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APRIL .... .UjOl
VOL. XIV, NO. 246
rnnrv vKar.st
Wood's Fund Is $1,110,000--Johnson,s $200,000; Charge
Hoover Spent $300,000 in California; Hamon Is for Lowden
Wheat Growers Recom
mend Action at Ses
sion Yesterday.
Committee Appointed to Con
fer With Bankers to Get
Most Favorable Rates.
Lack of Cars to Move Crops
and Prospect of Low Prices
Prompt Action.
Br Airoeltterl Pre m State Wire.
Farmers aro ndvlsed to preparo Im
mediately to store thK year's wheat
crop on their farms by resolutions
adopted today by representatives of
alt the wheat growing countlpa In
session at the capltol, and a com
mittee headed by A. It. Campboll
of Geary was appointed to confer
with hankers of the stato to work
out a plan of financing tho crop
until it can be marketed.
John A. Whltohurst, president of
tho state hoard of ngrlculturo, pro
vided at tho meeting.
"It will be necessary to storo the
crop on tho farm this year not only
because of the Impending shortago
of cars to move tho crop to markot,
but also hecauso prices enrly In tho
market season most certainly will bo
far less than tho cost of production."
Whitehurst declared. "I'rlces will bo
low because of tho romoval of federal
restrictions on tho market, hecauso
of the low rate of foreign exchango
and because of Juggling with tho
market by foreign buyers."
ItcxilulloiiH Adopted.
Resolutions adopted unanimously
' "An emergency exists which
threatens the economic and financial
stability of ntir state and demands
the united effort and co-operation of
the railroad companies, the grain
prortuiers, tho country elevator
owners, merchants, landlords, and
the entire banking system of Okla
homa. Including tho state and na
tional banks whether In tho grain
section or not, and especially tho
aetio co-operation of tho officials of
the, federal reserve bank of tho
Tnth district."
Tho committee that presented the
resolutions was composed of Carl
W .i.ams. Oklahoma City, II. V.
Markl.ind of Stillwater, district agent
of the federal department of agricul
ture; w I) Ilentley of Stillwater.
Kansas Pair Price Cnmml,'loner
doer. After Thorn Following Do
i'il"n of (Case In New York.
TO PICK A. Kan., Mny 2!). The do
flslon of tho United States circuit
couit in New York yesterday, as
rMn a fine of 31. 000 rigalnst
Weeds, Incorporated, clothiers, for
profiteering, is looked upon by Kd
T Uaekney, fair prion commissioner
of Kinsas, as "practically setting tho
constitutionality of tho Lover act."
f oncfqucntly ho has authorised fair
Trier . ommlBSlons of tho vnrlous
counties to conduct a 'search for
profiteers in Knnsaa and had net
forth ihe following program on
"' 'ommlttce should not In nny
case permit a margin of profit to
exceed 33 1-3 per cent of tho cost
Price o fstaplo dry gnoiN and eloth
1a Pn,,nR 'ho merchant less than
'"i0. shoes and hats of nil kinds cost.
Ing the merchant less thnn 10.
These margins to be the maximum
r,d where conditions will permit a
lr profit on less margins, It should
n Placed In effect."
'" 80 In favor of tho Open
Bhop and the principles advo-,-itAted
by I'. When you spend
our money with an establish
ment displaying the Open Shop
ard you aro patronizing a friond
'I the open Shop movement.
Tulsa Open Shop (Square Deal)
Lester Clark Shot to Death
by Sheriff on Arkansas Farm
Slayer of Jailer at Eufaula
' noma utticial and is Killed Wanted for Forg
ery and Bigamy Sheriff McCune Disguises Self
as Farmhand After Getting Tip on Location of
Escaped Prisoner.
Ily Asuoelatnl I'lni State Wire.
KOHT SMITH, Ark., Mny 20.
Lester Clark, alias Hoy Alton, .wantod
In Hufaula, Ok!, i., for murder and In
Washington statu for bigamy und
forgery, was shot tn death this after
noon on u farm near Alma, Ark.,
when ho resisted efforts of Sheriff
.1. II. McCuni; of Kurfuula, to piuco
him under arrest.
Clark was arrested at Kufaula In
May, and was being held for author
ities from Washington Main. On
May S. Clark obtained a pistol from
somo unidentified person and shot to
death .laller Jack Hunter, making
his escapo from tho Jail with the
llttpAPKST, Mr to. founty raid
Tflekcy. minister of fnrelirn aff.itra will
leave Itudai'Mt tomorrow fur J'.irl to
Itif the peace treaty.
WASI1INOTON, May !!. The conference
report on the army reorirnnlanllon Mil
n arlopteil ioiIit liy the aenate without
u iconl Note ami now xea to the freel
WASHINGTON. May C9. Without a
record vote, tho houae adopted today the
conference report on the McCortivlrk-Oood
bill proWdlnit for h federal budget -tem.
The bill now irnes tn the president
NIIW OIU.KANH. May 55 Federal
Judiie fouler today upheld the coitetllu-
.ii... r !.. f ua- unl In rirlnrlni In
IKMI.ltll) " ... i, - . -- .-.
dlctmenl" chnrKliiK four wholesalers and
one retnlier Kinity ui iirniiireiins uar
tales were valid.
WASHINGTON, May 29. The hnuae bill
to irrsnt the penalon of from 113 to 110
a month to Spanlah. American war veteran
Incapacitated from cauaa cither than thoae
tneldent to a'ctlve aerMre wna pkesed to
day by the senate and sent to conference
V.VSIIINnTON, May !! The senate to
day adopted the conference report on the
annual agricultural bill. recedlnK from Ita
propoerd amendnient which would have
(Unlimited the fro distribution of eed
by members of ennsreaa. The bill now
Koea to the president
WABHINOTON. May !9 Wl'li sirenir
bolahevlU offensive In ptoureaa acalnat the
roles Mlnnu tee enure unr. wir i ii, -repelled
the holahetlkl everywhere eicept In
th Minsk eeclor. where the bolshovlks have
captured llorosow. the American charre at
Wrtrsiw r.ioiini i" m- ---
IIATflN rtOl'ni:. I.a . May "Un
avoidable accident with no enuee for ac
tion" mn the erdlct of ii coroners Jury
which today InveatUaled the death of
Alfonso rjulnei, Louisiana State university
state student from Salvador, who died
Thuriday nlchl from burps reeelied dur
tnc Ida Initiation Into the Alpha Chi Slitma
WASIUNOTON. May :V National head
nuartera of the American Ited Cross noti
fied Pa divisional officers today the fourth
lied Cross roll call would be held be
tween Armistice iliy. November II. and
ThankSRlvlnu day, November 25. Ihe Ited
Croa now has more than 10.000,000 mem
bers or i tlinea the pro-war enrollment.
PA niH. May 29 The troops of fla
brlelle i Annunsln which were reported
here as havlnc occupied the vlllaue of
Cavalanna and threatenlna- to aelie Hussak
In the Flume region, are ronilnulrm to ad
vance from riume. accordlnx to Infor
mation received by ihe foreign office from
Itelurnde this morning The dispatch says
the Jugo-Slava are preparing military
measures to resist d'Annuno.
TI't.SA. niila., Mny 29 Mailmum, 2.
minimum. (1, south winds, clear; pre.
clpliatlon. H tpch
OKLAHOMA. Sunday and Monday part,
ly cloudy tn cloudy
Wi:ST TKX'AS' Sunday and Monday
partly cloudy to cloudy.
KANSAS: Partly cloudy and somewhat
unseltled Sunday. Monday probably
showers, cooler.
rteneral roa.l conditions throughout
northeastern Oklahoma following eacesslve
hard rains of ihe 21d and Vtih have shown
marked Improvement and lata reports re
celved Saturday nflernoon by C Ilee Outh
rey secretary of the auto club, pro
nouncrd the general conditions ubove the
averuge Tourists nre caullnne.l Jo use
unusual rare In approai hlng all lirldgea
and culverts on account of numerous dan
gerous washes that have not yet been
reached by maintenance cres.
The osark Trail from Tulsa to Okla
homa City la good with the etceptlon of
the small stretch along the drainage
canal west of Chandler.
Tulsa tn Kansas City Is good.
Tulsa to Muskogee. vU Illiby. Leonard
and Haskell, fair.
Tulsa to Muskogee, via Hroken Arrow
and Coweta, good.
Tulsa to Joplln. via Claremore. Chelsea
and Vlnlta. good, with the eictptlnn of
two bad places between Chelsea and Inlta.
Tulsa to Joplln, la Colllnsvllle, Nowata
nTulntto"fi!tloam08p'rlnra, via Choteau and
Locust Orove. good
Tulsa to Slloain Springs, via IVyor and
8"Tulsa to Osarli cluh and Spavlnaw, fair
Tulsa 10 fUlion Vale and Hllllwater ami
pnlnta west via Keystone, bad from Rand
Hprlngs to He- at. me. remainder good.
All hirhwave will ih"w a general tend
eney io iiipr,.,. -
Tulsa to Okmulgee and points south, no
''l-'uVaa to rawhnska, via Bklatook, Avant
and Ulgheart, fslr.
Wire Flashes
Resists Arrest by Okla-
Jailer's keys. Homo days ago Sheriff
McCuno received n tip that Clark
was a tenant on U farm near Alma,
whero he had given tho nutiio Hoy
Allen. Sheriff McCune, disguised
as it farm worker, sought employ
ment on tho farm Vthuiu Clark was
located, and. thus gained access to
Allen without arousing the hitter's
suspicions. When tho demand was
mado upon Olark to sunctidor, how
ever, ho resisted, and the sheriff
shol him, death tesiiltlng a fow min
utes later. Sheriff McCune was
working with tho ro-operatlon of tho
Arkansas authorities when ho sought
to arrest Clark.
Witness Testifies . Three
Together at Woodward
in July of 1917.
Later Identifies Men as Two
Who. Mentioned Pew Af
fair Before Explosion.
Identifying Ohnrles Krleger, on
Irlul for conspiracy to jlynatnlto tho
homo of .1. 13. Pew in this city Octo
ber 2D, 1017. oh tho man In company
with John Hall, an alleged coimplrn
tor, In Woodward, OUIa , the latter
part of July. 1917, Frank I,. Crow,
formerly a machinist at licaver and
now tho head of the Waddol Trallnr
company nt Wichita, Kan., yotUor
dny In dlHlrlct court offotod testi
mony which refuteH thu defiTaiant'J
stntomentn that Ini did not meet Hall
until two months! aftl the -xplo-rdon.
TIiIh evidence, Introduced yester
day after testimony of a similar
turo had been given as to tho asso
ciation of Krlcgor and Hall at ltis
bee, ArlJ!., In Juno and July of that
year, malt cm Htronger tho Htato'n cao
and clcarM tip many circumstances
upon which Krleger at tho first trial
last fall batted his defonso.
At tho former hearing, which re
united in a mistrial, counsel for
Krleger played upon tho fact that tho
statu had failed to lntroduco nny e.vl
denco whatever, except that of John
Harper, to show that Krlegor had
over entered Into any conspiracy
with Hall, Hubert Vowells and Krank
Henson to dynamlto tho 1'cw resi
dence. Now tho stato shows by flvo
wltnosscH that for at least a. year
prior to tho dynamiting. Hall and
Krlcgor, both members of th" 1. W.
, were together in several Arizona
towns and left that stato about July
11, 1317, one day beforo tho doporta-
I,()(iil Pastors Will .loin In One
, Night .Meeting of l'3ntiKi,llt
ill ('(iiucnlloii Hall.
Preparations for tho Hilly Sunday
meeting In convention hall at S
o'clock Monday night will he mado
by Hohert Matthews, pianist and
secretary. Mr. Mutthews will ar
rangn all necessary details for the
meeting and rohoarso tho choir of
250 voices which has bcem secured
from different rhurrhc.
Hlllv and "Ma" Sunday, tngother
with Homer Itodcheaver, choir di
rector, will arrive from Oklahoma
City Monday afternoon. Tho doors
of convention hall will ho open nt
7 o'clock and tho meeting will com
menco promptly nt 8 o'clock. Hcv.
I S. Jlarton, pastor of the Boston
Avenuo M. 13. church, south, will
prosldo at tho meeting and a num
ber of local pastors and members of
the commltteo which brought Sun
day hero will oc.-upy tho stago.
Fifty members of tho Sccotym -club,
undo tho direction of Dr. C. 8. Sum
mers, president, will act as ushors.
A froo will offering for Sunday
and hla party will bo tukon during
the meeting. Rxpenses of tho trip
havo been provided for by laymon
of the First Ilapllst, First Presby
terian, First Methodist Episcopal
and Iloslon Avenuo M. H. churches,
according to, II I.. Hcinzmaii relig
ious work secretary of tho Y M
C A Tho Sunday party w.il re
turn to Oklahoma City Monday
Announces i n Chicago
That Governor Sure
of Entire Vote.
Contestants Flock to Conven
tion City for Hearing
Before Committee.
Wood, Johnson and Lowden
Camps All Issue Optimistic
Statements on Outcome.
CHICAGO. Mny 20 Statement
.cro Unicd from tho liomliiuirt'Tn
of all presidential catidlilatt'H hero
tonight on pfcUlciitlal row sum
ming up gain repoU""1 to luun
been itiiulo during the week. I'll
diminished confidence niim ro
flceteil In tho iinnoiincetiienw
from tho lxiuilen. Wood mill John
son manager!.. The I,oilcn camp
(mplmslml tin niiiioiiiiecmeiit by
Jake Ii, llnttioii or OMahomn that
(ho (lelcgmes or the slnle would
Mta Milldlv for tho Illinois gov
enior for Ihe rrvjmbllciiti presl
ilciitlnl nomliuitloil.
CIIICAOO, May 29, Delegates to
tho republican national convention
flocked Into ChlcagTi today Many
early arrivals wero from southern
slates and a largo proportion of
theso men vvero nogroes contesting
for seats from states whero tho rnro
qurwtlon has been nn Ihbuo In tho
party's organization.
Tho nntional fcommlttee's hearing
on 137 contesiH will Ptnrt Monday,
and arrivals buttonholed members of
tho party's governing body to present
advance arguments for their claims.
Campaign managern worn perfect
ing their plans for the nctual work
In tho convention. Shortly after
Wood headquurterM announced that
llovernor Henry J. Allen of Knnsan
had been selected to mako tho piln
rlpal nominating speech for Major
(Icneral Leonard Wood, It was an-nouti'-ed
that fienrge H. Walker of
Seattlo had been chosen to pot-form
a similar offlco for Senntnr Miles
Polndexter of Washington. Theso
announcements completed tho list of
iho principal candl'date except Low
den and Hoover.
Ilnjs Comes Today.
Clarcnco II. Miller, acting secre
tary of tho national committee, whs
busy today arranging tho ronms and
offices of tho committer at tho Coli
seum annex In anticipation of their
actlvo use Monday. Ho also was con
cerned In seeing that tho buslnywi
of tho committee, won In good shape
for Will II. Hays, chairman, who will
arrive tomorrow.
Mr. Hays' first official act will
be to entertain newspaper corre
spondents at a luncheon. Then !m
will dli-cuss with thfwo members of
the commltteo who may bo hero tho
selection of a permanent chairman
for tho convention.
Not all committee members will
ho hero for tho opening of the con
test hearlnns. One of the knotty
problems which confronts the com
mittee Is the reducing of oversized
delegations to a size which will per
mit their bolng seated in the spac
reserved for delcijatos. This Jjas
placed several delegations tu a quan
dary. Hoover .Men Acllvo
Tho Hoover headquarters took on
added activity with tho arrival of
workers from New York. Thorp was
a steady stream of cullers at Hard
ing headquarters. Tho first head
quarters for a vlco presidential can
didate wero opened today. It will he
devoted to the Interest of Samuel
Adams of Virginia.
Mayor Thompson today appointed
a comuiitteo to welcome the republi
can national convention delegates.
It was announied that 2,000 nutnrno
motdles and six hands had been
placed at Iho use of the committee.
Ton thousand dollars has been up.
proprlnted to entertain the visiting
delegates nnd to decorate tho prin
cipal streets of Chicago.
Invoke Kanxns Labor
Law on Kali Strikers
PAItSONH. h'nn., May 2D. The
Kansas Industrial court law was In
voked today by liny Hubbard, an
slstant attorney general nnd C. J.
Taylor, county attorney In tho strike
of tho M., If- & T. switchmen which
has been in effect four days A war-
1 rant was i'Hied for the arrest of J
C Lane, niierej lcidcr of the strike
Near'y normal openi'Ioo of engines
. In tho yards hero has been resumed,
placet) of ttrlkcra being filled.
A lien Is Selected
to Present Wood's
Name to Convention
"rzz tt v; zr : t
i 1 BfiMRNtnnnlKnijS I
Henry .1, Allen.
NEW YOHK, M iy 23 -Henry J
Allen of Kansas, who has himself
been mentioned as a presidential pos
sibility has consented to place the
namo of MaJ. (!en. Leonard Wood
before the republican national con
vention In Chicago next month for
nomination for the presidency of the
United States.
Tho matter of obtaining Oovornor
Allen's consent to mako tho Wood
nomination speech has been pending
for sumo time. Ills consent was ob
tained this moriiltiK by Col. William
C. Proctor, head of tho Wood cam
paign forces
Tho governor later had tho follow
ing statement to mako concerning
tho result of tho parley!
"I tecelveil a telegram from Gen
eral Wood, dated nt Charlottovllln,
Va., last night," said Oovornor Allen.
"Although I havo not yot replied di
rectly to (leneral Wood. I got In
touch this morning with Col. William
C Proctor. In diargo of his pro-convention
campaign nnd assured him I
would consider It a gteat privilege to
present tho general's namo."
Tho telegram from General Wood,
the governor said, was in tho nature
of a porsonal Invitation. It was tn
the effect that Ooneral Wood and
his friends, after considering tho
most desirable men to place his name
beforo tho convention, had agreed
that tho governor was the moat
In making tho announcement of
his acceptance, tho coventor wild he
hud always been a Wood supporter
and wished to sco tho general tho
next president.
Kennedy Special. SI.
Old fsMilnn eteweil chicken, itumnllnci.
rnshe1 lielatnee. alewed corn, tresmeil
ti4 Herveit It u rn to a t m We Imve
th cooler dlnlnx mom Kennedy Itetu
rant Hneelal ailmmer rstee new In foree at
The lleorse Hlurtln, SIS H Main - Artvt
No w'sthe Time
Milk and Ice
Going away time to a cool clime
has coma for many Tulsans.
Hut not for a greater number of
poor babies and children who sum
mer hero and suffer without con
venlencon to ameliorate the heat.
In pursuance of Ita annual custom
tho Tulsa World Inaugurates today
Its annual m Ilk and Ire fund cam
paign for the sick and poor babies
of the city and appeals to those who
aro starting vacatlonward to m-ikc
their contributions 10 this fund now
In order that when they are cool and
comfortable the children, too. will
have a few summer-time neces
sities. Two hundred families received
milk and loo last year as a result
of tho generotlly of Tulsa citizens.
Tho need this summer will bo greater
than evor. Iluinano Agent A. M.
Welch has estimated that because of
the Increased cost of milk and ten
tho sum of $1,000 will bo necessary
to carry on tho work. Tho fund will
be handled by the humane society as
In tho past., kept separate from all
other funds, and employed only In
the provision of milk checks and Ice
hooks for those families who aro too
poor to buy theso necessities them
selves. "Now that tho heated season is
upon us. it will bo Impossible for
many mothers and widows to se ure
km k ati 1 1 c for the utile ones
Mr Welch raid ytsti rday 1-3 very
1 day our welfare worKors report that
Treasurer Tells Gen
eral's Accounts to
Probe Committee.
Not Informed of Financial
ManiiKntnunt No Under
standing for Men to Pay.
iMcCabe Quired Says Hoov
er Used Much Mores De
mand Californiana Hooks.
Ily The AsHirlsleit l'ree
WASHINGTON. Mny 25. - Senate
investigation today of pre. convention
i xpeudlluroji dealt largely with fi
nancing of, MaJ. Oeu. Ionsrd
Wood's campaign and tho Johtmon
lliwivor republican primary fight In
California with fuilher attempts to
get on tho trull of the McAiloo
11 old I he Its first nlcht session nnd
sitting In nil 11 bouts, day and nlglil,
the commltteo heard evinence iniii
it national campaign run il or l,liu,
012 26 had been raised for General
Wood and that Iho national cam
paign fund for Senator Johnson ap
proximated J200,no. Charges that
Hoover supporters In California
spent "at the lowest estimate $300,
000" In tho primary fight iigalnst
Senator Johnson also wore made.
A. A. Hprnguo of Chicago Identi
fied himself as treasurer of the
"Loonard Wood national campaign
committee" nnd presented a finan
cial statoment which also showed
expeudltUies of tl.17l.lD0 10
Wilbur W. M11 run, treasurer or mo
democratic national committee,
questioned ns to a campaign fund
for William G. MrAdno. said tliat
published reports that tho democrat
national rxecutlvo commltteo had
been assured last fall Mint a $10,000 .
000 fund would be raised if .Mr. Mc
Ailoo wan nominated won an 'absur
Mr Marsh denied that II W Ila
ruch had promised to rnlso iiurh a
fund and said that Mr Haruch was
at tho Atlantic City meeting of the
commltteo In question hecauso the
problem of raising $711,000 or $H5,
000 for party headquarters' expense
was under iIIscuhhIoii,
"Mr. Maruch has never made nny
suggestion to tho rxecutlvo commlt
teo that we should bo for or against
any condldatc." n.ild Mr. Marsh,
Alexander M' Cabo, iilate Insurance
commissioner of California, and a
Johnson manager, wn.s questioned
about the Johnson-Hoover fight
there. Ho was unable to give oxnet
figures, Ho estimated Senator John,
son's national cimiHilKti fund at
J 200.000 and said that between
$100,000 and $125,000 had been
1 raised n California by Johnson up
to Help Buy '
for City Poor
families do now nnd will need this
assistance. To many It will mean
the difference between health and
Those Interested In tho welfare of
ruisas iiaiiynood ami childhood may
bring, send or mull their checks to
the milk and Ice fund of tho Tulsa
world. When the amount Is sub
twrlbed It will bo turned over to the
humane society for use In this morst
humanllarlan cause Contributions
urn hoitiK asked at this limn In order
that the mlk and leo neods of tho
children may bo cared for Immedi
ately and that both those who leave
and those who remain In Tuls.i may
Just address It to the milk and Icq
fund, care of tho Tulsa World.
Vouncould not give In a worthier
World Office
In accordance with our
usual custom on Decoration
day, the business offlco of
Tho Tulsa World will bo
closed from 12 o'clock noon
until 0 p m. Krom 6 p. in
until 5 p, m- the office will
bo open as usual for transac
tien of business,
Woman Appointed
Assistant Attorney
General by Wiison
Mrs. Annelto Adam.
WASHINGTON, May 29 Treslr
dent Wilson established a precedent
today when ho nominated Mrs, An
nette Abbott Adamit of Han Francisco
tn be assistant attorney general,
This Is the first appointment of a
woman to this offli.e and Is the
highest federal officii yet to bo given
to, a woman.
Mrs. Allium Is nnw United Stales
attorney for tho northern district of
Tho president also nominated W.
I Krlerson, now assistant attorney
general to bo solicitor general of
the United states. Krlerson is rrnm
Chattanoogn, Term.
Old Guard Republicans
Painfully at Sea in
Corning Struggle.
last fillip In tho Itepubllc.in prl.
modes nnd conventions has hcoti
flung- Washington tonlgh Is a de
serted village. Ah huudquarlcrs
hero arc either closed or are kept
open by caretakers asd mnll openers
Strategy compared to that em
ployed by Marshal Koch In Franco
must bo played In tho Impending
convention by tho remnants In the
"Old Guard" If they are to figure
to nny extent In the formulation of
Ihe platform and tho naming of the
republican presidential canuiiiate
Tho ranks of those who battled
nt Armngeddon In 1912 have been
thinned by casualties and deaths,
No longer iloiw there exutt that solid
phalanx which brushed aside all
popular opposition und with grim
law moved on tn certain defeat.
one are Aldrlrh hjnl a host of old
Guard followers.
l'enroso will go to Chliitgo a sick
man, and his leadenthlp threatened
by Governor Sproiil Crane has an
nounced ho will not bn a candidate
Lalta Will "Cover"
(!. 0. P. Convention
T A. JUta, chlof editorial writer,
leaves today for Chicago to cover
tho republican national convention
for The World. Mr. Iatta will give
this lmprfslons of candidates, con-
splcuoua character und oventa oc
curring during' U10 convention pe
riod from day tn day In his charac
teristic style. In addition to his
features, details as they happen will
bo given World readers by tho un
excelled Hervlco of tho Associated
Press and tho International Nows
service This ansire.i Tho World of
the best and most redablo conven
tion newii that will como to any
j Oklahoma paper.
rwo-Thirds Majority la
Mustered After Sus
pending Rules.
Supporters Forco Action
Without Enoufrh to Pass
but Gain on Showdown.
1 0
Hard Road Ahead for Ap
proval There Other Meas
ures Under Consideration.
soldier relief bill was passed today
by tho house 289 to 92 and sent to
tho senate.
Under the program that brought
tho final showdown, o two-thirds
votn In support of the meajiirn wan
necessary for tin passsgo and It was
ohtalnod after a fight, during which
a test vote had Indicated tho defeat
of tho measure.
While supporters of tho bill won
tho opening skirmish to force con
sideration of the measure Ihore wero
many votes, below tho two-thirds
msjorlly necessary to pass tho legls
laturn under a suapoiudon of the
While only the direct vote was
possible under tho suspension pro
gram, It was preceded by threo test
votes which showed supporter of
the measure gradually gaining.
The first vote of 192 to 189, com
ing on a parllmcnlnry queston In
dicated advocates were short by 61
voten of the two-thirds majority
whllo the second by which tho sus
pension program was adopted 200
to K3, showed they lacked only 37
Tho third test was nn applying tho
suspension program to the hill,
which was carried 17S to 91, or two
less than the roqulred numhor for
llntween mil calls debate was
heated, democrats, sided by a
minority of tho republicans, attacked
tho 'gag rule" of tho majority, Ad
vocates of the suspension program
declared a vote against It was a vote)
against tho bill Itself, and gradually
they wore down the opposition, tho
final voto recording 40 republicans
and t2 democrats In opposition.
Supporters of tho measures de
clared the bill was Jnst to the ex
service men for losses they suffored
In the war, but Its opponents de
nounced It as a "political trick'' to
win the soldier voto through an at
tempt to "commorclalh.o patriotism,"
Tho bill Is understood to face a
hard road In tho senate where other
measures nre under consideration.
Among them Is bno by Sonator
Fourth !nerto In Discounts An
lioiiueed by IVdoriil ItescTTO
Hank at Now York.
NI3W VOItK. May 29. Another
ndvtince of discount rates, the
fourth slnri last (November1, was
announced today by tho local fed
eral reserve fcank. Tho ralea be
come effective next Tuesday.
The commercial paper rate was
advanced from 6 to 7 per cent,
loans of liberty bonds and vlrtory
notes from tV4 to 0 per cent;
bankers a ceptances from 5 to 8
per cent and udvuncos on treasury
certificates of Indebtedness from 5
to 514 per rent. According to tho
official statement of tho bank to
day h action Is "merely a rofloe-
tlon of existing credit conditions,"
and brings the hanks' rates up to
those now prevailing In the general
Alt Knletitii of foliiiitltne
hoiild meet ttunriiy mornliitf st 9-3S st
liei remur cnurrn r.isntn ina liomaer,
and form x line from the psatorsl resi
dence tu the rhurcu. The blehcp will Le
present Adt
New York Life
Insurance Co.
Farmer & Duran
203 Palace, lllilg. l'hono 151

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