the street from Hotel Tulsa
to Cincinnati nvenue between Second
and Third streets. Tho purpose li
to removo the congestion on Third
f boterest
to women
Complain on Sower.
The smltary sewer between Zunls
and (Jlltctte avenues Is too shallow
to bo of tise to the adjoining prop
erties according to ft complaint
lodged with tlio mayor and hoard of
city commissioners Tuesday morn
ing by S. U Lewis In behalf of V.
O. Dickinson, who after building
two houses In that vicinity finds the
sewer facilities inadequate. Tho
matter was referred to the water
and tower commissioner and tho
city engineer.
12 MATtnMAl DAnira
flFPIPIAf f V uc-n..i,,.h . . . .
jjVV ni.v.uunu;t.u DI 1 lit, u a. liUVUKHMeNT
A scries of natural paries in the mountain west of
Dtnvcr, an hour's ride over a scenic automobile highway
that wends its way over mountain tops and thru pine
clad canons dotted with summer homes and rcsora.
is only four hours fiom Denver. Colorado n a vaca
tion paradise for fishermen, campers, motorists, and
lovers of outdoor life. Denver has a new $250,000 free
motor camp, ample hotel accommodations and over
-.w uiuuiiiaui learns ana coiuges at prices to
'J' Writo for FREE BOOKLET
that tell where to go, what to tee and how
o enjoy a day, a week or a month's vacation.
Chicago. St. Louk Kuiu City, Colorujo Scxiacs
? tyT . 1. 1X7 9
A aiUU d JCi. 3 & VVUII1CI1
.Hair Grow Luxuriantly
Beautiful, healthy, lustrous new hair
comes to the head on which FAMO
is used regularly.
Women have reported to us that their
hair grew os much as four to six
Inches after faithful and conscientious
use of FAMO, which Is the ono hair
preparation which cun be used cfafy
with beneficial results.
It also grows men's hair, even where
baldness is beginning to appear.
Unless the hair roots are absolutely
dead, FAMO will grow hair.
FAMO grows new hair because it
destroys the seborrhea germ which
ls killing the hair.
The seborrhea bacilli go down Into
the glands and attack the hair roots.
Unless they are destroyed they will
eventually kill the hair.
With the germ at work the hair It
fighting for its life.
Nature fights eginst disease. Dut
it cannot conquer alone,
FAMO will give the necessary aid to
assure a healthy ecalp.
FAMO will destroy tho dandruff
bacilli and-tnaks the hair grow luxuriantly.
It stops oil Itching of the scalp.
FAMO Is the result of three years of
scientific experimentation in one of
the recognized pharmaceutical labora
tories of Detroit.
Its ingredients have been well known
to physicians for years but have
never before been used on the head.
FAMO has accomplished wonderful
results. Every member of the family
should use it regularly. It contains
no alcohol.
FAMO is sold at all toilet eoods
counters and applications may be had
at the better barber sliops and hair
It comes in two sixes a small' sire
at 35 cents and an extra large bottle
at $1. Your money will be refunded
if you are not satisfied.
SbarrhM h th midicst nam tot
morbidly fncri now from Ih
foco(j glsndt nl th tcjtlp, Th
lirrhen mieiBtton (cum In & or
tlkt and it wmaiwiJ Anovn J
From the laboratories of F. A. Thomp
son ft Company, Manufacturing
Pharmacists, Detroit, Mich.
Halliburton. AbbotO Co., Mil am! Uln
Quaker Iruc Cr. 310 S. .Main.
Puritan Drug Co., Hotel Tulsa Illdg.
Tmo Hcxnll Diiik Stores, 113 S. Main
mil 1317 W, Stncntcrntli, West Tulsa
Mcinlwn; llroilicrs, 200 S. Malu.
Destroys the Dandruff Bacilli-Retards Gmyness
lONTlNULK llti'M Plllli KUINll PAI.D.
.Mlvloiuir) Meet Inc.
The Woman's, Home Missionary
society of the Kirst M. H. church
will meet Thursday ut 2.30 o'clock.
May Hide.
The Senior Christian llndeaxor
society of the l'lrst Christian church
will enjoy a hayrlde and picnic on
Thursday evening to a point 11
miles from the city. The members
will mobilize for the ride at 5:30
Stuil Club.
The Monday Study club met with
Mrs. V. It. Cunningham- The study
Man on Hollund and was Riven by
Mrs. W. C. Connolly and Mrs.
Charles Seranton. The club will
have Oklahoma as the study "(or
next year. After n social hour mem
bers adjourned to hold, the last!
meeting wlili Mrs. l'erey i:illott
next week. i
for Kansas City to spend n f days
Later she will go to lies Mornc
Iowa, to join Mr. Tharkery who i
.tending general confeieuci' of the
l lrst Methodist church.
Mrs. John Hnillcy nnd Mrs (leorge
9chelk will leave for Muskogee to
attend the district missionary meet
ing on 'Ihursday and l-'rlilay of the
Methodist conferenco. These dole,
galea are from the llnslon Avenu
Methodist churi'li.
The women of the (5. A. II are
preparing to entertain thw evening
in the home of Mrs. I' V. Itowen.
1013 Kast Fifth street, when thev
will serve Ice cream and cake and
sandwiches and coffee.
IVlM-al Viar Will Clnx- 10,000
Aliciul 1'nrU Dept. Is In "lliil,"
I llased upon the avenue of expeit.
'dilute dining tho first nine mouths
of the fiscal year the city -slioi'l I
I wind up with about f .1 . 4 7 0 C ; .o
the good on July I. a- corillng to th
report piesentod to the inasnr an t
board of rlty commissioners Tuex
dav morning by the auditing depart-
metit i
Some i.'.- the departments have a
Mil plus ulille othcis are consider -lblv
In the "red." The park depart
ment miows a deficit of about
11 1,000.
213-215 S. MAIN STREET
i r
Personal Mention
Mr. and Mrs. Ulmer W. Jacob
leave this nfiornoou for Oklahoma
City to attend the state bankers'
convention that will bo held there.
Mrs. Percy Kvans of California
will arrive Saturday to visit for sev
eral weeks In tho home of her sister,
Mrs cieorcn O Hollow and Mr. I
Hollow ' -. .
Mrs V. W. i'urpln of Hlackwell.
Oiila , will nrm this weik to vlsl' ,
Mrs., Harney Meyer, .Mrs fleorRC
I'ohler and .Mrs J V. Kielnberp In '
formal nfinlru are belnir planned for
this visitor
Mrs J !:. Thackerv left Tuesday I
Wc extend a cordial invitation
to visit our establishment and
view our exhibit of Diamonds,
Sapphires, Pearls and Emeralds
in artistic Platinum Settings.
OpposKc; St. Patrick's Caiiicdral
Suburban Day
IS iev 1
i v '4 IP
Union Department
Today we institute as a permanent feature of this store, the Suburban
Day. Today we have grouped a selection of useful and wanted mer
chandise that we can offer suburban shoppers at prices far below the
usual price for consistent qualities at other shops. Take advantage of
this bargain day every Wednesday.
Percale, yard wide, rcfrular 50c value;
many pretty patterns Hero
today at per yard
Unbleached muslin, yard wide, an ex
cellent quality of 35c muslin,
ipecial today, per yard ...
Hope. Muslin, ten yards tho limits to
any ono customer, lor
(Suburban Day, per yard
Hompcrs of RhlnRham and percale.
Just tho thlnn for little, tots,
Suburban Day only
, an ex-
111 Its 10
Underskirt Special
Black sateen and Hcalthorbloom
underskirts, all sizes, a Su
burban Day special
Other Bargains Equally
As Great Throughout the
Gingham Dresses
Indies' Hoso in black nnd rotors, all sizes;
specially priced nt Hie pair, OE
or : pair aUti
LodlcV silk hose, in black nnd wanted colors,
all slzcfl, priced for .Suburban Day QQ
only, per pair t70C
lidles' silk lisle hose, a very fine prade, all
colors nnd ail sizes; priced
today, C pair
fancies, Ku
Very' pretty patterns
nnd styling in now,
crisp Bingham dressea,
u widu ranRii of sizes.
they are specially
priced today
Bilk hose In pretty stripes and
burban Day special, at
per pair
Cotton Crcpo Ki
monos, many pretty
Tcrn3: $4.50
Bill; $0,03 aiul up
norm: aimions
Houso Aprons of
Bingham and per
cale, priced today at
?rP-mr?. 98C
Millinery Bargains
for Suburban Day
All Hliltn linta In
cludliiK Sailor.,
MalliivM nnil .Mi
Inns, specially
prlcccl for. Su
burban Day at.
: 1 QQ
Blouse Specials
Vollo and nrfrandy blouses.
many pretty models,
real bargain
at .-
Middy blouses for misses
and children, very Rood
Let the Great American Electric Flag Lead You to the Union Department
Silk Dresses
$19 50
Fifty dresses in the lot. Taffetas, georgettes and combina
tions in a splendid assortment of pretty styles. Sizes 16 to 44.
Embroidery trimmed Petticoats of
good quality muslin. Shown in a
large assortment of pretty models.
boys' Two-piece
wash SUITS
Ih pretty atripo patterns and in
styles to suit tho boys. Sizes 2 to"
G. $3.0tf and $3.50 values.
Special Offerings in Household
Dry Goods Today and Thursday
Mercerlred Tabic Damask, 72 lnchri
wide, rc'BUlar A (T
$.00 r tPl.'iU
72-Inch Mercerized Damask, a very uond
quality, $3.50 (T- QQ
value 7 (Sl.tO
72-Inch All-Linen Damask In very at
tractive putlorns, (PQ 1 A
special at tpO.AU
A mercerized 1'attern Cloth, size 68x72.
regular ii.10 (jjg QPj
A round pattern Table Cloth, mercerized,
size 64x72, rccular &A OfT
J5.00 ,IrI.tJ
An nll-llnen Tuble Cloth, prldo of
Ulster Linen, .72x72, (JJQ n
regular 10.0Vitt . . JO. I O
Our very best pure I.inen Napkins, hIzh
22x22. regular jis.oo per
dozen at
CometH Hheets, Mzn 72x90, fair quality;
nr:i:r.,2:0. $1.69
Falrm Hheets, size 72x00, nice soft qua!-
rT! $2.89
.Mohawk Sheets, sire 72x00, tho best
wearlns sheet made; regular fijO QQ
$1.60 at
I'ullmon Hheets lxOO, good blc lze;
rtEr,j.r ,3:76 $3.10
Ono Bpeclal lot lied Spreads, dimity and
plain; a spread everyoim cn,n afford to
buy several of, JS.00 fljl Qpf
vaTuo - tp'ir.iSt)
A very nice lied Hprcad In good clean
pattern, regular $7,50 (Jjg gQ
An Awfully good Spread, big slzo. somo
wllh colored edge; f) CT
(15.00 value- cDli.OU
Our Yfry best lied Hprcad. Ono of thosn
flnelled Bprcada rhould be In every
household; $20.00
One lot Drapery Goods, 3G Inches wide,
with border and figures; QQ
rogular SOa OtC
One lot 30-inch Cretonne, In all colors
and designs; 6&o 10r
values i xL
I'laln Marqulsotte, 35 Inches veld, whlto
only; regular
!ic T
rry CI
quality; regular
:ry flno
Harred Drapery, cream and white, 38
Inches wide; a very pretty material;
regular 11.00 at 79c
Wednesday Is Remnant Day
'A big lot of remnants for Wednesday of all kinds of silks, wash goods,
dress goods and staple goods. Economical shoppers can often save much
on our remnant tabic.

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