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Senator Says Purpose
of Investigation Is
, Snyn Ho Ilns Not Contrib
uted lo Campaign No Law
Violated Sayn Jcnwy Man,
co.vnvcKn ruox rum wk.
priwIrlentlAl minimlpn for W. O. Mrv
Ailoo nnd Imrt tie-nrd two official of
nil r.unipunlMi incntloncnl tn provlom
trntlmnny lui pomlliln lur9 contribu
tori to polltlonl nimpalrniR.
Edward KtiAtlnK, inRiiKir nt the)
Dumb plan InoKtin, dooUrrcl thn
lKUn hvt InltMi no part In unr pro
convention political activity nnsi hni
not rontrlbutntl nnr monny nnd did
nrt plan tn participate! In th con
vention fttrUKftlrut. J In Add ml, that It
did cock to ilnfoAt mem born of corv
crea wtio voted for tlio transporta
tion net,
Mri. Antolnntto hink, IlllnoK
nctlvo In Liberty loan drives And
later for Inn democratic national
committee, declarrxl poltlvnljr that
no campaign for obtaining thn demo
emtio proHldentlal nomination for
McAdoo direct or Indirect, eiJMed,
"miioh tnJicr regret."
11. V, Hfnclnlr of Now York of the
oil company bearing hln namn, dn
clared tie had mucin no oampnicn
oontrlhtitlnn or been othnrwUa
actively o" KAKed polltlciilly and Nor
man Ilrldcea, conneoted with thn
Doheny oil Internal, teatlfled that 1m
hAd contributed 11,000 to (lenernl
Wood' candidacy, but otlinrwU
knew nothing of any cam pair a.
Aftor the oil company nfflclala
lind litrn foicniMid tha committee
turned to Mr. llnnnlwell, Tho lcnn
'ttyrvn.nl. man, cnndlduto for drmo
cratlo national cominlttflcmnn from
, that irtnto at tho recent primary
nnd who opponcd the Inlmr tnovr
'ment with n "slicker" onmpaiun for
McAdoo dolcKntrw, wn called In
' connection with hln McAdoo nctlv.
Ity. Ho tentlflcd that ho had con
ducted that campaign ovnr thn dis
trict, nnd pernonai rofnnnl of Mr
McAdoo to liavo hta liimo tiurt,
willed prevented Ha uppe.arn.nrn on
the bnllotn and nocceiltnted
, ' Thn wltnenn touched on hl
chnrKcs Hhoiit tho Palmer Pennityl
vanla campaign ond thereafter tlwy
fell thick and fnt. He nunortcit that
It waa "iteneral knowledicn In tho
tato when tho Palmer movement
wan threatened thn burn- had been
let down" middonlyi that liquor
. waTehounn doom Were 'thrown wide
open" under tho eyoa of tho depart.
' ment of Juntleo nnd prohibition en
fornemMU officer of tho federal
, government, particularly tn the coal
, counties" and that tho whole Palm
er campaign not only waa a "nhoM-
, ly and deibaalnit degradation of law,
BUI an ' invumion in mw viumiuro.
Strike Out Kofcrmce.
Home direct reference by Mr,
' Wonnlwell to Mr. Parmer were
trlcken out by tho commttten a
nertionalltlea, and Mr. ltonniwr.il
vm Atlll In thn lrvlrtnt of hi nociisa
Hon when a roooan viut taken nt
Mr. Tlonnlwell rrmrmefl after
lunch. Senator romorene, democrat
of Ohio, beran oroaa-enamlnatlon of
t Mr. Ilonnlweii. Mr. raimer wnen
. offered a chancn to question thn
. wltnrng aald ho hnd come merely to
, makn a iitntement to tho committee.
Tho aenator repeatedly demanded If
; Ilonnlweii had personal knowledge
that federal offlrors In Prniifrylviinlii
were "'conn1vlnir" at Solution of
rirohlbttlon lawa, A atatnment that
he wltnenn wnfl "eatlnfled" thnt
auch waa tho conn won hut aaldo nnd
Senator romereno lnnlntently re
peated run qucntlnn until tho wit
ncen nnawered:
"No. air.' lie ndded. that If r.lvon
two weeka, ho would furnlih legal
Mr. Palmer then roan, lUn charge
that nonnlwell had omployni "thar-
actor annnmlnftUon" effortM nKitnnt,
him In Ponnaylvnnla for yearn,
hrought n warnlmc from Heimtnr
Iteed. democrnt of Missouri, agalnet
'"peraonalltlea," but thn iitiCNtlon waa
act nt rest when Mr. Pahnor van
permitted to contlnuo Situ statement
under arrirmatlon.
The speaker denied flatly and
without qualification wiim nn cpar
cterlxcd on "tlieHo hUIo chargea"
that he hud granted "Immunity to
prohibition violators In ronnityi
vanla." in declared that on tho
contrary, arrests had been maitn and
thn coaes prosecuted during tho oleo.
ton period and nsxemed that h
lacked power to grunt audi Im
munity had ho deaircd.
llccnll Old Ilattlcn.
ThrmiKhout Mr. llonnlwcll'n tes
tlmony and hla reply to Mr. Palmer
and also In Mr. Palmar statements,
old political battles In Pennsylvania
re-echoed. Tnn commttten asKod no
questions on these points nor any
question at nil of Mr. Palmer and
when Mr. Bonnlwell concluded his
hrlef answer, going tnto Hiato cum
rmlgn matters, tho attorney general
had mentioned tho Incident waa
tclosed'for the commltte, which be
gan examination of John H. ltosse
. ter of Ran Francisco, in connection
with Senator Johnsnn'a campaign
' In California.
In his letter to Chairman Dllllng
hatn of thn full election commtttoe,
declaring he would not servo longor
on tho Investigating commltten, Ben
ator Rdgo said lie felt that thn
commltten "hn fully fulfilled thn
i instructions nnd performed Its du
ties ImpurtUlbV
"Tho investigation hon r!ied a
point," he said, "where partisan
hlp nnd factionalism are Indicated
by ultnesa testimony and this I do
not hellevo thn senato contemplated
or cored to countenance.
"No evidence of violation of any
federal law has been brought out.
Indeed, there Is no federal presi
dential law to bo broken. Whether
thn corrupt practices law of any
mate has been violated, the officials
of such state must alone determine.
"In tho very order of things, It
must bo perfectly obvious that it
would be unfair, I bollevo, unjusti
fiable, after either party ban se
lected a nominee to contlniw tho In
vestigation, elenrly confined as it is
"by thn resolution tinder which wo
are operating! to presidential can
didates." In conclusion, Henator Krtco enld
lie could not further participate In
what promised an "almost endlena
controversy" and therefore must In
sist that ho be relloved "from
further Inquisitorial proceedings
with, the subcommittee."
ICIC-ER. if r -v
anoNEs, , i WessirM
uAttTTV, rnn ill Sr
Divorcee Marries
Mr. Onrnet Itolen Clarko, former
iwo wroKS ago ami was married id
of James 11. Duke, inultlmllllonalro
In Jlllln 1010. Young lnmun Is said
niepiniiior. nut ninuiur ih weauny.
or Auania nnci wiih iuiihmim ror her beauty. The lirldo Is young and pretty.
Hor marrlago to tlruiit Clarko, It Is anlri, took plato 45 inlnutcsufter the
two mot.
Tulwi Tribune; IaisIIo O. Nlblnuk,
Guthrie Lender; Kns.1 K. llurns,
Joplln Olobo; It. V,. Ilutlnr, Wlch
ltu lleacon; Kdaon lllxby, Munko
gun I'lioonlx and C. V. Hoggs, Dully
Ijihor conditions wero dlsuimsed
nt length. t), liiiwin. of The
World. Mr. Mol'horson anil M. H.
Chamtxtra of tho Oklahoma News nt
Oklahoma, City worn uppolntvd to
tnuko a survey of the labor Kttuu
Jlon an It affocts newspapers In tho
A motion was ndnpted condemn
ing tho actlonn of foremen In com
posing rooms of noma nowHpnptirs
In this district who frequently cntl
composing room In luuvsimpera nf
flceo In adjacent cities nnd offer hot
ter lmlure:nunln for printout to
change. Thin rrnotlco was said to
bo In a groat measure responsllilo
for unrest among prlntors, uud nm
barrassment to imwspnpors.
N black nnd Chambers wero in-
ntructed to lntorvlow Dr. Strntton 1).
Brooks, promdent of tho Oklahoinn
university, nnd nrgn that the llin)
typc In tho unlvorslty be used In
preparing studontH for newspaper
work. Tho university maintains n
school of JournallNin, nml those
gathered hero yesterday favor in
cluding linotype Instruction. H was
belloved that If Dr. Ilrookn ncU fa
vorably on this iiiiggciulon. It 'will at
least partially relievo tho serious
shortage of linotypors.
According to the constitution ami
by-laws, tho next nnnual meeting of
the association Ih tn bo hold wher
ever designated by tho board of di
rectors. Those who attended were
jubilant over the organization, and
expect It to lie nn important racior
n overcoming difficulties confront
ing newspaper publishers In tho
Thn register of thoso attending
ehows the following:
C A. Iioney, Muskogee Times-
Democrat; If, 12. lltltler, Wichita
lleacon: Clyde Hpera'. vichJtn
ICngle, J Jl lllxby. Muskogon l'hoe
nix: I-iosllo Nlhlnck. Guthrlo Leader.
J. H. Leach, Uartlesvllln llxnmlnor.
V. B. Coles, McAlenter Ncwa-Cnpllnl
R. Q. Onuofleld Knld Neun; A. Il.l
1 SUJ3fcCT
JW Lre ' K BE BEST- m' S .
Into Duke Millions
wife of n, song writer, who eloped about
wuiKur r lmnan, sr-year-oId steiwion
tobacco mini. Hlio nhtalniHl her (lrcru
to lio u ureal favnrlln of i1m nniverfnl
Mini was tho widow or William Inmnn
Itnbertson, Springfield Ilopubllcan;
V. M. Taylor, Knld Kagle; C. V.
Hoggs, Dally Okluhoman; lllchard
Klain. I'awhiiHka Capital: II. II.
llortVn, Okmulgen Tlmesr II. tl.
Kpnuldlng. Hhuuneo News; II. 12.
Hurtou, Joplln Now Herald; M. H.
CliiiuiberH, Oklahoma News; Hosa
12 IJurns. Joplln (Hobo; N. 1). Wolty,
Hartlesvlllo Kxanilner; Kugene Lrtr
ton, Tulsa World; T P. MePhvr
son. Tills i Tribune; V. O. Larson,
Tuls.i World, W A Hcedcy I'ltts
burg Sun; ICilson Hlxby, Miisknguu
Phoenix; J. A. Lloyd, MUrul Now
Telegrams wero received from I3u
Keno P. Martin, 'publisher of tho
Miami llecord Herald and C. fl.
Martin of tho Okmulgee Democrat,
regretting theft- Inability to attend,
nnd pledging their support to tl;e
Thn Hen Prnnklln rlnl. lnoii! ..
elation of printers, was ' notified of
uie meeiing. two mcmhrrs at
Colonel llugli S-oti Aiuioiiiio-m
Mi'imNtm or Oklahoma DUUIon.
Hperlal lo The World
staff of Lieut. Colonel Hugh Scott.
In command of tho Oklahoma divi
sion of the United States public
he'ilth service wns announced today
us follows:
Mulor Horace Heed, surgeon;
Captain ('. W. Williams, internal
nirdlelno; J. W. P. Llscoiuh, eve, ear,
nosn nn.l throat, Captain M K.
Hto'K nrlhopodlst; Captain Antonio
tl. Young, nervous and meninl dis
eases Lieut Tom Ixuvry, nnnthetint,
nml Lieut. W. 11. Mattle, dental sur
geon Cases of all kinds are handled
through tho health service. Includ
ing those of itlmbled enldler of
the world war.
flobbv -May Interfere.
At'KTLV, Texas, June ?. Oov. W.
P. Hobby late todny Informed city
and county authorities nt Oalvcston
thnt tha stnte would "assume con
trol" In the dock strike situation nt
that port Saturday unless labor and
.freight conditions Improved Imme
diately. Spring buffers hold new Mindo
rollers In poltlnn In n window with
nut the iisn of tooia or marring tho
5 WXS SrNyiNf,-
for Lowden, then ns having n enn
dldato of their own, thl morning
began pilgrimages through the sub
way that links the Cotigre with tho
Auditorium. Johnson himself Is not
hern, ho Is planning to eomn In
Thiirwlny with n blaro of trumpets.
Tho 10,000 ChlcngnariK who voted
for him In the primary urn being
urged In meet him at the depot and
escort htm to lib hotel, (tut hls'two
sons nro In chaign of bin head'iuar
ters nnd they are making friends for
thu cause.
A very prominent nnd influential
Oklahoma gentleman who Uh close
to thn nicmberM of tho delegation,
told mo this morning that It wiu his
opinion that now the entlro delega
tion would support Johnson tn tho
He wild that Dlsnoy nnd McDon
ald went for him from the first and
wero determined to support him.
Other member hero who have been
presented to lllrnm Johnson, Jr.,
have fallen for his suavity and nro
booming tho "fnvorito son of tho
golden west." Practically all urgo
that hn. could carry Oklahoma In No
vcmber. '
Unquestionably thero Is much ela
tion at thn Julinson headquarters
slnco thn pnpern carried the stories
of tho senato committee proceedings
of Tuesday. Hut there Is also sun
shine nt thn Wood headquarters
whero tho feeling Li Juit nt confi
dent that tho general Is tho beno
flclary of the fall of Lowden. It In
no eiTct that tho men rlnso In on
tho Wood plans look on tho growth
of Johnson strength with genuine
plcusum. If tho Callfornlnn can
develop sllfflclont strength to show
us a dangerous factor on tho first
ballot thn Wood pnnplo aro confident
that thero will bo no. mbro than thieo
or four lmloltd beforo tho general Is
This may appear strange reason
ing but It has Us merits. There is
opposition to Wood In various quar
ter but this opposition tn Wood
gives way quickly (bo moment John
sun become n possibility. And with
Lowden out of the running and tho
real fight between the two men who
have divided thn uriiL'i-rHMlvn ulratw-tli
nf the imrty the conservative element
tnat now honestly opposes Wood will
not tagrt long to mako the choice bo
twecn tho two.
On tho other hand every ono Is be
ginning tn recognlzo this Johnson
person ns i pohglblllty. It Is clearly
perceived that ho Is nf the snpeiuen.
lap typo that is ulwnyH dangerous
neiiiru nirgo gatherings. Tho ab
sence of an ucccnted leader In thn
party denotes an existent deslro for
ii le.iuer. ino hclpleKHncws that
charucterlxe overv hHiihII,.,, f ti,i
kind wlmro a strong brain and clear
jiiugincut is not controlling, Is pitiful.
Ill this state of mind tin. nm
smashing, hard and straight hitting
t allfornlan, luay at an early hour
of tho convention appear to the
ii.ir.uu delegates uh n divinely ap
pointed Moses.
In PUio banter thin forenoon I
was presented to ono of the most
notorious conservatives on the na
tional committee as "a crazy John
ou man." Quick na a flush ho
came back with, "I don't know ns
nes cruxy nt all. I am beginning
in nciievo that ho could bo u lot
Thero's real dancer I M trill nnirt
of a feeling, and units Wood lands
a uio result or the Johnson fear
during tho early ballots, beforo tho
Johnson psychology has come lo do
Its work. Johnson has a real chimin
to grab tho priio. If the stampedo
""en starts I don't bollevo it rjin hn
.May Try to Kill Wood
Today every ono Is talklnir the
senato Investigation and what thu
uiiui report will tie, it Is confident
ly predicted that tho commltt en ulll
adjourn Saturday. Hero tho unani
mity disappears. Sumo profess to
Uellevo that the committee win pre
sent a printed finding carefully de-
niKiu-u 10 kiii nil c.inuiaates hut
lohnson, particulnrlv Wno.i. n ml
will clrculato this report freely dur
ing tho cnrly hours of the conven
tion hero.
National Cnmmlttopm.m Mrin...
Is of IhU groun Others thlnU thn
commlttco will simply close Its ses
sions nnd rely on the moral effect
of its work to accomplish the ptir-
i"so ii mis aiways nad In mind
tear down nil candidates but John-
There Is no man In rhienn t
iiihik inn is copvinccu mat the eom-
nu-tce is hosiilo lo all but Johnson,
ail that U w.ii cre.uej ln the first
instance to aid the Callfornlnn s :
enndtdacv Mayor Thompson who!
Is in a fight with Governor Lowden
the Act
.foo KMooj CVofS
P(ieTtfrOf"XO BB
Hcs tWHivn-iH'
for tho control of thn Illinois dele
gation nud who Is Johnson's strong
old In this state, Is making tho most
of thn St. Louli Incident. Ho gao
a dinner lait evening to n very se
lect few, composed of Jnko Hamon
of Oklahoma, John King, member
of the national commltten from
Connecticut and himself. Thn sig
nificance of this foregathering Is
apparent without further commrnt.
The local p'ipers did not get the
stoiry and It was tho niereat chancn
that I was nblo to trlfy it beyond
question. Iioth dlamon nnd King
vero lieutenants of Tobo Here of
Kentucky. In his campaign to beat
Wood with Lowden, nnd tho din
ner with Thompson marked their
"fflclnl recognition of the Inevitable.
Genernl Wood established (moth
er precedent today. Ho received all
representatives of tho press It) his
sulto at 10 o'clock this morning and
announced thnt It would bo n regu
lar program hereafter until he
ciiange,d hii office to Tort Sheridan
on the eve of tho convention, He
will tint enter the convention in
person, frhli afternoon tho gener
al called at Moffntt's studio, tho of
tlclal photographer of the conven
tion, to hnvo ii new series of photo
graphs taken.
Col. Theodore Roosevelt camn Irr
from .New York this morning nnd
has Joined the Wood staff to render
such aid ns may bo possible, James
Twyfoul, Oklahoma City, In charge
."f thn Oklahoma tests for the Km
liry forces, arrived this morning,
Tho Oklahoma contests nro duo to
be taken up Thursday.
The titter nbeence of Hoover sen
t'ment. although tho Hoover offi
cials are the moat extensive nnd
nrnato In the Congress, Is probnhly
thn cause of a story which has be
gun to circulate that HugbeV name
will be placed before the conven
tion by the league of nations ndvo
Committee Aks for llomlutlon to
Set ii(le War Time Kmcrgency
Legislation nt Once.
unanimous vote tho house Judiciary
commlttco today ordered out a reso
lution repealing nil wartime emer
gency legislation excepting tho Lover
food control net, trading with the
enemy net nnd tho District of Co
lumbia rent profiteering measure.
Chairman Volstead told tho com
mitten that ho would attempt to
hnvo the house ndopt tho resolution
beforo adjournment Saturday. Housn
action, he said, would bo attempted
under suspension of the rules, which
would permit only 40 minutes of de
Profesfor In Ada Slato Normal Will
SuconiI Gordon iin School Head
L. Parkins, a professor In tho east
central stato normal school at Ada,
waa nppolnted acting president of
the school today to succeed J. M.
Gordon. The appointment was mndo
by It. IL Wilson, state superintend
ent of public Instruction and chalr
mnn of tho state board of educa
tion The name of Charles W. Hrlles.
director of vocational education of
the stato board of vocational educa
tion, wan mentioned several weeks
ago at the time of President Gor
don's resignation ns an nppllcnnt for
appointment. Hrlles formerly was
president of tho Ada school,
California SMvlal In hiiKhl wiUi
PoppU-H and Xailvo Oraiiffrw.
RAN FriAN'PIRrn T.m o TVi a
California tlclrRjition to tho ropub-j
for ChlcnRo today on board their
con volition nnorfi ! Tn hhhIah
IlWt lmtl?Mta Iint flllarnnlA,. ...
uuiuiflun uuoBicrs onnginfr tno party
M 111 iiiV,
Oil Inn In ti i VI ct'U r n m tni 1
to tho train wero millions of Call-
ii'rma poppies ana me other half of
the car was filled with oranges. The
nonnlen nn,t nmnrw.. n.ut .......
I,. - it mp imil III
the demonstration planned to mark
the nrrli'.al nf thn ilAlnHnH i- nui
cago. Tho special left nt 9 o'clock
for tho east. The Nevada delegation
Hiii no picnrii up en route,
A now electric melting pot for
mo'nls Is sclf-regulatlns. cutting off
tho current when a rnrtnln
la reached. .
they wero unprepared to makn any
recommendation on tho subject un
der present conditions nnd thnt n
plank on tho subject would ho
workod out at Chicago.
No attempt waa made in reach n
final decision on n plank relating to
thn lenguo of nations. Several ten
tative declarations have been draft
ed, however, and will be laid be
foro the party chiefs nt Chicago.
in Its work, thn confcfcnco hnd
before It thn plntform adopted by
tho Virginia democrats and roccnt
Iv glvon tho opprnvel of President
Wilson. It wns said that ovcry ef
fort was made so to phraso tho ro
i.ubllc.an dratt that It would mnkn
thn lamina an clear and direct na pos
NEW YOIIK, Juno 2 Strikes
mny bo legitimately forbidden ln
tho government service, according
to tho report mado public tonignt oy
n subcommittee on Industrial rela
tions of thn' ndvlsory comrnlttoo on
tinllcles nnd olatform of the republi
can national committee. This situa
tion, however, Is declared to bo con
tingent upon a provision thnt impar
tial tribunals bo established to pro
tect the rights of the employes in
arbitration of their dlsputea with
the government.
After canvassing tho country gen
erally ln questionnaires, tho sub
committee reported Its findings
which Included:
"Imnfar nH public utilities nro
concerned, thero nppcarH to be a di
vision of opinion ns to whether
strikes should he mnde Illegal nnd
the decisions of commissions of trlbu
nnls he mnde legally binding, or
whether provisions should bo made
for thorough Inquiry by boards or
commissions nnd thn force of public
opinion bo relied on to enforce their
decisions, strike being forbidden un
til after the decisions havo been
rendered, "
I'iimip Tribunal
"Insofar ns private employments
nro concerned, whllo mnny hod that
thero is no neeu ror government no
tion the majority favor tho creation
of some form of tribunal or commis
sion composed of representatives of
employer, employes nnd tho public,
to whom disputes may bo voluntarily
referred, whoso decisions, unless
unanimous, would not bo binding or
carry weight, savo Insofar n they
enlisted the force of public opinion,
Thn general nrinclpln of the Kan
sas Industrial relations court, In Its
application to government employ
ment and public utilities Is favored
by a long majority of persons can
vassed by the subcommittee through
out tho country, tho report said,
adding that opposition to tho Kan
sas project mainly wns from outsldn
that state. Tho majority Is opposed
to application of tho Kansas plan
to private employment, tho subcom
mittee stated.
GihhI Will Nei-essnry
Good will lnsldo tho plant Is moro
valuablo than all machinery to 'd.ito
for scttloiricnt of disputes between
labor and capital, tho report as
serted. This cannot bo directly de
veloped by legislation by a nympa
thetlc attitude by tho government
would help makn conditions favora
ble for Its development, It was
Tho commlttco registered Itself ns
advocating tnat tho wartime wom
an's bureau of the department of la
bor bo continued In service under a
woman chief; federal and state co
operation to combat the mortality of
Infanta nnd child-bearing womon,
nnd the maintenance of wartime
federal employment service under
tho department of labor, working
through ndvlsory boards ln the
terdny's testimony beforo the senate
commlttco Investlgntlng cnmpalgn
expenditures, H, L Morse of Mis
sotirl. who said he handled moit of
Governor liwden's campaign fund
lq that state, testified that he paid
out $2,000 lo Alhus, who did no"
nppenr tn press his contest before
tho nattonnl commlttco today
KlilUax Clt Offers TlnllU.
The real sensational fight of thn
day enme nn the contest from the
Knn.ms City district, which the
committee finally solved by refuing
to seat HnyhodyCturges of "strong
nrm" politics, 'meetings broken up
by mustnrd gas bombs, women In
timidated by negroes nnd gng rules
flow thick nnd fnst.
Committeemen denounced tho
situation In tho district ns disgrace
ful and "tainted with fraud," and
nfter voting down by n closn voto n
motion to sent tho regularly re
ported delegates, Itobcrt J. Flick nnd
Jesso L. Martin, decided to seat riono
of the delegates.
This action reduced tho total n.im
her of votes in the convctlon
from 9R4 to 082 nnd furnished tho
first case In which a district will bo
left without representation In lis
deliberations. v
The not results of the day's work
wero to bring tho number of con
tests disposed of up to 32 out of tho
137 filed.
Thn Georgia and Florida cases
continued to hang flro In sub
committee and there was a dMposi
Hon evidenced In the full commit
tee todny to check tho pr.n'tloo nf
referring disputes rather than hav
ing the national committee decide
them first hand. There wan somo
discussion on the subject later ln
tho day and when tho session ad
journed until 9 o'clock tomorrow
morning the list of cases in suh
committee hnd been supplemented
by tho reference of the eight con
greselonnl districts of Mississippi
whero tho regularity of the dlstilct
convention call Is to be ilcermlnnd
Chairman Hnjs had a brief con
ference during tho day with Lieu
tenant Colonel Tbeodnrn rtnn.nvnii
who visited the commltten room and
gave out a statement reiterating his
nuiiuii in itcnerai woorrs candi
dacy. Colonel WlllUm Boyco
Thompson of Now York, chairman
of the ways nnd means cnnimitteo
of the nntlonal committee also con
ferred with Chairman Hays nnd
also gave out a statement,
Arrangements for tho dlstrlbu
tlon of convention seatu wero com
pleted today. Nono nf tho tickets
will bo placed ln tha hands of tho
national committeemen until Sat
urday. KachA committeeman will
receive the nlloment for his state
and distribute them to suite delega
tions. Precautions have been taken to
prevent tho tickets falling In o
speculators hands and to prevent
counterfeiting. ,
Stanley C. Edmistcr
601-2 Kennedy Hullding
Phones Officii 1394, Hcsldenco 4433
Children Cared for During Working
or Shopping Hours.
It Wt Tiitnl Street
M. A. llrcckcnrldgo Ico Daniel
Ciias. IL Unstick
IrV opricics
Breckinridge, Bostick &
Exrlutnge Nntlonal Hank Hullding
Phone Outgo 760 Tulsn, Oklo,
333 Hoblnson llulldlng
Phone Osago 0H8
TULSA LODOK No. Tl meets every
inursday. Next mooting
Thuraitay, June J Work In V
I degree, conunen'clfii? ut 1
UP Visitors wtlcnme.
DfcLTA LODOR 1:4 will ,,0ld special
V'j ."'"'.nunlcation TueKday, June
.Work In M. M. degree, com
fjx&rncnelnir nt 5'.io p ,n Visitors
Krv onllally Invited. Masonic hall.
ji. - ivaurman, w, .M.
Arthur llakcr. .Secretary.
ivVJLiV.. ry frituy except rtconti
X: Ja7 ' M.at s
fuiiQ i. iicKiiiHr moniniv uum
-ncna mretlntf. 7 SO n. tn Vii
rK Mum on uppcUlly Invited.
V II n II ANN' A. Hfr(,rv
tUL8A CHAPTKII. O. E. S., meets first
arm mini Wednesday of the
month at Masonic hall; first
meeting. business; second.
Inltlattun and social. Stars club
meete second and fourth
neoncsnjy hi j.jo p. m. Ma.
sonic hall.
Worthy Matron.
ttllS. IIMHA FAST. Sec
TULSA CHAl'TUH No. 61. h. A. M meets
ursi anu inira jionnay or each
month. Next meeting Satur
day, May 29. Work In the most
icellent degree.
It. E. NKWHOl'SB. If. P
M. A. SN'Ym;n. Secretary
TRINITY COMMANOtllty No. 20 meets
iti-.iiu ..mi iourin AUnday,
each month. Commandery ad
Journa urllll September U,
E. C
A K OA it TBMI'l.B. A. a, O. N. M 8. Najt
i.,, iitr.iHi, rrinay June
11. Hth South Main. Phone
242. Ceremonial June 11.
KAMUI'l. It. UYK. Potentate
II M WKI.UVUH. Recorder
aurora" iaidois no. is, i. o 57T
Net meeting June tin.
Ill Sind Hprlnga lodge will
confer thn Initiatory Degcee.
... ., .,, .isiiura wet
come at all meetings.
J I' ltuoiti;. n. i,
M L l-niryiitf'rnwi.
iiy. j-V('ampmi:nt no. i. i IT
Atffrjfc- ? .' '1ts second and
t54 fourth Fr day. t p. m.. K. P
lrsOTr1U''' Hast t-'econd. Illg
teaSaSan'Jht.June H. ,1920. Dinner
1 '.. 30. Degree work a p. m.
tulsa ri:iii:kak NO. J6. I. o. o f
meets second and fourth Fri
day, ! p in. K. P, hall, 15 M
Kast Second, 71
TULSA CANTON NO. 16. I, o. O. F meets
first and third Friday, I
p. u, Musicians' hall, 112 u
south Moulder.
'O.MMl TT K K.
TULSA CAMP Vr. .1.1 .T ... . 1 '
,.V.A ,,,V.TA. ."; " ana
WrtHU,,lAOUJir Mo 1702
II. .S. of A. meets every Tues.
day night at K, of P. hall. 16
Last Second street. Visitors
R. i: McCllne. Consul.
h a"Kh:,'- Clerk.
Mra L 1. Wrlg?-,:-"'' r",fc
P'2902. Recorder
mi.vr.it pi.umk lodob". u:. k.' p"
meets every Thursday nlrht
I? C J .,"", K" S""nd.
Neit meeting June S, visit.
Ing knights urged to attend.
at Mamnlc Hull,
M A. .nyflTa Monarch.
II. O. Grsen. SAcrtUry,
- S I I ! 1 IV -IsTaaBB
W. n. McKta, Plaintiff, t. C, K. u
Defendnnt. No, 11810
To C, K, Znhn. non-renlrle nt, defenla t.
You r hereby nnlifiMl that en
Hth day nf May, 19:0, W II .V
filed h!i petition against Ton tn the a ' i
entitled cauie, In lh riimrlct io,it f
Tula county, Oklahoma The. object 1
prayer ot which la to cancel nnd let a i
certain contract to ronvey to ,
in eart hair nt lots Four ami 1 . i
and the north twenty feet ' 1
lol Six In Illock Four In Drew ai!
lion to the city of Tulaa, Oklahoma,
Tula eounty, Oklahoma, and lo rarr
a cloud from the tltt thereto and qj
tha title of tha plaintiff In and to .t I
You are renueated to answer aild r"
tlon on or before tha 1st day ot Ju
1 9 JO. or aatd petition will be taken
true, and Juditment rendered st online'.
v. n. m'khi:,
JOHN D, roilTKIl,
(SISAL) Court Clerk.
Heputy Court lierk.
A. A. HATCH, Attorney for Plaintiff.
(Published In the Tutea nalty World, Juna
1, : J, 4 and I, lS:o. World
I'ubllshlni Co., Publishers.)
(I'lre Htatlon Kendall)
lllds will be received at the oltlce nf the
City Auditor, Tulsa, Oklahoma, until f
n-rlork I' M., Thursday, .Isina 14th, 19ift.
for all materials and construction for k
Fire Ntatlon, located Lots 19, 20, Jt and
12 lllnrk 10, t'ollexe View Addition, and
north to ft nt I-ot t, lllirhland Addition
to City of Tulsa, In accordance with plana
and sreciflcatlona approved by the Hoard
of c-imrnlsaloners.
Illddrra may state price In aca;reira,te for
furnlihlnir all materials and doing all the.
work for the completion of the buttdtnc I,
Itldder awarded tha enntrart tn furnish
a HI ltl.TY ROM) to tha City of Tulsa
within ten days after the award.
A certified check, payable to tha City
Auditor, In the aum of five 111) per cent of
the amount of the ltd will be required
from each bidder.
Hpeclflcatlona and plans are nn flte at
th office of the City Ajiitor. Tulsa,
Okla. A deposit of ItOdo required for
a. set of plana and specifications.
The right tn reject any and aU bids la
resnrved to the Hoard of I'omtatssLonera
of the City of Tulsa, Okl.t.
All blda witt tie opened and considered
hy the Hoard ot commissioners of said
1'lty at a tneetln of said Hoard to b
held In the City llatl In said CUv at 9
o clock A. M on the l.ith day ot June.
City Auditor,
Rates and Information
lc pfr wonl r time.
fleven tntertloni for tha price of six.
Minimum rnaco 12 words.
Ic pr word per 1.iy when copy rum
one month without chanse.
Minimum mount arrcpterl Sfte.
nni payable the same day flrat InMr
tion of ad appear. (All out-of-town
wstnc adand all wanted to rent, "it
uattonn wanted, wearing apparel and
hounehold Roods ad are positively
ah In advance.)
Tiri.niMIONK want Ana ar
charged at the fame rate aa caah adk
and collection will b made at your
home or pfflce aa aoon after ftrnt ln
erion an povKlble; this Is an arcom
h'odatlon eervlce and payment ehould
e made promptly when hill la pre
etnteil Alwaya auk your telephone ad
to be repeated back tn you by the
telephone ad taker to make ture that
It haa been correctly taken. The World
cannot aeaume renponalblllty for error
of any kind occurring In telephone
Under no clrctimatancea are we re.
eponalble for errors ln any advertlte
ment union reported Immediately
after flrat Inaertlon. No reduction In
coet of an ad will be made unlet error
deatroya value of ad.
Phone ,6000
Ask for Want Ad Department
LOST A hrown and whlto spotted fo
terrier, female dog; reward MO. Mrs.
1. J McMulllon. 3 mllea north of town on
Route A.
STRATKO Sandy red sow, weight 200
pounds, may have plga. Notify me at
sot N Oreenwood and receive reward
LOST, May 2J. on Iflghth St., netween
Holy Family church and Klgln, Catholic
prayer hook. Osage I6I6-J
8TRATHD OR STOLEN Airedale pup 3
montha old. anawera tn nuns of Deily.
liberal reward for recovery. Osage 6612.
1006 H. Detroit.
LOST Runch of keys; 110 reward to
finder. I.eae kej at World for Iden
tification. ,
STRAVKD or stolon, strawberry rone
black mane and tall with front feet Ions
and wldn; weighs about 1.000 pounds. 101.
W First Cedar Hsu
LOST Oold handled imhrall.l, ens-sved
on handle, "Ruth Martin." finder call
Cedar 1606 and receive reward.
LOST Oentleman'a heavy gold ring; blue
aapphlro setting; finder return to J A
Williams, Pathfinder Hotel, West Tulea.
LOST Silver tassel Saturday afternoon.
return to 620 S. Cheyenne St. Phono
Osaga nm,
LOST Orange Persian rati male; return
to 609 K. Eighteenth or phone Osage 911
PARTY Finding keya pleaso call Cedar
1619 or Osage 78711
LOST Monday between Oklahoma hos
pltal and W. Twelfth, small baby's ctp.
finder call Osage IQiift.
IN FRONT of Si: S. Iloulder a traveling
bag waa placed In some, one's car by
mistake. Will finder please phono Osagr.t
Iu7. reward J)
LOST Lady's raincoat left on S Main
St. car'between Eleventh and Klghteenth
fits. Return to 26 K, Kleventh ana receive
LOST llaby s white hood between Tuls
and Sand Springe, reward. Osaga 1063
LOST Saturday night ut post office, bill
book containing blank contracts, order
book and other papers. Finder pleaso re
turn to ill Wrleht Hide and recelia re.
rul'.MV llaby a finger ring on
at netween Main and iloulder
may hao same, hy colling at (16 S, lloul-
ncranii asK i' a. nay
1'Ol'NIi- llarrel of dishes. Owner m.y
have eamo by mailing description to
nm 69 Slloam Springs, Ark , and paying
LOST Raincoat between Tent. and
1 ightesnth atreM Ilatur.Uy. .evrird
n-tj-rn It .11 Kennedy Hldg
WIIJ gentleman who brought 3 telephone
men Into Tulsa from Hapulpa road pleasn
see If an engineer' field book waa lost tn
ar and return to F I). Morgan, Telephone
LOST -one hunch nf five keys near Sev
enth St Finder deliver to 7 II, Seventh
and receive reward f
ft Ki:i.yi"'uitMi?;Ai7 a i
THRI.IJ IIAIIIKS for adoption, Maternity)
hcspltal, 1116 II, Cleveland, Uuthrle,
OkU phone 317
KODAK finishing! send us trial order
half price, any site ro.ll ic, prints 2o
up, writ for sneclsl prices, star Photo Co,
10 9 S Os a g8 1 .. J nd e rend e nc e.l O;
WLST MAIN maternity sanitarium i for
in. care ana protection or young women.
I rates reasonable; bablea adopted; 1617
I .Main. Dr. Jl. it. Newman. Medical
Director. 307 L'olcord
Hldg., Oklahoma
I FAlRMOl'NT Maternity Hospital for
confinement; private, prices reasonable,
I may work for board, babies adopted
rue inr nookiet, Mra. T. II. Long,
Oil K, Twenly.eeventh St., Kansas City.
CANCKRR, tumor, sores, goiter, piles, fls
tula, Writ tor testimonial. Box U7.
Dallas, Texas.

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