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The Morning Tulsa daily world. (Tulsa, Okla.) 1919-1927, May 31, 1920, EXTRA FINAL EDITION, Image 4

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PnMUhM r.rrrr Mornlnr InrJodltif uni)r
rtmr.NK i.ohton.
r o. iMitaos ...
OTIS l.OKTON. . . .
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. 0nf urnl PutilUW
,, . .HtulniM Mn'
Mnlnf K'litof
Chief K1ll..t,l Writer
tnicrft In Ih TuIm I'otnffl tWonit CUm Mslt'f
MKMiir.u or Tiir. a mon vtkp v lira"
TM AiUll l'rr l nMiuHfl jnllllrf J" l
its for Mnbllrllon of ill nrw lltnlfhfi nl l"l I"
II or nl olhffoHn rrnlltwl In lh! pmr Bil ln t
lo-! r pnhlUfc4 hrcln
r-i'ttsrrnrTio hathm. iit mam. in aovawi:
nt'TNIIiH Ol' OKIIinsiA
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Hi Month
Thr Mnniht
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Fit Month
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1 t lr Month
. . . it.U On Voir J
. . . I t Hit Month" 'Ii
... .11 I'M Month ..
11 rAimiiin in oiithiiik towns, uaii.v
AND HtlNDAT . ,,
rr Wk ' I!
)r Mnnth In Ailvnnen
l'r rr. In A1nr " ;
iit CAnninn in T"tju. hand hphimoh ai imt
rr VTk , J?
Pr Mnnth. In A1nr .i.fcn
rr Your, In Ailnt
IMIO.N'K f.000 I'Oll Al.f. DHPAItT.M HNTH
Dqilu jiiblical Quotation j
MONDAY, M V ill. IllliO.
We are nil km hii unclean thing, ijnd " 0,ir
rlghteousnesson nro as filthy rngo.--Isa. R,r"
Let others In the gaudy ilres
Of f.iclcd merit Hlilni'.
The I.nrl shall I"" my righteousness,
The Lord forever mine.
1 count nil things but for 111" e.ltuioy
of knowlmlR.. of ChrlHt J.mini my ;,r'V;illf"r
whom I hnvf. KUfffri-tl ihv 1ot of all MilngH.
nnrt o count lli-n I.til iJunu. Umi I "'"
('hrlnt. umi lti found In Jilm. not huvlriK mine
own ilKlilcoiltl.'. which N of Ihc law but tin t
Wch " thro,,., the faith of Chrl-.l t ho . Ijjht-
TIIK oki.aiio.ma ii:i.i:(!ation.
ChlraKO tllapatc.hcH nnnotinct' tl"t Jnkn
Ilamon hni. nRrccd to .Icllvor the Oklahoma tll
ccatton to Ofurrtmr !iwtlcn. Nor In Ihcro rcn
boh for ilnubtlni; th acenrnoy of tho illnpatchi'H.
Yet wo cannot fln.l It In our mind to bcllevo
that tho centlrmrn fhoncn to roprcnent tho i
puhllcan party in thin Mntc enn ho bnrtcrcd and
traded like Iho black chattelH of old.
Tho Ilamon cnmpiilKn In Oklahoma wnif
throuKhout one of In- inoul unnutiirul over con
ducted In nny cnnimotuvenlth. It watt a neothltiK
ninjw of corruption, dtirenn and preiudlco from
tho henllinlllK. Ho thnt every element calculated
to necu.ro u repreHnntntlVo delegation wan con
nn.tcuoiiH by lid almence. Yet iicn no, many ex
cnllent Bontlomen were nelecled and, for tho
moment, nllmie.l with tho mont ulnlnter politi
cal Influence that th" ulato ban ever known.
Nor wiih till, In miveral citHcn, thn fault of Iho
Konlctnen IhemMelved,
Thero nro men on thn republican ileleuatlon
to Chlcnso ho far nuperlor to Ilamon and wIioho
rocord proven litem to be no far out of lino
with Hamonlnm, that It Im beyond tho Imaulna
tlon to conceive of thorn mnlrc.hliiK their pren
tint MnndlnK or Imperiling their future by per
mlttlnf; thn Oklahoma ntlvetlturnr to ubo them
ns pawnn In hln nelflnh Khme.
Tho Worbl xnyn now, deliberately nnd nil
vloedly, that the nu'in licrw of the Oklnhnma del
cRntlon who appear In tho Chicago convention
n Ilamon chntteln luntfad of lnrlependent rep
rcnentntlveM of thn republican parly In thin ntnte,
will denervo ami receive thn evcrtHHtliiR con
demnation of Oklahoma republlcann.
Kor Ilamonlnm In not tlentlnetl to live ami rule
In Oklahomn, Ilamon hlnmeif In totterltiK.
Scoren of prominent men, thrown by clrcum
stnncen onto hln nlilo In thiv Into controverny
nrc now openly opposed to him anil hli denplca
blc inelhodn; other ncoren who worn actively
with hltn nt that time have been driven from
him. Into nnitlerlni; dlHcoutent, becatme of hit)
perfidy In vnrlolin wayn. No man with nmbl-,
tlon on ono hand, or connclotin of nn unnelflnh
Inlcrent In rt'publicnnlMtti In Oklnhnma on tho
other, can or will long nervo under hucIi n
At this particular time wn tlenlro to make
another obncr'vatlon that wo hopo will Im re
membered. It Ih thin: Jninen A. MnrrlH will
not lontr contlmiti aa u tall to the Ilamon kilo.
Kor Harrln does poshchh tho elemcntH of accepta
ble and succcNHfiil leadership, That ho han not
been more Huccennful anil more iiccnptablo up
to thlH tlmn Is because of bin alliance with
Hnmnn, During Iho yearn when the nenlor
member of thn firm woh llarrln Innlead of
Ilamon, "HIb Jim" wan rejected time after tlmn
by mon whone nupport any leader munt have,
becauno of hln Ilamon connection. Alwnyn lie
han been loaded beyond prudent limit by rea
son of hln association with Ilamon. It In con
trary to tho very nature of (ho tiling that ho
should lonK onduro thn humiliation of plnylnK
neennd flddlo to a man of llamon'n dlnpoHillon
and prnctlcen. Ho In hln nuporlor In nvery way;
and above all In tho matter of Inntllllnc confi
dence, AVe do not pretend to nny what the pomil
blllllen might be, but It Is nt leant most Inter
fstlnff to npeculnto on what mlfiht occur should
HarrU cut loose from thn potty factionalism1
that havp heretoforn ciiKaRed entirely too much
of his attention, wlpo tho nlato of tho past clean,
and put himself In touch with tho larser, more
constructive elomentn of tho party In the stnte.
Our opinion Is that should ho do thin ad
dress himself to the tank of doliiR bis thlmrn
for the whole party, utterly dlsrepardlriK hlm
tolf and his personal nmbltlon, he could ride
far and high on a safe and harmonious tldo of
popularity. 1
Dut Hamonlsm Is doomed. It will carry down
with It all who attempt to bolster It up, "Look ,
at 'em; thoV nre mine. Nought and raid f'ir.
Now wfttghrwa ctrfacm." Thoao are. wiais !
characteristic of the man. No decent, patrlotlo
Oklahoma republican will fiver forget thorn or
over forslvo tho man who uttere.d them.
It lf a splendid and nnnobllriK custom that Im
pels a buy nation, mlKhly In finance nnd In
dustry, ih reuse H Inborn for a dy rind pay
homan to those who having worn the uniform of
their country with honor hnvo entered thn un
cxplnied country beyond I he tomb.
It In sentiment like unto lltln that keeps men
from becnmlliK beams, that marks, If you plns,
the difference between men and bertsl Nothing
new nan be nnld (oncernlns; our nnllonnl decora
tion dsy and the cataclysmic evntll which wave
It birth. The pen of poet nnd tho tonnue of
ore lor have thrown about It eery rhetorical
i!rn, ovnry einbellinhmerit of mero nompnnltlon,
which the mind of man Is capable of concelvlm;.
Thro Is on thin slemorlnl day, we think, o
Ihkmiii lo be laken to hesrt. And It In a lensoti
for our latest soldlem lo ponder soberly. These
men to whom we an n nut Inn pity tribute lodny,
yielded nn ureal sacrifice, underwent ureal
hnrillhlp ns nny thai over cnrrlod the tuition's
eolots. U' lake delimit In paying liomnitn to
lite memory of their aehlevementH. Mad they
organised for the ptirposw of forelnn from eon
Kress monetary conalderntlnn we do not know
that we would feel about lh"tn lodny an wo do.
And If our latest wildlerM become a. factional
part of our rspubllo exertlrisr their Inflttenrn
to see how much Ihey can el out of unvorn
ment Insteail of how much lltey enn put In, we
do not undertake Hint posterity will attend their
Knives with the same tender enre that un at
tend those who Imvltnt p.ild the Inst farthlnii of
unnelflih devotion nnd pulrlnllnm sleep penco
fully In their silent chimbniH around which
hovers n nallon'M urntttudo and prnyerit.
We wonld like Ihnt rplr soldlorn of today
should think of Iheso things nnd become
ennoblcil thereby.
dm: Ar or coi'iiack.
One net of oniiriiKn and pattlptlsm the login
Inture of 1920 performed. It expelled the so
cialist nesouiblymon. Mon whoso obligation to
Ihelr party and It ptlnclploH prevent their ful
filling the obligations of their oath to support
the (.'(institution of the ('tilled States and the
state of New Vork, whoso avowed object li Is i
overthrow the government of the United Htnles,
the present political nit well an social and eco
notnln system, should be excluded from public
office, and, eo far an possible, from thn betiefltn
of ii policy which they seek lo destroy New
York Times.
The refitfiil of thn western powers, concurred
In by thn t'nlted Htates, to countenance com
mercial trlallomt with soviet Itusnla, yielded a
little In January at the I.ntidifti conference,
where It wan agreed lhal thorn might bo traffln
with the co-operative nocintleB, and now at San
Ileum It Is nlmndnnod altogether. On the Invi
tation of the supreme council, a soviet delega
tion will bo received for hn purpnun of develop
ing trade between Iliissln and the allied powers.
With that nucfdlnn disposed of. diplomatic recog
nltlntl ennnnt be fnr away. New York World,
Tho worst thing that could happen to tho
country would be to go on Jacking up costs
anil prices until all Industry and all business
should become froren stiff. And the best thing
that can happen to tho country will bo for thn
gradual resumption of normal cosin and normal
prices to mnke It pos.ilbln for Industries to do
business on a paying basis and for Individuals
to meet their costs of living on the basis of a
dollar that Is worth 100 cents when you get It
or when you spend II. Now York Hun nnd
The lower house of congress did not "npprovo"
the soldier bonus bill. Whnt tho lower house
of congress did was to cowardly pasn the hud;
to the senate. Ilnd the lower house been voting
on final pnsnnge the soldlor bonus bill wou'.l
not have received a majority vote. Those who
have thought wo had no use for a sottnto should
ponder this Incident.
The senate Investigation seems to have fairly
demonstrated that the cost of campaigning lifts
gone up along with everything else. And It also
proves that considering tho territory covered
Ooncral Wood'n campaign expenses nro not nt
all out of line with his hnllor-thau-thou crltlcn,
anil far below some of them.
Still conslilerlUK the unofficial figured, Okln
Iioma City shown a gain of approximately 13 per
cent, while Tulsa's gain s 400 per cent. Which
puts Tulsa nt Oklahoma's flunk on tho back
stretch and coming strong.
What Can I Do for Sly Country
(Copyright. by IMgar A. (Imwt)
What can I do for my country 1 that havo
llltlo of eklll,
I that am one of the common run, with tho
humblest of places to fill-'
Kalth, I can bring up my children to tovo
tho old I'iag and be true,
I enn tench thi'tn to reverence the land of
their birth, and that I will patiently do.
What enn 1 do for my country--! that know
nothing of fame. ....
I that must stand by the work of my hand,
how can I honor her name?
Kalth. I can talk of her splendor, I can rejolco
through nnd through
That mine In a. country of freedom, nnd that
I will cheerfully do.
Whnt can T (b fur my rountri I that havo
little to glvo,
I that must faro with n burden of care, how
can I Kcrvo while I live?
Kalth, l can honestly labor, loving the rod,
white and blue.
Worthy tho free'dom Hhn gives me, and that
I will earnestly do.
What enn I do for my.cnuntry? Neither sailor
nor soldier am I.
Mine Is to wait when the dangers nre Brent
while younger men march out to die
Kalth. I can cherish her teachings nnd he
deaf to the alien crew
Who would poison the love thnt I bear her.
and that to the end I will do
Oklahoma OutburntH
hr otib loktom
Muskogee has dug up front the dusty tombs
an old ' Idtio law" which prohibit tho sale of
catr'ly lo a kid on Hominy.
V .(in iv i nine tri this lolyum a dv or so ago
ns lo whether a "wet nurse' in a legal Industry
under the eighteenth amendment.
The girl on Houth Mnln snys that she had In
tended lo attend the Chicago convention, but
rtlien nlin wsh told that she would have to mnkn
""Ise like Hoover she cancelled her rescr
Itnthnr Indiscreet of young Mr. Ilergdoll. It
seem lo the Kansas City Mlor, running away
like Ihnt without even letting Hecrelary llakr
know whom to relich him In enso of a par
don, etc.
The Horoscope
(Coprunt 1030 11 Th CL1 Tntiuut I
"We wont lo wnr reluctantly," wiys President
Wilson. And lie cecum Just m reluctant to
get out Of It.
A "mint" behind MoAMoo, tys a headline
If It is n mint bed, nnd he can produce some
of the other Ingredients, wn sen right now
where he Is going lo mix things with Mr.
Jerry Itand hn gone to Okmulgee to be
coins ('dltor of tho Times. If a dellcatn sltun
tlon arises between Tulea and Okmulgee, you'll
know where to put your finger on tho source.
Qltaromcicr of Public Opinioti
Iho Oiiont for OH.
It may bn Ihnt what Kir Auckland fledd's,
the Hrltleh ambnseailor, has to hay about tho
allegation that his government doelcned lo ac
quire an oil niMiiopnly wns prompted by In
structlons to counternct or tone down the re
cent perfervld talk of Walter Hunin Long In
London, sayn tlm New York Times, (Irent
llrltaln Mr. Lone enld. would be culpable "at
thin moment of irroat national Importance" If
available oil lands were not ncnulred throughout
the world. "Wo aro on thn threshold of trcmen
ilous opportunities," ho declared, "and tho nation
must take cure to occupy the house, or other
nill tako It and with It thn key to all future sue
enss. If we securn tho supplies of oil nuw
available In tho world, vvo Can do what wo like."
Lord fisher hns Inslsled that "oil Is ono of thn
thltign that won us tho war " It was hie opinion
t lint "nil Is the very soul of future ecu fighting"
During the war, In January, 1910, Walter lluncl
man, president of tho llrltlsh board of trade,
proclaimed that (he future policy of tho nation
woubf bo lo control oil an well an coal.
Of lain llrlllsh plonoeia have obtained con
esslotw of oil limiting lands In various parts of
the world, and they have been conspicuously nc
tlvo In Houth America Tor nearly 20 years W.
IC. IVArcy, nn Australian, has been working con
cesilons in 500.000 eiiuntn miles of territory In
roreln. nnd today tho capitalization of 111.) Atlglo
I'ernlan Oil company In 20.000.000, the llrltlsh
government owning, It Is said, two thlrdn of Iho
voting stock. I'alestlnn and Mesopotamia, from
which tho Turks were driven during tho world
war by llrltlsh and Indian troops, were to bo "ex
ploited" for oil by an Insatiable government
Hut It Is one thing (o plan control of available oil
binds throughout tho world ami another to
niateh the pelioleum resourced of tho United
Htates nnd Mexico. Orcat llrltaln in no doubt
trying to do so, but thn opportunity Is not de
nied, or should not bo wlthlmld from American
piomoters nnd prospectors, It Is Inrgely n ques
tion of thn employment of capital and of enter
prise. Tho Americans nro afield, belated per
haps, but not out of tho competition. It lM right
that tho government should Hee that their Inter
ests are protected and that when other countries
dlsctimlnato agulnst aliens In tho matter of con
cessions thero should bo counter-leglnlatlon. like
tho "act to promote the mining of conl, phos
phalli, oil, shale, gn and sodium on tho public
domain" by iho present congress.
In his talk to the I'llgrlniH tho llrltlsh nmbns
sailor gnvo some figures of oil production. Tho
United Htntes, ho Mild, produced from Its own
soil 70 per cent of tho world's yield nnd It con
trolled about three. fourths of Mexico's ir. nnr
. .ii in win in prouiiciion. rne snowing of thn
llrltlsh empire was by comparison Insignificant
but 2 '4 per cent. "In tlmn of emergency llrlt
lsh Intoroit control," said thn ambassador,
"about K per cent of tho world output" At tho
eamn time, the fact thnt much Hrltleh capital
Is Invested In oil fiolds In the Unltc'd States timet
not bn overlooked. The American supply nt the
present tale of consumption mny not Inst morn
than twenty years It would bn good hcwh to
hear that oil binds In new territory, Aalntlo or
Kimth American, vvern prolific.
Thero should bn no uneasiness among compe
titors of the Hrltleh If wells spouted copiously In
Mesopotamia nnd I'nleHtlno under mandatory
government, which the covenant of the league of
nations requires to bo conductm! for the benefit
of the native peoplee. with rcgulnr reports to tho
council. It Is tllfflcult to seo how Orent Ilrltnln
could "exploit' the near east without being
found nut At present. Sir Auckland Cieddes
points out, wells nro not being drilled In Pale
Hue and Mesopotamia because the now govern
ments have not been organized.
Compliment World.
ITdltor World Tho ni tlelo In last Monday'n
World, "Watchman. Whnt of tho Night," Is
about the best I have ever road on tho subject,
the condition of the church nnd that parngrnph,
"when a church asks the law to co-oporato," in
the truest of all for slnco Constantino, thn Ro
man emperor, they have proctlcnlly hnd n white
flag up for hundreds of yeorn. The church wns
preceded by o cannon.
Mr Latin also eays thnt Christ founded the
church, nnd I suppose every on bellevea that
Is It likely that he foresaw tho present condition
and further decadenco and possibly a final death
of all church Institutions. If so It must be In Just
the condition It In. nnd If that bn ho It In not a
fallurn Iioimiiih.. f'lirlal ilnr,. ..n
: ------- -- ......v ..... ,i .uiiini iiiinufs.
Is It not pos.Mblo Hint he expected tho church to
"" may un in me violently v hrlst Is the
head of tho church nnd he died a violent death.
At linn tlmn In, nlinmrnil I. ..II. .Hn .....
: V, " t.v ....mi.', nn iiiuci!
much so that ho was not a failure, and thin
ciuircu now on eartn. niignt possibly be com
pelled to dlo to be resurrected; a spiritual Now
Jerusalem. Yours truly,
, . Kit A NIC NOYR8.
I'nvvhuslin, Mny 28.
WnnlH 1cagiio With Itcscrvnilnn.
IMItor tho World: It Is conceded by all men
who tccognlirn the unsound and unstable condi
tions of tho world, the necessity for the nomina
tion of ii sound, ntnble and conslsien,t character
uy i lie ii-iiiniii'iiiin ,u i llic.lgo me coming montii
It would appear thnt tho treaty of Versailles
with or without reservations, must be carried
Into the coming campaign. It will bo the policy
of the democratic party to innkn It the para
mount or leading Issue Pereonnlly, I am op
posed lo this country becoming a party to any
league at an inai impose upon us tho responsi
bility of underwriting the peace of the old world.
However. It Is apparent to everv man that n
large majority of the people of this country nre
in favor of a league with reservations, such as
wns proposeu ny tne i.onge comltten or the sen
ate, and ench of them separately pnjwed by a ma
Joiily of Iho senate.
All great uucstlnnn of government In this coun
try from tho declaration of independence to tho
present tlmo havo been tho etibject of compro
tnise. and would It not be wise and wholesome
for the delegates nt Chicago to recognize this
fact In tho selection of a candldatoT Can tho
convention afford to nominate a man whoeo po
sition on tho league Is an Inconsistent oneT In
other words, a senator whoeo voto aided In mak
ing up tho majority on each and every reserva
tion as they were separately submitted and then
on a final roll call went over to the Wlleon
Hitchcock sldo of tho proposition nnd voted
to kill collectively every reservation that ho had
advocated and supported separately We do not
need and must not havo nny defensive candidate
or campaign thta year
I (.h.'iild "ke lo see nn editorial from you in
this connection.
OM-: ok Yorn editorial readers.
Tulsa, Mn,y 3f J
"The Itnri Inc'lnn. but do Bit oompH '
.Mondnj, .May at, luao.
CnMTUht, 1520, ti lbs MeClur Vf tr frMI''".
Jupiter rules strongly for good
during tho busy hours of this dav,
according to astrology. In the eve
ning Venun Is strongly adverse.
Thn rule Is favorbln for business
nnd commerce, new commodities be.
Ing Indicated ns most promising.
Rulers of finance ns well ns rulers,
of people have a most ausplclousl
nnllAnti .l.irln. (Ills COI1 f It'll rtl tl on
I All the hIriih point to the rise of
I new leaders nnd the pnsslng of the
old. This applies to labor and to
business as well as to politics.
mere is an anpeei inai seems n
promise a coupe d'eiat by a man
hlRh In tho national service.
Surprises seem to bo foreshndow ed
In all line of human endeavor In
other words, results du to big ef
forts In the world of large endeavor
wll bo astonishing, for sensational
ovents nro forecast.
The south now comeji under a
sway making for social upheavals
and changes In thought.
Chicago lias a rule for June that
seems to presago events thnt will
be productive of reactionary tend
encles tind bitter dissensions, for
Uranus and Saturn will have sinis
ter power to disturb and to ostratiRo
men nnd women.
Astrologers road that while Ura
nus nntl K.ittirn wilt wield n atrnnt-
Influcnco nt tho republican conven
1 tlon, thcfe snme stars in aspec t that
cause divisions and contests will r"ln
when the democrats assemble In SUj
! Krnnclsco.
Women come under a direction of
I the planets making ' for quick
j chnnges of opinion nnd a tendency
to no swayed by emotions whom
their political views are concerned.
Croat developments In medical
science and announcements thit wilt
bo of great moment to tho human
raco nre prognosticated.
Again strange crimes are fore
told, insanity will ho provalent in
all classes of mon and women,
manias taking extraordinary fortni
owing to malign government of tho
Persons whoso blrthdato It is may
have a year of rather varied expe
riences. They should proceed with
great caro In all important
Children born on this day mav bo
Inclined to be too caro free. They
should bo wisely guided toward sys
tematic habits of thought and ac
tion They aro likely to bo talented.
Margarel Garrett's
c Husband s
ciiAiTim xxxi.
Tim Night or the .Miislcalo.
To please Hob I took great pains
with my appnarnnco the night of
Mrs. Root's muslcale; but I antici
pated no plonsureablo evening, rather
1 made up my mUld I wan going
to be bored. Anyway I was going
solely because Hob wished It. That
I had a subconscious Idea that If I
pleased hint In this I would tho morn
easily get him to iicrodo to my
wishes, I did not ndmlt.
Ho was all excitement and pleas
ant anticipation.
"Weil have a bully time!" he said
an ho struggftNl with a refractory
collar button, "you'll meet a lot of
nice people."
"Kor whom I won't caro a straw."
"Oh. come. Margaret! don't take
that nttltude. Of course you won't
like them If you deliberately inako
up your mltid not to before you nee
them. Ho fair, give them a chance.
And. Margaret," he spoke more sob
erly, "I wish you c.i red moro for
tho people I like, my friends. It
has always been part of my plan that
when I married I would havo my
friends around me; mako them wel
come In my homo."
It was none of my plan to havo
our homo Invaded by a lot of gay
unconventional men nnd women. Hut
1 made no reply. I would not nnnoy
Hob by disagreeing then; but after
this wns over I would have my say.
Wo were to stop for Klsln and Tom,
Klslo looked particularly lovely and
bubbled over with good spirits.
"I'm Just suro we'll have a splen
did tlmo!" sho said as wo drove
along; Gladys Root always docs
things Just right."
"What do you call Just right?" I
"Oh, she Is nrtlstlc to her finger
tips, and she gathers the right peo
ple around her; furnishes Ihotn a
wonderful evening's entertainment;
but leaves them all so free, makes
everyone so lomfortablo to talk
about their latent hobby or to mako
love to their neighbor's wife," and
she laughed mischievously.
"In other words sho gives what
Tom calls 'Hohemlan parties.' "
"Yes. and they're Just lovely! so
The Young Lady j
A crosH the Way
1 .v ?n re ibi
different from thu cut and dried so
ciety affairs."
"Well, I shall bo glad when It is
tlmo to go honio."
"Kor heaven's sake Margaret! why
you'll ho like all tho rest, once you
get there. No one ever wants to go
homo, do they. Hob? sho called,
Interrupting a dicctisslon Hob and
Tom, who were In fiont of us, wero
having nnent some new golfer who
had mado an astonishing score.
"Wants what? he" asked as ho
turned around.
"Wunts to go homo from Gladys
Root's" she laughed.
"No Indeed! why should onn want
to go homo whim thoy can stay
The very Idea of Hob talking llko
that, I thought, indignant that ho
should speak of his home; slight
ingly; 1 called It. Why I was In his
home; I loved him; nnd ho loved me.
Why In tho world did he caro about
goliig to other places? Now he agreed
with Klslo thnt ho never wanted to
go homo from Mrs. Root's. I was sor
ry 1 had decided to go. I would havo
been wiser had I declined, oven tho
Hob might havo been annoyed for a
few minutes.
Just ns I arrived to this conclusion
In my thoughts, wo drew up In front
of tho studio building in whLrh tho
Roots mado their home. Hounds of
merriment reached us oven beforo
tho motor stopped,
"Hurry, boyH, I don't want to miss
anything!'' Klslo called, as she ran
on ahead. I watted until Unb and
Tom attended to tho rnr, then I
followed soberly.
Mrs. Root welcomed us cordially.
Sho Introduced mo to two or thtce
pooplo then turned mo over to John
"You nro such a friend of Hob's
you will know what to do with Mrs.
flarrett," sho said as If I wero some
thing to bo disposed of nt will "Hob i
knows evnryono here. I think, so ho '
can look out for himself. I seo that 1
he has found Maud AVarren. lies
fixed for an hour at least. You don t
expect mo to do anything for you and
Tom, do you Klslo?" sho rattled on,
"If you do you will be disappointed.
Hustle around and find fun for your
selves." Kun evidently was not hnril to
find, for soon I heard Klsie s gay
laugh float out from tho other side
of the room; while Tom had made
his way to a tall, thin, abominably
dressed girl at least I bought her
badly dressed, who. John told me,
was a very successful artist.
Mrs. Root was exquisitely dressed
as wero most of tho vvomon The
men wero all In correct evening
dress. The studio was beautifully
lighted with softly shaded lights: i
and a famous violinist was to play '
Yet I wished I were back home, and
thnt Hob wero with me. My lips
tightened as I heard Ills hearty laugh .
ring out. then I saw him bend over
Miss Warren and say something nt!
which she too Joined htm. Some
ono said "Sh s" nnd all was
quiet for a few moments until thu
violinist hud finished, when tho fun
broke out again. At least they all
seemed to think It fun.
"You don't appear to be enjoying
yourself, Mrs. Garrett?" John Ken
dull broke in on my thoughts. Ho
had been talking of a new author he
had discovered, And had caught mo
yawning. "Let mo Introduce you to
sumo of the ladles."
"I never care for affairs of this
kind," I replied "They boro pie."
Tomorrow The Muslcale.
Uennic's Notebook
Tho Worms Imitation ,V IMuy.
Scene. A werm und his wife on a
rock alongside of a ilver.
Wet ni. Hay, I think vvo better
move off of this rock.
Ills wife. Wnt for? Wo bin living
heei for n ycers now- nnd Jest wen
Im getting Uhu to It you wunt to
move somewarcs elts. I never saw
enybody so full of foolish Ideers,
Werm. Well slpposo I fall In the
river some day and sotmi fish oat mo
up. This rocks too uecr tho river,
thats vwtts worrying me.
Ills wife. O go on, shut tip, Yourc
enuff to make a body nerviss Jest
llsenlng to you
ACK 2.
Scene. The same.
Worms wife. Wat In tho world are
you doing, getting In all thoso funny
limpoH-" If you got roomsttlzm. wy
dnnt you say mi.
Werm. Hnomatlzm nuthlng. Im
practicing giving a Imitation of a
werm on a fish hook, so In caso I
fall In tho fish will bo afraid to eat
His wife. Good nlte!
ACK 3.
Scene, Thn same.
'Worm. Help! Im fnlllnR In tho
river Well, heers ware I glvo my
Klsh G. beer comes a funny shape
worm Ilorrav'
Worms wife Look at that fish eat
ing my husbiin It must of bin too
dum to know wat tho Imitation was
slpposod to be
Thn End.
Stanley C. Edmistcr
601-2 Kennedy J3ulM!r!.'
Phones Offlco 1304, Residence) 4133
717 SOrTII CllinTNNE
I'lIONlS 1000
Children Cared for During Working
or Shopping Hours.
10 Weat Third Stret
SI. A. HrcclienrldRo Leo Daniel
Clins. 11. Ttostlck
Breckinridge, Bostick &
Eirhiingo National Hank TluHdlng
Phone Osage 700 Tulsa. Okla,
333 Robinson lltilldltu;
I'honc Osugo UHH
In the Springtime
r- (
Tim voting lndv ncross thn wnv 1
says tho expense of the government
service Is often complained of but
only 63 cents of every 1 100 col-
looted in rouerai uixca cues to tno
XL dcuJL
, It's Just at this time of the year that
we need something Uken from Nature
lo restore the vital forcoi.
People get sick bec&ue they jo wy
from Nature, and the only vry to get
well is to go back. Somethids grows out
of the ground in tho form of testation
to cure almost every ill, Rome of these
vegetable prowtlu are understood by
man, and some are not. Animals, it
would teem, know whit to do when
they r sick better than men and
women. Obaerrers have noted that a
sick horse, dog or cat will stop eating
food and seek out some vegetable growth
in tho field or yard, which, when found
and eaten, often restores appetite and
health. Haven't you seen these aniniaU
do this very tiling yourself?
Dr. IMejce, of Huffalo, K. Y., long
since found herbs and roots provided
and of theso he selected MayappV
leaves of Aloe, root of Jalap, and from
them made little white sugar-coated
pilli, that he called Dr. Ki tree's Ileatant
Pellets. You i must understand that
when your intestines aro stopped up,
poisons and decayed matter are im
prisoned in our system and these aro
carried by the blood throueh . your
body. Thus does your head ache, you
get diiny, you can't sleep, your slda
Buy break out, your appetite declines
you get tired and despondent. ' As ft
matter of fact, you may get sick all der.
Don't you see how useless all thus suffer
ing is7 All.that is 6ften needed is a doso
of castor oil, or something which is moro
pleasant, a few of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant
PelleU, which he has placed in all drug
stores for your convenience and he"Jj.
Try them by all means. They are ptoba-

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