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The Morning Tulsa daily world. [volume] (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, May 19, 1920, Final Edition, Image 3

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State Briefs
Oklahoma City and Enid eason ,,f r iu'M
Merchants Held on , ,,nvPI nlTXV-rri. .
T , I rOMA CITY. Muv IS Announce.
Indictments. tiiieni imn tn-en rcerlvpil by thr firm
iseciiI that tlic nrleu of lipnitrntmry
made lilmllim tlne thin year Ih It
t--lf lirlviK iilmfHt n total loan The
iinlitlnit is a new one, ownM '' V
(I Million. wnni. Ins In rntlniaitl
at tl.'.uOo unJ la covered by llO.noo
HltlSTOW. Mny is -The com- liKumunr. Kw of the St earn ilnnt
I inert rtrpoHlt of the (our Hrlntow t tt v-t uri lnMirl, the Iomi nn tli
I'ankti, three nniloiul anil duo ittute. tulnK muted at J 50,000.
mini over z,.i68.uoo. Thin ta tno
IIIURTOW. Mny 1 S lteheiirlnc of
tho ie of the commercial club
MKaln.it the lirlMoiv Oim Coiiiimny
Iiiim lieen cet for June s. Tho rum
puny Is making a mirry of tlx prop
erties M ml It It tilitmrcil thut a hike
iiii.uk !! uiiR mine mm yer ih it i. - , ... . ...Uril noun
cents m local loin, or 1 3 i In cur-'" ra,,s wl" "c ""Kc" " '
C fiiot' teprenen'n tile Tink.twa 1'i.
til. t Kny, tiurfleM, Oram. Alfnlfi
h'hI N'oble counties are now' organ
ized. PONCA CITY. ..May I Charles
May, an elderly roomer at the Ad
orn hotel, hnn been turned over to
the couniy authorltlen on a ulmijte
of utioollng Uli Intent to kill, Dur
Inn a nieleo he fired several a Ms
throtiRh a door but without effect.
He wan fined 2S In municipal court
and later rearrested on a county
wat rant. ,
lii.nl lotl. f n b. MoAlentcr
i.ii ii in rar in .i.uuv pounuH.
A tnln.
1 I'AWlll'SKA. May 1S.--A bc feed
-- hi the 36.oou-nore ranch of Orannm
ChitSC Van Clcof of Oklahoma,' HIIIHTOW '.May lS-lt In under- , Khl.llcr, between (iralnola and,
. .vw4 ... v.iii'.tiiiiiiii, iur v i.nw i win hi uur oi ine ivaimj
ternm rclireaentlnit Crok county In of tho trade exciirntoii of l'uwhunku
tho lrglttlattlre, will noon announce l bunlnesn men on Juno I. Don.tiein
;for the democratic nomination In I will touch at I'earfonla,. Or.inloM,
tho Kourth dlntrict In opposition to Kaw City, Ituibatm and Fairfax,
, Votitresiipan McKenwn.
rVuvney of Poncn City wan oleotcit
prenldent of tho Itoval .N'rlclilxirx of
Atnrrc.t in the f.fth annual county
"invention junt cored lime Mint
l.e'ile Hlmpsnn of Tonka wa wn
chien Mceprrnldent. Minn l.llllau
)a'U nt Newkirk n recorder, and
Mlm Mary Duncan of ltrainun an
in usurer. Uriiiimn Rets thn 1921
0i-ritr l.nniN ns fnlt,
l"!li:i)i:itH'K. Okln . Mny IS The
Ileil river bottom Units now In tin
Iihirc of Frederick Delano, recently
appointed lecelver by the federnl nu
Pii'ini' court uei- dlnputed nil prop
ort, will be operated .in a single
unit, nciordlnr! to A. H Everest, field
lepit.n'.-nlatlve for the receiver who
Is now located on the uronertv.
Member of State Commis
sion, One of Number.
roN'TiNt i ii rii'( PA. it: uNK
land nnnies thn McKwen Mnnnfac
j uiriiiR coniinny.
AK It It clmrHed in the ntatemrnt
I that Hi m tttii owns n In rife dairy farm
mid operates II at tho oxpcnnti of
thn Oklahoma Natural (tan company
and that ho mid others receive sal
'alien fnr In excewi of what thev am
lenitlled to on account of services.
' Tho ntmrtneut recites that wlilln
nji n result of thin misappropriation
of funds and iiilsmanaRement of tho
'oompany'M affairs that the Kan com
pany s npcrntlon front a ensunl ob
servation ntlKht show that uil
company was liflne operated nt a
lonn, that when a thoroiiKh annlynls
hnn been mnde nttd tho KH-t division
of the company hnn been charted
only with expenses properly chnrK
nblo thereto, that thn compnny on
that part of lis htinlncns lined nnrt
UK fill In furnishing natural Ran to
the Inhabitants of the. various cities
mid towns In the ntutn of Oklahoma
which It hnn undertaken to serve,
will prove to ho remuneratlvo and
eiiiltatin to thn company."
The document an Introduced today
won originally prcpnrcd to tin filed
w ith the comnilsnlnn nn an answer on
the purl of tho attorney for tho com
mission and gas patrons, to thn up-
plication of thn i ompany for it.
creased rntei.
Kmpln)cil by Compnn.
Thriiven nald that Durham t
ebployed to make n survey of i
properties of tho gun company aivie.
nn appropriation by tho leslnntuic
Ho mild two men who worked wti
Durham nrr now In the employ of
!thn company "nd that tiurh'i - wa '
under contract to work for It mi
completion of his n'nto work.
Thravo was recently dwh.ii aod
j front the servlco of the ntnln cort.or.
Itlon commission on what was aild to
be pnlltlrnl Rrounds. Ho wnn n
joiico nppolnleil nnslstant ntt rnev
Kenernl by H P. Kreellnir. ntt. rney
Irenerwl, nnd Is now nerving in tha'
I capacity.
ny'AinlIM Pr Htt Wire
Kleven biinlneiss men of this city and
ono at Hnld, Okl i., wore arrested to.
day by federal authorities .followliiR
Indictments re'urned nsalnst them
.v a f.,1nml ffrund lury charging VlO-
latlons of the Lover net by allegod n "t ch table,
profiteering In the sale of ...gar. ,STov. May IJ.-H O. Hen-
Thoso under arrest are: A J. -ra- Mcn lKvsUWnl of tho commercial
ham. J. T. nolilnunn, J P, ,,l0J'eh ,u,t,( v entertain the club mem-
Jr.. J. H. Itucks, John Thomns. O. II. (,, unl1 wveH ttUh n,(, fnsh.
HARDY. May IS-tiTirlstopher ' fUKo;M "nl K
c.Irhrat.d hU 21st birthday whei' "'H"" ,PfJ ''j""1 women h" "'I
he ennte Into the Inheri.anco of 500 C"U" .ri.nToo
iic.es of valuable land Sunday, by
Klvint; n bntniuet on the Al I.oiu
farm for 120 Kiiests, Klve tiil'let
we;o placed, with room for 21 por-
1..I.I twl nreanlllert (ho KllllltOr With
a beautiful gold watch as a token of
mteeiu The wnteh ntrlkci tha Hour,
luurter ntid minute.
PONCA CITY, Mny 18 Thirty di
vorce lanes woo tried In the Kay
county dlntrict court during April,
were continued for cause anil
D.eu; TunsV,:.. Morris. M. R. Cooler ZCJW h'ome U"' 1 !:!.n..,.""!!!,"r, "".i-"'!-"
i-arry rarnaiir. u. i' "' , the clly Trlday. Kleetlon of offkera ? ","'.''1v
villi i.o 1...I.I i th.i n. in 'no (lioiriLi vguri oi civn o:
Iirry Karnham, nil of OKinnom i ,tl1, llC hc,d ,h.. tlm.
f'lty, and Harry K. Alton of hlild- ,
Allure connected with wholf sale grl- PAWHI'SKA. May IS. The uta'n
were filed, nnd in' the county court
four civil and 33 criminal, as well
nn ;'3 probate.
Hound Over to District Court Under
Uoncl of l,00(Pfor Trial.
Joo Williams, a negro youth ar
retted May 6 In potsohslon of a Kord
car stolen on that day from K. H
Hays In this city, was hound over
for trial by district court under
bond of SI, 000 nt the conclusion of
bis preliminary trial before Justice
f 1 H. J. Cray, yesterday.
First nlpht patrons of the Or
phcum theater witnessed u spectacle
nt the opening ihou- last night that
is new In vaudcvlllo annuls here and
which Is unusual In uny city In the
country. They saw uno act literal
ly slop tho hhow. v
Kor seventeen minutes by the
watch after Nat Nazarro Jr. und his
Atlantic l'lcct band J.uzcd off tho
Hugo the nudlencu gavo this splen
did young player an ovation. They
applauded with their hands, cheered
und vi'Mstled. Ktuart liarni's, slnit
ing comedian and mouologlst, at
tempted to come on In the m-.t num
ber. Ho woa forced to retire. Not
that the crowd was discourteous to
him. Everyono merely wanted moro
of Nazarro and his syucopatln' sail
ors. A reprctcntatlvo of tho box
office tried to mako a speech. Ho
Intended to explain that the act camo
in lute und mat all the boys were
tiled nnd could net do an encore Hu
h:id about us much luck with his
speech us Jeaa Wlllar'd hud with Jack
Dempiey In their Toledo bout. Not
until Nazarro camo from tho dressing
room did the applause ceuse.
Nuznno has a brilliant future In
uudevtlle. Ho Is u handsome chup
nnd an unusual dancer. They say
he Is but 1G year of ne. Hls net Is
well dressed nnd full of surprises.
He very probably stops tho show
tvhercver he goes.
Civdlt Duo Stunrt Harre.
K'liart itarnes wan Cnt-cy. at the bat
list night, only h hit u heme run
vhyeiiH the mighty Caey utruclt
out There Isn't an nctor In vaudo
Mllo who could have paraded Ills
net after the preceedlng one had
Mopped the show and made a big
hit. To Mr. Parties' everlasting
credit It much be mid, that his mer.
ry qulbs anent marriage, prohibition
and the like, caught on. Wo nomi
nate Mr. Karnes for any ninbnssa
lorl.il position which require con
summate skill In approach and at
tack. The other nets.
Jean Adair In "Kiln Comes to
Town," an exceptionally clever angle
on New York night life. Full of sur
1'rlsen and unusually wqII played.
Hell nnd Arllss. two girls in amus.
Ing harmony singing. .
Ulllnn Oonne nnd llert Albert in
nn Their Way to School," n fino
bit of comedy in the everyday llfo
ot two youngsters . As full of laughs
"a ' Huckleberry Finn,"
Palfrey. Hall aid nrown In "A
Mghtjon ltrondwnv." n bit of Hrond.
way (nmfoiilnrv fp.-ittirin,-
j& niarkttble ec;enirlc dancing nnd b.
riotng ny one of tho members
of the compan;-.
, -Mrrlcrl'H "Loop thn I-onp. - a very
jjSood dr.g, rnt and bird circus
r The show ns n wholo Is on un
fiuallty with vaudeville any place.
ihnVr?.i u'p ""ovo Is n reprint from
the Tuls-a Ti-tbune on Mondav nl-ri i )
arroMc or ouautv
319-321 South Main St,
,r.. ... . . . . -
rer.tt rmi 111 111 s M.'iie. unn one, win- lrc ln.n,.in- ,...n ... . i, .. ..... i. i
('leer. Is a member of the Mate fair
1 ''lit In P:i W 1 1 1 1 M Ic n tn lntiiil!i.ili It n
price commUslon. tar!v morning blaze In the It I to PONC'A CITY, Mny IS - The north
Herbert M. Peck, t'nlted States at- Fiont gavnge which resulted In a to- v n innt belt counties of this stalo
torney for the western district of tal damage of about fij,000. Tho nre well represented today at the nn.
Oklnhomu, tonight stated thn Indict- cause Is a mystery, there being no t.uiml ' oiiventbin of wheat growers
ments show that some of tho men evidence of nn explosion, It N g-aled, In fcisIoh nt Hutohlnson, Krtn. J
under arrest had made as high as in any of tha SI cars which were . a. lllubnugli, president of tha county
10.000 per cent profit In sugKr within damagod, the tnnka being In good , organization, Is n delegate, with
ft year und that tho least profit any condition but the upholstery and Frnnk Ooold ns altcrnulo, while W.
of theni hnd mnde ns shown ny the i
IndlctmentH was S.OOu per cent on u
year on money Invested,
Thoso tinder nrrest were released
under n J2.fi00 bond each nnd are
to nppcar tomorrow morning before
Judge John C. Pollock In the fedeinl i
district to enter their pleat to tho
charges. All cnse In which pleas
of not guilty are entered will go over
to the next term of court, the dis
trict attorney r.tated, nnd pointed out
that conviction under tho I-ever act
carried a maximum penalty of two
years In the penitentiary nnd a fine
of JS.000, with no minimum penalty
Tiiose arrested held a meeting into
this nfternoon to determine what
they declared would be their "line
of action," but Iwmcd no statement
following tho meeting.
Investigations of sugnr prices In
Oklahoma which resultod In the In
dictments were begun Inst month by
the state fair prlco contmlf.slon
which directed D. I.. Rogers, execu
tive secretary, to take charge of In
vestigations. It was stated he fur
nished the grand Jury with some of
the Information upon which tho In
dictments are based.
District Attorney reck slated that
the next probe mndo by a federal
grand Jury would bo Into clothing
prices, nnd that a grand Jury would
probably be called at the next term
of court for this purpose.
Fibre Silk
A newly arrived shipment of these
fine shirts are modestly priced at
$7.50 and $8.50
They're the well known Excello
make in beautiful new color combi
nations. .
Handsome stripes and figured de
signs are shown and the long woar
ing qualities of this fabric makes
them an unusually good value.
Wash Ties
Cool, comfortable looking Ties in
embroidered designs and stripes. A
really fine showing at
35C and up to $1.00
lou Save Sugar
Whether it be scarce or
expensive or both, when
"you choose for your cereal
This food needs no
sweetening fbr it con
tains its oVn sudar self
developed from the nains.
While other cereals require
more or less suar to make
them attractive GrapeNuts
own rich flavor is abundant
ly satisfying.
At Grocers
Made by Postum Qreal Co., battle QeTcMicK
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